Maggie's Clock:  School Daze – Part One

by FreezAntix

These are the escapades that Tucker's buddy Maggie Yen has with her magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker and 'Mags' currently have the most stories that revolve around them though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison and Maggie has started to have her own adventures. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


Decker State College, Yancey Building
      Rm. 35

               Maggie Yen quickly typed the last of the lecture notes off the dry erase board onto her laptop. She quickly scanned the board to make sure she didn’t miss anything. It had been a few weeks since she decided to move out of her best friend Tucker’s place to branch out on her own; she was now living in her girlfriend’s Cindy’s carriage house. The decision to move out was made after she found out that Tucker had impregnated her older sister Madison. She had completely lost trust in him and couldn’t stand to be around him any longer. She tried to hate him but it didn’t work; they had too much shared history. If anything serious happened to him she knew she’d come running to him. So for now she just didn’t want to be around him, at least not until she could trust him again. Trust was a big thing for Maggie as it was what she based any friendship on and she had trusted Tucker the most. She figured with just time she’d get better but she had no idea how long that would take. For now though she wanted to be nowhere near him and didn’t want to think about him.

               The first few days away from Tucker, Maggie realized that she didn’t know who she was and what she wanted in life. She had spent all her time with Tucker doing stuff that he wanted, living his dream, given that most of his wants and dreams were the same as hers. Still, Maggie wanted to be her own person. She was always Tucker’s sidekick; it was time for her to become independent. Doing it without Tucker was the best way to go. She needed to start out new. It had been a rough couple of months for her. She’d had a near-death experience, had been mind controlled by a microchip, which led to her being dumped by her first serious girlfriend. Then her sister dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant with Tucker’s child. Family was always a problem for Maggie; the pregnancy thing just added to it. There was so much stress in her life at the moment she didn’t want to think about it, it was easier that way.

               Best way to forget about trouble was to keep busy and busy was what Maggie was. She went school from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, then worked at her part time job from five to ten and she was back home by eleven. There were a few hours for homework if she had any; then to sleep before the cycle would start all over again. It wasn’t the healthiest way or the most social way to live life but it kept her mind focused until she figured out what she wanted to do. This was her last semester of school, she would graduate in a couple of months, then it really would be time for her to decide what she wanted to do with her life. For now though she was just pushing to get through it; too bad she was also in rough patch at the same time with the Tucker thing.

               “Okay, class, that will end our lecture for today. As you notice we still have ten minutes left. So everyone, clear off your desks,” Doctor Sandra Packlin announced with a slight grin followed by groans from the class. Maggie eyes shot wide. Pop quiz! She slowly packed her laptop and textbook away, trying to remember what she had read the night before. The class was Business 230 Management II, the last of her management course requirements. It wasn’t a hard class, especially with Packlin teaching since she was pretty good with the material. It was just a lot of material to remember and know.

               “Mags… I didn’t read last night…” Kansas Wilkins whispered.

               “Don’t worry about it, it’s not worth that much and it’s only our second one. You should be fine even if you flunk it,” Maggie assured, whispering back as she watched Packlin pass the quizzes out.

               “I hope so; if my GPA drops any more, I’m off the team,” Kansas said with a nervous groan. She was a varsity softball player and for the last semester had not been doing too well academically. Maggie figured it was just a slump and hoped the girl would eventually pull through it. Up until recently Kansas had been doing well in her classes. She had been Maggie’s friend since freshmen year. They were the same major and concentration. She only recently became closer to Kansas after moving out from Tucker’s. Maggie didn’t have too many friends at school and with no more Tucker she was really lonely. Kansas filled the void pretty well, since they were in a lot of the same classes and she was generally nice. She was only an inch or two taller than Maggie with a tight slender athletic build. She was dark skinned with heavily curly black hair that just brushed her shoulders. Kansas was a sweet girl and she was willing to stand up for her friends. It was Kansas who coordinated Maggie’s move out of Tucker’s so she wouldn’t have to be there. Despite her name she was a Californian born in San Francisco.

               “You’re good, don’t worry,” Maggie assured once more as Packlin handed her the quiz. Taking the quiz, it took everything she had to keep her eyes from bulging out; this was a tough one! She knew Kansas was nervous and didn’t want to make it worse. Maggie had no idea what the answers were for most of the questions. The material looked to be from the lecture notes, not the text. They were always from the text until that moment.

               “Fuck…” Kansas whispered.

