Maggie's Clock:  School Daze – Part Two

by FreezAntix

These are the escapades that Tucker's buddy Maggie Yen has with her magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker and 'Mags' currently have the most stories that revolve around them though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison and Maggie has started to have her own adventures. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

Pick up on the first part of "School Daze" if you haven't read it yet; this is the conclusion.

Decker State College, Decker Hall

2nd Floor, Boardroom Three

               An hour had passed since Maggie told her new best friend Kansas Wilkins that she could control time with her magical clock. The softball player was skeptical, as expected, but then Maggie gave her a demonstration. The Chinese girl stopped time and unfroze her friend, showing her the frozen world outside the room’s large windows. Kansas was a little freaked out and confused but was still not completely convinced yet. So Maggie explained to her what had happened earlier in Packlin’s class, in every detail. That was enough for Kansas. The girl was officially convinced and then even more freaked out. However, at the same time Kansas was curious as well. Maggie was surprised the girl wasn’t that upset that Maggie had violated her. Kansas’s reasoning was that she had no memory of it so there was no harm done. A reasoning that reminded Maggie of her old friend and Tucker’s ex-girlfriend Haley Leone; she had the same reasoning when Tucker told her about his wand as well.

               “A magical clock,” Kansas said, more to herself than to Maggie, picking up the item in question and examining it closely. It looked like any old clock. She had something similar to it when she was younger except it could not control time. She shook it and heard the bell ring lightly as if normal. “I believe you, Mags about this being magic and all but I just can’t get over that fact that this old thing is magic,” she said gesturing to the clock that was in her hands.

               “Well it’s normal clock when it all comes down to it,” Maggie admitted. “The parts, however, are enchanted; it took me months to prepare them,” she then explained. “I got an old book from the place I work at and it had instructions on how to make an enchanted timepiece. I thought I’d try it out even though the spells sounded like a lot of hocus-pocus,” Maggie added, not wanting to talk about why she really wanted to try out or go into detail about the book. She had no idea where that was anyways, but most likely Tucker had it someplace.

               “I see,” Kansas breathed, putting the clock back on to the table in front of her. She still held it in her hands however looking at it. An idea came to her aided by her curiosity. Turning to Maggie, she asked hesitantly, “Can I try it?”

               “Well…” Maggie thought for a moment. “I guess, since I froze you today,” she answered. Maggie wasn’t sure if she could trust Kansas like that but there was only one way to find out.

               “Are you sure?” Kansas asked. “If you don’t want me to use it, it’s okay; I’m just curious that’s all.”

               “No, go right ahead…it’s the least I could do after what I did to you earlier,” Maggie replied with a grin.

               “What you did earlier made is us even, so don’t worry about that, I just want to try this thing out that’s all,” Kansas said, holding the clock up. “Now does this work?” Maggie quickly showed her the bell functions as well as the center button. It was pretty straightforward, Kansas thought. One bell unfroze things, the other froze things and the button stopped time altogether. For the bells you just had to think of what you wanted frozen or unfrozen before flicking it. “Sounds easy enough,” the softball player smiled when her friend was done.

               “Easy,” Maggie chuckled, “its downright child’s…” she began to say as her friend pressed the little button between the two bells. Maggie sat, instantly immobilized, turned towards her friend, her left hand resting on the table while her right gestured over to where Kansas held the clock. She held a smile on her parted lips with her eyes partially closed.

               “Cool…” Kansas whispered, looking around her. As with the first time when Maggie showed her the frozen world, everything seemed louder around her but the same time there was an eerie dead silence that surrounded her as well. Putting the clock on the table, she poked Maggie on the forehead; the Chinese girl remained unmoving and rigid. She then pinched Maggie’s nose shut for a moment, she waited for something to happen but nothing did. Her friend remained as still and unmoving as a statue. “Frozen stiff…” she whispered and looked at the clock in awe. The softball player held the clock in her gaze for moment, letting the fact sink in that it was indeed magical. Realizing she had not let go of Maggie’s nose, she chuckled while doing so. Maggie didn’t budge. “Time for a little revenge,” she then said to the unhearing Chinese girl before standing and grabbing the clock. Kansas didn’t know if she needed to keep the clock with her in order to keep herself from getting frozen or not but did not want to risk getting frozen.

