Nano Dolls

by Tek


Somewhere in the city of lights, a large crate arrived at the elegant home of an important business woman. This would be the second unique acquisition she has made since learning of this somewhat eccentric artist's handy work. There were so many different models to pick from, yet the one she had chosen and purchased would surely enhance the decor in her main bedroom.

Now walking towards the crate with a crowbar in hand, the woman bent over to feel along the edges with her finger tips. With a curious smile spreading about her face, she eagerly began prying away at the wooden lid with some effort. It would be a solid eight minutes before the lid popped off: revealing the most beautiful woman she has ever seen her life.

Lying in the crate was a beautiful Brazilian girl that appeared to be 22 to 24 years of age. The woman's brown skin was light bronze in color; her golden silky hair spread across the hay she lay on, with a precious white lily still in its place tucked behind her ear!

The figure in the crate also had beautiful hazel eyes that were wide open and stared vacantly up at the ceiling; convincing the business woman that her money was surely well spent.

Feeling very anxious, the business woman set the lid and crowbar off to the side, then quickly leaned down on one knee to inspect her purchase even closer. . .

The woman's nervous hand soon reaches out and gently touches an imprint of the doll's nipple, which is pressed against the thin fabric that barely covered a melon-sized breast! The owner then casually glanced down at the matching white bikini bottom that barely covered the figure's womanhood; her only source of privacy was the sheer wrap that she had tied around her waist!

Glancing downward, the woman noticed a piece of paper held in the figure's right hand and folded neatly in half within in her palm.

"Well, what do we have here, sweetie?" asked the business woman, now taking the paper out of her stiff hand. “See you in November!” The handwritten note read, with an address on the bottom of it.

"And so I shall!" said the business woman with a smile, (knowing very well what would happen then).

Now returning her attention to the crate, the business woman lifts the figure up by her underarms into a standing position. She then hefts the figure out of the crate and onto the fine Persian carpet that she had laid out for this special occasion. Returning to the crate, the business woman retrieves a plastic bag containing an owner's manual along with a small, palm-held remote. Raising the remote, she quickly points it at her second Nanobot and presses the button:

“A-c-t-i-v-a-t-i-n-g---v-o-i-c-e---c-o-m-m-a-n-d” . . . .


NOVEMBER; At the Mansion of Maxwell Abner

It’s a chilly Monday morning in the quaint town of Stepwood Connecticut: the birds are still happily chirping away, as a few squirrels scamper about below making their last minute collections before winter finally sets in. And somewhere in this lonely little town, Maxwell Abner was getting ready to showcase his latest acquisitions to potential private buyers of this work.

In all honesty, he should have taken up this hobby sooner as things would have certainly been financially easier that way. Still, getting kicked out from the Robotics Institute left him with those little gems that had since given him so much. These little gems were the nanobots that he created all those years ago, slaving and tolling to help benefit man. But to his surprise, he was met with hatred and fear instead of roaring approval. This would eventually lead to his abandonment by the Institute. . .

For Abner had somehow managed to find a way to control a human test subject with his nanobots. Or more importantly, several of his favorite test subjects: women.

The way it all worked sounded technically complicated, but in reality the principles were fairly simple . . . .

Upon entering the blood stream, the nanobots would enter keys areas of the body; the brain and the nervous system being the most vital, and would take control of them. The little robots would shut down the higher brain functions of the women, allowing Abner to control his subjects through a remote control module that was cleverly hidden at the base of their necks. This control module would create a sort of “living doll” that could do whatever he wished: . . . as in any wish!

Onward to the point, today is the day of his newest auction. There have been many in the past; still this one is special to him. For today he unveils his latest version of his dolls to his clients. He spent day’s prior setting up the gallery room with the newest “interactive art” he has put a lot of effort into preparing for this event. The food is being prepped now, the wine is being unearthed from the wine cellar and set to chill while the guests come at the proper time. And if it’s one thing Max welcomes, it’s an on-time clientele.

Dressed to impress, he walks into the gallery moments before the arrival of his guests. With a flick of the switch, overhead lights begin slowly illuminating the row of tableaus: each one featured the frozen figure of a woman. Some of these women were collected locally, while others were taken from various parts of the world. They now all stand together, posing in silence . . . here in this unassuming little town.