               Her friend didn’t even read the text and she knew it was bad. Maggie looked over the quiz once more as she laid it down on her desk. Nope, she didn’t know any of it. She thought for a second deciding what do, finally she thought fuck it; I’ll just flunk it and make it up next time. As she reached into her bag to get her pen, her hand suddenly hit something. Looking down she was surprised to see an old alarm clock in her bag. How did you get in there? Maggie wondered as she tried to remember when the last time she had used it.

               The old alarm clock in question looked like any old alarm clock. It was a generic round clock with four stubby legs, glow in the dark purple numbers over a white face with red hands. A grey button sat at the top between two bells. She had picked it up at a garage sale for fifty cents and with the help of The Book of Tempus acquired other items as well in order to turn the simple clock into something magical. It took Maggie nearly a month to do it but she did it. She had something that rivaled her old friend Tucker’s wand. She had rigged the clock to work in a simple way; the left bell freezes people while the right bell unfreezes them. She would just have to think about the person and flick the desired bell for it to work. To stop time altogether, she just simply pressed the grey button; pressing it again would restart time. The only real downside to the clock was it was big enough she would have to carry it around hidden in her bag all the time. She had rigged it with a chain to be suspended around her neck but that just made her look and feel silly.

               She had not used it since December of the previous year. Before that Maggie had used it to save Tucker and their friends from the hands of an evil mad woman. Shortly after that event, things got rough for Maggie and she simply forgotten about it. But how did it end up in her school bag? She wondered, she could have sworn it was on her bookshelf at home. The clock had become such big part of her life that she had taken it for granted and it was easily overlooked when things got sour. Time stopping and freezing people was Tucker’s thing, though, and the act reminded her of him. However, it was now her thing too.

               Maggie grinned, looking around room. Being an upper level class it was small in size, there were only fourteen students: six males and eight females, including Maggie. Everyone was all hunched over their desks busily working on their quizzes. The semester had only been in session for a couple weeks so Maggie didn’t recognize over half the students, there were a few that were familiar though. Packlin stood behind the podium, looking down at her laptop. Maggie’s fingers wandered over the familiar clock, feeling its curves, dents and chips before locating the two bells and the grey button. She held her breath as she pressed the button.

               In a heartbeat it felt like she had gone deaf as everything around her went dead silent. The air became stale as it sat still around her. Maggie smiled brightly, looking around; she felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders for some reason. In general a wave of happiness and nostalgia swept over her. “Whoa…” she muttered quietly. Even in the quiet tone of voice, it felt loud as a yell since there was no other sound around her. Everyone remained frozen, exactly as they were the instant before she had pressed the button. Everyone had their heads down and shoulders hunched over their work. Packlin stood in front, behind the podium, her brown eyes empty behind her rimless glasses as she looked down at her laptop. Looking towards her own right she chuckled at Kansas; the time-stopped curly haired girl held her pen in her right hand as her head rested on the top of her left fist. Her face was scrunched up in a mix of anger and confusion. Maggie poked at her friend’s cheek, nothing happened. “Don’t worry, I have a feeling this quiz won’t be counted,” Maggie said to her, leaning over and pulling the pen from her friend’s rigid fingers.

               Standing up, Maggie looked around trying to figure what to do. It had been so long since she stopped time. She didn’t know what she wanted to do. Maggie did know she wanted to have some erotic fun though. It had been long since she had made love. Being away from Tucker meant she didn’t have access to his live-in mannequins; oh how she missed Tatiana, Candice and the occasional Hitomi. Cindy and she were fairly busy, so even though they were an item they rarely did anything together. After Jamie, Maggie wasn’t sure if she wanted another relationship so soon but Cindy had been so nice to her. There were six other girls in the classroom: a redhead, a blond, two brunettes and three dark haired girls. Naturally Maggie was curious about all of them but she narrowed it down to four she really wanted to play with to keep things simple, which included her buddy Kansas. The other three ladies Maggie knew only by name, either through class or by some other means. There was Phoebe Monroe, the redhead and the vice president of the Phi Sigma Delta sorority, British exchange student and Lady Raptor Sarala Rohit, and finally there was ebony beauty Celeste Green with her flowing long dark hair and tall supermodel-like body. Celeste was the president of the Business Club, a group exclusively for business majors. As Maggie picked out her four, she decided to add Packlin as well. Like Tucker she had a thing for the demure brunette professor as well.

