Spydoll Inc. : First Case, Part 1

by Tek!

These are all tales related to the hijinks that Tucker first had with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. Spydoll Inc tracks the mind-control adventures of Chloe Noi and her acquaintances. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.] This is a sequel to “Twin Return”, read that story here.

The Outskirts of Houston...

               The city of Houston is an amazing place of tall buildings and iconic landmarks, the areas outside of it are quite the opposite, with open spaces, large patches of grass and farmlands. Tractor trailers could be seen from time to time, along with mills that ranged from food processing to minerals. Of course there were towns here and there, a few minor cities as well, before you hit any major ones like Dallas or San Antonio.

               The Interstate 10 freeway was the road to many places, most of them properly named areas such as the Katy, Texas: a mostly small city surround by grassland. But before that lay a large mansion that for many generations has been like a second home to men of a certain... interest. An interest where they can indulge in delicate services that this mansion and its staff can provide on a daily basis.

               Thirty-nine-year-old Mona St.Claire was the latest owner of the mansion, supervising everything that went on within its walls. The St.Claire's family was originally from Ireland and had immigrated here to Texas. The family had also brought their wealth, but later lost most of it due to changes in economy. They had turned to a business they knew, while not very honorable, was still profitable: Sex.

               Namely a brothel out in the middle of nowhere, giving those who wished to taste their wares could do so. Since the beginning, the brothel has done its best to protect its girls. Ranging from disease to poverty and even from abusive lovers; in the recent decades the qualifications to work at this brothel have changed quite a bit. As expected, mostly the most beautiful of women earned a place there.

               Mona herself was quite the beauty herself, something her family ensured with thorough mating requirements. Standing at nearly six feet, the woman had a body to kill for, toned tummy, long shapely legs, a nice round "apple" butt, baby-blue eyes, and long silky strawberry blonde hair and finally a pair of breasts so full and firm they almost looked like implants. Wearing a nice blue sundress, the well-aged cougar had finished her rounds and was headed back to the main office to take care of business.

               Her high heels tapped on the marble tile floor as she made her way to the main lobby of the mansion, the check in point for all those who came here. Here the men and sometimes women arrive and check in, often for extended visits at a time. At the desk was a young blonde woman with a thick Dutch accent. The short-haired blonde sat smiling at nothing in particular, waiting for the next guest to arrive.

               If anyone was truly paying attention they would realized she has been the same girl at the desk for quite some time. Always smiling and acting rather unusually happy day and night. She sat with her arms crossed on the desk, and like clockwork would greet a guest coming in through the doors of the mansion with the most cheerful voice possible. The greeted guests never leave the same way they came in, which is probably why this robotic-like woman has gone unnoticed.

               Ignoring the greeting of the woman, Mona stepped into the service elevator that was installed about 20 years ago; while old, it still functioned in such pristine condition. She rode it to the second floor; it clicked and clacked as came to a halt at the landing. While the first floor of the mansion was for the women that work and live there, along with the many visitors, the second story has only been seen by a select few. Many of the family's dealings have been done on this floor.

               Most of those dealings had been clean until recently, when Mona had first pursued ...less lawful... ways of earning her fortune. Heading to one of the corner rooms, she smiled at the two women standing at attention at the door.

               "Hello sisters, how are things here?" Mona said in a mocking tone as she came up to the door, knowing well what their response would be as she flew by them.

               "All is well," the two said in unison.  For the most part Mona's sisters were in the same league as her in terms of beauty: blue eyes, blonde hair and had great figures. Both were much younger than she. Tabitha was the older of the two and next in line to run the brothel. The twenty-two-year-old had her hair cut to a sexy page boy hairdo, while Merridith, although the baby of the three, was much taller, standing at six foot one, she towered over them both. Her hair was left free flowing down to the middle of her back. Both siblings had come to huge disagreement with their older sister until Mona found a way to change their minds about it.

               Entering the room, Mona switched the light on and lit up the darkened figures in the room. Three of them were standing, covered in a long white sheet of cloth, while a fourth one sat tied up in a chair with a bag covering her head. Mona had to admit for people who slave traded in El Paso, they knew how to do local kidnappings. She approached the seated figure calmly and yanked the bang off.

