Tucker’s Wand XX:  The New Business Venture

by FreezAntix & Zero & Tek

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


Chapter 1: Peaceful Breakfast

Tucker and Maggie’s Place

               The annoying buzzing of Tucker’s alarm clock faded along with his sleep, slowly bringing him back to consciousness. He lets out a yawn and throws his covers off his face stretching his arms out and sitting up. It was Saturday and he didn’t usually wake up with the clock but he had important errands to run. Looking to his left he smiles sleepily seeing Candice, his dark skinned live-in mannequin. The wannabe model had been in his possession for a few months now and he was enjoying her company. Smooth dark skin, sexy long legs, decent perky breasts and dark lips that one could kiss forever. The former model was posed with her arms under head. Her silky black hair was a mess, evidence of the evening before. Candice’s body was stretched out straight and totally naked. Her face bore a bright smile, showing teeth, with brown eyes wide. Tucker had went to town on her the night before and he wanted her to enjoy it and that was the only way he could think of to make it look like the unmoving girl was feeling something good. He gave his Nubian beauty an adoring kiss on the lips before climbing out of bed. Candice remained smiling, her empty eyes staring up at the ceiling, her body naked for all to see.

               Out in the kitchen Tucker moved around, routinely starting up the coffee maker and setting out breakfast items. Maggie Yen, his long time best friend and roommate, didn’t really cook in the mornings; instead the two just had sugary cereal to start of the day, a mix of sugary cereal. Tucker placed two bowls with spoons at two of five spots at their kitchen table along with four types of the unhealthiest cereals in the world. He let out a loud yawn as he headed out of the kitchen to wake Maggie up; afterwards he would shower, then eat. Right as he got up to Maggie’s bedroom and his hand up to knock he heard a knock. He looks at his hand and the door, confused, before hearing another knock. It was coming from his apartment door. “Stupid…” He muttered to himself with dumbfounded smile as he turned around and headed out to the living room.

               Rebecca, another of the three live-in living mannequins, he had stood at attention next to the door dressed in her usual revealing French maid costume that included black spiked heels, sheer black thigh high stockings, a near microscopic black uniform dress that showed off lots of leg and cleavage and finally an even tinier lacy white apron. The redhead stood with arms bent at the elbows with hands palms up in front of her. A couple sets of keys hung off her fingers, some spare change and a pepper mint rested on one of her palms and two shoulder bags were suspended from each forearm. Like Candice, Rebecca’s green eyes looked straight ahead in sort of an unseeing wonder. Her lips bore a welcoming smile. Tucker gave her a kiss on the cheek as he walked two paces past her and opened the door.

               “Good morning, Tuck!” Lisa, his photography student neighbor, chimed in with a bright smile. The sandy blond held a laundry basket full of neatly folded clothes in front her of. She had on a tight fitting white t-shirt with green sleeves and a pair of really short shorts that were mostly hidden by the basket. She stood in fuzzy bunny slippers with her hair tied into a bouncy ponytail. “Guess what?” she giggled.

               Tucker smiled at his cute neighbor, “Uh… let me see, you went down to do your laundry and you didn’t bring your keys with you?”

               Lisa grinned, her cheeks turning pink, “Ah, Tuck you guessed it! I knew it was a good idea to let you have that spare.”

               “No problem, come in let me get that for you.” Tucker offered, stepping aside.

               Lisa kindly shook her head, still blushing, “Sorry Tuck I kinda haven’t done my morning stuff yet…” she explained, indicating her scantly clad self and messy hair.

               Tucker thought she looked fine, if anything he looked and smelled like a slob. “Got it,” he replied, “just wait here then I’ll be right back.” He left Lisa waiting at the open door as he headed back to the kitchen, where the key was kept. When he got there though an idea hit him, he needed a shower, and she needed one, why not kill one bird with one stone? Of course Lisa being shy and innocent wouldn’t go for that and Tucker was kind of seeing Julie Vaughn too. There were ways around that though. He stepped out of the kitchen, “Hey, I think I left your keys in my room,” Tucker called out.

               “No problem,” Lisa replied from the open door, looking down at her laundry, not paying attention as Tucker walked quickly back to his room. Seconds later everything went silent, birds hung in the sky outside, the clocks around the apartment stopped. Lisa remained standing rigidly in the doorway, laundry basket in hand, looking down, as still as Rebecca who remained smiling.

               “You’re so hot,” Tucker grinned as he pried the basket from Lisa’s fingers and placed it next to Rebecca. He eyed the pretty blond as she stood there holding air and looking down at her fuzzy slippers. Tucker was surprised to see that the girl had on tight hot pants that showed a little camel toe. “Sweet…” he whispered as he reached down and touched the slightly exposed womanhood. Pushing Lisa’s chin up, he then turned her around and dragged her into his apartment, closing the door behind him with his foot. Once inside he pulled his trusty wand from the waistband of his shorts and froze the girl promptly in place before restarting time. “Now for that shower…” He said to the silent girl as he pulled her arms up over her head, followed by the t-shirt. Lisa was topless as soon as the t-shirt was off and then naked once the hot pants were slipped off her hips along with her slippers from her small feet. He dragged the suspended blond into the bathroom with him before getting naked himself and starting up the shower.

* * *

               The sound of running water woke Maggie up; pulling her head up she shook it like a dog to clear her black hair from her face and squinted at the clock beside her bed, the non-time-stop clock. “Morning already…” she groaned, seeing the time before burying her head back into Tatiana’s naked chest. Tatiana was the last of three live-in mannequins in the apartment. The tall Slavic blond was once a modeling assistant who had been just a nasty person, earning her a spot in Tucker’s collection. Maggie thought the ex-assistant was a Nazi. She and Tatiana were stark naked, with Maggie lying on top, having Tatiana’s bare arms wrapped around her. The European’s face was molded with eyes shut and mouth open, perfect for love making as Maggie took the blond once or twice around the block the night before. With her eyes shut, Maggie worked her lips around her frozen partner’s nipples and began sucking them like a baby for a minute before stopping and giggling. Sitting back up slightly, she then dug her face into the woman’s breast and once again motor boated between the perky orbs. She stopped upon hearing The Ride of the Valkyries theme from her cell phone. The theme played on as she freed herself from Tatiana’s stiff limbs and crawled over to her nightstand. “Hey Maddy,” she greeted, pressing talk on the cell phone and laying back down, snuggling next to an awkwardly posed Tatiana. The suspended woman’s arms were out in front of her as if she hugging and holding something wide at the same time. “I’m just getting up. No, I haven’t been throwing up every morning. I told you not to eat too much salad, fruit and all the junk. Stick to candy and red meats and you’ll stop throwing up. I’m not nasty! You should also stop being so evil; that’s what happens when you’re evil. Blood sucking lawyer… Okay, okay, sorry – I was just joking. Why don’t you just ask Alana, she’s a doctor and all. What do you mean you’re not sick? You’re throwing up every morning! No Maddy, don’t go to dad… he’ll give you one of his herbs… you don’t want that. Trust me,” Maggie warned seriously. “I don’t know what you should do; you’re the older one, supposedly more mature, duh. I would tell you to go to a doctor… but you know you’re not sick and all. Just be like me and wait it out. Yeah it works; okay, I’ll see you later.” As soon as Maggie hung up her cell, it rang again, this time to the theme of Tenchi Muyo.

               She sighed as she pressed the talk button, she looked over at Tatiana and pouted she wanted to take her around the block once more. “Hey Lance…” she answered flatly. “He’s in the shower. Yeah that’s probably why he didn’t pick up. I don’t know why you called him so many times. Cool. Hold on, let me get a piece of paper.” Maggie got up from her bed and rummaged through some paper under her nightstand and found a pen on the floor. “Okay go. Uh huh, I got it,” she said as she jotted down an address. “I’ll give it to him as soon as he’s out. Yeah, I’ll see you later.”

* * *

               Tucker opened the bathroom door, letting steam trail out behind as he emerged with a towel around his waist and dragging a naked and wet Lisa, who remained frozen, looking like a life-sized Barbie doll. The girl’s blond hair was slicked back and she bore a wide smile on her face. She stood at attention with arms slightly parted from her hips. “Here,” Maggie said, handing Tucker the slip of paper. “I see now why your shower was so long,” she grinned looking the naked blond up and down, “Could I take her in with me too?”

               Standing Lisa up, Tucker took the paper and glanced at it, “What’s this and yeah if you want. She’s not that clean.  Yet,” he replied with grin.

               Maggie who was still standing in the buff, a normal occurrence when she was at home, holding a bowl of cereal. She put a spoonful into her mouth and then spoke, with milk dribbling down her cheek. “It’s the address for Lance’s and Bianca’s new business.”

               “Oh, cool. I was wondering when he was going to call me,” Tucker replied. Lance and Bianca had contacted him a few days prior if he could meet them, they had had business proposal and thought he would be a perfect partner giving the success of T&M Productions. He agreed and therefore had arranged to keep the day open. “When did they want to meet?”

               “Lance said for you to just call him whenever you’re ready. He and Bianca are already down there,” Maggie replied squeezing Lisa’s wet breast with her free hand. “How do girls get their breasts to feel like that?” she asked, touching her own for comparison.

               “They don’t eat candy and red meat all time,” Tucker answered with a grin, heading back to his room to change.

               “You’re joking, right?” Maggie then asked but Tucker was already in his room. “Not eat red meat and candy? Crazy…” she whispered as she wrapped her arm around Lisa’s naked hips with her free arm and dragged her into bathroom, still holding her cereal bowl in her other hand.

* * *

               Dressed casually in a nice polo and pair of designer jeans, a present from Haley back when they had dated and a new pair of sneakers, a gift from his current girlfriend Julie, Tucker sat in his living room eating cereal and drinking coffee. A mix of sweetness and bitterness; a perfect to start to the day, or stomach problems, he smiled at the thought. He was thinking he should cut back on coffee. Madison was a heavy coffee drinker and she had been getting sick every morning. Before he could ponder more on the matter, his thoughts were interrupted by a loud official sounding knock at the door. “What the hell. Easy; I’m coming! Don’t knock the damn door down,” he called out, putting his bowl down.

               Opening the door, he came face to face with a tall dark-skinned woman. The woman wore her shoulder length hair in a pony tail. She was dressed in black pants suit with a white wide-collared shirt underneath. Tucker could see the bulge under her business coat at her right side and had a sick feeling on who was standing in front of him. The woman looked at him seriously and held up her wallet that contained her ID and gold shield, “Detective Aisha Reynolds, LAPD.”

               Tucker gulped silently and grinned nervously before answering, “Hi, detective Reynolds; what could I do for you this Saturday morning?”

               “I have some questions regarding some people of interest,” Aisha replied seriously, her face like stone. She looked at the kid; not even 25, she thought. He probably will say he doesn’t know anything but she had a feeling, she could feel something suspicious about this Tucker Holmes.

               “People of interest?” Tucker asked.