               Moving from her seat to begin plucking her five, she looked around the room once more, “Pretty tight in here to have any fun,” she observed. She thought about moving people and desks around but she had an idea for the remaining students. So she left the classroom in search of a nearby orgy room. Out in the halls of the Yancey Building she found it was deathly silent and still, much like the classroom but the air felt more open. There were a few people around all were suspended in mid-stride or standing statue like. Looking up and down the hall, she spotted a room two doors down from her classroom and across the hall; the sign read Faculty Lounge. “That’ll do,” she grinned as she marched towards it. Thankfully, she found door unlocked. Opening the door, she peered in to check out the digs and was surprised to see three people frozen within and they weren’t faculty.

               The carpeted room featured a circular table that sat four placed in the center of the room. A counter sat on one side of the room with a cappuccino machine, a small fridge along with a toaster oven on it. The other side of the room held two long sofas with a small table in between. The far wall had a TV stand in the corner along with an old lounger. The three people in the room were all students, a guy and two girls. The sat seated at the circular table with plastic coffee cups in front of them, no doubt filled with free cappuccino. The two girls Maggie recognized as cheerleaders even though they were out of uniform. Maggie had met them once when she had helped Tucker on one of his adventures. They had been captured and chipped by a mad woman. Both were blondes; one was named Stephanie Kinloch and the other was Anne Noah. They both looked the same as if from a cookie cutter, only difference was that Stephanie had blue eyes and Anne’s were hazel. The guy was a blond as well; he was six feet something with broad shoulders and long strong arms. He had a chiseled superhero-like chin and bright blue eyes. In another time he could have been the poster child of the Nazi Party. However in present times he was Chet Powers, the captain of the DSC men’s swim team. Everyone just called him ‘Chet Power’.

               Stephanie was dressed in a tight fitting blue polo shirt and khaki mini skirt. A white hair band and sneakers finished the outfit. She sat next to Chet Powers, with her chin resting in her hands and her elbows sitting on the table. Her head was cocked to the left. Her blue eyes were squinting, while her lips were curled up in a cute smile. Anna was dressed in a white form-fitting t-shirt with orange sleeves along with skin-tight blue jeans. A pair of brown flip-flops finished the outfit as her blond tresses hung free. She sat with her legs crossed, her right hand on the table with her fingers inches from her cup, while her left had fingers running through her hair. Her face bore a smile with her eyes shut. Chet Powers was dressed in a white t-shirt a size or two too small and a pair of cargo shorts over brown flip-flops. He sat with legs wide and arms crossed; his head was thrown back with his face contorted in a laugh.

               “Yup,” Maggie nodded looking around the room, “this will do.” Looking at the three people that were there she decided, “Two of you must go, one can stay.” She took one more look around the room and estimated six people, including herself, could fit comfortably with what she was planning to do. “One of my girls will have to go too,” she thought aloud as she ducked out of the room.

               Back in her classroom, she looked at her picks once more with her index finger tapping her chin and face masked in thought. A moment later she made up her mind that Celeste would stay behind. It was between Celeste and Kansas; since Maggie had other classes with both she could always see them again, especially Kansas since they hung outside of class. Celeste was picked to stay mainly because Maggie knew Kansas would leave the classroom if she had a choice. Walking up to the front of the room, the Chinese co-ed grabbed a cushioned wheeled swivel chair from behind the teacher’s desk. “Time for a field trip,” she smiled, looking at Phoebe who was sitting nearby, stiff as a waxwork. The redhead was hunched over her desk, her green eyes staring vacantly at her quiz. She was silent and unmoving as Maggie approached her.


               Five minutes later, Maggie’s time, she stood in the door wiping the sweat from her brow. “Whew what a work out!” she exclaimed playfully, spinning the empty swivel seat in front of her. Before her the Faculty Lounge felt a little cozier with five people crammed into it. Now sitting alone at the table was Stephanie; her two companions now stood in the hallway. Sitting on the closest sofa were Sarala and Phoebe. Sarala had dressed in a short sleeve blouse untucked over black trousers and heels; she sat crossed legged, still hunched over as if sitting at her other desk with the fingers of her right hand arched as if holding a pen. Her left arm was bent flat at the elbow and rested on air where the desk used to be. Phoebe was dressed in a red and yellow Phi Sig t-shirt, denim skirt, and pink flip-flops; she sat more or less the same way. Both had empty eyes and faces featuring focused expressions. Kansas was clad in an orange Raptor Softball t-shirt, blue jeans and clunky brown work boots. Like the other two girls, she sat hunched over an invisible desk. One hand was in a fist and under her chin while the other held an invisible pen in the air. Doctor Sandra Packlin was dressed in a cream-colored pants suit with a white open neck shirt underneath and stood on a pair of suede tan heels. She had been placed in the corner of the lounge as if still standing behind her podium, her right hand held onto air while her left elbow rested on nothing as well. Her empty gaze from behind her rimless glasses was cast downward.

