Nano Dolls 2.1

by Tekka (Tek); edits by Zapped!

In Part One, the diabolically devious doings of Maxwell Abner finally come to light in an unusual form of robotic animation technology. Assisted by his old college chum, Stanley Pitt, Abner decides to extend his work.

The Pitt Household: Bedroom, evening

   "Life is good!" thought Stanley Pitt, as he lay in bed watching television while being serviced by Mandy. The young junior had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the right time for Professor Jack Claussen, who took it upon himself to transform the girl into the living doll that she is now... 

    Ironically, Mandy was servicing her own boyfriend on the fateful night that she was accidentally discovered by the mysterious passer-by. Within hours, she (along with three other unlucky classmates) would unknowingly become collectable living dolls (or un-living as it were), and Mandy herself would soon become Stanley Pitt’s own personal sex toy. 

   Powered by Maxwell Abner's body manipulating nanites, the girl below had limited movement, but for Stanley that particular limited movement was a perfectly fine “upgrade!” With his hands clasped behind his head, the old man watched on as the young cheerleader mindlessly stroked her thin pink lips and opened mouth up and down his fully erect penis...  

    The young girl’s dirty blonde hair had been pinned up behind her head, so as not to get in the way of her activities. Now naked, her softball sized breasts hung within reach, while the wonderful crest of her ass blocked the lower half of the television screen... (Something Pitt didn’t mind at all!)  

   Stanley chuckles and complements, "Mandy, I do believe you have found your one true talent!"  The old man then tilts his head up to see beyond her tush to check on his daily stock that's now scrolling across the TV screen....  

    In the bed beside Pitt, lay the beautiful Elaine Benice, a thirty two year old woman who was also subjected to the same process as Mandy, but without the manipulation of Maxwell's nanites. (Something Stanley may arrange for in the future possibly?) It had been several months since Pitt's personal secretary (and sometimes lover) had been promoted to become one of her boss’s dolls: a dream come true for Stanley, but a recurring nightmare that Elaine would surely be disgusted by, if she were only able to object! 

    Elaine's "ribbon like" black hair is splashed across her pillow as she stares blankly at the ceiling. The woman's dark maroon lips are left slightly open with a half smile, giving her a look as if she's still aglow from the aftermath of sex. With her cold naked body covered by nothing more than a light satin bed sheet, Elaine's bare nipples poke at the thin material.... 

   "Enjoying yourself?" asks Pitt of the motionless woman. 

   Elaine continues to stare upward, undecided... 

   Pitt pulls back the hem of the satin bed sheet to admire his assistant's breasts. He then reaches over lazily and flips at her nearest nipple while commenting, "Hey Love: maybe Mandy here, could help you out a little bit too, eh?"

   The Elaine doll remains in silent repose. Perhaps if she were conscious, she might agree to do anything to anybody at this point: just as long as it isn't Stanley Pitt!

    Pitt was distracted by the rustle of fabric and the click-click of high heels on the hallway floor. Stiffly walking into the room was Mr. Pitt’s nanodoll named Katie. The young Brazilian girl had been turned into a technical marvel, and another welcome “gift” from Maxwell Abner.

   Katie was dressed in a very revealing French maid uniform that was complete: from her satin black top with lacey white edgings, to her garter belt and fishnet stockings. A lacy black ribbon choker was also used (mainly to cover the disc at the back of her neck). The teenaged girl had brought her master his lunch: a mix of American food and Brazilian entries upon a serving tray.

    Stanley looked in Katie's direction and immediately ordered Mandy to stop!  

    The blonde paused in time at an instant, with her lips now pressed at the tip of Pitt's shaft, as if she were kissing it! (The blonde's co-worker stood stiff at the side of the bed and awaited her next order as well, with serving tray still in hand).  

    Mr. Pitt commands, "Katie: set the tray on the night stand and please place Mandy at the foot of the bed. Once Mandy is placed in her proper position, return and place my food here on my lap."   