               Carrie Miles was a twenty-two year old college student and avid protestor of Mona's establishment. The young short red haired woman suddenly came to life as the jolt from having the bag yanked from her head woke her. Her hair was cut in a short pageboy hair style, she was dressed in a one piece dress with high heel pumps, and the last thing she remembered was being abducted in her car. Duck tape over her mouth to muzzle sounds of scream; tied to a chair.  The girl knew she was in trouble. She looked around in frenzy, trying to break loose from her bindings. Tears poured from her eyes as she looked at Mona, who seemed rather claim for what she has done to the poor woman.

               Mona lean in, cradling the woman's chin in her left hand, with an evil smile, yanks off the duck tape with her other hand. Carrie let out a cry of pain as the tape came off violently. "You crazy old bitch! What do you want from me?" Carrie defiantly shouted as she tried again to get loose.

               Without saying a word, Mona, pulled sheets off two the covered figures on her left, revealing two women that Carrie knew..."Oh my god, Rei! Kristie!" The surprised redhead was looking at her two best friends, Rei Tami and Kristie Jo. Both seemed to be awake, their eyes were open, but they were not moving beyond just staring at the wall behind Carrie, "What did you do to them?" she demanded.

               "I relieved them of the need to think," Mona replied while stroking Rei's shiny black hair, "They're going to be excellent gifts to a business partner." Stepping back she had a brief look over of the two women, both Carrie's age and like her, both were former avid protestors. Rei, the smaller of the two, was of Hawaiian/Japanese descent, standing at an even five feet tall; she had a cute body type, not too fat, not too skinny, with dainty feet and a nice pair of breasts. Her long hair stopped at the small of her back, though normally braided, now it was a black waterfall.  There were zero signs of life save for her breathing; that Carrie couldn't understand. Likewise, it was the same deal with Kristie, a tall brunette. As with Rei, Carrie could tell that the lights were on but no one was home. She had never seen Kristie naked before either; there was never a reason to. The girl was about 5, 6" without heels, had a fair-skinned complexion with freckles scattered across her face, her curly reddish brown hair was laying on her shoulders.

               "I... my mom will look for me and my friends!" Carrie tugged on her restraints, trying again to get free.

               "You mean this mom?" Mona said yanking the sheet off the other clothed figure, revealing a forty-something year old woman.


               Lisa Miles stood at mindless attention, her arms hanging loosely at her sides, staring at nothing. Like her daughter she had red hair, but with more of blazing red hue in it. Cut short, it was permed straight into a swooping curl that stopped at her neck, while her bangs were combed to one side. The woman's body was dressed in a frilly French Maid’s outfit complete with white hand gloves. While not in superb condition like Mona, Carrie's mother was in decent shape for her age, but still needed a push-up bra to give the older woman the appearance of cleavage. Something for the older gentlemen to take an interest in, should they ask for her company?

               "How are you Lisa?" Mona quizzed as she smiled evilly to her captive, savoring the taste of the girl's fear.

               "I am well, Ms. St.Claire, how may this humble maid be of service?" the older woman spoke in a dry accent. Clearly she showed no signs of awareness of both her situation and that of her daughter.

               "Go about your duties maid, and close the door behind you." Mona said, slapping Carrie's mother in the ass.

               "As my mistress commands me." Lisa turned, ignoring the slap on the butt and starting for the door.

               "Mom, come back! Help me!" shouted Carrie, as her mother closed the door, the girl finally dropped her bravado, tears following as she didn't care what happened now.

               Circling around to Carrie's back, Mona smiled one last time, "Don't worry dear, you'll be just fine..."


Stilton Hotel, Presidential suite...

               Jamie Mosley Noi woke up with a terrible headache, the result of partying a wee bit too much. Sleeping on the side of her face, she couldn't help but wonder why her pillow felt strange and wonderful at the same time. Of course her pounding headache and the lack of not being able to remember the night before didn't help. Opening her eyes, she suddenly realized why her pillow felt odd as she stared at the soft inside thigh of her wife and lover Chloe Noi.