               Maggie pushed the chair aside and stepped in, closing the door behind her. She scanned the room for a second before she grinned and skipped five paces, plopping down on the sofa next to Kansas. The dark skinned girl wobbled from side to side a bit from the action. Maggie moved over so she was sitting right next to her frozen friend. She then reached out under Kansas’s arms and pinched the still girl’s breast. “Not bad,” she nodded as she began to rearrange her friend’s body. Maggie easily manipulated the softball player to sit leaning back with her arms raised, legs stretched out in front of her with her heels on the ground. Straddling Kansas across the thighs, Maggie sat facing her friend as she expertly molded the girl’s face into grinning expression. “Almost looks like you,” Maggie smiled, patting Kansas on the cheek. She never saw her friend grin that way before so it looked a bit odd but it worked. “I still have it,” she smirked as she leaned in to kiss Kansas on the neck. Slowly she soon moved to the girl’s grinning lips. “I wonder if you swing my way?” Maggie breathed between kisses. As she continued to kiss her hands moved south, grabbing hold of the bottom of the team t-shirt. She then slyly pulled it up and over. “Oh my,” Maggie cooed, looking at Kansas’s orbs wrapped in black bra. She traced the sexy contours of the bra with her fingers before she got off of the stiff girl. Sitting on the floor, Maggie began to untie Kansas’s boots and soon stripped both of them off, along with the girl’s socks as well. “We’re getting there,” Maggie giggled, sitting on her knees as she undid the girl’s belt and opened her jeans up. Kansas wore school-colors orange panties underneath that made Maggie chuckle as she peeled the jeans off her friend’s hips. Piling the jeans over the boots, socks, and t-shirt, Maggie stood, looking her half-naked friend over. She took in Kansas’s athletic dark legs, flat midriff, and small but round breasts. “As I expected you’re pretty hot. I shall return.”

               Leaving Kansas grinning on the sofa with her hands raised and bare legs pointing out in front of her, Maggie moved to the next sofa. She slipped off Phoebe’s flip-flops, tossing them aside, rendering the girl barefoot. Putting the immobilized sorority girl into a standing pose with arms raised, Maggie quickly pulled off her t-shit and strips off the denim mini skirt. Leaving the redhead standing there in her matching pink undergarments with arms up, Maggie moved to her companion. She uncrossed Sarala’s legs and arranged her limbs so she could stand the Indian soccer player up to make undressing her easier. Maggie then unbuttoned the blouse and slipped it off the mannequin-like girl’s torso. Her dark trousers were opened and removed next, followed by heels, leaving the girl’s tan feet bare. “You’re nice too,” Maggie grinned as she groped the girl’s small but proportional breasts through the white bra that covered them. The Indian girl’s womanhood was covered in white hot-pants-style lace panties. One of her muscular legs featured a slim black knee brace. Maggie posed the soccer player to stand straight with her legs together and hands held together in front of her crotch. Sarala’s face was molded to hold a bright smile and wide eyes. Phoebe was put into a similar pose, only her hands were placed on her hips and her face sculpted to have puckered lips with her green eyes closed.

               Moving on from the redhead and the Brit, Maggie shifted her attention to Stephanie, the cheerleader. She promptly and rigidly stood the girl up. The blue polo was first to be stripped off, revealing the frilly pink bra the blond wore underneath holding her nice round breasts. Maggie moved the girl’s hands to cup those breasts before she moved south and removed the khaki skirt and sneakers. Soon the blond stood barefoot in hot pink cotton panties, with her hands cupping her frilly-covered breasts. Maggie posed Stephanie’s naked legs to stand wide and tilted her head back, leaving her original smiling expression on her face.

Packlin was now the only unmoving one in the room that was still dressed. Maggie felt her cheeks blush as she stood close, looking her professor over. Reaching up, Maggie lifted up Packlin’s head so she would be looking straight ahead. Her thumbs played with the teacher’s lips, giving her a big unnatural close-lipped smile. She giggled, looking at the stuck woman’s face, which still had a downward gaze. “Now let’s get this fancy suit off you,” she then said as she started unbuttoning the professor’s coat.

               Sandra Packlin soon was only dressed in a lacy white bra, matching panties and garter belt with thigh-high white stockings. Her hair was let down and her glasses removed. She was laid out stiffly on the lounger with her legs straight and arms bent forward at the elbows. Her fingers were moved together and straight as arrows, pointing forward with the thumbs up. Her stocking covered feet were arched as if still wearing her heels. Sandra’s face bore a goofy toothy smile with empty eyes. Nearby, Maggie had stood up Kansas and put the dark skinned softball player in a muscle pose with both arms up and outward bent at the elbows. Her hips were shifted right with her left foot standing on toe tips. The same grinning expression was still on her face from before.

