Tucker’s Wand XV:  A Day With Haley

by FreezAntix

The next installment in the tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


Tucker and Maggie’s

            Tucker coughed violently, followed by an equally violent sneeze that sent his body shaking. He rarely got sick but when he got sick it was bad. Tucker sniffed hard and felt the mucus slither its way down the back of his throat and knew he would cough it up later. He grunted roughly and cleared his throat, tasting the mucus made him want to heave his breakfast. Wrapping himself in his layered blanket and comforter he felt as if he was dying from the inside out. He moaned loudly and called, “Haley…Haley…”

            Haley, wearing a surgical mask and dishwashing gloves, cautiously poked her head inside of her boyfriend’s sickroom. Only Tucker’s head was visible as his whole body was covered by his comforter and blanket. “You didn’t throw up again, did you?” Haley asked afraid and wincing in anticipation of the answer.

            “No,” Tucker answered weakly, “Come rub my back.”

            “I don’t want to…” Haley whispered but her body acted automatically, stepping into his germ filled room that he had been coughing and sneezing into since the night before. Stepping to the side of the bed where his back was she reached over cautiously careful not to let her body touch the bed. “How does this feel?” she asked, rubbing his back as if she was scrubbing a nasty wall.

            “Good…” Tucker muttered in comfort. “I feel so nasty right now.”

            “I know sweetie, I know.” Haley sympathized. She hated to see Tucker sick, not only because she loved him but also because she hated sick people.

            “When are these damn pills suppose to kick in?” Tucker coughed and then sneezed a gob of mucus, causing Haley to back up into the wall behind her with hands held up in defense from the unseen germs. “I feel like I’m going to die!” Tucker yelled almost in anger, before coughing rapidly in succession.

            “Any minute now sweetie, any minute now.” Haley comforted, still standing next to the wall. She repeated her answer seeing Tucker was about to turn over, being that he couldn’t hear her with the distance she was from his bed and the mask she wore. He stopped after hearing her the second time around. She breathed out a breath of relief and leaned heavily against the wall.

            “Get me some orange juice,” Tucker asked while sneezing.

            “Are you going to throw it up again?” Haley asked back, annoyed.

            “I’ll try not to…”

            She shook her head and left the room. Haley stripped off her gloves and pulled down her surgical mask once she reached the kitchen. “I cannot believe him! He wants another orange juice!” she complained, opening the fridge and pulling out the carton of Tropicana. Moving over to the cabinet she removed a clean cup. “Why should I get this for him he’s just going to throw it up again?” She asked turning around and facing the lone African American woman sitting silently at the dining room table. The woman’s name was Candice – known as Candy to Tucker and his roommate Maggie. She was once a rival model and had planned to ruin Haley’s first runway show. Tucker saved her but in the act of using his magical wand was caught by Candice. Now Candice was frozen by the wand’s magic to keep Tucker’s secret. The former model was dressed in a short sleeved blue dress, with the hem sitting at mid-thigh. She was barefoot with her black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Candice was posed sitting crossed-legged with her right elbow resting on the table and her left hand cupping her chin as if in thought. Her face was molded with one eyebrow raised and a slight grin on her dark lips.

            Since becoming surrounded by Tucker’s collection of living statues, Haley had begun talking to the stiff and silent women as if they were able to listen or talk back. She looked at the women as big dolls, and back in her childhood day she used to talk to her dolls the same way, as if they were real people. The act of talking to these suspended women this way brought back the warmness of her childhood, Tucker and Maggie thought was it cute and entertaining and never said anything to her or asked for her to stop.

            “Haley…” Tucker called from his room followed by rhythmic coughing.

            “What! It’s coming, it’s coming!” Haley shouted back. “This has got to be love because I have no idea why I’m here,” Haley said as she opened the carton up.

            “Haley… I threw up again!”

            Haley slammed the carton down on the counter and breathed angrily, trying to cool her nerves. “In the bucket?!” she called out, looking up at the light fixture in annoyance.

            “I tried…” Tucker answered back weakly.

            Haley let out an annoyed scream and stomped her foot. “God Dammit Tucker!”

            “You have to clean this up Haley, it really nasty…” Tucker called back, coughing.

            “You know I put that bucket there for a reason. This is the guy the stops time and he can’t even puke in a bucket.” Haley said to Candice as she stormed out of the kitchen. Candice remained seated with her fixed grin and empty dark eyes not hearing a word.

            Rebecca Mosley another one of Tucker’s live in ‘models’ thanks to his wand. Rebecca was Tucker’s former boss, whose drive for greed and the tactless treatment of others earned her a spot in Tucker’s prized collection. The motionless redhead was initially a gift to his friend and roommate Maggie, but the two shared everything. Rebecca stood in the hallway with a bright smile on her face and vacant green eyes opened wide. She was dressed in her usual black and white lacy revealing French maid outfit with sheer black thigh high stockings and spiked black heels. Her red hair had been recently cut by Maggie, to prevent confusion. Maggie was going out with Rebecca’s twin sister Jamie. Rebecca’s once flowing red hair was now cut to shoulder length and styled into a curving flip. The redhead stood at rigid attention with one hand holding a can of disinfectant and the other holding a rag.

            Standing down the hall not too far from the redhead was Tatiana. She was another woman who had treated Tucker badly and then faced the wrath of the wand, earning her a spot in his growing collection of statues. The slender tall blond was dressed in the same type of maid’s outfit as Rebecca and was slightly bent over, holding a broom, with her stocking-covered legs together. Her blue eyes looked at the ground with a glazed-over stare and she bore a wide smile on her lips. Tatiana’s short blond hair only fell just past her jaw line at its natural length under the white lace maid’s cap.

            “Stupid maids… you guys don’t do anything!” Haley screamed at the unhearing time-stopped young women who remained still with their forced expressions. Rebecca wobbled slightly as Haley jerks the can and rag from her mannequin-stiff hands.

            “Tucker if you didn’t save me in Hawaii… oh my God I would not be doing this!” Haley growled through her surgical mask as she cleaned up the mess Tucker left on the floor next to of his bed. “This is so nasty… you didn’t even eat this much this morning.”

            “I’m sorry Haley…I really am. You don’t have to do this. I saved you in Hawaii because I love you, it doesn’t mean you have to owe me back or anything.” Tucker said weakly, trying to grin but his face muscles were not working. “I’m trying to smile at you warmly… but I think my face doesn’t want to.”

            Haley only looked up at her boyfriend and smiled from behind her mask, “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I wasn’t here,” she reached out to touch his face just as Tucker let out a massive sneeze, splattering snot all over Haley’s face and hair. She let out a scream and ran out of the room.

            “I’m sorry…” Tucker yelled after her.

            “Hey, we paid like two hundred bucks for those pills and they’re not working!” Haley yelled into her cell phone. “What kind of business are you running, selling us medicine that doesn’t work, it’s been like an hour and he’s still the same. Yes I’m sure – he just sneezed all over my face! You know what, save your medical opinions.” Haley screamed, flipping her phone shut. “Jerk!” Looking over at Candice’s grinning face, Haley wagged a finger at her. “Don’t you start I’m not in the mood; I’ll slap your ass to next Sunday,” she warned, getting up from the dining room table.

            As Haley walked past the stiffly posed maids, her phone rang and she flipped it open. “Hey Kayla, Tucker is still pretty sick; I have to wait till his meds kick in or until Maggie gets home before I can leave. No, I’m not going to leave him. He’s really sick. I’ll call you if I’m going to be any later,” Haley said, hanging up the phone with a sigh as she plopped down on the couch. She was supposed to meet with her friends Kayla and Ginger later, they usually hung out once a day. Tucker would usually be at school so it wasn’t ever a problem. Of course he was now sick and not where he was supposed to be, throwing her normal schedule off. Leaning back as her phone rang again, she checked her caller ID she saw that it was Models INC, the modeling agency she worked for. “Now what,” she grumbled as she was about to open the phone just when Tucker called out for her again. “I can’t believe this…” she muttered, tossing her vibrating phone aside. “Tucker Holmes, if you threw up again I swear I’ll kill you!” she yelled out, not caring that the neighbors could hear her clearly.

            When Haley entered Tucker’s room with her mask securely covering her face she was surprised to see Tucker holding his wand. “No you’re not going to stop time; you need to get better,” Haley said, snatching the wand from him.

            “I wasn’t going to stop time. You can have the wand for curing me. I suddenly feel cozy and the coughing is going away,” Tucker said clearly still sick but he was right; he was sounding better.