               Lifting her head from her wife's clean-shaven pussy, she remembered now they had been making love before she passed out. Somehow she ended up with the ring, and judging from the look on Chloe's face she became frozen while climaxing. Jamie sat up completely, one hand on her forehead the other looking at the ring. The couple had found out while on their trip that the ring seemed to be able to heal and mend most minor injuries at an unparallel speed. Too bad it didn't work for hangovers, thought Jamie as she stood up to go to the bathroom.

               Once in the bathroom, she peered into the med cabinet for some aspirin. Being in the presidential suite meant the couple had more stuff than a common hotel room. After taking three, she got undressed to take a shower. She started the water when an idea came to her. With a naughty smile, she headed back in to the bedroom where her wife lay, frozen in pleasure. She adjusted her wife into a standing pose on the bed, then pulled her slowly off and stood her up.

               She slowly dragged her wife into the walk-in shower, getting them both wet in the process. "Time for your shower, my pretty little Asian doll." Jamie whispered into Chloe’s ear, while moving her hands to her wife's face, sliding her tongue into her parted lips. Grabbing the bar of soap, Jamie started working the bar over her wife's body, with Chloe wobbling ever so slightly as Jamie still held her up. She moved from her wife's busty breasts to her shaven pussy; she had remembered Chloe telling her how that started, something to do with their doll, Ashley Tisdale, before she ended up that way. At first she hated it, mainly because Ashley had done it to her. When they first started going out she was letting grow back, although it was now Jamie's doing that led her wife to keeping it shaven clean.

               After cleaning Chloe and herself, Jamie had dressed in a towel and then dragged her still dripping wet wife to the bed. Using an extra towel she began patting her down, lifting her arms, she smiled at the Korean woman's large breasts. The urge to lick them dry overcame her need to dry her wife off completely. Dropping the towel, Jamie began licking the water droplets off the aroused nipples of her mate. From there she worked her way down bit by bit. Reaching Chloe's smooth mound, she took a finger and inserted it, rubbing gently against her pussy lips. Getting turned on, she stood up and pushed her frozen lover onto the bed again, licking away at her wife's mound.


           Jamie had finally got dressed and was ready to meet her friend Trina Goldworth, an old friend from when she went to college. After college they had gone their separate ways, with Trina opening her boutique here in Houston while Jamie went on to other business ventures, mainly the store and now the private firm she started with her wife, who at the moment was still frozen sitting on the bed. Jamie had arranged her wife's limbs to be bent at the elbows, with her hands straight and pointed outward. Her head was slightly tilted with a large fake smile on her face and two red dots of rouge on her checks, making her look truly like an Asian doll, her new favorite type of doll.

               "Ok babe, you stay here, I'm going to talk to my friend," Jamie said, kissing her wife on the forehead, "You be a good doll for me."

               She closed the bedroom door, and placed a "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob. Entering the room was Aisha, who like some of the other dolls had been programmed to act like a normal person until they got to their place. "Hey Aisha!"

               "Hello Mistress, you and mistress Chloe sleep well?" replied Aisha as she walked into the built-in kitchen, taking out a cup out of the cupboard.

               "Yeah; hey can you make sure no one goes into our room," Jamie asked, pointing to the bedroom, "Chloe is still "sleeping" and I don't want anyone walking in on her," she finished while slipping on a pair of high heel pumps.

               "As you wish mistress, Vicky and I plan to stay in anyway," Aisha replied without a second thought. Jamie smiled at the fact it was so easy to program those dolls to think what she wanted, and be anyone she could want. The control was nice, but not something she would wish on most people. And at the moment it was only those two living here, as the other ones they had had to freeze and store as it would have been kind of odd for so many women to be sharing one suite.

Smiling she walked to the door grabbing her purse and access key, Jamie headed out to meet Trina at a local restaurant called "Mass Entries" that was near them both.


