Tucker’s Wand IV:  Sisterly Fun

by FreezAntix

The next installment in hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo. You may want to read from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

            Tucker looked up at the tall glass building that rose far into the clouds. He only whistled in amazement of the architectural marvel in front of him. The building was known as the Diamond Palace; offering luxury apartments for the big shots of Los Angeles. Madison Yen, Maggie’s hot sister, had a place here and Maggie had agreed to meet her roommate here at noon to continue what she owed him. It had been almost a month since Tucker had found out Maggie diverted some cash from ever reaching the T&M Productions funds box. Instead they did get some cool DVD’s, which cooled down Tucker’s wrath a bit; he could never be too mad at Maggie anyways. Maggie had agreed to pose for an autographed picture of her and Madison.

The photo shoot never took place though, due to life. Madison went out of town and Tucker just got busy with Haley and work.  Tucker adjusted the backpack on his shoulders and looked up and down the street. There was no sign of Maggie. He knew Maggie didn’t wig out on him; she wasn’t that type of person, she was always true to her words. He looked down at his watch and his eyes bulged out his sockets, seeing that he was more than an hour late. He had just gone on a shopping date with Haley and had completely lost track of time. “Crap…” he muttered pulling out his cell phone.

            “Hey Tuck!” Maggie called from behind. Tucker turned around and saw his friend coming up the street, dressed in a cute fluffy pink skirt, a baby blue polo and matching Converse sneakers.  Her black hair was tied in her usual simple pony tail and she wore her fashionable thick framed glasses similar to what Tucker wore. Maggie was one cute geek, Tucker thought as she approached him. “What took you? I was about to head on home,” Maggie asked, putting her hands on her hips and frowning at him. Maggie frowning was just so cute; Tucker often tried to get her annoyed at work just so she could frown.

            “Sorry, Mags; I was with Haley,” Tucker simply explained. “She was shopping and you know how that is.”

            Maggie smiled, “Yeah figured that’s where you were, that’s why I stuck around. There’s a nice anime store down the street.”

            “Nice I’ll keep that in mind; so where does the older Yen live in this tall, tall place?” Tucker than asked looking back up at the building, “How come you’re wearing skirts more and more these days?” He then asked suddenly noticing her slight change in wardrobe.

            “You’re just full of questions aren’t you?  Maddy lives on the eighteenth floor, in apartment 1808. This is what Maddy wore in high school and we’re basically about the same size so I figure I just wear her hand-me-downs; it’s so much cheaper than buying new clothes.”

            “Why don’t you wear any of her new stuff… she looks pretty hot in it.”

            “Ha, not a chance, I’m not going to become a tool like her. I like the retro stuff and besides like as if she’s going to let me wear her new stuff. Let’s go do this; the faster we get this done the less I feel guilty about that one time.” Maggie then said leading Tucker through the double glass doors of the building.

            They causally walked past the front guard, who nodded Maggie’s way. She had visited this place enough times already to where the staff knew who she was and where she was heading. They didn’t seem to mind Tucker; the guard didn’t even look in his direction. They climbed a large elevator playing popular R&B music that would take them up the eighteenth floor. “This is a pretty not-shabby place; how much does Madison play for the rent?” Tucked asked, looking around the elevator that had enough space for twenty of so people.

            “Pay rent? She’s owns her place. I think the starting rent is like 2500 a month or something.” Maggie simply answered.

            “Okay this suddenly isn’t such a nice place anymore.” Tucker grimaced. “Oh, that reminds me, Lil Chiyo is pretty popular. Once the dough rolls in as promised, you’ll get half.”

            “Good to hear, Tuck, glad I could help you out even though I wasn’t there, sort of.” Tucker had frozen Maggie as a punishment for her little diversion of funds and created an ultra-cute character outfit for her with scraps from different costumes. He was sure to make-up Maggie enough where people could not directly recognize her and created a whole calendar consisting of just Lil Chiyo. The calendar has been on sale for about a month and was making good money. He even had gotten emails from costumer asking about Lil Chiyo. He simply replied that it was just a made-up character from T&M Productions.

            “Mags you’ve got to seriously consider modeling. I’ll say again for the hundredth time you got the stuff for it. I really don’t know why you don’t just go for it; you’ll make tons of money.”

