Timestop II – Neighbors

by FreezAntix

The adventures continue. Read the first part here to catch up on what has come before.

Miho sat on her bare knees, her left hand pinching her right nipple, her right hand at her womanhood with three fingers inserted, her head was leaned back, her eyes were wide eyed and her lips were in the shape of an ‘o’ but she did not move in the slightest way.  Her lips, chin and neck were shiny, thanks to Steve and junior.  Steve and a frozen Miho had just had crazy one-sided sex for the last three hours, Steve’s relative time of course.  Dressed his boxers, Steve enters his bedroom; with a towel in hand, he climbs onto the bed and sits on his knees in front of Miho.

“Let’s get you cleaned up. I know how you don’t like it when my stuff gets on you like that,” Steve said with a grin as he begins wiping Miho’s lips, chin, and neck down.  Miho looks up, blankly wide-eyed at the ceiling as Steve works.  Once he is done, he moves her to the edge of the bed once again and bends her sexy legs out from under her and crosses them at the knees.  Moving her hands from their playful positions, Steve manipulates them so they are spread out behind her as if supporting her weight.  He then leans her back at an angle, putting her hands to use.  Steve leans her head forward so she would be looking straight ahead from her leaning back position.  Fixing her face back to her sleepy look he restarts time.

“…one of those presentations is…what the?” Miho asked, looking around at their bedroom, confused.  Sitting up, she looks down at her naked body getting even more confused.  She looks at Steve who was pulling his pants back on. “Did we just...”

Steve looks at her with a saddened look on his face, “I know babe that it was fast and all but you don’t have to act like nothing happened.  I tried.  I hope it helps you relax the rest of the day. You still got time and you’re not late.” Steve said sadly, picking up the rest of his clothing and turning around and leaving.

“Steve, Steve, wait…” Miho called after her husband, running naked after him to the hall.

Steve smiled to himself, it was an ass move to play with her head like that but he needed to in order to keep the suspicion down to a minimal.  He turned around to face Miho, putting his sad face back into play. “Don’t worry about it babe; it’s ok.  We don’t have to do quickies anymore.”

Miho knew her body and knew how it felt after a great session of hot sex and she indeed just had hot sex; even though she didn’t quite remember the details she sure felt it. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I guess it’s because of all the stress this week.  But I do feel great though and very relaxed,” Miho said, flashing a smile.

Steve couldn’t help but to smile back and leaned forward to kiss his wife.  They embraced in passionate kiss in the hall, with Steve partially dressed and Miho in her birthday suit.  Steve could feel her nipples hardening; junior was ready for another run too.

With her arms wrapped around the back of his neck Miho leaned closely to her husband pushing her naked body against his.  “How bout one more quickie?” Miho asked with an evil grin.

Steve hesitated before answering, “One is enough sweetie, I don’t want you to be late, and two is pushing it,” Steve replied; he really wanted to go again, this time with Miho participating, but Miho was right earlier; they never had quickies.

Miho pouted her lips, “Oh come on sweetie, and I don’t really care if I’m late.  It brings excitement to my life,” Miho said soothingly, rubbing her erect brown nipples against his bare chest.

“How bout we just get crazy tonight?” Steve suggested, looking at his wife with a forced smile.  He just had sex with her for three hours, while junior was crazy for being hard again, he himself was actually tired.  Miho was really horny; he could see it in her eyes and her body.

Sensing Steve wasn’t really into it, Miho backed off. “You promise?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Steve replied kissing her once more.

“Ok sweetie, straight home after work no going out with your friends,” Miho said motherly with a smile and finger wag.

Steve laughed, “You got it mom,” he said, turning around and heading back downstairs.  He had to get his clothes back on and get ready for work, again.

“Hey Steve,” Miho called from inside their bedroom as Steve was halfway down the stairs.

“What is it babe?”

“Where are my clothes?”

Ten minutes later Steve and Miho were both dressed again, Miho recovering her clothes in the kitchen.  Watching Miho dress was hot, Steve thought, back to Miho clad in her pantyhose, panties, bra and heels dressing in front of him as he ate his small breakfast.  They both left the house at the same time as they did every morning.  Steve gave Miho a kiss as she climbed into her white BMW X5 and watched her back out of the driveway and disappear around the corner.  Taking deep breath and looking up at the clear blue sky  Steve threw his brief case over his shoulder and walked up his driveway towards his black BMW M5.

Just then an attractive blonde briskly jogged passed Steve’s house.  She was dressed in a pair of red and silver skin-tight hot pants and matching sports bra.  An MP3 player was strapped to her sun-browned arm.  Steve saw this girl every day about this time, he watched her as she passed his neighbor’s house in awe.  An idea crept into his head and he smiled to himself a closed his eyes.