               The "Mass Entries" was a trendy little restaurant sprung up a year go, its ongoing theme being space and adventure. Jamie smiled that the latter part of their theme fit her life appropriately, as she was led by the hostess to her table in the action hero section. She couldn't help but giggle at the array of things that she and Chloe actually owned that were displayed as props here. Goggles, fake guns in glass cases that hung on the wall, a lamp on the table made to be look like fake stick of dynamite. Jamie had to hand it to the owner; he had quite an imagination for his place of business. Sitting at the table was her friend Trina, who was enjoying a cup of white wine while looking at the menu. Looking up, the woman practically jumped out of her chair; in unison Jamie and Trina squealed in joy.

               "Hey sweetie, how you been?" Trina said, guiding Jamie to back to the table, "I hope you had a great trip down here."

               "Thanks Trina, we've gotten settled here just great, been staying at a hotel." Jamie replied, taking a seat.

               "We?" quizzed Trina.

               Yes, me and my wife, Chloe." Jamie stated in a proud tone as she picked up a menu to read it.

               "Wife? You mean husband..." Trina replied.

               "Oh Trina, don't tell me you… forgot?" Jamie said, laying her menu down, sounding hurt.

               "Nonsense! I never forget!" Sending both women into laughter, it was Trina she had called and told first about her change in romantic lovers. The first time she called it was all about Maggie Yen, then later her wife Chloe. It was Trina that encouraged her to go with her feelings and even convinced Jamie to go at two in the morning to confess her love to Maggie.

               "So your beautiful wife is at home?" Trina said, calming down and sipping more of her white wine.

               "Oh yeah, she decided to be a doll and let us hang out today." Jamie said smiling as she pointed out her drink choice to the waitress.


               The Red Rogue

               Jamie mouthed the word ‘wow’ when she saw the inside of Trina's store; it was massive, with clothing of all trends and styles gathered there, from the very expensive items to the moderately affordable items that you could find at an upscale department store. She looked around as Trina talked about her life in Houston. As interesting a store as it was, she noticed it lacked something. Open displays were all around that had fabric-bodied sewing mannequins dressed in Trina's clothing line.

               Keeping up with Trina, she had to move around both customers and employees alike, as the former starting to fill the store. It being the middle of the day, there would be quite a lot more customers arriving throughout the day.

               "So what do you think Jam?" Trina said, bringing Jamie back to reality; it had been a while since Trina used the nickname she had given Jamie when they first met.

               "Oh, it's very...wow?" laughed Jamie as she took another look around, "It took you quite a while to get big, still T, why are using sewing mannequins to display your line?"

               "Well, I guess partly being lazy and partly that nothing really interesting has caught my eye," Trina replied tapping one of the mannequins, "But if you find me something trendy and unique, send it my way."

               "Come on, I have something for you and your wife would like," Trina continued as she motioned her to the office in the back.

               "Really?" Jamie quizzed, curious as to what it could be. Following closely she watched as Trina greeted customers and gave advice to her employees. Trina had always been more of a people person than she liked to lead on too.

               Reaching the office, Trina opened the door, letting Jamie in first and then closed the door. Sitting down she leaned over to one side, fetching a box from the floor. The box was wrapped in red silk fabric with a matching bow attached to it.

               "I hope you two enjoy it," Trina said coyly, leaning back in her seat.

               Jamie smiled as she opened the box; looking at the contents of the box, Jamie turn a bright red, "Oh, wow, uhm, just wow, I truly think we will.  Thanks!" Jamie said closing the box with a bigger smile then before.

               "Very much."


Stilton Hotel, Presidential suite...night

               "Ah!" cried out Chloe as fell back on the bed, her eyes closed as she could feel the ring being placed back on her hand rather quickly. Feeling exhausted, she snapped her fingers to freeze her lover. Unlike Jamie, who still had to see who she's freezing, Chloe just has to imagine her wife and then snap her fingers. This was a feat she can't do with others, yet still she couldn't complain, nor did Jamie. She lay there for seemed like hours, catching her breath, curious what Jamie did today; it was obvious from the fact she went from being on her back to sitting up and then falling back upon waking that she had been frozen a while. That and it was early evening and not yesterday midnight.