               “Yes, a Ms. Fiona Diaz and a Ms. Candice Robins. Both women are currently missing and they seem to have one thing in common, you,” Aisha replied, looking at the young man for any reaction. There was a slight reaction but nothing much, but still a bit suspicious. It was just a gut feeling. After her stint with Interpol, Aisha decided she had enough with international crime and Type-7 along with people that could stop time on a whim. She just wanted to solve good old-fashioned crimes. She had been assigned to the missing person’s squad, a unit with very few detectives and a lot of cases. They worked by themselves and rarely talked to one another. They would just spend their days tracking downs leads and if they were lucky find the person; if they were really lucky the case wouldn’t turn into a homicide when they did find the person. It was a depressing and tiring job and it was slowly killing Aisha inside; her sleep schedule was all messed up and she didn’t have much of a social life. But she asked for it and she was going to stick with it no matter the risks or dangers. She recently picked up the case of Fiona Diaz, who was reported missing about two weeks ago. After looking over some background information, she picked up a lead:  Tucker Holmes. The name was familiar to her. He was on the guest list of fashion show where Candice Robins – who was now a cold case – had disappeared from. He was also in several classes with Fiona Diaz at Decker State College as well. It was a long shot but it was worth a try. She still had to talk to a Cho Le Noi, aka Chloe too, who was Fiona’s roommate. The girl was hard to find though. She was never home. Tucker was easier since he was home.

               “Fiona? She’s missing? I don’t think I’ve heard of the other girl though,” Tucker replied calmly, trying not to act funny; he knew cops knew how to pick that sort of thing up.

               “Yes, Ms. Diaz as been missing for two weeks now. Could I come in, or we could go down to the station?” Aisha asked; she could almost smell the nervousness off of Tucker, he was hiding something.

               “Yeah, you could come in; let me let my roommate know first. She’s not dressed yet,” Tucker replied smiling.

               “Two minutes, Mr. Holmes.” Aisha agreed, looking at her watch as Tucker closed the door calmly. Once the door was closed, however, he went into panic mode and quickly went for his wand and stopped time. Rushing toward the bathroom, he was glad to see Maggie coming out. The Chinese girl was frozen in mid-stride, body covered in water droplets, hair slicked back with grin on her lips. Her shower had obviously been good.

               Tucker tapped his trusted wand over Maggie, freeing her. The girl only blinked and giggled. She had been frozen so many times by Tucker she was used to it. “We have to get the girls out of here!” Tucker exclaimed, “Hurry and get dressed.” Maggie’s grin faded and her eyes grew into golf balls as Tucker explained who was at the door and why. After some quick thinking, they decided to move everyone to Lisa’s place. Usually Tucker would just tell anyone that asked about the girls, that they were just realistic and very expensive dolls. He was not going to take that chance with a cop though. They gathered up the three naked ladies plus one maid. Tucker opened the door and came face to face with Aisha Reynolds once again. But the woman when frozen was not as intimidating anymore. Normally he would play with the suspended cop, but he wasn’t really feeling up to it giving the current situation. With Maggie now wearing an oversized t-shirt and with Lisa’s spare key in hand they moved the four permanently time-stopped girls over into Lisa’s place. They kept them in Lisa’s room just in case if a curious someone would look though the entry peep hole they wouldn’t see anything unusual.

* * *

               Aisha looked at her watch and knocked on the door; she was surprised to see it open after just one knock. Tucker Holmes was with an Asian girl. Aisha observed that they both looked relieved. Tucker, especially, was not even nervous anymore, “Come in detective,” he said cheerfully. Aisha was more suspicious than ever and readied herself for anything.

               “Hi, I’m Maggie Yen; welcome to our humble abode!” The Asian girl greeted happily, closing the door behind Aisha as she entered.

               “Have a seat detective and I will be happy to help you in whatever way I can,” Tucker gestured towards the sofa. Aisha glanced around quickly. She hoped she could get a better look around because she was sure this Tucker was hiding something.


Chapter 2: Business Brunch

West Broadway and South 2nd

               Fresh from the interview with the lovely and deadly serious Aisha, Tucker had become a bit pressed for time. Luckily, thanks to his magic wand, time was no longer an issue. After Aisha had exited the apartment, Tucker went into overdrive. First he'd unfrozen Maggie again and gotten her to help him return their three live-in mannequins back to their apartment, deciding to lock all three up in the closet for a bit. Tucker had then frozen Maggie so she wouldn't do something stupid while he kept time frozen. It was true that Tucker trusted Maggie more than anyone, but ever since she'd gotten her own time-stopping clock, she'd been taking more risks, like seeing two women at the same time while sleeping with another one. With that done, Tucker went to make sure Lisa would unfreeze when time did, posing her so she'd just be exiting the shower. After that he'd left the building, passing Aisha in the hall and, being a good boy, did nothing but cop a quick feel of her rear since it seemed to be her best feature.

               Out in the street, Tucker had simply unfrozen his car, enjoying driving while time was frozen. While the streets were busy Tucker could always find a way to maneuver around and still go at a decent speed, not having to ever stop for a traffic light being a major plus. Eventually Tucker had arrived at his destination, where a big sign declared the building to be Asian Invasion. Tucker grinned and shook his head, wondering how many uptight people would find the name offensive. Nathan, better known as Lance, was the only person Tucker considered to be more of an anime freak than himself; the guy owned a bunch of things Tucker hadn't been aware you could even buy. Bianca, meanwhile was also a big cosplay person, having previously owned a generic costume shop to pay the bills. Now it seemed that by combining the sheer number of stuff Lance could get with Bianca's eye on costumes for all occasions they created a store worth talking about. It made Tucker all the more curious as to what exactly the pair wanted, aside from the potentially obvious T & M Productions endorsement.

               “Hey man, thanks for coming!” exclaimed Lance as Tucker walked into the store. The place was huge, triple the size of Bianca's old shop. On the left side there were bookshelves loaded with Manga, DVD, VHS, Blu-Ray, HD DVD and all kinds of video games. Displays also dotted the area, featuring everything from simple costume accessories to prop swords barely below being considered a legal weapon. In the corner Lance had even managed to place the brand new Ultimate Gundam arcade game, which was four fully connected arcade machines that left four people duke it out as potentially any major mech from the popular anime franchise. There was even a glass counter with a cash register and all the needed bells and whistles for it set up, a wall of trading cards behind it. The right side of the store featured massively-long racks of costumes, with some popular series like Sailor Moon and InuYasha even having signs indicating where they were. Bianca had also invested in some anime-like mannequins, which featured the cartoon eyes and tiny mouths. There were six in all, all of them female, but currently they were bald and naked and not placed anywhere special. A second cash register was on the costume side as well, with a male mannequin dressed like Naruto from the series of the same name next to it.

               “No problem,” offered Tucker, walking up to greet his two friends. Lance was a good-looking guy, smashing the anime freak stereotype by being a natural blond with noticeable muscle, though he was certainly not bulky. His hair was combed back and then left to spring forward, creating a spike-like effect, leaving a ponytail around the back. Tucker normally hated guys with ponytails but Lance somehow pulled it off, the man having been able to get more girls in a year than Tucker had in his entire life. Bianca meanwhile, a somewhat conservative but still stunning brunette, had her hair in a weaved ponytail, not much above a lone pigtail. All the same she was wearing a purple top with a black skirt that was a winning combination on her and Tucker had to carefully adjust his pants to hide his excitement. Lance himself was casually dressed, wearing a black leather vest over a white T-shirt and neon blue shorts. Tucker had given up understanding how the guy pulled it off. “So what's the deal, you want to be the first store to carry our stuff?” asked Tucker.

               “Well, yes,” admitted Bianca, nodding. “I'd only ever seen some of it, but Lance brought me up to date and when I saw that one with the cheerleaders from DSC... wow.” Bianca shook her head and whistled, getting both men to chuckle. Not long ago Tucker had, with the help of his now girlfriend Julie, used her college cheerleaders to make a poster which was a bit risqué but still tastefully done, a testament to how much Tucker had evolved as an artist in terms of photography.

               “Anyways, it goes beyond just selling your stuff man,” continued Lance, stepping in. “Bianca and I own the lease and stuff, but in order to get the loan we need to get ready for opening day we need a third partner. We want that partner to be you.”

               At those words Tucker was stunned. “Wait, as in... I'd have a stake in the store?” Tucker asked, getting a nod in confirmation. All his life Tucker had wanted to work at an anime shop but there wasn't one close to where he'd lived and by the time he'd gotten a car he'd been making good money at Persephone's. Now he'd be an owner, meaning he'd be entitled to a large amount of the store's profits, plus as a creator of T & M Productions he'd get a good chunk of the sales from that as well. This store was a potential goldmine.

               “Well?” asked Bianca, and Tucker realized he'd been speechless for more than a few seconds.

               “Hell yeah, I'm in!” exclaimed Tucker, pumping his fist. At the news Bianca and Lance both cheered happily and even turned and hugged one another before quickly, and awkwardly, separating.

               “Thanks so much, dude!” Lance almost screamed.

               “Okay, so what's the plan for opening day?” asked Tucker next.

               “Well, what we really need is a gimmick,” remarked Bianca. “You know that time you and Maggie helped me out at my old store? You think you could get me some live models again? They really helped.”

               “Oh yeah, and definitely get Mags here as Lil Chiyo!” added Lance, nodding.

               “Plus we need you to cosign the loan later today, but once we get it we can open within a week,” revealed Bianca. “Still, even with the live mannequins we could use something else...”

               “I could promote it on our website,” suggested Tucker. “I'm sure people would love being able to buy our stuff from a real store.”

               “Hey, if its not asking too much, maybe create some new, exclusive content for the store itself?” suggested Lance. “The New Year is still a ways away, but people could use calendars. Posters and mugs are great too.”

               “I'll say limited exclusive, just because some of our stuff goes out of the region,” Tucker reminded Lance. “Still, if Bianca here can get me the costumes, I can probably do something for you even today.”

               “Oh Tucker, you're the best!” squealed Bianca, hugging her friend.

               “Yeah, I know,” agreed Tucker, noticing an odd look from Lance as he hugged Bianca back. “Okay, I'll go see about getting that calendar started, you guys text me when you want to meet at the bank.” The pair nodded and Tucker headed outside, moving to sit in his car.

               “Holy crap,” breathed Tucker, reaching under his seat and tapping his wand so he could stop time and think. With the LA traffic silenced, the young man was able to lean back in his seat and think for the first time since he'd agreed to the offer. A good third of Asian Invasion's profits would be his, and with that he could potentially also work at the store and set his own hours. This meant no more dealing with some of the more annoying people at Persephone's, no more having to help Jamie when she bungled the work schedule. The new store was 9 to 5 six days a week, and with Tucker around it could be seven. Bianca was a workaholic, no longer in school, while Lance was still going to DSC, granted, only part-time. Even if they had to hire at least one other person the store would still be more profitable than Tucker's current job. He would need some time to think about just how involved he wanted to get.

               The big issue at this point was that Tucker wasn't a fan of bank loans. Tucker needed to brainstorm another way to get the money they needed without having to pay it back. Charitable donations were nice, so Tucker would probably need to hit the house of some CEO who has got money to burn. Weighing his options, Tucker casually got out of the car and walked back inside.

               Lance was standing by his cash register, doing something with it Tucker didn't care about Bianca meanwhile was standing in front of a blue-eyed mannequin, placing a short-haired blue wig on it, most likely to dress it up as Sailor Mercury if Tucker had to guess. Grinning, Tucker casually wrapped his arms around the pretty young woman and dragged her away from the statue, lowering her to the ground. Pushing Bianca's arms open wide Tucker then leaned down and began to ravage her lips and breasts with his mouth and hands. Tucker didn't have any real feelings for Bianca, but she wasn't his sister either so she was great for getting rid of sexual anxiety, when time was frozen of course.