He waited till the stopping feeling and the dead silence to pass over him before he opened his eyes.  Everything around him looked the same but it was quiet; he then saw birds in mid-flight, a squirrel also in mid-jump as it was coming off a tree.  There was a butterfly suspended just above his head; he took time to look at it closely and grinned to himself.  There was a silver car also stopped right in front his house and walking down to the end of his driveway Steve could see a delivery truck stopped halfway through its turn at the end of his block.  Walking back to his car he opens the back door and places his brief case in the back seat and retrieves a pair of leather gloves that he kept in his car for situations like this.  He didn’t want his finger prints showing up if someone were to get suspicious of what had just happened to them, even though chances of that were highly unlikely.  An hour or whatever to Steve when time was sitting still was only an eye blink to them.

The jogger was getting ready to pass his neighbor’s house, she was in mid stride with sun browned legs passing each other, white sneaker covered feet on her toes and arms were bent at the elbows and in the standard fashion as for someone jogging or running.  Pulling his gloves on, he walked around the suspended jogger; he had never seen her up close before and was in awe of her youth and beauty.  Being close to her for the first time Steve noticed the she was a bit shorter than he was, she was at least 5’9 or 5’10.  She looked about 19 or 21, had shoulder length blonde hair which was tied back in a bouncing pony tail, her tan face was shiny with perspiration and her green eyes were squinting and sensuous pink lips were in a blowing position.  He looked down at her fit body.  Her round breasts covered by the tight sports bra, Steve could just make out the nipples underneath the spandex material. He ran his gloved hands down her exposed midriff and noted her taut abs.  The skin-tight red and silver hot pants hugged her hips very nicely Steve observed walking around. He could clearly see the girl’s ass crack through the tight spandex material and grinned himself. 

The girl’s ass was just perfect, Steve thought to himself; they were nice, round and proportional to her athletic frame.  He couldn’t help himself but to give the jogger a nice slap on the ass.  The silenced died around him briefly as the sound of leather on spandex echoed around him.  Being that the jogger was standing on her toes, with one leg elevated, her stiff body began tip forward as a result to the slap.  Steve quickly grabbed the girl by the shoulders and steadied her.

“Whoa, that was close one.  We can’t have that happen again,” He said to the jogger, who kept her squinting green eyes looking forward unaware that she had almost fallen on her face.  Leaning forward, Steve straightens out the jogger legs so she is standing straight and balanced.  Moving in front of her, he raises both her arms over her head.  Molding her face, Steve gives the jogger a wide eyed expression with her lips slightly parted and her tongue protruding.  Rotating the girl’s head right he moves down to her sports bra which he pulls up and tucks over her nice moist round breasts tipped with cute pink nipples.  Steve takes some time to grope and fondle the two orbs, squeezing them together and twisting the nipples.  Kneeling down, he begins to work the tight hot pants off the jogger’s hips, hooking his gloved fingers within the waistband Steve pulls the hot pants down the jogger’s smooth tan muscular thighs, high calves and to her ankles.  The jogger’s neatly trimmed blonde womanhood presented itself to Steve.  Grinning at himself, he stroked the blonde fuzz with his gloved hand.  He walked around the girl and looked at her now bare ass which looked better than it did when it was covered.  Steve lightly slapped the girl’s left ass cheek and then moving back in front he lowered her arms so that they were stretched out in front of her as if she was a zombie.  Taking a step back, he eyed his handy work; taking in the jogger’s nakedness, gorgeous breasts, taut abs, inviting womanhood, and sexy muscular legs.  Her face bore the same wide-eyed expression with tongue protruding and looking across the street.  Steve patted the girl on the cheek and untied her ponytail, letting her blonde hair fall past her shoulders.  He flicked the girl’s nipples as he looked around his suspended neighborhood, seeing if there was anything else he could do.

Across the street from his house he spotted another one of his neighbors, Rosa Torres; she was a chubby woman with curly dark shoulder length hair and a beautiful face.  From where he was he saw that Rosa was suspended as she was walking to her car.  She was dressed in casual clothing; a maroon short sleeve shirt, a brown knee length skirt and black pumps. 

Steve and Miho had dinner with the Torres’ a couple times when they had first moved in. Ed Torres was a cool guy owned his own window shop.  Rosa seemed like a nice person, but after talking to other neighbors Steve and Miho found out she was the neighborhood gossip who talked behind their backs.  After they had found that out, Steve and Miho distanced themselves from the Torres’ to not become the talk to the neighborhood.  Steve smiled to himself as an idea entered his mind.