               With the clock in hand, Kansas poked her head out into the deserted carpeted hallway. Though not that upset about the little predicament that Maggie had put her in earlier, she still was a bit embarrassed being naked in front of her teacher and classmates. It was only fair that Maggie suffer the same fate. The question now was where was she going to create a similar scene for her friend. Stepping out into the wide hallway, lined by mahogany walls, she started walking up the wide passageway. She checked the boardrooms next to and across from the one she and Maggie were in. Both were empty. Three other rooms further down the hall were locked. The second to last room had a housekeeper working in it. The housekeeper was a late-twenties Hispanic woman, dressed in jeans with a orange maid’s smock over a dark blue t-shirt. Her black hair was tied into a bun. Her hands were covered in pink latex gloves. She was leaned over the large polished wooden table with a spray bottle in one hand and a rag in the other. The hand with the rag was poised only inches from the tabletop while the other hand held the spray bottle at a downward angle; particles of cleaning fluid were frozen in the air between the nozzle and table. The maid held a blank stare in her brown eyes and her lips featured a slight grin. Next to her was a trash bin on wheels with a yellow satchel attached to the front of it containing cleaning supplies.

               Kansas sneaked into room before remembering that the clock held in her hands had stopped time and then moved regularly. The maid remained stuck and unmoving, completely oblivious of Kansas’s presence. The dark-skinned girl stomped her feet loudly as she made her way to the maid, the stomps sounding louder with no other sounds around her. The frozen housekeeper remained still and rigid. Kansas smiled to herself, moving next to the frozen maid. She waved her hands in front of the woman’s eyes; they were blank as doll’s eyes. She poked the woman’s cheek with her finger and looked down at the maid’s statue-like body. Turning her gaze to the suspended spray bottle of cleaning fluid, she moved her hand towards it but then stopped herself. She looked back towards the cleaning bin and found the box of pink latex gloves. Putting the clock down on the table, she pulled a glove free from the box and slipped it onto the hand. She then ran her hand through the spray. She was able to catch all the particles of fluid in her gloved hand and was amazed that she was also able to manipulate them. She smothered the cloud between her palm and fingers till it was nothing more than a jelly-like substance on the pink latex. “This is so cool,” she smiled, looking at her gloved hand before peeling off the glove and tossing it into the trash bin.

               As she reached for the clock, Kansas suddenly got a devious idea, looking at the maid whose campus ID badge on her smock read Nicole Mendez. Moving back to Nicole’s side, she looked the stiffened woman up and down before kneeling down at her legs. Giggling, she unbuttoned Nicole’s jeans and pulled them down to the woman’s ankles. After a second of thought, the black cotton panties that the maid wore followed suit. Kansas couldn’t help but laugh at Nicole’s naked backside and black bush-covered sex as she sat back and looked at her handiwork. Collecting herself, she stood back up and grabbed the clock. Dashing to the doorway, she stepped back out into the hallway and closed the double boardroom doors to a crack. She peeked through the gap, holding her giggles as she thought of Nicole and flicked the bell that Maggie said was to unfreeze things.

               In an instant Nicole was moving again. She sprayed the table and then started to wipe it down with her rag. It took her only a second to realize she was naked from the waist down. She gasped in horror and yelled something in Spanish before dropping the rag and the bottle. She quickly knelt down to pull her jeans and panties back up. Kansas let out a laugh, watching the scene unfold. Her laugh was a bit too loud and Nicole glared at the doors as she pulled up her jeans back up to her hips. As the maid started to march towards the door, Kansas flicked the other bell and froze her solid. Nicole stood posed in mid-stride her face masked in anger with her eyes fixed on the door. Her gloved hands were balled up into fists.

               Kansas opened the door the rest of the way and stepped back into the room. She laughed circling the angry but immobilized maid. “Not quite the reaction I wanted to see, but still entertaining though, Nicole,” Kansas said to the unhearing maid as she waved her hands in front of Nicole’s angry but empty expression. “I think I shall return to you later to see if I can get the reaction I wanted but for now I’ve still got Mags to deal with,” she then said, patting Nicole on the head and leaving the room once more.

               In the last boardroom Kansas pumped her fist in victory, finding it occupied by three frozen people: a young man in his mid twenties, an older man in his fifties and finally a woman in her thirties. The younger man had blond close-cropped hair and a boney but handsome face. He was dressed in a blue dress shirt with a black tie and grey slacks over black shoes. He sat leaned back on one of the high backed leather armed swivel chairs. His legs were crossed at the knees and his hands were up and behind his head. He had blue eyes, now staring emptily at the older man who stood at the head of the table. The man standing at the end of the table was dressed in a black pin-striped suit with a white dress shirt and an orange tie. Though his hair was deep healthy brown, his face clearly showed his age. He stood with his hand palms up in front of him with elbows bent as if gesturing something while talking before the clock had stopped time. The woman was an African American woman who had short silk-black hair that framed her round face. She was dressed in a grey pants suit with a black blouse underneath. A pair of simple black high-heeled pumps finished the outfit. The woman sat across from the younger man, her head down with her gaze fixed on a notepad that her right hand held a pen to, her left hand cupped her chin. Her eyes were shut and her lips were curled into a small smile.