               Maggie looked around the room and smiled broadly. She could feel her body getting hotter as she took in each lady’s pose and the their blank eyes. Maggie slowly circled each of the suspended ladies, groping their features. Going fully around the room, she stopped and looked at each one excitedly. With a sly smile on her face she peeled off her own t-shirt and then got to work on her jeans. “Here I come ladies, physically and literally!” Maggie laughed as she kicked off her sneakers.


               It had to be nearly two hours later when Maggie woke up. It was frankly the best sleep she’d had since moving away from Tucker. “Morning,” she cooed, looking at her right into the smiling rigid face of Sandra Packlin. Maggie and the professor were both stark naked and sharing the lounger. Maggie had saved Packlin for last since, she was the oldest but that didn’t make the woman any less fun than the others. In fact, Maggie had had the most fun with the good doctor. She leaned over and kissed Packlin on the cheek, “Thanks,” she whispered into the unhearing ear of her teacher. Sandra remained silent and still, smiling brightly with empty brown eyes looking up at the ceiling. On the sofa nearby, Kansas was also naked and lay face down folded over the armrest, Maggie had been exploring the girl’s bottom before she had moved on. At the next sofa, Phoebe was completely naked, aside from a plain gold ring that Maggie could not take off no matter how hard she tried. The redhead had the back of her shoulders resting on the back of sofa with her body rigid and straight as if she were straddling an imaginary pole resting over the sofa. On the other end of the sofa, Sarala had her bare muscular legs and heels pointing straight up at the ceiling while her face was ‘torpedoed’ into the sofa with her arms out holding her statuesque frame upright. The girl would have been naked too, save for her knee brace, which Maggie left on since she couldn’t remove Phoebe’s ring, she thought why not. Sarala’s face was buried into the cushions, with her black tresses a mass mess. Stephanie’s appearance matched the other ladies as she was utterly naked as well; her body was spread-eagled face up on the table. Her blue eyes were wide open with her lips molded in the shape of an ‘o’. The girl’s skin however, carried more of a shine on it. Maggie had lathered Stephanie’s body up with whipped cream she found and licked it all off as she made love to the unmoving cheerleader.

               After appreciating her handiwork and getting dressed, Maggie straightened out Packlin on the lounger to lay flat with her hands behind her messy long brown hair. Her nude legs were spread wide, exposing her womanhood. Maggie kissed the professor’s landing strip sex before climbing off the lounger. She then dressed herself before tossing everyone else’s around the room. “Well that was fun,” she said, smoothing out her jeans, “but I have somewhere to be ciao!” With that Maggie left the roomful of naked statues with a bashful wave, closing the door behind her.

               Maggie stood outside the room, chuckling, thinking of the chaos that would follow when she re-started time. Turing to her left, she jumped at the sight of two more suspended people. “Geez!” she gasped clutching her chest. “Forgot I stuck you guys out here,” she shook her head at her error, looking over Chet Powers and Anne Noah. Chet stood with his arms crossed and head thrown back. His face was still contorted in laughter. Anna stood next to him with her left hand running through her hair and her right arm down at her side. Her face still bore an eyes-closed smile. “Can’t have you two standing out here,” Maggie said, with her hands on her hips. Gesturing back towards the room she added, “It’s going to be crazy in there later.” Looking around, she thought aloud, “What to do, what to do?” At the end of the hall was a janitor’s closet and an idea appeared in Maggie’s head. She smiled evilly, rubbing her palms together.

               Grabbing the swivel chair from earlier, Maggie lowered and posed Chet into it. The swimmer sat with his legs straight out in front of him. She had dragged him out the room earlier and the man almost crushed her. She wasn’t going to take that chance with a long trip down the hall. Holding onto his shoulder with one hand to make sure he didn’t fall, Maggie began her trip. A few moments later she was at her destination. A little grunting and elbow grease after that left Chet Powers upright once again. Anne was easier to transport, especially with the chair. In no time the blond cheerleader was standing stiffly next to the popular swimmer.

