Timestop I – Miho

by FreezAntix

Steve read the morning paper happily as he drank his coffee.  Steve had woken up an hour earlier and realized that his life was perfect.  Next to him in bed was his gorgeous wife of three years Miho, he had just gotten promoted at his dream job designing cars, he had a good amount of money, a house, a nice car and his health.  There was not anything else that he wanted at this point in his life.  Everything was just perfect.  On top of that the weather outside was gorgeous it was going to be another nice spring day.  Looking outside at the great weather and taking a sigh of relaxation Steve turned the page in the paper.

He was halfway done with the sports page when the sound of Miho’s heels made him turn around to see his wife enter the kitchen.  Miho was perhaps the best thing to happen to Steve and he was grateful for her every day.  Miho was of Japanese descent but her family was second generation American so she was as American as they come.  She was tall for an Asian woman, standing at five feet eight inches; she had a near perfect hourglass figure carried by a set of slender long sexy legs.  Her breasts and butt were proportional to her tall frame and looked exquisite.  Her face shared the same tan complexion of her body and wore common Asian characteristics of elegant almond shaped brown eyes, a small cute nose, sexy high cheekbones and thin inviting lips.  She had long dark brown silky hair that went down to the small of her back but she mostly wore it tied up, keeping it out of her way.  Miho leaned forward, wrapping her arms around her husband, kissing him on the cheek.

“Good morning honey,” she said cheerfully walking over to the coffee pot and pouring her a cup.

“Morning sweetie,” Steve replied putting his paper down.  Miho was wearing a tight fitting black pin stripe business suit, which included a tight fitting business coat and a mini skirt with the hemline sitting just above her knees.  She wore a white silk blouse under the coat and her long sexy legs were covered with sheer black hosiery. Finishing the outfit was a pair of black spiked high heels that looked painful to walk in.  Miho was an investment banker so she had to look sharp and did not mind wearing heels if they made her look more attractive to her customers.  However to Steve and most people that met her she did not have to try to hard to look attractive she was naturally attractive already.

“Anything new?” Miho then asked, turning from the counter with her cup of coffee in hand.

“Same as always.  The Cowboys maybe getting a new coach.”  Steve replied after picking up the paper and continuing to read the sports page.

“Blah.” Miho simply said.  She wasn’t much of a sports fan.  “Let me get the entertainment section? Miho then asked moving towards the table.

At that very moment Steve concentrated about stopping time and relaxing.  He felt the feeling of motion coming to a stop around him similar to the feeling you get when an elevator comes to a stop.  Everything around went dead silent and he felt as if he had gone deaf.  Once the feelings had passed and he felt normal again he put down the paper.  In front of him Miho was leaning over the table with her right arm extending towards Steve reaching for where he had held the paper moments before.  Her eyes stared blankly at him and her mouth opened a crack as if she was about to say something.  He stood up and waved his hand in front of her face.  No reaction.  Miho was frozen.

Steve had discovered his gift for stopping time when he was a little boy.  All he remembered was that he was bored one day and started to thinking about stopping time and the he found out that he could actually do it.  Of course he was kind of freaked out at first but grew used to it as time went by.  He never really tried to figure out how he got the power; he thought of it as a gift and you don’t really want to know where your gifts come from and all, that’ll be rude.  Steve rarely used his powers simply because of his strong sense of morals and the high level of responsibility that came with using his gift. 

When he did use it was for his enjoyment and entertainment, he had a lot of fun in his younger years. He never used his gift for achievement or anything of that matter though.  All of Steve’s achievements, the dream job, the gorgeous wife and generally his success in life was all him not the gift.  He mostly used his powers in high school and college for prank purposes and the occasional seeing what girls and women were wearing under their clothes or seeing them wear nothing at all.  All and all Steve rarely used his powers and when he did use it would be on special day or simply if he just felt really good or bored.  Steve felt really good today after the realization of his success in life.

Miho, Steve’s gorgeous wife stood before suspended in time. She was leaning forward over the table with her left arm in front of her supporting her weight and her right arm reaching towards where Steve had been sitting.  Steve had gotten up and moved around behind his wife, checking out her perfect frozen body.  He moved his hands over her backside caressing her bottom through her skirt.  Steve then lifts the hem line of the back of her skirt revealing her dark seamless pantyhose covered ass, he could barely make out the black panties she wore under the hosiery. Sexy, he thought to himself, lowering back down the hem.  Steve then sat back down and restarted time with just a blink of the eye and a thought.