   Without a speaking a word, Katie quickly places the tray on the nightstand; pivots back around in place then lifts the recently "paused" Mandy up... as though she were weightless! As always, Katie places Mandy at the predetermined spot Stanley had chosen. Following the directives he gave earlier, she bends over at the waist, giving Pitt the best view of her panty-less bottom as possible. Letting Mandy go, she quickly returned to retrieve Pitt’s meal, and returned to his side.

   Katie’s master casually re-adjusts his manhood within his boxers, to put it away for the time being and snorts, "I can't have me “union jack” sticking up out of his box, while I'm tryin’ to eat my din-din, now can I, Kate?" 

   Katie remains rigid at the side of the bed, without so much as cracking even the slightest of smiles...  

    As the real estate mogul digs into his meal, he has several other concerns to be happy about... or shall we say three more objects to be very happy about.


    At this very moment, Leon (Mr. Pitt's own personal driver), should be arriving at the delivery doors of Maxwell Abner's shop with his two maids: Juanita and Maria. Going along with them for the ride is Pitt's former maid, Charlie Paige. 

   Charlie was a sassy young black woman that originally worked for Mr. and Mrs. Pitt a little more than two years ago. But after Mrs. Pitt's mysterious disappearance, Stanley began to make several changes around the estate. Like demanding longer hours of his employees, even insisting on his staff living on the grounds. Then came the degrading request to wear a more ridiculously revealing maid's uniform! Soon the suggestive comments and the constant goosing were more than she could take-- even if the money had been really good! Charlie soon left her over-controlling boss and the remainder of his staff behind with hopes of finding work elsewhere. The young woman worked various jobs including bartending, working as a waitress, and even working double shifts for a cleaning service. But then a girlfriend of hers suggested a job as a go-go dancer at a new club that she herself worked for. Unfortunately, that business went under after six months... and with a new car payment and rent to be paid, Charlie had no choice but to go back to Mr.Pitt and ask for her old job back. After all, living in Pitt's mansion and putting up with the sexual aggravation was better than living on the streets! Plus her old friend Leon was always around to keep her occupied....  

    Unfortunately for Charlie, she walked in at the wrong time: Mistakenly pulling up just as Leon was loading the unconscious bodies of Juanita and Maria into the back of a limo. It would be Stanley Pitt himself that ultimately stopped the girl before she could get back to her car and alert the police. 

    Thanks to the blacked out windows of the limo, nobody would be suspicious of any wrong doing for the trip from New York up to Connecticut. The two Latino women lay knocked out on one end of the limo, while Charlie lay unconscious just across from the pair. All three women were bound and gagged as an added precaution for the lengthy trip....

    Mr. Pitt looks around his room at the silent beauties that surround him, then reaches around and clamps his chubby fingers onto Katie's firm ass cheek and proclaims to his growing motionless harem, “Life is good Stanley Pitt... life is good for you indeed!"


Maxwell Abner's Estate, Stepwood Connecticut:

   "It’s been a good couple of months!" thought Max to himself, as he tours the underground holding area for his dolls. While not completely filled, the room itself is nearly as big as football field, and lined up at each opposing wall were display beds that were positioned at 45-degree angles. Each holding unit had a footrest at its base to support its content. Those contents were beautiful women of different nationalities, all gathered here by the engineer for the purpose of both being displayed and used as leisure items. Each woman was surely as striking and exotic as the next; all had been given his special nanodoll treatment....

    Maxwell Abner stops at his latest doll, who lay prone on the table before him with her long black hair spread out around her shoulders. The woman appeared to be in her twenties, of Native American descent; her name was Shadi, (well at least that's what her name tag had read). The silent beauty was an impressive 6 feet tall and had a great athletic build that featured a mouth-watering pair of melon sized breasts. 

