Spydoll Inc: Crazy Eagle

by Tek

These are all tales related to the hijinks that Tucker first had with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. Spydoll Inc tracks the mind-control adventures of Chloe Noi and her acquaintances. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.] This is a sequel to “Twin Return”, read that story here.

               “Chloe wake up!” A voice screamed at her, bringing her out of the darkness as she began to slowly open her eyes. Chloe could see rays of sunlight hitting her from somewhere. The voice and the light were both hurting her head as it was throbbing in pain. She reached for her head feeling shards of glass fall from her matted hair. “Come on, Chloe get up!” the voice urged again. Being more awake now; Chloe noted the thick accent of the voice: it belonged to Calista, Jamie’s second in command at the store.

               “Jamie… where…. is…she…” Chloe’s voice croaked weakly. Her mouth was dry and tasted terrible. She felt terrible. She wanted to hit something and hit it hard. Chloe began to wobble to her feet, grabbing hold of a nearby bookshelf for support. Her legs felt light but they weighed a ton. She held her head painfully as she was still hearing bells and seeing spots.

               Chloe’s eyes adjusted; the pain was beginning to fade. Calista, the blond Greek, began to take shape in Chloe’s sharpened vision. The girl was dressed in a blue long sleeved v-neck and a pair of tight fashion jeans. Her long blond hair hung free, falling to the small of her back. She looked at Chloe carefully with concerned brown eyes. “Where’s Jamie?” Chloe demanded, the harsh sound of her own raised voice made her wince in pain and she automatically rubbed the back of her head.

               “I don’t know Chloe, you were the only one here when I opened,” Calista replied looking around at the mess they were standing in. “I think something bad happened here,” she added.

               Now with her senses returning and the pain nearly gone, Chloe took a look around her for the first time. There were a lot of items broken that led from the main entrance of the store, including a lamp with the head nearly destroyed; the weapon that had taken her out most likely.

The mental replay of the fight came to her quickly:

 The attacker gained entry through the front door. They came at closing time when Jamie was alone. Jamie didn’t let them in so they broke the glass. This of course caught her wife off guard. She turned and ran, colliding into table and shoving it aside. A small rack of books was then knocked over, also by Jamie to slow down her attacker. She was smart. She was a survivor. The attacker was relentless though. There was a bookshelf smashed to bits – it was obvious someone has been thrown into it.

Chloe clenched her fist, knowing it was Jamie. Then there were drag marks from heels; Jamie’s heels most likely. Even Chloe would be out if she were to hit that bookshelf with that kind of force. Jamie wasn’t nearly as tough. “You have a talent for understatement, Calista. Someone surprised Jamie, and then jumped me from behind like a coward,” Chloe said in a shaky voice that she only noticed as she was trying to contain her anger.

               “Oh my…” Calista gasped as the reality of what happened finally hit her. She didn’t get to finish her thought, though, as Chloe promptly snapped her fingers, freezing the blond in mid-sentence and rendering her a pretty statue. The Greek stood with worry-filled vacant eyes and both hands together, held up to her lips. Taking off her jacket, she tossed it over the blonde’s head as if she were an attractive clothes rack, which she was at the moment. Chloe needed to think and she needed quiet.

               Looking at her watch, she figured Calista just arrived at least five minutes ago. At the moment she didn’t hear any sirens so she was pretty sure the Greek hadn’t alerted anyone yet. Good, she thought. She needed the time to figure this out. Her mind quickly went into overdrive. An idea began to form; at that time she began to investigate.

               Once again she followed the path of the fight, trying hard not to think of Jamie and to keep mind working objectively. She was mad and scared all at the same time but she couldn’t let it consume her; not when Jamie was in danger. After tracing the attack twice, Chloe concluded that Jamie was lying in her office at the end point and then was dragged out. A new image of the fight appeared in Chloe’s mind:

Jamie was tossed into the bookshelf, which should have knocked her cold. But the blow only stunned her. She desperately crawled on her stomach to her office. At which point she was then knocked out cold.

Chloe stood in the office, looking down at the drag marks in the carpet confirming her reconstruction. Kneeling down, she picked up a strand of red hair, obviously Jamie’s. Suddenly Chloe shuddered and started to sob silently. The thought that someone had done this to her Jamie was getting to be too much for her. She grunted twice and sniffed her tears away, then stood back up. “Cowboy the fuck up Chloe!” she ordered herself before walking back towards the rear of the store. She looked around, first towards the frozen Calista and then the back room.

               The trail had to go back; the attacker wouldn’t go backwards. As she walked towards the back, her heart skipped a beat at seeing a security camera overhead. Overjoyed, she rushed the security room. “Fuck!” she screamed, seeing that the hard drive with all the video had been ripped out. Whoever took Jamie knew they were doing. Either a professional or serial kidnapper, she thought. A question arose as she headed out of the security room. Why did it happen to Jamie? Jamie was her world but that was only to Chloe, to everyone else she was a normal woman who ran an antique bookstore.

               Stepping out into back alleyway, Chloe knelt down, picking up one of Jamie’s heels. She let a frustrated sigh and thought tapping the heel against her hand. She then looked around carefully and purposefully for more clues. There was nothing in particular to notice; from what she saw it was typical dirty alley. Chloe stepped out of the store and walked the length of the alley, getting her boots muddy from the accumulating water from the leaking pipes of the bistro next door. When she got the end of the alley she looked left and right as it was still early there was barely anyone around. She looked down and noted to twin black tire marks leading from the alley. Kneeling over the skid marks and tracing them back to their origins she was certain they came from behind the store. Sighing, she stood back up and looked around once more. A smile came to her lips when she saw an overhead crime prevention camera mounted on a light pole. Just maybe it was enough to give the right clue, she thought.

               She quickly walked back towards the store, fishing out her cell phone as she walked. It was time to give an old a friend a call. That was a man named Sneakers; she only known him by that name, having never met him in person before. She had come upon him while visiting her father’s job. Sneakers was a network security specialist who prevented Noi Industries files and its data from being hacked. As far she knew, Sneakers was still employed there as an off-site contractor. He had always been nice to her and had hacked many things for her in past, but this time it was to save a life. After connecting, Chloe’s phone rung twice before her friend answered.

               “What’s up Chloe,” Sneakers greeted on the other end. Chloe could hear vintage rock music playing in the background as well as some typing.

               “Sneaks, I need your help,” Chloe said seriously with a hint of sadness in her voice. “Something happened to Jamie…. I think she was kidnapped.”

               “Oh my God…” Sneakers replied as the music and typing stopping suddenly. “What do you need me to do,” he asked seriously. Chloe quickly went over her findings, ending them with the latest clue, the high-mounted surveillance camera, which was linked to the city’s security systems. Before even elaborating what was needed from him, Sneakers’ voice came back on the line followed by fast typing, “I got it Chloe; I’m hacking in now, I’ll call you back as soon I get something,” he assured.

               “Thanks, Sneaks,” Chloe replied.

               “I’m sure she is fine,” Sneakers added, “Hang in there,” he said before disconnecting.

               As soon as she was off the phone, she collected herself before placing two calls, the second one being to home. Aisha answered the home line. “Listen Aisha, this it what I need…” Chloe began as she walked back into the store.

* * *

29 Palms, California…

               The sunlight crept through the tinted slotted basement window. Bright rays fell on a motionless figure lying on a metal table. The figure was a dark haired girl, her hair tied into a ponytail. The girl was laid out straight, with relaxed arms at her sides, legs slightly parted and feet canted outward. She was dressed in a black tank top and shiny black spandex leggings that hugged her legs. Her feet were clad in white ankle socks covered by trendy running sneakers. A dark plastic water bottle attached to a tether hung from a Velcro belt around her waist, along with a hanging nylon wallet as well. The girl’s face was serene with parted lips; she was totally comatose at the moment.