“I want see if the new Johnny Depp movie is out yet.” Miho continued without noticing what had just happened.  For Steve a full minute had almost passed but to everyone else, Miho included, that full minute or so never existed.

“You want to see a movie tonight?”  Steve asked handing her the entertainment page.

“Maybe,” she answered standing back up and flipping through the paper.  “It depends on how I feel after work.  I got three meetings and two presentations today. It’s going to be a long day.”

“Damn it sounds like stress levels are going to be up today.” Steve said looking up from his paper.  Miho stood reading an article on one of the pages of the entertainment section. Her face and chest were out of Steve’s view because of the paper.

“Yeah it looks that way today,” Miho replied from behind the paper.

“You look great by the way.”  Steve then complimented her, looking at his wife up and down.

Miho lowering paper replied, “that’s really sweet of you honey but I really don’t have time for sex today.”  Miho was referring to the morning before where Steve had complimented her, which in turn led to fore play, then sex and then she was 10 minutes late for work. She already knew Steve loved her to death and knew she looked great everyday to him.  He didn’t have to tell her even though it was very flattering.

“Hey I didn’t say anything about sex.  That was you, honey,” Steve said in defense.

“Yeah but you know how you make me feel when you compliment me like that and that leads to other things.  Compliments like that from you are like my Achilles’ heel and like I said I already have very busy day today I can’t be late.”  Miho replied, lifting the paper back up.

“The sex would relax you and better get you ready for the day.”  Steve said with pleading eyes.  He had to get Miho’s permission first before he could do anything, he could of course just stop time and have his way with her but he would feel guilty about that all day.  He had done that once and vowed he never do that again the feeling was just terrible.

Lowering the paper back down Miho said “The sex would probably relax me but every time we have sex it lasts for hours and I just can’t do that today.”

“What if it was a quickie?” Steve asked.  He was getting kind of desperate now after checking out Miho in her frozen state moments ago.  “Would you have sex if it was just quickie and I’ll guarantee you won’t be late.”

“Jeez you are quite persistent this morning; we had a great time last night and I’m still a little bit sore from that I don’t know if I can go at it again right now.  Our sex is never a quickie, babe.  We’re just too good.”  Miho replied as she continued to read the paper.

“Hey you didn’t answer my question.”

Miho closed the paper and putting on the table leaned forward with her million dollar smile and said “Sure babe I would but…”

She did not finish Steve had gotten what he needed and concentrated on freezing time once the word “sure” had slipped through Miho’s lips.  Miho was still leaned over the table with both hands on it supporting her weight.  Steve had stopped time when she was in mid sentence so her lips were in a funny position and her eyes were in mid blink making them look even smaller then they really were.

Steve got up from his seat and moved behind his frozen wife and stood her up into a standing position and then moved her arms to her sides so she would be standing at attention.  He then closed her eyes and pinched her lips shut with his thumb and index finger.  Standing behind her, he runs his hands over her breasts and passionately gropes them through the business coat.  Picking her up at the waist, he rotates her body so that she is facing him and then unbuttons the business coat and opening it up.  Stepping back behind Miho, Steve removes the coat from her still shoulders and tosses to the tiled kitchen floor.  Still standing behind her, Steve unzips the back of her mini skirt and pulls it off of her hips and ass, letting it slide down her smooth nylon covered legs and dropping around her ankles.  Stepping back in front of his wife, Steve unbuttons the silk dress shirt and strips it off her body and lets it drop to the floor.  Steve then steps back and lets his eyes wonder Miho’s body.  She stood perfectly straight at attention.  Her face looked like she was asleep.  She was now only dressed in a lacy black bra, which covered her perfect round breasts; a pair of sheer black seamless pantyhose that covered her black panties and finally covered by her skirt around her ankles were her black spiked heels.  She was nearly nude and she looked even better then she did with her clothes on.  Miho’s body was an absolute work of art, from her perfect round breasts, her flat and firm abs and to her long sexy slender and sex legs.  I married the perfect woman, Steve thought to himself and then removed the two pins holding her long silky dark brown hair in its tied back position and lets it fall to its natural length, reaching the small of her back.  Stepping up to Miho, he begins to kiss her slack lips passionately at the same time groping her groin and breasts through her bra and nylon covered panties.  Steve did this for about minute or so before he felt junior harden up and throb with anticipation; it was time to take the fun upstairs in their bedroom.