He smiles at the fact this may well be his best auction to date. Most of the dolls here have been already pre-sold. They are merely here for either display purposes or simply for the client wishing to show off his or her new purchase. Walking through each lane, he takes a quick glance, making sure to leave nothing to chance. He sees that all is in order. And heads back to the main guest lounge of his estate close the doors. He marches to the hall that connects the gallery to the guest hall.

Standing just a few steps from the guest lounge entrance, was a beautiful young woman. Motionless, she stood unfazed by the sudden burst of light in the room. Sarah Connings was the first to be subjected to the nano bots, but most certainly wasn’t the last. She is a sight to behold, from her small nose and pouting full lips, to her shining set of blue eyes, the woman's somewhat expressionless face truly a vision of beauty. (Her strawberry blonde hair runs down the curve of her cheek, further enhancing the point). And as always, her petite body continues to be firm and inviting, especially dressed in the silky backless blue dress that just left very little to one’s imagination.

“Ah good morning, Sarah, how are things going here?” Max asked, fully aware she would respond with her pre-determined vacant response. Opening the doors, he watches as the first set of cars come rolling into the drive way. Looking at his watch, “right on time” He thinks to himself. Walking back to Sarah, he inspects her one more time and then whispers into her ear.

“Sarah, please run auction hostess program one please.” With that, Sarah, automatically took on a smiling face, walking closer to the doors, awaiting for the first guest to activate her oldest program responses. She greets his first and oldest client, Mr. Zapped, who has purchased many fine exotic dolls from her boss.

“G-o-o-d M-o-r-n-i-n-g, a-n-d W-e-l--c-o-m-e! T-h-e a-u-c-t-i-o-n w-i-l-l b-e-g-i-n s-h-o-r-t-l-y; p-l-e-a-s-e e-n-j-o-y y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f i-n t-h-e g-u-e-s-t h-a-l-l u-n-t-i-l t-h-e-n. G-o-o-d b-y-e!” She spoke in the most melodiously cheerful robotic voice possible. The good gentleman smiled at her, thanked her, and walked past her, cupping a feel of her ass as he passed her by.

This went on for a while, a guest would walk up, and she would repeat the same salutation every time, Most would ignore her, others would take some liberties with her, or at least until her secondary protocol forced them to back off. After a while all the guest had shown up and on cue, Sarah would shut the doors. Turning around, she walked past the guests and right to the side of her owner, Maxwell, then posed motionlessly like a decorative mannequin.

As the select clientele eventually fills the dining room, Maxwell joins them to hand out several glasses of wine, sometimes offering small talk about the weather, or various current events, but all the while being careful not to ask about the personal business of any of his potential buyers.

Maxwell Abner briefly looks around his elegant dining room, making a mental note of who is there . . .

In one corner of the room, a crooked State Senator carries on a conversation with Stepwood's own equally crooked Mayor Klein. (Klein himself had a small collection of Abner's dolls hidden away in a secret room within his manor, including a former secretary who at one time threatened to call the mayor's wife to notify her of her husband's affairs; that had been her last call).

"A couple of good guys to have on the payroll, so to speak!" thinks Abner.

Several more clients, including an NFL football star; a record company owner; a rap artist; a trial lawyer; and a movie director that flew in from Los Angeles are all seated on two vintage couches within a small lounge area just outside the dining area. The majestic looking fireplace beside them crackles with a freshly built fire.

On the far side of the room, former college buddies Stanley Pitt and Professor Jack Claussen carry on a conversation with a female fashion designer. (The incredibly attractive bi-sexual woman is dressed in a crisp business suit that is cinched at the waist, and wearing sheer black stockings with high heels . . . immediately grabbing the older men's attention!)

And finally, there was the elderly couple who were seated with their hands clasped patiently across their laps, seated together in a nearby vintage love seat. The couple had lost their one and only daughter to a deadly infection decades ago. Originally purchasing a doll for sentimental reasons, their collection soon grew to two. Those acquisitions currently resided as parlor decorations in their countryside home!

Maxwell nods his head and raises a glass when he makes eye contact with the aged couple; the seventy plus year old folks excitedly wave back from across the room.

"Hey, whatever works for them!" thinks Max to himself, before concluding that he has another good turnout on his hands.

