Spydoll Inc: First case, part 2

by Tek

These are all tales related to the hijinks that Tucker first had with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. Spydoll Inc tracks the mind-control adventures of Chloe Noi and her acquaintances. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

This part picks up right after the first part of First Case.


Seven months ago

               Vicky Sandrosi woke up to the sound of her alarm clock, hitting the snooze button. She sat up ungracefully in her bed, her hair a tangled mess from the night before. Her current lover was an investment banker named Oliver Townsend. He was handsome and most importantly filthy rich, Vicky’s type of man. Getting out of bed, she smiled to herself thinking how well the relationship was going even though she had just met Oliver a short time ago. She estimated after a few more dates like this one, the man would be wrapped around her finger. Oliver could be the one; the one who would set Vicky up for life.

               She left her apartment at around 9:30 AM as she always did, taking the freeway towards her boutique. It was no fortune five hundred company, but she made out well enough to afford the little sporty convertible she was riding in and her luxurious downtown loft. It was Friday, which meant it was time to fill up her fuel. She always waited till her tank was 3/4th gone. She pulled up to the gas pump and stepped out of her car. She had just inserted the nozzle into her gas tank when she noticed someone familiar.

               “Chloe Noi…” she whispered to herself. Chloe was a former girlfriend who had been Vicky’s type of girl too. Vicky however, got overeager with Chloe’s fortune and to make a long story short, the two were not an item anymore. It was a simple underestimation; Chloe was more aware of Vicky’s ulterior motives then she had thought. From that day on, Vicky was more careful with her lovers. Thanks to Chloe she was bagging Oliver perfectly. Taking a deep breath, Vicky prepared herself for an awkward meeting. Perhaps she’ll thank Chloe?  She did have Oliver after all, she thought with a cocky smile.  She turned towards Chloe…

* * *

               “Who the fuck are you?!” a beautiful woman shouted, appearing in front of her out of nowhere. Vicky looked around, shocked and confused. She had no idea where she was. Everything had changed around her in an instant, like the time when she ended up in her own display window. It’s happening again, she thought, horrified. She panicked after looking down and gasped in shock at what she was wearing. The outfit looked like something a streetwalker would wear.

               “Where am I?!” she managed to finally shriek in dread, as she was forcibly sat down in a patted armchair. It looked like she was now in some kind of office; off-white walls covered with old-looking pictures surrounded her. Through a nearby window she could see it was night outside. Other than that she was too terrified and disoriented to pick up on any other details.

               "Lass, the boss asked you a question," Irene said tightening her arm lock on Vicky.

               Vicky winced in pain; "Ow, you're hurting me!" she whined as she tried to wiggle free. "I don't have to tell you Jack shit, you're the ones who kidnapped me," she screamed back, still struggling to free herself from Irene's grip.

               "Enough." Mona said, grabbing Vicky by her hair, forcing her head down as she placed her own chip into the nape of the blonde woman’s neck. Immediately Vicky froze up, prompting Irene to let her go.

               "Why the hell ya done that for?" Irene asked as she watched Vicky stand mechanically at full attention.

               "It was obvious from her astonished expression she didn't know what was going on, whoever she was; someone had gotten to her already, and I bet the bastards are somewhere around here trying to find a way to shut down the brothel." Mona replied as she went over to her desk, "I'm going to shut down the girls; I need you to find those bastards, Irene!"

               "Yes, Miss St.Claire!" Irene said, leaving the room. She pulled out her hidden waistband pistol as she headed for the elevator.

* * *


               Mr. Williams came every now and then to this brothel; one of his co-workers had told him about it a while back; he was looking for more action than the mundane life he had begun to despise. After his children had grown up and left the house, it simply came down to just him and his wife living there. After so many years together, he thinks he's lost his interest in her without being too sure why; maybe he's hit a mid-life crisis or something. Whatever his marital problems are, at the moment his wife is the furthest thing from his mind as his paid for "entertainment" walks in from the bathroom of the small cozy bedroom.

               Tina Johnson, an African American woman who was taken earlier in the day, had already started her forced employment. Mona wanted a return on investment of her services, a return her father simply could not pay. She felt the young 20-something woman would do well in repaying her father's debt. Not that he knew anything of this one-sided deal, otherwise more people would start to go missing.

               Entering the room with nothing on, Tina was programmed per Mr. Williams’ request to shake her ass, performing an erotic dance routine especially for his pleasure. With precision, the young nursing student whirled around a bit before coming to a stop by the bed, slowly lowering herself onto it. Smiling, she began crawling towards him, "Sir, please lay back and let me service your every need."

               She crept up inch by inch, her hands running along his leg as the man began to harden with eagerness. Finally making it to his waist, she slowly unzipped his pants, pulling the pant down a bit; she let her tongue circle a bit, teasing him more. Laying back, he closed his eyes as he felt her taking his manhood into her mouth and then nothing.

               He waited a few more seconds before opening his eyes; looking down, he noticed the girl is still holding him, but isn't moving. He tapped on her head, which she didn't respond to. "What the hell? Lady, are you alright?' he asked, trying to figure out what just happened.  There was no response; she remained frozen in place, like a living statue.  He tried getting her to respond a few more times before deciding to do something else. Slowly peeling her hands away, he gently lifted her head and mouth off his manhood, moving her to one side. The girl continued to sit there on the bed, holding air with her hand, while her mouth was still opened wide.

               He didn't know what to think except that it was a good time to get out of there. Pulling up his pants, he ran into the restroom to clean up, make himself look presentable and then bolted for the door without even bothering to check on the young black woman. As he opened the door he could hear a lot of moaning and complaining as customers of all sorts didn't know what to think, either. For Mr. Williams, it was definitely time to go. He dashed out the door, noticing a single set of blue headlights heading speeding his way. From the shape of car and its sound he figured it to be one of those new Dodge Challengers that the Houston PD was starting to use. In a panic he dashed to his car, gasping, "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap." The last thing he wanted was for the cops to catch him with his pants down.

* * *

               “Everyone out! We’re closed for the night!” Irene ordered as she moved down the halls of the brothel. Stunned costumers, who were mostly men and a few women, greeted her presence with annoyance. However those who knew who she was and why she was there did not protest. The few women in the group quickly got dressed fully before exiting their rooms and then making a quick exit. A couple of men hastily collected their belongings in their arms and left even before the redhead could reach their room. There were a few that complained however, demanding their money back.

              “Hey I paid for a full night!” a man complained. He was a regular and he was barely dressed as he came out of his room. “She just froze up…” the hairy, chubby, man griped, gesturing back towards the room. “What’s going on; I want my money back!” He demanded putting his pudgy hands on his hips.

               Irena stopped in front of the man and peered at him with green eyes that were sharp as daggers. Another man carefully brushed passed the Irish woman with his head down to avoid eye contact. The man stared right back at her. He had spent a week’s pay for his playtime and he was going get it back unless the world was ending. Irena narrowed her eyes at the man before switching her gaze to look into the room. He had been with Rolonda, a busty Latina with curly bouncy red hair. She had dark-tanned skin and a sexy fashion mole at the corner of her chin. The woman had been an accountant before Mona laid eyes on her. The former accountant was laid out naked on her back with her head resting on the pillow, an expression of delight still on her face. Her hands were under the pillow while her bare legs reached upwards and towards her head, exposing her naked backside and womanhood. Irena smiled at the sight, remembering how conservative the woman had been.

               “Well?” The man asked rudely, snapping the Irene from her thoughts.

               “No refunds boyoh and it’s none of your damn business what’s going on,” Irene answered. The man frowned and was about to give the woman a piece of his mind but before he could, Irene brought up her pistol into view. “This is a Browning high-power; I have only fired it at the range so far… I would love to try a live target,” she cooed almost seductively, eying the man whose expression had gone blank.

               “Right…” he gulped. “Let me get my…” he then stuttered, eyes locked on the pistol. As he was about to head back into the room to get his stuff, Irene stopped him, blocking his path with her free arm. He looked up at her pleadingly as he is only dressed in his underwear at moment.

               “You had your chance, boyoh,” Irene said coldly. “Out!” she ordered with a sudden yell. With that the man turned and high-tailed down the hall. Irene smiled and looked back into the room, nodding at the frozen naked woman before turning.

               “All of the rooms are empty of guests, Ms. Irene,” Tabitha reported, coming down the hall. Mona’s sisters were on a different signal since they were not pleasure girls and hence were free to move even though Mona had frozen the others. The blond came to stop in front of the redhead and stood at attention waiting for her next command.

               “Where is your sister? Irene asked, looking around the hallway to make sure it was truly empty. She didn’t trust the chipped ladies as they were mainly just empty shells. The hall looked deserted; just the two women were pleasant. The only thing she could hear was the hum of the A/C in the background.

               “She is downstairs making sure the ground floor is secured,” Tabitha answered, her eyes looking ahead unblinking.

               “Good, report to Mona and tell her I’m securing the building now,” Irena then ordered, cocking the slide of her Browning.

               The blond nodded, “As you wish Ms. Irene.” With her orders, Tabitha turned and walked in the other direction. Once the blond was out of sight, Irene began to walk the hall one more time, making sure all had indeed cleared out. She walked slowly down the hall with her Browning low at her side, peering into the rooms as she passed.

               As expected, the chipped girls were all locked in whatever they were doing last. A few stood in front of the bed that each room had, frozen while stripping off their clothing. Others, like Rolonda, were immobilized while naked in bed in various poses. Some, like newcomer Tina Johnston, were hunched over or kneeling in front of loungers, their lips locked in sensual expressions. A couple were still dressed in boudoir lingerie or clad in tight leather outfits while holding whips in their hands; some had on leather masks as well.

               Irene stopped at the last door on the hall and looked in with grin. A blond with red streaks in her hair stood in front of the bed with her legs crossed at the knees, her hands running through her silky blond tresses as her head leaned backwards. Her eyes were shut and her red lips puckered. She was dressed in a purple sheer undergarment that barely hid her assets. Her legs were covered in matching purple thigh-high stockings. “Hello Jillian, enjoying your new life?” the redhead cooed as she walked into the room, looking the unmoving blond up and down. Jillian O’Connor had been Irene’s partner, serving the St Claire family, until Mona came into power. Jillian had been a faithful supporter of Tabitha and Mona couldn’t have that. “My, I have seen you dressed like this a million times and I still can’t get over it. You look so much better out of the leather outfits you used to wear,” Irene complimented, patting the frozen woman on the cheek before leaving.