            “I didn’t cure you. It’s just the meds kicking in, sweetie,” Haley said. It was about time, she thought.

            “Could you do one more thing for me?” Tucker asked as he snuggled into his covers.

            “Sure babe, what is it?” Haley said cursing to herself, damn my loving nature.

            “Hold me till I fall asleep.” Tucker said, smiling at his girlfriend. Haley’s surgical mask hid her disgusted look; she loved Tucker but they weren’t married and she wasn’t about to do that whole in sickness and death thing.

            “Uh… okay.” Haley replied, thinking fast. Tucker didn’t have his glasses or contacts on or he would have seen as his girlfriend tapped the wall five times with the wand, stopping time. With the world frozen around her, she quickly darted out of Tucker’s room. She made a quick stop in the kitchen and looked over at Candice, “You won’t do, breasts and butt too rounded.” Stopping at Rebecca the blond looked the frozen redhead up and down. She was taller. Haley shook her head and looked at Tatiana. “Too skinny,” she thought aloud. An idea popped in her head and she smiled to herself, grabbing her apartment keys and racing out of Tucker’s apartment.

            She left the door to her boyfriend’s apartment wide open as she raced to the elevator. Since time was stopped she didn’t have to worry about anyone entering. She was barefoot and dressed in pink hot pants and a thin tank top that barely hid anything as well, definitely something she wouldn’t wear running around in public, but time was still and no one could see her. She unfroze the elevator, rode it down a floor, and ran to her apartment.

            Unlocking and opening the door to her apartment, Haley smiled at the sight of Hitomi Maki, the most recent girl added to Tucker’s collection. The girl actually belonged to Haley and was gift but sometimes she stayed with Tucker just because it was safer. It was cool to own a life-sized doll, especially one as pretty as Hitomi. The Japanese Canadian was a former girlfriend of Tucker that was only into his money, which nearly bankrupted him. She was a rotten person too, according to Tucker, relying on her looks to get money and anything else she wanted in life.

            Hitomi sat on Haley’s couch and was dressed in her usual schoolgirl uniform. That was a plaid skirt, white blouse with a cute red tie, black blazer, knee high black socks and soft leather loafers. Her hair once had sexy blond streaks; it was now naturally black and tied in pigtails. The petrified Japanese girl sat cutely with her knees together, ankles apart holding a colorful mug in both her small hands. She stared blankly at an off TV set with a cute closed-lipped smile.

            Haley snatched the mug from the stiff girl’s hand and tossed it aside, “I have a mission for you; it’s time you give back to Tucker,” she grunted as she lifted the unmoving girl by her waist and hauled her towards the door. Hitomi kept her seated pose with hands cupping air, eyes empty and lips smiling as they left Haley’s apartment.

            Hitomi fell to the ground in her pose outside of Tucker’s bedroom. Haley bent over, hands on her knees, breathing hard. “I thought Asian girls are supposed be light?” she huffed, looking down at Hitomi’s smiling face. “Why am I rushing?” she asked herself, feeling the burn in her arms, legs and abs. “I have all the time in the world;” Haley smiled.

            Realizing that Hitomi was still dressed in her schoolgirl uniform, Haley stood the girl up and stood her at attention and began to strip her out of the uniform. Haley having experience in the matter, soon Hitomi stood naked, her pale body in striking contrast to Tucker’s dark walls. The girl was amazing naked, even Haley admitted to that. Perfect clear pale skin; fake but nice breasts capped with pink nipples; a clean-shaven mound between smooth sexy legs. After pulling Hitomi’s hair out of the pigtails, Haley stripped naked herself and re-dressed the similarly proportioned Japanese Canadian in her own clothes. She then picked up Hitomi and carried her into Tucker’s room.

            Haley stood Hitomi next to Tucker’s bed and then looked over at Tucker wrapped up in his covers. Looking at Hitomi’s smiling face, “Yeah I think so too.” Haley said scratching her exposed snatch. She opened Tucker’s blanket up, exposing her boyfriend dressed in a hooded sweater and sweat pants. He was lying on his side, curled up in a fetal ball. Haley grinned deviously as she pulled and posed her boyfriend to be lying straight with arms over his head. Looking at Tucker’s frozen body, her nipples hardened and she could feel herself moisten up. “Oh this new,” she giggled, twisting her own nipples. Crawling onto the bed she manipulated Tucker’s limbs and stripped her boyfriend nude. Looking at his frozen face she smirked, “You do it to me all the time; fair’s fair…”

* * *

            After hours of one-sided sex from Haley’s perspective, she re-dressed her sick frozen boyfriend and posed his body back in his original position. She then tucked Hitomi in next to him with her arms and legs wrapped around him. After covering the two up with blanket and comforter she restarted time. Leaning close to Tucker’s ear, where Hitomi’s head rested she whispered, “How is this, sweetie?”

            “Perfect.” Tucker replied completely unaware that time had been stopped for hours and that his girlfriend was not even holding him. “You feel kind of stiff Haley; you should relax,” he added, snuggling up to Hitomi with his eyes closed.

            “Just sleep sweetie,” Haley cooed. She watched Tuck drift off and kissed him on the cheek before quietly slipping out of the room. She was completely naked and holding the wand; looking down at herself, she stopped time once again and headed back down to her apartment where she threw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt before returning with time re-started.

            Settling down on Tucker’s couch, she kissed the wand and turned on turned on the TV. “No wonder Tucker likes you so much. You make life so much easier,” she sighed in relaxation, leaning back. Seeing the blinking light on her cell phone that she had a voice mail she picked it up and called her service. Her blue eyes went wide as she heard the message from Kathryn Summers, Ms. Zoe’s assistant at Models INC. apparently there was a mandatory meeting. Haley looked at the Green Lantern wall clock and gasped – the meeting was in just thirty minutes. She closed her phone after the message ended. “Fuckaty Fuck!” she cried out.

            She paced the room, thinking what to do. Tucker was asleep; she could leave him and then go to the meeting. She thought about it more, leaving her sick boyfriend at home with the only thing for company being a mindless unmoving dolls was not an option, it would never sit well with her conscience. She thought about freezing him till she got back. That was no good either, he be still sick after, she wasn’t going to have another day of him being sick. She looked at the wand, “Tell me something!”

            As if on cue, the door opened and Maggie stepped in, leafing through some mail. The very cute short Chinese girl was dressed in a Mega Man retro t-shirt and pair of denim caprices. Her dark hair, which had been recently streaked with pink highlights, was tied back in a bouncing ponytail. A worn brown messenger bag finished off the ensemble hung around her shoulders. She looked up, adjusting the glasses on her nose and smiled her cute usual smile. “Hey Haley,” she greeted dropping her bag by the door.  “How’s Tuck?”

            “Thank God you’re here Maggie!” Haley rushed up to the shorter girl and hugged her tightly.

            “Get off of me,” Maggie cried, pushing Haley away from her. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked, walking past the taller blond Italian.

            “Are you doing anything today?” Haley asked, following Maggie into the kitchen. Both girls ignoring the two suspended women dressed as maids in the hallway and the waxwork-like African American girl sitting at the table.

            “Sweet OJ!” Maggie said happily, seeing the carton of Tropicana and empty cup next to it as if it was calling out to her. “I have an English paper to write and then a date with Jamie later, why?” Maggie asked suspiciously, pouring the juice into the cup. 

            “I need you to watch Tucker for me; I have a meeting I have to go to now,” Haley began but was cut off as Maggie left the kitchen, shaking her head no and holding the glass of orange juice. “Come on, Maggie, it’s really important!”

            “So is my paper; I can’t write it if I’m cleaning Tucker’s throw up and wiping his nose.” Maggie said, walking into the living room and picking up her bag.

            “Come on Maggie I really need to go and I’ll be back in plenty of time for your date,” Haley pleaded, following the shorter woman. “He’s your best friend. I can’t believe you’d leave him like this.”

            “He’s your boyfriend – I can’t believe you’ll ditch him like this.” Maggie shot back but then all the sudden stopped in mid-stride with her bag in one hand and the glass of orange juice in the other, her brown eyes staring emptily through her glasses and a little smirk on her lips from her last remark.

            Haley smiled too, looking at the suspended girl who had left her no option but to stop time once again. “You’re staying with Tucker, whether you like it or not” Haley declared, looking at Maggie’s frozen smirking face. Looking down the unmoving girl she grinned, “I think you need to dress more appropriately for the task at hand.”

