Tales from the Tuckerverse:  Getting Steamed

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

               Sandy Vanholt smiled as her friend Erika Stone opened the door to her penthouse, beaming in turn at her young friend. "This is a surprise," greeted Erika, clearly planning on working out in some fashion as she was wearing a white jogging suit that hugged her figure tightly, a bright green halter top noticeable underneath the hoodie and her hair done in a looped ponytail.

               "Sorry I didn't call, but I was nearby and I thought I'd stop in if you were free," explained Sandy, hugging Erika in greeting. Sandy and Erika hadn't seen much of each other since the incident around Thanksgiving, but it was a new year now so Sandy didn't have to worry about classes much yet, plus the scandal about her father had finally died down.

               "And who is this?" asked Erika next, noticing two women standing with Sandy in the hall. Unlike Sandy, who was dressed casually in a white tennis skirt and peach tank top, the other two women with her were wearing orange and white cheerleading uniforms; the signature colors of Decker State College.

               "These are Pamela and Michelle, two friends of mine that were actually hoping to meet you," answered Sandy, removing her arms from Erika and allowing for the two others to greet Erika with quick handshakes.

               "I'm a big fan!" declared Michelle, Pamela said nothing and instead just grinned a bit too much.

               "Always delighted to meet friends of yours," grinned Erika, a twinkle in her eye. Sandy and Erika had first met when the latter had been bored with life; she opted to use her newly discovered timestopping ability to commit crimes around the globe. Since then Erika had corrupted Sandy somewhat, getting her into the idea of turning people into statues with Type-7, a special drug which immobilized an individual as if they were frozen in time. The drug, ideally the next generation of sedation, was something Erika still used recreationally though she'd turned over a new leaf crime-wise and now often helped out the ITEA, her former adversaries.

               "I have to say, while I'm not, well, gay myself, I really admire how you handled people against that kind of thing," piped up Pamela as Erika led the trio inside. Erika had been a closeted lesbian for some time, but after her new leaf scenario and falling in love with scientist Mary Hamilton, Erika had ultimately come out; granted after some maneuvering in advance to ensure any remarks wouldn't damage her reputation much, if at all. Given that Stone Enterprises was running as smoothly as ever, with rumors suggesting that they were going to start developing some new toys for millionaires, Erika didn't seem to be affected by the media circus she constantly attracted.

               "Thank you, I did like to think I was making a stand of sorts," admitted Erika as the four women sat down in the living room of her Malibu penthouse. The house was curiously empty, as normally four women lived there, more or less, and the maid was frequently present as well. "I mean, I'm not like some of the women who did this back in the nineties, but by having a young, trendy CEO like me come out, men and women of this new generation will be more willing to speak out instead of doing what those before them did. I'm not the first, but my goal was to make sure there will never be a 'last.'"

               "Wow, you are good," smiled Pamela, impressed with Erika's confidence in her words.

               "Would you girls like a drink?" asked Erika next, leaning forward and casting a glance at Sandy.

               "Oh yes, that would be lovely," agreed Michelle, Pamela nodding as well. "Water's fine."

               "And for me," added Pamela as Erika rose.

               "Here, I'll help," offered Sandy, rising to follow Erika into the kitchen. As the women entered the luxurious kitchen they both smiled as they saw Talieya Antzas, Erika's tanned and brunette Greek maid, scrubbing the full-sized window that looked out on the rooftop pool.

               "So what's the deal, you want to mess with them?" asked Erika, nodding seemingly in approval. "Michelle’s alright, I suppose. Not quite the sexy Asian I would expect for a cheerleader, but she's certainly got the body for it."

               "And Pam?" asked Sandy with a grin.

               "She's hot, no question," Erika almost laughed, as if surprised Sandy had asked in the first place. "So are you looking to double-team them or something?"

               "Actually I wanted to get them and a couple of others, but I'm all out," explained Sandy, referring to her Type-7 situation. "So I was hoping for a live demo of anything new you've come up with. I was also going to let you have a go with them as payment, since, you know, my credit cards have a limit now."

               "Yes, I can only imagine what that is like," nodded Erika, glad she'd never lost her fortune. "With Mary and the other girls out of town I could use the change, so I'm in. Honestly you didn't need to offer, I would of been fine just giving it to you. You know you're like the little sister I never had."

               "Except sisters don't do this," pointed out Sandy, leaning forward and kissing Erika passionately, something the blond billionaire returned.