* * *

               Chloe stomped on the brakes, sending the Challenger to a screeching halt with its tail end sliding to the left slightly. Jamie took a breath and leaned back after being pushed towards the dash by the sudden stop. She looked around and spotted their target’s car leaving the property, followed by a bunch of other cars. A man dressed in nothing but his underwear was darting from car to car trying to get a ride. One of the last cars finally stopped and let him in. “This doesn’t look good, Chloe,” she said worriedly as she watched some more people quickly leaving the building and dashing to their parked cars. Moments later engines were started, headlights were lit and the remaining cars were gone into the night.  In a few minutes the parking lot had emptied out.

               “I’m going in,” Chloe said with determination as she opened the driver side door. Before they had left the R/V, Kyla had given Chloe three things. One was the Impact Rubber™ armor vest that she had made, now worn stealthily under Chloe’s t-shirt. The other thing was pair of Recon Glasses. Then finally, a small communication device that could send and receive that fit securely in Chloe’s left ear. She checked the holstered SIG on her right hip before she began to step out.

               “Wait…” Jamie pleaded, grabbing hold of Chloe’s arm. “Let’s bring Aisha up,” she then insisted.

               Chloe stepped back into the car and shut the door, looking over at her wife’s worried eyes. “I need Aisha back here watching Kyla and judging what happened to Vicky. I don’t think deploying another doll is ideal right now. Don’t worry; I’ll be fine,” Chloe assured her, touching Jamie’s cheek with the back of her hand. Jamie still wasn’t sure and was still worried. Chloe smiled, getting an idea, “Here,” she said finally removing her trusty magic ring, slipping it onto Jamie’s finger, “Take this; if something bad happens, you come in for me.”

               Jamie looked at the ring on her finger and then back at Chloe, feeling more confident. “You be careful Chloe Noi, if you get hurt…”

               “I know, I know, I’ll be your doll for the unforeseeable future,” Chloe chuckled, opening the door again. “Now get the Challenger out of sight,” she said, stepping out.

               Jamie slid over to the driver’s seat and shut the door, then looked over at Chloe once more. The Korean girl smiled at her brightly before stomping her booted feet twice. Jamie couldn’t help but to smile as she started up the Hemi. For some reason she knew everything was going to be all right. Chloe gave Jamie a thumbs-up before she turned the muscle car around and headed back towards the R/V.

* * *

               Aisha sat on a leather swivel chair in the back of the R/V. Her back was straight, her knees together, with her hands resting on them. A blank look occupied her face as she looked straight ahead at nothing in particular. The former LAPD detective was dressed in form-fitting jeans tucked into brown riding boots and a white v-neck t-shirt that hugged her bust perfectly. Kyla moved around the African American woman eagerly with her palms held together.

               “So you’ll do anything I say, huh?” the blond asked but wasn’t expecting an answer. She only smiled at the other woman’s silence. She waved her hand front of Aisha’s blank brown eyes and giggled. She then poked the woman a few times on the cheek, giggling with every poke. “Aisha, put your arms up,” she ordered, smiling. Aisha did as she was told, all the while maintaining her empty stare. “Legs wide too,” Kyla added. Aisha immediately spread her knees apart. Kyla squealed with joy, jumping up and down.

               The small Swedish girl quickly settled between Aisha’s separated thighs. Kyla hungrily rubbed the dark-skinned woman’s thighs. “Your legs… they’re so strong…” she moaned. Leaning forward, she took in a strong whiff of Aisha’s covered womanhood. The taller woman remained still and blankly staring. “You smell good too…” Kyla whispered, looking up at Aisha’s silent face. She then reached up and groped the woman’s breasts through the t-shirt. “Such big boobies!” she laughed, sitting up on her knees. The blond was about to put face between the two melons when all the sudden the R/V’s door flew open.

               “Kyla?!” Jamie yelled. Kyla quickly jumped to her feet, holding her hands behind her. The girl only looked at Jamie innocently with a smile. She didn’t seem embarrassed at all. “There’s no time for that… you can do it later,” Jamie said, rushing passing her and sitting down at the computer terminal.

               Still smiling, Kyla moved behind the redhead, “What could I do later?” She asked innocently.

               Jamie quickly booted up the computers, “You know, have some fun with her,” she said, focused on the monitors. Turning around, she looked at Aisha, “Aisha, set up a secured perimeter. I don’t want anyone sneaking up on us. Put your arms down and do it now!”

               “Yes, Mistress,” Aisha replied, standing up and doing as she was told.

               “What kind of fun?” Kyla then asked innocently, sitting down next to Jamie and began helping the computer.

               “You know, sex… why is it taking this thing so long to boot up?” Jamie demanded.

               Kyla fingers danced across the dual keyboards and suddenly the image of what Chloe was seeing came into view. “I’m not like her, by the way,” Kyla replied. “I love my men!” she cheered. Before Jamie could say anything, Chloe’s voice came over the surround-sound system mounted in the R/V.

               “Guys, you read me? I’m getting ready to break in this joint,” Chloe said. The view on one of the 50 inch monitors showed Chloe’s hands opening a window and then climbing up onto the sill.

               “Five-by-five Cho Li,” Kyla beamed, putting on a headset. Her fingers working magic on the keyboard as an image the layout of large mansion appeared on the other monitor.

               “Chloe, what are you doing? You could have gone through the front door,” Jamie said, putting on her own headset.

               “Who sneaks into a place going through the front door?” Chloe grunted as she lowered her body into the house.

               “Front door…” Kyla chuckled.

* * *

               Chloe moved close to the nearest wall as soon as she entered the mansion. Her senses sharpened and she stood still as if frozen by her wife. She listened to the noises around her; there was nothing moving near her. Feeling safe, she began to stalk out of the room she had entered, which was a sparsely furnished bedroom. She silently opened the door a crack and peeked into the hallway. “You’re clear Cho Li,” Kyla’s voice sounded in Chloe’s left ear. She couldn’t see all the way down the hall to be sure, but she trusted her cousin. Kyla would never hurt her. With that thought, she stepped out into the hall. The hardwood-floored hallway lined with pale blue wallpaper was deserted; it was clear as Kyla had reported. “Down the hall on your left and to the right are the stairs that go up and on your right is the entrance lobby and the front of the house,” Kyla chimed in as if she was describing her own house.

               “How are you getting all this?” Chloe asked as she turned to her right and headed to the front of the house.

               “Using data from the Recon Glasses, along with the floor plans I downloaded; I have created a 3D image of the house. Booting up the infrared scanner now; in a moment we’ll know who is where and you Cho Li will be un-stoppable,” Kyla explained, whispering the last part for effect.

               “She’s amazing, Chloe… I thought I was good with computers,” Jamie added in awe.

               “She’s just a cute nerd, that’s all…” Chloe whispered back with a smile.

               “Got the scanner up, Cho Li,” Kyla began and then yelped, “Whoops; danger, danger!”

               “Chloe someone is coming!” Jamie warned in panic. “Quick, hide!”

               The sound of Chloe’s wife’s anxious voice made her lose her focus and without thinking Chloe opened the door double doors to the room closest to her and slipped in, gently closing the doors behind her. “Not that door!” Kyla gasped. Chloe turned around and her eyes went wide as saucers. Before her there were ten women: three were seated on a red old-style sofa, two sat on loungers at either side of the sofa and five stood behind the sofa. The five standing ones had bright smiles on their faces with their hands held in front of them at crotch level. They were made-up nicely, with just the perfect amount of make-up and their hair was styled perfectly. The gorgeous women were dressed in a mix of colorful cocktail dresses and elegant evening gowns. Three looked to be tan-skinned Latinas, one was African American and the last one was a cute blond. The two ladies seated on the loungers were dressed in sexy lingerie. Both were Asian and sat with their legs crossed and smiling faces with blank eyes. The last three ladies on the sofa included two blonds and a redhead, dressed in nothing but panties and smiling faces.

               Chloe looked at their eyes and breathe a sigh of relief, “I think they’re frozen.”

               “Don’t tell her to do anything!” Kyla yelled. It was the first time Chloe heard her do so since they were kids. “Can’t you see the heat signatures?” she prodded.

               “Sorry…” Jamie muttered. Chloe could hear the hurt in her voice.

              “Relax ladies, I’m alright,” Chloe assured. “Kyla she didn’t mean it and she would never hurt me either.” It was silent on the other end; Chloe could only imagine the two ladies sitting there in awkward silence.

               Suddenly Kyla gasped. “Cho Li, that Asian lady on your right,” the Swedish girl said. Chloe moved up to the suspended woman, who looked about thirty, but Chloe could tell from the light wrinkles around her eyes that she was a little older than that. The woman was dressed in a red and white lacy bra and panty set. A red lace garter belt sat on her hip and attached there were white thigh-high stockings. She had a fit and toned body; even though her breasts were on the small size she had a stunning physique.

               “Who am I looking at?” Chloe asked.

               “Trisha Tanaka; she's an investigative journalist, she won a Pulitzer last year for her role in uncovering a drug smuggling operation. Her last assignment had her going undercover on the street, investigating missing prostitutes. She went missing herself six months ago…”

               “Well, I found her,” Chloe replied looking over the motionless reporter. “Who else do I have  here?” she then asked, looking over the other women.

               “Hold one…” Kyla said, followed by the sound of rapid typing. “One of the Latinas is a school teacher missing two months; the redhead is a lawyer missing three weeks; and the blond at the end is cocktail waitress missing for almost a year. I don’t know who the others are; they’re not in the missing persons database or the facial rec site.”

               Chloe looked over the posed tableau once more, “Don’t worry about it; all that matters is that they’ll be safe after this. Is the coast clear?” she then asked, turning away from the group of frozen girls. She headed towards the closed door and leaned against it, listening. She couldn’t hear a thing. “Kyla?”

               “Not quite yet,” the perky Swede replied into Chloe’s ear. “The contact is still in the vicinity. Judging by the heat signature it’s a she and she’s about twenty yards from your current position.”

               Thinking for a moment, Chloe asked, “She’s not moving?”

               “That’s affirmative Cho Li, but she’s not frozen because she was moving a while ago,” Kyla replied.

               “I see,” Chloe replied, turning the door handle.

               “Cho Li! It’s not clear,” Kyla gasped.

               “Chloe, she’s right; I see it right here,” Jamie added, her voice full with concern.

               “Hush,” Chloe whispered harshly as she opened the door silently. She smiled to herself as the act was completely silent. Pulling it open a little more, Chloe poked her head through. She saw a tall blond standing with her back to her. The blond just stood there. Chloe had a feeling the woman was chipped just by looking at her.