He rotated the jogger’s head back forward so she was looking in her original direction, and then moved her arms so her hands were now behind her head interlocking her fingers. “Thanks for the show, but I have other business to attend to, so long for now.” Steve said to the wide-eyed frozen girl and kissed her on the cheek.

As he walked across the street, Steve was careful not to accidentally think of starting time back up.  There was still the sliver car stopped in front of his house; as he neared the car he noted that the car was a silver Mercedes C class.  He was curious as who was in the car so Steve walked around the car, checking out the passengers.  There were three people in car and Steve recognized who they were.

The driver was Hank Phillips, the twenty-two year old son of Thomas and Sandra Phillips.  The Phillips’s were the most wealthy and active couple in the neighborhood. So if you have been in the neighborhood long enough you would know all about the Phillips.  Steve didn’t know the name of one passenger, but he had seen her in and out of the neighborhood enough to know that she was probably Hank’s girlfriend.  Finally the last passenger in the back seat was Julie Phillips, Hank’s eighteen year old sister, who had just turned eighteen this pass weekend.

Hank was dressed in tight black jeans and a black t-shirt that hugged his lanky frame; his long dark hair was styled like a rocker, spiked up with a long thin swoop of hair covering his left eye.  Steve wondered how he could drive looking at the rocker wannabe from the driver side window.  Hank’s face had a ridiculous expression on it, his mouth was open, and eyes almost shut it looked like he might have been laughing when time stopped.  Steve chuckled to himself, looking at the young man’s expression. His passenger was dressed in a similar style, she had a tight fitting black t-shirt with a white long sleeved shirt under it; the shape of the girl’s decent size breasts were clearly visible.  She had, like her boyfriend, a pair of tight fitting jeans that hugged her legs very nicely. Even her hair style was similar to Hank’s, her brown hair which just brushed her shoulders was however streaked with red streaks and while done up in more or less the same rocker style as her boyfriend, hers was more feminine though and not as spiky but a single swoop fell over the left side of her face.  She was looking over at her Hank, her brown eyes were half shut and she was half smiling it was obvious she was in the middle of saying something when time stopped, possibly a joke, Steve thought, looking at the girl whose hands were up and gesturing something.  The last passenger, Julie Philips, was seated behind Hank’s girlfriend.  Steve moved around to the other side of the car to get a better look at her; she was dressed in a school uniform which included a maroon blazer, a navy sweater with a white blouse and a maroon and gold tie, a plaid knee length skirt and navy knee high stockings over brown loafers.  Like her brother, Julie had dark hair; hers was almost black, that fell just past her shoulders.  Julie was slightly looking forward and had smile on her face had her green eyes were at half staff. 

Steve wanted to see how her eyes looked and without thinking he pulled on the door handle and Julie’s door opened.  He looked down at the opened door and back over across the street at the frozen Rosa.  There was all the time in the world for him to explore his chubby gossipy neighbor later he thought looking back down at the Mercedes.

He decided not to mess with Hank since he was driving and Steve didn’t know if he could pose him back in the same fashion that he was before time froze, such a mistake could distract Hank to the point where he might crash the car and Steve had no intention on letting that happen.  Steve however removed the two passengers.  He pulled their legs from their seated position and stood both girls up, standing them at attention shoulder to shoulder next to the suspended car.  Julie still bore the eyes-closed smiling expression with her head slightly turned. Heather, Hank’s girlfriend, who Steve found out the name of by a quick rummage through her purse, still had her head turned to the left with eyes half closed and half smile on her half open mouth.  Standing back and looking at the two girls, Steve thought to himself on what he wanted to do with them.  He snapped his fingers and smiled as an idea entered his head.