    Maxwell cracked an evil smile as he ran a wandering finger across Shadi's bronze toned skin, admiring her exotic face with well defined cheeks, her full supple lips, and that set of piercing green eyes! (Max had somehow thought that most Native Americans were commonly brown eyed... was she wearing contacts perhaps?) 

    As the robotics engineer reflected back in time, he recalled how the woman had the misfortune of being Max’s tour guide during a visit to a national park recently. One might say that the three-hour tour had been extended after all.... 

   Maxwell thought the woman would do quite well once her conversion was completed, and had already located an interested party even without his underground auction. Overlooking the monitor next to her display bed, Max reviewed the important information being processed into her brain. That buyer had requested that she be well versed in many things. But for now, the woman would gaze emptily ahead into nothing in particular. 

   Abner smiled briefly with satisfaction, and then moved on to the next doll... 

* * * * * *

   Meanwhile, Leon pulls into the driveway just outside the Abner complex. As the driver passes through a pair of heavy iron gates, he notices a cute redheaded girl standing stiffly inside the cubicle at the gatepost, waving him in, and silently wonders why she was acting oddly robotic... 

    As he drives around to the back of the complex, Leon considers what this mysterious meeting might entail. The driver is somewhat aware that this Mr. Abner fellow has something to do with the unconscious cargo that lay in silence within the back of the car, but neither he nor they had a clue as to what fate awaited them beyond those locked doors...

    Looking over his boss's handwritten directions, Leon drives to the end of the driveway and comes to a stop in front of a thorn-rose covered fence. True to Mr. Pitt's instructions, the disguised gate mysteriously opens: allowing the surprised driver to continue down a concrete ramp that sunk below ground level. This lower level was just wide enough to drive a delivery truck through, and for all intents and purposes appeared to be a loading area. 

    What Leon didn't know was that this was actually a delivery area for Maxwell's "imported goods".... and what those "goods" actually were! 

    Getting out of the limo, the curious driver opened up the back door of the vehicle and was surprised to see that the girls were still out cold! The driver proceeds to go about his tasks and after a few short minutes, Leon has removed the limp bodies, lining the women up shoulder to shoulder with their backs propped up against a wall next to a pair of steel double doors. (Those doors served as the gateway to Max’s underground lab area).  

    Setting Charlie down last, Leon cops a feel of his former co-worker's breasts and smiles in dastardly fashion. Tilting Charlie's head upwards with his fingers, Leon then confesses, "Me and you had us some good times C; Hanging out by the pool, smokin' us some Endo and drinkin' Hennessey, playin' cards in the clubhouse until the crack o' dawn. Man, those was some high times girl! Ya'll knew how to get ya freak on too, ya know what I'm sayin C?" 

    Charlie's head bobbled off to the side... still unaware of Leon's dark little deed, or his sorry attempt at an apology.  

    The driver readjusts the girl's head to cradle it within both of his hands, then continues, "Now don't take all of this personally: but a man got to do what a man got to do, know what I'm sayin'? Twenty g's is a whole lotta money girl. I mean, I don't want you to think I sold you out or nothin', but damn; we're talkin' twenty grand tax free and in ma hand baby!" 

   Charlie remains silent, but continues to breathe with her chest slowly rising and falling against her tight brown sweater.... 

   "Alright C, I just thought I would tell you what's up!" concludes the woman's former co-worker, before letting her head drop back down to her chest. Leon then proceeds to tap the pager to let Maxwell know that he’s arrived with the goods... (And on time as promised!)

   Back in the lab, Max looked up from the console upon hearing the door ringer go off. Looking at another blonde-haired doll, he glanced at his watch and comments to himself, “... and here Stanley was telling me this guy is never on time!” 

    Abner steps to a nearby monitor to press the speaker button, and then orders... “Nanobot Amber, please be a doll and go let in the new arrivals!”  