            Maggie chuckled, “It’s not me Tuck, and all the glamour and pretty girl stuff is all Maddy. I was never into any of that stuff. I’ll model only for desperate situations. I live with you, though, so I think I’m good for cash for now.” Maggie replied as they stepped off elevator with Tucker following her. They walked a couple doors away from the elevator and Maggie pulled out a key card that would let her into Madison’s apartment. “I called her earlier. She’s not home right now so we’ll have to just wait,” Maggie said, opening the door letting her and Tucker in.

            “I’m your friend Mags and so I’m going to keep bringing it up regardless of your answer just because I think it’ll be good for you,” Tucker said, following Maggie into the posh apartment. Maggie had been so supportive in everything that Tucker has done from life, school, and career; He wanted to be there for Maggie for a change. She needed to try more things in life.

            Madison’s apartment was a wide and open space with tan carpeting and matching leather furniture. There were works of varied Chinese paintings on the walls. There was a large projector in the living room along with a fake fireplace. The large window looked out towards downtown LA. Tucker turned in circles in one spot, looking around the very big apartment. “Oh my God, this place is bigger than my parent’s house!” Tucker said in amazement.

            “It’s alright,” Maggie said, not really caring about her surroundings. “So what’s the plan?” Maggie then asked as Tucker moved towards the mini-bar off to the side of the living room. “Are we going to hide or something or are you--” Maggie began to say, seeing that Tucker had pulled out his wand. Before she could finish Tucker had already quickly tapped his wand five times over the bar top.

            Maggie stood with her hands in front of her in a gesturing motion. She stared at Tucker blankly, her dark eyes trained on where his wand had been and her lips parted as she was about to say something. “I think I’ll just freeze you now, then hide and wait for Madison,” Tucker said grinning, walking up to his motionless friend.  He then waved the wand twice over her head, making sure she would stay frozen when he restarted time, which he did right after. Maggie remained posed in place like a waxwork figure. He found a closet near by that was filled with cleaning supplies; it was big enough for him and Maggie. The place looked clean as it was so he figured it is the least likely place for Madison to be looking in.  The door to the small room’s door was vented, allowing Tucker to look out but not in through the other end.  Tucker first dragged Maggie’s stiff form into the room, stashing her in the corner next to the vacuum cleaner. Then he took off his backpack and found a comfortable spot on a box of trash bags to settle in for the wait.

            It was another two hours before Madison came back. Tucker thought he would die in that closet; it had gotten hot a couple times and he had to open the door briefly to let some fresh air move in. He thought about unfreezing Maggie a couple times so she could suffer too, but decided against it. Moving some stuff around, he did manage to move Maggie to stand directly in front of him and he killed his time by stripping down Maggie to her underwear and posing her in odd poses. With the older Yen now home, Maggie stood in front of Tucker dressed in nothing but her hot pink cotton bra and panties, with a big smile on her face.  To Tucker’s surprise, Madison was not alone. Tucker smiled to himself, gripping his trusty wand, as ideas began swimming around in his head.

            “Oh my gosh Maddy, you folks are spoiled out here. That was perhaps the best sushi place that I have ever been to,” Alana Herrera said, happily plopping down on one of the leather sofas. “I might not want to even go back to New York.”

            Madison dropped her purse off on one of the arm chairs and moved behind the bar. “I thought New York had some good sushi places as well?”

            “We do, but I haven’t found a place that good yet. The people here are so beautiful too.”

            “Plastic surgery capital of the country; what do you expect? What’d you want?”

            “Anything you’re having, I don’t want to be too plastered tonight when you take me out to that big Hollywood screening.”

            “Hollywood screening? It’s just an independent film by a client of mine; I’m doing it mostly as a favor.” Madison laughed as she prepared two Long Island ice teas.

            “It’s a client that makes movies… it’s a Hollywood screening. At least that’s what I’m going to tell people back in New York.”

            “You’re going to be the most popular doctor in the hospital! Doctor Alana Herrera; the only ER doctor to have rubbed elbows with the stars!” Madison joked, bringing over the two drinks.  The lawyer only made it half-way from the bar to the living room when time stopped.  Madison was frozen in mid-stride holding the two tall glasses with a beaming smile on her face and her eyes shut. Alana sat on the sofa leaned back with her legs crossed, her arms spread up on the top of sofa. Her head was turned towards Madison with her eyes squinting and her face wrinkled up in laughter.