* * *

            With time stopped Haley had no fear of being late for her meeting, so she took her time as she raided Tucker’s office for the costume she had in mind for Tucker’s cute roommate and best bud. Once she found it, she returned to Maggie who she had left standing at attention in the middle of the living room. A few minutes later, Maggie now had a neutral look on face, her glasses were removed and her hair was loose and hung to the middle of her back. Raising up the Chinese girl’s arms, Haley peeled off her t-shirt, her capris, followed by with her sneakers and socks after she had laid the unmoving girl on the floor. Standing Maggie back up, Haley eyed the girl’s plain-Jane underwear. “You got a hot body Maggie. You should really wear nicer underwear.” Haley commented as she gathered up the clothing. Maggie could only stare on blankly, her face remaining lifeless and her costumed body rigid as a mannequin’s.

            Haley was only two blocks away from Models INC when she restarted time. Her cell phone immediately rang. “Hello Maggie,” she greeted into phone with a grin, not even bothering to check the ID.

            “Oh my God, Haley, you are so dead when you get back. This isn’t even funny!” Maggie seethed. She stood in the kitchen, dressed in a skimpy latex nurse’s outfit that had a high hem that showed off her some of her panties. Her legs were covered in a pair of thigh-high white stockings. She had been posed standing in a pair of white platform high-heels that she was now kicking off. “You better get your ass back here in time for my date or someone is going to be frozen and stored away for good!” Maggie yelled, hanging up.


Zoe Hollander Models INC.

            Ms. Zoe operated her modeling agency out of a penthouse suite of a tall glass tower in down town LA. Everyday hot women would grace the lobby on their way in or out of the building. It was the perfect place to be a doorman. It was only a little after three when Haley arrived, now dressed in a teal strapless sundress and strappy high-heeled sandals. Her blond hair was let down to its natural length and she sported cute bangs. She held her matching Prada purse in the nook of her left arm as she walked across the marble titled floor of the lobby. She nodded and smiled at the security guards as she passed; they only nodded back and stared, knowing already where she was headed. Haley smiled at the two guards who were still looking at her and waved at them as the elevator doors slid closed.

            “Come on, hurry up Haley; Ms. Zoe has been waiting for you.” Kathryn said as she pulled Haley off the elevator as soon as the doors slid open. “You were supposed to be here like ten minutes ago.” The assistant lectured as she rushed Haley down the hall towards the boardroom. The older blond was dressed in a flowery wavy short sleeved dress with a pair of knee-high boots. Her hair was pulled back in a business bun.

            “Oh, yeah I’m sorry about that Tucker was…” Haley started to explain.

            “Don’t worry about it – just get in there.” Kathryn cut her off, opening the door to the boardroom and pushing Haley in, closing the doors behind her.

            Everyone in the room turned their attention to Haley, who smiled and waved. Ms. Zoe stood at the head of room, dressed in a black turtleneck and skirt with a wide silver medallion belt circling her waist. Her arms were crossed and she looked at Haley seriously. There were five other models in the room; veteran model Amy sat on the right side of the table her brown hair curled and sitting loose at her shoulders. She was dressed in a white silk dress shirt that looked loose on her slender body and pair of tight leather pants, a cute pair of soft leather high-heels finished off the pricy outfit. Sitting across from her was Chi, who was clad in a tight-fitting black t-shirt over a form-fitting white long sleeved shirt. Her lower body was covered with a pair of dark denim jeans tucked into a pair of spike-heeled leather boots. Chi’s hair was tied into pigtails and she wore a fashionable newsboy cap over her head. Sitting next to her was Amanda Burns, a new model that was about Haley’s age.  The brunette was dressed in a tan tube top and a leather skirt over a pair of tan ballerina flats. The two remaining models sat on Amy’s side of the table, they were taller girls and slender. Both were runway models out of France, who had just been transferred to Ms. Zoe’s home office here in LA. One was blond while the other was a dark-haired girl with green eyes. The blond was named Chene Franquois, who was French and spoke little English. She was dressed in a dark red body-hugging dress that showed off her slender figure. Her blond hair was cut short and only fell past her jaw line similar to Tatiana’s styling. The dark-haired girl was name Lola Mateo; she was half Brazilian and Italian. She too couldn’t speak English well but had the looks and bearing of a model, that was what counted. Lola wore her long luscious hair loose and was dressed in a strapless white dress that looked tight and sexy on her.

            “Sorry…” Haley said, taking her seat next Amanda who nodded at her when she sat. Ms. Zoe cleared her throat and started her meeting.

            Haley hated sitting still and doing nothing, she always considered herself a proactive person. The meeting was too long and annoying. Ms. Zoe went over the planned upcoming shows in which Haley and the others were going to be headlined in and which Haley thought should have been the center of and the single brief topic of the meeting but instead Ms. Zoe just went on and on about some other topics; digressing into a not-so-small history lesson on her personal designs. Haley liked fashion as much as the next girl, but this was just ridiculous. She looked around her to see if the other girls felt the same way. Amanda stared at the table in her own little world and looked up at Ms. Zoe occasionally, showing that she had not fallen asleep. Chi sat closer to Ms. Zoe so it looked like she was actually paying attention as was Amy. The other two models simply nodded at Ms. Zoe’s every word while keeping the serious expression that European models were known for. You have no clue what she’s talking about, Haley smiled from the across the table at them before looking back up at Ms. Zoe.

* * *

            Forty-five minutes later the meeting was over and Haley tried to make it not too obvious that she wanted out quickly as she casually walked towards the door. She looked at her watch; she had just enough time to make it back downstairs and head out to meet Kayla and Ginger who were waiting for her at Bean There, a trendy coffee shop just a couple of blocks away. Once she was out of sight of the others, where Chi and Amanda were chatting as they walked while the three veteran models hung back to chat with Ms. Zoe. Haley shook her head in question, wondering why; didn’t they hear her talk enough today?

            She had almost escaped to the elevator lobby when Kathryn called after her. Haley made a hidden annoyed face before smiling and turning around to meet the assistant. “Hey, Haley, you never filled out the bio and questionnaire,” the blond assistant said, walking up to Haley with a large stapled packet of paper in her hand.

            “Oh? Could it wait?” Haley asked, trying not to sound too eager to leave.

            “Actually, no; you were supposed to fill them out when you were first hired but Tatiana was going to handle that, but she quit on us…” Kathryn explained. “You were supposed to have this done before your first show.”

            “Oh,” Haley said in dismay, thinking back to the blond living statue back at Tucker’s place that Tatiana had become. “So it can’t wait at all?”

            “Don’t worry Haley it is just for today and Amanda and Chi are doing it too.” Kathryn replied, smiling brightly and gesturing Haley to follow her.

            “Okay…” Haley said, defeated, glancing at her watch once more. She was going to be late. She sighed and followed the determined assistant.

            Kathryn took Haley to a back office where Chi and Amanda were happily sitting across from each other at a round table, chatting and working on their packets. Haley plopped down on the other end of table and smiled weakly at the other two as Kathryn slapped the thick packet onto the table. Haley stuck her tongue out in disgust as she thumbed through the packet; it was nearly 60 pages long. Kathryn handed her pen and said she would be at her desk to accept the packets when they were done.

            Chi and Amanda were talking about dogs, Amanda seemed to have a lot of them and Chi wanted a puppy but her fiancé Aaron was allergic. On a normal day Haley would have jumped in and chatted too but she really didn’t want to be there. She had to meet Kayla and Ginger and Tucker was home sick too. She grumbled to herself, ignoring the other two girls, and began filling out the detailed paperwork. After three pages were done she flipped to the fourth page and to her horror saw it was full of nearly twenty questions! She felt like crying and stomping her feet; she really didn’t want to be there. Grabbing her purse, she opened it to get her cell phone to call Kayla and say that she probably wasn’t going to make it. Haley then paused and smiled and looked up at the other two models, who paid no attention to her. Chi was working on her packet while Amanda talked on; she wasn’t very far on her packet.

            Slowly Haley pulled Tucker’s wand from her purse and then placed the purse back on the table. She kept the wand out of sight and under the table and looked around; no one was looking at her and they were in a private room so there were not any cameras around. She looked back down at her packet, keeping her face serious as she tapped the wand five times against her leg. It happened in the blink of an eye as everything went dead silent and still for third time that day.

            Looking up, Haley saw that both Chi and Amanda were stationary. Chi was leaned over her packet with her pen in hand and was completely still. Amanda sat holding her pen and looking across the table at Chi, her mouth was opened and eyes staring blankly at the Asian. “Yes!” Haley screamed out and laughed hearing her voice echo though out the silent penthouse office. She stood and pumped her fist and looked around and smiled that no was coming to see what the commotion was all about and that Chi and Amanda remained unmoving.