               Smiling, Chloe sat up and was about to unfreeze her wife when her jaw dropped at the sight before her. It would be second time Jamie had surprised Chloe in this matter, as there stood just a few feet away the most beautiful doll she had ever seen.  The nearly six foot tall redhead stood with her feet slightly apart, back slightly arched to show off her breasts, arms bent at the elbow, hands pointed straight and out. Her long red hair draped down to the small of her back; a bright ruby red lipstick was applied to her large smile with two red dots of red rouge enhancing the doll look. And that outfit, wow the outfit, thought Chloe as she nearly came again. How Jamie got it, she didn't care, as long as that's what she wore to bed every night, she’d die a happy woman.

               "Wow..." was all Chloe could muster before springing from the bed, her energy renewed. She happily grabbed her Jamie doll by the waist and moved her to the foot of the bed. Standing her there, she looked up and down the outfit and smiled.

               "Jamie Mosley Noi, I fucking love you!" she said before tipping her wife onto the bed.


The Brothel...Morning

               Mona St.Claire awoke to the sound of knocking at the door; sitting up, she removed the arm and hand that lay over her. That hand belonged to the recently taken Carrie Miles, who seemed to be staring at nothing now that Mona had sat up. Smiling at the still woman, she couldn't help but slap the ass of the latest woman she had conquered.

               "Come in..." Mona responded to the timely knock on her door. Lisa Miles, mother and now live-in maid for the brothel house, entered the room.  With an expressionless face she walked in with a tray of breakfast, "Good morning, Ms. St.Claire, the weather is exceptionally well today; Ms. McNeil wishes to speak with you." Lisa greeted robotically as she sat the tray on Mona's lap and then sprung back to attention, waiting for Mona's next command.

               Picking up a fork from the tray, she took the meal cover off and placed to one side, then began picking at the well-prepared meal. Looking over to Carrie, she commanded, "Carrie, sit up." Without a word the young woman shot up from her pillow to an upright position, letting the covers drop down, displaying her breasts to the world around her. Another big smile danced across Mona's face as neither mother nor daughter acknowledged the fact that they were in the same room. Putting her fork down, Mona placed a hand on Carrie's breast, groping, "Ms. Miles, what do you think of this girl's breasts?" asked Mona.

               "They are in excellent shape, perky and ready for customers Ms. St.Claire," responded Lisa, now looking at her daughter. "She will be a wonderful addition to your establishment," she added, flashing a fake smile to Mona before returning back to attention.

               Mona savored the control she had, having such power over those two women, as well as the many others here in the brothel; she then continued her meal, simply content to know she had taken care of her latest problem.


The Brothel...2nd floor: Mona's office.

               A tall spike-haired woman sat in Mona's chair, her snakeskin covered boots resting on the fine oak desktop. Her legs were covered in jeans almost too tight for her toned legs to fit into. Wearing a cutoff babydoll tee that showed off her firm abs while doing nothing to hide her modest B-cup sized breasts, with her nipples perked up from her morning workout, the woman was almost a caricature of fitness. A rolled up sleeve jean jacket cover her prized arms, which she worked on for years to have great strength without looking gross like most female bodybuilders she had seen. The tall fiery-red-haired Irish girl stood up as she heard the door open.

               "Hey boss," Irene said in her thick Irish accent, as she pretend to inspect their latest catch standing off to the side of Mona's office. Tina Johnson was a once smart and busty black woman who now looked ahead, staring off into the void, blinking only once since Irene had entered the room and plopped her boots up on the desk.

               "Ah, Irene, I see you met this morning's new "recruit", Ms. Johnson," Mona said, walking in with her two new pets in tow. With a stack of files in hand, she stepped around her desk and sat down. The Miles women promptly stood at attention on either side of Mona.

               "Aye, she is a beauty, is there a reason the lass is here?" Irene asked only to make sure her boss didn't pick up someone of too much importance. She had been one of the few who stayed in Mona's service after she had taken control of the brothel. For those that became disloyal, Irene had been the one that deal with them personally. The lineage of the McNeil Family had always served the St.Claire's; loyalty, it was in her blood. Irene McNeil only wished Mona's sisters did not try to challenge their eldest sister. It was painful to take care of the young heirs like she did.