               Casually walking into the room, Kansas eyed the three suspended people; two of them had campus IDs, the older man and the woman. The older man’s ID read Francis Morgan; according to the ID badge his title was director of fundraising. The woman’s ID read Vanda Smith and her title was booster club coordinator. The younger man had no ID on, but judging by the other two people Kansas figured him to be a member of booster club looking to donate money in some way.

She walked in front of the man, looking him up and down taking in his handsome features. She could tell he had some wealth due to his expensive clothes. Putting the clock on the table, Kansas touched the man’s shoulders from behind, feeling their broadness. She suddenly felt a warm tingling feeling inside as she moved his hands from behind his head.  Kansas was definitely attracted to this man and the idea that she could do anything she wanted to him began to make her feel hot. The softball player found the man’s arms to have a nice slender muscular tone as she ran her hands down his sleeve-covered arms. Kansas placed his hands resting on the armrest before moving her attention to his face. She quivered slightly as she traced his lips with her fingers and suddenly felt the need to kiss them. Leaning in, she planted a wet one on his lips, broke the embrace only to part open his lips slightly so she could move her tongue within his month.

               Her body grew hot as she began to nibble on his neck. She uncrossed his legs, all the while groping his thighs so she could sit herself on his lap. She continued to kiss his slack but stiff lips, moaning with her hands unbuttoning his shirt. Kansas was panting hard and sweating as she got off the man and hefted him up into a standing position. She smiled lustfully as she found his body so easy to pose, as if he were a life size Ken doll. With a husky grunt, she dragged his stiff mannequin-like body over the table and then laid him onto the top. His legs were rigid and straight; they hung off the edge, while his arms were still bent at the elbows as if still resting on the arm rests. She then peeled off his shoes and then moved north to unbuckle his belt. In seconds the grey slacks and the blue boxers were off the man’s stiff from. He was nearly naked from the waist down, save for his feet, which were still covered in his black socks. His upper body still bore a white undershirt along with his dress shirt, though the latter was spread apart and the undershirt rolled up, exposing his muscular torso.

               Kansas stripped her boots, jeans and panties off, then quickly mounted the man. She worked his member into her wet womanhood. She moaned loudly, feeling it enter her body. Moments later she was thrusting her body and screaming at the top of lungs as she reached her orgasm.


               She really had no idea how much time had gone by since she had entered that boardroom but she guessed it had been at least an hour. Kansas Wilkins lay naked on top the polished wooden table of the boardroom. Next to her was the close-cropped blond-haired man, who she found from his driver’s license to be twenty-six year old Andrew Patton. Andrew lay straight on his back, his body completely naked now with his athletic arms raised over his head. His face was molded into an odd grin with sleepy eyes. Kansas found that she could play with facial expressions; it was Andrews’s tenth one of the day. Rolling onto her side, she looked over at her frozen lover and chuckled as his erect and moist manhood. She ran her fingers up and down his naked torso, spending some time at his well-developed pecs. Leaning in, she kissed him on the cheek, giggling, “Thanks Andy,” she cooed as she hopped off the table to get dressed. Looking over at Andrew’s naked body laid out on the huge table, she smiled, “I like you like this so I’m going to leave you as is,” she giggled.

               Turning her attention to the other two unmoving people in the room that remained as they were since when she entered room and had stayed still like a pair of waxworks as she rode Andrew Patton’s member. She now said, “I can’t leave you two in here if Andrew is going to be buck naked.” She thought for a moment of what to do as she moved over to Francis and dragged him over to one of the many high-backed leather swivel chairs surrounding the large table. She easily sat him down, crossing his gesturing hands and arms over his chest. Kansas looked at the man’s crotch, he was too old for her and he wasn’t that attractive either but she copped a feel anyways, only because she could. An idea came to her head as she played with Francis’s hair, messing it up. She smiled as she pushed the unmoving fundraising director on the wheeled chair towards the door.

               Out in the hall she removed Francis’s shoes and socks before standing him back up barefooted. She then stripped off his business coat, along with his tie. Unbuttoning the first few buttons of his dress shirt, Kansas then stuffed his hands into his trouser pockets. She completed the look by molding his lips into an over exaggerated smiled that did not look natural. His eyes remained the same and his brown hair was a mess. Stepping back she looked over the barefooted man with his hands in his pockets and weird smile on his face. “Crazy person…” she laughed as she pushed the chair containing Francis’s belongings back into the boardroom.