   Upon hearing the words of her master, the once independent Amber Peppers obediently makes her way out of her display tableau and down the hall from the lab corner that she was silently displayed in. Walking stiff and zombie like, Amber moved down the rows of tables holding the many women that Max had abducted from various locations from around the world. The nanobot stopped at the double hung steel doors that separated her master's lab from the outside world.

    Leon waited in patience for someone to answer the door, all the while staring at the prizes that would unknowingly become his boss’s new playthings! Just the very sight of those lovely ladies lying there helplessly unconscious was making him more hornier by the minute! 

   Pitt's driver turns back to the doors as he hears a hydraulic dead bolt unlock itself with a hiss. As the doors slide open, Leon is immediately treated to the dazzling view of Amber, who was wearing a zip-up gold colored jumpsuit, with matching boots and sparkling gold makeup with her golden brown hair pulled back in a weave.

    “Are – you – Leeee- on-?” inquired Amber in a robotic tone. 

    Leon's eye's nearly bulged out of his head, as he raised a hand-snap and exclaims, "OH HELL YES!.. "Man, I knew this Maxwell cat was a true player!" 

   The driver clears his throat as he continued to scan the woman's gorgeous figure and asks, "So ahhhh, what's up wit' you girlie-girl? Does this sugar daddy treat you good or what?" ... (The entire time, the man can't help but stare at the woman's precious jugs).  

   Amber stares blankly ahead for a moment, as her chip tries to decode the language that her admirer is laying down... 

   Leon throws his arms back up once again and asks... "Yo! Whasuup?"

   Amber offers a monotone "Does - not- compute!" Her original orders took over from the need to make casual conversation. The nanobot unexpectedly takes three steps towards the subjects in question, bends down, then proceeds to lift Marisa within her feminine arms from the ground.  

Leon:  "Ah...yo, I can probably you wit'... that?" 

   To the limo driver's surprise, the oddly acting woman pivots in place, then stiffly walks off through the doors carrying the young girl without any effort! 

   "Ah . . . yeah sure, I see: Y a'll is independent . . . thass cool!" says Leon, now reaching for the door. Unfortunately, it hisses back to a locked position before he gets a chance to enter. " is this like a private party or sumptin'?" 

    The confused man presses the intercom once again..."Hello?...Hello? Is anybody in there?" 

    Meanwhile, Abner looks up from his work inside the bowels of his lab. With an equally confused expression now spreading across his face, the engineer watches the image of Leon's face: now overblown in super-size on a large flat-panel surveillance monitor. Maxwell asks himself out loud, "What in the hell is this guy doing?" 

   Outside, Leon attempts to look directly into the camera's fish-eye lens: only further enhancing his distorted looking mug in hi-definition! 

   Inside the lab, Maxwell has actually stopped attending to the nanobot prone before him completely, and looks up for an even longer period at the video screen with his arms now crossed... 

   "Who is this jackass and why on earth would Stanley Pitt even hire him?" questions the robotics engineer, while shaking his head in disbelief! 

    The driver's face continues to distort back and forth from bloated to near skeletal proportions within the fisheye lens, as if he were in a funhouse... 

   Then finally to Leon's relief, the lock hisses and the doors open once again. The same "droid" like woman appears but stiffly walks past and bends over to gather up Juanita within her arms. She pauses briefly as if accepting information, before she turns to the driver and commands, "Please - assist - with – third- female – and – proceed – to – processing.”  

Leon:  "Um...(shaking his head and smiling while looking around), I sort of have this back problem and when I agreed to take this job, nobody said nothin' bout' having to carry no bodies around. But I see your doin' a pretty damned good job all by ya' self there and..." 

   "Please- assist- with – third- female – and – proceed – to – processing,” repeats the nanobot! 

   Leon flashes his best smile and repeats, "But ya'll aint listenin' to..." 

   Before the man finishes his sentence, the nanobot about faces: then carries the dangling arms, legs, and body of Juanita back through the steel doors.... 

