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New Stories from 2008

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21-Dec-08   Zero & FreezAntix Clockwork Wand / Tucker's Wand VII.5 Tuckerverse - Index & Timeline
    Zero Tucker’s Wand VIII: Rebecca's Revenge Tucker’s Wand X: Fashion Faux Pas
    FreezAntix Tucker’s Wand IX: Maggie and Haley Play Tucker’s Wand XI:  The Vancouver Trip
      Lost and Found
(with contributions by Zero)
    Zapped! The Fraternal Brotherhood - Part 2  
    Johnsan Let Sleeping Dolls Lay
5-Nov-08   Zero Tucker’s Wand VII: Minding the Store  
    Disman The Man Who Loved Mannequins II -  Submission  
    Rodin Ode to a Cute Statue  
  Anime1979 Raye’s Late Night Job at the Wax Museum  
24-Oct-08   FreezAntix & Zero Clockwork World Index to the Clockwork Saga
    Zero Scott's Story
(with FreezAntix - prequel to Clockwork Thief)
Tucker's Wand V: Haley's Audition
    FreezAntix Tucker's Wand VI: Three Days With Maggie (with Zero)  
    Zapped! The Fraternal Brotherhood - Part 1  
    Panic The Hidden Masterpiece - Chapter 1  
    James J. Craft Alien Mist  
    Dede The Professional Collector  
    JMD The Assistants - Handle WithOUT Care!  
    Dmuk Just One Of The Girls
(illustrated by LikeStatue)
    Leem The Encounter  
    Baobab Machine  
    EL_Refresho For the Witch's Kid
    Doc Purple One Night at the Amusement Park  
08-Aug-08   FreezAntix & Zero Clockwork Paradise Welcome to Stillsville
    Zero Tucker’s Wand III:  Last Minute Plans  
    FreezAntix The Collection: Roommates Timestop IV - A Quiet Day at Work
      Tucker’s Wand IV:  Sisterly Fun  
    Q Cosplaying Mannequins
(edited by dmuk)
LS: Art Scene Two - Private Showing
(edited by dmuk)
    Dmuk Duel Disaster
(illustrated by LikeStatue)
Medusa Chronicles: Elevator Mishap
      Incredible Impromptu Mannequins
(with contributions by Zapped)
    JMD & Alexandria_ML Tales Of The Wand 10 - Back To Normal?  
    Zapped! Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 11- Eternal Prom Night (Part 2)  
    JMD The Assistants - Manipulated  
    Doc Purple Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror 4  
    EL_Refresho In Character
Kiss of Life
    Johnsan The Making of Bambi
  The Titan Reality Changing
(from mcstories group)
  JMD The Assistants - Halloween Showdown
The Assistants - Party Toons
  Dmuk Index to the Living Statues series
Mail Order Mannequin
14-Jun-08   FreezAntix & Zero

Tucker's Wand

    Zero Ashley's Invention
(prequel to Clockwork Thief)
Tucker’s Wand: Getting the Girl
    Robotunit8 Casting Models  
    Marcellus Crime is a Fine Art  
    Johnsan Debutante Bambi
    Doc Purple Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror 2
Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror 3
    Dmuk Get Smart: Scraps of Might-Have-Been  
  DL The Contest
  Northern Chill Bright Sunshiney Day
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
Office Promotion
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
    Your Drink Is Ready
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
31-May-08   Drago Manni  
    The Sculptor Invasion of the Mannequin Snatchers  
    Zapped! Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 11- Eternal Prom Night (Part 1)  
    Kirstie A Mannequin's Life - Permanence  
    Zero & FreezAntix Clockwork Thief - 2  
    Julien Sorel Ashley and Lindsay in the Mannequin Machine  
    Doc Purple Cortessa Spruces Up Her Home  
    Tek Nano Dolls 2
(set in the Girls Under Glass universe)
    Valorpm The Fish Spa  
  Northern Chill Lighten Up Already
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
Good Sex Comes With A Price
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
    Taking Care Of Business
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
20-Mar-08   Zero Time is Fleeting, Industry is Not A Magician's Secret
      Going like Clockwork  
    Zero & FreezAntix Clockwork Thief - 1  
    FreezAntix Timestop III - Coffee Shop  
    Dmuk & DL Shannon's Sentence - 1  
    Baobab A New Life  
    Julien Sorel On the Assembly Line  
  Northern Chill A Little Modesty
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
Down By The Boardwalk
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
    The Gallery's Latest Acquisition
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
Touring Accessories, Inc.
(from Yahoo group) (illustrated)
  Zero Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero )

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