               Eventually Tucker's passion faded and Tucker stood up the mannequin-like Bianca so she could be returned to her original place, making sure to straighten her bra and wipe her face. With that done, Tucker still wasn't sure what his next move should be so he decided to raid some comics and get idea. Searching the shelves, Tucker found Cyber Angels, a Manga that Maggie had recently gotten Tucker hooked on, due to the inherent time-manipulation premise of the series that was similar to his own wand adventures. Grabbing a chair behind the cash register, Tucker sat down to read, surrounded by time-stopped the mannequins of his friends, not noticing the irony of how his life had come to resemble the manga.

               Tucker read for several minutes in silence until he got to a plot point where a villain stopped time in a millionaire's house so he could steal the person's checkbook and use it to write himself the guy's entire fortune. Tucker suddenly felt the same idea could work for his investment problem. He'd just pencil it into the checkbook as being a charitable donation and only take enough to keep the banks out of the store's business. This still left the problem of finding someone Tucker knew that could afford such a thing as well as where they lived. Miss Zoe was no good since she was out of town, but then Tucker thought of Malibu and remembered someone who would fit the bill nicely.

               Returning the comic to the shelf, Tucker headed for the exit but stopped, glancing at Lance and then at Bianca. “Might as well,” shrugged Tucker with a grin. Walking over to his male friend, Tucker dragged Lance over to Bianca and then turned her around so she was facing him, the pair standing so close that when they unfroze they'd be embracing, possibly even kissing. Tucker knew there was tension there and figured he might as well resolve it, as the long period of time he'd gone without hitting on Haley had really messed with his head. Satisfied with his work, Tucker wandered back to his car, his next destination Decker State College.


Chapter 3: Charity Lunch

DSC, Malibu, CA

               The drive from LA to Malibu had been an easy with time stopped to avoid any traffic issues. Tucker arrived at Decker State College in record time, though this wasn’t anything new as he had done so on numerous past occasions. He then parked the Lancer in the student main lot and made his way to Fisher Hall the dorm where Julie resided at along with her twin sister Kat. It was a Saturday and most of the campus was empty – who wanted to be at school on a Saturday – plus with Halloween just around the corner, students were mostly out preparing for their own little celebrations. Of course if you lived on campus that was different story, you were there all the time, much like Kat and Julie and few thousand other students.

               Tucker only saw only a handful of resident students out and about as he headed to Fisher Hall. Time was still stopped so he took his time, looking at various students stuck in mid-stride and other interesting activities. He saw a couple choice ladies but decided not to play with them, he could always do it later; with his trusty wand he could always do things later. He was admiring Sandy Vanholt, the daughter of a now compromised senator who Tucker had run into twice before, though Sandy would not remember either time. Sandy and her family had been all over the news as of late due to her father’s alleged corrupt practices, which were turning out to be true. The Vanholt family was in ruins. From what Tucker knew from the news Sandy had left her sorority to keep them out of her family’s spotlight and was now living independently in the student apartments. Tucker looked Sandy up and down; the graceful blond was dressed in a pair of spandex running tights and an orange and white DSC sports bra. It was clear that she had been jogging. He was about to explore her figure more closely when he spotted a lady in the bushes nearby. Curious, he ventured towards the bush to investigate, losing interest in Sandy.

               It was an adult woman about thirty or so he concluded, getting closer. She had dark hair that was tied back into a pony tail. She wore a sleeveless white blouse untucked from a pair of grey slacks that hugged her legs and ass perfectly. She was crouched in high heels with a purse over her shoulder. A pair of wire framed glasses covered her grey empty eyes. Tucker looked at the woman for a moment before reaching under her arms and pulling her from the bush. “What is pretty woman like you doing hiding in the shrubs?” he asked no one in particular as he stood the woman up and arranged her stiff but flexible limbs. “Too old to be student,” he observed, eying the woman up and down; definitely a looker he concluded, taking in her lovely bust and frame. He groped the woman’s full breasts a little before opening up the blouse to reveal a white lace bra holding her two melons in place. “Hot,” he whispered, peeling the cups down to exposed the mystery woman’s ample breasts. He sucked on each of the nipples before kneeling down, undoing and pulling down the stuck woman’s slacks. Soon the slacks sat around her ankles along with her white thong. Tucker explored the woman’s sex before his curiosity gave in and he dug through her purse. He found no ID, some small micro chips, a silver thermos and an access card to the science building. “Must be a new professor,” he observed, putting the contents back into the purse and putting it back on to the woman’s shoulder. She stood nearly naked, with serious expression on her face and grey eyes looking straight ahead from behind her glasses. “I think I’ll leave you like this, it’s a nice day to take in some sun.” Tucker smiled, looking up that clear blue sky before heading back to the sidewalk.

Fisher Hall, DSC

               “Honey I’m home,” Tucker announced after opening Julie and Kat’s door with the spare key Julie had given him. Kat, the athletic of the two and the captain of the DSC Lady Raptors, stood naked by her dresser with a towel in hand pressed against her naked breasts. Her short blond hair was slicked back and she was slightly turned at the waist, time-stopped while looking back at Julie. Julie sat her desk, also turned towards Kat. The smarter half of the twins was dressed in a loose t-shirt and a pair of he sister’s orange and white soccer shorts. Julie had her fingers poised over her keyboard as she looked back at her sister. Tucker laughed at Kat and thought how awkward the scene would be if time wasn’t stopped as he made his entrance.

               Going over to Kat, he pulled the towel free from her frozen hands and let it drop the floor. He then turned her around so she would be facing Julie, fully naked. He moved her hands so that her fingers were running through her hair. Smiling at the pose, he went over to his girlfriend and lifted her from the chair and stood her up. Moving her stiff body to stand in front of Kat, he arranged her hands to cup her sister’s breasts. “Hot,” he laughed, stepping back outside of the room.

               Upon re-starting time he heard Kat yelp and Julie’s laughing before he knocked on the door. “One moment!” Kat yelled from the other side. A few seconds later, she opened the door. Tucker smiled at her, seeing she was now dressed in an oversized t-shirt, something she could pull on quickly. “Hi Tuck,” she greeted, stepping aside to let him in.

               “Now, how did I know you were here?” Julie smiled, hugging and kissing her boyfriend. Tucker kissed her back and simply smiled.

               “How did you?” Kat asked, sitting down her bed picking up a soccer magazine.

               Julie and Tucker smiled nervously before Julie replied, “I just had a feeling, that’s all.”

               “Sure…” Kat smiled, shaking her head as she began flipping through her magazine.

               “So what brings you all the way up here?” Julie asked, pulling a chair out for her boyfriend and another chair for herself.

               “Oh, just running errands but I need to ask you for a favor. Both of you,” Tucker replied, catching Kat’s attention. He explained his idea for the new calendar for his business and what he wanted the girls to do with their trusty camera. At first Kat was hesitant, but after some pleading from Julie, she caved. They agreed to meet later with the ‘models’ at a location on campus, mostly likely Kelly’s Theater, a large lecture hall. Tucker kissed Julie before leaving to finish what he had originally come to do.

               “He has you wrapped around his finger…” Kat said flatly after Tucker had left.

               “It’s just a favor, Kat. He helped you out with the soccer team, remember,” Julie replied. “I don’t see any harm in it.

               Kat stripped off her t-shirt, rendering herself naked again, “I don’t like using the magic camera like that; that’s the harm. But you’re right – we owe him. So who do we start out with?”

* * *

Stone Enterprises, Malibu, CA

               The group of business-suited professionals chatted noisily as they rose and gathered their things from the large black marble conference table. Erika Stone sat at the head of the table, signing the last of some documents for a waiting assistant before looking over at the standing professionals, members of her board of executives. “Thanks for coming in on a Saturday,” she said, smiling brightly and standing up herself. “We should have the Beijing deal settled by Monday at this rate,” she added as the members nodded and began to file out of the room. After the last executive left, a redhead in a white sleeveless dress sauntered into the room, followed by a black haired woman dressed in office attire, a black skirt suit with a pink blouse underneath.

               “Working on a weekend,” Mary Hamilton pouted, running her hands through her lush hair as she walked up to her girlfriend. “You’re cutting into her our private time when you do this,” she added.

               “Business is business,” Erika replied, smiling as she gathered her things. “It’s all done now anyways.” She assured her lover, embracing Mary for a passionate kiss. “What do you want to do now?” Erika asked after they parted.

               “Caitlin and I are heading out for lunch; you two are more than welcome to join us,” Monica Stein, Erika’s black haired assistant suggested as she collected Erika’s things.

               “I was thinking of a more private get-together,” Mary said, grinning and playing with a loose strand of Erika’s hair.

               “Oh? Here?” Erika replied, giggling and putting her hands on Mary’s hips.

               Mary looked around, “Let’s do it in your office?” She then suggested.

               “Sounds like a plan.” Erika agreed, grabbing her purse. “Monica…” she began.

               “I know, I know,” the raven haired assistant replied with a grin, “Lock up when I leave and re-direct all your calls. I was just leaving anyways; Caitlin is waiting for me in the lobby.”

               “Enjoy the rest of your weekend!” Erika said as Mary pulled her towards the doors, leaving Monica smiling and shaking her head.

               The other offices were empty as it was Saturday, so Erika and Mary both giggled as they skipped down the hall to Erika’s luxuriously decorated office. They burst through the double office doors, not bothering to close them, and began kissing one another vigorously. Mary tore open Erika’s silk blouse and began peeling if off the blonde’s shoulder. Unexpectedly, both women suddenly froze in place as everything around them fell dead silent. There was a knock at the door but the two women remained stuck in their lover’s embrace with lips locked. Erika had both hands around Mary’s hips, gripping her ass tightly. Mary’s hands were preoccupied holding Erika’s blouse open.

               “Whoa!” Tucker exclaimed, coming into the office after two knocks. “I keep walking into the weirdest things today,” he remarked, walking around the two women immobilized in their heated embrace. “Erika Stone and Mary Hamilton in the flesh!” he pointed out excitingly. The women were in magazines and on TV enough to where one would have to be living under a rock not to recognize the couple. Tucker was busy circling the women in awe when he felt something soft under his foot and looked down to see small handbag. “Bingo.” He smiled kneeling down and picking up the purse. He crossed his fingers, hoping it was his lucky day, as she opened the purse and checked the ID card inside. It was indeed his lucky day.

               He individually froze Erika and Mary in place and restarted time; it needed to keep passing so Julie and Kat could finish their tasks.  Taking a seat at Erika’s large glass desk, Tucker poured out the contents of the purse and found what he was looking for: a check book. He flipped through it and found that all the checks were pre-signed by Erica Stone. “Holly cow! I really hit the jackpot today,” he shouted, raising his arms up in victory. He tore a single check out from the book, folded it up, then stuck it in an inside pocket and replaced all the contents back into the purse. “Now for some fun,” he said to no one in particular, looking over at the two waxwork-still women. He could feel his member stir just from the mere sight of the two sexy women.