               Back in the boardroom she looked over at Andrew’s naked body once more, seeing that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of it. She smiled to herself, reminding that she had already ridden him like crazy and she was looking at all that Andrew Patton had to offer. Moving to Vanda, she pulled the pen from the woman’s rigid fingers and tossed it away before pulling the chair of the suspended black woman away from the table. Vanda wobbled a bit and almost fell over since she was leaning forward. Kansas adjusted the frozen woman, leaning her back in the chair though her head still looked down as well as her staring gaze. Soon Vanda was rolled out of the boardroom and into the hall, and then past Francis. Kansas stopped in front of the neighboring boardroom, where Nicole the maid was.

               Leaving Vanda sitting stiffly in the hallway, Kansas entered the room, grinning at the angry looking Nicole. She circled the unmoving Latina housekeeper for a moment before getting to work. First she straightened Nicole out so she was standing at attention, more or less. Next she raised up the unmoving Hispanic woman’s arms and removed the smock, followed by the t-shirt. Kneeling down, Kansas once again opened and jerked Nicole’s pants south. She then untied and stripped off the woman’s sneakers, followed by her socks, rendering her feet bare. Carefully she then removed Nicole’s jeans the rest of the way. Soon the maid only stood in her black panties, cotton pink bra and pink latex gloves. Kansas gathered up the clothes and tossed them in the trash bin. Back at Nicole, she reposed the maid again into her original mid-stride pose with fists balled. She had kept the maid’s facial expression the same so it looked like had she just suddenly lost her clothes. Kansas patted Nicole’s cheek and chuckled before leaving the room.

               In the hallway Vanda was stood up and Kansas promptly pantsed the rigid woman. Vanda’s trousers were pulled to her ankles, along with her dark pantyhose and the white satin panties that covered her sex. Kansas laughed, seeing that Vanda had a nappy and out of control bush covering her womanhood along with a dark Mickey Mouse tattoo on her left butt cheek. After regaining her composure, she closed the boardroom doors to a crack and stood Vanda standing in front of them with her stiff hands on the handles. “And that is that…” Kansas chuckled, slapping Vanda on the bare ass before rolling the chair back to its boardroom.

               Returning the chair to the boardroom table, Kansas let her eyes eat up Andrew’s naked body laid out straight over the top of the table with his naked arms over his head. She smiled warmly before picking up the clock and leaving the room, closing the doors behind her. Andrew had been too much fun and she didn’t want to cause him too much embarrassment; that’s why she had removed his colleagues and why she decided not to put Maggie in that boardroom. Kansas walked into the boardroom where she had first started from with the clock in hand. Maggie, of course, had not moved at all. “Well Mags, nothing for you down here guess we’re going up stairs to the penthouse,” Kansas said going up to Maggie. She rearranged her friend so the Chinese girl was sitting straight in the chair and then molded her rigid hands to hold her own clock securely. Kansas then wheeled her out the room.

               There were two elevators in the middle of the floor and that was where Kansas rolled a very stiff Maggie Yen towards. She then pressed the ‘up’ call button and frowned when she saw nothing had happened. “Oh that’s right,” she said aloud to no one in particular, remembering that time was stopped. She thought about the elevator and flicked the unfreezing bell. A moment later the elevator loudly dinged, arriving at the floor. “My, what a surprise,” Kansas smiled as she looked into the elevator and saw curly redheaded man dressed in a white dress shirt tucked into a pair of gray slacks; finishing the outfit was a simple black tie. He stood with some files under his right arm while his left hand was in his pocket. His face held a neutral expression with his gray eyes looking vacantly ahead. He had a slender build and looked to be in his mid-twenties. The ID badge that was clipped to his right shirt pocket displayed his name as Ronald Peck and that he worked in the administration department. “Going up?” Kansas asked the suspended man as she rolled Maggie into the elevator.

               Kansas pressed the button for the fourth floor and the elevator doors slid shut. She stood by Ronald, looking him up and down. He was average at best but Kansas was still curious as she felt an absolute power, that she could do anything. The elevator dinged, arriving on the fourth floor. Kansas grinned to herself evilly as she pushed Maggie off the elevator and pressed the stop button before the doors could slide shut. The elevator buzzed for a second, signalling it had stopped. “Let’s see what you’re packing Ron,” Kansas slyly said as she knelt down in front of the unmoving and unhearing man. Ronald looked ahead with empty eyes as Kansas undid his belt and pants. Seconds later his gray slacks and red boxers sat around his ankles. “Not bad…” the softball player cooed as she fondled the man’s package. She smiled brightly as she made it as erect as she could. Removing Ronald’s stiff hand from his pocket, she wrapped his fingers into a fist around his manhood. Standing up, she removed the files from under his other arms and tossed them around the elevator. She then moved his right hand, with palm open, to rest atop his right butt cheek. Kansas’s fingers worked Ronald’s lips, giving him an unnatural smile and a wide-eyed look before she backed off. Looking at the redhead up and down, she burst out laughing before turning around and pressing the start button.  The elevator buzzed once more as Kansas stepped off as the doors slid shut with the smiling Ronald statue behind them.