               Jane Crazy Eagle sashayed down the spiral steps. The tall Native American woman was olive skinned and had long silky black hair that was woven into a single thick braid. She was currently wearing a white lab coat that was buttoned up to the neck, covering whatever she had on underneath. Her legs, exposed from the knees down, were covered in tan hosiery and a pair of black high-heeled pumps decorated her feet. She held a mug of Master’s Choice coffee in her hands, Master’s blend to be exact, as she enjoyed its sweet soothing aroma best. Holding the mug close to her face and taking in the aroma, she approached the metal table. Looking down at the comatose form she, grinned.

               “You thought you could get away from me when you changed your routine from jogging in the afternoon to jogging early in the morning?” Jane asked the unconscious girl as she rotated the girls face towards her by gently touching her chin. “No, Kelly you can’t get away from me, we are connected,” she said, touching Kelly on forehead. “Age 23 years old, a Libra, height five feet, seven inches, bust size 32B, weight one hundred ten pounds and three quarters… see Kelly, we are connected and you are… perfect…” Jane whispered, lifting Kelly’s eyelids revealing her empty crystal blue eyes. “Perfect blue eyes…” she shuddered as if getting ready to orgasm. Putting down her mug on the table, Jane moved south as she unhooked Kelly’s belt and tossed it behind her. The Native American swallowed hard and gulped as she tugged at Kelly’s spandex leggings. Kelly wiggled limply as the lab coat wearing woman worked the tight material off her hips. Jane gasped in joy, seeing that Kelly had no panties on underneath and that her womanhood was shaven into a dark landing strip. “For me?! How thoughtful and yes dear – I love it!” Jane exclaimed, licking her lips.

               She stripped the spandex the rest of the way down to Kelly’s ankles and the removed the girl’s socks and sneakers before tossing them all behind her. Jane rubbed Kelly’s naked smooth thighs down to her bare feet. Lifting both feet up by their heels, the tall woman buried her face into Kelly’s soles, taking a deep whiff. “Oh God…. so nice…” she gasped, almost out of breath. Lowering Kelly’s feet, Jane pulled on the girl’s limp hands, raising her up into a seated position. Her head lolled forward heavily and hung over her breasts. Jane then stripped away the tank top, revealing Kelly’s naked breasts. “Perfect, too!” Jane gasped. Tossing the top aside, she laid the girl back down gently as if laying a lover down. She pulled the sleeping woman’s ponytail free and then fondled her breasts, looking at her silent face. “Almost there darling…” she said, smiling, tracing the girl’s nipples. Feeling satisfied, she removed an injection gun from her lab coat that contained her prized sedative Type-7. She then injected the entire dosage into Kelly’s arm. Jane smiled, putting the now empty injection gun down. “There, all done,” she grinned. “We just need to get you cleaned up and dressed and then you can meet the others…”

               Standing motionlessly at attention a few paces nearby was Jamie Mosley Noi, Jane’s target from the night before. Jamie stood on rotating dais. Her bare feet were securely strapped to the contraption. The platform allowed the redhead’s stiff form to be rotated three hundred and sixty degrees. Jamie’s red tresses flowed freely, hanging just past the middle of her back. Her green eyes stared ahead emptily as her face held a blank look. Jane walked up to the redhead and smiled, “No I haven’t forgotten about you; you are quite the catch Mrs. Noi,” Jane said, touching Jamie’s cheek with her right hand. “You put up a nice fight last night but we’re connected…and nothing can break that connection. Now, shall we start?” Jane asked no one in particular while squeezing Jamie’s right breast. The immobilized redhead only looked on silently at the interaction.

               Dragging a cart of make up to Jamie’s platform, Jane began experimenting with different shades of colors.  Wiping and reapplying, she finally settled on a set of light shades of brown. Happy with her choices, she added first a light foundation on Jamie's face, starting the final run on the makeup for her new doll. Slowly she added mascara and blusher, following her color plan. After applying the last bit of makeup, Jane was glad she had bought a lot of smear-proof makeup she would have been crushed if she had ruined the makeup she worked so hard on.

               Jane walked over to a large rack containing clothing of all types in no particular order. Jane hummed softly as she pulled out some items consisting of a sharp pinstriped suit jacket and business skirt, a pale brown-colored blouse and sheer see-through pantyhose. The last two items she picked were a lacy black push-up bra and a pair of black high-heeled boots.

               Taking her time to dress up Jamie, Jane admired the care that the redhead took with her looks. She had removed the redhead from the rotating platform and first dressed her in the push up bra, pantyhose and boots. The blouse was then pulled on, positioned and partly unbuttoned to show as much cleavage as she could. The skirt, which the blouse was tucked into, followed then the jacket was finally pulled on.

               Taking a step back Jane felt pleased with her work. With a smile, she went and grabbed a dolly, rolling it back to Jamie. Taking her by the waist, she turned Jamie around and slowly inched her stiff figure onto the dolly. Making sure she wouldn't fall, she strapped her new doll in using the straps attached to the dolly along with soft cushions to protect from strap marks. She slowly angled the dolly back and began wheeling her pretty doll to her new home. She passed through an opened double-doorway that lead into her collection gallery. Jane smiled more as she looked from side to side, viewing many set collections she had acquired over time. Ranging from a volleyball scene to a runway set, they ranged across diverse activities and styles. She passed an Asian beauty set, thinking to herself she needed to figure out a good way to get the feisty Chloe Noi into that grouping as she felt a connection to that girl, too.

               Coming up to a set she was working on, Jane knew she could finally finish it with Jamie. The Modern Women collection, she called it, as she undid the straps and looked at the other four dolls. Among them were a tall Mexican woman, dressed in a teal colored business suit, her white blouse showing off some cleavage; she was posed as if she was taking notes for her boss, standing next to a desk in the set piece. A few feet from her was a black woman, short and busty; the doll stood in a skirt and jacket combo looking as if she was walking towards Jane, wearing a confidant express on her face, a portfolio bag on her left shoulder. On the woman's left was another slim young blond woman, who appeared to be on the phone talking to someone on the other end, the light pink business suit she had been dressed in was meant to add some contrast to the colors to what the other girls wore.

               Lifting Jamie by the waist, she moved her rigid figure over behind the desk, and then began posing the red-haired executive doll. Feet slightly apart, her left hand resting on her hip while her other hand held a phone that was on the table, her head was tilted slightly upwards to show command. She then molded Jamie’s expression from a vacant one to one of bold confidence and determination. A perfect look for the last doll of the set; with a tremendous joy that the tall Native American could barely contain, Jane Crazy Eagle did a quick clap, squealing in excitement over the fact she had finally finished the set.

* * *

Persephone’s Books

               The first call that Chloe had made after speaking to her hacker friend Sneakers was to Gloria, Jamie’s trusted friend and the third in charge of the store. She told the Chinese mother of two to call all the employees and tell them not to come in for the day. Chloe stated that she was doing so because Jamie asked her. She told Gloria that Jamie was going to be working at the store alone for a few hours and then she would be leaving herself for the day. At first Gloria was confused and was about to ask questions, but thankfully something happened with her kids. Chloe heard a loud crash and laughing in the background before Gloria suddenly had to hang up.