Steve turns Heather’s head forward, kneels down at her waist and unbuckles her belt, then unbuttoning the copper button of her jeans and pulling the zipper down Steve spreads open the girl’s jeans.  He grins to himself at Heather’s hot pink cotton panties.  Grabbing hold of the waistband of the jeans he jerks them off her hips roughly and past her pale thighs down to her ankles.  Standing back up, he raises her arms straight overhead and then pulls the bottom of her t-shirt and under shirt up, revealing a hot pink lacy bra wrapped around her pale orbs and cute belly button ring.  Steve works the shirts up past her neck, head and halfway up her arms.  Grabbing hold of Heather’s hips, Steve gently lays her down on her back on the street.  He then strips off the shirts the rest of the way; moving down to her feet pulls off the white heels that she wears, rendering her feet bare and in a tippy-toe position.  Heather’s face still bore the half smiling expression as Steve strips off the jeans from her rigid form.  Rubbing his gloved hands up Heather’s pale legs, Steve notes that the girl had some healthy legs, nice and sexy at that.  He then rolls her over onto her face, her body remaining stiff as board with legs straight and bare arms raised over her head.  Steve unclips the bra once Heather was face down and pulled off her cotton panties over her hips and down her sexy fair skinned legs as well.  He laughed at seeing the heart and arrow tattoo on her right ass cheek with “Hank” written in cursive underneath.  Young people these days, Steve thought to himself, slapping the stiff girl’s bare white ass.  He stood Heather back up and removed her bra; her breasts were very decent size, not too large, not too small.  Perfect for her frame, they were pale like the rest of her body and capped with small pink nipples.  Steve fondles the breasts, twisting and pinching the small nipples.  He rubs his gloved hands down her now exposed midriff, feeling its flatness and toying with her belly button ring.  Kneeling back down, Steve eyes her womanhood; it was kind of bushy but well in control.  He strokes the dark brown fuzz and pushes two of his fingers into her, it was kind of tight so he had to use some effort but his fingers went in a good distance before he pulled them out.  Smiling to himself he wondered if Hank had the pleasure of entering her yet.  He posed Heather’s now nude fair skinned body (she only had on a belly button ring, a silver necklace and two rings on her left hand) to stand with her legs wide and hands on her bare hips like a super heroine.  He molded her face so her brown eyes were now opened. Her lips still bore the half smile parted look.  Pushing the swoop of hair away from her face and tucking it behind her ear Steve steps back and surveys the nude heroine Heather.  She really needed a tan and some meat on her hips; other than that her naked body wasn’t too bad  “Sweetness,” he says to himself, taking in the girl’s naked features, she had a quite lovely face now that the swoop was pushed aside now as well.

Moving over to Julie he turned her head to look forward and went to work on her school uniform.  The blazer was unbuttoned and pulled off her still shoulders, her plaid skirt was unbuttoned and unzipped and with a slight tug fell around her ankles, her arms were raised up and she was lowered to the ground and the vest, skirt and the black thong she wore underneath were removed.  Standing her back up, he made quick work of her neck tie and blouse; the blouse ended up on the street mixing with Heather’s clothes while the neck tie was fastened around her fore head like a headband.  Steve molded her face, opening her green eyes all the way up and molding her lips into a sly smile.  He took time to look at her green eyes, which stared past him blankly.  Rotating her head by her chin, Steve admires her youth and beauty, a spitting image of her mother who at her age of fifty was still stunning.  Still standing, facing the frozen Julie, Steve reaches under her arms and unbuckles her black silk bra.  He slides the undergarment off her shoulders and still arms.  Julie now stands before him in the buff more or less, she only had on a wrist watch, bracelet, a gold cross around her neck, a neck tie fastened securely around her head and her knee-high navy stockings over brown loafers.  Her breasts were larger and nicer looking than those of the nude super heroine Heather standing to her right.  They were perfectly symmetrical with brown tipped nipples.  Julie had a bit more of a darker complexion then of her brother’s girlfriend, making her somewhat more attractive to Steve; he was into tan girls, the darker the better.  Julie’s body in general was more athletic than Heather’s, her abs were more firm, her shoulders were more rounded and her legs bore sexy muscular thighs, high calves over trim ankles.  Julie’s womanhood was cleanly shaven, giving a neater and sexier contrast to Heather’s.  Steve smiled looking at the 18 year old hot body, taking in all the nakedness of her most intimate parts.  Rubbing his gloved hands together, Steve moves closer to Julie, groping her womanhood with one hand and cupping her right breast with the other; after a bit of resistance he works his gloved index finger into her.  Feeling satisfied, he begins to pose her; he puts her in the exact same super heroine position as Heather, with bare legs spread wide and hands on her sexy naked hips.  “Very nice, Ms. Philips,” Steve says as he gathers up the two girl’s scattered underwear.  “I’ll be right back with you two.  There is gossipy neighbor that requires my attention.” Steve adds, balling up Heather and Julie’s underwear in his gloved hands and walking away from the two naked girls, leaving them in their heroic poses with blank eyes staring forward oblivious to their total nakedness.