               Tucker first pried Mary from Erika’s embrace. He stood the redhead to one side and adjusted her body so she could stand without falling over. She now stood with her hands out in front of her with her fingers arched awkwardly clutching air. Her head was tilted to one side, her eyes closed and lips puckered with her tongue slightly protruding. Tucker pulled her arms down to her sides and straightened out her fingers. She was dressed in a white sleeveless dress that ended nicely just above her knees. A pair of white heels with black pointed toes finished the outfit. “So conservative, Mary…” Tucker said, looking the redhead up and down before lifting the hem of the dress up, revealing her white bikini-cut panties. He then groped the redhead’s breasts through the thin fabric of the dress. “No wonder Erika likes you,” he murmured to the unmoving kissing girl, “I’ll be back,” he added with a smile as he turned from Mary. He wasn’t done with her yet, but when being in a room with a mannequin like Erika Stone, any other woman came in second.

               Erika’s lips were puckered with her eyes closed as well. Her head tilted in the opposite direction as Mary’s. She also stood with her hands out in front of her, but at a lower angle than Mary since she had been holding the redhead’s ass. Her white silk blouse was opened, revealing a white satin bra covering her perfect breasts. A slim fitting knee-length beige skirt covered her lower regions, her legs were sheathed in nude pantyhose and the blond billionaire stood tall on a pair of black spiked shiny heels. Digging in his pockets, he pulled out a slim digital camera he carried with him; he always had it since he never knew who he would run into in his time-stop adventures. He snapped some pictures of Erika as he was circling the gorgeous suspended blond.

               Tucker then stripped Erika down to just her bra, pantyhose covering a dark colored thong, and heels. He posed her standing with her hands on hips, legs spread wide and beaming smile on her lips, her blue eyes wide and empty with her blond locks loose. Tucker snapped a few more pictures while reposing the billionaire like a doll as he did so. The pictures were getting him excited, so he took couple more pictures of the blond posed in classic pin-up girl poses before stripping her stark naked. He bent Erika over her desk, with her palms down on the surface with her fine body slightly leaned forward and naked legs spread wide. The ‘assumed position’ was what it was called by the police, Tucker recalled as he stared hypnotically at Erika’s divine bare ass.

               Moving back over to Mary, he smiled, “Oh I didn’t forget you,” he said as he raised her arms up and stripped off the simple but sexy white dress. Mary soon stood only in her heels and her bikini cut white panties. The redhead was topless; her decent size breasts hung freely in front of her. Tucker snapped some pictures of the redhead as well before rendering her completely naked and posing her next to her famous girlfriend in the same pose at the desk. Rubbing his palms together with joy, Tucker looked over the two naked women. “Shall we?” he asked as he began stripping his own clothes off.

               He took both women from behind, molding their faces into expressions that could only be described as bewildered shock and confusion. After he pounded them for a couple of rounds he then posed the two ladies so they lay flat on the edge of the desk on their backs with their legs pointed straight up and spread wide in the shape of an ‘V’. He took turns settling between each lady’s legs, kissing their breasts and working south to their sex where he examined it with his lips then with junior. Tucker spent most of his time with Erika, going only twice with Mary. He soon had his fill of both ladies, or they had their fill of him, so he dressed back up with a wide grin on his face.  

2 hours later…

               He had put both Mary and Erika to sleep using the sleep spell with his wand, then left them naked in each other’s arms on the floor of the office. Tucker was feeling pretty good himself as he smiled broadly, walking through the office. When he had first entered the office he spotted two other women, who he froze before visiting Erika. He had met both women before, a while back. One was Monica Stein, Erika’s assistant and the other was Caitlin Trafford. Monica was an attractive dark haired lady while Caitlin had perfect red hair that did not seem natural. Monica, as usual, was dressed very professionally and sharp while Caitlin was in tight-fitting sexy leather pants and a pricey leopard skin top. Both women stood facing each other with smiles on their faces, Tucker thought they mostly likely were frozen while talking to each other. He looked both women up and down, taking in their stuck bodies. Moving up to them he, was about to put them to sleep as well but then an idea came to his head and smiled.

Moments later…

               “Yeah, Mags – have Rebecca, Candice and Tatiana ready to go; I should back soon. Yeah, we’re meeting them at school,” Tucker spoke into his cell phone as he maneuvered his car out of the parking lot of Stone Enterprises.  He had to be careful as time was moving as were the cars around him. He’d give Maggie a few minutes to get ready before he stopped time once again. He hoped the Vaughn girls were done so the time-stop didn’t interfere with their tasks. Sitting next to Tucker in the passenger seat was Monica, buckled in and smiling brightly. In the back behind Tucker was Caitlin; he had decided to mold her face into a look of orgasmic satisfaction – she sat leaned back with that ridiculous expression as Tucker drove along.

* * *

Women’s Dorm Angel’s Circle, DSC

               Tess Vole had the back end of her boyfriend’s minivan backed into the loading area of her dorm with the back door opened. She moved around boxes of old clothes, toys and other donations within the van’s cargo space. She had been collecting the items for quite sometime and it was now time to deposit them at the university church. The brunette soccer player looked at what she had collected with pride as it was the most she had ever gotten. She smiled and closed the lid, then checked herself over before heading to the driver’s seat. Tess was considered a veteran soccer player among her peers and she was one of the top 100 in the country as well, but one could hardly guess that from how she looked, more like a supermodel than a super athlete. She wore a cream-colored silk blouse tucked into a pair of slim khaki slacks and stood in a pair of white penny loafers. A pink sweater tied loosely over her shoulders completed her outfit. She wore her brown hair in a nice clean high pony tail tied back by a blue ribbon.

               As she headed to the driver side door of the van a voice from behind stopped her. She turned around seeing, Julie and Kat Vaughn coming out from the dorm loading area. “Hey guys!” Tess greeted as the twins approached her. Julie, the girly one, was dressed in a white frilly skirt that Tess thought was a little too short and a tight pink tank top that she thought should have been worn under another shirt at least. Kat, the more boyish of the two, and was dressed normally in a nice pair of tight fitting jeans over sneakers and a simple blank pink t-shirt. Tess noted the bag Julie had around her shoulder, which usually meant the twins were out running errands. That’s how it was; Julie always carried the stuff when she and sister were together doing things.

               “Hey Tess,” The twins replied in unison, smiling. Tess looked at them questioningly; they were up to something.

               “Diane said you would be down here, glad we caught you,” Julie said.

               “Where are you going?” Kat then asked, looking into the van.

               “University church…” Tess answered nervously. She could feel something was up. When the twins were separated they were pretty easy to read but when they were together, they were like a whole different person. “Do you guys want to come with?”

               “Oh no, we don’t want to intrude,” Julie replied.

               “We just wanted to know what you were up to,” Kat added, standing next to her sister. “You wanna hang out later?”

               “Ok…sure… I should be done with this in about an hour or so,” Tess replied, opening the door to the van. She wanted to go; the twins were freaking her out and there was a strange vibe in the air. “I’ll call you when I’m done,” she said, stepping into the van just as her slim body was covered in a bright flash and all her senses faded to black.   She stood there, mute and glassy-eyed.

               “Well, at least you weren’t doing anything important,” Julie chuckled, walking up to an immobilized Tess. The brunette had one foot in the van, the other out, one hand held on to the steering wheel while the other held on to the inner door handle. She looked vacantly ahead.

               “Help me put her in the back; we still have to get Diane too and then we have to go before someone sees us,” Kat quickly ordered, giving the magical camera and the Polaroid of Tess to Julie to store in her bag. Together the twins pulled Tess’s stiff hands loose from the vehicle and lifted her stuck form up and moved her to the back seats of the van. They rearranged her so she would be sitting normally in the back, staring ahead blankly.

               Going back into the loading area, the Vaughn sisters emerged carrying a stiff Diane Cruz. The curvy defender was only dressed in a pair of green panties and a sleeveless t-shirt. The girl had been doing some homework in her room that she shared with Tess when the twins visited her. “We should have dressed her; she looks ridiculous like this,” Julie said as they quickly carried the unmoving girl to the van. Diane kept a blank expression on her face.

               “She’s doesn’t seem to mind,” Kat replied with a grin, looking at Diane’s empty expression. Julie frowned at her sister for the joke. “At least she’s not naked and dressing frozen people is just weird... I’ll let you your boyfriend handle that later,” she added at they posed Diane to sit next to her roommate in the van and buckled the two unmoving girls up before driving off to their next destination.

Fitness Center, DSC

               Their next stop had been a bust. Chrissy and Ayane, their next targets, were not home so the twins headed to their third location, the fitness center where they knew a majority of their targets would be. It was a Saturday so the gym was packed with students and some residents of the community. It was best place to work out in Malibu, having all the best equipment thanks to the school and its generous donators. Kat parked the van near the fire exit and the women’s locker room for later. They then left Tess and Diane with a blanket covering their lower parts and went inside to look for the others. They didn’t have to worry about the van being towed, since Tess and Diane were there, not that they would do anything if anyone approached. Quick passersby would be fooled though by the two lifelike mannequins.

               Inside, Kat and Julie spotted some of the girls all working out together and they quickly devised a plan. Kat rushed off to the locker room with the camera in hand, while Julie headed towards the team. Mel Donavan and Sunny Dakota, the team’s two goalies, were in an intense workout. In the spring the two girls were going to be competing one another for the starting job. It was already obvious who was going to win, but Sunny wasn’t known for quitting. The two girls were running on treadmills at nearly full speed when Julie approached them. Justine Zimmerman was nearby, watching her best friend and roommate Sunny. The three girls were dressed similarly, wearing team workout gear. Sunny wore her orange and white soccer shorts and a sleeveless team jersey. Her blond hair was tied back into double pony tails. Her face was covered in sweat, which was also seeping through her clothing. Mel was dressed in orange and white skintight spandex pants that showed off her muscular legs; her bust was covered in a matching stretchy sports bra. Her hair was spiked and frosted blond as usual. Mel’s tattooed skin, like Sunny’s, was covered in a layer of sweat. Justine was the driest one of the three; she was dressed simply in orange and white baggy warm up pants and an orange tank top. Her near white blond hair was let loose and hung freely to the middle of her back. “Hiya guys!” Julie greeted happily, approaching the trio.

               “Get lost, we’re busy!” Sunny shot back between breaths.

               Julie frowned at the girl, but before she could say anything Mel spoke up, “What’s up Julies?”

               “Nothing much, Kat wants to meet with you guys in the locker room.” Julie replied.

               “What the hell about? It’s Saturday!” Sunny barked again rudely. “It’s already bad enough she bosses us around on the field, but also off the field too!”

               Julie’s cheeks turned bright red and she was about to say something but again she was stopped, “Sorry Julie, Sunny is just under a lot of pressure right now,” Justine quickly explained, “She didn’t mean to say that,” she added and asked, “What does she want to see us a about?”

               Julie had no idea; the truth wouldn’t work and she thought quickly for an answer but Mel saved her. The tall Irish girl stopped the machine and hopped off. She wiped her face with a towel and then draped it around the back of her neck. “She’s our captain girls; whatever it is she wants to say, we should listen. Let’s go.”

               “Controlling freak…” Sunny mumbled as she stopped the machine and hopped off. Justine handing her a towel as Julie gave her another dirty look. The trio then headed towards the women’s locker room with Julie following them. She hung back for a few seconds before entering and locking the door behind her.