               It was twenty minutes after her call home that Aisha and the other chipped girls showed up in Chloe’s Hummer. Aisha the driver, Vicky and Janna were dressed in black jumpsuits while Ashley was dressed in plain black pants suit with a white dress shirt underneath. They came dressed as ordered. Aisha also carried in a large black briefcase in with her as ordered and promptly handed it to Chloe. A blank-faced Rebecca, dressed in the sharp two piece black business skirt suit that Chloe had dressed her in the night before, robotically followed. The only girl not present was Fiona, who was left at home performing her normal cleaning duties.

               Chloe ordered her girls to clean the store as she dragged a still very stiff Calista into Jamie’s office. Vicky and Ashley put the main floor back in order, neatly piling books back on the shelves or any open space they could find. They got rid of broken glass and the streak marks. Aisha and Janna boarded up the front door with leftovers of the broken bookshelf using power tools from the Hummer. As this was happening, Chloe was keeping her mind busy by first cleaning up Jamie’s office and then posing Calista to sit in one of the armchairs in front of Jamie’s desk. She simply put the Greek in a rigid sitting pose, leaving her hands held as they were since early that morning. Sitting behind Jamie’s desk herself, Chloe opened the black briefcase and removed the laptop that Ryoshi had given her not too long ago. She then ordered Rebecca over to her and plugged the firewire connection from the laptop into the blank chip on the back of her sister-in-law’s neck.

               When she finished her work, it had been nearly an hour since she had called Sneakers and she was beginning to feel anxious. She could feel her tears building up. She missed Jamie and for the first time since her mother had passed away she felt like she was going to lose it. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and released it. With her composure back, she unplugged the firewire from Rebecca’s chip, activating the re-programmed young woman.

               “Hey honey!” Rebecca greeted her with what sounded like Jamie’s voice, hugging Chloe and kissing her on the lips. The kiss felt horrible as it was nothing like Jamie’s kiss. “Boy, you are looking pretty today,” Rebecca said brightly, looking Chloe up and down.

               “That’s not something Jamie would say,” Chloe sighed, smacking her forehead. Rebecca only looked on blankly. “At least you sound like Jamie,” she then added. Programming was not her forte, especially in a short amount of time. Thankfully, Rebecca shared the same vocal patterns and facial expressions of her missing sister. So even if her personality was slightly off, it was still good enough; of course not many people seemed to ever notice the small mole right by the corner of Rebecca's left eye.

               “I am Jamie Noi!” Rebecca replied proudly, smiling with her arms crossed.

               “Sure,” Chloe said flatly, feeling sad, “Sit,” she then ordered. Rebecca did as she was told, following her programming. It was hard to look at the redhead there, as she was just like Jamie in appearance. She was about to command a set of orders to the faux Jamie when her phone starting to ring.

               Chloe quickly fished it out of her pocket and answered before the second ring. “Her name is Jane Crazy Eagle, and yes – that’s her real name. She lives in a two story mansion over in Twenty-nine Palms. I’m going to text you the address. She owns an Infiniti FX45, black. That’s the same one that left Jamie’s store last night, the same one that was caught on the nearby crime prevention camera,” Sneakers reported.

               “You are amazing, Sneaks!” Chloe exclaimed with joy, unable to hold back her excitement.

               “Hold on Chloe; I also tracked her kidnapping some jogger at a nearby park this morning too… this lady is bad news Chloe, you have to stop her, but be careful. I’m working on acquiring the floor plans for her place; as soon as I get them I’ll forward them to your phone. I should have them by the time you get there.”

               “Sounds good Sneaks and don’t worry, I’ll get them back; thanks for the help,” Chloe assured and thanked.

               “Don’t thank me, it was nothing. Get Jamie back and save whoever else this sick bitch has captured Chloe,” Sneakers urged before disconnecting.

               “Aisha!” Chloe ordered, smiling at her phone. For the first time since she had woken up something was going right.

               The tall African American woman appeared at the office door a moment later, “Yes mistress?” she asked, standing rigidly at attention.

               “Finish cleaning up, we leave in five,” Chloe ordered.

               It was six minutes later when the Hummer left the back of the bookstore and began to make its way to Jane Crazy Eagle’s desert estate. Aisha drove while Chloe sat shotgun. In the back were Vicky and Janna. Ashley was left behind, along with Rebecca, for the last part of Chloe’s cover up plan. Before leaving she checked the store over; while it was more or less cleaned up, it was still obvious a shelf had fallen down as books were now stacked up where they weren’t supposed to be. Other than that, the place looked as normal as it could be. The only major exception was the front door was boarded up. Chloe typed a note in her cell phone to make sure she called someone to get that fixed after this was all over. As the Hummer reached the freeway exit, Chloe concentrated, snapped her fingers, and hoped her cover-up plan worked.

* * *

               “…God Jamie has been kidnapped!” Calista blurted out in panic before realizing she was sitting in Jamie’s office. Jamie was sitting in front of her, dressed in a sharp business suit, looking at her with a surprised smile. “What the…” Calista mumbled and looked around, completely confused and lost, “How in the world…”

               “Ms. Suvari, are you all right?” Rebecca asked with bright smile, cocking her head left and right.

               “Jamie…” Calista whispered looking at her boss, a worried look covering her face. “What happened… I don’t remember…any of this…” She recalled waking up this morning and stopping by nearby coffee shop for a latte and muffin. She then headed to open the store and found Chloe unconscious and the place a disorderly mess. But this… she didn’t remember any of this; how did she get in the office? “Chloe! Where is Chloe?” she suddenly blurting out, hoping to bring some sense to any of what was happening.

               “Chloe, my wife?” Rebecca asked, still smiling. Calista thought Jamie looked odd too as there was something different about her that she couldn’t put her finger on. “Chloe is at home sleeping, silly Billy!” Jamie replied cutely in tone that one would use when talking to a small child.

               “Silly Billy? What does that mean?” Calista asked, scratching the back of her head in thought. The confusion was giving her headache.

               “Silly Billy is Silly Billy,” Rebecca replied smiling, “Are you okay Ms. Suvari; perhaps you would like to go home and rest for the day?”

               Calista looked at her boss, her face still masked with confusion, “I think I’d better do that,” she said while standing, still looking confused. At the door she turned around, “I’ll see you later Jamie.”

               “Of course you will; I’m Jamie!” Rebecca replied, standing and waving bashfully. Rebecca remaining standing and waving even after the Greek had left the office. A moment the later the back door was opened and closed as Calista left the bookstore. Rebecca immediately stopped waving and stood at attention, a bright smile still on her lips. Ashley entered the office soon after and looked at the redhead for a moment before turning and leaving with Rebecca in tow. Both women left through the back door, with Ashley locking up when Rebecca was out. They both then headed towards Chloe’s Challenger. Ashley settled in the driver seat while Rebecca took shotgun; a minute later both ladies were quickly heading back to Chloe’s house. Once there, they would stand idly at attention in Chloe’s bedroom till their mistress returned.

* * *

29 Palms

               The Hummer was parked on a small sand berm about one hundred yards behind an expansive two-story Victorian style house. According to Sneakers that was where Jane lived and most likely where Jamie was as well. Chloe sat on the hood of her Hummer, looking through a pair of binoculars, scanning the house for anything special. She had no idea what she was looking for; all she knew so far was there were no exterior cameras. As for the traps that might be laid she had no idea, as well as about any security systems and whatnot. If anything, her ring could help her out with obstacles of that nature. “I wish you were here, Ryoshi…” she muttered, lowering the binoculars. Even though she had only met the Japanese woman briefly. Chloe missed her and wished the martial-arts trained agent was with her for this particular situation.