               "So true," agreed Erika, opening the fridge and glancing over at her maid. "Talieya? Can you come here for a moment?" called Erika to the Greek. The brunette, standing upright, turned and headed down the hall, looking almost nervous. Talieya wasn't gay or even bisexual, unlike Erika's housemates, but she was a fan of being a statue and if Erika and such played with her while she was immobilized, that was the whim of fate. Talieya was still always on guard however, eager to turn the tables whenever she could, though she wasn't in it for sex so much as the fun of turning a person into a poseable mannequin.

               "What is it, Erika?" asked Talieya nervously. Sandy tried to hide a mischieveous smile as she admired the Greek's body, noting her clothes were not that of a French maid, which she'd expected, but more of a hotel type, a pale blue dress with a frilly apron and gloves. Even with such a dumpy-seeming outfit, however, Talieya was still gorgeous.

               "Here, I need you to clean this with care," offered Erika, holding out a flat plate for Talieya to take. The Greek looked uneasy and was sure enough proven right a moment later when Erika blew the faint powder on the plate into the Greek's face. Surprisingly Talieya hadn't even had time to react to Erika's action as she became frozen instantly, still looking at Erika cautiously with her hands raised to take the plate from her.

               "How in the heck...?" asked Sandy, perplexed as she studied the plate. The powder was white but so faint it was almost like dust.

               "Special powder blend that needs to be handled with care," explained Erika, turning to face Sandy while smiling. "It needs to be refrigerated and, if you give it a jolt, say by blowing on it, the powder gives off  concentrated Type-7 gas. I wouldn't sniff the plate, if you know what I mean. Still, the powder form allows for mixing in water or even as a simple magic trick; you just need to be very careful with how you treat it."

               "Seems finicky," remarked Sandy, inching her face closer to the plate. "I mean, wouldn't even breathing heavily cause a reaction, like this?" Erika didn't respond to Sandy' comment, mostly because Sandy had tried to prove her point right then and there, and she'd succeeded. Sandy's intentional heavy breathing had blown some of the powder on the plate in Erika's direction, freezing the blond with a large, tooth-filled smile on her face, almost looking like a sort of statue of a deli of grocer would use to offer samples if they didn't have a real person.

               "Gotcha, sorry about this," offered Sandy as she removed the plate carefully from Erika's now stiffened hands and slid it back into the fridge. Giving the rigid blond a kiss on the cheek, given that her smile made the lips difficult, Sandy moved to rejoin her friends in the living room.

               "Goldilocks is just right," announced Sandy with a smile and a wag of her eyebrows, using a silly code-phrase she'd invented earlier.

               "That's worse then when you called us the Scooby Gang," grumbled Michelle, shaking her head.

               "Well come on, we did agree to investigate any weird freezing stuff at school, didn't we?" pointed out Sandy, recalling her infamous meeting with the two cheerleaders after they'd all encountered Ashley Tisdale. The scientist had terrorized them and made them realize that something odd was going on at Decker State College. The cheerleaders had told Sandy about a couple of adventures of their own; Pamela’s was in a town called Stillsville and Michelle had an adventure in a wax museum. Since Thanksgivings the trio, dubbed by Sandy as the Scooby Gang, were attempting to solve mysteries that occured at or around the college. After over a month with no real luck the team had decided to use Erika’s resources, granted without her knowledge, and see if they could learn anything about the college. Pamela also wanted to investigate the other members of the cheerleading squad while Michelle had her own suspicions about Samantha Ross, that teacher having been a key member of Ashley Tisdale's little plan.

               "Whatever, lets just do this," sighed Michelle, standing up. "Sandy, you would know what her Type-7 stuff looks like, so make sure she gets a good dose.  That instant-freeze powder may have staying power.  I'll check out her computer, Pam..."

               "I'll look for an antidote," offered the redhead, not particularly having another option.

               "That works," agreed Sandy, heading off to the kitchen with Pam in tow.

               "Oh, I guess we need to take care of the maid too?" noted Pamela as she entered the kitchen, seeing the other living statue who was present.

               "Yes, but I'm sure nearly half the contents of the fridge have Type-7 on or in it," chuckled Sandy, knowing far too well what happened in Erika’s household. Opening the fridge, it only took Sandy a few moments to find spring water that was even labelled as containing Type-7. After popping the cap, she poured part of its contents down the throats of both frozen women who were present; Pamela made sure their mouths were open nice and wide so Sandy could get the top in without issue.