            Tucker was able to hear what was going on and was able to make out through the louver that there were two people in the room but other than that he couldn’t tell much more. He opened the closet and took in deep breath of fresh, cool, air; leaving the scantly clad Maggie behind as he ventured out into the living room. Madison’s friend, Dr. Alana Herrera, was a gorgeous woman of Hispanic descent. She had flowing dark brown wavy hair surrounding a flawless pretty face with dark brown eyes and kissable lips. Alana was dressed in fancy sleeveless low cut brown top, showing off sexy arms and plenty of cleavage, a darker brown tight fitting high cut miniskirt that showed off her smooth long legs, and a pair of Ugg boots. Madison was dressed in a white tank top and a pair of tight blue jeans tucked into a pair of black high-heeled Stiletto boots. The older Yen’s black hair was pulled back into a fancy bun held together by chopsticks.

            He stopped by Madison first, kissing her on cheek, “Hello Maddy,” Tucker whispered into her unhearing ears as he squeezed her perky breasts through the tank top. Peeking down the collar, he saw that Madison did not have a bra on which only brought a smile to his lips. Turning his attention to Alana, who from what Tucker heard from the conversation so far was a doctor – a fitting friend for a lawyer, he thought looking over a the stunning Latina. He leaned forward and kissed the woman on the cheek, “Nice meet you, doc.” He felt the suspended doctor’s breasts; they felt nice larger and firmer than both of the Yens’. “I hope these are real; I’ll find out before my time here is done,” Tucker said, grinning while looking at Alana’s contorted face. He looked at both frozen ladies, deciding what to do. A light bulb went on his head as he looked back and forth at Alana smiling from ear to ear.

            Going back over to Madison, who he quickly laid flat on the floor as she remained in her stiff position with one leg out in front of the other and she still held the drinks in her hands, which did not spill onto her. He then unzipped the boots and stripped them off, tossing both pairs of the expensive boots towards the front door. They hit with a thud and bounced to floor at the foot of the door. Madison had on fishnet stockings covering her tippy-toed feet. He stood lawyer Yen back in the same spot and flattened her stance. Moving over to Alana, he quickly slipped the Uggs off her feet, rendering the woman barefoot with her legs crossed. The Uggs ended up in the same pile as the boots.  Tucker then retreated back into the closet and restarted time, his attention focused through the vents of the door.

            Madison seemed to stumble a bit almost falling. She looked down at her feet. Alana was still laughing and continued to laugh as Madison on almost fell. Madison looked up at her and smiled. “Maddy we haven’t even drank yet and you’re stumbling around.” Alana laughed as Madison plopped down next to her, handing her a glass.

            “Did we just take our shoes off?” Madison asked, looking at Alana’s bare feet and her own fishnet-covered feet.

            “Yeah we did, you Chinese people.” Alana laughed wiggling her bare toes. “We took them off when we got here. Don’t you remember?” Alana said, sipping her drink. Madison smiled weakly; she was confused though and looked at the door seeing the pile of their footwear. “Are you alright, Maddy?” Alana asked touching Madison’s forehead with the back of her hand.

            Madison brushed her hair away playfully and smiled, “Yeah; it must be the stress from work that’s all.”

            “Well that’s why I’m here!” Alana exclaimed, chugging down half of her drink.

            Madison watched her wide-eyed as she took a sip from hers, “How could you do that?”

            “Practice honey; what you think us doctors in New York do for fun? Besides, you remember college?”

            “I can’t believe you drank and partied that much and you still managed to pass everything.” Madison replied grinning.

            “You know us Mexicans!” Alana declared; suddenly her top was off and she held it in her hand, her torso being only clad in a dark-colored silk bra.

            “Alana!” Madison cried out sitting back in shock.

            Before Alana could say anything or cover herself up, she was holding Madison’s top in her other hand and Madison was topless. Madison realizing her nakedness, dropped her drink, spilling it on her sofa and covering her breasts up.

            “Oh my… Madison, I’m so sorry.” Alana said, seriously handing Madison back her top, which she quickly snatched. Alana then pulled back her top back on.

