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New Stories from 2007

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 These aren't exactly new, but they are the new stories from 2006 and before arranged in the order by date they were added to the archive.








The most current new stories remain here and will be split out, by year, in January

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Statues & Living Statues
Robots & Androids
Dollies & TG
Extreme & TF

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25-Dec-07   Dmuk & DL "Compulsion"
(contributions by Zapped!)
    Northern Chill Bedtime Beauty
Family Heirloom
      Ownership Is 9/10th Of The Law
    FreezAntix Time Stop I - Miho Time Stop II - Neighbors
    Q Magical Mall Mannequins - 1 Ready & Waiting (a beginning)
    Zapped! Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 10 - C.S.I.: A Living Doll Investigation  
    Tek Nano Dolls
(set in the Girls Under Glass universe)
    Baobab ACME Very Adult Novelty Company  
  Libertine Statue
(crossposted from
27-Oct-07   Zero Gold is a Girl's Best Friend Fashion has Stiff Competition
      Being Fashionable Requires Plastic  
    Zapped! Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 9 - Vacation in Rio  
    DL Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
(edited by dmuk)
  Northern Chill I Promised You A Rose Garden
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
Pinball Wizard
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
    Marcellus MK Super Spy TJ Hooker – Stacy’s Final Case - Part 2
    Dmuk & others Getting Stuck in a Stick-Up
(from Medusa Chronicles)
  Mines_Eye Bridal Barbie The Perfect French Maid
    The Model Schoolgirl  
  Zero Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero )
8-Sep-07   MRC A Day In The Life (of a Living Statue)  
    Marcellus Artful Crime – another version Still The Challenge - Part 1, 2
      TJ Hooker – Stacy’s Final Case - Part 1  
    Zero Advanced Buildings and Superheroes 2nd Edition  (illustrated)

When the Clock Strikes Gorgun

      A Man Out of Time
    Johnsan My Mannequin, My Wife – Part 3  
    Jay Petto Creative Control
    Leticia Latex The Women of Latex Hills  
    Baobab Switch  
  Zero Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero )
23-Jun-07   Zero Winter Comes Early
Robotic Revolution
      Battle Royal
    DL Captured
(illustrated, with contributions from Dmuk)
The Contest

Snakes on Elaine - Parts 1, 2, 3
(illustrated - )

    Leem Flora and Fauna  
    Magnus Artful Crime - What If?  
    Tek Girls Under Glass (tPS) - Side Story:
A Tall One
    Zapped! Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 8 - Truck Stop  

Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror - 1, 2

    Zero Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero )
15-Mar-07   Zero The Endless Night
An Unlikely Alliance
      Advanced Buildings & Superheroes

Snakes on Elaine - Part One

    Pakled One of Our Robots is Missing  
    BigBird Actual Demonstration Model
(illustrated by MadBird_CZ)
    Baobab Late Nite Car Wash  
    Johnsan Tina's Adventures as a Doll
    Zero Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero )
10-Feb-07   Zero Rise of the Machines
Evil Wears a Chrome Jacket
      The Day of the Robot
Anger of the Old Gods
    Johnsan Private Party
Promises, Promises
    DL Reunion With Melissa
(edited by Dmuk)
    Siogi She's Not There  
    Lane2k What Went Wong?  
    Baobab Totally Mad Scientist  
    Zero Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero )

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