   "Aiiiiight, I got tha' point!" yells the driver, before scooping up Charlie, dumping her across his shoulder and then waddling behind Amber... just a moment later he expels under his breath, "Holy sh*t dis girl is heavy!... Either I’m outta shape, or that damned girl is strong!” Trying to keep up as best as he could with the nanobot, Leon walked through what appeared to be some sort of medical type facility with the Charlie’s weight over his shoulder.

   It was here that Pitt's personal driver first noticed all the women: laying on cold metal beds, stiff as mannequins, with their eyes staring out into nothingness! 

   Those women were silently obeying the nanites that were flowing through their veins, telling their minds and bodies that they were no longer themselves. That they were now merely dolls belonging to the people who soon would wish to display them.  

   Leon was amazed at the various figures, ethnicity and ages that these women represented. He wasn't sure how they all got here or why, but he knew it definitely took quite some time!

   After making their way to a small display room, Amber had somehow managed to tie both of the women down to the arms of the chairs that she had seated them in. She then effortlessly took Charlie from Leon, who was trying to look at the various trophy cases that held several beauties that Max himself had decided were priceless and irreplaceable. Those lucky enough to be chosen would remain in his possession to view and were for his personal use only.... 

   Walking in a moment later, Maxwell smiles and quickly looks over the expected arrivals. The robotics engineer was pleased to see the three fine specimens that Stanley had chosen and. . .  

   “You must be Leon: I trust that you had no problem getting here?” inquired Abner with a seemingly bad taste in his mouth. Before Leon could respond, Max was already focused back on the three women, (now stirring from the effects of the knockout serum that Stanley was supplied with).

    “No sir, I didn’t have no problems getting here,” replies Leon, before turning around to admire a very lovely and very naked bleach blonde that stands at attention in her case. The driver complements, "Ya'll have a keen eye for fine women, Sir!”   Leon steps up to the next display and peers in on a lovely Asian girl, originally from Kyoto.

   “Ah, yes thank you Leon. However, around here business comes before pleasure. Now if you'll please follow my assistant Amber, she'll escort you to a more 'public display' for you to touch.” says Abner, before pointing at the door opposite of the display room.  

   Just as he finished the sentence, Abner's assistant returned pushing a rolling cart containing a set of needles and control discs that were neatly placed upon a stainless steel tray.  

   “ Please – come – with – me,” announced Amber, before pivoting sharply once again and turning towards the door, her golden ass swaying as she walked.

    As Leon followed the woman, he noticed an empty case. The man silently thinks to himself, “I wonder who that one is for?”  

   Abner turns to the recently robotified blonde and mumbles, "Hopefully nobody is going to miss him!"  The blonde nanobot remains silent and shows no concern for the subject. 

   Turning back to the women in the chairs, Maxwell takes out his PDA and begins reading off a list of names, "Well let's see who we have here: . . . Juanita De Cruz?" 

   The Latino woman rolled her head around, her thoughts still groggy from the sedatives. She manages a faint "Mmmmf!" from beneath the duct tape that covers her mouth. 

   "Ok, and we also have: Marisa De Cruz . . . is it?" asks Abner.  The robotics engineer looks down at a young Mexican girl that appears to eighteen or nineteen; her eyes now showing tears which cause her black eye liner to run down her cheeks. The man removes a hanky from his lab coat, shakes it out, then carefully wipes away a single black trail of water before saying,  "Hmm....cute, very cute." 

   Marisa looks up and manages a, "Mmmph! . . . Mmmmph! . . . MMMMMPH!" . . . in a tone slightly louder and more aggressive than Juanita’s. 

   Maxwell scrolls down the list in his PDA until coming to the last name, "And that leaves just one: . . . Catharine “Charlie” Paige?”  Although still groggy, the woman who appears to be in her twenties, quickly responds with restrained terror! 

   “WHERE THE HELL AM I… YOU MOTHER F*CKER?” the woman shouted at the top of her lungs.

