Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror

by Dr. Purple

Author's note: I'm not much of a comic buff but I'll try to stay as loyal to the characters as I can with what little resources I have.
Characters, such as Supergirl, Power Girl, Black Canary, and other superheroines, are property of DC Comics.
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Part Two: New Arrivals

The next day Power Girl and Black Canary showed up at the scene of Supergirl's disappearance. The communicator she had been given doubled as tracking device when worn and had sent Kara's last known coordinates to Oracle before being destroyed. What was left of it was lying on the garage floor. It had been stepped on and run over many times. Black Canary looked around for clues while Power Girl checked with security to see if they had caught anything with their surveillance cameras.

The two men she spoke with were very cooperative and though she didn't enjoy their ogling, she did appreciate their help as lacking as it was. The cameras on the third floor where Supergirl disappeared hadn't caught anything out of the ordinary; however the ones on the second floor did record a brunette vanishing in a familiar blue streak, at least Power Girl assumed it was blue. The recording was in black and white and of very poor quality but Power Girl figured the person on the tape was likely Linda - Supergirl's civilian guise.

"What do you think that was?" asked one of the security guards.

"What?" the other asked, turning his attention away from Power Girl.

The busty blonde let out a barely audible sigh.

Back in the parking garage Black Canary had discovered some strange markings on the wall and was carefully examining them. She noticed sea salt on the floor earlier and suspected mysticism was involved. The symbols proved her theory was correct but brought her no comfort in knowing what they were up against.

"I kept Supergirl's secret identity from being compromised but other than that it was a complete waste of time." came Power Girl's voice from across the garage. "The cameras up here didn't record Supergirl or her abductor which makes me wonder if they had somehow been tampered with."

As Power Girl stepped closer to Black Canary with two tapes in each hand, she noticed the stockinged heroine examining some sort of strange graffiti on the wall.

"What did you find?" she asked.

"I'm not entirely sure,” the Canary answered. "But I think we're dealing with a magic user."

"I hate magic!" Power Girl grumbled.

"I've studied the occult a little but these symbols are new to me. If I'm reading this correctly though, it looks like Supergirl's abductor was using a cloaking spell of some kind which explains why the cameras didn't pick up anything," the Canary explained. "I'm going to report our findings to Oracle. Maybe she can help us turn up something."


Meanwhile, several miles away...

In a run-down part of Purplestone City stood an unassuming building with a sign in its window that simply read, "Rose's Shop". On the surface it seemed like just another store but there were quite a few things that set it apart. For example, in spite of having few customers Rose's Shop did remarkably well and those who visited always found something they liked. Many extraordinary things had happened there but no one - except for an unfortunate few - would ever suspect a thing from its bland exterior.

Inside, Lindsey - Rose's sales clerk and mind controlled slave - stood behind the counter, manning the cash register. The crimson haired sorceress - who at this time was in a long red dress - had just stepped out and was closing the door to the adults area when a beautiful young Latino woman walked over to the counter and started talking to the petite sales clerk. Lindsey nodded and pointed to the back where the dressing rooms were and the young woman headed that way with a bright-green bikini in her hand. As she and Rose passed each other, their eyes met for a very brief moment. The sorceress waited until she was out of earshot before speaking with her sales clerk.

"We're having guests tonight so we'll be closing early." Rose said.

"That sounds fun. What do you need me to do?" Lindsey asked.

"Nothing. I just want you to go home and pretend to have a life outside this store." Rose explained. "I'll handle everything here."

"All right but may I add another mannequin to our inventory before I leave?" Lindsey asked, motioning toward the changing rooms. "I was thinking of something with mocha colored skin and a really nice body."

The sorceress smiled. "Yes, I think we could use a mannequin like that."

The hours rolled by as usual and to an onlooker everything seemed normal in Purplestone City but something astonishing was about to transpire.

Lindsey was well on her way home when Black Canary and Power Girl showed up in an alley behind the store. Black Canary theorized that the abductor was likely someone with a business of some kind that required a large number of women. She just wasn't sure what that was exactly but she had her suspicions. After she reported her findings to Oracle, the super hacker looked online for unusual occult related purchases made by local businesses and people. By herself and through her store, a certain "Rose McBride" had made more purchases than anyone else.