               "Lets move them to her bedroom," suggested Sandy, delicately placing her arms around Erika's waist and lifting the mannequin-still blond up, then proceeding to head in the direction of the room she'd mentioned. Shrugging, Pamela tried to lift Talieya but had trouble, instead opting to hook her arms under the taller woman's shoulders and drag her backwards. Soon the college student and cheerleader had managed to deposit the billionaire and her maid onto the large bed within the master bedroom, both were placed on their backs while still holding the same poses.

               "Okay, lets go look for more Type-7," decided Pamela, but Sandy hesitated.

               "Go ahead, I want to fix this so they won't be suspicious," offered Sandy, waving her friend away. Shrugging, Pamela exited the bedroom, leaving Sandy alone with the two frozen women.

               "I'd have some fun, but we really need to work fast if we're going to go through with our plans for after cheerleading practice," whispered Sandy, grinning in spite of herself. Ideally if she'd had time Sandy would of had some kind of simulated sex with the two women but instead resorted to just giving both of them a big kiss before posing Erika so she was sitting up, with Talieya resting in her lap with the blond's arms around her waist. Erika most likely wouldn't mind Sandy's actions, most likely thinking Sandy had in fact drugged everyone so she could go at all four of them and then taken the other two home, which was in fact going to be Sandy's cover story if Erika called. "See you some other time," giggled Sandy, giving Erika another kiss before leaving the bedroom.

               "Found plenty more bottles, and a thing of whatever the counteragent is," announced Pamela when Sandy returned to the kichen, the redhead having pulled five water bottles and a jar from the fridge. Pam's face was near the powder-covered plate but Sandy decided against tricking the redhead with it as they were on a tight schedule, only having four hours until cheerleading practice.

               "Watch out for the plate, one sniff and you're frozen stiff," warned Sandy, feeling sick that she'd avoided the opportunity to play with a Pamela statue. Since the Scooby gang had formed Sandy had been itching to nail both of her new friends but neither was into women, though Michelle could very well turn one day, given her domination issues, and until now she didn't have a convenient way to freeze them.

               "Yikes, thanks; I would hate for you and Michelle to have to carry me around like a piece of furniture," shuddered Pamela, having had a horrible experience with Ashley Tisdale in the past. "I think this will be enough, even if we just use two bottles for the main plan and the rest to make sure there's no surprises."

               "Actually, lets just take the bottles for other uses; I see a couple of items that might work better for today's mission," revealed Sandy, pointing to two unusual items in the fridge. "That plastic bag of powder is the same stuff that's one the plate, which will be perfect for the post-practice bit, and I really doubt that spray container has oil-based salad dressing in it, since Erika hates that kind of novelty stuff."

               "How does the powder work?" asked Pamela as she handed Sandy the spray bottle, forcing the blond to once again hold back.

               "Gives off Type-7 gas when warmed up, which should be be perfect for us," explained Sandy as the powder was handed to her. "Okay, that should do it, lets go see what Michelle has found." With the unusual items in their arms, the two college women went to join their companion in Erika's study/library room.

               Michelle looked like a cliché of sorts, being an Asian woman working instensely on a computer, granted she was dressed like a cheerleader. Sitting at the desk currently was a PC system, while the laptop that Sandy sometimes saw in the was room absent. "Hey girls, you look like you've got what we'll need," remarked Michelle, looking up as her friends joined her.

               "And then some," confirmed Pamela. "Did you find anything?"

               "Took me about two minutes," grinned Michelle. "It helped that Sandy told us about Erika's gift. She had a folder containing all kinds of reasearch on her brain, plus the scans of another woman named Tasia Spiro. Does that name mean anything to you, Sandy?" When the gang had formed initially Sandy had disclosed to them her past experiences with Type-7, even revealing how much she knew about it, but it had taken her a while to admit she also knew that Erika could stop time with her mind. Given that Erika now seemed to be reformed had relieved the other two girls’ worries, though Pamela did still sometimes voice her misgivings.

               "I think she was an Interpol agent back when Erika was going through her dark phase," recalled Sandy, a bit uncertain. "Are you saying she might have the same gift?"

               "Looks that way, if you want to call it a gift," observed Pamela, being snarky as usual.