               “Never thought I would be doing this,” Maggie said, kneeling and undoing the buttons of Chet’s shorts. “I’m living the dreams of at least half of the girls’ on campus right now,” she muttered flatly as she jerked his shorts down. The blue and white boxers followed. “Ew…” Maggie shuddered, glancing at his manhood, putting her hand to her lips. “Impressive I guess…” she observed, standing back up. “I never saw it hairless though and that long…” Maggie added, looking back down at Chet’s member with a raised eyebrow. She pulled the fabric of the t-shirt. It was tight against his skin. “I am not going to even mess with that; shoot I don’t even know how you could take it off?” she asked looking at Chet’s laughing face. She then opened the closet door. The room behind it was small, with a small mop sink off to one side and a shelf filled with cleaning supplies. There were also a wheeled bucket, some caution signs and two mops. “Should be enough space,” she guessed, scanning around the small room.

               With a grunt Maggie leaned Chet backwards. Her muscles burned as she felt his weight bear down on her. She quickly dragged him the two feet into the closet and stood him back upright. “Crap…” she breathed, steadying the taller and bigger person. “Almost crushed me again,” she chuckled, smacking Chet on the ass. Back outside of the closet, Maggie turned her attention to Anne. She quickly peeled off the girl’s t-shirt, uncovering the red strapless bra covering her bust. A second later the bra joined the discarded shirt on floor. Maggie fondled the cheerleader’s breasts for a moment, sucking the nipples before moving down to her jeans. Opening them up, she roughly jerked them south, causing Anna’s stiff figure to wobble slightly. Due to the tightness of the jeans and Maggie’s jerk, the blonde’s red panties also followed suit and now sat at her ankles along with the jeans. Maggie probed her finger in out of Anna’s womanhood for moment just so she could say she had done it with six girls so far. Feeling satisfied, she stripped off the cheerleader’s jeans and panties along with the flip-flops, making the hot blond completely naked. She then dragged her into the closet and lowered her to her knees. With some maneuvering she placed the cheerleader directly in front of Chet’s member. Gagging slightly, Maggie got Chet’s member in both of Anne’s stiff hands without actually touching it. She then leaned the girl’s head towards it and puckered her lips, leaving her eyes closed. Maggie moved Anne’s lips a mere centimeter from the tip of Chet’s manhood. Chet’s hands were then moved to rest on top of Anne’s head before Maggie left the time-stopped couple inside, closing the door behind her. She gathered up their clothes and tossed them down a nearby stairwell.


               With Chet Powers and Anne Nolan possibly becoming the next big talk around campus when time was re-started, Maggie headed back to room 35. It was how she left it, aside from the missing professor and three female students. Her classmates were still hunched over their quizzes and the room was deathly silent as was the rest of the world. There were a total of eleven students left, six males and five females, including Maggie. Having an idea fresh in her mind for what she wanted to do, Maggie set to work moving people and desks around. The task was harder than she expected, being that the male students were dead weight; like moving Chet Powers all over again. After a few near death experiences she got all of them standing in the open space she’d created in the center of the room. The four remaining girls were easier to move and manipulate compared to their counterparts. Maggie paired each of the girls with a boy, leaving two boys with one girl at the end. The three boy-girl pairs were all put in formal dancing poses with the partners intimately close. Three boys were left solo as Maggie had other things to do before completing the scene.

               Maggie dragged the tall and shapely Celeste Green up to the front of the classroom. The chocolate-skinned beauty was dressed in a pink short-sleeved silk blouse, with a black slim knee length skirt and knee high black leather high-heeled boots. She had a grin on her lips and her brown eyes were staring emptily. Her long dark mane framed her face in perfect waves and hung loosely. Maggie had already pulled the girl’s arms down to her sides when she moved her from the desk; she now stood with arms down and away from her sides. Her legs were slightly parted. Maggie tried to kiss Celeste’s lips but found the frozen woman too tall for her. Frowning, she thought for second and then smiled as she lowered the tall dark haired woman over the desk.

               The desk could barely contain the tall frame of the ebony skinned beauty as most of the length of her legs stiffly hung off the edge of the desk. Maggie carefully climbed on top of her classmate, careful not to lean too much in one direction so not to knock both of them over. She giggled giddily as she looked at the frozen girl’s face while unbuttoning her blouse. Celeste had a pink and white push up bra underneath that held her magnificent breasts. Maggie kissed and sucked Celeste’s neck as she peeled the bra cup down and under the girl’s breasts. She then groped the dark mountains tipped with dark nipples as she passionately kissed the frozen girl’s lips. Taking a breath, Maggie leaned back and just vigorously fondled the co-ed’s boobs.