               She looked around the open space of mix desert and shrubs. The house sat by itself in this immense space, looking like something out of a Hitchcock movie. The next neighbors were almost a mile away. “What a hiding spot,” she observed, hopping off the hood. She then walked to the back gate of the large truck where her dolls were standing at the ready. They all stood rigidly straight, shoulder to shoulder looking straight ahead. Aisha stood in the middle, flanked by Jenna and Vicky. A firewire cord ran from the backs of their necks to the chip’s programming laptop.

               Chloe walked around them and sat on the tailgate, checking the status on the laptop screen. They had about three more minutes before Ryoshi’s tactical response program was loaded. If Ryoshi couldn’t be here with her, at least her spirit could be, in a sense. When they had arrived, she found Sneakers had come through with the floor plan, sending it to Chloe’s cell. Along with that was the most current image he could find of Jane Crazy Eagle. The cell phone was then connected to the laptop and that information was loaded into the chips as well. “Almost show time,” she observed, looking at the nearly full status bar. She then looked around her; it was just her, her dolls, and the house.

               Seeing that the coast was clear, Chloe decided it was time to get herself ready. She stripped off her t-shirt and tossed it into the back of the truck. Her skirt soon followed, leaving her in hot pink hot pants, a black strapless bra and thigh-high black fishnets. Chloe then opened the false floor of the Hummer’s cargo area. She removed a neatly folded black jumpsuit and wiggled her petite frame into the skintight garment before zipping it up and bucking the elastic belt around her waist. Finishing the outfit were her clunky strappy leather boots, which she just simply stepped into. Reaching into the secret cargo space, Chloe removed a tactical vest that could stop most small arms fire and slipped it on. The vest included a holster for a SIG P229 and four spare magazine pouches. The SIG held special 9mm rounds designed by Noi Industries. The round would burst before entry once reaching a person and efficiently knocked them out. It was the latest in non-lethal technology. If she was going to use any gun it would this particular model with its particular special ammo. Chloe guessed in the next fifteen years or so most local police agencies would be using this ammo in place of lethal bullets or tasers.

               As soon their chips were updated, Chloe unplugged her dolls and ordered them to suit up. They each pulled out similar vests, sans the pistol. Her dolls will be going in with P90s armed with the special non-lethal rounds. It was a perk of being the heiress to a weapons development firm; she had an unlimited supply of high tech and new age weaponry at her disposal. A Bruce Wayne of the opposite sex, of sorts, she often thought. Chloe added a detox injection gun to her gear before closing the back gate. Sneakers had told her that Crazy Eagle used to work for the Foundation so Chloe had a sinking feeling that Type-7 was somehow involved. She stomped her boots for luck, kicking up dust before turning to her dolls, “Let’s go get my wife back!”

               “Yes mistress!” they all replied in unison. With that Chloe lead the way down the berm as they headed towards the house.

* * *

               Chloe cursed to herself as she and her dolls hopscotched from shrub to bush, moving towards the Victorian house. One hundred yards in the desert sun was too much to be running around in black clothing and body armor. Chloe and her dolls had built quite a sweat as they moved. Aisha was leading them and Chloe behind her. Jenna and Vicky followed suit. The dolls advanced like professional soldiers, moving swiftly with weapons at eye level. They knew where to duck for cover and where to scan for bad guys. Ryoshi’s tactical program was a piece of work unto itself, a true marvel that Chloe couldn’t live without. As they moved ahead, Chloe followed uncomfortably behind Aisha; she held the SIG in her hands and imitated the movements of her dolls. She found herself copying their every movement, ironic since she was their master. She really felt out of place and the sense of impending danger was quickly making her want to use her ring to stop time. The only reason she didn’t was one part pride and one part a promise to herself. She wanted to be the one to rescue Jamie; it was her duty and not the ring’s.  After the whole thing with Ashley, she made the decision not to use the ring as much unless she really had to and in this situation she didn’t need to.

               When they reached the covered patio Aisha stopped them and took a knee. The others followed suit, creating a circle around Chloe. Chloe knelt down in the middle, copying them, not sure what to do next. She thought for a moment and sighed as she went back to war movies for reference: “Jenna, Vicky; you girls take the back door, head right and secure. Go now,” she ordered. Without a word, the two women nodded and left to do what they were told. “You’re with me, Aisha; we have the front and we’ll be securing our right,” she then ordered. Aisha moved as ordered. Chloe followed close behind, with her non-lethal SIG at the ready.

               Reaching the door, Chloe jumped as Aisha easily kicked it in after finding it was locked. “So much for stealth…” Chloe mumbled as she heard the door kicked in the back as well as her second team made their entry. “What would have happened if it was booby trapped?” Chloe asked herself, but got an unwanted answer from Aisha.

               “Booby trapped?” the doll asked with no emotion.  “What’s that?”

               Chloe’s eyes went wide, “Jesus, right when I was thinking great things about this program! Everyone slow down; watch for booby traps – hidden triggers or weapons!” she ordered into the throat mike that all of them had, along with a covert earpiece. All this gear was attached to a slim radio sewed into the back shoulder of the vest.

               Even with the paced slowed down, it only took her and her dolls five minutes to clear the first floor rooms. There seemed to be no one around and there was nothing suspicious. The place was furnished in old fashioned furniture that matched with the house’s exterior. The walls were covered in peeling blue wall paper and the floors were creaky old hardwood with a few threadbare throw rugs here and there. “First floor secured; no contacts,” Aisha reported.

               Jenna and Vicky went to secure upstairs, moving quietly and slowly. Watch for traps, too,” Chloe ordered, holstering her pistols. Jenna and her partner nodded and started slowly up the two flights of stairs that led up. Their weapons were at the ready and their pace uniform.

               Chloe headed back to an office that she had passed while clearing the house. Jenna had Vicky had already cleared the room. The room’s two closets were flung wide open in their wake. Chloe looked around aged office as she walked in, with Aisha following her; her P90 at eye level, actively scanning the room. A large old wooden desk sat in the center of the room atop a Persian rug. A red-armed cushioned throne sat behind it. Bookshelves with dusty leather bound volumes sat on walls to the left and right of the desk. A large window flanked by side-drawn curtains was in the back of the room. The dusty window looked out to the desert behind the house, where a clump of palm trees sat off in the distance.

               Eyeing the throne, Chloe looked back at Aisha, “Check that for traps,” she ordered. Aisha nodded and did what she was told. She went over to the heavy chair and flipped it on its side and then flipped it back up and even sat on it once before looking back at Chloe.

               “All clear mistress,” she replied, stepping aside. Chloe nodded and took a seat as Aisha moved back to the door to make sure no one surprised them. Chloe began searching the drawers for evidence. She cursed to herself afterward, as she figured the drawers could have easily been booby trapped too.

               “Damn it, Ryoshi, I need you…” she mumbled, slamming the bottom of her fist on the desk surface. All the sudden the top of the desk clicked and rose an inch. Thankfully, there was no explosion.  Wincing and sitting a far back as she could, Chloe lifted the desktop. She let out a breath of relief, seeing that her face was still intact as well as the rest of the house. Under the desktop she found hundreds of photographs of women. Some had red crosses through them while others did not. The photos looked to be candid surveillance shots, as the women in them didn’t look like they knew they were being watched. Chloe browsed through the images and noted that each photo had a name behind it. For the most part she only recognized a few of the women; Calista Suvari was one and Haley Leone, Tucker’s model friend, was another. Then she found a picture of herself as well, which she promptly destroyed with her ring. As for the rest, Chloe had no idea who they were. Her heart skipped a beat when she found Jamie’s photo. It had a cross through it. She turned it around and saw that Jamie’s name was scribbled in the back along with yesterday’s date. “The crosses must mean she has them…” Chloe concluded as she gathered all the photos with crosses on them. She destroyed the others before closing the desktop. Chloe bundled the stack of twenty photos, stuffing them into the cargo pocket of jumpsuit.