               "Either way I copied the files to my flash drive," indicated Michelle, having hooked up the small device to the computer before she'd started her search. "Unfortunately the only other important-looking documents I could find require passwords not only to be copied but just opened, so I'll take them home and have a look."

               "Do you at least know what might be in them?" asked Sandy.

               "Well one's title suggests it might explain how to make Type-7," noted Michelle. "If not that, then some special way of using it. The others all have this weird acronym that I haven't decoded: ITEA. The fact that they had their own folder and were encrypted, plus not being under anything related to the Stone Enterprises files leads me to believe they are valuable, though it's a total wildcard."

               “Let’s get going!” urged Sandy.  “Those two in the bedroom won’t stay frozen forever and we have to put our plan into action before they wake up and figure out we double-crossed them.”

* * *

               Soon after arriving back at Decker State College the two cheerleaders had been forced to run off and ensure no one wondered where they had been; Michelle had promised to help Rachel organize the afternoon's practice itinerary and Pamela had gone to help her roommate Kelli get through her assignments. Sandy, left alone, had three hours to investigate Samantha Ross and get everything ready for the ambush that was planned against the other cheerleaders. Sandy was now outside Professor Ross's on-campus house and had elected to disguise herself, still having a flower delivery girl's dress in her size she'd stolen one day at a shop while with Erika. After grabbing a bouquet that a computer major had sent her last week and coating it with a special ingredient, Sandy had quickly departed her student apartment and was now knocking on Samantha's door.

               "Yes, oh, are those for me?" greeted Samantha Ross, a short redheaded teacher who tried to hide her sultry body under conservative clothing, though currently she was just wearing a dark blue housecoat, having finished teaching her last class for the day earlier. Samantha's hair was also loose, indicating she was possibly about to take a bath. Sandy didn't have Samantha as a teacher but she knew the professor was known around campus for her hygiene.

               "If you're Samantha Ross, then they certainly are," announced Sandy with a broad smile; her expression was genuine as the professor predictably plucked a flower from the bouquet and sniffed it. The gas-producing powder coating the flowers didn't give the woman a chance to react, causing her to go rigid right in her doorway with one daisy held to her nose with her right hand while her left held the door open. Her eyes were closed and there was a smile on her lips.

               "Thank goodness I held them away from my body," remarked Sandy as she moved quickly, sliding inside past the Samantha statue and then closing the door, leaving the teacher holding empty air with her left hand. After locking the front door, Sandy hurried into the kitchen and doused the daisies in cold water, not wanting the gas to start to flood the house and thus affect her too. Once the daisies were washed, Sandy made sure to put them in a vase on the kitchen table before returning to the frozen teacher, a bottle of Type-7-laced water in her hands. "Now let’s get you more comfortable," giggled Sandy, wrapping her arms around Samantha and dragging her into the living room where the redhead was laid down on the couch and promptly had her eyes and mouth pried open; the eyes so Sandy could ensure she wasn't faking and the mouth to pour the water into. After a decent amount of the freezing solution went down Samantha's throat, Sandy leaned in and began to kiss the immobilized professor passionately, using her own tongue to move hers.

               "Again I can't linger, this is the worst mission I've ever carried out," sighed Sandy after two minutes of intense kissing.  She stood and promptly lifted up the mannequin-like teacher so she was standing once again. Moving carefully, Sandy carried the teacher upstairs and brought her into her bathroom where, no surprise, the tub was already filled with hot water and bubbles were even present. "You lucky girl," sighed Sandy after she'd removed Samantha's robe, enjoying the sight of hte teacher's naked body before dunking her in the water and posing her properly. Samantha was left sitting in the water with the level up to just below her breasts, which were covered by bubbles, her arms were on the sides of the tub and her head leaned back, her eyes closed and the bookmark in the novel that sat on the sink moved forward nearly one hundred pages.

               "Farewell, my sweet little educator," offered Sandy before she left, kissing Samantha on the cheek.

* * *

               Samantha Ross's house had been a dead end; Sandy searched for nearly an hour and found nothing. Out of time, Sandy hurried out of the teacher's house and practically ran back to her place where she then changed into another costume, this one of a dumpy maintenance worker. Sandy had raided the janitor supply closet last month and collected a dark blue jumpsuit and hat, plus she'd picked up an authentic-looking moustache from the acting department. Now dressed like a man, using a rolled up sweater to simulate a large belly and the hat to hide her long blond hair, Sandy proceeded to leave her apartment with a large satchel over her shoulder.

