Tucker’s Wand III:  Last Minute Plans

by Zero

The next installment in the hijinks that Tucker has with his magical wand. You may want to read from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

            It was one o'clock in the afternoon but Tucker Holmes had just crawled out of bed, having been up all night watching an anime marathon on TV. Fortunately he was on his first day off of the two he was allowed a week thus he didn't have to worry about work. His roommate Maggie, however, had been needed to work but Tucker had recorded everything for her on their new TiVo that went nicely with the HD TV they'd received from Maggie's sister Madison. With the place to himself, Tucker was free to roam around in an old pair of jeans he'd kept in spite of the fact that there were holes around the crotch area in the pants and the shirt his cousin had given him had the seven things you can't say on television on it. Aside from his work wardrobe and the one suit he owned, essentially all of Tucker's clothing was similarly in poor taste or quality. Even with a magic wand that could stop time, an assistant manager's job at a moderately successful book store, and a profitable side hobby that involved selling calendars of women dressed up as anime characters, Tucker hadn't really invested in anything that improved his appearance. He had decent hair, was of average weight and decent enough build, plus his girlfriend Haley had told him he looked better with glasses on than off.

            After settling in at his PC with a bowl of sugary cereal and a glass of chocolate milk, Tucker received a phone call. "You've got Tucker," answered the still somewhat drowsy young man as he checked his email.

            "Hey Tuck, guess who just came by the store?" asked Maggie Yen, who was a few blocks away at Persephone's Books, sitting in the break room with a Thai salad in front of her. "It sounds like Haley's got big plans for you tonight. Going to dinner at Roxie's, you lucky dog. The cheapest stuff on the menu there tastes like cheese cake. Maddie took me there a few weeks back, so trust me on that. What time are you guys going out?"

            "Wait, what?" asked Tucker, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. "Mags, I never made a date with her for tonight."

            "It's Saturday and you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend, what else are you going to do?" asked Maggie, shocked that Tucker hadn't clued in. "Besides, she said it was some kind of anniversary thought she didn't really want to emphasize that because she thought it would make you seem like you're both ninety."

            "Crap; it is an anniversary," realized Tucker, feeling like he'd just been slapped by a guy with a halibut. "It's been two years since I moved in here and first met Haley. This is actually kind of a big deal, not like the two-month anniversary of our first kiss or something. This is bad."

            "Well, I suggest you do something huge, like lets say some jewelry?" suggested Maggie, promptly taking a bite of her food.

            "Screw jewelry, I'm going all out," declared Tucker, opening the desk drawer to raid the T & M Productions fund box, but found it only had one hundred dollars in it. "Mags, where's the rest of our profits? Our last calendar shipment made us a grand at least!"

            "On route to Japan in return for a little paraphernalia from some shows I like," admitted Maggie, suddenly feeling a bit red.

            "Tomorrow, after work, you're going to pay," declared Tucker, groaning in frustration and shutting the drawer. "I'm thinking autographed copies of a new poster featuring you and your sister."

            "Fair enough, but what are you going to do for money tonight?" asked Maggie, feeling too guilty to argue with Tucker's sense of justice.

            "Mags, I'm magical now, remember?" Tucker told his roommate before promptly hanging up. Letting out at sigh, the young man considered his options. Haley wanted to go out for dinner at an expensive restaurant with a dress code, and that meant Tucker needed a suit, most likely a new one. An anniversary also meant flowers and a present, most likely jewelry like Maggie had suggested. Finally Tucker wanted to impress Haley with something new thus he decided he would also pick the wine to go with dinner, which meant looking up how to do that. Unfortunately for Tucker dinner would most likely be at seven, which meant Haley would tell him at five; his Italian girlfriend being infamous for last-minute information, thus he needed to be done everything and be back in time for Haley to stop by. The wine portion could be done from home, but everything else required Tucker to go out and for him to have money. It was going to be a long day, especially for Tucker as the situation was going to require a little magic to get the job done.

            Not even hesitating, Tucker quickly recovered the Wand of Kronos from his bedroom and tapped it on the wall of his apartment five times, stopping time for everything and everyone but him. Glancing up at his clock on the wall, Tucker saw it was six minutes after one o'clock. Initially he was tempted to go change, but with time stopped Tucker realized that tasteful clothing was not an issue, nor were clothes at all. Pausing only to eat his breakfast and grab his wallet as well as his keys, Tucker was out the door quite quickly.

            Since it was between during the prime lunch period of the day and a Saturday the streets were quite crowded as were the sidewalks, but with time frozen, instead of an ever-flowing river of people and cars, it was an interactive three-dimensional still life artwork. Women in tight and revealing clothing stood in mid-stride like mannequins at a boutique, birds hung in the air like clouds and cars sat in the middle of the road as if they were parked. Even after having the wand for so long it still never ceased to amaze Tucker.