               “She looks so tall… I want to be tall…” Kyla sighed. “Ouch!”

               “She told you to hush!” Jamie scowled.

               Chloe quickly ducked her head back into the room, closing the door back up as silently as she had opened it. “That’s it,” she whispered, “that’s enough,” she added, taking off the recon glasses and sticking them in her back pocket. “No more eyes; only ears.”

               “Cho Li…” Kyla whined.

               “Chloe….” Jamie whined in unison through Chloe’s ear.

               “Be quiet you two; I can’t work with you yapping,” she ordered in a stern whisper as she stealthily opened the door again. Poking her head out, she spotted the tall blond, who had not moved, standing in the middle of the hallway and looking left to right almost robotically.

               Chloe stepped out into the hallway and began to creep towards the blond. She controlled her breathing and kept herself calm even though she could hear her own heart beating in her chest. It felt like it had taken forever to close the distance between her and the blond but in actuality it had only taken a few seconds. Chloe was in arms length when the taller woman suddenly turned around.

* * *

               “You know…” Kyla said, looking up at the black image on the monitor where the image of the recon glasses was once projected. “I think we’re looking at Cho Li’s butt,” she said with a smile looking over at Jamie.

               “What?” Jamie asked confused turning to face the perky blond.

               “I mean think about it; she probably put them in her back pocket,” Kyla explained. “I wonder if I can get some light on…” she said leaning in forward, typing on the keys.

               “Just watch the scanners,” Jamie said, standing up. She couldn’t just sit there while the woman she loved was in that place. Ring or not, she couldn’t live with herself if something happened to Chloe. As tough as she was she wasn’t invincible.

               Kyla stopped typing and looked up at Jamie, “Where are you going?”

               “I’m going to Chloe,” Jamie replied, heading towards the door of the R/V, “I’ll keep Aisha here so don’t go anywhere.”

               “Shoot, it’s dangerous out there; you think I would follow you? You got something else coming!” Kyla replied turning back to the computer. “Good luck Jamie,” she said as the redhead left the R/V. Once she heard the Challenger started up and peeled away she picked up the radio, “Aisha come into the R/V please…” she requested, grinning.

* * *

               Chloe stuffed the tall blond into a hallway closet that was filled with spare bed sheets and pillows that her nearly six foot frame just barely fit. The blonde’s slender body was limp as a wet noodle thanks to a sleeper hold that Chloe had put her in moments before. “Sleep tight,” Chloe chuckled, patting the blond on the top of the head as she closed the door. She then wedged a chair against it, just in case the woman woke up. The taller woman had been chipped but after the sleeper hold effectively rendered her unconscious, Chloe removed the chip and smashed it with the heel of her boot.

               She looked around the hallway. It was deserted now, with the blond safely secured in the linen closet. “Kyla, is it clear?” Chloe whispered. There was no response on the other end for almost a full minute. “Kyla?”

               “It’s clear, Cho Li,” Kyla’s perky voice beamed in Chloe’s ear. “Sorry I was running uh…scans; yeah that’s it…” she then explained, clearly hiding something.

               “Stop playing around and watch my back,” Chloe scowled. She was feeling on edge. This whole sneaking around thing and knocking out people like some kind of commando wasn’t her thing. At least not yet; the last time she had done something like this she got shot. In fact the only time when her sneaking around was even partially successful was when Ashley had chipped her, but then she had no control of her body, and when she was with Ryoshi. She wished she could have spent some more time with the Japanese woman. Ryoshi was truly someone Chloe could admire and look up to.

               “Relax Cho Li, you’re doing great,” Kyla said sweetly, taking Chloe away from her thoughts. “No more moving heat signatures downstairs; I have three upstairs though.”

               “Got it, looks like I’m going up then,” Chloe said, looking up. “Where are the stairs?”

               “Ask and I shall direct…” Kyla said cheerfully as she began looking at the blueprints of the mansion. “There are two stairways; the closest is just a few paces from where you are, and just head up a little bit and cut a right…”

* * *

               Mona was sitting behind the desk in her office, typing on her desktop, deleting all her files. Mainly it was client information, money transactions and email communication. If she was going to get caught, they weren’t going to have anything that directly pointing at her. As for the kidnappings, she already had a plan to pin it on Irene if things came to that. She had just wiped one of her two hard drives when the laptop that controlled her girls beeped. “What? I thought I froze them,” she wondered out loud, turning her attention away from the desktop. Her manicured nails danced across the keyboard, pulling up command and status windows.

               Just then Tabitha walked in and stood at attention in front of Mona’s desk. “Sister, the bedrooms upstairs are secured. Ms. Irene is securing the rest of the property now,” the younger blond reported in a monotone voice, her blue eyes looking straight at nothingness.

               The laptop showed Tabitha in her office with her chip active. The blond desk receptionist Mina was out in the parking lot, making sure everyone had left and Lisa Miles, the maid, was cleaning down the hall. Where was Meredith?  Mona thought as she eyed the status screen and saw that it showed her baby sister wasn’t even in the building, or her chip had been destroyed. “Fuck…” she muttered, standing up from her seat. She spun around and eyed Vicky, standing at attention behind the desk. “Who the hell sent you!” she shrieked. Vicky remained blank faced and silent as the chip she was given had not been programmed yet.

               Turing back around, Mona looked at her younger sister. “Tabi, take the elevator down to the garage and get the car,” she commanded, “then meet me out back.” She was getting out of there. There was a contact that she had sold some girls to who had an airfield nearby. In two hours’ time she could be anywhere in the world.

               “As you wish, Sister,” Tabitha said emotionlessly and turned and left. Once the younger St. Claire was gone Mona started the wipe on the last hard drive and wiping her prints from the office. There was also the two million dollars in cash that she kept in a safe in her room that she needed to take before leaving as well.

               As she worked, she picked up her cell phone and speed-dialed Irene. “Did you find them?” she asked as soon as her assistant and bodyguard picked up on the other end. “Well, keep looking and stay down below till you find them!” she demanded before hanging up. She would be long gone before Irene McNeil realized what had happened. “You were a good friend, Irene…” she grinned as she finished cleaning off her files.

* * *

               Jamie steered the Challenger around the large mansion and came to a park behind the large house. She had taken an extra long way to avoid being detected from anyone that may have been looking through the front windows of the mansion. She had driven with no lights on, only using the moonlight to direct her. Even then she could only see just enough to not to crash. She opened the glove box. She smiled as she pulled out a rectangular velvet red box used to carry necklaces and opened it. In it were three chips that she and Chloe had kept in the car just in case. “I’ll need these, she grinned, closing the box. Opening the door, Jaime Noi stepped out into the night.

               She briskly jogged to the mansion. It was only a short distance to where she had parked the Challenger. When she reached the large house and leaned against the wall, she looked back to where she had come from and cursed. The black muscle car was parked in plain view, even in the dark, and looked to be in a sand pit. “Chloe’s not going to like this…” she muttered. Her wife wasn’t really a car enthusiast, but she loved that black Dodge though. Shaking the thought from her head, she began to scale the wall like she had seen in so many spy and army movies.

               Jamie had almost moved along the whole perimeter of the house before she reached a door. The door looked like it led to the basement, which acted as a garage as well seeing that there were dual garage doors next to it. Sticking the velvet box in her back pocket, she tested the doorknob. She almost squealed in joy at seeing it was unlocked. Opening it slowly, she winced after hearing the hinges squeak loud enough for the neighbors five miles away to hear. “Ah Fuck it!” she cursed and threw the door open the rest of the way. “Here I come, Chloe,” she said to herself before stepping into the cool basement/garage of the mansion.

               The garage was a low ceilinged room, with heavy thick hardwood support beams that held up the house above it. The floor was covered in smooth cool grey stone tiles while hardwood paneling masked the walls. Tools and supplies sat along the walls, items you would see in any garage or tool shed. It was coolly lit with overhead fluorescent light rods. There were two doors along the back wall, along with what looked like an elevator door. Occupying most the space was a maroon Corvette and a black Mercedes SUV.

               Looking around the room, she quickly deduced there were no threats and nothing of real use to her. She moved towards one of the doors; the closest one to her. Opening it, she saw it was a half bathroom, a fairly clean one at that. As she moved towards the last door, which she figured would be her ticket upstairs, the elevator started, indicating it was coming down. “Crap!” she cursed, looking around for a place to hide. Besides between the cars and bathroom there wasn’t really a place she wanted to hide. If she hid in the bathroom she could be trapped and crouching down between the cars wasn’t really good either since whoever was coming down was coming for the cars.

               Quickly thinking, she picked up a shovel from the wall and took a position at one side of the elevator. Her heart was beating hard as she clutched the digging tool close to her chest holding the metal blade up high. There was a ding signal as the elevator had reached its destination. Jaime heard heels walking from the soft-carpeted flooring of the elevator onto the hard tile of the garage. As soon the mass of the person was in front of her, she swung the shovel.

* * *

               Chloe moved up the stairs silently, all the while looking up. The place was eerily quiet. Even though Kyla had said there was movement upstairs, the house was big enough to hide any such sound from Chloe. A chill went down her spine and her chest began to ache. She winced, remembering what happened the last time she was sneaking up stairs. At that moment she withdrew her SIG and held it with both hands at eyelevel. New body armor or not she had no intentions of getting shot again.

               She finally reached the top of the stairs. Leaning against the wall with the SIG at the ready, she peeked her head around the corner. Taking a quick glance up and down the hall, she was relieved to see it deserted. “Where are those contacts?” she whispered to Kyla.

               “One went down… there’s an elevator a little ways down the hall on your left. Another is down the hall to your right and the last blip is to the left about thirty yards from you in a room on your right. Looks like they’re both going to be women,” Kyla replied in Chloe’s ear, “or small men with girl like features…” The last comment got a smile from Chloe, calming her down a little bit. Kyla must have known how tense the situation was as she tended to joke at moments like that.

               Chloe silently emerged from her cover and began moving towards the closest contact. Stepping into the deserted hallway, she could now hear movement. Holding the SIG at the ready, she inched her way towards the room on her right side. Reaching it, she cut the corner and moved left to see straight into the room without moving the door.

               It was a bedroom, old fashioned but nicely furnished. The room looked it like it was straight out of the 1800s but its furniture looked well taken care of. Standing at the foot of the bed was a blond woman dressed in a skimpy maid’s outfit. She was middle aged, Chloe could tell from her body shape, but she was still a looker nonetheless. Chloe paused for a moment with the pistol trained on the woman. The maid continued to straighten up the comforter that she had just laid out on the bed. “Hey,” Chloe said stepping into room SIG at the ready.