               As she got up from the desk her earpiece came to life. It was Janna’s sultry Brit voice, “Mistress contact down, second floor east side bedroom; floor is secured.

               “Vicky secure that room and Janna meet me at the top of the stairs I’m coming up,” Chloe ordered as she left the office. Turing to Aisha who was following her, “Find the basement… she must be keeping them there. Report when you find it and hold your position.”

               “Yes mistress,” Aisha nodded as she turned to begin her search.

               Chloe double-timed the steps to the second floor and found tall blond waiting for her. “Take me to the contact,” Chloe ordered, cracking her knuckles. They walked through the upstairs hallway, passing open doors. Chloe peeked as they passed and noted the rooms were empty with closet doors swung open. She also noted that the few that had beds were overturned and rooms generally looked ransacked. She smiled to herself at her doll’s handywork.

               At the end of the east wing of the floor Vicky stood outside the door with her P90 at ease. She then followed Chloe and Vicky into the room. This room, like the rest of the house, had hardwood flooring. Its walls were decorated in new dark red wallpaper. A large bed with a massive headboard sat in the center of the room. It was surrounded by two matching white twin drawer nightstands. A white dresser sat at the head of room. To the left of the room was a huge mirror that took up the whole wall, while on the left was a dual door walk in closet with both doors swung wide open.

               The contact stood in front of the bed, not moving a muscle. She looked to be Native American or Asian but wasn’t Jane. The woman looked to be in thirties and had shoulder length black hair worn loosely. Her face bore a smile with a vacant stare. She stood with hands behind her back and legs tightly together. She was dressed in a black and white trimmed short sleeve bloused dress with a hem sitting just above her knees. Her legs were covered in dark hosiery and she stood on black high-heeled pumps. “Who the hell is this?” she asked. Her dolls only looked at her blankly. “Seriously guys, who the fuck is this” Chloe asked again taking her bundle of pictures from her pocket and looking through them. The woman’s image wasn’t in them. Replacing the bundle back in her pocket, she looked closely at the woman and noted the slight marks on her fore head and little specks of powder on her dress. “You shot her?” Chloe then asked looking back at her dolls, which still held a blank look.

               “Yes mistress!” both girls than answered in unison.

               “Seriously…” Chloe shook her head and wobbled the stiff woman, “she was already frozen; how is this threat?” she sighed. Taking a deep breath she ordered, “Janna, give me your cell phone and the pick up the casings you and Vicky uselessly spilled. Vicky, search this room.”

               Chloe sat on the bed and grumbled angrily, “Stupid, stupid Chloe; what if this was booby trapped! Argh!!!” she howled as she dialed the phone.

               “Did you find Jamie?” Sneakers asked eagerly when the line connected. He picked up before the second ring. There was typing and music in background which abruptly stopped as soon as Chloe started to speak.

               “No, not yet…” Chloe began and assured her friend she was close. She then filled in what she had found so far, ending with her needing an ID check.

               “No problem Chloe, shoot a pic of the vic’ with the phone and send it my way,” Sneakers replied after listening to Chloe’s info. Chloe did just that. “Alright Chloe, give me a few, I’ll call you back when I have something; shouldn’t take me too long.”

               “Thanks Sneaks,” Chloe said disconnecting. Looking over to Vicky she asked, “Found anything?”

* * *

               “Okay Chloe, her name is Joan Red Deer. She’s from the same tribe your target Jane is. They actually grew up together, went to school together and even both worked for the Foundation at one point. Joan left after six months though; she got a job with Lockheed Martin, was there for a year before she left; right before Interpol swarmed the place too. Anyways, Joan disappeared almost a year ago. There is website her family set up where they’re still looking for her since the police never found a body and they believe that Joan would never have just run away. I think you found her Chloe; is she okay?  She doesn’t look quite right in that picture you sent me,” Sneakers inquired.

               “Yeah, she should be fine, but she’s been immobilized and made up like a mannequin or doll. I think she’s Jane’s favorite and possibly her first kidnapping,” Chloe replied as she looked at the clothing and accessories that Vicky had piled up. “It looks like Jane froze her and kept her in a bedroom in her house. The room is packed with a full wardrobe of clothing, shoes, jewelry and make-up. It looks like Jane may have been dressing her up every day…” Chloe concluded.

               “Weird…” Sneakers whispered on the other end. “What do you want me do now?”

               “Well I’m going to continue to look for Jamie and crazy Jane,” Chloe said.

               “You mean Jane Crazy Eagle?”

               “No I mean crazy Jane… this bitch is twisted; she targets women Sneaks, random women and she takes them to this place in the middle of the desert and hides them in her basement. She’s got to be crazy as there is no reason why she would do this…” Chloe thought back to Tucker and even considered him saner than Jane, as he had a reason for the people in his collection unlike Jane, who was in a boat all by herself as her victims were innocent.

               “Gotcha,” Sneakers replied. “So what now?”

               “I’m going to continue looking for Jamie and crazy Jane. In one hour I need you to call the authorities. I should be done by then. Make sure you give the Red Deer family a call too; some happy days are coming for them,” Chloe ordered as she stood in front of Joan and patted the still woman on the shoulder.

               “One hour. Got it Chloe. Good luck,” Sneakers replied.

               “Will do, I’ll call you in an hour,” Chloe said before disconnecting. Turning to her two dolls she then ordered, “Vicky stay with Joan and Janna, follow me.”

               Vicky stayed next to Joan guarding the frozen women as Chloe and Janna left the room. They were only halfway down the stairs when Aisha’s voice spoke into Chloe’s earpiece, “Basement entrance found, holding now.”

               “About fucking time…” Chloe muttered as she trotted quickly down the steps back to the first level.

 * * *

               Chloe had Janna watched the first floor as she and Aisha descended down a twisted staircase that led to the basement. It had taken Aisha so long to find the entrance since it was hidden carefully and well concealed. The entrance had been behind one of the closets inside the office. How Aisha found it was a mystery to Chloe; nice work on the program, Ryoshi, she thought as they crept down the dark steps.

               Once in the basement, she noticed some odd things as she looked around. Some racks of clothes lined the walls, ranging from antique to modern to something even she wouldn’t wear. Makeup kits of all kinds occupied another group of tables, while a medical grade table sat in the center. "What the hell was this lady up too?" thought Chloe as she poked around, spotting a pile of clothes belonging to Jamie. Hopeful that she was getting close, Chloe looked around for more clues. The room seemed too small for it to be the only part of the basement for a house this massive. Looking around, noting a few more things, such as more discarded clothes scattered around the floor, including some from the jogger Jane had just captured. “Well, we’re on the right track now…” she whispered.

               Chloe spotted a set of double doors at the far end of the room. She noted the doors blended into the walls of the room. “Bingo,” she whispered as she made her way towards the doors, with Aisha trailing. Reaching them, Chloe noticed there were no knobs her handles. She tried pushing on the doors. No luck. Digging her fingers into the cracks between the doors, she tried to pry them open. No luck. “Fuck,” she muttered, punching the doors, turning around to Aisha, “any ideas?” The dark skinned woman only looked at her blankly. “Figures…” she grumbled. “Open this door,” she then ordered as a quick thought entered her mind. With that command, Aisha raised her P90. “Stop!” Chloe quickly ordered, pushing down Aisha’s weapon. “Those rounds won’t punch through this,” she warned. “There must me a switch or something around here…” she thought, rubbing her palms together. Feeling her ring, Chloe smiled.