Across the street Rosa Torres remained in mid-stride with legs crossing each other as she was suspended walking to her car.  Steve circled the thirty something plump Hispanic woman; she was a bit on the chubby side yet she was still attractive, she had very pretty round face, shoulder length curly dark brown hair that she wore in a ponytail.  She was dressed in a maroon ribbed short sleeve v-neck shirt, which hugged her stout frame, Steve could easily see her round belly underneath but he could also see her large bust pushing against the shirt.  Her brown knee length skirt also hugged her chubby frame nicely, the woman wasn’t afraid to show off her curves of course very casually.  Steve moves behind Rosa and cops a quick feel of her large round ass, which was nice and soft. “Well let’s get started shall we?” Steve asked Rosa.  Her brown eyes stare straight ahead blankly, completely unknowing of what Steve is talking about.

Rosa’s purse was slung over her left shoulder.  Steve slips it off her unmoving body, and then stuffs Heather and Julie’s underwear into it.  Putting the purse aside, Steve sees Rosa’s car keys in her right hand; he pries her chubby fingers open and takes the keys placing them in his own pocket for later.  Standing in front of Rosa, Steve manipulates her flabby arms so that they are stretching out inward in front of her.  He removes her gold wristwatch, her wedding band and her pearl necklace, stuffing them into her purse nearby.  Grabbing hold of the bottom of her shirt, Steve pulls it up and over Rosa’s head and then off her outstretched arms.  Rosa’s upper body is now somewhat leaned forward with her head looking down. Steve moves behind her and pulls her upper body back up, leaving her head looking down and her arms still out in front of her.  Moving down to her legs, Steve moves them around a bit so that they are side by side.  He then pulls her skirt off of her curvy hips and lets it drop to her ankles covering her black pumps.  Rosa is now practically naked, her large breasts wrapped in a white lacy bra, she had a nice round Buddha belly which slightly hangs over her white lacy garter belt and silky white panties. A pair of nude thigh high stockings are attached via lacy straps to the garter belt.  Steve could not help but to laugh out loud at his neighbor, as she stood there frozen with outstretched naked arms, head looking down in her underwear with her skirt sitting around her ankles.  He is still laughing as he turns around and unlocks Rosa’s blue Toyota Camry.

About thirty subjective minutes later, with a lot of lifting and struggling, Rosa is now seated in the driver seat of her car completely naked.  Her curly dark hair is out of its pony tail and sits naturally just under her shoulders.  Her chubby naked legs are spread wide with bare feet propped up on either side of the steering wheel.  Her right hand is cupping her left breast with her thumb and index finger around her brown nipple.  Her left arm is pulled under her elevated right thigh with her full hand inserted into her bushy womanhood.  Her entire body is glistening and shiny.  Steve had stripped Rosa nude and stood her at attention while he gathered up her clothes and purse stuffed with jewelry and women’s underwear and, using her keys, entered her house he first left all her things in the kitchen and the looked for a bottle of baking oil.  Returning to Rosa, he lathered up her now naked body with oil and then posed her in the car.  With her hands and womanhood covered in oil it was easy to force her hand in.  He now stood outside the car looking at his chubby neighbor all sweaty looking while he cleaned off his hands with her skirt and rolled down his sleeves.  Rosa’s face was posed wide-eyed with her lips in an “o”.  Steve chuckled to himself as he pulled his gloves back on and made some adjustments with her oily face and hair.  With a big grin on his face he shuts the door of the Camry.  He had left Rosa’s key in the keyhole of the door so she could get back in when she realizes she can’t do anything else.  He was going to have to keep her skirt since he wiped his bare hands all over it; he’d throw it away later in some random dumpster but for now he draped it over his shoulder and whistled the tone of “I’ve been working on the railroad” as he headed back towards the Benz.

Steve redresses Heather exactly like he had remembered her, sans her underwear.  He leaves the same expression on her face and sits her back in her seat barefoot and looking straight ahead with her hands behind her head as if she were relaxing.  Steve leaves the tie fastened around Julie’s head as he redresses her back in her uniform sans her underwear as well.  He rolls her navy stockings down to her ankles, leaves her white blouse untucked from the plaid skirt, with her sleeves nicely rolled up around her elbows and her vest is pulled over her stiff body.  Steve tosses the blazer into the car first before he sits Julie back into her seat, she keeps the same expression with the sly smile, her head is rotated right to look out of the window and her arms posed to look like she was holding a guitar.  Feeling satisfied with his work he closes both of their doors and returns to his house.

As he walks back up to his driveway he glances down the street at the lone jogger; her bare ass is still clearly visible, bringing a smile to Steve’s lips.  He tosses the stained skirt into the backseat of his M5 and climbs in the driver seat, closing the door behind, and looking back through his the tinted rear windshield he restarts time.


To Be Continued…. in the Coffee Shop

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