Oracle dug up everything she could find on the mysterious storeowner and discovered that for the last three years she had been moving from one town to the next. Each time she set up shop, women, and in some cases even men, went missing. Rose was always one step ahead though and before anyone suspected anything criminal she was already packed up and on her way to the next town. As compelling as this evidence was though, they still needed physical proof that Rose was capable of abducting well over a hundred people. Once that was accomplished, they could turn their attention to finding the missing people as well as their lost partner in crime fighting.

Canary made short work of picking the lock to the back entrance. She suspected that someone like Rose wouldn't have an alarm system to draw attention to her store, which was likely her base of operations. She was right. The two blonde heroines stepped into the dimly lit store. They weren't prepared for what they found which was evident by the expressions of total shock on their faces. Around them were a large number of sex toys, bondage gear, fetish wear, and things that couldn't be identified.

"Th-this must be where they sell the adult merchandise." Black Canary stammered.

"Some people are just weird!" Power Girl said, examining an ASFR DVD.

"Right...I'll investigate the front half of the store while you look around here." Black Canary said as she headed for the door.

"How did I get stuck with this end?" Power Girl huffed.

But Black Canary was already in the next room and Power Girl was alone, or so it seemed. The stockinged heroine stepped away from the door barely hearing a word of Power Girl's protests. The air was cold and still and the dim lights shimmered off the store mannequins. They seemed to be watching her with their cold plastic eyes as she walked over to the counter. She paused and took a moment to examine one in a bright-green bikini. She was a beautiful mannequin with mocha skin and clear Latin features; very realistic if not for the gleams of light trickling off her skin as well as the very noticeable seams on her body. The Canary couldn't help but notice the mannequin's erect nipples stretching the thin fabric of the bikini top. There was a very sensual smile frozen on the dummy's face giving Black Canary the feeling that there was a good chance the shop's mannequins weren't created in a factory.

While Black Canary walked over to the counter up front, Power Girl was busy checking behind the one in the back but wasn't finding anything. She checked every drawer until she got to the bottom but they were all empty. There were no documents, computer disks, spell books, or anything in the drawers except for an extra screw or two. She was ready check up on Black Canary when the sound of stiletto heels caught her attention. Rather than hide and wait to see who it was, Power Girl rose from behind the counter. She wasn't the type that snuck around in the shadows, hiding from a potential threat. Rose stood across the counter with her arms crossed, watching the voluptuous blonde superheroine. There was a slight grin on her face as the light from above glinted off her latex body suit, which was a familiar shade of blue.

Black Canary had several drawers slid open at that point and each one had panels in them with various switches and buttons that did who knew what. One drawer even had several small monitors in it that were connected to cameras in all six of the dressing rooms. They weren't just dealing with a magic user but someone who had a lot of high-tech and high priced equipment. What Black Canary didn't know was some of that same equipment could transform a lovely lady like herself into any number of things.

Power Girl stepped out from behind the counter, nearly knocking over the cash register as she did.

"If she's hurt Supergirl..." Power Girl thought.

"Well judging by your attire I think it's safe to say you're not a burglar." Rose chuckled. "I love the way your costume displays your cleavage by the way. I've incorporated something similar in many of my designs."

"You're Rose, I presume," Power Girl growled. "I'm not here to talk fashion! What have you done with Supergirl and the other missing people?"

"The missing people?" Rose asked. "They're not missing! They've either been sold or they're still here. Of course they're not exactly people now."

Rose motioned toward a mannequin in black latex behind her. Power Girl’s eyes went big. She was shocked that someone would, that someone could do such a thing.

" turned them into mannequins?" Power Girl said.

"Mannequins, statues, dolls, latex wear, sex toys... I like to keep my options open." Rose said.

Power Girl's shock was then replaced by anger.

"Where is Supergirl?" She asked. "How do we reverse this?"

"Supergirl is right here." Rose said placing a hand on her supple breast. "And she and the others will stay as they are forever."

Power Girl reached for the red haired enchantress but before she could get to her there were multiple flashes of red light. The busty blonde felt a strange warmth spreading across her body. She recoiled from the odd sensation, but before she could take a step back, her costume split open and fell to pieces on the floor. Once freed, her large breasts jiggled for a moment, no longer bound by their tight latex restraints. Power Girl quickly covered herself and looked at the villainess for some explanation.