   “Oh my; there’s no need to use such colorful language, young lady!” scolds Max, as he sets his PDA on the tray, and starts preparing his nanites for process.  “No one can hear you anyway.”

   “Screw you a**hole! Where in the hell am I, and why am I f*cking here?” the woman asks, while looking around to size up her situation.

. . . The other two captured women are still confused about the situation they are in as well; one continues to tear up and weep beneath her taped mouth, while the other struggles against her bonds!

Abner:   “Stanley paid me to process the other two, for mere convenience. But I from what I hear you were an unexpected bonus!”

   “What the hell are you talking about? . . . And what’s f*cking goin’ on with those girls standing in them cases? What exactly did you do to them?” asks Charlie, now noticing the girls lined up in their displays.  Each woman that stood within her case had a vacant expression on her face, her eyes staring off into a darkness beyond her own comprehension.

    Abner responds, “Oh them? . . . Well my dear, I have helped these women become more then what they were,” which wasn’t very much at all, considering where he had found half of them. “Each has now become a living piece of art! . . . Mindlessly obeying their owners without question and with an undying loyalty.”

  As the dark skinned girl looks over the glass cases, Abner picks up one of the prepared needles and cautiously walks back over to the girl.  The madman then adds, “ . . . Like you will soon become, my dear!”

   “What? . . . You can’t be f*cking serious! I mean . . . they look like…,” Charlie starts before searching for the right words . . .

   “ . . . Like dolls?” Max offers in a calm tone of voice.

   Again Charlie begins to ask, but can‘t seem to put what she sees in perspective, “ . . . But you can’t tell me . . . they couldn’t really be . . ?”

 “ . . . Just think of it this way dear: Each woman here has been injected with my nanites, and when that happens . . . all of their daily tasks or worries and their concerns for the future are immediately taken care of. With the simple help of my nanites, all of your bodies will stay young and beautiful for a very . . . very long time. I mean try to imagine it: immortality, within your reach, and all you have to do is give up your free will to the nanites and your new owner!”

   Charlie looked down at her feet for a second to take in what she just heard. The man’s words seemed so tempting. And even if she fought back: she had no idea where she was or if she would ever be found. Looking around at her surroundings once more, Charlie could see the women simply staring out vacantly:  apparently in full acceptance. Considering if what this man just said is true: they really don’t have to worry about where to sleep, were the next meal will come from, or who they might have to sleep with just to simply survive.

    Charlie decides to asks, “I, um . . . will it hurt?”  The sexy young woman was looking up at Abner, with the sparkling green eyes that were partially hidden beneath a set of bangs. (The female’s lower lip quivered nervously from fear, and with good cause!)

   “I promise you; just the needle, but that’s all . . . ” responds Abner.

  But before the woman gets a chance to respond, Maxwell pokes the needle into her neck, forever sealing the fate of Catharine “Charlie” Paige.  The young black woman lets out an audible gasp and her eyes roll back into their lids momentarily, as the robotics engineer empties the syringe. Once the chamber is clear, the man carefully eases the needle back out, being careful not to cause a bruise.

   Charlie began to feel strange, as if a warm glow was quickly surrounding her. The woman cracked a slight smile . . .

. . . Unlike some of Maxwell’s other dolls, this was the first one that looked like she was actually enjoying the process! Most of his victims would worm around and wiggle, trying to break themselves free or even fight off the onset of the nanites.  

“Ooo . . .Ohhh..,” was the last sound to come from Charlie Paige’s mouth, as her eyes settled on the naked blonde in the booth across from her. Her last thought before giving in to the darkness was, “At least I’ll get to stay young like the rest of those…”

. . . The two captives beside the woman watched as a pleasant and contented look spread about Charlie’s face, before her expression froze altogether . . .

    “There: . . . now that wasn’t so bad now, was it?”  says Abner with pride.  Charlie said nothing, her lips parted.