            Haley, after some nights of thinking about and talking to Tucker, decided that she was into Asian girls as dolls, since they were small and cute. So naturally she crossed over to Chi and looked at the suspended girl as if she was a little girl looking at a new toy. She stuck the wand at angle down her own cleavage so it would be handy when she needed it and out of the way when she didn’t. She then pulled the pen from Chi’s hand and tossed it behind her as well as the packet. Chi remained as if she still was working on the packet. Grabbing the still girl from under the arms, Haley pulled Chi from her seat and then stood her up pulling her arms straight and leaning her head back so her face as visible.

            Chi was slightly taller than Maggie, of course that could have been her heeled boots. She was less round, her features were sharper and she had the whole gaunt look of being a model. She was cute like Maggie though, Haley observed, turning the girl’s head from side to side. Chi’s eyes were looking an odd direction, since she had been looking down when time was stopped. Haley adjusted them with her thumbs so that the girl would be looking straight ahead. Prying the girl’s mouth open, Haley wondered how many times Chi went down on Aaron. The girl talked about her fiancé enough to make Haley think what kind of love life did they have?  She smiled at the thought of tracing Chi’s lips. Feeling the girl’s chest, Haley noted that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Slutty…” she whispered as kneeling she unbuckled Chi’s belt and opened her jeans up and saw that Chi also wasn’t a fan of panties either. She was well shaven and pierced as well. “Oh you’re naughty,” Haley smiled, closing the jeans back up and buckling the belt. “You’re one of those quick access girls, I guess. I’m like that sometimes too. Tucker can’t take off my bras.” Haley explained as Chi looked blankly ahead.

            Taking off Chi’s cap and tossing it aside, Haley undid the pigtails and messed up the Vietnamese girl’s hair. She then molded her face making the girl look angry, frowning with pouting lips. Spreading Chi’s denim clad legs wide, Haley put the girl’s hands on her hips, shifted her hips one direction and leaned her head the other. “Now you look like a girl that doesn’t wear underwear.” Haley admired, looking at the Asian model.

            Leaving Chi posed in her ‘bad girl with attitude’ stance. Haley turned her attention to Amanda. She lifted the girl out of her seat and stood her upright with her hands at her sides and legs straight. Haley laughed at the girl’s open-mouthed expression. She had not known Amanda for that long. She had been hired when Haley went off to Hawaii and Haley had only met her once since then. The girl was cute. She had a round face with big brown eyes and natural tan with brown hair with a hint of blond in it. Haley squeezed one of the girl’s breasts as she circled her looking Amanda up and down. “Not bad,” She concluded, kneeling and peeking at the girl’s purple thong she had on under her skirt.

            She left Amanda with the gape-mouthed expression as she moved her to stand next to Chi. Haley then moved Amanda’s hands so that they held each other in front of her crotch. She then turned the brunette’s toes to point inward and leaned her body slightly downward and to the right keeping her face facing straight. “Now isn’t that cute,” Haley commented as if speaking to a baby and looking at the still girl over. She smiled and pinched the still girl on the cheek before turning and leaving. Chi and Amanda remained in their poses like realistic store front mannequins.

            Moving down the hall, she found the others all in Ms. Zoe’s spacious office. The first thing that caught Haley’s attention wasn’t the four women frozen or the large office; she had been there several times before. It was the rack upon racks of designer clothes lined up against one side of the office. She giggled like school girl and pranced over to the racks and started to eagerly shift through the clothes, putting various dresses and clothes up against her body. The tension to do this was pent up to say the least. Every time she would visit Ms. Zoe office it took all of her will power not to stare at all the pretty clothes. Now she sorted through them like a mad woman during a Black Friday sale.

            As Haley went through the racks of pricey clothes she even slipped off her sundress a couple times to try some of the pricey garments on, Ms. Zoe and guests sat by idly, silent and still. Amy and Ms. Zoe stood while the other two were seated in large comfortable loungers at the front of the large glass desk. The loungers were turned on their bases to face the American model and the boss. Both foreign models sat with their long legs crossed at the knees with their hands together on their laps. Their posture was straight and their faces blank of emotion as they stared at the other two women. Amy stood at attention, her face blank and her eyes looking straight. Ms. Zoe stood next to her, turned to the side; one hand was on Amy’s shoulder while the other pointed towards Amy’s face. The older woman faced Amy, her eyes shut and mouth open. They remained in this quiet scene as if in a picture as sound of clothes hangers clanged against one another.

* * *

            Haley didn’t know how much time had passed for her – none at all had elapsed in the time-stopped world – but she had gathered quite a pile of clothes that she wanted to take. Ms. Zoe got the stuff for free anyways; she wasn’t going to notice if some of it went missing, Haley figured. This pile was far too large though and she would have to skim down a bit partly because she also found shoes, that discovery nearly gave her a heart attack. She loved shoes and she had found a crap load of them from famous designers; she had a large heap of the pairs she wanted to take and she wasn’t going to skim down on those. So some clothing had to be eliminated. Haley looked at the large pile of clothes how am I going to decide? Finally noticing the other four women in the room she smiled and walked up to them, “Now who wants to model for me?”

            Ms. Zoe and Amy were obvious choices, being Americans, Amy more so just because she was around Haley’s age and physique. Amy’s leather pants proved to be too tight on her and Haley didn’t want to deal with putting them back on and she didn’t want to leave Amy without pants or in one of Ms. Zoe’s outfits. The girl was nice and Haley didn’t want to embarrass or get her in trouble. Ms. Zoe was just old even if she had kept her figure nicely trim; Haley didn’t want someone old enough to be her mother to modeling clothes that she was going to wear. So that just left the two runway models, Chene and Lola. Chene was too skinny so that dropped her, which made final choice easy.

            Lola’s white strapless dress came off of her easily with a single jerk the dark haired girl was only dressed in her sparkly black thong and a pair of red heels. Her breasts were fairly small but had good shape; they were nicely rounded and capped with dark nipples. Haley ended up stripping the heels off the girl too leaving her barefooted and posed with legs slightly parted, arms at her side and only clad in her flashy thong. Before she threw outfits on the green-eyed model, she molded Lola’s serious face into a bright smile, “Life is short – smile a little,” the blond remarked, stepping back smiling herself at the nearly naked runway model before her.

            It took hours and Haley had a lot of fun doing it, it wasn’t every day she got to play dress-up with an international runway model as a mannequin, especially when the outfits consisted of the designs that were soon going to be in her wardrobe. Soon she had selected a goodly amount of clothes that looked decent and found some Models INC gift shopping bags to put them in. Altogether, her new shoes and new clothes only took up six bags; it would have been a lot more if the shoes came in boxes.

            With her new stuff all gathered and ready to leave with her, Haley redressed Lola in her original ensemble and sat her back down in her lounger, then posed the model back as she had been; it was easy, she just had to look at Chene and copy the pose. She kept Lola’s smiling face and gave Chene a smiling face too, though it looked odd and creepy on the French woman. “A smile is a smile, right,” she had said nervously, looking at the unnatural smile on Chene’s lips. Moving to Amy and Ms. Zoe, Haley switched the two women’s spots, moving Amy into Ms. Zoe’s place and then posing the younger woman the older one’s pose. “All those years judging girls; it’s your turn Ms. Zoe,” Haley said smiling as she lowered her boss to the floor.

* * *

            Haley tossed the bundle of Ms. Zoe’s clothes on to her desk, brushing her palms together. Turing around she couldn’t help but laugh at what she saw: Her prim and proper boss now standing stark naked with only her heels on; she had one leg straight with the other bent and standing on tippy-toes, her hands were on her hips and she had a big open-mouthed smile on her face. Her body looked good, Haley thought, but it must have cost her fortune to keep it looking the way it did. She was some what disgusted at the woman’s womanhood though, all the cosmetic surgery in the world couldn’t hide all the men or women that visited it throughout the years. She regretted stripping the woman naked because of that, but that meeting still annoyed her. “Well tootles,” Haley said, waving at the four suspended women while picking up her shopping bags and leaving.

            She made a quick stop back in the other room to pick up her purse. Chi and Amanda remained in their poses undisturbed. Looking over at Chi, she told the Asian, “I’ll have fun with you some more some other time. I think I can make you look even sluttier,” she grinned, but her grin faded however as she looked down at her incomplete packet. Stopping time hadn’t done the work for her.  Leaving her purse and shopping bags behind, Haley ventured out to the front office with the packet in hand. She was just going to file it away as-is and if anyone asked just blame it on Kathryn. “She said it was okay.” Haley shrugged at the thought, thumbing through the thick 60 pages of which only the first three were complete.