Enough time had passed on, and it was time for gallery showing to begin. With Sarah in tow, Max walked all this clients to the gallery hall, where he has a new “attraction” to show his guests, an example to show he is not all talk. As the doors are opened, all the guests gasp in awe at the sight of such beautiful women, posed, unmoving, ready to be owned for their pleasure. Walking further in, they come upon the first display.

Maxwell strolled up to her. “Ah, my welcomed guests, allow me to introduce you to Jenny. Remarkable young woman she is, of local area, she came to be here by request of one of my clients,” he spoke as he waved a hand to a bearded gentleman in the middle of the crowd who smiled briefly in acknowledgment. The very attractive 19 year-old doll, Jenny, stood about 5’5”, with a well toned body, lightly tanned, full B-cup breasts, and a firm ass. At the present moment, Jenny was stiffly posed as if she was on the phone in her room (which is certainly not the case). Standing in a very cute pair of pajamas, the attire makes the girl appear to be several years younger than she actually is.

“Jenny, please run demo program one.” Maxwell commanded, turning to look at her. Jenny’s baby blue eyes sparked to life as she began talking into the phone in her hand, although somewhat stiffly. She keep up a one-sided conversation for a few more seconds, before pausing in the middle of “hanging up” the phone and freezing in place again. She was slightly bent over, her breast had held up a bit of the pj top, giving the crowd a peek-a-boo at her behind. She had a million dollar smile on her frozen face. She looked blankly into the crowd around her, staring at nothing in particular.

“Best wishes to you sir, may she serve all your needs!” Maxwell teased, as he motioned the guests to follow him to another display. Unlike Jenny, this one featured a slightly older woman who had more of a “bad girl” appeal to her. “This lady, Claire, is a gallery first for you that have been here before. She was discovered working a bar, of all places. Still, she was too good to pass up on as I'm sure you will agree.” The guests looked on at Claire who, for a lack of a better word, was hot. Standing at an Amazon height of 6 foot 2”, she had long toned legs, pouting ruby red lips, and a slender body that presented the greatest set of breasts.

The Claire figure was posed standing spread-legged, straddling a custom motorcycle . . . (a special bike . . . namely her own!) Maxwell couldn't understand the appeal of such a dreadful machine; it lacked so many things, mainly the protection that a small vehicle might produce. Still, if it helped to sell her image as a “bad girl”, then the bike was worth using as a prop. They admired how well Abner positioned her, having her long firm legs straightened out so that she had her back arched, leaning her tall frame forward towards the handle bars with each hand clamped on the grips. Claire's naked breasts jut outward, giving onlookers a clear view of the fully formed melons!

Speaking to Claire like he did Jenny, Maxwell activated her display action. The lights also came on in Claire’s dark brown eyes. Stiffly she begin leaning on the bike, gave one of the guests a seductive look; with one hand she beckoned the young lady with a come hinder expression. Like before, Claire paused a few seconds later, frozen with a hand hanging over her spiked-up raven black hair do, staring off to the side with her back arched making sure to show enough breast to the clients.

“Alas, she too has been purchased, as you can guess, by this enterprising young lady here in front of me.” The crowd laughed a little as the young woman turned red. “I’m sure she’ll make you very happy, miss. It was a pleasure taking your request.”

With that, they move on to another display; an old acquisition posed before them was a lovely Asian girl in her early twenties, standing about 5 foot 5” and slightly busty. Her chest wasn't technically small, nor was she too big ... just right, one would think. Above, atop a sculpted neck, her almond shaped eyes revealed their hazel brown color.

Rei was posed in a classic Japanese victory pose; identical to that used when heroines posed for pictures. Abner found this pose very cute and thought that the Rei figure overall was quite adorable. However, he was somewhat befuddled as to why the girl hadn't sold at his last auction.

“I’m sure all of you remember Rei here, a lovely little nugget of Japanese culture, prepared for your appreciation. I’m showing her again for those new to this auction. She has a quite a number of interesting skills I’m sure you will discover.” Turning to the girl, he once again begins the demo. Rei began talking in Japanese, stiffly turning left to right, talking about herself, doing a little scene. Moments later she pauses as well, mid-way bowing to the crowding admirers; one could clearly see her breasts from within the loose blouse she was wearing.