. . . The two Mexican women then looked up at Maxwell, and immediately began struggling against their restraints!

“MMMMMPPPH! . . .MMMMMMPPPH! . . . MMMMMMMPPPHHH!” were the sounds that emitted from both of the women  - in unison!

   The engineer walked over to Marisa next and carefully peeled off her gag. The woman panicked and nearly bit the engineer’s finger in self-defense! With the teenager now shouting curse words in Spanish at the man, Maxwell had no choice but to jam the saliva soaked rag back into Marisa’s mouth to shut her back up!

   “Well, well: it seems there will be no getting through to you, Marisa. So I guess I might as well skip the talk and get straight to business!” With that he took the second needle, and squirted it into the air . . .

    “MMMMPPHHH!” went the young Mexican, now thrashing about like a wild cat! Suddenly the girl’s hand broke free and she scratched the unsuspecting Abner with her long, sharp nails; first across the face, then digging them into his arm!

   The engineer quickly reacted by grappling the girl’s swinging arm with one hand, and injecting the needle with his serum into her other arm!

   Marisa reacted immediately to the serum; the woman’s violent thrashing slowed first, then her heavy breathing lessened. The girl’s eyesight began to lose focus and eventually she stopped moving altogether.

. . . It was at that very moment that Abner came up with an idea.

    “Mmm, I do think that your boss Mr. Pitt will be most pleased with what I have in mind for you missy!” Max spoke, as he patted the girl’s head of black hair. He then turned to the serving tray and reached for another needle.

   In the chair next to Marisa, her aunt was now acting just as wildly as her niece before her; jerking about violently against her restraints and attempting to scream from behind her taped mouth! Unsure of what is going on, Juanita believes that she has just witnessed the death of her niece. But unlike her niece, Juanita is spared having to hear Maxwell’s speech about the nanites and their benefits. Juanita is quickly injected a moment later; her screams muffled by the bounds of her gag. Like her niece, she started thrashing around; trying hard to fight off whatever it is that she was given.

  Unfortunately, it was a fight that could never be won. The aged Mexican woman had lost control of what was happening; she was powerless to defend her niece, and she couldn’t offer much help to Charlie either. At that point it had finally dawned on her: she would become a mindless drone just like the others were: staring off into space as the nanites overtook her body! Juanita began to break down: tears began to stream down her cheeks at first, her tired body settled back within the chair; her eye sight began to blur; she felt her body starting to go numb to a point where she just couldn’t move anymore, until finally . . . she froze.

   With a big wide smile, Max watched as the last of the women succumbed to the nanites’ control.

   As if on cue, Amber walks back into the lab with Leon trailing behind her. The vacant look on the driver’s expressionless face told Abner all he needed to know. . .

   “Well, I see you took care of business on your end,” spoke Maxwell. “Just leave that fool standing where he is, and help me move those two women to the private programming room. I have something special in mind for the two maids. Once they are finished, have Miss Paige and that fool Leon fitted with control discs.”

   “Yes – master,” was Amber’s cold reply, as she robotically made her way towards Juanita and her unfortunate niece beside her . . .


SEVERAL DAYS LATER: At the Home of Stanley Pitt

   Pitt smiles to himself as walks into his large garage to look over a row of upended, wooden shipping crates. (Max had specified to stand the crates on end after nearly throwing out his back after Katie’s delivery!) Handing the crowbar to Katie, he orders her to open the lids.

   She stiffly walks towards the four standing crates and opens the far right one first. The lid is eventually pried off to reveal a silent Leon: Mr. Pitt’s new nano-driver.

   “You’re not the one I’m looking for!” snarls Stanley as he orders Katie to open the next crate. (Leon continues to stare outward in silence, as a pile of packaging peanuts falls about to his feet).

   Katie moved on to the next crate, and pried it open with a few swift yanks of the pry bar . . .