            “What’s wrong with you?!” Madison yelled as she pulled back on her top and got up to clean up the mess.

            “Let me help you…” Alana said standing up with her friend. “I don’t know…” Alana was suddenly dressed only in her matching bra and panties; her clothes sat in pile at her feet. Madison turned to her friend to say something but forgot that, seeing her friend practically naked in front of her. Alana quickly covered herself up and smiled embarrassingly.

            “What are you doing, Alana? You promised!” Madison said, almost whining.

            “I don’t know…what’s going on I’m…” Alana began as she attempted to pull her clothes back on.

            “Alana I think you should leave if you’re going to keep this up,” Madison said as she stomped away into the kitchen to get paper towels.

            “Maddy, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m not doing this.” Alana explained, following her friend. Madison quickly walked out of the kitchen, pushing past her friend and quickly started wiping the sofa down like a mad woman. Alana followed her slowly, “I would never try anything with you. You made that in clear in college. Maddy…”

            “Don’t worry about it,” Madison quickly said with a forced smile. “I guess we have to stop feeding you alcohol, you know, Mexicans and all.” She continued to scrub the sofa furiously even with the paper towel in shreds.

            Alana knelt down next to her friend and held her hands, stopping her from what she was doing. “Maddy, I still love you, but you made it clear that you’re not like that. I respect you for that and I would never do anything to jeopardize our friendship.”

            Madison quickly stood up and turned away from her friend. “You promised not to bring that up ever again,” she muttered, crossing her arms.

            “Maddy… I can’t hide my feelings for you, but I won’t act on them if—“ Alana found herself under Madison. They were both naked, Madison only clad in pair of thigh-high fishnet stockings and Alana was stark naked. They were both lying on the sofa, their bodies making a contrast of light and tan skin. Alana’s naked arms and legs were wrapped around Madison’s body. The smaller Asian woman’s hair was loose and covered her face; her lips were holding on to Alana’s nipple. “Maddy!”

            Madison quickly jumped up, faster than lighting, and covered her body up; she was on the near verge of tears. “Get out of my house! I don’t ever want to see you again!”

            “Maddy, calm down,” Alana said, gently getting up and not bothering to cover her nakedness up. “I didn’t do anything. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m not doing anything. Please calm down.”

            Madison shook her head like a crazy woman, “No! You have to leave. Please get out.” Madison asked, tears streaming down her face. She dropped to her knees and began sobbing.

            “Maddy… I can’t leave you like this,” Alana said softly, walking over to her friend and sitting down Indian style in front of her. She gently reached out and touched Madison on the shoulder. “I’m so sorry Maddy; don’t be like this. It hurts me so much to see you like this.”

            Madison hesitantly leaned forward and hugged her friend, “I’m so confused–“she began to say but was frozen while hugging her friend before she could continue.

            Tucker opened the closet door and stepped out into the living room that was now littered in clothes. “Wow, touching,” he said, approaching the two hugging woman on the ground. “Looks like you and Mags have a lot more in common than I knew. Only Mags knows who she is. Score one for the good sister!” Tucker said, pumping his arm, looking down at Madison’s distraught frozen face. “Well enough of this girl-girl stuff… it’s like being at home,” he said, looking back at the closet. “Now it’s my turn,” he added, grabbing Alana from underneath the arms and pulling her apart from Madison, who fell face first into the ground hugging air, her bent knees and outstretched arms keeping her from actually falling on face so her nearly-naked body rolled on to its side.

            Tucker didn’t count having sex with frozen women as cheating on Haley, since technically it wasn’t a two person thing. It was like an advanced form of playing with himself. Every guy in a relationship or single is entitled to that, he reasoned. He was laying naked in Madison’s bed; to his left and right were Alana and Madison, respectively. Both women were naked as well; Alana, with her real naked breasts, had her arms over her head, her body straight with her legs wide. Madison had her hands under her head, her legs up, bent at the knees and spread wide at the thighs. Her eyes were closed and her mouth held in the shape of an ‘O’. Alana’s face was bore a puckered-lip look with her eyes held in a sleepy gaze. “Well I had my fun with you two; now time to switch gears,” Tucker said, getting up from bed after kissing both women passionately.