               The fourth and top floor of building held the executive offices and their administrative staff. The school’s president and deans had their offices throughout the floor. Like the floor below, the fourth floor had a main hallway running through it. Unlike the floor below, however, it had more offices and even smaller hallways branching out; there were even enclaves here and there filled with cubicles and workstations. Pushing Maggie down the time-stopped floor around her, Kansas was unsure of where to start or what to do with Maggie. She was mainly just in awe of all the frozen people around her. The floor looked to be half full as she figured that most of the employees were still out for lunch.

They were all mainly older than she, aging from their mid- to late-twenties to as old as their sixties. There was a good mix of men and women, all dressed in business to business-casual attire. Many sat at their desks or cubicles, working on computers, talking on phones, having a lunch or just shuffling through papers. Some stood in the middle of hallways while others were frozen in mid-stride. They held various expressions on their rigid faces, from having eyes closed with mouths open to odd expressions. She felt like she was moving through a 3D photograph. In general, the scene reminded her of one of those popular flash mob videos she sometimes watched on the Internet. It was eerie, but at the same time captivating.

               Kansas eyed a woman who stood in the middle of the main hallway. She looked to be in her late forties to early fifties. The woman was dressed in a black pants suit with a purple blouse underneath. She was tan-skinned with short brown hair. Kansas wasn’t a judge of women but she knew a good-looking woman. Though this woman was on the older side, Kansas could she had been a looker back in her day as she was still fairly attractive in the present. The woman was halted in mid-stride; her left hand carried a coffee mug the DSC logo on it while her right hand held a document with some text on it. Her gaze was cast on the document with her green eyes glazed over. She was one of three people out in the main hallway, the others being a man dressed in casually in jeans and a t-shirt, pushing a mail cart and another man in a brown suit apparently just standing there being frozen, other than his walking stride. Feeling like doing something to the frozen woman before leaving, Kansas grinned as she dragged the woman back on her heels, the woman holding her pose like a statue. The softball player moved the woman to stand in front of a wall so when time would restart she would step right into it. Looking at the woman’s ID badge she chuckled, “You shouldn’t read while walking, Ms. Kim Peters.”

               Brushing her palms together, Kansas took one more look at Kim before she turned her attention back to Maggie who stiffly waited for her in the chair. As she turned, however, a room caught her interest. The sign outside marked it as a ‘lounge’. She smiled, thinking back to what her friend had done to her earlier. “Perfect,” she said to the motionless tableau around her, trotting over to where Maggie was and pushing her chair towards the room. The door that led into the room was a swinging door that swung in both directions. Turning around, Kansas backed into the door and into the room pulling the chair holding Maggie in after her.

               The room featured white tiled floors with gray and white counters and cabinets. There was a fridge in one corner and a flat screen TV in the other corner. Between the two corners was a large window that looked out onto the campus. There was a worn sofa in front of the TV with a coffee table littered with magazines between the two. Two round tables with simple plastic chairs completed the furniture contents of the room. There were four people suspended as if turned to waxworks in the room as well. Two males and two females; three of the people sat at one of the tables, while one of the males stood by the counter. He had dark curly hair and was dressed in a white short-sleeved dress shirt tucked into khaki slacks. He stood with his body turned slightly away from the counter; his right held a paper plate with a sandwich on it. His gaze was turned towards the group sitting at the nearby table. There was a slight smile on his lips. The second man in the room was seated in front of a salad; he had shaggy brown hair and was dressed in white shirt and green tie with grey slacks. He sat with a forkful of lettuce just centimeters from his open mouth. Next to him was a pretty redhead dressed in a pale blue blouse tucked into navy skirt who held a soda can to her lips, her green eyes looking vacantly at the brown-haired man. Finally there was a dark-haired woman dressed in mustard skirt suit seated next to the redhead, looking over some paperwork in front of her.

               “I think we’ve got something to work with here,” Kansas smiled looking at the statue-like people in front of her. Leaning down next to Maggie’s unhearing ear, she whispered, “Time to get you buck naked.” Maggie continued to smile emptily as her friend knelt down in front of her and began untying her shoelaces.