               Just around the tiled corner of the locker room, the three girls were frozen in place like a life-sized photo. Mel and Justine stood in mid-stride, Mel had a slight grin on her face while Justine had a neutral look. Sunny stood behind them with her mouth slightly opened and eyes shut. Julie looked over the three and smiled as she saw Kat come out from her sniper spot behind a post. Her smile faded when she saw Sarala Rohit, also frozen, sitting on the bench completely naked. The Indian girl sat with her back straight knees together with hands resting on them. Her straight black hair was slicked back, her eyes were shut and lips parted. Julie looked at the girl, admiring her half-grapefruit breasts and well shaven mound. The girl knew how to take care of herself. “We could wrap her in a towel when we move her. She was in the shower when I got in here.” Kat explained, seeing her sister look at the naked girl.

               “I have better idea.” Julie smiled, looking at her sister.

Ten Minutes later…

               Mel sat smiling emptily next to Tess and Diane while Sarala, Justine and Sunny sat crammed together in the rear bunk. Sarala was now dressed in Sunny’s clothing while Sunny was only clad in a sports bra and a black g-string, the blond smiling brightly despite her near nakedness. “Was that really necessary?” Kat asked looking at the nearly naked girl.

               “It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t wearing that g-string.” Julie replied and answered, “Yes, it’s necessary.” She didn’t want to mention Sunny bad mouthing Kat, not wanting to upset her.

               “Whatever; let’s get them back to the theater, we still have to pick up Brit and some cheerleaders,” Kat suggested as they closed the sliding door to the van.

Kelly’s Theater, DSC

               “Well that was odd…” Kat mumbled, looking over at the stage at the nine ‘models’ they had picked up in about two hours. The odd moment came when they had attempted to pick up Britney, who was staying at a friend’s place off campus. Said friend answered the door when they had arrived; she was a cute Asian girl. She would have been cuter if she had clothes on, Kat thought, instead of thin sheet that fell off later. For some unknown reason Kat and Julie ended up touching the naked girl all the sudden and both were really too embarrassed to think about what had happened and just darted off.

               “The naked girl thing?” Julie asked, her sister nodding. “You should have just took her picture.  She would have been good as a model, too…”

               Kat turned to her sister with a frown and answered in almost a growl, “I didn’t have the camera.”

               Julie smiled nervously, “It’s okay I guess; we got Rachel, Michelle and Pam,” she pointed out. After their little run in with the naked girl they headed back to campus and to their surprise found Rachel with Michelle Gim and Pam together. The cheerleading trio now stood on a stand along with the other six girls they had picked up earlier. They didn’t have time to pick up more girls. Tucker had called and said he was coming. So all they could really do was wait.

               Julie looked over the line of girls standing on stage in front of her, looking a little bit like a frozen chorus line from an old music video. Starting from left to right was Tess, who stood straight with her hands clasped together in front of her as if in prayer, her head tilted up with eyes looking to the heavens. Next to her was Mel, who more or less stood at attention along with Justine and Sarala next to her, though the Indian girl’s eyes remained closed. Sunny stood with her arms up and legs wide, the girl was nearly naked, but from the look of the beaming smile on her face one would think she didn’t really care. Rachel stood barefoot at attention, dressed in a denim skirt and a black tube top next to the almost naked soon-to-be-back-up-goalie. Michelle Gim was dressed in jeans and a revealing top; she stood with arms crossed and smirk on her lips. Pamela was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and green tank top, with a leather satchel at her hip - the girl looked like she was getting ready to go out on some sort of adventure. The cheerleader stood like most of the others, at attention with an empty expression on her face. Ending the still-life line-up was Diane, who stood with a big grin on her lips with her hands on her hips. Her panties had purposely been tugged down a little, revealing some of her pubes. “Are Diane’s panties falling down?” Julie asked, masking her own grin.

               Kat looked, “Crap, I can fix that,” she said as she climbed up onto the stage. Julie slyly smiled as she pulled the camera from her bag.  Soon after the line of statues became one longer.


Chapter 4: Midnight Snack

               It was a little later in the evening when Tucker pulled into the parking lot of his apartment. He had made it halfway home before he stopped time, hopefully giving Maggie enough time to get the dolls and herself ready and at the same time let the twins do their thing. Getting out of the car, he couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of Catlin, still looking as though she just hit climax in the back of his Lancer. Closing the door without a care he walked to the elevator, remembering to unfreeze it as he entered. He noticed Lisa was in there, looking at her watch, the fixed expression on her face meaning she was in a hurry for something. Lucky for Tuck he had stopped time just before the elevator went up.

               While he had the urge to do Lisa there, he felt kind of spent from going at it with Erika and Mary. Still, it was worth the effort to bang them both, he thought as he tapped the pocket with the blank check inside it. As the elevator reached the floor the two lived on, Tucker decided to help her out and move her down to her apartment, well more like inside it anyway. Fishing the keys from her purse, he helped himself by dragging Lisa on her heels inside her apartment. He kissed Lisa goodbye as he headed back to his place, remembering to lock her front door as he left.

               Upon entering his place, he was met with the girls standing at attention near the front door,  photo gear beside them and standing nearby was a frozen Maggie, holding the rolled up green screen upwards with a silly grin on her face, her bag on her side. The frozen tableaux looked like a diorama in a store window or a wax museum. An urge to prank her rose; still he could do that later. Well,  just one prank he thought, as he took the rolled up screen from her hand and placed it by the door. He went to her room, after a little fishing and found one of Maggie’s ‘hidden’ shower massagers she used when she was alone for the weekend. He was not supposed to know about them. Still, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, at least for the moment anyways, he mused.

               Coming back to Maggie he placed it in her hand, undid her jeans, slid them down and moved her massager arm to her panties, placing it just above, but not quite there. Even with it on the outside of her panties she would still get a general stimulation from it. Unfreezing the dildo, he turned it on, listening to it hum away. He the got behind Maggie and unfroze her.

               Her eyes widened as she felt the massager on her womanhood; she turned it off, blushing, embarrassed a bit. “Tucker Holmes, you come out, that wasn’t fair!” she said with a hint of crying looming.  She tossed the thing to the couch and placed her hand over her eyes, sobbing into them.

               “Oh shit…” Tucker gasped as he came out of his hiding place, “Mags I’m--”

               “Gotcha!” smiled Maggie as she somehow managed to pull out a mini-can of silly string, covering him head to toe in gooey string. “There!” she proclaimed as the last of the silly string stuck to Tucker, who by misfortune was not graceful enough to get away from Maggie’s own prank and fell on his butt.

               “Alright, you win…” Tuck said as he pulled the silly string off of his clothes.

               After a few more minutes of pranks on each other, the duo finally got the remaining girls loaded in; Catlin, Monica and Rebecca sat next to each other in the back, while the first two had their clothes still on, Rebecca on the other hand was already naked and ready to be dressed up again, while Tatiana lay across their laps with a couple of costumes thrown on her. As for poor Candice, she got placed in the trunk along with some of the photo shoot gear and some more costumes, plus a makeup box.

               Taking off with time still stopped, they made their way to the theater quickly. They chatted along the way on who would dress who in what costume.  Bianca clearly gave Tuck a lot of costumes with an anime/gamer theme in mind.  While the anime part was obvious, Tuck thought the gamer part of the theme was a great addition to the concept since nowadays you can’t go on without a game console in your home. Even the PC gamers would be thrilled at the sight of some of their chosen characters shown in cosplay.

* * *

Kelly’s Theater, DSC

               The sun was setting when tuck froze everything so they got to enjoy the view as they drove up to the parking lot of Kelly’s Theater. The duo started unpacking everything. Walking into the theater they found a frozen Julie adjusting her sister Kat’s pose to match those of the other girls. Setting things down, Maggie looked for a flat bed cart to bring the other ladies in instead of dragging them in one at a time, while Tuck walked up to his current girlfriend Julie and tapped over her head twice to unfreeze her. She jolted for a second before realizing what was going on.

               “Hey Tuck!” she said, cheerfully wrapping her arms around him. “Sorry I couldn’t get them all,” she said poutingly to Tucker, not wanting to disappoint him. She re-flashed her smile to try and make herself more like the perfect girlfriend she ought to be for Tucker. Cheerful, smart and willing to help in anything he asks her. Well, at least that what she thought a good girlfriend should be. “It’s fine Julie,” Tucker assured.

               “Let’s get to work!” he said rubbing his hands together as Maggie brought in the rest of the would-be calendar girls.

               Tucker and the girls got started by undressing all the women, folding their clothes into neat little piles next to each person, they threw a name label on top of them just to make it easier to put the clothes back on the right person later. Each woman now either stood naked, in costume, or in the process of being costumed.

               Of course he did have some fun, having felt up some the girls, particularly in the case of Caitlin and Mel. He would have some more fun time later since he really couldn’t do it in front of Julie at the moment. He secretly chose who would be spending some time with him at the apartment. An obvious one being Julie, for sure. Still, there were some other potential candidates to consider. He was sure Maggie had more than one in mind, too. Once they were ready preparing the others, Maggie and Julie volunteered to be frozen for the shoot. It would be easier to model them frozen instead of having Tucker telling them how to pose. After they had chosen their characters, Maggie and Julie quickly got changed and each did their own makeup before they also were immobilized with a flick of Tucker’s wand.

               First up was Candice as the African tribe fighter from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, while Caitlin was dressed up as C.Viper from Street Fighter 4. The pair were both posed as they were about to start a round. Caitlin for the most part was pretty easy to get right; it was easy to get her long red hair to look like that of the character. The glasses he fudged with a little, since yellow-lens glasses were kind of hard to obtain at this point. Still, the clear shades he found in the theater’s lost and found section worked out perfectly. Standing in the character’s fighting pose opposite Caitlin was Candice, who was a little harder to peg since she didn’t have short hair to begin with. After some searching, he found a dark flesh-colored skull cap, it was tight enough to hold all her hair, albeit it would probably feel really uncomfortable, if she was able to complain about it. Over the cap, she wore a short pale white pageboy haircut wig that had some spikiness to it. The jewelry came with the tight bikini that resembled the character’s own clothes very well. Maggie did a great job adding makeup to both ladies. You could hardly tell who they had been a few minutes ago.

               Next up was Maggie as Lei Fang, Mel Donavan as Tina and Michelle Gim as Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series. As Tucker posed the frozen Maggie in a Tai Chi Quan pose he looked up. For someone that doesn’t normally wear fancy clothes she looked pretty hot in that tight Chinese dress she was sporting. Her makeup was done up pretty well too, given the fact Maggie didn’t do a whole lot of make up usually either. She sure was a talent with the stuff.

               Tuck chuckled a bit as he moved Mel next to Maggie; the tall goalie was dressed up as the character Tina Armstrong, she no doubt looked very much like her character thanks to the wrestling outfit she wore, once again a superb job by Maggie. She had managed to hide all of Mel’s tattoos as well. Mel had on green eye shadow and light pink lipstick. Her short hair was covered by a flowing blond wig. She was pose as though she was about to lay a haymaker on an unsuspecting foe. Her feet were slightly part for balance, and instead of an expression of anger she had one of extreme excitement on her face.

               Michelle was placed next to the two other girls with her back slightly to the camera, she was wearing a red-haired wig to hide her natural black hair. Her shoulders were turned slightly to give the camera a side boob shot of her cleavage, which currently was being enhanced by the revealing outfit of the character Kasumi. Although not Japanese herself, she did quite well looking the part with the outfit and makeup, but the hair looked a little goofy on her. Still, she was too hot not to make the picture. Like Mel, she had a different expression, only hers was more of a tranquil look of sincerity then anything else.