               The woman continued to work, totally ignoring Chloe’s presence. She looked at the blond closely and noticed the chip on the nape of her neck. Must be programmed to clean, Chloe thought, looking at woman and the tidy room, “let’s see if we can keep you in here…” she said to herself. Holstering her SIG, she moved up the bed and pulled all the sheets off the bed along with the pillows. The maid stopped what she was doing for a moment but then walked over to the fallen bedspread and with a vacant smile began making the bed all over again. “Good,” Chloe said, stepping out of the room and closing the door behind her.

               Back in the hall, she withdrew her SIG and began heading in the other direction. She found that the second floor was huge and realized she had not completely secured the first floor yet. “Kyla?” she whispered, stopping in an intersection. She looked down the hallways around her; both were empty with windows at the ends of them showing the night sky outside.

               “You’re going the right way, Cho Li, just a little bit more and should be able to hear the next lady,” Kyla replied.

               “I know that. Are you sure the first floor is secured?” Chloe then asked.

               “Well… It was secured when you were down there… I now have two moving contacts.”

               “Two? One is the one that went down, who the hell is the other?” Chloe clarified; she was getting a bad feeling.

               “I think that first contact came back up in the elevator and the other is Jamie,” Kyla answered. “Wait…the one that went down took an elevator to the basement… I have her still down there; she’s not moving. This new contact, I have no idea where she came from… sorry Cho Li, the scanners aren’t perfect. If this mystery contact was in a room near other contacts, the scanners would read her as a single heat signature.”

               “Forget that, you said Jamie was the other contact?” Chloe demanded.

               “Yeah; she went in after you… oh, did I leave that part out?” Kyla asked and Chloe could almost hear an innocent smile on the other end of communication device.

               “Yeah, you left that out! Who is this other contact? Forget about it, where is Jamie?” Chloe then asked, turning to head back towards the stairs. Not only was her wife in potential danger, she was also supposed to be Chloe’s safety net. “Damn it Jamie; I needed you to hold back…” Chloe muttered.

               As she moved back down the hall, a sound behind stopped her dead in her tracks. Pulling the SIG back up to eye level, she spun around. Down the hall about twenty yards away was a strawberry blond woman dressed in a classy looking evening dress. She held a duffle bag in her right hand. “Don’t move!” Chloe screamed. The woman looked at Chloe with a smirk, her blue eyes showed no fear. It was one of the two women that Vicky’s recon glasses had picked up earlier before things went south. This woman was most likely the boss.

               “Hello and who might you be?” Mona St Claire asked calmly.

               “Shut up!” Chloe replied and moved towards the elegant madam, who didn’t flinch. Closer now, Chloe saw that the woman was about Jamie’s height, almost a head taller than she.

               “I only asked you a simple civil question; the least you could do is answer it. You are in my house after all…” Mona said as Chloe reached her and jerked the duffle bag from her hand. It landed on the floor with a heavy thump. This girl has to be cop, Mona thought, watching Chloe’s movements. She was quite cute for a cop and her dress style was completely non-police-issue. That meant this girl was probably undercover. Where the hell was Irene?

               Holding Mona’s right wrist, all the while keeping the SIG aimed at her, Chloe spun her around and led her to the wall. “Shut up, I said!” she ordered, pressing Mona up against the wall. She then holstered the pistol and took Mona’s other hand so she could have full control over the woman.

               Mona winced as Chloe jerked both her hands behind her, “I call brutality, and I am not resisting you!” Mona yelled.

               “Who the hell are you?” Chloe then asked, holding Mona’s hands together at the small of her back.

               “My ID is in the bag officer… take a look,” Mona suggested, slyly seeing the pistol was in the holster at the girl’s hip. Chloe looked down at the bag and then back at Mona. “Go on now officer, everything you wish to know will be in there… I don’t have any more to say. I know my rights.” The Asian girl was slightly small than her, Mona thought she still had a chance in a fight if she could get both of her hands free…

               Chloe grumbled incoherently as one of her hands let go of Mona’s to reach for the bag in question. Feeling the Chloe’s grip loosen, Mona suddenly jerked her hands free and spun around. The movement threw Chloe off balance and stumbled her backwards. Mona took full advantage and shoved her heel into Chloe’s gut, making her fall back the rest of the way. As soon as Chloe hit the floor, Mona went for her bag containing her money.

               “What the fuck was that?!” Chloe growled, popping up from the ground to her feet in a fashion that looked inhuman. Mona’s back was to her; she didn’t realize her opponent was back on her feet. Chloe snapped her fist hard between Mona’s shoulders. The strawberry blond let out a blood-curdling scream in pain and stumbled forward before falling completely.

               “I give up! I give up!” she cried out in agony, writhing on the floor. “My back… argh! I think you broke it!”

               “Shut up!” Chloe screamed, grabbing Mona’s hair, making her sit up painfully, “You’re still moving, and I didn’t break shit! Now get on your feet!” she ordered, jerking the older woman’s hair making her stand upright.

               Mona was sobbing in pain. Her back felt like it was burning. “I give up…” she panted.

               “Look at me?” Chloe ordered. The woman did as she was told in fear of what this mad woman was going to do next. As soon as her blue eyes met Chloe’s green ones, Chloe let go of her hair and fired a lightning-quick right hook that hit Mona squarely in the jaw. The woman spun three hundred sixty degrees before falling to the ground again. Chloe looked at the twisted body and grinned almost evilly.

               Mona St Claire was twisted at her hip, laying her back. Her blue eyes were at half-staff with her lips slack in a slight grin. A clear indication that she was in dreamland and that she was going to be there for a while. One of her black heels had fallen off her pantyhose-covered feet when she had spun around. Chloe looked around the hallway and saw no one. She knelt down and slipped Mona’s other heel off and tossed it behind her. She smiled at Mona’s dazed looking face, “Last time my wife hit someone she knocked them out of both their shoes… I can’t have her one-up me.”

* * *

               The elevator came to a stop on the first floor. The doors slid open and Jamie poked her head out for moment to look around before the rest of her body followed. The blond that had come down in the elevator was out cold with a good size knot on the back of head, thanks to the shovel. She was now unchipped and sitting limply on the toilet in the garage restroom. The other door had not been Jamie’s ticket up, as it led into a very dark basement and she had no intention in wandering around in the dark by herself without IR goggles. So the elevator became her ticket. She took it up to the first floor only because she remembered how the floor plan looked like and that Kyla has said it was clear. She did wish she had taken an earpiece with her, though. She had no idea if the floor was still clear.

               Stepping out into the hallway, she moved slowly so not to make sound and kept close to the wall so as not to make any shadows. It was quiet; she didn’t hear a thing, only the sound of the A/C units humming throughout the house. The redhead moved through the house with the plan of going in a circle until she found Chloe. But she had sinking feeling that her wife might have gone upstairs by now and she wasn’t sure if she had the guts to follow. If Chloe was in real danger, she wouldn’t hesitate but she had a feeling that the Korean girl was safe and sound.

               Most of the doors lining the hallways were closed and Jamie didn’t bother to open them, fearing whatever was on the other side might be something she couldn’t handle. She came to a stop as the next door she was coming to was open. She slowly crept up to it and poked her head inside. The room looked to be a sitting room. The only thing it featured was a love chair, red walls and a single large Asian rug. There was a large window in the small square room but that was covered by dark drapes. A young redhead with a pageboy hairstyle sat on her knees in the center of the room in front of the love seat. She was frozen there, obviously, and looked as if she was giving the invisible man a blowjob. The girl was dressed in nothing but a black rhinestone thong and black stockings. There was a pair of black pumps with silver heels lying nearby as well as a slinky silver micro-dress. “Interesting…” Jamie whispered as she slowly closed the door to the room, all the while keeping her eye on the immobile redhead.  

               Finally, reaching the main entrance of the mansion, she stopped when she heard footsteps coming up the patio steps. Jamie quickly ducked into a nearby closet, leaving the door open a crack so she could see who was coming. A moment later the blond receptionist came into view. Jamie knew for a fact the woman was chipped, her blue eyes were staring ahead blankly as she walked past the closet. As soon as she went by, Jamie made her choice to come out and move behind the woman. The woman didn’t make a move to turn around and only continued walking. Moving closer to the woman, Jamie reached out and tapped her on the shoulder, freezing her in place, thanks to the ring.

               The blond known as Mina to Mona and Irene stood rigid in mid-stride, with her eyes looking emptily ahead. She was dressed in tight fitting grey business skirt suit and walked on matching high heels. Jamie brushed away her short blond hair and spotted the small chip on the nape of her neck that confirmed her suspicions. She then wrapped her arms around the stiffened blond and dragged her back to the closet that she had been hiding in a just a moment ago. Once the blond was in the closet, Jamie silently closed the door and continued her search.

               She didn’t get far when she heard yelling upstairs. She didn’t know what was being said but did recognize Chloe’s tone of voice for sure. Jamie quickly darted to where she remembered one of the two staircases were from the blue print. As she moved towards it, she heard another pair of footsteps moving ahead of her. She reached the stairs just in time to see the spiky redhead she’d seen earlier, darting up the stairs. To Jamie’s horror she saw that the woman carried a pistol in her hand. She took off running at full speed. The sounds of her heels pounded loudly against the hardwood floor.

               The sounds of Jamie’s pounding heels were enough to shift Irene’s train of thought from the noise upstairs. As she turned around she spotted another woman with flowing red hair racing at her. “What the hell,” she thought. Before Irene could act, though, Jamie had been quick and was on the same step that the Irish woman was on. Both redheads collided hard falling down and rolling down the steps.

               Irene had lost her pistol in the collision and was now quickly trying to wrestle herself free from the intruder, who was no match for her. She was clearly the stronger one and easily out-maneuvered Jamie’s weak grappling and tossed her aside. Irene then scrambled back to the steps towards her Browning.

               Jamie, recovering quickly, ran after her. She reached out and tried to tap her with her finger. To her horror the other redhead was still moving. Thinking fast, she quickly tackled the other woman.

               The Irish woman landed hard on the steps and growled like a wounded animal. Jamie was now on top of her. With a quick and hard move with her shoulders the weight was suddenly thrown off; Jamie had not expected the flip. Crawling quickly on all fours, Irene lunged at her trusty gun and only felt its familiar grip for a second before everything faded into black.