“Ahem, if one of you is interested, please feel free to talk to me later; I’m sure we can arrange a reasonable price for lovely Rei.”

They walked down more aisles of tableaus, making several stops at certain women ranging from a cute French girl to a surfboard-ready Hawaiian girl, hinting at the “skills” that each retained while placed under control. These skills can all be accessed thru the small control module they have attached to the back of their necks. To complete his tour (and before the clients began making their purchases), Maxwell brought his eager group of clients over to a group of sheet-covered masses placed in the center of the viewing room.

Several of the guests chatted amongst themselves in excitement, noting that "something was moving around under there!" An interested throng quickly formed.

“Now ladies and gentlemen, today is a special event.” Maxwell said in introduction, standing expectantly before pulling away any of the sheets. The hidden victim beneath quickly tried to lunge forward in the direction of Maxwell, fluttering the sheet; however leather restraints held her securely in place. The poor girl was soon greeted by the onlookers' laughter, as they slowly milled around her position as she continued to writhe under the cover. . .

Maxwell pulled the sheet from the inanimate objects first, revealing an instrument cart, as well as some sophisticated looking computer equipment.

Looking up to his patrons, Maxwell flashes a sly grin and begins: “Gentlemen, you see before you the lovely Amber Peppers. Amber here has volunteered to become one of my famous dolls, which you will soon have the chance to purchase!”

"Did she volunteer willingly?" asks one of the onlookers with a chuckle. The voice sounded familiar but he could not see who it was.

Maxwell laughed, and then replies, "Well, she did agree for a certain fee . . . paid by the hour!" The men crack up, as several sinister-sounding laughs echo throughout the large room . . .

Quickly yanking off the remaining cover without any further delay, Maxwell reveals the "volunteer". The sheet glides off into the background, revealing a young black woman who is strapped into an old barber's chair! The girl had long silky black hair, with an oval face, full tender lips and melon sized breasts on her otherwise slender form. She was wearing a sleeveless leopard-print body suit that clung to her curvy body. (Even though the girl was seated, one could easily tell by the curve of her hips that she must have an ass to die for!) The woman also wore those clear plastic platform heels . . . as if she were going out to a club, or even worse yet: working on the street!

"Say now Amber, why don't you please say hello to these fine folks here? After all, they are the reason that I hired you!" says Maxwell, now pressing a finger beneath the girl's chin and tilting it upward. The girl struggled helplessly beneath her restraints, managing only a gagged "MMMPPPHH! . . . MMMPPHHHHH!"

Picking up a needle, he silently moves over to Amber as he orders Sarah to start up the laptop that’s attached to the cart. Sarah obeys her master; obediently powering ups the computer. A moment later, the nanobot monitoring program flashes on the screen as it prepares itself to process the latest subject's memories. Standing next to Amber, Maxwell looks up at his clients with a great sense of pride.

“Now gentlemen, what I'm about to give dear Amber here is an improved version of the nanobots. This new system will become a permanent feature of my process later on in the year,” he continued with a smile, “The new changes will allow for your doll to carry on a selective conversation, based on what pre-loaded data her control chip comes with. Please do not worry about her mind becoming active; the chip and nanobots still run the show, only allowing for on-the-spot decision making without allowing for fully conscious thought.”

"So this new program will allow them to carry on a normal conversation? Is that really a good idea?" asked one onlooker.

“Yeah; I fail to see why they even need to talk!” Spoke a familiar voice to Maxwell. Now looking in the voice’s direction, Maxwell instantly recognized the heckler as an old college buddy, Stanley Pitt. And beside him, stood none other the Jack Claussen, who shot Max a glance of rivalry

“Well Mr. Pitt, I have been taking comments from many clients who wish to have more of an interaction with their dolls than just sex. I know that may seem odd to some, but the request is a natural one. I guess that even the wealthiest of men needs someone to talk to,” Maxwell commented as he turned to Amber. The girl's eyes were steadily welling up with tears.

She looked up at Max, looking for some kind of pity, but he had none for her. "MMMMPPPHHH!" was all she could mumble through her gag.

Maxwell leaned over and started to insert the needle into her neck. As he did, the young woman tried to lean her body away . . . "MMPPHH! . . ."MMMMPPPHHH!"