               Monica Stein is a beautiful woman, he had to admit, looking at the intricately-coiffed, dark-haired woman standing proudly in her Bayonetta costume. Somehow she made the costume and glasses seem sexier then what the character herself did for them. The busty woman was the center of her own shoot, along with some props he found in the theater. She held up a pair of fake guns surrounded by a small field of fake tombstones.

               The photo shoot went on for another hour or two, in Tucker’s time frame. He managed to do the shoot without goofing off, a feat he rarely achieved for his shoots, aside for some groping of the models and though he even had some after-shooting sex with Julie who made a great Roll (Megaman series) he was more focused on the days ahead that would lead to a big change in his life. The store would offer many things to Tucker that he dreamed of. So yeah, while he could have lots of fun later, for now it was business, he thought to himself as he snapped the last picture of dazzling Diane Cruz with her voluminous mane as Felicia from the Darkstalker series.

Wrapping up for the 'day', he started putting away things, as he let his laptop process all the photos in a external terabyte hard drive Tuck had taken while on one of his many 'I need things' sprees. After brining some of the equipment out to the car, he came back in and unfroze Maggie.

               “Huh? Oh hey Tuck, finished?” Maggie asked as she scanned for her would-be prize of the night:  Rachel, the head cheerleader.

               “Yup, all done Mags, just help me load the girls and we then take our late night snacks home with us,” chimed in Tucker as he lifted his frozen girlfriend Julie to be put into the car.


Chapter 5: Coffee Break

One Week Later...

               Tucker's alarm blared but the young man was already awake, having just finished shaving. “Good morning!” Tucker shouted, knocking on Maggie's door as he headed back to his own room to turn off the source of the noise. For once there were no human mannequins in his bed, Tucker having decided against using them so he'd be sure to get enough sleep. As a result Tucker could see that while Candice was still at the end of the hall he was fairly certain Tatiana and Rebecca were in bed with Maggie, hence the muffled groan he got in response. To hide Candice in plain sight, Tucker had dressed her rigid figure up like the character of Arisa from the Green Lantern comic books and stood her next to his statue of Guy Gardner. The disguise included orange paint on the little skin that showed and a blond wig, making the girl hard to recognize.

               “You barbarian,” bitched Maggie moments later, emerging from her room in the buff as usual. Tucker smiled and gave her a quick kiss in greeting before she staggered into the bathroom.

               “Remember to hurry, I want to be in the car by eight!” exclaimed Tucker as he stood in his own room, pulling on pants. Thanks to the ‘investment’ he'd acquired from Erika Stone, the Asian Invasion was set to open at nine. The new calendar and poster collection from T&M Productions was featured to debut, and Lance had even managed to make some mouse pads for the occasion. Since it was going to be a big day Tucker had called everyone, even his boss at Persephone's, Jamie and his ex-girlfriend Haley, though neither could make it due to other obligations. Tucker had however made a stupid mistake a couple of days ago and promised Bianca he’d provide living mannequins for opening day, as he'd done in the past for her when he'd first acquired Rebecca.

               While Maggie showered Tucker went into her room and retrieved Tatiana and Rebecca, who were luckily both pretty clean. Tucker got to work dressing them up in Japanese schoolgirl outfits while Maggie tried to catch up, eating breakfast while dressing herself as Lil Chiyo. The good news was due to how late the promise had been made, Tucker had only had to agree to use schoolgirl outfits, which Bianca had plenty of. Tucker's plan was to zip down to DSC, get Julie and a couple of his friends to agree to model for the day and get them to the store before it opened at nine.

               A knock at the door distracted Tucker as he finished pulling up Tatiana's skirt, Maggie herself was nearly ready. “I got it,” Tucker offered, grabbing his wand as he headed for the apartment door. Opening it he was surprised to see local beat cop Regina, a sexy blond woman that he knew very little about, aside from where she lived, who she lived with, her career and how she felt about non-licensed vendors, which was actually a decent amount of information. “Can I help you, Officer?” Tucker asked, worried.

               “Mr. Holmes?” Regina confirmed, getting a nod. “Aisha Reynolds asked me to come by and request that you come by the station today. Something about a case she spoke to you about earlier. I'm here to escort you. If you need to contact anyone to tell them where you'll be, go ahead, but I'll have to come in now.”

               “Ah, probably more about that Candice girl,” nodded Tucker. “Just one...” Tucker started a sentence but didn't finish it on purpose, having started tapping his wand when he first opened his mouth. Time froze and Regina did too, standing in the doorway with her left arm leaning on the frame for support, her right thumb hooked in her belt, her gaze a bit curious as Tucker could swear there was some pity and intrigue in there, her mouth even showing a weak grin in spite of her lips being closed.

               “Too bad, Regina; I really wanted to add you to my collection,” mused Tucker, knowing that making a cop disappear was a really bad idea even as he voiced the wish. Tucker instead slid the wand into his waist and slid around the sultry cop, wrapping his arms around her waist and tipping her stiffened body back so she could be dragged on her heels. Producing his keys from his pocket, Tucker switched to Lisa's spare and opened her apartment, dragging Regina inside. The young photographer wasn't yet awake it seemed, it being a Saturday and her work usually being done during the weekdays. Tucker carefully seated Regina on Lisa's couch and did a fast active move, unfreezing her from behind and then putting her to sleep before she could react. The cop slumped over and Tucker carefully arranged her on the couch so she'd be fairly uncomfortable. Following that, Tucker retrieved Lisa from her bed and put her on the floor, giving her the same treatment. Finally Tucker raided Lisa's fridge and liquor cabinet, soaking with women with alcohol and placing empty bottles around the apartment. As both women snored Tucker realized he'd better freeze them personally again and did, just in case he didn't resume time before they woke up.

               After rushing back to his place to grab a bra and some of his socks and ditching them in Lisa's apartment, Tucker returned and finally unfroze Maggie, who kept on dressing as if nothing had happened. “Jumped the gun, didn't you? It's only twenty to.”

               “Regina was sent here by that detective to take me downtown for the day,” revealed Tucker. “I put her to sleep and left her in Lisa's place, soaked in booze. It won't make sense but if they ask you, there was a party last night.”

               “Yeah, no kidding; it won't make sense if she's still in uniform,” shrugged Maggie, shaking her head and moving to finish the work Tucker had started on Tatiana.

               “Hey, I panicked, and we can't afford a new mannequin who's a freaking missing cop,” justified Tucker, moving to help his roommate. “Let’s finish up and head out.”

* * *

Fisher Hall, DSC

               Tucker had made so many trips to his college while time was frozen that he knew all the good shortcuts you could take that were normally illegal, making his driving time less than usual by about ten minutes. Maggie had brought along her clock and about two minutes into the trip she had done the unusual and froze herself, the capricious girl enjoying the feeling of arriving instantly at her destinations. Once the pair had arrived, however, Tucker unfroze her and they began to wander the well-familiar campus, heading straight for the room held by the Vaughn twins.

               Julie was standing outside of the room, dressed in a white miniskirt and pink halter-top, an outfit that drove Tucker wild. Books were stuffed under her arm so Tucker and Maggie immediately knew she was planning to study all day, which worked perfectly. “I'll let you two talk,” offered Maggie, casually opening the dorm room and closing it behind her. Shaking his head, Tucker tapped Julie on the head to unfreeze her.

               “Oh, hi Tuck!” greeted Julie with enthusiasm as he seemed to appear in front of her, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a passionate kiss, her books tumbling to the floor. Tucker returned the kiss and stroked Julie's back a bit before pulling away. “Isn't your store opening today?”

               “Yeah, that's why I'm here,” revealed Tucker in between brief kisses. Tucker had only ever been with a few women in his life and Julie was by the far the best one to kiss, though the sex with Haley was secretly his favorite. Thinking about his ex made Tucker's throat get lumpy and it annoyed him so he tried to push those thoughts away. “Are you free to pick up some extra cash? We could use your help with something.”

               “I guess, I was going to just reread Don Quixote for an essay and do some math; there's always tomorrow for that,” revealed Julie, looking a bit disappointed in spite of her words. Tucker knew Julie was a serious reader and loved numbers, the latter a bit frustrating for him.

               “Well, I accidentally promised Bianca I could get us some living mannequins for the opening on the cheap,” confessed Tucker. “You think you could stand being frozen in a window for a few hours dressed in a schoolgirl outfit?”

               “Well, if there's money in it, then I don't see the problem,” shrugged Julie, then getting a mischievous grin. “You just had better be the one dressing me.” Julie ran her finger down Tucker's chest before he caught her hand, kissed it, and moved in to her lips once again. A rattling at the apartment door interrupted the passion. “Mags?” asked Julie, all too familiar with Tucker's roommate.

               “Yeah, think Kat will be game too?” asked Tucker as he went to open the door.

               “Probably, she just needs to be back by six,” nodded Julie. “You need anyone else?”

               “I'd prefer people who know about the camera and don't mind being frozen by if it they’re getting paid,” remarked Tucker, the pair walking in on Maggie bouncing on Julie's bed. Kat was seated on hers with Mel the goalie next to her, both in their uniforms minus the footwear, Kat posed with her arms raised and her mouth open, clearly caught in mid-word.

               “I'm sure Mel will be up for it then,” suggested Julie. “They're just trading stories from overseas. At six they have a goalie session though.”

               “Right, then with you three I think we'll have enough,” smiled Maggie, jumping up from the bed and giving Julie a quick hug hello which the cheerleader returned. “What's the plan?”

               “Step outside,” indicated Tucker, and the trio of friends did as such. Outside the room, Tucker closed the door and produced his wand. “I'll unfreeze the room and then you go in. If they're worried about changing clothes, just say you'll handle it.”

               “Sure, no problem,” agreed Julie, who then watched as Tucker tapped the door twice. Chatter inside was suddenly mildly audible and Julie proceeded to enter, quickly closing the door before either girl inside could glance out and notice the few people in the hallway that weren't moving.

               “She's great,” remarked Maggie, nodding. “Seriously Tuck, I didn't think you could do better than Haley, but she's a winner.” Tucker winced his ex's name was mentioned, causing Maggie to suddenly frown. “Oh, sorry. Still sore?”

               “I'd rather not go into it,” sighed Tucker, fingering his wand. He had been okay with the whole Haley until she came back for Hitomi and they hung out a little as ‘friends’. He now felt stronger feelings for her, more than ever. Sadly those feelings were becoming stronger than his feelings for Julie. Naturally Maggie didn't take the hint and was about to say something else, so Tucker waved his wand as she opened her mouth, her left finger up to make a point, a pose she found herself stuck in as Tucker froze her twice, once to sync her with normal time and once more to keep her frozen after time resumed.

A few moments later Julie emerged from the room with the camera in her hands. “Good news Tucker, they-” began Julie, but Tucker interrupted her with the same trick he'd done to Maggie. Julie stiffened as she held the camera at chest level, a picture in her left hand. Sliding the picture out from Julie's fingers Tucker pocketed it and then removed the camera, entering the room while leaving his girlfriend standing there holding empty air, a word frozen on her lips. Kat and Mel were both standing in the middle of the room, Mel more or less at attention with her arms behind her back and a smile on her face while Kat appeared puzzled, she herself immobilized in mid-sentence. If Tucker had to guess he figured Kat was wondering how they'd be transported to the store without suspicion, an obvious hole to Tucker's impromptu plan. In any event Tucker made extra sure the duo were frozen via his wand before tearing up the photo and sliding the camera under Julie's bed. “A nice quiet ride,” remarked Tucker, loading his mannequins into the car.