Miho did all the decorating in the house; this included their bedroom, which was nicely furnished with classy furniture giving the room a classic look as a room from the 1800s or something along those lines.  Steve did not mind, he thought who would mind if they were married to Miho; she was perfect woman, great looks, an awesome personality and loves her man.  She could get whatever she wanted from him and that included the looks of their bedroom, which Steve thought it looked nice and she was happy so therefore he was happy with it.  Steve had lifted Miho up from back around her waist and hauled her 115 lbs board-like frame up the stairs with her body still in the same standing position with nylon covered legs straight and arms at her side.  Entering their classic looking bedroom with Miho’s standing form lifted up in front of him, Steven moved towards their king size bed which was wrapped in black and red sheets, with matching pillows.  Once at the bed he sat Miho down on the edge of the bed and positioned her body so she was sitting down with her legs crossed at the knees, her back straight and with her hands clasped together on her lap.

Stripping all his of his clothes off as well, Steve climbs into the bed and sits on his knees behind Miho and starts kissing her on the neck and ears.  As he is kissing her, he unbuckles her bra and pulls the straps slowly down her smooth shoulders and down her arms.  Getting off the bed and moving in front of Miho, Steve then positions her body so that now she is lying down on the bed with her legs still in the same sitting position with her hands on her lap.  He strips the rest of the bra off her arms and uncrosses her legs and raising them up at the knees, he began working the panty hose off her hips.  Once the silky see-through black material had reach Miho’s ankles Steve’s slips her heels off and discards the panty hose and heels with the bra.  The lacy black panties were next.  Steve rubs Miho’s smooth legs, moving up from her calves and then her thighs and finally at her hips he strips the panties off running them down her long sexy stiff legs.

With Miho now naked Steve lets his eyes wander her natural tan form.  Her body was lying straight atop their mattress, with her bare legs hanging stiffly over the edge at the knees.  Her feet were still in the same tippy-toe angle like a Barbie doll as if she were still wearing her heels.  Her bare smooth arms were slightly spread stiffly at her sides.  Miho’s face looked as if she was sleeping; her long dark brown hair was spread under her like a silky fan.  Steve stares as if in trance at Miho’s perfect round breasts, tipped with brown nipples.  Moving south past her taunt midriff, Steve is welcome by the sight of her clean-shaven womanhood; even though he has seen it countless times the sight was still exhilarating.  He reached down and rubbed her smooth thighs and noticed that his member was rock hard; he’ll explode soon.

Pushing Miho’s bare heels he pushed her stiff body onto the rest of their bed.  Mounting the bed, he bent his wife’s legs at the knees and positioned her feet flat on the mattress.  Settling between Miho’s sexy stiff legs, Steve grabs hold of her arms and manipulates them so her hands are resting under her head.  Leaning forward he gropes Miho’s marvelous breasts, twisting her brown nipples and he kisses her passionately on the neck and slowly moves up to her lips.  His other hand rubs and massages Miho’s womanhood, working his fingers inside of her.

In her frozen state Miho really could not get wet, technically, with her heart frozen she was more or less lifeless. However, with help with some lotion, Steve was able to loosen her up a bit and she was ready for love.  Her face still bore the sleep like look so Steve decided and modify a bit.  He moved his hands over his wife’s face like a sculptor, when he was done Miho bore a wide eyed expression and an over exaggerated smile showing her white teeth.  Steve chuckles to himself looking at his wife’s expression, an expression that he had never seen before.  He rotates her head from side to side admiring his handy work.

“Time for some fun,” Steve said with a smile.  Miho looks on with her exaggerated expression as Steve begins kissing and sucking on her nipples.  His member enters her body moments later.


To Be Continued… with Neighbors

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