               Jamie sat back on the step, roughly leaning against the wall. She let out a breath of exhaustion and looked at the opened velvet box in her hand. There were only two chips left of the original three that were there. She snapped the box shut and looked over at the other redhead, whose neck now held the third chip. The athletic woman was still on all fours, frozen, with one hand still holding the gun. Her face was blank with her green eyes stared down at the gun. “Drop the gun and stand at attention,” Jamie ordered tiredly.

               “Yes mistress,” Irene replied in a monotone, her Irish accent still showing through the emotionless voice. The redhead stood up to attention, leaving her once trusted Browning on the floor.

               “Follow me,” Jamie ordered, standing back up and replacing the box in her back pocket. She collected the Browning as she went upstairs with Irene following behind her robotically. “I wonder why this didn’t work?” Jamie asked herself, looking at the ring on her finger as she climbed up the stairs. She thought for a moment and slapped her forehead. She hadn’t been thinking about freezing the redhead when she had touched her during their tussle. “Well, that’s why it’s Chloe ring,” she said to herself, reaching the top of the steps.

               Jamie and Irene turned the corner in time to see Chloe stand up from knocking out Mona. “Chloe!” Jamie called out, running up to her wife and hugging the woman.

               “Jamie!” Chloe echoed as she returned the hug and added a kiss. She pulled away and took in Jamie’s lovely features before hugging her again. “Glad you’re okay.”

               “I’m glad you’re okay too,” Jamie said, kissing the top of Chloe’s head. She looked down at Mona’s limp form and noted her pantyhose covered feet. “Punched her right out of her heels?”

               Chloe separated from Jamie and smiled brightly, “You bet I did.” She looked behind Jamie and noticed the spiky haired redhead from the video feed earlier. Now she was standing there, blank-faced and clearly chipped “Our new doll I, presume?”

               “You bet!” Jamie said with a smile, turning to look at the tall athletic redhead standing at attention behind her patiently waiting for her next command.

               “Let’s call Kyla in and see what we’ve stumbled on here,” Chloe said, looking back down at Mona.

               “I’m already on the way!” Kyla’s voice boomed into Chloe’s earpiece.

               “Kyla, get a line out to Sneakers too, we’re going to need his help,” Chloe then said as she stealthily slipped her ring off of Jamie’s finger as she was busy looking their new doll up and down. “Ah home sweet home,” she cooed, raising her hand and looking at the ring on her finger.

               “Hey, how did you…” Jamie asked with smile, looking at her empty ring finger and then to her wife.

               “It’s a two way street honey; you’re not the only one with the slick moves,” Chloe replied as she knelt down next to Mona and snapped her fingers, making sure she would not come to until they wanted. “This bitch is evil, trapping all those women… we can’t just let her go.”

               “I know; let’s keep her too,” Jamie suggested, kneeling next to her wife. “I may have an idea for what we can do that would be… fitting.”

               “An idea?” Chloe inquired, looking at Jamie with an raised eyebrow.

               “I think she’ll look great in a store front window,” Jamie replied with a sly smile.

               “Works for me,” Chloe agreed with a smile. “Let’s stand her up.” Together, Jamie and Chloe straighten and untwisted Mona’s limbs. Soon the strawberry blond brothel owner was standing up right at attention, sans her heels. Chloe smoothed out her mussed hair with her hands. “She’s not bad looking, gotta admit,” she then said, gazing at Mona’s face, which still looked dazed.

               “Not with that creepy expression,” Jamie said as she re-molded Mona’s face to a more neutral look. “Now she looks better,” the redhead concluded.

               “Let’s make her look really good,” Chloe said, wiggling her eyebrow as she moved behind Mona and found the zipper to the black dress. She tugged it south.

               “Sounds like a good idea,” Jamie agreed with a giggle as she tugged the shoulder straps of the dress off Mona’s smooth shoulders. Chloe from in back tugged the dress roughly. Mona wobbled stiffly a bit before the dress fell to her ankles. Underneath, the brothel owned was clad in a black satin strapless bra, a black thong under the black pantyhose. Chloe unhooked the bra from Mona’s back as Jamie stripped it off from the front, revealing Mona’s perfect round breasts capped with rosy nipples. “Those are nice…”

               Walking around, Chloe eyed them, “That they are,” she agreed and fondled the madam’s breasts lightly. “They have a nice feel to them, too,” she observed, offering her wife a feel. Jamie did so and nodded in agreement. Mona’s blue eyes continued to stare into the nothingness as the couple felt her breasts. Chloe then backed off and asked, “Barren desert or lush jungle?”

               Backing up to stand next to her wife, Jamie tapped her chin with her fingers in thought. “Hmmm… I’ll say barren desert.”

               “Let’s find out, shall we?” Chloe asked with smile, moving behind the stiff Mona and leaning her backwards. Jamie then peeled the pantyhose along with the thong off the stiff woman’s hips and down her sexy long legs.

               “Barren desert it is,” Jamie said tossing the clothing aside. “It figures; she’s a brothel owner…”

               “Yeah…” Chloe added, moving around and standing next to Jamie. Mona stood before them blank-faced and at attention. She was completely naked with perfect round breasts, a firm and near flat midriff, clean shaven womanhood and long bare sexy legs.

               “I’m here!” Kyla announced in a booming voice from downstairs; she was already in the mansion.

               “How can a person so small have a voice so large?” Jamie asked, looking towards the stairs.

               Chloe smiled, “Oh, you’re gonna enjoy living with her…” Chloe chuckled, walking towards the stairs.

               “Pick her up and follow us,” Jamie ordered the redheaded doll before following Chloe. “What do you mean by that?” she then asked. Irene walked up to Mona and lifted the naked woman from around the waist. Mona remained in her rigid pose as Irene carried her away.

               Downstairs Chloe and Jamie both stopped in their tracks, seeing Kyla standing in the main entrance. On top of the large doors making the girl look even smaller, what she was wearing was even odder. The perky blond was dressed in dark blue jumpsuit, her hair in pigtails and pair of green tinted goggles on her eyes. She carried a small net book in her hands and shouldered a heavy looking backpack. Aisha stood behind, dressed in more or less the same outfit. The chipped woman’s jump suit seemed to be more form fitting though as one could see her assets pretty clearly.

               “Yeah, we’re going to have fun living with her,” Chloe said shaking her head.

               “Fun?” Jamie asked incredulously.

* * *

               It was nearly two in the morning when Chloe, Jamie and Kyla finished going through the house. Sneakers helped via long distance communication and long range USB links until the house was finally secured. Chloe had been surprised that none of the clients had called the police but she figured they were all afraid of Irene McNeil or anyone finding out they were there. Little did they know Irene was completely harmless at the moment, unless programmed otherwise, thanks to the Spydoll chip she had on the nape of neck. Chloe learned from Sneakers through Internet searching that Mona St Claire, the woman that she had fought upstairs, was the big boss of the brothel while Irene was her trusty sidekick and enforcer. There were also Mona’s two sisters, Tabitha and Meredith, who Chloe and Jamie had knocked out during their sweep but the sisters weren’t involved as they had been chipped as well, presumably by their oldest sibling.

               Mona and Irene were both involved in kidnapping attractive women. They used the chips on their victims so that they could create the perfect working girl; one who looked great, did not complain or think, ate minimally, and most importantly did not have to be paid. With the chips Mona and Irene had full control of their ‘employees’ and anyone else who got in their way. It was in fact the perfect brothel, offering the best service, simply because the majority of the girls were there against their will. Thanks to the chips, the girls were willing to do anything for their clients as well. Chloe figured Mona would have mostly gotten away if it had not been for Mrs. Williams wanting to know about her husband; that particular case, the main one that started it all, had not been solved yet since Spydoll Inc. had not caught Mr. Williams red handed. Chloe and Jamie weren’t too stressed over that turn of events as they had an idea. The important thing at the moment was Mona and Irene were done and getting a taste of their own methods.

               “Well, I’m finished, Chloe. Sorry I wasn’t able to recover the complete data off the hard drives. The woman had a really good scrubber; those drives are done, they can’t even be used again,” Sneakers voice explained from the walkie-talkie sitting on Mona’s desk.

               “That’s fine Sneaks, you helped us figure out enough for us to piece the whole thing together,” Chloe replied, sitting back in Mona’s comfy leather swivel chair and yawning. “According to financial records, Tabitha St Claire was the original owner of the brothel and she ran it as legit as a brothel could be run; seems like she even treated her girls well. Everyone got paid under her reign. Irene and another woman named Jillian O’Conner acted as security, with Mona and Meredith working as assistants. Eventually, Mona got greedy from what it looks like and – along with Irene – took over the brothel forcefully. Mona must have gotten the chips from Ashley, according to the records you could recover,” Chloe summarized with a yawn.

               “Right,” Sneakers agreed from the other end of the line. “The chips were definitely bought from Ashley Tisdale. I actually was able to trace Ashley back to the brothel’s location some time ago though she was only there for less than a day. Soon after the kidnappings started. It looks like you recovered most of the girls though; I’ve been able too identified almost all the ones that are on the Texas missing person’s database. There are several that weren’t on there but I assumed they were the original brothel’s courtesans or prostitutes. We do also have a good number of missing women who should match the profile of the type Mona and Irene took, but they could just be coincidences.”

               Chloe let out a sigh, stood and yawned. “Coincidences or not, I don’t think they’re our problem anymore. We found the missing girl that was involved and Mona is out of power. I think we’ve done enough for one night,” the Korean said with another sensuous yawn as she stretched.

               “There are other missing girls, Chloe; even though I’m thinking possibly coincidence, I have a gut feeling it’s not, I think there is a bigger picture here,” Sneakers said quickly, knowing what was coming next.

               “Sneaks, I’m tired; I want to go home and we’ve really done too much today. Good night and thanks,” Chloe replied picking up the walkie-talkie and turning it off before the hacker could say any more. With the radio in hand, Chloe took one last look around the office, making sure she hadn’t forgotten to do anything. She had already wiped her prints and recovered the communication earpiece that was taken from Vicky as well as her recon glasses. Luckily Mona hadn’t destroyed the items since Chloe found them in her desk. Vicky was re-chipped with her Spydoll chip once again. Chloe had been especially grateful that Mona did not destroy that chip. Chloe only had a limited number of them. Being a gift from Ryoshi, they were priceless and irreplaceable. Even though the software that Mona used was similar to what Spydolls Inc. had, the chip quality was nowhere as sophisticated. Ryoshi’s chips were just better than the chips Ashley sold to the brothel.