The woman's eyes went wide in fear; she flinched at the sudden sharp pain of the needle, then a sudden rush of warmth begins to travel throughout her restrained body . . . Within a minute, the nanobots start taking over the poor girl; there was nothing she could do to stop them.

As the onlookers watched the process change the young girl's expression, Abner explained how the nanobots were doing their work in the background to the newbies. "Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar to the process, I will try to keep the explanation brief!" says Maxwell, now clasping his hands together at his waist.

Standing in the back of the group of people, Professor Jack Claussen crosses his arms to grasps his elbows, while raising an eyebrow in anticipation . . .

Maxwell starts, "Using nano-technology, I created a control module that, when connected directly to the subject's central nervous system could easily overtake and totally control their bodies.”

Professor Claussen continues to stare at his old college mate with a mixture of confusion as well as curiosity expressed on his face, while the elderly couple whispered something to each other.

Abner continues, “Now, I must first inject the nanobots into the subject. These are considered the “workers,” if you will. These microscopic critters overcome a human body by traveling throughout the blood stream and effectively overtaking all the vital organs. Just like poisonous venom from a snake, but in a much more controlled manner. The brain and essentially the entire nervous system shut down within minutes, slowing the life process, yet allowing the body to live. I then place a control module at the back of the subject's neck that contains a programmable chip inside. On the back of this module are two prongs, made of beryllium-copper; the best for conductivity purposes. The two needle-like prongs must be pushed to puncture the skin, coming to a rest within the subject’s spine. The nanobots, which have already spread throughout the host’s body, pick up electronic signals from that control module and connection at the back of the neck, effectively allowing control of the subjects mind and body. Thus the term “nano-manipulation.”

The elderly woman in the front row raises her hand as if to ask a question. "Yes dear, can I help you?" asks Maxwell. The woman cracks a smile, then asks, "Yes, I was just wondering: wouldn't that hurt the nice young lady?"

He replied: "Well, it may at first, but to be honest, the nanobots begin working as soon as they enter the blood stream. The subject's body goes into a state of shock almost immediately, since the nerves are among the first organs affected. Once the nanobots have overtaken the body, the subject feels no sensations directly, either mentally or physically, from then onward."

In the meantime, Amber was still trying to fight the effects of the nanobots on her; minute by minute, she was steadily losing that battle. Amber's movements began to slow down, and her eyes became less focused. Soon even her muffled screams seemed to trail off . . . Eventually, her voluntary thoughts suddenly stopped as the nanobots took over; Amber froze in her position, looking into the crowd of people . . . or more like through the crowd! She didn't make a sound.

Maxwell turned around once the noise had stopped coming from his latest victim. Taking a prepared control module from the cart, he lowered her head, brushing her thick hair out of the way; he then placed the control unit squarely at the hairline of her neck and removed the adhesive patch. Max pressed the long thin beryllium spikes (chosen for conductivity) down through the female's ebony skin . . . ensuring that they reached and contacted her spine. She was looking more and more like a doll all the time.

“Sarah, please sync the subject with her control disk,” he ordered as he raised Amber’s head up and brushed the small bangs out of her glazed staring eyes. Running from a pre-scripted program in her own control module, Sarah ran the program needed to connect the chip with the nanobots. As the percentage completed rose, Sarah looked over the results. Maxwell smiled; all was going as expected.

Maxwell chuckled as he reached down to untie Amber from her no longer needed restraints. He slowly removed the gag ball from her mouth. As he did so, the clients noticed that she retained the erotic "0" shape of the ball gag!

After several moments, Amber herself announced in a dead pan voice: “C-o-n-n-e-c-t-i-o-n . . . c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e.”

“Amber, please stand up” commanded Maxwell.

Without a word Amber arose from her chair, with the chip in the module now in control of her body and mind. The pre-programmed pose, scripted especially for her during this presentation, began to slowly manipulate her body; posing her with her hips shifted to one side, leaning a little forward, with her back slightly arched to help show off her wonderful breasts. After a few cycles, she too paused and froze in place with a very sexy pose, awaiting instructions.

Running thru the usual talk of how the control disk tells what the nanites hear and see, Abner wasted no time in showing the crowd what else was possible, much to their delight. Of course Amber, being the type of girl that she was, already knew those “extra” features and actions. Thus, no need to program the chip required on his part. It was already accessing what knowledge Amber had in her pretty little head.