               She had needed one more person to make her scene work, so she had retrieved the casually dressed man who been pushing the mail cart and dragged his mannequin-stiff body into the room. Kansas made quick work of the man’s clothes; she found that she loved undressing men and the act was easy for her. The mail cart man soon ended up naked and stood, awaiting her to put him into a pose. The coffee and sandwich man was naked as well and was now on all fours on the floor, with a beaming toothy smile and wide-eyed look on his face. The dark haired woman, also in the buff, now straddled his back as if she was riding a horse, her arms up over her head and her face molded to show a look of excitement. The redheaded woman was also in her birthday suit and spread-eagled on the round table that she had been sitting at only moments ago. Her hands were posed behind her head while her legs were spread wide, showing off her bushy covered sex. She sported a sleepy look on her face with her tongue sticking out from between her lips. The shaggy haired man, like his colleagues before him, was naked and straddling at the redhead on her chest. He sat on his naked knees with his hands up and behind his head, his member sitting between the redhead’s breasts. He sported a wild look on his face with his eyes and mouth wide with his tongue sticking out.

               Kansas herself stood in the buff, looking at her handiwork as she tossed mail cart man’s clothing aside. She was surprised that she was getting aroused again while she was stripping the men and she couldn’t help but ride the two men, who were at least ten years her senior. She didn’t take the time to learn the men’s names as she realized they were merely her play things. Kansas was tuckered out now however, feeling that hours must have passed for her since she had entered the room. For the frozen people, literally no time at all had passed. She looked over at the newly naked man, her eyes wandered down to his manhood. She shrugged as she played with it for moment. Kansas felt a little aroused but decided to exercise some self control as she went behind the naked man and dragged him over to the last table in the room.

               Maggie had also been stripped; she now stood nude with both of her hands on the table, her body leaning forward over it. Her head was turned backward over her left shoulder as if she was looking behind her. Her naked legs were posed wide.  Kansas moved the man to stand behind Maggie, leaning over her. She made sure that his member was touching the small of her back. She moved his arms under Maggie’s and posed his hands so they were cupping her breasts. Kansas then leaned his chin over Maggie’s right shoulder to complete the look. She kissed the man full on the lips before stepping back, looking over the pose. “We’re even after this, girl,” Kansas laughed before she started to gather up her clothing.


               “…play,” Maggie muttered before her words dropped off as she realized she was naked and not alone. The two other women that were in the room with her were both in their forties, a redhead and dark haired woman; they were naked as well. Both women let out piercing screams as if their limbs were being cut off. They covered themselves the best they could with their hands and crouched, child like, on the floor. The three men who were in the room were in just as much shock and embarrassment, but contained their horror with just blushing faces and mumbled words of apology to the three women. “What the fuck!” Maggie let out, trying to sound shocked, but she knew exactly what had happen and she was too comfortable with being frozen and with her nakedness to really freak out. She casually covered her breasts with her right arm while her left hand cupped her womanhood.

               “Oh my God, I am so sorry!” the guy that had his privates on her exclaimed as he tried to look around for his clothing. There was clothing all over room but Maggie quickly recognized that her clothing was not present. Everyone but Maggie was scrambling for their clothing. It was going to get real awkward in a moment when they realized Maggie didn’t have her clothes here. Before she could think of an excuse, the five people in the room all froze. One man was squatting over some clothes, a look of panic on his face. Another man was pulling on his boxers, while the last man was nearly fully dressed, just lacking his shoes and socks; he was standing, closing his pants up. The redhead was cowering behind the room’s sofa; she was in the process of pulling on her blouse. Next to her the dark haired woman had already put on her green bra and was stopped in mid-motion of pulling up her matching panties, which sat at her knees; she herself was bent over, showing Maggie her naked backside.

               The door flew opened as Kansas waltzed in, laughing. Maggie only grinned and shook her head. “Not bad; bravo, bravo,” she said, reaching her hands out as she saw her friend carrying her clothes. “You got me good; are we even? I think I got some man juice on my back…” Maggie said, taking her clothes and wiping the small of her back with her free hand.

               “Oh yeah, we’re even,” Kansas replied, still chuckling and wiping some tears from her eyes. “Those ladies…” she pointed at the two women slapping her thigh, “you should have seen their reaction…”

               “I did; remember, I had a front row seat,” Maggie replied, pulling her panties up, followed by her bra. “I’m surprised that no one came in after that one lady screamed,” she then said as she sat down to pull on her socks.

               “I only unfroze this room, everything else is still stopped,” Kansas replied, stepping out of the room quickly and returning with the trusty magic clock.

               “Not bad, you picked up on using it pretty fast,” Maggie pointed out as she pulled on her jeans, followed by her t-shirt and then finally stepping into her sneakers. “The thing is pretty easy to use though, right?”

               “Yeah, but honestly it’s been too much for me,” Kansas said as she handed the clock over to Maggie. “Time has been stopped for hours… maybe even a whole day; I don’t know and really have no idea. Had too much sex too…” she said, grinning. “I may have a thing for time-stopped men.”