            He wandered back out in the living room, where he had posed Maggie who was now naked. His roommate and best friend sat on the sofa with her legs wide, one of her hands in her shaven womanhood and the other cupping her breasts. The hot geek still wore her glasses and her motionless face bore her usual sly smile. Maggie looked great in the buff; being naked brought her and Madison to equal ground on who was hotter. Tucker had seen Maggie naked before though, both frozen and unfrozen, and the girl really did nothing for him, he attributed that to their long friendship. “What’s up Mags? Time for the rest of your punishment,” Tucker said, grinning; he began to reach for Maggie but then stopped seeing that both he and his friend were naked. “Too weird… I’ll be back.”

            First he had Maggie posing with her sister and Alana stark naked in bed and in a hot threesome pose, with Maggie straddling Alana over her stomach and Madison sitting in-between Alana’s wide naked legs. He then decided against it, being that he couldn’t bring himself to take naked pictures of Maggie. So now Maggie was dressed in a stringy yellow and black bikini that he’d brought along in his bag and Tucker began snapping away. He arranged the girls in several poses and taking hundreds of pictures before taking Maggie out the equation. She then stood behind him silently in her stringy bikini as he took pictures of Madison and Alana in a variety of seductive poses.

            An hour later – in Tucker’s timeframe – he had set up his portable green screen, which was like a wallpaper material. He found a blank wall and spread it out. Madison and Maggie stood in front of it, dressed as school girls; both hugged each other cutely, with sickly sweet smiles, Tucker knew Maggie wouldn’t like her face looking like that, but this was her punishment after all. With the two sisters next to each other, Tucker noted that they were nearly the same height and almost looked like twins; this of course could be because of the fact that they were in identical uniforms as well. He snapped a couple more pictures before he took down his green screen and stripped Madison back down.  He slipped Madison back into bed with her naked friend Alana at her side.

            Tucker made sure he didn’t leave anything behind. He stuffed Maggie’s clothes and everything that he brought with him into his bag and then dragged his friend out of the apartment while she was still dressed as a schoolgirl. He unfroze the elevator and rode it down silently. Right before it reached the lobby he restarted time and also unfroze Maggie.

            “-could freeze me…” Maggie said blinking, “I see…” she giggled and then looked down at herself and frowned. “Tuck!”  She was so cute when frustrated.

“The last part of your punishment,” Tucker said, grinning as they stepped out of the elevator. The guard looked at Maggie and made a ‘isn’t she cute’ look as they walked past.

            “Fine, Tuck; we’re even now,” Maggie said as they stepped back into the late afternoon breeze.  Almost no time had passed for her; they still had the rest of the day.

            “Yeah until you screw up again…” Tucker replied, pulling out his camera and handing it to Maggie so she could look at the pictures. “Let me tell you what happened today…” Tucker started to explain his day.

            Maggie listened as she flipped through the saved pictures and waited till Tucker finished before she spoke. “Nice pictures Tuck… I don’t really like the schoolgirl ones; my face looked horrible in those. But punishment is punishment,” she said, handing back the camera to Tucker. “I always knew there was something up with Madison; she always tried to ask me questions about being a lesbian and all that sex that she has all the time. It explains a lot. Probably why she hates me so much; you think I should talk to her?”

            “No, Mags, let her come to you. From what I saw, it’s very sensitive subject. Nearly tore her apart.” Tucker observed as they waited at the bus stop to take them back to their apartment. Tucker looked around, “We should really get a car.”

            “Yeah; I’ve been telling you that.”

            “How about you start modeling and I get both of us a car each?” Tucker suggested as the bus arrived. Maggie only smiled as the bus arrived.

            “How come I’m not naked in any of your pictures?” she asked as they climbed aboard and paid cash for their fare. They took a seat in back where it was empty and settled in for the ride home.

            “I’m not going to take naked pictures of you, Mags,” Tucker simply said, “Those pictures may get out or something; in future sales, or just stolen. I’m not going to let naked pictures of you get out into the open.”

            Maggie smiled, “Thanks, Tucker.” They continued to ride in silence a few stops further before Maggie spoke, “What kind of car would you get me?”

            Tucker smiled, “The correct question is:  What kind of car do you want?”


To Be Continued in: Haley's Audition

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