            With traffic being so heavy Tucker was reduced to walking, but his first stop wasn't far away anyhow. As he walked however he spotted a familiar face speaking with the underage noodle merchant by her cart. Patrol woman Regina something, Tucker never having gotten her last name; she was a twenty-something a bit older than himself and little more than a hot rookie cop, was standing in front of the young Asian woman, Tucker recalling she was Japanese, who had her head bowed with her hands in front of her. The cute young girl was sixteen so Tucker had never messed with her while he'd stopped time or even found out her name, not being a fan of the whole jail bait thing, but Regina was one of his calendar girls and he had knocked on her back door a couple of times, the woman reminding him of a young Heather Locklear. "Afternoon officer, what's new?" asked Tucker as he got a good look at Regina's current pose. The cop had her right thumb hooked into her belt while her left gestured towards the young girl, her mouth open but no clear sound on her lips. Her uniform looked as tight as ever and she wasn't wearing her hat though her hair was still in a ponytail.

            "You're always putting people in their place, why not just zip it for a change?" laughed Tucker, grabbing some dry noodles from the girl's cart and stuffing them into Regina's mouth. Glancing around, Tucker then saw that no one was really looking at the pair as they were off to the side of the street, so Tucker got a second idea. Wrapping his arms around Regina's waist, Tucker lifted her up and managed to balance her on his shoulder long enough to carry her into his building. Once back at his place, Tucker placed the policewoman in the kitchen and waved his wand at her, making sure she would remain frozen in time just in case he had to unfreeze it while he was gone.

            Back on track after kidnapping the local beat cop, Tucker proceeded to the nearest bank, a small branch that fortunately left its vault open for all to see. With no fear of cameras or someone catching him, Tucker casually entered the frozen scene, eyeballing a few shapely staff members as he entered the secured room, snatching the keys from an older blonde woman who looked like she might be somewhat of a cougar. A few minutes later, Tucker had casually gathered several hundred dollars from over half the boxes in the vault, no more than twenty dollars from each and only two hundred from the bank's ATM, which he also had found keys to. Money was essentially the easiest part of Tucker's time-stopped journey, though he had to be careful not to really screw someone over when he collected money.

            Following the bank, Tucker borrowed a bike from a random Chinese guy near China Town, which was eight blocks south of Tucker's building. Just in case he didn't return the bike, Tucker had made sure to slip the guy enough cash to pay for a new one as it wasn't really great quality, being a cheap city bike with worn tires. Another twenty blocks took Tucker to the nearest store that sold fine Italian suits. It was decent-sized building in a strip mall but currently only two employees were present and neither was busy, much to Tucker's delight. Standing at the fancy oak counter was a somewhat tall brunette who's nametag revealed her moniker to be Kayla. She had large, kissable lips, a decently-proportioned figure, eyes that were somewhat beady, straight hair that hung around the lip of her shirt and a strong tan. The store fashion policy appeared to be a low-cut black short-sleeved shirt and white pants, as that's what Kayla and the other employee, a dirty blond named Sally, wore. Sally was frozen flattening a shirt on display, a nice white one with a golden yellow tie. Sally was a bit too thin for Tucker's taste but had sharp green eyes with glasses and her hair done Japanese style so he couldn't help but find her cute. "I'll be damned if you aren't helpful," whispered Tucker as he picked up the shirt Sally was touching, thinking it would work with whatever suit he chose.

            It took almost thirty minutes from Tucker's perspective but he managed to find a three-piece olive-colored wool suit that was, as the store declared, Italian made. The suit itself was three hundred dollars and with the shirt, tie and shoes he was only up to a total of five hundred and fifty. Satisfied with his choice, Tucker bagged the clothes, making sure to remove the tags with Kayla's special device that she had behind the counter, and then used her key to open the register and place in the appropriate cash. "Thanks girl," Tucker said with a kiss, nearly causing Kayla to fall on her side. As Tucker caught her by the arms however he felt his pants bulge and realized he hadn't had sex, not even the time-stopped variety, in over a week. Haley wasn't that fast to put out and Tucker hadn't had the problem until he'd received the wand, but things changed when one could avoid any possible problems with magic. Giving in, knowing he had a lot of time to spare, Tucker quickly stripped Kayla and introduced her to the intimate parts of his body, his tongue also exploring hers.

            Another hour or two was lost at the suit store before Tucker was finished with Kayla, having returned her to her neutral standing pose and putting all her clothes back on. Not wanting to spend too much time in the place, Tucker avoided going after Sally, merely kissing her goodbye after replacing the shirt he'd taken with an orange one that had a similar gold tie. His wardrobe taken care of, it was now time for jewelry, so Tucker rode his stolen bike another block to the diamond store.