               "Ms. Tina Johnson, born 1985, age 24. African American, studying to be a nurse, part time dancer at a local night club," Mona began to read off the file dossier she had on the young woman.

               "Alright I get the picture, she's a nobody. With a body. I'll see to it the girl gets a room, but if I may boss, we are running low on those chips you bought, have ye contacted the supplier?" Irene asked as she placed her hand on her hips.

               Mona closed the girl's file, then crossed her hands on the desk, "No, it's been two months since our last contact." Getting up, she walked over to Irene and Tina, she began stroking Tina's hair, "I'm going to try and find another supplier soon; if we run out of chips, we might have some real issues then," she patted the mindless young black woman cheek, "Don't worry Irene, we still have quite a few left over.

               "If ye be sayin so, boss," Irene said pulling out Tina's remote, "I'll take this lass to her room and then go check the computers for ye."


Spydoll Inc building...

               Chloe and Jamie pulled up to the two-story building; looking at the floor plans, Jamie noticed a sub-level was included, probably for the cars and other stuff the two might acquire later on. Getting out of the black and blue Dodge challenger, Jamie continued to look over the plans. Although it was her idea to start an agency, it was Chloe's father that had sprung for building and equipment. She swore sometimes her wife was actually a female Batman, still surprised at how quick the building was planned and constructed.

               Upon entering, they were both surprised at how close to complete it was, at least visually. The sliding double doors they entered through lead into the techno-styled reception of the building. The doors had been made of Noi industry-grade materials, with reinforced rolling shutters placed on both the windows and doors. The building itself was made of reinforced steel and hurricane-resistant structural units. The receptions desk itself looked like oak, but underneath it was armor plating, packed with other Noi inventions to prevent injury to whoever worked the front desk that day. Atop the desk was bulletproof glass, which covered the whole desk, saved for the little space for the two-way speaker, which was at the top of the glass almost to the ceiling. The only way in and out was a door behind the chair that had to be reinforced as well; getting into that booth was going to be a chore, the couple thought. There was even a touch screen padd in front of the desk, marking it as the only way to sign in.

               Moving through another double-gasketed door, they walked into the main office space, which had a couple of desks with high-end computers on them and a back office with a see-through window looking out into the space. A mini elevator lead up to the upstairs living quarters for themselves and the whoever they chose to let live there. To another side was the armory, one of two. The second was located downstairs and offered more and heavier equipment then the first one. Even with workers passing through, there was plenty of space to move around; in the office area they met with the foreman for the building construction. The three went upstairs to see if the apartment area was coming together to the couple’s desire.

               The upstairs apartment was amazing, commented Jamie to Chloe, as the foreman give them the full tour: four bedrooms, three restrooms, a master bedroom and palatial bath suite. Spaced out accordingly, with an extra room behind the workout room that wasn't designated to the foreman, but the couple knew about that would serve as their changing and storage room for the dolls, as a large air-conditioned vault was part of it. The vault was large enough to fit twelve people, lined up in three columns of four. A light railing on either side made sure that one could enter without hitting a doll or two. Not that the foreman knew anything about that; he went on to show off the spacious kitchen and living room, bare at the moment as couple had not moved in.

               Pleased with the progress, their final stop was the basement where all the vehicles and such would be housed. It was very wide with very few obstructions in the way, perfect for parking cars, working out and with the far end designed as a shooting range. Just as the three were about to leave, the garage door to the basement opened up, catching all of them by surprise.

               "Who in the world?" Jamie said, watching a huge RV race in, making a sharp turn in wide garage. Jamie couldn't help but jump back, nearly falling into the foreman's arms. "Oh sorry," Jamie  apologized, feeling a little bit embarrassed.

               "Hey what's the big idea!" shouted Chloe in Korean, forgetting that no one in the room could understand her when she did that.

               The door of the large RV flew wide open, and out jumped a petite young woman, about 5 foot even, with bright blonde hair tied into twin pigtails, "Chloeeeee!" squealed the young woman as she flew into Chloe arms, nearly knocking the Asian woman down.