               The DSC stadium had recently received a few upgrades, courtesy of last season's state soccer championship and generous new college sponsors eager to see a repeat performance. While the school had already won their pre-season games, save for one tie against San Diego West, who were also the Decker State's rivals, the latest sports donors had wanted to ensure the team was at their best. For this reason the women's locker room had recently received a massive sauna, the room built out from old storage rooms whose contents had been shifted to external sheds. The college chancellor had decided that the men would only get a sauna if they did well in their own season, so the women were quite priviledged in that regard. While the Lady Raptors soccer team wouldn't be practicing that day, the cheerleaders would, in approximately an hour and a half, and afterwards they had a new tradition of going for a group steam, which would be how Sandy, Michelle and Pamela planned to ambush them.

               Easily sneaking into the women's primary changing room, where the entrance to the sauna was, Sandy was surprised to see Kelli McAdams there along with Pamela, the blonder of the two spotting the strange ‘janitor’ almost immediately. "Excuse me, this is the women's change room," called out Kelli, looking annoyed as she was barefoot and apparently about to remove her skirt, dressed in her uniform but stripping for some reason.

               "I came to check the sauna," muttered Sandy in her best manly voice, which was pretty weak but luckily Kelli was fairly clueless.

               "Oh good, I was going to use it after my pre-practice shower," remarked Kelli, seeming to shrug. "Now, could you turn away for a minute? I want to undress."

               "No problem," coughed Sandy turning her back and putting down her bag. As she gazed away however, Sandy quickly came up with a plan and opened her bag, producing the salad dressing spray bottle and proceeding to silently edge up behind the preoccupied blond. Pamela noticed but said nothing, barely even registering she'd seen Sandy moving. Kelli had removed her skirt and was just removing her top, revealing her mis-matched underwear with her thong being pink and her wrap-around bra peach, when Sandy spritzed her, causing the nearly naked blond to suddenly freeze with her shirt around her elbows.

               "Good work," breathed Pamela, who had only just removed her socks. "Sorry, didn't think Kelli would be done with her assignment so quickly. I'm not even sure what she wanted to do since we're here so early."

               "She seems like an iPhone app kind of girl, probably something like that," commented Sandy, examining the immobilized cheerleader. Kelli had a massive smile on her face, one that rarely seemed to leave her face, her perfect teeth brightening the room. The blond's hair was carefully cropped to shoulder length with the tips curved inwards, adding to the concept of perfection the woman appeared to have for herself.

               "Either way lets just hide her in the secondary changing room, in the bathroom," suggested Pamela, removing Kelli’s top from her elbows and placing it in the blond's locker with the rest of her clothes, then locking it. "Grab your bag, I'll move her," offered Pamela next. Shrugging, Sandy put down the bottle and headed back to get her large satchel. Pamela collected the sprayer before gently putting her arms around Kelli and dragging her on her heels towards the connecting door to the secondary changing room.

               "This should work," remarked Pamela moments later, having stood Kelli up in the handicapped stall, at the inside corner where it would be hard to see her feet.

               "This might be a good place for me to hide until after the practice," commented Sandy, her gaze focusing on Kelli’s toned midriff.

               "Yes, that's why I told you to come with me," revealed Pamela, promptly spraying the disguised blond with the ‘salad dressing’ too. Sandy immediately locked in place, her hands in her pockets with the bag going across her body from her right shoulder, her eyes focusing off and too the left. "I'm not about to leave you in here with my roommate at your twisted mercy," Pamela told an unhearing Sandy.

* * *

               Sandy blinked and was surprised to find Michelle and Pamela both standing in front of her, dressed in their full uniforms with the redhead removing a syringe from the blond's arm. Sandy herself was still wearing the jumpsuit but her sweatshirt, moustache and hat were gone, plus the bag was sitting beside her, though Kelli was still off in the corner. "Why'd you spray me?" asked Sandy, annoyed.

               "It was really easier at this point to just hide you in here until the plan went into effect," explained Michelle in Pamela's place. "Don't worry, it worked great; they're all in the sauna. We just shut the steam off before coming to get you, plus we made sure no one came out, changing for comfort reasons."