"Did I mention your friend gave me a few things like heat vision and other powers?" Rose asked.

Power Girl was completely dumbstruck and before she could regain her senses, Rose karate chopped her in the back off the neck sending her flying into a wall.

Black Canary heard a crashing sound and tapped her communicator to see if Power Girl was all right. All Canary got was static and she suddenly became worried. She walked around to the front of the counter and took a couple of steps before a cold and very smooth hand grabbed her by the shoulder. Acting on instinct, she grabbed her assailant's wrist and looked back to see a mannequin's plastic face staring back at her. She was going to flip the dummy over her shoulder when three more appeared and thwarted her efforts. One grabbed her free arm while the other two each grabbed a leg. They pulled her feet off the ground and held her suspended in midair with her legs spread open.

Angered that she could be handled so easily by display dummies, the Black Canary was about to unleash her trademark "Canary Cry" when from behind, a fifth mannequin slipped a ball gag on her and patted her on the cheek. The heroine grumbled an obscenity and glared at her in defiance.

More mannequins sprang to life and walked over to the defenseless heroine. Some helped hold her struggling form in place while others stripped her of her costume. It took them practically no time to take off her clothing. Her fishnet stockings were last to be removed.

Unlike Supergirl, Black Canary was not a natural blonde and the mannequins could tell from the thin, well trimmed patch above her most intimate of regions but that wasn't going to matter much longer. As Dinah fought against the iron grip of her plastic attackers, she couldn't stop wondering what they intended to do with her. She would soon have her answer as the mannequin in the bright-green bikini walked over to her with a flesh colored latex body suit in her hands.

"Join us, sister." she said, her lips unmoving.

"Yes, join us. Join us, sister. Sister, join us." the others spoke in unison with faces equally as stiff.

The Black Canary began struggling even harder, shrieking behind her gag.

The bikini-clad mannequin began sliding the suit up Canary's long sensual legs.

As Power Girl laid on her back in a semi-conscious state, Rose crawled on top of her well toned body and with a skilled hand began massaging the downed heroine's sex. Once Power Girl's nether lips puffed up, the sorceress parted them with her delicate fingers and shoved a large pink dildo into the waiting hole. This brought Power Girl back to her senses and she threw the sorceress off of her. The blonde heroine was about to stand and pull the intruding device out when she discovered she couldn't move.

"Is there a problem Power Jugs?" Rose asked, picking herself up.

Power Girl could only groan in response.

"That's one of my special dildos,” the sorceress explained. "It paralyzes who ever it’s used on but the best part is still to come."

With great force the pink toy went deep into the subdued heroine and pulled out, causing Power Girl much discomfort. She cried out in anguish. It continued this cycle over and over again, going deeper and harder. Rose could see the base of the dildo popping in and out of Karen's moistened lips.

"Oh yeah, it's going to hurt a little at first," the sorceress explained licking her full red lips. "But after that you're in for the ride of your life. So sit back and enjoy. It's not like you can go anywhere."

The flesh colored suit was pulled up to Black Canary's waist and in moments, the mannequins were sliding her arms and breasts in. As soon as everything was in place the latex suit zipped closed and the zipper disappeared altogether. Black Canary froze up and became as stiff as a board. It felt like an electric current was flowing through her luscious body. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling though - it wasn't unpleasant at all - but it was a little strange.

The mannequins propped Black Canary back up and removed her ball gag. One couldn't tell from her gingerbread man-like stance but their touch sent ripples through her body arousing her well beyond the point of orgasm. Release was nowhere in sight though. The magic of the suit was in control and prevented that from happening. It was fusing to her skin and steadily changing her. There was one final touch though and the mannequin in the light-green bikini took care of it by pulling the hood of Black Canary's new suit over her face. Everything went black and just as with the rest of her body, the hood fused to her face. From head to toe the Black Canary was covered in transforming latex and her mind was slowly being rewritten.

