Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror

by Dr. Purple

Author's note: I'm not much of a comic buff but I'll try to stay as loyal to the characters as I can with what little resources I have.
Characters, such as Supergirl, Power Girl, Black Canary, and other superheroines, are property of DC Comics.

Part One: Supergirl Trapped

With great speed and amazing elegance Supergirl soared through the night sky of Purplestone City, a hot tourist spot in Florida known for its scenic beaches and an abundance of nightclubs. Beyond its cheerful neon lit exterior something dark and sinister lurked. Within the last two months an alarming number of attractive young women had gone missing. The police were baffled and couldn't figure out what was happening or who was responsible but for some reason Oracle - the former Batgirl and computer hacker extraordinaire - suspected a powerful force was at work - a villain or villainess who had yet to reveal themselves - and sent Kara to investigate.

The young Kryptonian had no idea what to look for other than "something strange or unusual." She was no detective, that was Batman's specialty and he was off on some world saving mission with Superman, Flash, and a whole bunch of other heroes. She was getting bored and decided to scan the city one last time before heading to a mall somewhere. There were still a few hours before all the stores closed. She tapped her communicator - a small circular device in her ear that helped Oracle track her - and with a faint beep, it turned on.

"Supergirl to Oracle, I still haven't found anything out of the ordinary. I'll sweep the city one more time but if I don't see something soon, I'm calling it a night, over."

"Oracle to Supergirl," the communicator beeped back. "I need you up there a little longer. Lives may be at stake here. If you haven't found something by tomorrow I'll send Power Girl and Black Canary down to assist you when they can, over."

Kara groaned and tapped her communicator again, shutting it off. It was going to be a long night and the fact that she could see everyone below having a great time didn’t help much. She went over the city once more but still couldn't find anything even slightly odd. So, flying at lightning speed, she stopped by her hotel room to change into her civilian clothes. As far as she was concerned she had fulfilled her superheroine duties for the moment and it was time to go shopping. Besides, she figured, if something was going to happen it would most likely be when Supergirl was nowhere in sight.

After removing her costume, Kara slipped into a pair of low-rise jeans and a green t-shirt. To hide her golden locks she donned a dark brown wig and slid into a pair of black boots. If anyone were to ask, her name was Linda and she was there on vacation. The final touch was a pair of thin-framed glasses and a purse to keep her costume in. No one would have suspected she was Supergirl.

As Linda, the first mall she visited was the one closest to the hotel. While there looking at shoes, her super sensitive ears picked up the strangest sound from the parking garage. It almost sounded like a rubber ball bouncing off pavement but was too different, too distinct, to be that. She didn't think it was anything to worry about but decided to check it out just in case. She gently set down a pair of shoes she had been looking at and walked out of the store. While headed toward the exit she noticed that no one else seemed to have heard the noise, which was fine with her. If something were to happen the last thing she wanted was an innocent bystander getting caught up in the middle of it.

After stepping out into the garage Linda noticed the only sound she could hear, other than cars passing by outside, was the tapping of her own boots against the cement floor. A quick scan with her x-ray vision confirmed her suspicions; the garage was empty except for a few vehicles. For some strange reason though, she couldn't see anything on the third floor. Something was blocking her vision. She suspected someone familiar with her powers may have been hiding something up there and she was determined to find out what. So, in the blink of an eye she had removed her disguise and was in full Supergirl attire.

She soared to the next floor and tried looking it over again with her x-ray vision but something was disabling her power there. She was a bit alarmed by this but figured she still had her other powers to fall back on if things got hairy. As she continued her search she overlooked two very important things they may have helped her; the salt on the floor and the strange markings on the wall behind her. This mistake would soon cost her dearly.

The young heroine caught a glimpse of something that appeared out of place laying between a Volkswagen and Jeep. When she went over to investigate, she found a discarded pile of women’s clothing. They didn't appear to be new and were fragrant with perfume. They were the kind of clothes someone around her age might wear and then it dawned on her that this was likely a clue to the recent disappearances. As she studied the clothing and pondered what may have happened, a shapely woman clad in lavender latex seemingly appeared out of nowhere. With unnatural elegance she snuck up on the young heroine, in stiletto heels no less. Under normal circumstances Kara would have heard her a mile away, literally, but her x-ray vision wasn’t the only power that was being hindered. All of her enhanced senses had been affected as well.