* * *

               It was nine in the morning when Asian Invasion opened its doors and it was already a huge success. The store’s windows were filled with sexy women in Japanese outfits, all posed sensually. Tatiana was paired with Rebecca in one window as usual, the tall blond resting on a prop motorcycle from Akira, her legs crossed which revealed a hint of her panties. Rebecca was behind the blond, her hands on the woman's shoulders and her eyes suggesting there was something going on there. The second window was also action-based, showing Mel and Kat armed in spite of being in schoolgirl outfits, Mel holding throwing stars and Kat a sword, both looking ready to fight. On the far right of the second window was Julie, who held a pink magic wand prop with a star on top, the object pointed at the window with Julie's other arm above her head. Meanwhile, inside the store was Maggie in her distinctive costume, who had been placed on a low pedestal with a sign that read 'Meet Lil Chiyo!' Bianca had her own mannequins scattered around the store dressed up as iconic anime characters but they weren't getting the reception that Maggie and the other girls were. Dozens of pocket-mining men and impressionable young girls had arrived early to check out the models.

               “I'd say we're a hit!” laughed Lance as he processed transactions with Tucker's help. Tucker was handling the T&M Productions side of sales while Lance handled everything that wasn't costumes. Manga was going like hotcakes, the calendars were going so fast Tucker was worried they wouldn't last until noon and Bianca had to keep going to the back to get more schoolgirl outfits. A bunch of men had asked Tucker for Maggie's phone number and he'd refused, insisting they not distract her. Tucker had also been forced a few times to shoo people before they prodded Maggie too much, insisting she had to be mediating to hold the pose perfectly still like she did.

               “Mags is one heck of a trooper,” remarked Lance a bit later on, around eleven. “I don't think I've seen her blink once!”

               “She's got a trick for that,” remarked Tucker, shrugging as he autographed a poster for a female fan.

               “She looks so cute up there...” continued Lance as a customer was served on auto-pilot.

               “Dude, I've told you a bunch of times, she likes the ladies,” groaned Tucker as he sold another coffee mug.

               “Hey, a guy can dream,” sniffed Lance casually, grabbing a deck of trading cards a new customer had asked for.

               “And what exactly is wrong with Bianca?” Tucker asked coyly while taking cash for the mug.

               “Dude, what?” asked a startled Lance, but his face gave it away: Tucker's little ploy last week had gotten to his friend in a good way.

               “Oh come on, you can't expect me to believe you two are only just friends,” chided Tucker, giving the customer change. “Look, why not talk to her at lunch? Mags and I will cover the registers.”

               “I dunno dude...” trailed off Lance, failing to acknowledge his next customer for a moment as he stared at his female co-worker. The working trio were all wearing black T-shirts with the store name on it while likewise sporting jeans, but Bianca did look good and Lance clearly noticed. Then someone else got Lance's attention. “Hey man, check it...”

               Walking towards the counter, cutting past the line-up, was Aisha Reynolds in a teal business dress, her badge on a lanyard display for all to see. It would have been intimidating except the detective looked as good as ever, granted it had only been a week. Tucker tried to hide his panic as the cop approached him. “Tucker Holmes, would you care to explain why you're not at the station with me right now?” asked the beautiful detective, not pulling any punches.

               “I usually like to wait until I'm invited,” joked Tucker in reply.

               “Being cute won't win you points here, Mister Holmes,” warned Aisha, though a hit of humor could be seen on the corner of her lip. “I sent a uniformed officer to pick you up this morning and haven’t heard anything from her since. I have more I'd like to discuss with you about Candice Robins.”

               “I see,” shrugged Tucker, noting Lance was listening in. “Look, why don't we go speak in your vehicle and then if you want to take me to the station we can? This is a really big day for us after all.”

               “Very well, but I think you'll find yourself busy for a while downtown,” warned Aisha, motioning for him to follow.

               “Hey man, cover for me,” Tucker asked a confused Lance as he moved to follow the detective out of the store. It was a bad situation, not only because Aisha might have something on him about Candice but because the store might get swamped even more and Lance and Bianca not be able to take that break together. Luckily Tucker had come prepared with his wand, which was tucked safely into his sock and covered by his pants' leg.

               Led outside the store, Tucker was motioned to a decided non-cruiser-like yellow Lamborghini out back that no ordinary cop could afford, making Tucker wonder if the detective was on the take, rich by family name or just good friends with someone who was loaded themselves. Both doors were open and Aisha indicated that Tucker should enter the passenger side, which he did. A moment later Aisha sat next to him and the doors closed. “So what do you want to know exactly?” asked Tucker, the wand having been produced from his sock while Aisha had circled her vehicle to get in herself, now hidden between the seat and the door.

               “I know you were present at a fashion show a few months ago where Candice was last seen,” revealed Aisha. “I also spoke with a few others that were there. It seems a bit before then you'd met her at Haley Leone's audition. Candice lost that audition to her, whom I know you used to date. One woman at the show even said Candice was there to wreck things for Miss Leone. But that never occurred and Miss Robins hasn’t been seen since.  I want full details of everything that happened that night.”

               “Sure thing...,” began Tucker as he quickly tapped, “... not!” Time was frozen now and so was Aisha, who sat across from Tucker, her eyes gleaming with distrust and her left hand hovering by her jacket, where she no doubt carried a weapon. Working fast Tuck unfroze the car, got out and then removed Aisha, being sure to lock up and everything after pulling out the detective. Tucker was tempted to hide her in her vehicle or even his own but figured that would be bad. Unfortunately thanks to all the information Aisha had dumped on him, Tucker wasn't even sure what to do. Giving up the young man simply carried the stiff detective inside the store and placed her inside the cleaning closet, locking it after making sure she'd remain a statue when time resumed. Afterwards Tucker set the scene properly so he could resume time without incident, his mind at the same time racing for a workable plan.   Lance was so busy he hadn’t even notice the detective leaving the store.

* * *

               An hour later it was time for lunch and Tucker had formulated a plan. Bianca and Lance had just wandered into the office to grab their lunch while Tucker had promised to get Maggie to work the register. As soon as the pair had entered the office Tucker had stopped time, taking a chance to breathe and get a break from the customers. Following this, Tucker headed over and casually unfroze Maggie.

               “...I think you should, oh, thanks a lot,” grumbled Maggie, blinking and looking around, moving her hands from her waist and rubbing her cheeks. “Waking up with a different expression always weirds me out, ugh. You could have warned a girl.”

               “Sorry,” offered Tucker, who got an elbow in the ribs followed by a quick kiss for his actions. “So you think you could work cash for an hour? Bianca and Lance are on lunch.”

               “He, he, I'd rather they were on each other,” giggled Maggie, looking around. “I guess we're a hit, huh?”

               “Yeah, the profits will be great for both of us,” Tucker assured his best friend. “We have a problem though: Aisha Reynolds came by. I froze her and locked her in the closet, but she knows about my history with Candice and is following up on the disappearance. She doesn't have anything solid, but I think she suspects either Haley or me of doing it.”

               “She's good at her job then,” remarked Maggie, now concerned. “We need a way to bury Candice. Tatiana didn't have anyone, so that was easy. Hitomi was leaving the country, also a breeze. Rebecca was hard but we did it. You were too quick to take Candice; she left a trail.”

               “She saw me freeze her friends,” Tucker reminded Maggie. “No, we're keeping her. I'll just have Candice... hey, I've got an idea! You feel like some acting?”

               “What do you have in mind?” asked Maggie, now interested and smiling again.

               “Hang on, I'll tell you on the way,” declared Tucker, holding Aisha's keys in his hand. “Go to the Lamborghini out back – that's the yellow car – and wait for me. I want to do something first.”

               “I love it when you keep secrets,” squealed Maggie, practically jumping her way towards the exit, pausing a couple of times to check out a couple of the cuter customers. Tucker merely shook his head.

               Entering the office, Tucker was pleased to see Lance and Bianca standing closely, clearly in some kind of conversation. Lance was touching his forehead with his right index finger and was smiling, his mouth open slightly, Bianca gesturing forward with her mouth open as well, her eyes sparkling somewhat. Tucker didn't say a thing. He simply walked over and pushed the two together, getting their lips to meet perfectly. “Cute,” remarked Tucker as he went to catch up with Mags.

Chapter 6: Out to Lunch

               Tucker had taken Aisha from the closet and headed to the police woman’s car, dragging her tall stiff frame along. Producing his keys, he had given himself a great idea on how to end the good detective’s investigation into him. Coming out of the store, he smiled as he saw Maggie pretending to be driving Ms. Reynolds racy Lamborghini. He tapped on the window as he stood up Aisha’s mannequin-still figure at full attention.

               “Having fun, Mags?” Tucker questioned as he opened the passenger side door and began adjusting Aisha to sit there.

               “Yup, so what’s your secretly dastardly plan, Tuck?” Maggie asked as she eyed Aisha’s firm body being strapped into the passenger seat.

               After he had strapped in Aisha and unfroze the two cars, Tuck began to relay his ‘dastardly plan’ as Maggie put it. It involved a risky move of unfreezing Candice and somehow tricking her into signing a paper stating that she had left for an extended visit to Mexico and would not coming back for a very long time. Maggie trying not to laugh at the dumb idea, as it sounded absurd, but it might just work given that Candice wasn’t that bright. Even if it totally didn’t make any sense for her to run off to Mexico, a country whose language she couldn’t even understand to begin with.

               Handing Maggie the keys to the Lancer, as Tuck didn’t trust Mags to not crash Aisha’s car, they agreed to meet at the apartment. Maggie had taken off first to get there first so to have Candice ready for her little ‘dream’; hopefully if all worked out he’d have one less problem to worry about.

               Still he couldn’t help but think that he was missing something. He tried and failed to remember what it was. In any case he started the Lamborghini and revved the car, getting a damn good feeling for the exotic sports car. He could feel the excitement as he continued to wind it up, more and more until he felt like he was ready to go.

               “Alright Aisha, time to go!” he said to the frozen detective; as soon as he spoke the word ‘go’ the mighty car took off. Blazing down the highway at record speeds, for Tucker that it is, he made the most of his time with the car since it would a long time before he ever see it again and hopefully Aisha too. Provided the plan works, thought Tucker.

               After about an hour of messing around with the exotic sports car, Tucker finally made it to the apartment where Maggie had frozen herself again, waiting for him. Candice also waited patiently and still, her body paint and extra makeup removed; she was dressed in the outfit she had worn when she was first frozen. They both sat in the office, smiling, he unfroze Maggie for the second time for the day.

               “Ready Mags?” Tuck asked as lifted Candice taking her to the Lamborghini with his plan about to be put into effect. Once again they took off to find a disclosed spot to leave Aisha in, but not before using her car for his plan.

               Setting up, they moved Aisha to the Lancer for the time being and placed Candice in the driver’s seat of the sports car. Maggie was dressed up as a car sales woman, one of the few types of people she rather avoid. She placed some tinted glasses on to hide her eyes. Starting the car, Maggie gave Tucker the thumbs up and in a moment, Candice was mobile and conscious again.