               Taking her clock, Maggie looked it over, it felt good in her hands, like it was part of her. “I know the feeling. It took me some time to start using self-restraint when time was stopped; in all honesty I don’t think I even exercise self-control that much anyway.” She then looked around the room and asked, “You want to do something about this room?”

               Kansas smiled, walking up to mail cart man who was in the process of pulling up his boxers. The softball player unhooked his hands from the waistband and pulled the undergarment down once again. “Not sure what I want to do with the room, but I do want to do something with the people…” she said, rubbing the man’s cheek while looking into his blank eyes.

               “I thought you had too much?” Maggie asked with a smile as she looked over the two women. “We have to do something else with this room, because when we re-start time I’m not going to be here and they may wonder too much,” she explained as she removed the redhead’s blouse from her frozen fingers and then promptly felt up the woman’s naked breasts.

               “I get what you’re saying. Give them something else to wonder about. I’ll get the boys, you the girls?” Kansas suggested as she posed the mail cart man to stand with his hands on his hips and a neutral look on his face.

               Maggie decided to do something basic; she redressed both women sans their underwear and in each other’s clothing. The redhead was now dressed in the mustard skirt suit that fit her oddly, as she was taller than the dark-haired woman. The redhead’s clothing was a snug and tight fit on the latter woman since that lady was a bit rounder. Their shoes could not fit each other at all, so both women were left barefooted. Maggie then posed them to both sit on the sofa; the dark-haired one sat with her legs crossed and an over-exaggerated smile on her lips while the redhead sat with her knees together and hands clasped on her lap, her face molded into a flirting grin. Between the two women was a pile of their underwear and pantyhose.

               The three men in the room were all rendered back into their birthday suits once more and were placed around one of the tables. The sandwich and coffee man sat with his beverage and meal in front of him. He held the sandwich to his lips and even had a piece of it stuffed into his mouth. Kansas had worked his jaw to take the bite. The man that was eating the salad also sat, wide-legged with his salad bowl held between his legs. His hands rested on the table and his head was turned down, looking down at the bowl. The last man, the mail cart man, was actually sitting on the table, his legs crossed femininely at the knees, covering his manhood, and his hands were clamped together over his knee. He held a goofy look on his face with his tongue protruding from his lips. Kansas placed all their clothes in a mixed-up pile under the table.

               “Kind of want to see their reaction when we start time,” Kansas said, looking at the planned scene before the two moving co-eds. “But I’m pretty sure how it’ll be though,” she then added, looking back to see that her friend had left the room. “Maggie?”

               Outside the room Maggie stood, looking around the frozen floor of office workers. Kansas joined her at her side. “We have the whole floor to play around with, why only focus on that one room?” she said, smiling at her friend.

               Kansas only smiled back at her, “What do you want to do?” She was starting to really enjoy Maggie’s clock. As much as she liked playing with it, she would never think of keeping it for herself. It felt like too much responsibility for her and she thought there might be some unforeseen side effects for the owner of such a magical device. It was something she would talk to Maggie about later. For now however, there was fun to be had.


               It was the most fun that Maggie had since she had moved out from Tucker’s. It was the most fun that Kansas had, period; she never thought that playing with life sized dolls would be so much fun. The two girls had turned the penthouse floor of the building into their personal playground. People were moved and posed into odd positions at their desks; phones held up to ears were replaced with bananas or staplers and intimate articles of clothing were removed and placed atop computer monitors. People were also gathered up and put in circles while posed comically. Men and women were put into suggestive poses throughout the office. The duo gathered the deans and president of the college, eleven people total; six men and five women. They placed the high ranking officials in neat rows of threes standing at attention in the main hallway as they ran between the rows like little girls playing tag. The president, Oliver Jennings, an older man in his sixties had fallen rigidly to the floor several times after Kansas had used him as a base. Once Kansas and Maggie had their fun with the school officials, they left them standing in the hallway and stripped them all down to their underwear. Many of the decent looking younger employees – men and women – were left naked at their workstations or placed out in a corridor once Maggie and Kansas had gotten through with them.

               Having their fill of the fourth floor, which now more or less was going to be utter chaos when time was restarted, the two friends ventured back down to the third floor to gather their backpacks before heading down to the second floor. Kansas showed Maggie her handiwork and the Chinese girl took it upon herself to put Vanda in her birthday suit, just because she could. The African American woman was also placed in the same room as the just-as-naked housekeeper for company as well. Kansas couldn’t resist playing with Andrew once more before leaving. She stood the mannequin-like man up and proceeded to make up with him passionately before bidding him a hesitant farewell.