The redheaded stranger pointed an odd device - possibly a weapon of some type - at Supergirl and pulled what must have been a trigger. The device went off, making the odd sound, and sent a blue rubber ball Kara’s way. Hearing the familiar noise the blonde heroine spun around just in time to feel the impact of the ball against her chest. Before she could even blink it began to inflate. It enveloped her head first and then it moved on to her neck and shoulders, pushing her communicator and clothing out as it swallowed her up. She tried to pull herself from it but the rubbery membrane clung tightly to her skin and stretched whichever way she pulled. In mere seconds she was trapped in a large transparent ball.

The moment she got back on her feet she tried to melting her way out with heat vision and when that didn’t work she began pounding on the rubber prison’s walls. The villainess – likely a sorceress of some kind - stood back and watched her prey struggle.

“I see that you really are a natural blonde.” she said, pointing to the captured heroine’s small golden mound.

Supergirl blushed a bright red causing the sorceress to laugh.

“I figured one of you costumed bimbos would show up eventually," the stranger said. "So I made some special preparations. That bubble you’re trapped in is magical so not even you can break free of it.”

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Kara shrieked as she thrashed against the balloon walls.

“I'll tell you but it doesn’t really matter.” the villainess explained. “My name’s Rose. I own a small store that deals in special items, some of which I keep in my private collection. As for what I’m going to do with you, well, you’ll just have to wait and see, sugar. I hate ruining a good surprise!”

Rose snapped her fingers and the ball turned opaque sending Supergirl into a world of darkness. From the outside Rose could see the ball was starting to draw up, becoming a quivering mass of rubber. On the inside millions of tiny tentacles began caressing and massaging every inch of Kara's heavenly body. She let out a small squeal as they started rubbing against her sex but fought the unnatural sensations they gave her even as the wandering tentacles probed deeper. She had to find a way to get free. A delighted Rose watched the rubbery prison stretch as the Kryptonian inside tried to punch, scratch, and kick her way out but the mass only got smaller and the heroine's struggles became weaker. Her powers were being drained.

By this point the tentacles had spread Kara's cheeks and were inching their way into her rear. The blonde heroine could only groan in protest since her mouth had already been penetrated with the rest of her bodily orifices soon to follow. The rhythmic movements of the tentacles between her thighs, across her breasts, and up her rear had become maddening and she could no longer resist. She let out a small moan at first but as the rubber grew tighter and the tentacles worked faster, her muffled cries became louder. She could feel herself drawing closer to orgasm but fought it off as best she could somehow knowing that if she succumbed all was lost. With a half-smile Rose walked over Supergirl's rubber coated form and slapped her on the rear. The girl squealed. Much to her surprise she enjoyed it and soon found herself shuddering as a terrible pleasure swept over her. It would be Supergirl's last orgasm as a living, breathing young woman.

The merging was completed. The rubber had been absorbed into every cell and as the second stage of Kara's transformation began, her mind was trapped in a state of total euphoria. Rose watched in delight as Supergirl's blank face split open and her head hollowed out into a hood. Her body then collapsed in on itself, as it was no longer flesh and bones but a hollow shell. The maid of might was no more; instead a blue latex body suit lay in her place. Rose picked it up and ran her hand across it. Her touch brought Kara to one orgasm after another.

"I suppose if someone had my special balloon gun they could reverse your transformation," Rose said. "But if I were to wear you, just once, I could absorb your essence leaving behind a mere husk and then the transformation couldn't be reversed...I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're too great a threat and I won't risk you coming after me again."

In her transformed state, Supergirl weakly screamed but there was no sound. Rose began rubbing Kara's crotch, which shot waves of pleasure through the latex suit.

"Don't worry sweetheart, the process is painless. In fact, you'll enjoy it!"

The sorceress snapped her fingers and in the blink of an eye she was nude. Wasting no time she quickly slipped Supergirl on. Kara went delirious with pleasure as her latex form lovingly adhered to Rose's every curve. She did however have to make several minor adjustments to accommodate her mistress, most noticeably the breasts and rear since she had not been as well endowed. Before she knew it, the zipper slid closed and Rose had the hood pulled over her lush red hair. The sorceress caressed her latex covered body as Supergirl's essence was absorbed into her. Kara tried to fight back but was experiencing such mind blowing pleasures that her will was rapidly deteriorating. Rose bit her lower lip and braced herself against a nearby car. Her body rocked with orgasm and she let out a small lustful whimper as the last of Supergirl was absorbed.

Through this whole experience the suit somehow retained consciousness though it no longer had the memories that belonged to Kara Zor-El. It only knew it was a suit and desired nothing more than to be worn. Rose snapped her fingers again and the clothes from earlier, as well as Supergirl's own, disappeared. The delighted sorceress walked over to the abandoned communicator that had been left behind and stepped on it. She knew Kara's friends would come looking for her and when they did, she would have something waiting for them too.

To Be Continued...

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