               "Alright then, lets go make sure it worked," remarked Sandy, cracking a smile. The plan had been for Sandy to fill one of the sauna filters with Type-7 and have it be disconnected. During the steaming Michelle would then excuse herself to check on it, being the resident expert, and she'd reconnect it, at which point everyone in the sauna would freeze. Pamela would have ideally left the sauna at the same time to use the bathroom. While the plan had changed slightly, it appeared to still more or less have been done the same way; when the trio returned to the outside wall of the sauna, the panel that hid the filters was exposed. Eager to see the results, Michelle was the first one to the wooden sauna door and the one to open it.

               "Yeah, it worked alright," noted Pamela, nodding in approval while Sandy just smiled in glee. The nine girls in the sauna were all glistening with sweat and wearing only fluffy white towels with the college logo in the corners; in addition, they were all frozen like mannequins. Captain Rachel Xanders was sitting on the elevated second bench of the square shaped room, leaning back with her towel secured, her hands resting on the bench and a relaxed smile on her face, her hair loose like the rest of the girls. On her left was Julie Vaughn, Michelle's rival for squad co-captain even though it wasn't an official position, another blond who was leaning forward, her hair drooping down the sides of her head with her hands in her lap. On the other side of Rachel was the only other present veteran, Brianne Walsh, the southern belle lying down completely on her back, though with her legs over the edge of the bench, her right hand raised in front of her face as she was apparently examining her nails, or had been before she'd stiffened up. 

Unsurprisingly the six newer cheerleaders were on the bottom bench, or at least five of them were. Carmen Inglewood, the squad's only other redhead besides Pam, had stood and was in mid-stride, clearly headed for the door with concern on her face, her right hand slightly raised with her fingers spread. Of the five on the bottom bench Zella Krueger was the only one on the right side of the sauna, having taken up most of the side by lying down and keeping her feet up, unlike Brianne, the German seemingly asleep. Stephanie and Anne, women who could be essentially twins except for their slight height variances and the former having blue eyes while the latter had brown, sat together on the left side of the room, Stephanie touching a silver chain with a gold medallion on the end that was around Anne's neck, the second blond holding it up for Stephanie to feel, both women grinning like monkeys. Canadian Missy Pine was the most generic-looking of the group, sitting upright with her hands on her knees and no real expression visible, due to her being the most mannequin-like of the group. Rita Hemp was on Missy's right and appared to of been in the process of either sitting down or getting up, her left hand rested down on the seat while her right hand held her towel shut, her eyes were focused to her left with her knees bent and her right butt-cheek not touching the bench.   Collectively, they looked like a sexy diorama from some store window.

               "Should we move them?" asked Sandy, looking for an excuse to get a look at some of the girls naked.

               "No, they'll be fine since the heat's off, which is good since it means we aren't getting gassed either right now," remarked Michelle. "Still, I'll make sure nothing could go awry in here. Sandy, you can use this chance to raid some lockers and bags. Pam, go make sure Kelli won't wake up before anyone else."

               "What if we give her too much and she's out all night?" asked Pamela, forgetting the obvious answer.

               "Antidote, genius," sighed Michelle, amazed at how forgetful Pamela could be in spite of being a fairly sensible girl most of the time. "Worst case scenario is we wait until everyone else leaves and then move her back to your room."

               "Alright, after that I'll come help you search the bags," agreed Pamela, tapping Sandy on the shoulder as she moved off. The plan decided, Michelle entered the now much-cooler sauna while Sandy, disappointed, moved to examine Rachel's locker.

               The school lockers didn't actually feature locks, thus the cheerleaders didn't really keep anything in them as while the changing rooms were locked at night during the day they were far too easy to get into. Sandy found Rachel's designer gym bag and began rooting around, hoping to find a container of Type-7 or something else malicious but instead nothing, only several magazines with covers featuring half-naked African-American men, which did give Sandy an idea of what Rachel was into. The next locker was Brianne's, which Sandy had just started to open when there were footsteps behind her. "Um, hello?" came an unfamiliar voice, causing Sandy to turn in surprise. Standing there in a white sweatshirt with a Malibu beach image on the front and tight orange sweat pants was a woman that looked exactly like Julie Vaughn, only she was clothed, slightly more tanned and her hair was up in a high ponytail.

               "Hello," offered Sandy, trying to act nonchalant in spite of the fact that she was still wearing a janitorial jumpsuit. Luckily Sandy saw Pamela in the distance, the salad sprayer in her right hand. Pamela silently nodded at Sandy and began slowly moving towards the new arrival, whom Sandy realized was Julie's twin sister Katherine, better known as Kat.