               Down on the second floor, Maggie and Kansas separated for some individual fun. The second floor housed offices for honor code committee, human resources, accounting and mailroom. Kansas quickly found an interest in a buff deliveryman. The man was dressed in a dark blue and purple uniform and had short brown hair. He was frozen in mid-stride, pushing a hand cart carrying stacked boxes. She also found a handsome accountant in his office, frozen in front of his computer. Her body made the decision on what to do; Kansas quickly emptied the handcart and loaded the deliveryman on it. He stood at attention, staring blankly ahead, as Kansas wheeled him into the accounting offices.

               Maggie had wandered into the HR offices. She smiled brightly at what she saw before her. The reception area of the office had an ‘L’ shaped desk sitting along the back wall. The walls were covered with dramatic paintings of different buildings around campus. Along the walls were comfortable arm cushioned armchairs. The floor was covered in tan carpeting that matched the rest of the décor. What had drawn a smile to Maggie’s face were the five women who looked like highly detailed wax figures that were occupying the room. She knew four of the women; three of whom were students while the last was her favorite business professor, Sandra Packlin. One of the students was Sandy Vanholt, who was famous around campus for being kidnapped and having a controversial senator father. The other two were both cheerleaders who she had helped rescue over Thanksgiving: Michelle Gim and Pamela Flipspatrick. The fifth woman in the room was an older woman and she sat behind the desk; the nameplate on the desk identified her as Pattie Daniels

               Michelle Gim stood in front of the desk; she was leaned forward with her hands flat on the desktop. Her mouth was open, but of course no sound came from it, and her eyes were at half open. The cheerleader was dressed in tight fitting dark denim jeans over white heels; a black tube top finished the outfit. Her black tresses hung loosely, just under her shoulders. Flanking her on the right was Pamela, who stood with nervous smile as she held a binder in her arms against her bust. The cute redhead had her hair in a simple ponytail and was dressed in a black tennis skirt and orange blouse. Sandy stood on Michelle’s right, her face contorted as if frozen in a heated argument. Her hands were held frozen in front of her in a gesturing motion. The former sorority president was dressed rather seductively in denim cut-off shorts and a pink baby doll t-shirt that looked a size too small for her. Pattie, from behind the desk, sat looking up at Michelle with bored eyes. The older woman was dressed in a brown skirt suit with pantyhose, matching heels and a white blouse underneath. She had white blond hair curled in around her face and blue eyes. Packlin was demurely seated nearby, with legs crossed and intently looking at the three co-eds. She was dressed as she had been earlier.

               Near the desk was an opened door that led into the back office. Maggie looked through the door as and saw a round but pretty Hispanic woman with dark long straight hair. She was frozen in mid-stride with a concerned look on her face. She was obviously heading towards the front office to see to the commotion that Michelle was causing. The Latina was dressed in a dark grey skirt with a black blouse and dark pantyhose. Maggie read the nameplate on the desk behind the frozen woman: Maribel Reyes HR Supervisor. Maggie looked around and kissed her clock, “Who needs Tucker when I have you…”


               “I love cheerleaders!” Maggie exclaimed, pulling her face from Michelle’s now naked snatch. The Korean cheerleader was laid out on Pattie’s desk in the buff with her legs spread wide and her arms behind her head. Her face still held the same talking expression. Pamela stood nearby at attention; the redhead was also in the buff, and Maggie had just finished with her just a moment ago. Pam stood like a statue with a blank look on her face, her red hair hanging loose. Sandy, who the Chinese girl had ravished first, was bent over naked on the other end of the desk. Packlin remained where she was, untouched. Maggie had decided to leave her teacher alone this time around, and let her enjoy the show when time was restarted. Just beyond Maribel’s office door was the HR supervisor and her secretary. Pattie, despite her age, had a pretty decent body so Maggie made sure she got the woman naked just so she could show it off. Maribel was stripped down to her tiger-printed panty-bra set. Both woman were posed to stand at attention and leaned in to each other forming an ‘A’ with their arms making the middle part of the letter. Sighing, Maggie stood up and pulled her shoulder bag on, “Well that was fun,” she giggled, picking up her clock that was on the desk. “I wonder…” she mused, thinking of her friend as she flicked the bell to freeze Kansas wherever the other moving girl might be. Smiling, Maggie left the room.

               To no surprise she found her time-stopped friend in the accounting offices down the hallway. On the floor of the office lobby were three naked men, one of whom was Andrew from upstairs; the other two Maggie assumed came from that floor too. Kansas herself was once again naked and had frozen while straddling over one of the men and kissing him. Eying the nearby handcart, Maggie got an idea, “Let’s go some place quiet Kansas; time to officially celebrate your knowing my secret,” she said to her unhearing, unmoving, friend as she approached, pulling the handcart behind her.


THE END.. of the Daze…?

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