            Reaching the assistant’s desk, Haley was surprised to see that another person was with Kathryn. The blond assistant sat behind her desk on her leather swivel chair with legs crossed. She was leaning on the desk with her left elbow while her right hand held a cell phone that was on its way to her right ear. She had a smug smile on her face with her eyes shut. Sitting across from Kathryn was a redhead in wire framed glasses. She was dressed in an over-sized purple shapeless t-shirt and a pair of baggy black sweat pants over black sneakers. Haley recognized the woman from her first photo shoot, her name was Diane and she was one of Models INC photographers.

            Diane sat on the edge of her seat with her legs together and her feet on her toes. Her hands clasped like she was praying but her fingers were interlocked, with her hands close to her chest. She looked endlessly across at the blond assistant who was at least ten years her senior with an eager smile and green eyes wide.

            “Sorry to disturb ladies but I have to file this,” Haley said, looking over the two ladies who were talking about something daring or exciting when wand had worked its magic on them. She spotted the file cabinet behind Kathryn. “Excuse me.” Haley said politely as she wheeled Kathryn and her chair out of the way. The older blond kept her rigid pose, with her left elbow now leaning on air. Once the assistant was out of the way Haley searched the cabinets finding her file, and after looking at other files noted that finished packets did indeed belong there. “Mission accomplished,” Haley announced proudly, stuffing her unfinished packet into her file.

            As she went to wheel Kathryn back into her spot, she looked at the assistant’s cell phone out of curiosity and to her shock and surprise spotted Tucker’s cell phone on the screen. Haley angry snatched the cell phone from the stiff blond’s hand to look at it more closely. It was indeed her boyfriend’s cell number. “What the hell were you guys talking about?” She asked the two suspended ladies suspiciously with her eyes narrowed. Tossing the cell phone away, Haley grabbed Kathryn’s seat and spun the blond around, Kathryn wobbled and leaned solidly to one side in the process. “Better yet, why are you calling my boyfriend?” Haley asked, looking at Kathryn’s closed-eyed smug smiling face. She grabbed the wand from her cleavage with the intention of unfreezing the blond to confront her but stopped as another idea came to her. “I think it’s time you join our other girls, Hitomi gets lonely.” Haley suggested, smiling and waving the wand twice over Kathryn’s head to permanently time-stop the assistant.  Since time was already stopped there was no visible change, yet.

            Kathryn was pulled out of her chair and stood up. “Wipe that smug smile off your face,” Haley snickered as she played with Kathryn’s lips. She kept the woman’s eyes shut; now making her look as if she had fallen asleep on her feet. “Let’s take that dress off too.” Haley said bitterly raising the older blond’s arms and peeling the garment off from her. Kathryn now stood with arms over her head, face neutral with eyes closed and clad only in a red lacy bra, white silk panties and her heeled boots. “Oh I’m not done yet,” Haley grumbled, tossing the dress away and moving behind Kathryn to unsnap her bra.

* * *

            Soon enough Kathryn stood barefoot and naked with her arms out in front of her like a zombie. “You don’t even look that good naked.” Haley remarked, looking at the unclothed woman up and down. “Sure the belly ring is okay…but your boobs sag and wow you really need to shave down there, Tucker likes them clean! To think you thought you had a chance,” Haley scoffed, crossing her arms looking at the unmoving blond who remained completely oblivious to what Haley was saying or that she now stood in the middle of her office naked. Looking over at the photographer across the desk, Haley accused, “I know you had some part in this too!” Diane was stripped down to her matching cotton black bra and panties set. She had to admit the redhead was pretty attractive. She had posed Diane to sit with her legs crossed at the knees on top of Kathryn’s desk with hands running through her red hair now out of its bun. She kept the same eager expression on her face. “Say bye to your friend, she’s coming with me,” Haley said evilly, wrapping her arms around Kathryn’s naked hips.


Bean There…

            “It’s about time Hales, we were about to leave.” Kayla said as Haley hurriedly took her seat at the table for three. The reddish brown haired girl was dress appropriately for the early fall weather, a purple long-sleeved open-neck top over a pair of tight dark denim jeans tucked into brown riding boots. She sat cross-legged with her nearly empty latte in front of her. Her unique hair clipped away from her eyes and hung loosely off her shoulders.

            “Sorry guys I had run off to work, there was a mandatory meeting.” Haley explained sitting down with her mochochino. She was out of breath and feeling tired. Kathryn wasn’t that light and moving her from the penthouse office to her car was no joke even with the elevator. She had to make two trips one with her newest doll and the next for Kathryn’s scattered clothing to leave no evidence along with her newly acquired shoes and outfits.

            “Did you run here from work?” Kayla asked, concerned, seeing that Haley was out of breath and that she glowed.

            “You were late, but come on darling it’s just coffee – we’ll wait for you.” Ginger added, taking a sip of her cappuccino. Ginger was an athletic redhead and had been an accomplished ballerina during her teenage years. The redhead was dressed in a black thin ribbed long-sleeved top over tan tight-fitting trousers and black high heels. Her fiery hair was braided into single long braid that hung to the middle of her back.  She has since grown from ballet and was a ballroom dancer, a thriving professional one at that, competing around the country when she had time. She even starred in a TV hit show where stars and starlets would dance with professional dancers for cash prizes to be donated to any sort of charitable organization. Ginger was a crowd favorite and had won the show in succession for the last two years. However most of her free time though, she spent in LA with her friends and pretty much did nothing besides her daily workouts. Her parents had passed away when she was younger and left her their fortune once she turned 21; even before her dance career made her famous. She was filthy rich but truly lacked any kind of real friendship except for her relationship with Haley and Kayla. They two buddies were really her only real friends and she would secretly do anything for them to keep it that way. Kayla liked to hang out with Ginger because she liked to dance in her free time and Ginger was a classical trained dancer, who was now a professional in ballroom dancing. The poor girl from Arizona didn’t care about Ginger’s money and treated her like any other person. Most importantly, she was honest. Haley was briefly in a dance class with Ginger, and the two connected, Haley was just that type of person though; she too didn’t care about Ginger’s wealth, coming from a wealthy family herself. “Nothing is worth running for,” Ginger chuckled.

            “I wasn’t running. The elevator was broken I had to walk down.” Haley quickly responded and lied through her teeth. “What do you mean, nothing is worth running for?” She then asked changing the subject. “What if a kidnapper or someone was chasing you?”

            “Kidnapper? Like the one that was after you,” Kayla laughed.

            “That wasn’t funny, guys… I couldn’t run from him; I couldn’t even lift a finger.” On Haley’s trip to Hawaii she was kidnapped by a former boyfriend of hers, she was drugged however with a paralytic tranquilizer that froze her in her tracks, unconscious. “If I could have run I would have.” Haley added.  “I was stiff as a statue under that stuff and helpless…”

            “That had to be priceless:  Haley Leone without a single thing to say!” Kayla chuckled.

            “Speaking of that, you know they are making a movie about it?” Ginger pointed out.

            “For real?” Kayla asked wide-eyed, she was the actress in the group anything with movies, especially new ones with no cast selected, got her undivided attention.

            “I thought Interpol was still working on the case, and no one has heard from Charles since.” Haley commented. It had been almost a month since she was kidnapped and she wasn’t the only one her ex-boyfriend captured; Jamie, Maggie’s girlfriend, had been kidnapped too. There were other girls, some movie stars, a famous photographer and even an undercover Interpol agent who had also been involved along the way. The ordeal ended nicely though, with Charles the kidnapper being caught and all the women freed. Interpol had a personal vendetta against the millionaire though and Haley remembered the look on Senior Interpol Special Agent Tasia Spiro’s eyes. The Greek agent was not in the least bit happy that one of Interpol’s own had been abducted. She took personal charge of escorting Charles Truman III to lockdown. Since then, no one has seen or heard from him. Interpol assured the press he is alive and healthy, just under further investigation. Interpol had become a scary organization ever since the whole Paradise Foundation thing, they were more secretive now, drew more international support, had agents everywhere and were even more feared than the CIA.

            “Charles Truman’s obsession is a big deal sweetie, he doesn’t have to be around for them to make a movie about him and his kidnappings.” Ginger replied. “I heard from a producer friend of mines that they just cast Brandon Potts to play Charles.” Ginger added in a hushed voice leaning into the table.

