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New Stories from 2009

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 These aren't exactly new, but they are the new stories from 2008 arranged in the order by date they were added to the archive.










The most current new stories remain here and will be split out, by year, in January

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24-Dec-09   Tek, Zero, & FreezAntix Clockwork Revenge: Part I, Part II, Part III (also contains Tucker's Wand XXI)
(an epic tale by 3 progressive authors)
    Zero The IT Files: Lucienne's Party
(read before Clockwork Revenge)
      Tucker's Wand XXII: A Day At The Park Tucker's Wand XXIII: Tucker's Nightmare
    Tek Spydoll, Inc. - Destiny Approves
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
    Dmuk Life Imitates Art - 2 (conclusion)  
    Gorgo Rinrin and the Doctor's Appointment  
    Wolverine The Statues of Masters Hall - Part 2  
    Statufied The Party  
  Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline  
31-Oct-09   Siogi Comeuppance Suitable - Part 1

Join the Club
(illustrated by Jay Petto)

Life Imitates Art - 1
    Eris Lobo An Untangling of Strings  
    Wolverine The Statues of Masters Hall - Part 1  
    Rubberwolf Window Dressing  
    Pakled Everything Old Is New Again  
  Zero & FreezAntix Tucker's Wand XX: The New Business Venture  
11-Jul-09   Zapped! The Sideshow - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
(complete story)
The Sideshow, Character List
    Susie The Sisterhood of the Ring
(Tales from the Tuckerverse)
    Tek Tucker's Wand XVIII.V: Life Intimates Art
(sequel to Curious Fiona)
    FreezAntix Tucker's Wand XIX: Match Maker  
    FreezAntix, Zero, and Tek Tucker's Wand XX: The New Business Venture  
    Zero The IT Files: Colette's Test
(Tales from the Tuckerverse)
Wax Poetic
(Tales from the Tuckerverse)
    Dmuk Freeze Tales 3.2 - Treasure Hunting  
    Siogi Just Desserts - Chocolate!  
    Jay Petto Keep It Down
    Johnsan The Ropes
  Zero & FreezAntix Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline  
25-Apr-09   Zero Hui's Assignment
(read after Tucker's Wand XVII~XIV)
Tucker's Wand XVI: Maggie's Clock
        Tucker's Wand XVII: The Split
    Zero & FreezAntix Tucker's Wand XIV: Calendar Contest  
    FreezAntix Tucker's Wand XV: A Day With Haley  
    Tek The Magic Camera 1 Tucker's Wand XVIII: Curious Fiona
    DL Lost Merchandise 2
(with dmuk)
    Zapped! Incredible Impromptu Mannequins - Houston 3 (conclusion)  
    Cryo Johnny Everlasting Now! - Part 2  
  Panic & JMD Sharon's Touch
(crossposted from BEA addventure)
  Zero & FreezAntix Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline  
15-Feb-09   Zapped! The Fraternal Brotherhood - Part 3 The Fraternal Brotherhood - Character List
      Incredible Impromptu Mannequins - Houston 1, 2 Incredible Impromptu Mannequins - Character List
    Zero & FreezAntix Tucker's Wand XII: The Hawaiian Trip Legend of the Golden Apple
    FreezAntix Tucker's Wand XIII: First Day of Class  
    Zero Cyber Angels: Punch That Clock!  
    Vectyr57 The Role The Test Subject
    Cryo Johnny Everlasting Now! - Part 1  
    DL Lost Merchandise 1
(with dmuk)
    Dmuk Freeze Tales 4 - It's the Thought That Matters
(with contributions by Zapped)

    Johnsan Another Work Of Art
  Zero & FreezAntix Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline  

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