Memories of who she was were being buried deep within her subconscious as her body gave into the pleasures of the suit. Anytime she tried to resist a corrective charge would surge through her causing great discomfort. When she complied and took in the suit's programming she was rewarded with a pleasant jolt and drawn further into ecstasy. Soon her wants and aspirations were replaced with a simple desire to look beautiful and please her mistress. She no longer remembered or cared about friends, relatives, or past lovers. There was only Rose and the love she now felt for her.

Sensing the Canary's transformation was near completion the mannequin in the green bikini lifted her up off her feet and impaled her on a mannequin stand. The rod slid effortlessly into the defeated heroine's rear and she climaxed on the spot. She assumed an elegant pose with her right leg bent, her left hand on her hip, and her right hand at her side and froze in place. Seams appeared across her shoulders, neck, and thighs as what was once a proud superheroine was reduced to a plastic abstract mannequin. Though faceless and completely bald from head to toe, the suit had captured every detail of her wonderful body; her jutting nipples, the creases in her nails, the dimples and the crack of her shapely ass were all frozen in flesh colored plastic. Her vagina however, was as smooth and featureless as her face.

As the mannequins walked back to their displays they again spoke in unison, "Welcome sister! Welcome!"

Power Girl writhed and wriggled about on the floor succumbing to the relentless thrusting of the possessed dildo. Rose couldn't help herself. She enjoyed the display so much she was fingering herself through the blue latex suit, which it enjoyed very much. Lustful moans and whimpers poured out of Karen's lush red lips. Her vaginal muscles were firmly locked around the intruder trying with everything she had to milk the device. Rose zipped open the crotch of her body suit and straddled the down heroine. She savored the feel of Power Girl's warm body and each time the pink toy popped out it rubbed Rose's clit, bringing her closer to climax as well. The blonde superheroine's back arched and her toes curled as she experienced the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Rose groaned with displeasure and stood up off of the busty heroine.

"I wasn't done yet!" she grumbled.

The pink device began its second task and proceeded to inject Power Girl with a fast acting chemical, a warm and viscous fluid that would forever change her. Her pussy drank it greedily. From there it rapidly spread into the rest of her body. The conquered heroine moaned one last time but was cut short as she lost the ability to speak and all movement ceased. Her skin became perfectly smooth and rubber like. Her golden hair and pubic bush turned into acrylic fibers. The evidence of the sexual bliss she had experienced just moments before remained frozen in her features as her eyes - now made of plastic - were half closed and her lips formed a silent and inviting "Oh!" Power Girl had been turned in a very realistic silicone love doll.

"As soon as I clean you up, the two of us are going to have some fun!" Rose said.

With a wet pop she pulled the pink toy from Power Girl's silicone pussy. The defeated heroine would've shrieked in horror if she had been able to. Time passed as the store owner cleaned and straightened the mess they had made. After the Cannequin - or Canary mannequin - was dressed in latex and put away, the store owner brought her new and recently cleaned Power Girl sex doll home with her. She placed the doll in her bed and retrieved her favorite double dildo. Half of the toy was pink while the other half was lavender, or a pale shade of purple. She always placed the purple half in herself. With her toy in place, both in herself and her doll, she proceeded to fuck it for all it was worth. Like so many of her playthings though, the dildo she used was no normal sex toy and as she neared climax the toy began pumping precious juices into her.

Though Power Girl was enjoying herself she knew something was wrong. Her mind was getting hazy and it was getting harder to remember anything that wasn't directly related to sex. What she didn't realize was just like Supergirl before her, she too was having her essence absorbed by the sorceress. The very fluid that was being pumped into Rose's pussy was actually Power Girl's essence in liquid form. The sorceress' vaginal muscles held the device firmly in place and worked the length of the shaft effectively draining it. When Rose finally climaxed, the tool went dry and all knowledge Karen had that she was ever anything more than a doll was gone. Rose now had Power Girl's special abilities as well as pretty much everything that made her who she was.

As the crimson-haired enchantress pulled the dildo from her wet and dripping nether lips she frowned at the sight of her pubes. Her once crimson red bush was now a golden blonde. Such a change was normal and her pubic hair would return to its own natural color as new hair grew in but past experiences with different lovers taught her it was best to just shave it all off. A tired sorceress rolled over and drifted off to sleep. She would shower in the morning. There was much to do the following day and she needed all the rest she could get.


To Be Continued...

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