            Kayla gasped, “Is he really going to play Charles, even after what happened to Angel?” Angel Jenly had been one of the many big name Hollywood starlets that were kidnapped by the foundation. She was said to have been controlled by a special micro-chip and turned into a sex slave. The couple was rumored to be still getting over the whole ordeal.

            Ginger shrugged, “She may be in the movie too; she has the experience.”

            “Ah… I see,” Kayla nodded in agreement taking all the rumors in. She then shot up with eagerness, “I wouldn’t mind playing Haley!”

            “What!?” Haley remarked, looking at her smiling friend in disbelief.

            “Oh come on Haley, you’re no actress and what better person to play you than me?” Kayla asked.

            “How about me?” Haley asked back, looking at both of her friends they looked at one another and laughed.

            “You can’t act, dear,” Ginger answered dismissively, drinking her coffee. “Don’t be silly.”

            “Hi, I’m Haley Leone, nice to meet you. I’m an inspiring model living in the greater Los Angeles area. I like long walks and cuddling…” Kayla began in her best impersonation of her best friend but was cut off by Ginger’s laughter, causing her to laugh herself.

            “Oh my God that was great!” Ginger exclaimed, slapping the table as she continued to laugh. “You just need to dye your hair streaky blonde now.”

            Haley crossed her arms and frowned at her two friends. The impression had been pretty good, she admitted. Kayla was a talented actress after all; no one had given her a chance yet though. She had Haley’s voice and facial expressions down pat. “That was pretty good…” She admitted grinning slightly.

            “I knew it!” Kayla laughed. “I just need someone cool to play my boyfriend and I’m set.”

            “Why not just change the boyfriend all together; face it, Haley’s boyfriend right now isn’t really some one you would really want to show off…” Ginger suggested. The comment silenced the table, as Haley looked at Ginger with a look that would cut through concrete.

            “Hey Hales… she didn’t mean anything by it,” Kayla quickly said, seeing the look on Haley’s face. She knew how much Haley cared for Tucker. The guy saved her life. Ginger was a blunt person, she talked fast without thinking.

            “Oh come on Kayla you said it too when they first started going out,” Ginger replied. Haley looked over at her friend, doubly hurt.

            “That was before I knew him, Hales,” Kayla admitted – now wishing that Ginger had kept her big mouth shut about everything.

            “Haley sweetie, I love you. You’re a gorgeous girl like me and Kayla. But you should really consider dating someone else, it’ll bring up your status.” Ginger said in a motherly but insensitive way.

            “Ginger!” Kayla shot. “That’s enough!”

            Haley angrily shot up from the table, grabbing her purse and silently looking at her friends in disgust in hate. Usually she wouldn’t have acted this way and just brushed off the comment. Ginger was like that, talking before thinking; you just had to get used to it. Haley however was feeling tired and sleep deprived thanks to Tucker’s sickness and the wand; today she was quick to get angry. The blond turned around and left without saying a word.

            “You need to shut up!” Kayla yelled, pointing at Ginger accusingly as she got up to follow her best friend.

            Ginger shrugged as Kayla left. “What’s their problem?”

            Haley realized how she was acting; she didn’t know why but she figured she’d wash her face with cold water or something. She was feeling so exhausted and hungry. “Haley wait…” Kayla called after her. Haley turned around to face her friend. “I’m so sorry about that, Ginger doesn’t mean any of that. You should know how she is. If I had known it’d make you feel this way I would have shut her up before everything all blew up.” Kayla said reassuringly, rubbing her friend’s shoulder.

            “You know if Tucker bothered you that much, you could have just told me! Why did I have to hear about it from her?!” Haley gestured out towards the front of the shop.

            “Haley… are you okay?” You’re not usually like this.” Kayla asked worriedly, touching her friend’s cheek.

            Haley slapped her friend’s hand away. “That guy that both you think that I should upgrade from is home sick right now! He saved me when some crazy guy kidnapped me! He saved my life! And you guys are saying that I’m too good for him?” Haley asked, almost in tears.

            Kayla looked at her friend sadly. “I never said that, sweetie.  When was the last time you slept? You’re only like this when you’re exhausted.” Kayla said, moving next to her friend and putting her arm around her. “I hate to see you so stressed out.”

            Her friend was right, Haley thought. What was wrong with me? She gently pushed Kayla away. “I’m sorry…I think it’s this whole thing with Tucker being sick.” Haley explained, not mentioning the wand, which she knew had something to do with it. She wondered how Tucker and Maggie dealt with this? Did they also get all emotional too? “I think I’m going to wash my face and head home.”

            Kayla nodded, “That’s a good idea; do you want me to come with you? Drive you?”

            “No that’s okay, I don’t want to trouble you. I’m sorry I blew up at you and Ginger. Tell her I’m sorry.”

            “Don’t worry about it.” Kayla said smiling. “Just do whatever is good for you. Are sure you don’t want me to come with you, it’s no trouble.”

            Haley smiled, wiping her eyes. “I’m fine, thanks. Just enjoy the rest of your day.”

            “Okay Hales, call me later though.” Kayla replied. Haley nodded and continued to the ladies room as Kayla headed back to the front of the shop. As she made her way back to her table she notices the three Jessica Alfa mannequins displayed at the front window. They looked exactly like the one that she had at home that was posed in the corner of her bedroom. She figured that Tucker’s friend and Bean There had shopped in the same place for the realistic display models. Looking at the window display she concluded it would have looked better with four display figures, given the space of the window area.

            Haley splashed the ice cold water on to her face and looked at herself in the mirror. She did look how she felt: drained. When she smiled however she could hide it but just looking normally she could clearly see that she was tired. She calculated in her head trying to figure out what time her body thought it was. The thinking by itself gave her a headache. She remembered sleeping a lot when she and Tucker went to Vancouver; he had stopped time for a number of days. She found when he restarted it her biological clock was slightly off and it took a couple of days to get back on track. Opening her purse she pulled out the wand and looks at it accusingly. It was changing her. Haley looked at herself in the mirror, holding the wand, and smiled as she couldn’t resist the urge to tap it five times against the counter.   Everything went quiet again.

            At first the silence had bothered her. It felt like she was deaf. The stillness of the air was an odd feeling too. It wasn’t until the first time Tucker stopped time with her that she realized how dirty the air they breathed was. With time stopped, the air and everything in it stood still. She breathed fresh unmixed air. The feeling was good. She had been in the odd frozen universe with Tucker and Maggie only a handful of times since discovering her boyfriend’s secret. This was her first time alone with the wand. The feeling was different, she was truly alone here and felt no need to impress anyone or follow any rules. She could do anything she wanted. It was a powerful feeling, but was there a limit to what she could do or not? She had no idea and shrugged over the thought as she walked through the motionless coffee shop with wand in hand and her purse in the hook of her arm.

            The place was pretty crowed; almost every table was occupied by someone, either a couple, friends hanging out, a date even or just a lonely person enjoying a cup of coffee and book or newspaper. She spotted a blond lady in a dark business suit sitting alone reading a magazine, intently a cup of tea in front of her. A few tables away there was dark-haired man that looked about the lady’s age reading a paper, enjoying some tea as well. Haley enjoyed Tucker’s warmth and love more than anything and thought that everyone in the world should have someone to love. Putting her purse down and tucking her wand into her cleavage once again, Haley went to work playing cupid.

            The blond and the dark-haired man were soon sitting at the same table. Both people now no longer reading, instead leaned in to the table faces nearly an inch apart as if about to kiss. Haley made it so the man was holding the woman’s hand passionately. “It’s up to you guys now – my work here is done,” she declared, smoothing out the man’s dark hair and brushing some loose threads off the woman’s suit jacket. There was an Asian couple, sitting together at the table; both looked to be in conversation when time had stopped. The man was young and handsome, wearing a clean white dress shirt and pressed khaki pants. He sat holding his coffee mug in his right hand slightly lifted to his lips and his other hand gesturing at his female friend to ‘go on’. His female friend was cute with short black hair cut into cute bangs in the front that hung in silky smooth thin ponytail in the back. She was dressed in a baby blue cotton short sleeved top, over a wool skirt with a pair of black high heels. Her elbows rested on the table with her palms up, a nice smile on her face, with squinting eyes. With some arranging and moving, Haley made it so the couple were in each other’s arms in an embrace on the brink of kissing. “I really hope you guys aren’t brothers and sisters… or this is just going to be an interesting story.” Haley said adjusting the woman so she wouldn’t fall off the man’s lap.