               With the snap her fingers the double doors collapsed and crumbled to the floor as if they were hundreds of years old. Chloe kissed her ring, “This is the key to the city,” she commented with a chuckle as she stepped into the dark room. Aisha moved in after her, keeping her eyes alert, scanning the emptiness. The room was pitch black; Chloe couldn’t even see her hand in front of her. “Great,” Chloe grumbled, feeling her ring, “You’re not much help now…” She looked over her shoulder and spotted Aisha’s lanky frame in the light coming from the other room. “Look for a light switch in the other room,” she ordered and added, “Carefully.” Aisha nodded and stepped out of the dark hole they were in. A random thought entered Chloe’s mind, making her smile, she shrugged and clapped her hands twice. Suddenly, soft lights lit the room up. She looked down at her hands in awe, “Oh shit,” she chuckled.

               “Located the light switch mistress,” Aisha reported, stepping into the now lit room.

               Chloe sighed and shook her head, “No shit Sherlock.” Looking forward Chloe came face to face with a smiling woman. With the lights on now Chloe saw that she was standing a in a small hallway with openings on the left and right. She stood on soft plush maroon carpeting the walls were a tan color lined with polished oak trimmed. The smiling woman was dark skinned with ruby red lip gloss. She had a beaming toothy smile. Her empty eyes were a bright unreal blue. Her black hair was heavily curled and fell to her shoulders. She was dressed in a white silk blouse under a sparkling black vest. A black skirt with the hem sitting a mid-thigh covered her hips. Her muscular legs were covered and black sheer hosiery. The woman stood on a pair of shinny black spiked heels. She stood with her legs together and hands behind her back.

               Chloe looked through her bundle of pictures and found the woman, “Catherine Harper, six months ago…” she read the back of the photo. She moved the woman’s hand stiffly up and stuck the photo between her fingers. With that done she looks over her shoulder at Aisha, “Looks like this is the right place.” Aisha remained silent and seemed oblivious to what they were seeing. “You head right and I head left,” she then ordered. Aisha nodded and did as she was ordered.  

               The room had white marble flooring with tan colored walls. Four large chandeliers covered the ceiling supplying the soft lighting of the space. Doted through out the room were maybe a dozen square or circular platforms. On these platforms were women and they all seemed to be frozen, “what the…” Chloe whispered in awe if though she had been expecting this, she still wasn’t prepared for what she was looking. This had just turned creepy she thought taking in the various women around her. Doing a quick count she figured there were a little over twenty suspended ladies before her.

               Some ladies were completely naked and posed in questionable poses. Poses that Chloe herself would never do, as open minded as she was. Others were dressed in fashions trends of the times, from Mid-Evil to modern times. They all were all posed very elaborately, something that looked like it took time to accomplish. Chloe even spotted some heroines within the group. They were of all different nationalities, and were all attractive. She felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up as she took in everything and concluded what this was; it was twisted collection of sorts. Where was Jamie? The sheer creepiness of everything had nearly made her forgotten what she was there for. Shaking her thoughts clear she focused back on the task at hand. She handed the bundle of photos to Aisha. “Match up the photos to the faces and then stick the photo in their hands,” she ordered. Aisha took the bundle and began her task with the closest platform.

               Looking to her left Chloe examined the closest platform looking for her wife. She saw a redhead but it wasn’t Jamie along with three other women. There were two brunettes and a blond. A brunette and a blond flanked the redhead while the last brunette stood across from the trio. The brunette standing alone was dressed as a cowgirl, brown tight fitting trousers covered by worn dark brown rawhide chaps, a red and white flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows and a brown leather vest with a sheriff’s badge pinned to it. A black cowgirl hat sat atop her head over her brunette tresses which were tied into a loose ponytail. She stood in a pair of dusty black knee high boots. Finishing the outfit was a dual holster gun belt resting on her shapely hips. She stood wide legged with her hands resting on each of the pistols sitting on either side of her hips. The cowgirl’s face was focused with blank green eyes staring straight at the redhead. The redhead that stood across from her was dressed in nothing but a red studded thong and held sword in her right hand pointing it towards the cowgirl as if ordering a charge. Her face contorted in hate with her mouth and blue eyes wide in empty anger. The blond that was flanking her right was dressed as a Star Fleet officer from the Sixties in a blue and black uniform. Her legs were masked in tan pantyhose and she stood in white go-go boots. Her blond hair was pulled back into tight bun. She held a blaster rifle to her shoulder and stood aiming it at the cowgirl. Take a closer look Chloe recognized the girl as Lauren a dance instructor she knew from L.A. they had met at an art gallery once, “Son of bitch…” she whispered looking at the unmoving blond. Finally the other brunette of the display was dressed in a black skin tight sleeveless cat suit. Her hair was in pigtails and she sported cat ears over her head. She stood grinning seductively with a mock bazooka resting on her shoulders with her left hand up as if beckoning at the cowgirl. “Oi, this Jane is a few ingredients short of a full meal…” Chloe groaned with a raised eyebrow before giving up on what it all meant.

               Chloe walked quietly through the twisted gallery, as she moved on she noted that some displays were actually good while others were beyond abstract. Chloe knew better then to admire the work, some of the women here looked like they belong in their first year of college, and others seem like they were mothers, and no doubt like Joan their families were missing them. She came on a display, recognizing one of the women standing there. A dark haired woman with blue eyes, Chloe didn’t know her name but remembered seeing her work a cell phone place near Jamie’s old apartment. She was lying on a bed and was dressed up to resemble the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love. A white cloth was wrapped around her torso, although her private parts still on much display as the rest of her body. Her skin glisten in the soft light was it was coated in oil or some kind. She was posed in a beckoning way; her eyes looking passed Chloe, a sultry smile graced her beautifully made up face.  She was flanked by thee more women of equal clothing or lack there of and beauty.

               Aisha was moving robot fast, unlike Chloe she wasn’t analyzing the platforms and just doing what she as ordered to do. Chloe decided to do the same, there was just too many too look at and more the looked at the models she would think about their families. That only upset her more. Shaking the thoughts from her head she moved quicker through the gallery trying to spot Jamie in the crowd. She finally stumbled upon a platform labeled Modern Women. It didn’t take her even a glance to spot Jamie.

               "On my God, Jamie!" Chloe exclaimed in surprise as she stared at her wife standing behind a desk. Without a second thought, she rushed to Jamie, shoving the desk out of the way. Catching the wobbling Jamie, she slowly lowered her wife to the ground.  She scanned Jamie, who had the same empty happy expression as the other women. At first thought she checked for a pulse but then remembered Jamie was under Type-7. Like she had surmised beforehand Jamie like all the other women here were merely overdosed on the drug. Looking at the other frozen women, Chloe had no way of telling for how long. “I only have one detox kit…but don’t worry help will come,” Chloe explained to no one in particular looking around at the women that surrounded her wife.

               Reaching into her vest she removed the detox injection gun and injected into the side of Jamie’s neck. The results were almost instant, as Jamie's fake smile faded away, her eyes fluttering as she began to breathe. Holding Jamie up, she watched as her eyes opened, slowly taking in the light the soft light. She wrestles around weakly in Chloe’s arms as if trying to escape. “It’s okay…I’m here,” Chloe whispered.