               The top floor of the house felt really quiet and empty. They had used Mona’s laptop to unfreeze the chipped girls and moved them all to one place downstairs for processing. The second floor of the house was completely bare. Chloe trotted down the two flights of stairs back down to the ground level. Vicky greeted her, still looking sexy dressed in her disguise. “Mistress, everything is ready for our departure,” the former boutique owner reported and added, “Mistress Jamie would like to talk with you in the dining hall.”

               “The dining hall?” Chloe asked, looking around the large mansion. “Where exactly is that?”

               “I shall take you mistress,” Vicky said with a nod before she started to walk. The rest of the house felt quiet and empty. Chloe figured the old house probably never was this way before with the kind of business that went on behind these walls. As they made their way through the hardwood-floored halls, Chloe walked passed a parlor room. She stopped looked through the arched doorway that led into a high ceilinged room that was decked out in a Persian theme. Laying limply over one another in an unconscious heap were the two remaining St Claire sisters: Tabitha and Meredith. Meredith, the taller of the pair, was lying over her sister and nearly covered the shorter blond. Both sisters were clad only in their underwear, Meredith’s a set of matching black lace while Tabitha sported a set in tiger print. It had been Jamie’s idea to leave them like that since they were now the brothel’s rightful owners again and Kyla’s touch to have them dressed that way. The Scandinavian blond thought it was cute. Now the Chloe looked at them, she did too. “Mistress?” Vicky’s voice called. The chipped blond had stopped, turned around, and waited for Chloe. “Mistress Jamie is waiting to see you.”

               “Yeah, yeah,” Chloe replied as she started to walk again, taking one more glance over her shoulder at the slumbering sisters. She figured on top of being chipped for a long period of time and then being forcefully rendered unconscious, the two blondes would need some help getting up or they’d be out for the next day or so.

               The dining hall was the largest room on the first floor and possibly the house. It was located towards the south wing of the mansion between the kitchen and library. It was a high-ceilinged room in the old-style architecture of the historic house but featured three large crystal chandeliers that hung from golden chains overhead. The walls were polished wood-grain paneling with nature theme paintings. Like most of the house, the floor was hardwood. Occupying the center of the room was a large polished oak table that sat nearly fifty people in high backed velvet cushioned armchairs that flanked either side of the monstrous table.

               Vicky and Chloe entered through the opened double doors. “Are we all set in here?” Chloe asked, walking up beside her wife. There were thirty-three working girls in the house, not including Mona, her sisters and Irene. While Chloe was taking care of finding out was going on, Jamie and Kyla were handling finding out who everyone was. They had gathered all of the girls in the dinning hall since it was the biggest room and were using Mona’s laptop for searches. Jamie now stood at the head of the table, leaning over the laptop. Sitting calmly and quietly at the table were the chipped girls of the brothel; most were naked, while a few were dressed in skimpy outfits, and all were sitting with backs straight, staring emptily ahead. Chloe grinned at seeing Mona, who was just as naked as some of her girls. The cougar stood at attention in the corner with a neutral expression on her face. Standing next to Jamie was Mina the receptionist and an African American woman; both stood rigid, stiff as arrows. Mina was still dressed in the grey business skirt suit and heels. The other woman was dressed in a hot pink thong that contrasted with her dark skin along with a pair of white thigh-high black leather high-heeled boots. Her breasts hung free and naked. She had an athletic build with clear-cut muscles, hair worn short and braided in stylish cornrows. Like Mina, she stood with staring empty eyes and a vacant expression.

               “Just about. I have Kyla out contacting the ITEA as you have asked. She’s using the R/V’s scrambler line so they won’t be able to trace us,” Jamie replied, her attention still focused on the laptop. “I’m just making sure I delete the last of our commands from their chip’s programs so IT won’t get wind that we were ever here. Also, I found a list of client preferences that we could use later on Mr. Williams, downloaded that wirelessly to our systems in the R/V. I’m just about done with it though,” she said, looking up at the table and the thirty something waxwork-still ladies before her. “Some group Mona and Irene collected here,” she pointed out. “We have accountants, lawyers, and a cook; there’s an engineer in there and even a preschool teacher. That maid over that at the end of the table and the cute redhead next to her are mother and daughter: Lisa and Claire Miles. Lisa is actually a deputy mayor or something,” Jamie gestured. “Out of the thirty-three, nineteen were reported missing. The others are prostitutes and some high-end call girls.”

               “I see,” Chloe replied with a nod, looking at the group. She then gestured at the two young women standing stiffly next to Jamie, “How about them?”

               “Oh, them!” Jamie replied with a beaming smile, clapping her hands together. “They’re coming with us.”

               “New dolls?” Chloe asked with a raised eyebrow. Chloe didn’t like to just chip or freeze anyone lightly; there had to be a good reason, just like with the rest of her dolls. She sighed, “Alright, give me the skinny on them.”

               “Okay,” Jamie said smiling moving over to Mina. “This is Mina Janssen, twenty-eight years old, she’s from the Netherlands and before Mona chipped her she was a high roller ecstasy dealer, almost queen pin status. Her brand of modified ecstasy was responsible for at least five deaths.”

               “Okay! Welcome to Spydoll Inc!” Chloe greeting the unhearing woman without a thought; Mina deserved the doll treatment for sure. Chloe looked her over, up and down once more and nodded with a smile. She would be a great addition there was always room for hot leggy blonds.

               “Moving on,” Jamie continued, side-stepping to the African American woman. “This is Crystal Barns, she’s twenty-five years old and is also known as CB and the Queen B. From what Kyla pulled from her far-reaching criminal record, she was an enforcer for a local all girl gang, the Reapers. She might have tried to take over and failed so she ended up here. If we let the authorities get her, chances are they’ll release her and she’ll be out for revenge. Doesn’t look like Crystal here is the understanding type.”

               Chloe looked Crystal up and down when Jamie finished. Her face looked tough and street-smart but with a programmed chip controlling her actions she would be a valuable asset. She was also quite attractive too, with high cheekbones, oval eyes, and near perfect ebony skin. “Sounds like we have ourselves another doll,” Chloe said as she groped Crystal’s naked full breasts. “Welcome to Spydoll, Inc!”

               “Thank you for accepting us, mistress,” both girls suddenly said in unison with emotionless robotic voices.

               “They’re chipped already?” Chloe asked, moving next to her wife and putting an arm around her. “Why, you move fast, don’t you Mrs. Noi?”

               Jamie only grinned, looking over at Chloe, “I do; I knew you were going to accept them,” she replied, kissing her wife.

               “I have contacted the authorities as you have requested, mistress,” A monotone voice reported from the doorway.

               Chloe and Jamie turned from their embrace and stared at Kyla, who stood at rigid attention in the doorway. Her Swedish cousin was dressed in a plaid mini-skirt with a frilly hem that sat just under her crotch. A tight-fitting short-sleeved blouse barely covered the girl’s small but perfect-looking breasts. Her petite frame stood on a pair of shiny black high heels. Her light blond hair hung loose at her shoulders. The blank look in Kyla’s blue eyes told them that perky girl had been chipped.

That wasn’t part of the plan.

               Chloe’s fists balled up. “How the fuck?” Chloe shouted as her muscles began to tense up; “Who…” she began to say.

               Suddenly Kyla smiled unexpectedly and giggled, “Gotcha!” the girl said, reaching her palm out. Just like that the blond went from being ‘chipped’ back to her normal impudent self.

               “Damnit…” Jamie cursed. “You’re really scared the daylights out of us, Kyla!" Jamie retorted as she sat back down in her seat, "How did you make your eyes look like that?”

               “You're not chipped?!” Chloe demanded loudly, interrupting Kyla’s fun.

               Kyla looked at Chloe as if she was crazy. “Of course not, silly Cho Li!”

               “It's just that I,” Kyla replied, going back into ‘chipped’ mode. “I like to do this for fun,” she then replied, talking like a robot and jerking her head left and right mechanically like one as well.

               “Okay, stop doing that, you’re starting to freak me out,” Jamie then said. “You didn’t have to change your clothes either to pretend you were chipped.”

               “Yeah, but I wanted too…” Kyla pouted, looking down at herself.  “Don’t I look hot?”

               “Don't do that again Kyla,” Chloe said with a grin, shaking her head. “Let’s pack up and get out of this place.”

               “Wait; I do want to show you something,” Kyla said excitedly, jumping up and down, stopping the other two women from what they were doing. The short girl cleared her throat and then bellowed, “Ladies!”

               Just then Aisha and Irene sashayed into the room. Chloe and Jamie’s jaws dropped at the same time, seeing the two tall Amazon women as they both stopped still and stood side by side. Aisha was dressed in a leopard-printed G-string. Her bust was covered in a black see through bra. A gold looped belt sat on her shapely hips. She stood proudly on a pair of leopard printed three-inch mules. Finishing the outfit was a black transparent teddy with the hem sitting at Aisha’s crotch. The woman’s braids hung loose and fell to the middle of her back. Irene’s womanhood was clad in crotchless white satin panties, revealing her neatly trimmed red landing strip. She was topless, showing off her small but flawless round breasts. A pink see-through robe that fell down to mid-thigh on her long legs finished up the outfit. The Irishwoman stood on three inch white mules with fluffy pink toes. Her hair remained spiked, the only thing on the striking redhead that remained the same since the last time Chloe and Jamie had seen her.

               “Kyla’s dressing the dolls from now on,” Chloe said seriously. Her eyes hypnotically locked on Irene. Jamie was silent but nodded in agreement.

               “You like?” Kyla asked. Chloe and Jamie nodded in unison with their eyes still staring at the two tall women as if entranced. “Cool,” the Swede squealed.

               It was nearly ten minutes later when Jamie and Chloe were finished closely examining the two women. Irene was definitely going to be a welcome addition mainly because Chloe had a thing for redheads. Jamie ordered the other new girls, Crystal and Mina, to haul Mona’s stiff naked form out of the brothel as if as if she were a piece of furniture. Aisha headed for the R/V, following the new girls with Kyla in tow and again acting as if chipped. Jamie, Chloe and Irene headed for the Challenger parked behind the mansion, with Irene leading the way and couple following.            

               "You know we got lucky tonight."  Chloe said, walking beside Jamie.

               "What do you mean by that?" Jamie replied, trying to shoo away the gnats as they walked backed to the Challenger.

               What if it was Ashley or even Jane behind this operation?" Chloe said calmly. "Vicky is not half as evil as those two were, I think the same could be said for Ms. Mona St. Bitch.  We could have been in real trouble if they knew we were coming."

               I see what you mean honey, what do you think we should do?" Jamie said, looking at Chloe.