               "Kyla?" Chloe said, shocked to see her young cousin here, "What are you doing here?  How do you even know about here?" asked Chloe as she released herself from her cousin's vise-grip-like hug.

               The young Swedish woman pouted, "Choi Lee, don't be mean to me, Uncle Charles said you needed stuff, so here I am!" she proclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. Although super-intelligent, Kyla would at times act very childish. Jamie smirked at the sight as Chloe was trying to wrap her head around Kyla's answer.

               The foreman left to go back and watch over the crew's work, leaving the three women alone. "Kyla, you did--" started Chloe as Kyla placed a finger on her lips, with a big smile, she rushed back into the RV and produced an object of a jelly-like substance that Jamie instantly recognized the shape of.

               "Why is it shaped exactly like my wife's breasts!" demanded Jamie, grabbing the attention of the excited young woman.

               "Well..." started Kyla, "I got it from all the times Chloe came by to see Uncle Charles. At first it was kind of hard to sculpt, trying to find every angle I could find, not to mention having the computers digitally measure her breasts through her clothes, followed then by having them go back and take all the footage and digitally remove her top, so I could create a torso form for my latest invention." Kyla said without pausing between words.

               "Wait, latest invention?" ask Chloe, regretting what she just said.

               "My newest invention, silly Choi! The Impact Rubber v 2.0!" The young woman shouted at the top of her lungs, "It can protect you better then any ol’ stuffy vest out there!"

               Producing a P22 from her pocket hoodie, she laid the rubber form down and then fired straight into it. Jamie and Chloe ducked a bit, expecting the bullet to ricochet off the cement; to their surprise the bullet lay on the ground, crushed beyond recognition.

               "Awesome beans huh?" Chuckled Kyla, "It absorbs the kinetic energy from projectiles and evens some knifes!" she exulted, picking up the Chloe-shaped torso form and the bullet. The couple couldn't help but be impressed.

               "Now, where is this help you two have? So I can make body armor for them too?" Kyla said with a big smile.

               Looking at each other, the two seemed to be thinking of something, nodding and pointing to a ring and a neck, a shorthand code Kyla was having trouble trying to understand. She objected with a stomp that startled both Chloe and Jamie, settling their silent pantomime argument.

               "Kyla, if you're gonna be here, on the team, there's something you need..." began Chloe.

               "Hello" said a voice from the mini-elevator as it came down again; the three looked over, seeing an older woman, about in her late 40's. About Chloe's size, a bit worn from taking care of her family for many years; she was dressed in a green jogging suit. The older woman had her graying hair tied back into a bun.

               "I'm sorry we're not open at the moment." Jamie said, extending her hand to shake the hand of the older woman as she got off the elevator.

               "Yes, my name is Mrs. Mimi Williams; uh I know you're not completely open just yet, but Trina sent me here.  She said you might be able to help…"


The Outskirts of Houston: night.

               The night sky looked beautiful tonight as Chloe's Challenger raced down the lone interstate. Trailing behind it was the RV; although it didn't appear like it, the RV had been modified for high speeds, another product of Noi Industries, as its new hybrid engine could help the energy crisis. For a giant vehicle, it was really quiet, a sign of good engineering, unlike the modified muscle car Chloe was accustomed too. You could practically hear Chloe coming from any distance away.

               Kyla poked Vicky's cheek, expecting a reaction, instead she only got a blink of eyes that weren't even paying attention to her. Glancing behind the spydoll's neck, she peered at the wonder that was the neuro-control chip. "This is so cool! I heard about them, but I never thought I'd see one in person!" exclaimed Kyla as she continued to poke Vicky in other places for a response and getting none.

               "Now, Kyla, quit poking her, you might ruin her disguise," ordered Jamie as she peered up from the computer console, working on making a seductive persona for Vicky on her first official Spydoll mission. After the trio had listened to Mrs. Williams's case, they decided to give it a go; after all how dangerous could exposing an extramarital affair be?  They headed to what appeared to be a brothel in the middle of nowhere. In order to confirm that Mr. Williams was indeed having an affair with other women, they would have to send someone there to catch him in the act.