After few more showing off of his newest dolls, Maxwell knew it was down to the gentlemen making their purchases. As expected, almost all his unclaimed dolls sold. Aside from Sarah and now Amber, he was left with 4 dolls on the gallery floor.

This left only one client (plus guest) left to make a purchase. “Abner, how are you doing, u old coot!” called out Pitt as he walked towards him.

“Much better without all the shouting, Pitt.”

Max spoke as he ushered his last four dolls together into a single line facing Pitt and Jack Claussen. Once again, Rei hadn't sold; it was a rather huge disappointment to Abner.

“My apologies, Max; it’s not the first time I bought a “doll” from another frat member,” Pitt replied. As they walked up to a young Latino girl, about 5’5”, with shoulder-length raven black hair, and as fantastic set of B-cup breasts as you would ever see. What made Claussen chuckle was the fact she was also dressed in a Hooter’s uniform.

“Something funny Jack?” asks Maxwell, now arranging the cleavage of the dress on an unsold doll that originated from France.

Shifting his attention from the young Latino beauty, Claussen looks at Abner and asks, “How did you manage to come up with all of this Max? The last I knew, you were making dummies for a haunted house, and got arrested because they looked a little too realistic.” Claussen's comment about the amusement park was obviously oozing with sarcasm…

Maxwell Abner decided to ignore that and explained: “Well . . . you and Stanley have Nick Conning's daughter here to thank for her part in making this dream come true.” He looked over at his elegantly gowned assistant who, not having any instructions, was standing motionlessly lovely like the living doll she was.

It was then that Jack and Stanley stood wide eye as the recognized the daughter of their defected Frat mate.

“That’s Sarah? . . . Holly sh*t!" exclaimed Stanley, now remembering this young woman (who was merely a newborn while he was first enrolled in college). Now, after twenty nine years, she had magically grown into a seriously attractive woman!

“My, how we've changed over the years…” remarks Claussen, seeming a bit jealous that he hadn't found her first!

“I can see how you're both disappointed over her current state; still her father betrayed us and more importantly, me,” announces Abner, now stroking her soft cheek. “I must admit; it was partly her genius that made this all possible and I surely couldn't have done this without her!” Going into a very much classic Doc Emmet Brown pose, he raised his arms and surveyed his vast mansion and collection of robotized dolls.

“Yes, well . . . I have managed to collect a few of my own prized trophies over the years,” says Claussen, attempting to save face.

“And who would that be, the Fonda girls?" asks Maxwell, seemingly unimpressed. "I'm quite sure that if Peter ever found out, he would have you killed…”

"Yes, I'm sure that he would. However, some women are worth the added risk . . ." replied the professor.

Maxwell shakes his head, but knows within his heart what a good catch Kathy Lee would surely have been!

"So how is old Kathy looking these days?" asks Maxwell with his back turned to the men, hiding his crooked smile.

"I can promise you, that her body is just as tight as it ever was," assures Claussen. "Maybe even a bit harder, now," he chuckled.

Abner turns around to face Claussen with a doubtful look, then removes his "universal" remote from within his suit jacket. Max raises the remote and points it in the direction of the four dolls that stand at attention before him. With one press of Maxwell's thumb, all four women immediately power down: dropping their heads in unison, while letting their arms hang from the semi-bent poses they are in.

Professor Claussen nods his head, seemingly impressed. "A universal remote; nice touch Maxwell!"

Abner grins. "Yes, well . . .It's rather a matter of convenience. You didn't expect me to walk around with a dozen remotes, did you?"

The professor nods his head once again in agreement, "You've got a good point there."

“I wouldn't mind taking a look at one of your ‘famous’ dolls sometime, Jack,” Max says as he pockets the remote again.

“Ahem, well yes; we did bring one tonight as a matter a fact, although it’s not one of Fonda girls; still Mandy does have her charm.” Claussen informed him, speaking in a more matter of fact voice. He turned to Pitt, only to find him fondling a nearby doll on display. The young blonde girl had a very cute face with pursed lips, and was wearing a revealing French maid outfit, complete with a garter belt and matching fishnet stockings. Although currently posed as if dusting something, the nanobot looked as if she could complete any task that was asked of her!