               "I say we keep Ashley frozen, maybe forever. I dunno..." Chloe suggested, staring at her wife.

               "I’m not sure Chloe, I think I need to think about that for a while" Jamie said, going quiet as she started pondering the fate of their greatest nemesis...

               “Damn… she’s so hot,” Chloe said as she watched Irene saunter from behind. She held Jamie’s hand as they walked, breaking Jamie's train of thought about Ashley.

               “She’s alright…” Jamie replied, with a hint of jealously. “She’s kind of on the muscle-bound side if you ask me.”

               “She’s hot,” Chloe said, focused on Irene. “I think I want a threesome tonight. Make me a Chloe sandwich with two hot redheads. How does that sound?” Chloe asked eagerly.

               Jamie let go of Chloe’s hand. “No,” she said seriously. “That woman is evil, I’m not going to sleep with her, chipped or not.”

               “Jamie…” Chloe whined. “It makes it even hotter that she was so evil and we control her now…”

               “No,” Jamie said firmly, crossing her arms.

               Just then they reached the Challenger; Chloe stopped and pointed. “My car… you parked it in… a sand pit?” Chloe asked putting on her hands on her hips and giving Jamie the evil eye. Irene came to a stop in front of the vehicle and stood at attention, waiting for her next command.

               “Oh…I forgot about that…” Jamie said smiling bashfully. “Sorry…”

               “So you decided to go in after me without my permission, which worried the hell out of me by the way, and then you parked my car in a sand pit? Do you know how long it will take us to get out? It’s a rear wheel drive car with five hundred horsepower! Don’t get me started on how hard it will be to clean the sand out of the undercarriage later; it gets everywhere. "Oh, Jamie, you’ve been a bad girl,” Chloe said, wagging a finger at her wife.

               “I’m sorry…” Jamie admitted, smiling nervously. “How about that threesome, honey!”

               “Sure!” Chloe said with a devious smile and snapped her fingers, freezing Jamie solid. Walking up to Jamie she grinned, putting an arm around her stiff shoulders and looked into Jamie’s empty green eyes. “You’re going to be my doll for tonight and I might even let you in on the fun. Irene, load my wife into the car while I figure out how to get us out of this mini-Sahara.”              

* * *

Spydoll Inc. Building: North Houston Area

9 AM - a week later

               Chloe woke to the morning sun as she rolled over, reaching into empty space and sighed as she realized her wife had gotten up very early once more to try and find Mr. Williams again. The sly asshole had eluded them again. It seemed like he was on to them since the incident at the brothel, "Stupid evil woman..." she thought as she sat up in bed.

               A few minutes later Chloe was up and dressed, heading out of the master bedroom and into the living area, where she stopped to admire the couple's new mannequin: Ashley Tisdale. The former Type-7 inventor was now motionlessly clinging to a stripper poll set up in the corner of the living room. Jamie had finally made her decision about Ashley. Namely, that Chloe had been right; letting her and other dangerous women run around as Spydolls with the risk of unexpectedly being unchipped was too much a gamble. While Chloe only mentioned Ashley, Jamie promptly added Mona St.Claire and Jane Crazyeagle to that list, her wife having found a better way to hide those two. Ashley, on the other hand, they wanted to keep a close eye on. And so they decided to add her as permanent décor to their already impressive living room/ Entertainment center.

               Ashley Tisdale had been hard frozen and moved into corner of the room, holding onto the stripper pole that had been just installed for the diorama. She stood stiff as a statue, with her hands and back pressed against the pole, her arms raised and clenching the pole. One leg straightened out to touch the plastic platform, keeping her figure balanced while the other shapely leg was bent at the knee, the sole of her high-heeled foot against the pole. Her head rested on the pole she held the look of arousal molded on her face. Eyes at half-mast, lips slightly parted, as if she was forming a word.  Her hair had been let down into cascading waves, it moved with the air conditioning direction, but that was the only movement she would ever make again. Ashley had been dressed in silky-white lingerie, with a garter belt holding up the sheer white stockings that graced her toned legs.  Her exposed skin seemed as hard as plastic and slightly shiny; whether that was an effect of the freeze or one of Kyla’s special touches Chloe didn’t know, but she liked the look.

               Chloe continued her morning by eating breakfast while watching the news. Her mornings had slightly changed with Jamie since the Mr. Williams case wasn't done just yet. She cursed herself for having such a shitty time getting one man, while Jamie repeating saying it wasn't her fault. As doing P.I. work was new to both of them and didn't they expect Spydoll Inc. to take off without a hitch somewhere. Tossing her dishes in the sink for Fiona to wash later, she hurried to the makeup room where she found Jamie, hard at work on Aisha and Janna.

               “You know you could just have just let Kyla finish dressing them up,” Chloe suggested as she checked herself in one of the mirror inside the room. Playing with her short black hair, she let it fall back down, settling at just below her chin. She had just started applying light make-up on in the form of blue eye shadow and pink lip balm from one of the makeup trays next to Jamie. Wearing her usual tight fitting jeans with designer ‘holes’ cut into them with a simple dark blue baby-t that hugged her breasts firmly, she stood in her favorite strappy clunky black biker boots. Chloe stomped her boots for good luck and smiled at reflection.

               “Damnit Chloe, don’t do that; it bugs the hell out of me! You know better then to do that in the apartment, honey.” Jamie complained as she applied make-up to Aisha. The dark skinned woman stood statue-still at attention and was nearly naked, save for a red micro thong and a black strapless bra. Her braided hair was tied up and held out of the way. Janna Brinsworth stood next to Aisha and was already made and dressed up. The dirty-blonde-haired woman had hers styled in a ponytail, her eyes covered by a pair of wire framed glasses. She stood wearing a tan open neck short sleeve top under a brown denim jacket. A maroon frilly skirt sat on her hips. A pair of wicker wedge heels finished the outfit. Like Aisha, she stood at attention but held a romance novel in her right hand.

               “Too bad Jamie; it’s for good luck. Sometimes I don’t get what you want in a relationship,” Chloe replied smugly, sticking her tongue out behind her wife’s back. “Seriously. I'm sure Kyla won't mind finishing up Aisha; I mean she practically spends all her time programming her, why not let her dress her too?” Chloe suggested again as she looked over Janna and adjusted the blankly staring doll’s jacket. "I mean we did give Aisha to her as a welcome aboard present."

               “First off, I saw what you did with your tongue and second Kyla is putting up the other dolls,” Jamie replied, fanning Aisha’s lips which were now ruby red.

               “Whatever…you’re just controlling. So what did you see do with my tongue,” Chloe said, sitting down on a nearby stool and spinning around in it.

               Jamie turned around, “Do it again, I dare you,” she challenged with grin.

               Chloe couldn’t resist, even though she knew the outcome. Her tongue slowly slipped out between her lips. With lightning-quick speed Jamie grabbed and pinched Chloe’s cheeks. “OW! Chloe cried. “Let go, let go!” she begged. Jamie then leaned in, kissing her wife hard on lips and the two embraced for a moment before separating. “Bitch…” Chloe muttered, rubbing her cheeks.

               Jamie went back to work on Aisha, “I love you too,” she said smiling. “Go check on your off the wall cousin; see if she put up Crystal and the others,” she ordered. “It’ll be few minutes before Aisha is ready. And don't forget to check your gear.”

               “Fine,” Chloe said standing, stomping her booted feet again and making Jamie jump.

               “Cho Lee Noi!” Jamie turned around, annoyed, but Chloe was gone. “That damn ring…” Jamie grumbled shaking her head.

* * *

               Chloe walked into the vault area of their apartment, they had decided to have the dressing room sectioned off with another protective measure to keep the dolls from being found, stolen or worse. The doorframe was made of reinforced steel with tinted black shatter-resistant windows; a lonely keypad was the only way in or out of that section of vault. Upon entering, she frowned as Kyla was up to no good again. The spunky blonde had got undressed and now stood stiffly posed next to one of their latest dolls, Crystal. The young African American woman at one point had the leader of a gang, but now had become a Spydoll.

               "How may this doll be of service?" Kyla spoke in a flat tone, keeping her gaze straight ahead. She walked closer to Chloe with a mechanical like movement, taking her time to reach her target, the whole time keeping a neutral expression. She abruptly stopped just before reaching Chloe.

               Ignoring Kyla, Chloe moved closer to her newest doll, inspecting her closely. Crystal was unchipped; the chip that she used the night before was now on Janna. The dark-skinned woman stood with her hands on her hips and legs spread wide. A wig covering her short frizzled hair, Chloe had the woman's woven cornrows undone and straightened out followed by a shoulder-length black hair extension.  She was dressed in a red tube top and a black leather mini-skirt. Red fishnets covered her legs and she stood tall in white go-go boots.

               Chloe giggled at the black girl’s face, as it was molded into a drugged out look from the night before. The Korean girl fixed Crystal’s face, giving her natural expression with empty eyes and slightly parted lips while ignoring her cousin's determined attempts to get her attention. Chloe ignored her, whistling the tone of ‘Sexy Chick’ as she raised Crystal's arms over her head and removed the tube top, rendering the girl topless. She twisted the unmoving girl’s nipples a little before moving south, still whistling. Moving her legs together, Chloe removed Crystal’s skirt followed by the doll’s fishnets and the boots.

               Kyla continued to “play doll" while Chloe was trying to undress the actual Spydoll she had in front of her. After a minute, Kyla's constant staring finally got to her, "Kyla would you quit that and go help my wife with your play toy?" barked Chloe as she pointed to the outer door of the sectioned-off room.

               "Awww, come on, Cho Li, I'm just trying to have some fun!" whine Kyla as she broke out of character, putting back on her clothes, "And besides, Jamie won't let me play with her!"

               "Don't care; go!" Chloe said pointing again to the door, watching the young blonde walked to the door with her head hung low. Pouting, she turned around, trying to puppy-eye Chloe into letting her stay, but Chloe had already turned her attention back to Crystal again.

               A few minutes later, Crystal was now completely naked; Chloe arranged her pose so she was standing at attention. She then lifted the stiff girl up and carried her like long heavy pole to a nearby metal door. Opening the door, Chloe was welcomed by the sight of their other unused dolls standing naked at attention in a row against the wall. Crystal, Vicky and Mina were all present and accounted for. Irene had been relocated to the married couple's bedroom, where she waited uncomplaining and mindless, to be used again for either pleasure or business. Irene being there was mostly Chloe's idea, she had built a small crush on the red-haired woman. Maybe it was the pixie haircut, Chloe thought as she set Crystal down next to Mina, the frozen Dutch woman and blew a kiss to all the stiff ladies before leaving, “Night ladies, till next time,” she said, walking out and closing the metal door.