               "Aren't you Sandy Vanholt?" asked Kat next, looking around in confusion. "Are you a new recruit for the squad or something? Or is that outfit some stupid disguise so you could sneak around because, come on, you're already a student here."

               "No, it's a costume thing for a cheer," explained Sandy, lying through her teeth. "They agreed to give me a shot so I was doing a salute to the school custodians. They are so under-appreciated after all."

               "I'll give you that," agreed Kat, finally starting to smile, which was the point at which Pamela sprayed her from behind, immobilizing the twin as she'd started to raise her hands, her right index finger extended more than the rest as if she'd been planning on pointing with it.

               "Nice cover, though I can't see you as a cheerleader," commented Pamela, cracking a smile.

               "Neither can I," agreed Sandy, and with that she went back to examining Brianne's locker. Pamela started on the other side, electing to dig through Kelli's even though she was already certain the blond wasn't hiding anything. "Looks like our southern dear likes to entertain gentlemen," remarked Sandy a few moments later. "She's got male condoms in here. No Type-7 though."

               "Kelli's got ballet shoes in here," announced Pamela, surprised. "That little liar! She kept saying she had dates on friday but she's been going to ballet! I wonder why she didn't just tell me?"

               "Ballet probably isn't really cheerleading friendly," noted Sandy as she moved to the next locker, which was Pam's own. "Hey, are you hiding anything?"

               "Cute; next locker please," sighed Pam, shaking her head as she reached Julie's. Sandy arrived at Rita's and after a quick search just discovered the woman had two yo-yos inside, possibly suggesting she had skill with them or wanted to.

               "Weird, Julie's got a polaroid camera in here," noted Pam from her side of the lockers, a couple down from where Sandy was on her side. "I guess she's into photography?"

               "Could be, looks like Zella here is too," announced Sandy, holding up a digital camera and a large lens that had been found inside the German's locker. "She's got binoculars here as well. Maybe she's a naturist?"

               "You know that can also mean nudist, right?" smiled Pam, shaking her head and accidentally causing the camera to go off in her hands, nearly blinding her with the flash as it fell back into the duffel bag. The previous year several of the cheerleading veterans, including Pam, as well as the former secondary soccer squad for the Lady Raptors, had run into bus troubles on the outskirts of a town called Stillsville where Julie and Kat had recovered an apparently magical polaroid camera that could freeze in time whatever it took photos of, specifically people. Pamela had been frozen like the rest of the cheerleaders during the incident but had never realized the camera had done it, let alone that the Vaughn twins had held onto it. Since she'd been in view of the flash, Pamela was now frozen solid with her hands holding empty hair and her head turned to look over at Sandy, a faint smile rigid on her lips.

               "I know, that was the joke," sighed Sandy, closing Zella's locker and reaching Michelle's. "Think Elle would be mad if we searched hers?" Sandy asked next, then surprised when there was no answer. Turning around Sandy immediately realized Pam was frozen and was perplexed. "How did this happen?" Sandy asked out loud, then realizing what it meant.

               "Oh, this is perfect!" Sandy managed to scream and whisper at the same time, hushing herself so that Michelle wouldn't hear from inside the sauna. Smiling to herself, Sandy quickly moved over to where the sauna controls were and turned them on, once again flooding the room with Type-7. Sandy waited several moments before shutting off the controls again, then waiting again to make sure the door didn't open. After five minutes of intense waiting Sandy opened the sauna door and jumped with joy, for Michelle had indeed been frozen like the others. Michelle was standing in between Rita and Missy, having removed Rachel's towel and pulled the captain forward, her left hand raised up and back as if to strike the frozen blond across the face.

               "I knew it, serious issues," laughed Sandy dancing around in glee. Not only were Pam and Michelle now frozen, but the gas would ensure the other cheerleaders wouldn't unfreeze for much longer now, meaning Sandy had time to play. "I want you all!" cried out Sandy, sitting down next to Missy and putting her arm around the motionless brunette. "Hey, is it just me, or are we surrounded by stiffs?" Sandy laughed at her own joke and was keen to start having fun.