               Feeling satisfied with the girl’s more than ample natural breasts, Maggie carefully turned around so she was now in the classic sixty-nine position. She forcibly turned Celeste’s skirt backwards so the back zipper was now facing front. From there Maggie unzipped the skirt and pushed it towards Celeste’s booted ankles, revealing the black g-string that covered the girl’s sex. Not even a second later the g-string followed the skirt and Maggie was burying her face in Celeste’s hairy but controlled sex. Oddly enough, Maggie found Celeste’s snatch to smell very sweet almost rosy.

               After hour of fun with a very stiff Celeste, Maggie stood the dark-skinned Amazon back up, sans the g-string and bra under her clothing. The girl’s undergarments went into Maggie’s bag as souvenirs. Dragging Celeste over to one of the remaining male students, Maggie posed the couple into a similar dancing pose as the rest of the class. Celeste was a bit taller than her partner, so Maggie leaned the male student’s head on her ample cleavage. Maggie herself, with her bag in hand, climbed into the arms of the two remaining male students. She looked back at their blank expressions as she carefully balanced herself in their arms. “This feels like a horrible idea… you’d better not drop me,” she said seriously as she reached her hand into her bag and pressed the single button between the bells.


Decker State College, Decker Hall
Boardroom Three

               Two hours later real time Maggie found herself in her new study spot. Her old spot was Johanna’s Hall the campus’ main library, which was still frequented by Tucker, so she stayed away from it. She did however miss the view that the twelve-story building had and the coziness of a private study room. Her new study space did not have a view as the building was only four stories tall and in the middle of campus. She was in a cold, large, empty boardroom that featured a circular polished oak table surrounded by high backed black leather swivel armchairs. The room had a tan wall paper and matching carpeting. There were large windows that looked out to the campus quad, but nothing compared to the ocean view that her old spot had. What her new spot had that her old didn’t was seclusion.

               Decker Hall was not a student building, though it did have a few students working part-time within; it was mainly a faculty building. The building housed the executive staff of the school, which included the president and deans. The boardroom that Maggie was in was one of the buildings’ eight located on the third floor. Technically she was not allowed in there but they never kept the doors locked and the executives seldom used all of them either. So far no one had said anything about her being in there. Maggie liked it, it was quiet and she got most of her work done. She was there between classes almost every day. It was noon so the building, which was normally pretty quiet, was even quieter as most of the staff was out to lunch. Maggie was reading for her last class of the day, which started in a of couple hours when her cell phone buzzed.

               “Hey Kansas,” Maggie chimed after reading the caller ID and pressing the talk button. It had been a class period since Maggie had stopped time and fooled around. She didn’t do it again after, given that she learned if she did it too much the day never ended and she would get restless. She and Kansas were supposed to be in the next class too, but Kansas never showed. She knew it was mainly because of the scene she left her friend in and hoped the girl wasn’t too embarrassed. The rest of class had a ‘what the hell’ moment but that was about it. Maggie didn’t get dropped and she was happy for that; the look on Celeste Green’s face when she realized she was missing something intimate was also priceless. All in all, the class had a good chuckle and just left, seeing that Packlin was gone too and no one could explain what had happened. There was some chaos in hall but no one but Maggie knew what was going on. Maggie couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of Chet and Anne yelling for help from the locked closet. There were some screams from faculty lounge, but other than that Maggie could not tell something odd was going on.

               “Hey Mags… I need to talk you – where are you?” Kansas asked there was a sound of urgency in her voice.

               “Are you okay?” Maggie asked worriedly, hoping that her friend didn’t get expelled or something along those lines.

               “I’m fine, I just need to talk to you,” Kansas assured but her voice still held that urgency in her tone.

               Maggie considered for moment, thinking if she wanted to let someone in on her secret study spot. In the end her curiosity got the better of her. “Come on over; I’m in Decker Hall, boardroom three, on the third floor.”

               “Okay, wait right there, I’ll be there in five minutes,” Kansas replied before the line went dead.

               It was exactly six minutes later when there was a knock on the boardroom door and Kansas poked her head in. She smiled, seeing Maggie sitting alone at the large table. The softball player quietly slipped in, closing the door behind her. She looked around the large quiet room and nodded in approval. Kansas was fully dressed again in her orange t-shirt and jeans again with her orange and black backpack on her back. Maggie couldn’t help thinking back to the memory of Kansas’ naked body sprawled out on the sofa hours ago. She smiled reflexively as the dark skinned girl made her way towards her. “What’s up,” Kansas breathed, plopping down next to Maggie putting her backpack on the table. She then unzipped it and pulled her notebook and a textbook out.