* * *

               Chloe wore the yellow tinted glasses. In one lens was regular vision while the other showed a semi-transparent image of the master computer. The image was actually what Janna was seeing through the lenses of her high-tech eyewear, called Recon Glass. Small transparent microchips were embedded into the lenses of Janna’s glasses. Those chips acted as a tiny camera and sent the image to Chloe’s left lens via micro transmitters in the frame. The image that Chloe saw was partly transparent so she could also see through both lenses. Chloe’s image would be sent to main doll computer however, where Jamie could actually save it, analyze, modify or do whatever to it. “Gear checked,” Chloe said to herself with a grin, taking off her glasses.

               Kyla, for all her silliness, was very good with the op-tech equipment she came up with; the glasses being one of them, the other being the impact rubber vest Chloe wore under her shirt. She gave the lightweight rubber a tap as its form fitting mass moved with her, acting also as a sports bra.  If impacted by a fast-moving projectile, the rubber would instantly stiffen, becoming stronger than Kevlar, then soften immediately afterward. She smirked to herself as she walked to the R/V, ready to finish up her first case, hopefully today, given Mr. Williams's cautionary ways at the moment.

* * *

Houston: Downtown Area

2 PM, Corner of Dallas St. and Main St.

               Aisha was dressed in a light blue strapless silk sun dress. The dress looked more intended for sleep wear than anything else, because it was very revealing in public. Its hem was short and easily moved by the lightest breeze, revealing whatever or lack of whatever the wearer had on underneath. In Aisha’s case it was a micro thong that really only hid her womanhood; her ass cheeks were fully exposed by the slightest movement of the dress. It was also very low cut and strapless, so ample cleavage was visible. Her six-foot frame was further elevated on five-inch-high platform mules that were impossible to walk in. In conclusion she was dressed in a manner that no sane or decent woman would dress in. Luckily Aisha didn’t have much of a mind to think that with as the skin-toned chip on the back of her neck did all of her thinking for her.

               The dark-skinned Amazon stood casually at street corner a block away from an outdoor café. At the café itself, Janna sat at one of the tables with a latte in front her, pretending to read her novel. Out of view two blocks over, Chloe sat in her black SRT-8 Challenger with her yellow-tinted glasses on her face. Looking into her review mirror, she spotted some birds that had landed behind her car. She smiled and revved the glass-packed V-8, sending the birds up and away.

               “Chloe! Do you do that just annoy me all the time on purpose?” Jamie barked into Chloe’s earpiece. “I told you to never do that, it messes with coms.” Chloe chuckled. “I heard that Chloe,” Jamie replied flatly. “Tonight I’m going to have a little Asian doll to play with,” Jaime then said seriously.

               “Hey!” Chloe shot back, looking at her hand and seeing that her ring was missing. Thinking back before they left she remembered they had made out a little bit. “Jamie, come on? I was just playing with you…”

               “Too late,” Jamie replied flatly. “Now focus on the case.”

               As on cue, Janna’s voice came the coms, “Target spotted,” she reported in near whisper.

               “Confirm, Janna,” Jamie ordered.

               At the café Janna looked up from her book to a table across her where a balding fat man in a blue polo and khaki shorts had just sat down with a latte and newspaper. “Chloe?” Jamie then asked.

               Looking at the transparent image in her lens Chloe replied, “It’s that fat fuck Williams alright. I’m sending in Aisha. Aisha, move,” Chloe ordered.

               “Moving,” Aisha calmly replied. The tall dark-skinned Spydoll sauntered up the block, moving seductively on her towering heels. A moment later she slowly passed the café. The balding man noticed her right away and lowered his paper. After looking around cautiously for the familiar black SRT-8, he had seen a few nights ago both at a club he found and at the brothel when things went crazy there. It was nowhere in sight. He quickly got up from his seat and caught up to Aisha, stopping her.

               “Excuse Ms,” he greeted. His voice was easily heard on the coms. “I have a place nearby if you want to hang out?”

               As programmed Aisha replied, “Sure thing sweetie,” despite his lame pick-up line.

               “Janna, cover them,” Chloe ordered. A moment later the image of the fat man talking to Aisha came into view in Chloe’s relay lens. “Jamie, save fat fuck's guilty shot,” she then ordered.

               “Saving the evidence now; looks like Mr. Williams’ jungle fever continues… I was so sure he was going to go after Crystal last night. Anyway, we have what we need, Chloe. Call them back,” Jamie said.

               “Roger that… got you, fat man; got you at last!” Chloe laughed, putting the car into gear. She had to intercept Aisha before the fat man ruined her. She suddenly hit her brakes. “Aisha, kick his ass, Janna assist,” she ordered, smiling evilly.

               “Chloe!” Jamie barked. “Aisha, Janna belay that order, belay.”

               “Sorry Jamie, if I’m going to be your toy later, I get to have some fun now…” Chloe replied as she hit a switch on her dash that cut off Jamie’s signal.

A few days later...

               The sun had barely come up when the owner of the Red Rouge unlocked the back door to the boutique to start another day. Trina Goldworth hummed to herself as she locked the door behind her. It was her normal routine; she would arrive hours before business time, check the front and back end of the store, tidy up, and finally open when she was satisfied with how the store looked. The only difference today was that it was that time again, time to vary the clothes worn by her many display mannequins. The change took place every couple of weeks, letting Trina show off the newest additions to her inventory; on this day however she was a little more excited as she also got to work with two of her newest mannequins.

               After switching on the lights of the boutique, Trina headed to her office and fixed herself a cup of Earl Grey as she settled in for the day. With her cup of tea in hand, she headed out into the store, humming sweetly as she checked to make sure that everything was in order. Of course everything was it was always in order, Trina ran a tight ship. Happy with the look of her store, she headed towards her dress room and put her teacup aside as she wheeled out a clothing rack. The rack had been filled the previous night with clothing that she planned to use for her mannequins. Humming, she pulled the rack towards the front of the store where her two newest and favorite display models were. Trina reminded herself that she had to thank her friend Jamie again for finding her such amazingly life-like mannequins.

               Trina made sure the street-side curtains were securely closed, letting in minimal sunlight before she turned and looked over her two newest models. Jamie and her wife had given the two dummies names and Trina thought it was so cute that she kept them. Standing before her were “Mona St. Claire” and “Jane Crazyeagle”. The latter was obviously Native American, so the name fit. The mannequin had olive-hued skin and long waist-length black hair. Trina had curled Jane’s tresses and gave them an up-do that was more in fashion. The mannequin featured diamond earrings that went along with the black low-cut cocktail dress that covered her tall, lanky, figure. The display dummy stood with its hips shifted to one side, its right hand resting on the flare of her hips while the left arm bent gracefully at the elbow with her left hand holding an empty wine glass. The mannequin’s face was nicely made up for an evening event and featured a flirtatious smile. Trina was amazed how anatomically correct the new mannequins were and how easily poseable they were; even their expressions could be molded on their faces. She would surely have to ask Jamie where she found these lovely dolls. The Mona figure also stood upright, dressed in a similar style low-cut black cocktail dress as the Jane doll wore. The strawberry blond-wigged mannequin however was posed with her arms slightly raised as if dancing. She had also come with long hair but Trina had cut it down to bob-do since the Jane doll already had long hair. Mona’s face was nicely made-up as well with gold earrings adorning her earlobes and a matching necklace around her neck. She had a bright toothy smile featured on her beautiful face. Both of the new display figures were not only better made than Trina’s others but were unique in a sense that they both looked to be aged in their 30s. Mannequins rarely showed an age.

               She smiled to herself as she let her wonder and admiration set in for her two lovely display dummies. Taking a relaxing sigh, she began humming a tune as she moved to “Jane” doll and removed the wine glass from her stiff fingers. She then straightened out the doll’s pose to stand her at attention and then unzipped the little black dress from the back. With a slight jerk, Jane wobbled a bit as the dress was pulled south off her torso and hips. Like the other mannequins in the store Jane had no underwear on underneath; unlike the others, this doll did have raised nipples and a highly detail womanhood. The Mona doll was much of the same style, an excellent form for showing off even the skimpiest of lingerie. Soon both dolls were almost naked, having their dresses removed along with their stockings and heels as well. Their faces remained made up and they kept their fancy hairstyles, making them seem more naked. Trina then removed their accessory jewelry, rendering them completely naked.            

               Trina then thought of one more thing; she quickly hurried to the back and emerge five minutes later with a makeup kit in hand. Setting it down, she then opened up the tackle-box-like kit and began taking out chosen colors and some fake lashes. After sorting her colors, she took some remover and a small cloth and started cleaning off her new mannequins’ makeup, another feature Trina found useful as her others had already came with a preset face with painted makeup. On these two, she could now match their makeup to whatever clothing combination and look she desired.  She quickly rubbed off the previous makeup both had on, along with their worthless fake lashes that were only good for one use.

               Deciding to dress them first before applying their make-up, Trina quickly got Jane dressed in a pair of her designer Capri jeans and blouse and was posed as if she was talking to Mona with one foot forward, her left hand on her hip and the other holding an imaginary purse. Her face lacked the proper expression but she only needed makeup to finish the look. Trina then busily got “Mona” ready, sliding the Capri pant up over the mannequin's curvy hips. She then raised the arms a bit as she worked the blouse onto her mannequin's fuller torso, taking care not to ruin the bob hairdo along the way.  She left the tails of the blouse loose and buttoned the pants in place.

               After reposing Mona in the mirror opposite to Jane, the two lifelike statues looked as if they were walking down a street talking, Trina had begun adding makeup as the final touch to her wonderful display pieces. Dabbing Jane's face in light earth tones, the tall Native American’s oval eyes seem to pop out more with the copper-toned eye shadow and fake lashes, whereas Mona was given a more regal look, with dark red blusher and shadow with a nice dark maroon lipstick color gracing her lips. After spraying some fixative on their faces to make sure the makeup didn't smear too fast, she molded their neutral expressions into happy and content ones, with Jane looking more as if she's laughing at something that Mona had told just her.

               Happy with her changes, Trina closed up the makeup kit, sitting it and the cocktail dresses at the door; she then proudly pulled back the curtains letting the sun shine into the display room.

               "Alright, girls, time to work it; I'm sure you both have a full day ahead of you!" Trina said with a chuckle, blowing her two wonderful mannequins a kiss as she turned around and left with her things.


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