   This time, there was a gleeful smile on Stanley’s face, as the stunning view of Catharine “Charlie” Paige appeared.  The African American beauty stared outward into nothingness. Wearing the very maid uniform that she had once fiercely turned down; her bangs were cut at an angle to her right, she had been prepared with a healthy dose of rose colored make up on her lovely cheeks. Charlie looked so much like a doll, that it was hard to believe that she was once an independent woman.

   “You look quite marvelous Catharine, and I can’t help but believe that fate brought you back to work for me once again. Only this time, you’ll be more open and understanding of my wants and desires. I’m sure you’ll do a great job, Love!” says Pitt, as he pushes the falling peanuts away to get a better look at the girl.

   After untying the girl from her shipping restraints, Mr. Pitt grabbed the plastic bag that held the girl’s remote. Stanley quickly tore through the plastic baggie and turned it on.  A moment later, the “Catharine-bot” was powered up . . .

   “Activation – Complete – awaiting – voice – and – name confirmation,” said the woman in a monotone like voice.

    Pitt called out the name, “Catharine,” while sneaking a peek at the cleavage of her breasts.

   “Confirmation – complete ---- Awaiting – new – orders – master.” replied the new employee while continuing to stare straight ahead . . .

   Hearing those words almost made Stanley forget that he had two more crates to inspect. Pitt smiled again as he ordered the woman to step out of the crate and then to stand against the wall by the door.   He hit ‘pause’ on the remote and Catharine turned statue-still. 

   Meanwhile, Katie was once again asked to open the next crate; this time exposing the niece named Marisa. As the peanuts fell again, Pitt quickly noticed that she was not dressed in her maid uniform, but was instead wearing a skintight body suit that stretched from her neck to her feet! There was a hole cut in the chest area, exposing the upper cleavage of the young maid’s breasts, while the suit itself was printed with tiger stripes. The Mexican’s hair was dyed red and arranged to make her look more savage-like, with cat ears poking out from the top of her head. The look on her face was one of tranquility, or as if she were lost in a daze. Even the fact she is still staring off into nothingness, didn’t ruin the effect she was giving off. Just like before he untied her, and looked for her remote, oddly enough he saw a note attach to the baggy holding the remote. Upon reading the note, he smirked at her, “Well it seems I’ve gain an interesting pet!” he said as he pressed the on button on her remote while stepping back. He watches her sink to her hands and feet. She purred as she walked towards Pitt. Unlike her fellow dolls, she was programmed to think as a cat, while still able to perform certain “tasks.” Hell, Max even included a program to fetch his slippers in the morning!  She was now rubbing up against Stanley’s leg, he bends down on his knees to meet her eyes. He could tell instantly that she doesn’t recognize him at all. She sat on her legs, waiting to hear her name . . .

   “Marisa,” Stanley said softly, as he held out his hand to her. (The smile on her face, gave him the confirmation he was looking for) . . . “Good girl, now be a dear and freeze!”

   In an instant: Marisa froze with the smile still planted on her face . . .

    Pitt stood up and ordered Katie to open the last crate, as he gave Marisa a nice petting (as the girl stared off into nothingness). Dropping the lid to the side, the peanuts fell one last time, as Pitt looked on, taking in the sight of his most loyal maid (even more so now)  . . . The forty two year old Juanita!

   Stanley almost laughed at the seductive look on her face, with her raven black hair partly pulled back to the side. The woman’s cheeks were slightly reddish from the color of her blusher. Stanley looked her over, adoring her smiling lips, the way her slightly plump body filled out her uniform, as well as the way her dark brown eyes stared through him. Tossing more peanuts away from the last crate, he sees yet another note: this time letting Pitt know of the new control disc that Juanita’s been equipped with, allowing Pitt to change her personality at will. The maid would act on a pre-scripted database, and would still be subjected to his control. This gave Stanley the most evil of ideas for her….