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New Stories from 2010

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 These aren't exactly new, but they are the new stories from 2009 arranged in the order by date they were added to the archive.











The most current new stories remain here and will be split out, by year, in January

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24-Dec-10   Jurodan A Lover's Pride  
    Marcellus A Tangled Web  
    JMD Tales of the Wand 11 - Treat-or-Tricking The Assistants - To the Winner...
    Wolverine Clay in His Hands  
    Zero The IT Files: Ivan's Christmas The IT Files: Erika's Bloodline
      The IT Files: Caesar's Tour The IT Files: Miranda's Resolve
    Tek Spydoll, Inc. - First Case, Pt.2
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
    FreezAntix Maggie's Clock: School Daze, Pt.2
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
    Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse Wiki : timelines, character profiles, and more...  
    Masteroftoys Halloween Transformation WH13 - Christmas Box
    Zapped! The Harvesters - Chapter 4
(an Alien Invasion story)
The Harvesters - Chapter 5
(an Alien Invasion story)
    Dmuk Private Showing 2 A Christmas Treat
    Leem The Agency  
    Heather St. Claire & Paul G. Jutras Replacement Mannequin 3 [mashup]
(illustrated by Anthony Burns)
  Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline



  Zero The IT Files: Barry's Vengeance Fashion Disaster
(Tales from the Tuckerverse)
      Tucker's Wand XXVII: Frozen Romance  
    FreezAntix & Zero & Tek Fame and Misfortune
(Tales from the Tuckerverse)
    Tek Spydoll, Inc. - Crazy Eagle
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
Spydoll, Inc. - First Case, Pt.1
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
    FreezAntix Maggie's Clock: School Daze, Pt.1
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
    Johnsan An Animated Wish
Creation of a Mannequin Doll
      My Silicone Love
Portrait of a Living Doll
    Latent Lurker By Request Stuffed Cougar
    Glen Gardner

Brenda's Story


The Alchemist - Part 2

    Zapped! The Harvesters - Chapter 3
(an Alien Invasion story)
    Polo The Clown Dark Passage Way  
    Dmuk WH13 - Closure  
    Commodore Why You Should Not Give In To Temptation
  Kaersteath More Personality
(from Junction Portal) (illustrated)
  Leem One Perfect Moment
(from The Pygmalion Syndrome)
  Northern Chill Night of the Living Dolls, pt.1 (ch1-ch10)
(from Yahoo group)
  Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline  


  Zero The IT Files: Palmira's Addiction The IT Files: Ryoshi's Experiment
      Getting Steamed
(Tales from the Tuckerverse)
    FreezAntix Erika's Origins  
    Tek Spydoll, Inc. - Twin Return
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
    Wolverine The Statues of Masters Hall - Part 4
Emma's Book, Part 2

The Alchemist - Part 1

    Latent Lurker Bronze Star Layla and the Atomic Clock
    Dmuk Private Showing  
    Zapped! The Harvesters - Chapter 2
(an Alien Invasion story)
    Q An Ideal Job  
    Johnsan & K-8 Lights, Camera, Plastic!
    Polo The Clown Rise Of Cobra  
    Marcellus The Best of Both Worlds  
  Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline  
05-Mar-10   Zero Tucker's Wand XXIV: One Hell Of A Day Tucker's Wand XXV: The Big Move
      Tucker's Wand XXVI: Going Hollywood  
    FreezAntix & Zero The IT Files: Erika's Maid
(occurs before Lucienne's Party)
    Susie Crazy Sunday
(Tales from the Tuckerverse)
    DL Lost Merchandise 3
(with dmuk)
Meighan's Point of View
    Siogi Suitable, Part 1 , Part 2  
    Wolverine The Statues of Masters Hall - Part 3 Emma's Book, Part 1
    Johnsan My Little Doll
    Zapped! The Harvesters - Chapter 1
(an Alien Invasion story)
  Northern Chill Nightmare on Dolly Street
(from Yahoo group)
  Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline  

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