               "Hey, don't fall behind!" shouted Chloe over the comm signal, "Aisha, make sure you keep on me! Over," commanded Chloe, who was speeding down the highway in her black SRT-8 Challenger.

               "Yes mistress, I will adjust speeds accordingly." Aisha spoke in a monotone voice; fairly obviously her fake persona had been switched off for this mission.

               "That is so cool! Maybe one day I'll make one myself," Kyla proclaimed as she sat in the passenger seat of the RV, staring in wonder at the Amazon black woman.


The Brothel...

               Vicky Pennysmith walked through the brothel doors, a big smile on her face as she looked around giving a good couple of seconds to take in the inside of the house, shifting a pair of large sunglasses that hung on a tight tube top that was barely constraining Vicky's ample cleavage, "Can you see?" whispered Vicky, making sure that her mistress could see everything from the Recon Glasses, technology, courtesy of Chloe's father and Noi industries.  A micro earpiece was stationed in her left year, another marvel from Chloe's dad; the earpiece fit at the back of the ear, a thin strip of tech that vibrated the bones of the ear, thus giving Vicky the ability to hear her mistress and vice versa.

               "Loud and clear Vicky, you know your assignment, Miss Pennysmith," replied Jamie with a smile, trying not to laugh at the fake last name given to her for the role she would be playing.

               Pennysmith walked to the front desk, while the young woman at the desk barely registered her presence, "Hiye, like my name's Vicky, I was wondering if I could see your boss, sister?" the Spydoll said in a very girly matter, even the real Vicky would be appalled to hear that accent come out of her mouth.

               The young blonde only looked down and picked up a phone, dialing a number, waiting a few rings before hearing someone pick up.

               "What’s it, now lass?" Irene replied with a drowsy voice, having went to sleep early for something important the next day.

               "Mistress, there is a woman here to see the head mistress," replied the blonde receptionist; barely noticing the Spydoll searching around.

               "Alright, fine I'll be there in a shake, and don’cha be callin’ me mistress again girle," Irene said angrily, hanging up the phone.


The RV: a mile from the brothel...

               Jamie and Chloe were getting a little worried where this was going; for the most part, only Aisha was the only doll every to go quite this distance without their aid. Unbeknownst to them, this was not the first time Aisha had been chipped and serving another. Ryoshi would smirk at the fact the black woman has not been able to stay clear of the chips, even moreso falling into the hands of Chloe Noi and her lover.

               For Vicky, on the other hand, this would be her first venture alone; they didn't know how Vicky's programmed persona would hold up as she was only meant to scout for Mr. Williams. This was a whole new ball game. As they viewed the streaming video coming in from Vicky's glasses, they could tell something wasn't right.

               "Babe, maybe we should get her out of there," whispered Chloe to her wife, "I don't like where this is going."

               "Hang on honey, the boss is coming" Jamie said, letting her curiosity get the better of her. She wanted to know what was going on inside the brothel; she had just found the button to capture images, and was hoping to get a clear view just as two women stepped into the room, one a blonde cougar, the other a tall lean redheaded woman of Irish descent, wearing a pair of jeans and a white muscle shirt. Jamie thought it was important to save images of both of them.

               "My, my, what a beautiful woman you are." Mona St.Claire said, sitting at her desk, dressed in a black evening dress. "How can I help you, miss?"

               "Pennysmith" said Vicky as she adjusted her legs." And yes you can, I'm looking for an adulterer named Mr. Williams."

               Jamie instantly gasped as she placed her hand over her mouth, realizing she had forgotten to program Vicky to keep that information to herself. Chloe wasted no time in grabbing a spare modified SIG from the mini-inventory in the RV. Before she could leave, Jamie grabbed her arm, "Chloe, look at that!"

               From the shaky, bouncing video feed they could tell Vicky was struggling, held by the tall redhead; what came next caught them off guard. They saw the woman named Mona produce a chip, followed by...

               "OH crap!"


The first case Continues in Part 2

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