* * *

            She played cupid a little bit more in around the shop, moving people around who she thought would hook up if given the chance. She even put the two employees working the bar, which she thought looked like a cute couple, in a hot kiss with the woman leaning the man backwards over her knee, while his arms were wrapped behind her neck. There was a handsome man with broad shoulders and deep grey eyes. There was stubble on his cheek and chin. He wore a baseball cap over his short blond hair. A white t-shirt tightly covered protruding pecks and his muscular arms. His lower half was covered in a pair of fashionable jeans. He sat with his leg crossed, the manly way, his right elbow rested on the table with his right hand cupping the right side of his face. The other hand held a traveler’s guide to LA that is he reading. With some effort Haley stood the man up, he was a lot heavier than the women she had been messing around with earlier, and he was really the first man she lifted into a standing position. After digging in his pocket she found his ID that read that his name was Filipe and his was Swedish exchange student. According to his ID he was 6’1 and 190 lbs.

            Taking off Filipe’s baseball cap to get a closer look at the man, Haley nestled close to him and felt her heart start to race. “Do you wanna?” She asked giggling, looking at the man’s blank staring eyes. She moved his head up and down. “I’ll be right back!” she said excitedly running off. Haley returned with a hand cart, there was no way she as going to drag or carry 190lbs anywhere. She loaded Filipe on to the cart as if he was a wax figure, leaning the cart back she carted him off all the while laughing excitingly. There was an unlocked storage room with plenty of space just be the coffee bar. Pushing Filipe into the room she unloaded him and went to work. Her body was hot, her nipples were hard and standing erect, she was dripping wet, she had to touch her mound a few times as she worked Filipe’s clothes off. Soon the Swedish exchange student was naked, sitting with naked legs wide, leaning back on his powerful arms. His face looked forwards with slight grin on his lips. Haley hiked up her dress and stripped off her thong. She removed a condom from her purse, Tucker was never prepared and she didn’t want babies just yet so she often kept a couple with her at all times. Squatting in front of Filipe she slid the condom onto his shaft and straightened out so it was ready to receive her. Holding her dress up with her tongue out between her lips she settled onto his cock, pushing it into her. “OH MY!” she screamed eyes rolling into the back of her head.

            She only went a couple of rounds with Filipe before feeling satisfied. The guy wasn’t all that exciting as she hoped. Tucker was much more pleasurable; she smiled realizing that Tucker truly made her happy both in the sack and in life. Filipe was a hunk though, Tucker was her boyfriend and she loved him so she really didn’t desired anyone else, maybe for some short action like what she just had with Filipe but nothing serious. She wanted some one else to also enjoy Filipe and quite possibly start something special. With panties back on Haley wandered back into the front of the shop leaving naked Filipe in the back storeroom with his erected member and his wide-legged sitting pose. 

            Kayla stood at the table where they had been sitting just moments ago before they entered the wand’s timeless universe. She was looking down at Ginger with her arms wide, palms out, her face in a frown and contorted in anger her mouth opened. Ginger sat crossed legged holding her cup of coffee with a sincere look on face, almost sad even. Haley was touched by the sight and felt a lump on her throat. She walked up to Kayla who looked heated and angry. “You’re the best friend a girl could have.” Haley warmly holding tears back and hugged her friend from behind. She then kissed her on the cheek and looked over at Ginger. The dancer looked hurt and obviously shocked at Kayla’s outburst. “Serves you right,” Haley said snatching the cup from the redhead’s hands and putting on the table. “I think Maggie would like you.” She cooed smiling and waving the wand twice over Ginger’s head.

* * *

            “I like you to meet Filipe; Filipe, meet my best bud Kayla.” Haley introduced the two waxworks, closing the door to the storage room behind her. She had straightened out Kayla, and stood her friend straight and smoothed out her face, giving her a blank expression before dragging her back to store room. “Kayla is really special to me. She’s almost like sister so I want you to treat her real good Filipe,” Haley said as she raised her friend’s arms up in the air and stripped off her shirt tossing it away, leaving Kayla’s flowered colored bra that held her bust in plain view. “I know Kayla, you don’t like me meddling your love life but, Filipe is hot and you’re hot… so why not?” Haley asked, smiling, kneeling down and opening Kayla’s jeans and jerking them off her hips along with her blue thong as well. “Oh nice – you just shaved.” Haley smiled, eyeing Kayla’s bare womanhood. “I bet you guys could make the cutest babies…” the blond said as she lowered her best friend to the floor and worked stripped her riding boots off followed by the jeans and thong.

            With Kayla naked save for her bra, Haley replaced the condom on Filipe’s manhood and with the help of some hand lotion settled her friend onto the Swedish sausage. She wrapped Kayla’s naked legs around Filipe’s waist, locking her ankles together at the small of his back. Filipe was sat up at a straighter so that his arms could be wrapped around Kayla. Kayla’s arms were around Filipe’s neck and their lips were locked with both their eyes closed. “Have fun you guys,” Haley giggled, looking at the passionate sight once more before slipping out and closing the storing room door behind her.

            Ginger stood at attention by their table. Her green eyes were shut with her lips parted. “Ready to go to your new home?” Haley whispered into the girl’s ear. “You’ll like it – there’s another blond there and even a cute little Asian girl too.  You all can play dress-up dolls all the time now,” she said smiling as she wrapped her arms around Ginger’s slim waist.


Haley’s place

            The ringing of her phone woke her up with a start, everything was dark around her. Her mouth was dry and tasted horrible. Her mind was fuzzy and she was disoriented. She sat up and realizing she was in her bedroom, she looked around sleepily looking for her phone, tracking where the ringing was coming from. It was somewhere in her living room she figured out right as it stopped. Swinging her legs off the bed she stood up, feeling dizzy, she used her arms to guide her as she slowly felt around her room and walked out into the hallway. Like a zombie she automatically walked into her bathroom. Switching on the lights she was temporary blinded, shielding her eyes for a minute or two she stood there wobbling. Taking a yawn she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and came face to face with a messy-haired blond in the mirror. Her hair was going in all directions her face looked rested but still tired at the same time. She was still dressed in her sundress that she had worn early that day. It was all wrinkled up though. “Ugh…” she muttered, slipping the dress off and standing in her white strapless bra and thong. She flattened out her wild hair a little bit before running the cold water and washing her face.

            Still dressed in her underwear and barefooted she padded out to her living room and was surprised to see three motionless women standing around her. She looked at them, puzzled, wondering what was going on. She knew all three of the suspended women, one was Ginger, her friend. The redhead stood at attention next to her couch with eyes shut and lips parted. She was fully clothed in a black ribbed shirt and khaki trousers over heels. Another frozen woman was Kathryn Summers, Ms. Zoe’s assistant from Models INC. She too was standing at attention and was completely naked, her blond hair a mess. Finally there was another blond girl, who was younger than her; Haley had met her once before and her name was Julie Vaughn. She went to school with Tucker. The blond co-ed statue was dressed in pink tight-fitting t-shirt and white frilly skirt. Her blond hair flowing naturally well passed her shoulders. Her hands were outstretched out in front of her as if she was holding something, but they were empty. A smile was held on her face and her blue eyes stared at Haley blankly. Haley looked at all three, clueless to what was going on. She then saw the wand sitting on her coffee table. “WOW!” she cried, slapping her forehead with her palm. “What the hell did I do?”

            Rushing over to her dining room table, she picked up her cell phone and saw that it was nearly 2AM in the morning! She had almost 70 missed calls. Opening it the cell up she saw that all the calls had come from Maggie or Tucker, “Oh my God!” she yelled out, sitting down as everything came back to her. “Why did I do this?” she asked looking at the three immobilized women in her room. She recalled fuzzily that she had frozen Kathryn earlier in the day when she saw that the assistant was calling Tucker, she stripped her down and put her in the trunk of her car for the duration of the day. Ginger pissed her off when they were having coffee and she froze her too; it seemed the easiest thing at the time. Then she had met Julie Vaughn, who she suspected had a crush on Tucker, when she had gotten home. The co-ed was walking into the building with a care package for Tucker. Haley wasn’t going to have any of that and she froze the young girl too. Now that she was fresh and awake she could see it all as a horrible mistake.

            Picking up her phone she dialed back Maggie. The Chinese girl answered right away. “Where the hell are you? Are you hurt?” Maggie blurted out.

            “I’m home and I’m okay. I just fell asleep.” Haley replied quietly. She was about to tell about her predicament but the other girl cut her off.

            “There’s an emergency, get up here.” Maggie said seriously and the line went dead.