               “Huh, wha… how did I get--” Candice started to speak for the first time in a few months since her induction into Tucker’s live-in mannequin collection, she turned to see a woman she’d never met before.

               “Wow, Ms. Robins! I had no idea you could drive one of these really well! Maggie faked a broad smile while grabbing the pre-typed note awaiting the bewildered model’s signature.

               “Oh, uh, thank you I think, listen--” Candice said, more confused then ever. Trying to understand what had just happened; one minute she was at the fashion show, the next she’s in an expensive car she apparently had just driven.

               “Don’t sweat it, all you need to do is sign here and she’ll be yours to take home. Your parents sure seem keen on getting you this Lamborghini!” Maggie exclaimed, secretly trying to hide her laughter, this will never work, she thought.

               “My parents bought me this?” she asked as she unwittingly signed the paper, not even bothering to read it. “Yeah right,” she said sarcastically, “Now I know I’m dreaming again; I bet I’m still knocked out in that damn closet still,” she said, giving the paper back to Maggie, “Might as well enjoy the—” with that, Candice returned to her assigned fate of being Tucker’s live-in mannequin, frozen with her hands just about to touch the steering wheel with a smile still on her face. Tucker opened the driver side door again, making sure to freeze Candice again and unfreeze Maggie. After a jolt, she looked at Tucker in amazement and awe.

               “I can’t believe that fucking worked; Tuck, you damn genius you!” she remarked as she clapped her hands at Tucker, who bowed to his partner in crime. “Alright, let’s get Aisha back in the car and head over to the parent’s place. I’m sure they’ll be happy to get a letter from Candice, as will the cops,” Tuck said as he patted the smiling Candice on her head.

               After a few more minutes, Aisha had been moved from the Lancer back to her own car, while Maggie had helped herself in moving Candice to the back of the Lancer, Tucker let it be since she had done an awesome job tricking Candice into signing the letter. While Tucker was wiping down parts of Aisha’s Lambo to remove his prints and those of Maggie and Candice’s just in case. Maggie was busy stripping down herself along with Candice in the back.   Maggie had to get back into her costume for the store display; she still needed to put in the afternoon as a living mannequin.

               Freezing Maggie again, Tuck got into the Lancer, and drove off. Not before groping Ms, Reynolds for the inconvenience she was giving him. As they rode off, he looked up the address of Candice’s parents from the address book the young woman carried with in her purse. Some time later he drove up and placed the card in the letter slot of the couple’s home, addressed to them from their daughter, letting them know she was ok and was in Mexico and didn’t know when she’d be back.

* * *

               As time resumed so did time for Aisha, as she jolted for a second before realizing she wasn’t in the parking lot of Tucker’s new business. Instead she was in the middle of nowhere, literally, with tumbleweeds blowing past and hazy mountains in the distance. If she had to guess, in the desert east of San Diego, very far off from were she last remembered herself to be. Slamming her fist on the steering wheel, she hoped to never be involved with a time-stopper case again. She didn’t quite shake off the events that happened to her in the recent past; Tucker Holmes wasn’t off the hook by any means. She was thinking about what had happened, trying to figure out how she had ended up where she was until she heard a buzzing from her cell phone. Looking at her phone, she quickly realized that she was getting a call from Candice’s parents. “Hello, yes Mrs. Robin, how are you…” before she could finish her sentence, the mother blurted out that her daughter had just sent her a letter. She had spoke about everything the letter mentioned, noting even had her signature and all, they even compared it to other mail Candice had written in the past; it was indeed her daughter’s writing. Aisha sighed as Mrs. Robins apologized about causing her trouble and how she would make it up to the police.  Aisha tiredly told the mother not to jump to conclusions so easily. Candice herself was still missing. The forensics officer would be there tomorrow to take a look at the letter.

               Hanging up the phone, she once again hit the steering wheel, even more frustrated then ever. If this girl had really just been fucking around in Mexico, MEXICO, of all places? Then not only did she waste her time looking for Candice, she’d accused an innocent (but suspicious-acting) man for nothing. Angry with herself, she turned her attention to getting back to civilization and then picking up her next case, looking for Fiona Diaz.  The best place to start searching was the home of one Cho Lee Noi, daughter of the infamous Mr. Noi. Looking at the address on her PDA, it would be her misfortune that she lived on the other side of LA, hundreds of miles away, it seemed. Turning on the car, she noted that she needed to put gas in it again and drove off reminding herself to file that report on Tucker Holmes when she got back to the station. She had a feeling he would be a suspect soon again and next time she would be ready to catch him for sure.

* * *

               It was late into the evening as Aisha pulled up a half a mile before reaching Ms. Noi’s home. She wasn’t supposed to be here due to Cho Lee’s fame, in part due to her famous father. She had to hide her flashy car in some bushes where no one would find it. She pulled out her flashlight and made tracks to the home. Not realizing that the house had a large field of acres to cross. After the very long walk she made it to the side of the house, which was all dark accept for the flood lights that automatically came on at night.

               Testing one of the doors it opened being unlocked not to making a noise she crept in. In her head she formulated an excuse for later when her captain asked about why the detective had forced entry instead of waiting for a search warrant. I’ll say I heard something, then saw a weapon, she thought, that always works. Turning on her flashlight she looked around and noticed she was in an art studio. As she scanned the room, she saw all sorts of tools and paints lying around, not to mention the smell of turpentine in the air with a faint smell of wax?  She assumed. Walking in farther, she was startled by the life size wax statue that seemed to appear out of the shadows. If she had been paying more attention she would have noticed it was Chloe’s latest piece, “Wild West Brit” who she had used very intimately earlier in the week. Her attention on everything around distracted her from hearing the rumbling of a motorcycle pulling into the built-in garage below.

               Chloe had just pulled into the garage. Taking off her helmet, she slowly unwrapped Britney’s frozen arms from around her waist. The tall but timid girl sat quietly with a look of lust hidden underneath her helmet. Pulling her off the bike, Chloe had straightened her out and at the same time felt up Britney, almost being impatient to undress her prize for the night. “Ready to have some fun, love?” Chloe asked as she carried Brit under her arm into the house.

               Aisha had made her way into the bedroom of Ms. Noi; looking around she spotted lots of trinkets and leather goods around. The young woman had a thing for rings and leather clothes, she had observed. Cho Lee was a mystery; aside from the few tidbits she gave to the press for the most part she was left alone, mostly because the press was more afraid of her father than the president or Secret Service. Aisha pressed farther into the large spacious closet of the bedroom.  She grinned at some of the stuff Cho had in there, and even blushed at some of the insanely revealing attire the girl had hanging about.

               Suddenly her eyes widened as she came upon the still form of her missing person! Fiona Diaz stood stock still, looking like a waxwork statue, with her hand slightly touching someone else.  As the detective scrolled her flashlight over, she was shocked to see Vicky Sandrosi also standing here in the spacious closet as well as Janna Brinwells, the British art student who went missing a few days ago. “SON OF A BITCH,” Aisha screamed angrily, just then she heard a thud; turning around and drawing her gun, she walked out slowly out of the closet. The room was still dark she looked around pointing her flashlight, “Where are you.” she wondered as her beam of light hit a body on the floor, "What in the--”

               Without warning, she felt a strong force strike her arm. The pain of the hit made her drop her gun. Before she could look for it a kick hit the back of her knees dropped her to the floor. Aisha, realizing she was in a bad spot, rolled away and quickly sprang back on to her feet. She could not see a thing but sensed where her attacker was; she quickly moved in that direction, swinging a left hook. Her hand caught something hard and she heard a grunt. Moving in the direction of the grunt she reached down, grabbed her opponent and threw a knee into the mass. Another grunt resulted and she could feel her opponent writhing in her hands; that person was smaller than she and had weakened slightly. The weakened state did not last long as the mystery attacker broke free and began attacking Aisha with deadly accuracy.

               The detective felt kicks, knees, elbows and punches fly her way with such quickness that she could barely block them. She swung back with her own hits but her attacker was so fast, only a few hit reached their mark, but it wasn’t enough to slow the smaller attacker down. Aisha could see the smaller person’s silhouette right in front of her and she dived forward to try to take the attacker down.  Fighting in the dark standing up was not working. She figured she’d have a better chance on the ground, being bigger. As she dove forward she felt something hard smack her right on the point of her chin, everything went red before she realized she had caught her opponent’s knee strike. The fight was over then for Aisha as everything faded to black.

               The lights flickered on as Chloe dropped to her knees. Her face was bruised slightly and her lip bloodied but she was otherwise all right, just sore. Her eyes adjusted as she looked around the room and spotted Britney on the floor. She crawled over to the stiff girl, tiredly and painfully. “Sorry about using you as a decoy,” she cooed with a grin as she stood the false blond back up and checked her out. She wiped the blood from her own lip with the back of her hand and looked Britney over. The soccer player looked fine. Chloe sighed as she kissed the girl on the lips and smiled.

               Turning her attention back to the intruder, who turned out to be a gorgeous tall black woman in a teal business skirt suit, something a burglar would never wear. “You don’t look a like a crook.” Chloe observed, looking down at the unconscious woman lying on her face. She was completely out, on a six day trip to dreamland thanks to Chloe’s knee. Chloe knelt down and grunted as she rolled the woman over onto her back. The woman only had one heel on, the other laid near her naked foot. “HA! Knocked ya out of your shoes!” Chloe laughed as she stripped off the remaining one and tossed it aside. Chloe giggled again, looking at the woman’s face, whose eyes were still open but it was clear no one was home. She grabbed the woman by the chin and shook her head from side to side, getting no reaction before letting go forcefully, letting the knocked-out opponent’s head roll listlessly to one side. “Can’t really examine you all limp and stuff,” Chloe declared, looking down at the dazed woman and snapping her fingers to freeze the trespasser in place. Chloe stood her intruder up on her feet, getting a good look at the amazing body of the gorgeous black woman. She then searched the woman’s body for an ID. After a few seconds, she fished the wallet from inside the woman’s fitted coat pocket. 

               “Detective Aisha Reynolds I see,” she spoke, looking up at the still form in front of her as she tossed the ID aside, “Well you’re cop, which explains your decent fighting skills. That however doesn’t excuse the fact that you’re not supposed to be here in my home; in fact I don’t think you told anyone else yet, did you lady copper?” she sexually spoke to Aisha as she began to strip off Aisha’s clothes. “Why don’t you and I have a talk – on my bed – about your bad behavior?”  Lifting Aisha to the bed, she slowly stripped herself, reflecting that breaking into Chloe’s home would be the last act Aisha Reynolds would ever do as a detective…

* * *

               It was late at night and everyone had done their part for the day, which for the most part after the Aisha problem was smooth sailing. The store had done really well today, better even; Tucker felt on top of the world at moment.  He was winding down, watching anime with his current girlfriend still frozen from earlier, just now nude for him. He had even quit Persephone’s, much to Jamie’s dismay; still she was a trooper about it and promoted Maggie to assistant manager, which made Calista mad. Ironically enough, Calista was frozen into a mannequin and was currently being made love to by Maggie who also had taken her girlfriend, Jamie, as well for the night.

Yup, yes indeed, life is golden, Tucker thought. “What could go wrong?” he said aloud while he turning up the volume of the anime he was watching…


The End? ...doubtful... there's mischief afoot...

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