               “Chloe…” Jamie asked groggily. Her head was throbbing but over all she felt rested. She leaned into Chloe smelling the familiar scent of the Korean girl that she had fell in love with. “How long was I out?”

               “Not long,” Chloe replied smiling. She sniffed and whipped some tears away from her eyes with the back of head. “I thought I lost you…”

               Jamie closed her eyes and opened them again to adjust Chloe’s face in her vision. She smiled, “You will never lose me…”

               Chloe grinned, “You scared the crap outta me girl,” she said as she helped Jamie up on her feet. The taller redhead was off balanced a little as she found she was in high heeled boots that were too tall for her. She was almost a foot taller than her wife. Regaining her balance she managed to walk on her own. “Are sure you can walk by yourself?”

               Jamie smiled weakly and yawned. She scratched the back of her head and nodded, “I’m good and sorry for scaring you but thanks for coming,” she said sweetly hugging the shorter girl and kissing her on the lips. “These shoes are terrible,” Jamie cursed after they separated. She then sat down and began to strip them off. “Who in the right mind would wear seven inch heels?”

               “You looked great in them I think,” Chloe complimented. “Those long sexy legs…” she moaned. The situation had completely changed with Jamie at her side, she no longer felt any uneasiness instead she felt warm that the woman she loved was back.

               “Okay then you wear them!” Jamie exclaimed tossing one of the boots to Chloe.

               Chloe caught the boot in mid air, “I wish but you have big feet,” Chloe laughed.

               “You’re just a little Asian doll aren’t you?” Jamie chuckled as she stood up back and hugged Chloe tightly. She looked around and realized where they were. “Oh my God...Chloe are they going to be alright?”

               Chloe rested her head on Jamie’s breasts and replied, “Yeah people are going to come for them.” She then spoke into her throat mike, “How are we doing Aisha?”

               “85.6 percent mistress,” Aisha’s voice replied in Chloe’s ear. Chloe couldn’t even see the woman no longer as she was deep in the gallery.

               “Chloe…I don’t want to be here…” Jamie said worriedly. “I don’t feel right being here…”

               “Okay babe…we’ll go,” Chloe said soothingly. “Aisha finish up and meet back upstairs.”

               “Yes, mistress,” Aisha replied through Chloe’s ear.

               “No, Chloe I want to get out of this place all together,” Jamie pleaded with her voice raised. The empty stares of the women around her getting to her; there was something about it that was creepy her out. She was use to the looks of dolls that she owned because she knew where they came from. The ones around her looked innocent, they were victims, and they didn’t deserve this.

               Chloe looked at her wife, Jamie was freaked, “Okay, okay we’ll go I have to clear our girls out first though,” Chloe assured she and Jamie headed of the gallery. Before they entered the adjourning room which had the racks of clothes and the medical table, Chloe stopped. She turned to her wife holding Jamie’s face in her hands. “Listen baby, I’m hear for you nothing bad is going to happen to you. It’s all over. The girls already cleared the place the lady that took you isn’t here, but I will find her. You’re safe now Jamie, nothing will happen to you. Do you understand?”

               Jamie smiled weakly, “I understand Chloe, I just really want go I don’t mean to get all freaked out but I have bad feeling that’s all.”

               “Got it, let’s go then,” Chloe said leading Jamie out of the room. Jamie shuttered a bit entering the next room seeing the mad doctor set up. She did however perk up seeing a pair of running shoes. She took them and wore them on. They were a size or two too small but they were enough to protect her feet. The twisting staircase was narrow so they had to go up single file. Chloe held on to Jamie’s hand as she led her way up. When Chloe reached the opening she stopped in tracks. Her heart was racing. She turned to Jamie who looked at her hopefully. Chloe quickly moved them back down the stairs.

               “What’s going on Chloe?” Jamie asked worriedly.

               “Nothing, I just remembered something, could you go back to the gallery?”

               “Why?” Jamie shot in tone that sounded childish.

               “Please can you just go back, I need to do something and I need you back there,” Chloe explained seriously.

               “Fine…I swear Chloe if you get hurt I’ll kill you myself,” Jamie said sternly turning back around.

               As soon as she was out of sight, Chloe pressed her throat mike, “Aisha watch Jamie, nothing happens to her you understand? You’ll die for her if you have to, you understand?”

               “Understood mistress,” Aisha replied right away emotionlessly.

               Heading back up the steps Chloe looked down. Janna’s body was sprawled out on the office floor. The blonds’ eyes were open and lips were parted with a trickle of blood on the corners. Chloe knelt down and touched the woman’s pulse. She was still alive. Chloe noted the impact points on the vest from .40 calibers rounds. “Janna?” she whispered.

               “Mistress…” Janna replied weakly. Her eyes still blank staring. The doll tried to move but the damage was done and movement was limited at best. Chloe guessed there were at least a couple broken ribs. She was amazed that the girl was even still conscious, a wonder of the chip no doubt. “Contact is armed with a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson armed with brass hollow points. Contact is target Jane Crazy Eagle.” Janna reported in weak voice that was fighting for air. She slightly moved and brought up one of the rounds that hit her to hand to Chloe.

               Chloe took the round and held Jenna’s hand for a moment, “Sleep,” she ordered. With that the doll went limp. Chloe crossed the girl’s hands over her chest before getting up. “Vicky report?”

               “Yes mistress?” Vicky’s voice replied.

               Chloe sighed a sigh of relief knowing that her other doll was okay. “Secure that top floor nothing moves, shoot anything that moves!” she ordered as she closed the bookshelf entrance behind her.

               “Yes mistress,” Vicky acknowledged.

               “Crazy Jane it’s time for you to come out and play!” Chloe yelled cracking her knuckles. “Where the hell are you!?” she screamed and snapped her fingers at a wall crumpling it. It was an interior wall so there was no real damage done, the office a bit bigger now. “Here’s Chloe!” she yelled walking through the hole that she made. She hated Jenna in person, the girl was snobbish and overly arrogant but as a doll, Chloe kind of cared for her. She was steamed that Jenna was hurt, steamed that Jane had taken Jamie and steamed that Jane even existed. She looked around the house looking for her next target but then suddenly heard an electronic buzz from upstairs.

               “Contact, target moving west of location,” Vicky reported. Chloe could hear high heels race over he head of her followed by the thumping of Vicky’s soft soled boots.

               “Hold your position Vicky, I’m heading up!” Chloe ordered making a mad dash for the stairs. Reaching the stairs she nearly flew up the first flight and was four steps into the second flight when she met her.

               Jane Crazy Eagle looked at Chloe with crazy hateful black eyes. Her black hair was woven into a single thick braid that fell to the small of her back. She was dressed in purple long sleeve open neck dress the fell to her knees. Her legs clad tan pantyhose and black high heels pumps. In her hand she held a nickel plated Smith and Wesson with black rubber grips. “Who the fuck are you!?” she demanded

               “I’m nobody,” Chloe replied through clenched teeth. Her hand was slowly reaching for her holstered SIG. Both women had their eyes locked on each other. “It’s time you give up, you’re done. I win.”

               “No, you can’t have my dolls you can’t take any of them I won’t let you! We have connections! Connections that you will never understand! I will win this, I will!” Jane shouted salvia spewing from her lips.

               Chloe’s eyes widen, “Oh my God…you really are crazy…”

               “Crazy?! No you’re crazy! I have a gun here!” Jane shot back and took a step forward thrusting the pistol towards Chloe.