            Haley threw on her white silk robe and left her apartment without bothering to put on any shoes and took the wand in hand. The elevator was too slow so she took the stairs, and flew up the three flights of stairs at full speed. She knocked in panic, reaching Tucker’s door. Maggie answered and looked down at what she was wearing with a raised eye brow.

“Is Tucker okay?”  Haley asked, concerned.

            Maggie stepped aside letting her in, “Tucker is fine, no help from you. Thank you for making me miss my date, by the way,” she added flatly, closing the door as Haley stepped in. The Chinese girl was wearing what she had been wearing earlier before, the fetish nursing outfit.

            “What’s the emergency, then?” Haley asked, now annoyed. “You scared me half to death making me run up here. You’ll get another date with Jamie… I wouldn’t call missing that an emergency.”

            Before Maggie could answer, another girl stepped out from the kitchen. She looked exactly like Julie, only with shorter hair and a more athletic frame. She was dressed in jeans and a simple t-shirt. “Julie?” She asked worriedly. Haley could see by the girl’s red eyes that she had been crying.

            “It’s just Haley, Kat, go back and have a seat we’ll go to the police station right after this.” Maggie replied caringly. Kat only nodded and looked down at a cell phone she held in her hands and slowly walked back into the kitchen.

            “Police station? What’s going on?” Haley asked.

            “Not here,” Maggie said quietly and gestured Haley to follow her. They walked past the kitchen. Kat sat at the table staring at her cell phone with her blood shot eyes. Haley glanced at her quickly but couldn’t look at her long in fear of breaking down herself. “I’ll be right back.” Maggie said as they passed.

            Maggie unlocked the door to Tucker’s office and let Haley in, she quickly followed closing the door behind her. Candice was lying on the floor in her cross-legged sitting pose from earlier, Hitomi was next to her hugging air and Rebecca and Tatiana stood in their maid poses flanking the desk. “I had to move them out of sight fast when Kat came.” Maggie explained. “Kat and her sister Julie came over from Malibu to visit Tucker earlier today,” Maggie looked at her watch, “Well, yesterday afternoon. Julie never made it here. Kat came in first while Julie went to the car to get something. Julie never came back,” Maggie said, looking back out towards the kitchen. “Those sisters are tight, when Julie didn’t return it didn’t take long for Kat to freak out. It took me hours to calm her down. I told her to watch her cell phone and she’ll call. She’s been looking at her cell phone for almost five hours now.”

            “That’s horrible…” Haley replied, forgetting that she had the other sister suspended down in her apartment.

            “Tucker is asleep right now, he’s finally past the worst of it, so I need you to watch him. I’m going to take Kat to the police station to file a missing persons report. They’re from Rhode Island you know? They don’t know LA like you and me. I really hope Julie is okay, but right now it looks kinda grim.”

            Haley looked at Maggie, who was completely different from her usual self. Tucker did tell her that Maggie had a serious side that she rarely showed. Looking back toward the kitchen Haley felt a lump in her throat and wished she could do something. She then felt the wand in her hand and smiled weakly. “You might not have to go anywhere.” Maggie looked at her questioningly. “Some of this – well, most of this – is my doing…” Haley quickly explained her day and ended with, an “I’m sorry.” Maggie looked angry and cute, but Haley wasn’t going to say anything. “I’ll help you fix it?” she offered, handing Maggie the wand.

            “You’ve done enough,” Maggie said flatly, snatching the wand from her.

            “Don’t tell Tucker, pleeze...” Haley quickly pleaded as Maggie immediately tapped the wand five times.

* * *

            Haley blinked and looked around. She was standing in the middle of Tucker and Maggie’s living room, completely naked, and holding her breasts. She stepped back in shock with a gasp, covering breasts and her snatch. Julie and Kat Vaughn stood flanking her, Kat on her right and Julie on her left. Both sisters were naked as well and cupping their breasts. They bore bright smiles on their frozen faces. Maggie tapped Haley from behind and the blond spun around quickly, making the Vaughn twins wobble. The Chinese girl only smiled and handed Haley her underwear. “What the hell happened?”

            “Some payback… actually the beginning of a long line of paybacks,” Maggie replied. The seriousness was gone. Good old Maggie Yen was back. “For what I went through the past couple of hours and for that time Tucker froze me for your pure enjoyment…I hated being blond, even though it only lasted for a week.  Don’t get me started on sticking me with sick duty…”

            “Fine, I guess I deserve that,” Haley said as she pulled back on her thong and snapped her bra back on.  “How come I’m not wearing that kinky nurse’s outfit I dressed you in before?”

Maggie chuckled.  “Turns out that kind of looks good on you; I’ll show you the pictures later, if you’re nice.  Let’s keep that our little secret.“

“You’re going to rat me out to Tuck if I don’t agree to your payback anyway, right?”

            “That’s up to you. I’m not getting between you and Tuck or try to ruin what you guys have. You screwed up and I fixed it.” Maggie said, smiling. “I think it’s fair that you owe me.”

            “How’d you fix it?” Haley asked looking over at the Vaughn twins, both girls were gorgeous with toned athletic bodies and proportional features. They would surely be popular as models for T&M.

            “I took that Kathryn lady back to her office. I was lucky that Ms. Zoe was still there. I put them to sleep with the sleeping spell and then posed them in the boardroom together.” Maggie explained, sticking the wand into her back pocket and walking up to Julie and wrapping her arms around the girl’s waist. “Get Kat.”

            Haley did the same with Kat, “Why’d you pose them like that for?” She then asked as they began to drag the twins towards the hallway.

            “Well I figured you probably got Kathryn in trouble taking her like that during the day. My initial plan was to just stick back her in the office and make it look like she fell asleep in the closet or something. Since Ms. Zoe was there I decided just to have them together, which works out better. Kathryn will probably not get in trouble and keep her job now, since Ms. Zoe doesn’t want it to get out that she sleeps with her employees.”

            “That’s pretty good…” Haley admitted. “You think a lot like Tucker.”

            “That’s why we get along.” Maggie smiled as they reached her room. She leaned Julie against the wall as she opened her door. “Don’t worry about Kat, she’ll wake up tomorrow and I’ll just tell her that she got all crazy with some liquor. As for Julie I’ll put her to sleep too, after more payback for last time. She’ll help us cover too so Kat shouldn’t expect anything.” Maggie explained.

            Haley was about to ask about Ginger when she saw her dancer friend lying on Maggie’s bed. The redhead was completely naked with her hands over her stomach, her green eyes looking up at the ceiling and her lips in the shape of an ‘o’. Ginger’s red hair was out of its braid and fanned out under her head. “Payback?” She asked as she dragged Kat into the room. Maggie simply smiled as she laid down Julie’s stiff form next to the dancer. “You’re not going to keep her, are you?” she then asked as she stood Kat next to Maggie’s sailor Venus statue. Haley looked over at her friend; it was the first time she had seen Ginger naked. As expected the redhead had a stunning body, toned abs, round breasts with rosy nipples and a landing strip mound showing that she was a real redhead.

            “Only for a little,” Maggie replied, looking at the two naked women lying shoulder to shoulder. “If it’s a problem, I’ll have her back to you tomorrow.” Maggie then said, looking at Haley still grinning and eager to get into bed.

            “Take your time, I guess she can take a little vacation.  I’ll tell Kayla,” Haley replied with a smile. “Do you want Hitomi too? I mean just to borrow?”

            Maggie smiled, “Not tonight, “ She replied looking at Kat’s stiff body standing by, the soccer captain’s blue eyes vacantly staring at nothing. “I’ll take you up on that one, though.”

            “No, problem.” Haley agreed. “Good night Mags, and – thank you.”

            “Thank you, Haley.”

            As Haley left Maggie’s room the girl quickly stripped off her clothing. Haley noticed an odd shape on Maggie’s desk, it looked like a clock but she couldn’t be sure as it was covered with a sheet. Odd, she thought but opted not to ask Maggie about it as she was looking at Haley with eager eyes to leave.

She silently moved next door, opening the door and creeping into the dark room. She could feel Tucker stirring around in his bed. “Mags?” He called out in a hoarse voice.

            “No, it’s me babe,” Haley replied quietly crawling into Tucker’s bed. Tucker made room for her as she snuggled against him. “Feeling better?” She asked yawning and resting her head on his chest.

            “Much,” Tucker replied sleepily. “Thanks for taking care of me.” He whispered but only heard the sound of Haley softly snoring, her body heavy against his. “I guess you had fun today with the wand,” he whispered, grinning and kissing her on top of the head. Haley moaned incoherently and hugged her boyfriend tightly in her sleep.


Continued with... Maggie's Clock

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