* * *

               Katherine Vaughn was surprised when Sandy suddenly vanished from her line of sight, leaving her alone in the changing room. Kat had come by after her own workout at the campus gym to see her sister and join her on the walk back to their shared dorm, but things were now going quite oddly; first with Sandy being there in her strange clothing and now her being gone in the blink of an eye. If Kat hadn't been so certain the freeze camera was back in her room, she'd swear it had been used on her. Shrugging, Kat glanced over at the sauna and frowned, noting the filters were exposed and that the controls were off. Curious, Kat opened the sauna door. "Julie!" she immediately cried out.

               The sauna contained nine of the cheerleaders, all of them frozen solid, Kat's twin among them. They all appeared to have been going about their usual routine except Rachel was naked, a towel down on the ground by her feet, and she looked oddly perched, tettering on the edge of the bench with her shaped hands not touching anything. "Oh no, did someone flash you guys?" groaned Kat, referring to the magic camera she shared with her sister. Stepping out from the sauna, Kat sighed and moved to open Julie's locker. The blond was surprised to then discover that the locker did, in fact, contain the camera, which was odd since Kat could of sworn Julie hadn't taken it with her when she'd left for practice. Additionally Kat noted there was only one photograph present, which was one of Pamela Flipspatrick, apparently taken from inside the locker. Kat was about to rip it up when she recalled Pam wasn't in the sauna, so instead Kat merely picked up the camera and decided to look around.

               As Kat circling the locker room, looking for more clues, she could hear faint sounds coming from the connecting locker room through the door. Curious, Kat quickly opened the door and promptly heard the sounds more clearly, specifically those of a woman moaning in ecstatic pleasure. Continuing to follow the sounds, Kat came into the ajoining bathroom where the soccer player got an angle on what was going on. Sandy was naked, laying atop Pamela and using the frozen redhead's hand to stimulate her own crotch. Pamela was also naked, and in the background Kat could make out Michelle, who was standing with her arms at her sides, her face frozen in what looked like ecstasy, her body naked like the others. Without hesitation Kat raised the camera and snapped a picture, freezing Sandy in place while the others – already immobilized – didn't change.

               "How in the hell... oh wait," Kat began, then recalling several key details. Sandy had been one of the girls involved with the Ashley Tisdale incident, which had included the use of a drug Kat now knew as Type-7, which could freeze people like her camera. Kat was certain that the reason there was only the photo of Pam was that the others had been frozen using the drug, possibly Kat as well, as it was known to wear off over time.

               "So you think you can just drug my sister and the rest of the cheerleaders and I'll let you get away with it?" taunted Kat, shaking her head at Sandy, who of course couldn’t respond. A short exploration of the bathroom turned up Kelli, the last missing cheerleader, as well as a duffel bag full of bottles labelled 'Type-7' and one jar labelled 'Counter.' "Great, now I'm cleaning up another mess," complained Kat, glancing around in annoyance. "If I was gay I'd be in heaven, but instead I'm just pissed."

* * *

               Working fast, just in the case the gas was going to wear off, Kat had first moved Kelli, Michelle and Pamela into the locker room, dressing all three in towels and putting their other garments in their lockers. Kat had then made sure Rachel was wearing her own towel in the sauna before returning to take another picture of Sandy, then tearing the old group-one up. Michelle and Kelli were then moved to join the sauna, Kelli holding the door open while Michelle sat next to Brianne up on the top bench. Pamela was then moved to the bathroom of the main change room and placed on a toilet, giving her an excuse for not being with the others. Finally Kat removed the current sauna filters and replaced them with spares found inside the same panel, filling one with some of the contents from the antidote jar. Her actions complete, Kat moved off to the side, having put the camera back in Julie's bag, held Pam's picture aloft and turned on the sauna.

               "Woah, when did you guys get here?!" exclaimed Kelli, suddenly moving and walking into the sauna. Kat smiled and took that as a cue to tear up the photo of Pam, leaving Sandy alone as a statue. As commotion was heard within the sauna, Kat considered leaving Sandy frozen for a while longer but changed her mind, tearing up the other blond's photo as well to break the magic spell. With everyone properly mobile again, Kat smiled and leaned against the wall.

               "Hey sis," greeted Julie a few moments later, exiting the sauna and looking confused. "What the heck just happened?"

               "A lesson on why never to remove the camera without telling me," Kat chided her sister with a grin. Kat had already decided to not let anyone else know what Sandy had done, vowing to keep her own eye on the former sorority leader. Kat was certain Sandy couldn't be trusted, though why remained a mystery.

The End

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