Standing this close, Mr. Pitt looked into the blonde's deep, emerald green eyes. Even though her eyes held a reflection from the light in the room, they still looked haunted and soulless . . . both were results of the nanites' impressive work

“Stanley!” barked Jack, causing Pitt to jerk, almost knocking over the doll.

“Sorry, I was, uhmm, assisting this girl with the cleaning,” Readjusting his bearings, he started for the driveway area, “I’ll be back then; Mandy’s in the car.”

Max ordered the now dollifed Amber, who without a word of protest, followed suit behind Pitt. As the two were walking out of hearing distance, Max could vaguely hear his old frat mate chatting up a storm with Amber, as if the nanobot would pay any attention to his drunken mutterings.

“Ah, some things never change,” chuckled Max as he began stroking the cheek of Sarah. She stared into the distance, completely unaware.

“I agree, still he tries!” Claussen noted wryly. With that both men laughed.

“Ahem, in any case I have a proposal for you, Jack.” Walking over to the wine table, promptly asking the bar doll for two cups of wine. She mechanically performed the pouring and held the glasses stiffly out to the two men.

“Really now? What could "I" possibly do for the great Maxwell Abner?” asks Claussen, now sniffing his glass of fine red wine. It had an excellent bouquet and color, but his attention wasn't on the wine.

“I would like you to treat Sarah here, with your process,” says Maxwell, nodding his head in the still woman's direction.

“Oh really? But she would lose all of that valuable information that she has left in her pretty little head,” replies Claussen, now stepping in front of Sarah and looking her over closely. "I still can't believe I missed out on this one!" he thinks in silence.

Abner continued. “One of the perks of the nanites is their ability to copy a subject’s memories. So I uploaded all of Sarah's knowledge onto my hard drive. Technically speaking, her mind can be accessed at anytime, although, her continued appearance is still delightful.”

“And I suppose Amber is her replacement?” Jack spoke, while circling around Sarah, and envisioning the body that she had beneath her gown.

“Yes, I ran out of further use for Sarah's knowledge, and was thinking of selling her, but she would be too much hassle to find a buyer for that would spend the money I would ask. However, she has been quite faithful to me over time and I couldn't bring myself to just sell her like the others. So I considered that the greatest honor I could give her would be to have her preserved using your process.”

“And if I do this, what I get in return?” Jack stopped in front of Sarah, taking a sip from his wine.

“Ah, as quick as ever, Jack; very well. I will give you a batch of my nanites and control modules, modified of course for your dolls. From what Pitt has told me of the process, I had to redesign them to work with your doll’s plasticized muscles, enabling them to move; albeit with only a limited amount at the moment, but I’m sure with such a clever mind you’ll be able to come up with wondrous ideas for them.”

At that very moment, Pitt and Amber came in with the Mandy doll held securely under Amber’s slim arm. Being a nano-doll had given her some advantages, namely increased strength. Not that she would notice, mind you. She promptly places the doll upright in front of Max, letting him look over the immobilized young cheerleader. He stood there, admiring her long dirty blonde locks, and that tight ass, with those wonderful pair of breasts hidden under the baby doll tee. Even for age she’s at, one would easily go lengths to be with her. Looking into her milky blue eyes, Max took note that would need to be fixed when Sarah came back to him. Those eyes should be clear azure pools.

“Pitt, if I may,” he said, pulling out a silver syringe and prepping it for use.

“I suppose, though I’m quite sure it’s not going to work, Maxwell,” Pitt said, laying his hands on Mandy’s shoulders after copping a feel of her ass. Max inserted the needle into her cute belly button, unloading the contents into her rigid body. He uprights himself and motioned Pitt to move as Abner positioned himself behind her. He revealed a much different version of his control disc, which sparked interest in the two men. Jack and Stanley had a closer look at the device, slightly larger than the ones they’d seen on the other dolls. It had what appeared to be a built-in mic, and a small antenna poking out of the top end of the disc. Unlike the original that had one led light in the middle, this had two. One remained a solid red while the other blinks a quick green. Almost as if…

“A-c-t-i-v-a-t-i-n-g---v-o-i-c-e---c-o-m-m-a-n-d” Both men jumped at the sultry voice that came from Mandy. She now sounded a lot like Sarah.