               Maggie watched her as she opened the notebook and flipped through the text book. She waited until her friend was settled nearly three minutes later. “What’s up? You sounded like you really needed to talk when you were on the phone before.”

               Kansas looked around the room, “This is nice place Mags, can’t believe you were keeping this place yourself.”

               “Kansas, I know you didn’t come here to study,” Maggie then said, hoping she didn’t give up her secret place just for this.

               Taking a breath, Kansas took out her pen and began to click it before turning to her friend. “What the hell happened today in Packlin’s class? One second we were taking a quiz and the next second, I’m in the faculty lounge with Packlin and some other girls,” Kansas explained, dropping her pen. She looked over at Maggie, “Mags – don’t laugh – but me and other girls were buck naked.”

               Maggie giggled, faking surprise; “Buck naked?” Kansas nodded. “That’s weird…” she said, looking away from her friend so she would not burst out laughing. Her body was feeling a little warmer upon remembering how the softball player looked ‘buck naked’.

               “Yeah it is,” Kansas replied with a chuckle. “Now that I’m saying it out loud it sounds kind of funny, but at the time it freaked me out. “I’m pretty comfortable with my body and being naked in front of others, I do it all the time in the showers with the team, but doesn’t make it okay to be naked in front of random strangers or even Packlin. It was so weird; Mags… did anything happen with you?”

               “Well I didn’t end up buck naked…but in a blink of an eye the whole class was like dancing and I was being carried by two guys,” Maggie explained, trying to keep her face as straight as her friend’s.

               “Dancing? This is so weird,” Kansas said, turning away in thought. It was quiet for a moment while Kansas looked down at her notebook. Looking back up, she turned to the Chinese girl. “Packlin offered me and the other girls passing grades in her class, well me and two of the girls, the last girl wasn’t in our program but she’s going to work something out with her. In return she said we have to keep our mouths shut about what happened. To anyone!  Apparently this isn’t the first time this has happened, so Packlin’s not happy, but she still wants to keep it under wraps.”

               “Well, that sounds great for you Kansas; you’re struggling in her class, so it looks like you getting naked worked out for you,” Maggie joked, now happy for what she did to her friend as the situation turned out to be a win-win one.

               Before Maggie could say anything else, Kansas blurted, “I didn’t take her offer Mags… I mean I’ll keep my mouth shut, because heck that’s embarrassing as hell for the professor, but I won’t take the free grade.”

               “Why?” Maggie asked, confused. If it was her she would surely take it. She made a note to end up naked with Packlin later and see if she could get a free ride.

               “Mags, I can’t take that offer without you…” Kansas replied sincerely.

               Maggie felt her cheeks blush, “Kansas…”

               “The truth is Mags… I’ve been cheating off of you since freshmen year… If it weren’t for you, I would have been kicked off the team a long time ago. I only stopped recently and that’s when my grades started to drop. I know I’m a horrible person but I can’t take that passing grade without you getting one too. I could have just told you that I simply couldn’t take it ‘cause we’re friends and all, but this thing has been eating me up inside. It’s why I stopped cheating. We’re about to graduate and all, too. I know that without you I wouldn’t be where I am right now, but I’ve never thanked you or said a word about it... I just had to get this off my chest. I’m kind of grateful for what had happened it made realized how important you are to me as a friend. Me ending up naked is nothing compared to what I’ve done these four years,” Kansas explained, then looked away. “Maggie I’m sorry…” she then said quietly.

               Maggie didn’t know what to feel. She had some lingering anger but she was more touched. She knew how hard it was for Kansas not to take the offer and then for her to come out with all that. It showed that Kansas really trusted her. If she had been that type of person, she could have taken what Kansas just confessed to her and turned her into the honor board, which was located just a floor below them. Maggie wasn’t that type of person though. She sat quietly in thought. It must have been quite a while because when Maggie’s mind wandered back and she had made an important decision, Kansas was packing up her things. “Where are you going?” Maggie asked.

               “Mags… I’m really sorry for what I did and I understand if you don’t want to be my friend anymore, so I’ll let you be,” she said as she zipped her bag closed.

               “Kansas!  Sit down; I have something I have to tell you, too,” Maggie said seriously pulling her friend’s arm to get her to sit back down. She then reached into her bag and pulled out her clock.

               Her friend eyed the beat-up old clock curiously as she sat back down, “What is that?”

               Maggie’s heart and mind raced. Is this the right choice? she asked herself, then assured herself that it would be alright and this was the right decision. She could trust the girl sitting beside her. “Kansas, this is my magic clock….”


To Be Continued… in Part Two of School Daze

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