               Chloe focused on Jane’s hand holding the gun. She saw the muscle twitch. Chloe’s eyes went wide as she began to fall backwards just as she heard the snap of the gun. At that very moment Chloe snapped her fingers but felt the air rushed out of her as the .40 caliber projectile slammed into her body armor. Chloe fell like a rag doll down the flight of stairs. She came to a rest at the bottom limp and lifeless.

               Jane let out a shriek as her gun fell a part and literally disintegrates in her hands. “What the hell are you!?” She exclaimed rushing down the stairs towards Chloe. Chloe was motionless her jaw hanging limp. “I win,” Jane smiled as she pulled the SIG from Chloe’s holster. She cradled Chloe’s chin and examine her face. Chloe moaned softly before going still. “Chloe Noi!” Jane whispered in joy. “I got you…” she declared softly caressing Chloe’s cheek with the back of her hand. She popped open Chloe’s eyelids, “Green eyes on an Asian girl, truly rare!” she gasped. She looked around quickly. There were still others in her house that she had to get rid before truly enjoying her newest doll. “Let’s get you to some place safe while I take care of your friends!” she whispered into Chloe’s ear.

               The tall Native American easily hoisted Chloe’s limp body over her shoulder, “You’re such a feisty girl, but you’re light as feather!” Jane remarked slapping Chloe’s ass. She quickly made her way to the back of the stairs and popped open a false panel. The panel slid open and she entered the hole beneath her stairwell. It was this same hole in which she hid in when she heard the doors of house being kicked in. As soon as she was inside the panel slid shut and Jane quickly made her way down a narrow flight of stairs. A tight passage later she was in her prep room emerging from another entry way behind the rack of clothing.

               She laid Chloe down on the metal table, “I have an idea for you, oh, do I have an idea for you!” Jane said as she put the SIG down on a nearby table. Opening the drawer of the table she removed a Type-7 injection gun. “Just so you won’t go anywhere I as I take care of your friends,” she smiled. “Oh do I like you like this better,” Jane cooed looking at Chloe’s serene face. “You are even more pretty than you wife!”

               “Hey! I think we’re about equal!” boomed a voice from behind Jane. She turned around in shock to see Jamie now clad in black jump suit similar to Chloe, thanks to Aisha. “Oh you so are going pay for what you did to her!” Jamie screamed in anger cocking back her right fist. “You bitch!” she cried as she threw a devastating haymaker that would even make Mike Tyson cringe in pain. Jamie’s fist connected to Jane’s chin perfectly. Jane spun around in almost three-sixty motion as she fell to the floor, falling out of her shoes. “Aw fuck…” Jamie balled grabbing her fist, “fuck I think you broke me hand bitch!” Jamie breathed out shaking her right hand as she peered over Jane. The woman eyes were still open. “Knocked you outta of you shoes hell yeah!”

               Seeing that Jane was out, Jamie turned back to Chloe, “Babe!? She cried cradling Chloe in her arms. “Aisha get your ass in here now!” she screamed. “Chloe!”

* * *

Thirty minutes later…

               Chloe woke up to the sounds of the Hummer’s engine and its tires against smooth pavement. She groaned feeling her head throb, twice in one day she thought, Pathetic. Her chest was slightly sore as well. She was about to drift back to sleep when she remembered. She gasped in shock and quickly sat up, “Jamie!”

               “Hey sleeping beauty,” Jamie said from behind. Chloe quickly spun around and realized she had been lying in the Hummer’s cargo bay. Jamie smiled at her, “Thanks for coming to rescue me.”

               “Where are my clothes,” Chloe asked looking down and realizing she was completely naked, “and I thought my rescue attempt was really good,” she added covering up her naked breasts. Looking down she saw that Janna had been laying next to her the girl was just as naked. “Hey what kind of hospital is this?” Chloe joked.

               “Well we had to take them off you…you know see where you guys were hurt….” Jamie explained innocently. “We took everything off…” She added showing a ring that was sitting on her finger.

               “Hey give me that!” Chloe demanded reaching for her ring. Jamie was too fast however and Chloe was still too sore. “Nope, you snooze you lose,” she teased.

               Looking out to passenger bunk Chloe noticed that there was some one else sitting next Jamie. “Who the hell…” Chloe asked leaning forward, “You didn’t?”

               “Oh come on Chloe, she’s crazy and she did it to me and was about to do it you it’s only fair,” Jamie replied looking over at Jane Crazy Eagle. The tall olive skinned woman sat naked by the window with a blank expression upon her face and with her long black hair unwoven. Before Chloe could say anything else Jamie tapped her elbow and her wife froze in place. With a bit of maneuvering she moved the Asian girl to sit next to her. She arranged it so Chloe’s face to bore a smirk. “Aisha, let’s take the long way home and Vicky can you reach under the seat for my toys…”

* * *

A few days later…

               Jamie sat, Indian style, placing stuff in a packaging box. The box would soon be placed in the moving truck they she and Chloe had rented for the trip. It would be the second time she moved within a span of a month, a new record. It had been almost two weeks since the Crazy Eagle incident. After some debating, she and Chloe had decided it was best to move elsewhere for many reasons, mainly to start fresh.

               Picking up a photo frame, she looked at the photo which consisted of the couple, sharing a piece of cake with each others faces. She smirked at the photo, while not a true wedding cake and all, they did celebrated it the best way Chloe knew how, with friends, beer and cake. Everyone had come except for Maggie who met with Jamie and Chloe separately for breakfast that morning. There were some issues between her and Tucker that Jamie really didn’t want to dwell on. Maggie herself felt different but that part in her life was over so she didn’t look too much into it. She was happy that the cute Chinese girl that she still loved came out to see her once more. All and all she got to say bye to everyone, exchange email and such so it wasn’t so sad. Her store was taken care of, with Gloria taking the reins and Calista assisting her. Jamie was still the owner and would be checking in on them every couple of months via web cam.  New adventures now waited her and Chloe, as Texas was a whole new hurdle to overcome. Her friend in Houston would show her the town when they got there. The building they were going to live wasn't going to be ready when they got there. But Chloe promised a cozy place to live in while it was still being renovated to suit their needs of it first being their new home and secondly their new business. Placing the frame inside, she closed up the box and taped it shut.

               Taking it downstairs from their bedroom, Jamie walked passed a bunch of other crates and boxes ready to be shipped. Setting it down, she went to the downstairs room looking for Chloe.

               "Hey babe," Chloe called out, looking over her shoulder.

               "Hey baby, how are things down here?" she asked as she wrapped her arms around Chloe's neck.

               “Well we’re basically done, just a few of the dolls need to be pack up that’s all,” Chloe replied as she moved her lover’s arms down to her waist. “I got Aisha driving the Hummer, Fiona the BMW, Vicky the Challenger. Ashley is in the box over there,” Chloe said gesturing at tall wooden crate. “Janna is in the one next to her and then there are these two…you want to help?” Chloe then asked pointing to Jane Crazy Eagle and Rebecca. Both women stood shoulder to shoulder clad in matching white stringy bikinis. Their hair hung loose and they held vacant looks on their faces.

               “Sure,” Jamie said happily adjusting the brace on her healing right hand and moving to grab her sister as Chloe moved to haul Jane.  In a twist of fate since that day, Jane Crazy Eagle, an avid crazed collector of human dolls, had been herself turned into a doll. The women she had kidnapped were all found and revived by ITEA, via Sneakers call. The news was all over the missing women coming back. The news reported them as being rescued during a major narcotic bust led by the FBI and ITEA. In reality, Chloe had done all the leg work, if had it not been for Jamie’s love, those women would have never been found.


The End? Nope, the Spydolls are just getting started...

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