Looking at Max, with amazement and awe at his genius, the two were completely surprised. “How did...” began Jack as he started poking Mandy’s firm cheek.

“Did I get her to talk? I didn’t, the nanites control all the regenerated muscles in her body, including her mouth, although I can’t generate her actual voice, since there’s no air in the young girl’s lungs. The disc is equipped with a two-way microphone. So it takes orders and also speaks for the poor girl.” He said, pulling out a different remote and tossing it to Pitt, who barely had time to grab the thing before it hit the floor.

“She only has limited movement at the present time. Think of her as one of my robots from the park, for now. Later on, maybe I can do more. She can move in place, perfect for your usual activities with her, Pitt. You can disable the voice too, since I’m sure you don’t need her for that.” With the demonstration concluded, he turns to Jack. “So, we have a deal?”

Stroking his chin, he pauses for a second. Cracks a devilish smile, and extends his hand. “You sir, are brilliantly mad; still, we have a deal.”

“There’s a deal? What deal?” Stanley asks, quizzing. Someone had forgotten to tell him about their plans.

Within an hour, Claussen and Pitt are headed back to New York in Stanley's black Lexus. In the back seat is a woman formerly known by friends and family as Sarah Conning, staring eerily ahead in silence; completely unaware of where she is headed or what she is about to go through. Accompanied by the silent as ever Mandy Pepperidge, now no longer just a Jack Claussen doll, but a Claussen/Abner nanobot doll. Combining Jack’s preservation process with Max’s modified nanites, she surely is now a doll that someone could enjoy for hours or years on end, something Pitt thinks in the back of his mind.

Meanwhile, back in Stepwood Connecticut, Maxwell Abner cleans up his dining area in the aftermath of yet another successful auction. As he picks up various wine glasses and serving trays, he watches the young African-American woman stiffly running a vacuum cleaner across the floor . . .

Abner continues to watch Amber in admiration for several minutes: the way her pretty brown skin was shining under the dining room lights; how her ass was perfectly round and firm looking . . . flexing beneath the tight leopard print material that stretches over it.

"Now that looks like something a man could grab a hold of!" thinks Maxwell to himself.

An evil looking smile soon spreads across his face, as he reaches inside his suit jacket and pulls out his "universal" remote . . .

To be continued..


         Jennifer “Jenny” Sparkswell was once a promising college cheerleader. She has just started this year and was accepted onto the cheerleader team for her school.  She enjoyed her place and was well liked by all except her new owner.  It’s true she was bought by the bearded gentleman, but the doll was a mere gift to his daughter who was perhaps more twisted then he.

         Miss Anita Van Dyne, daughter to Mr. Van Dyne, got what she wanted. Which now included people; it didn’t matter who they were now, just if she interested her or threaten her status, and SHE would own them. Ever since she discovered her father had her mother dollifed by Maxwell, she has held this act over her father, making him request and buy her dolls of her choosing. Jenny was one of those unfortunate to cross Anita without realizing it.

         Still, the deed was done, and now Jenny belonged to Anita, quietly waiting in her crate as the sound of a crowbar is working to break open her box. Upon pulling out the last nail, Anita stood over the crate holding her new doll with joy in her eyes.

         “Finally; those crates are really sealed tight as a jar! Maybe father can ask Mr. Abner to just send her a different way.” Anita said dropping the crowbar on the floor of her master bedroom. Kneeling down beside the crate, she slowly shifted the packaging nuts to the sides. First, she revealed the wonderful pair of breasts, tracing her finger around each one she would usually stop at the tip of each nipple. Secondly, she pushed away the packaging nuts away from the doll’s womanhood, which was still concealed by a pair of hands that Anita knew she couldn’t move without the remote. Lastly, she removed the nuts away from Jenny’s beautiful face.

         Leaning in, she gave Jenny a nice soft kiss on her lips, which she had given each dolls she owned as kind of welcome to my collection introduction. Getting up she enters the crate, and lifts Jenny by her armpits into an upright position.

Inspecting her further it was clear to Anita (at least in her own mind) that Jenny had been after her position as head cheerleader. Now Jenny wouldn’t be a threat, simply another plaything in Anita’s collection.