            "What are the odds?!" exclaimed Tucker with a groan as he entered the store and discovered it was right in the middle of a robbery, the second he'd stumbled across while time was frozen. A pair of women in large coats with snub-nosed revolvers, large sunglasses, red lipstick and black bob-cut wigs were pointing guns at the three dozen or so people in the place, that included an older security guard with no hair, his gun still in his belt holster. "Okay, this is just no good," declared Tucker, immediately removing the pistol from the guard's waist and putting it in his hands, squarely pointed at the robbers. Following the arming of the guard was the disarming of the two women, Tucker carefully pulled the revolvers from their hands, emptying their chambers and tossing the weapons to the floor. Next came the wigs, Tucker removed them to find blond hair pinned up tightly on both women who couldn't be more than nineteen each. "The hot bandits," sighed Tucker as he removed their sunglasses, hair pins and coats, revealing two bikinis underneath, a light blue one on one girl and a dark navy one on the other. Both also wore sandals, Tucker noted. Two fairly thin blondes who were facing serious jail time, Tucker realized, and then decided he couldn't let that bleak  scene play out.

            Tucker's first priority was stealing a few valuables from the store, he considered the place too overpriced and thus decided to stick it to the man. A couple of necklaces, earrings and other diamond goods, the cost easily totaling around two thousand dollars, made their way into Tucker's pockets. Once the jewelry selection was done, Tucker carried the two young blonde robbers out of the building and placed the slightly taller one with blue eyes on his handlebars. After a quick trip home, which left the girl standing outside the apartment complex's main doors stiff as a window-dummy, Tucker returned for the green-eyed girl and dropped her off at his place as well. With that done the young time-freezing thief raided a nearby clothing store for two mannequins and placed them where the robbers had been standing, dressing them in the same coats, glasses and wigs with the guns at their feet. It wouldn't make sense to the people in the store when time resumed, being held up by counterfeit criminals, but at least two cute blonde girls wouldn't go to jail when they could be so much more useful to his production company.  He waved the wand at them to, so would remain frozen in time.  Tucker thought for a moment about hiding them in the clothing store, replacing the original mannequins, but he had other ideas too.

            Still free to do as he liked with no real time issue, Tucker biked back towards his building but stopped a few blocks away at a flower stand. The well-named Rose ran it, a woman of thirty years or so with a bright smile and shimmering curly brown hair which framed her face. Essentially an old newspaper stand, Rose's 'shop' had a nice selection of florals to choose from, many pre-made bouquets with labels indicating what they'd be good for. Currently Rose was smiling in the direction of a group of potential customers to the right of her stand, her right hand raised in a waving motion. On this particular day she was wearing a white smock over a salmon-colored blouse with a black skirt over her legs, dark red lipstick framing her very white teeth. Tucker couldn't help but lean over the counter and give Rose a big peck on the lips before searching for a good bouquet. Haley wasn't big on standard red roses so Tucker instead picked a collection of purple flowers that were a bit less cliché. After shelling out some cash and placing it in Rose's cash box Tucker was done his errands and free to return home.

            Upon his return to the apartment Tucker brought the bike inside, deciding to keep it since he'd been meaning to get one, and took an unfrozen elevator up to his suite with the two robbers he'd nabbed earlier. Back in his apartment Tucker first put away his new suit, jewelry and flowers before figuring out what to do next. Maggie still had a green screen he could use for another photo session he intended to do, planning on making a few posters, but he didn't want to spend a long period of time with the clock stopped again. Ultimately deciding to risk having Regina and the two robbers lose a few hours of their own time, Tucker made sure they would remain frozen and let time resume. The bikini-clad  girls and the sexy patrolwoman remained standing in Tucker's living room like very attractive waxwork figures, leaving him free to go grab the green screen and set it up in the living room. He had four hours by the clock before Haley would call or show up so time was on his side, plus Maggie would be getting home at six which would allow him time to get his revenge on her for burning up their profits.

            * * *

            It was 5:02 PM when Tucker heard a knock at the front door and silently cursed himself for not remembering to check the time. He was currently naked and was just finishing up introducing the green-eyed robber's womanhood to his own member. The blonde was laying on the couch with the Japanese schoolgirl skirt she was wearing pulled down to her knees along with the bikini bottoms that she was wearing as underwear. Nearby, standing rigidly in front of a green screen, were Regina and the blue-eyed girl, the younger woman also in a schoolgirl outfit while the cop was wearing a blouse and skirt as well as glasses that made her look like a teacher. All three outfits had come from the stash Maggie had stored in the office closet. Regina had her hands held together in front of her crotch like a conservative woman would, a small smile on her face. The blue-eyed girl's right foot was off the ground, showing off the blue shoes that matched her outfit while a book bag was in her right, a massive smile frozen on her face. In spite of being a blonde American, in this costume the girl looked like a schoolgirl from some kind of Anime, which is just what Tucker had wanted. The green-eyed girl had been posed for some photos as well before Tucker had finished with her and decided to have some fun.

            Acting, fast Tucker grabbed his wand, which was sitting on the coffee table, and tapped it five times. The knocking at the door ceased and he was able to finish his erotic business in peace. Once done he quickly stood up the exposed girl, pulled up her panties and skirt and dragged her into the apartment's office. A moment later Tucker did the same with Regina and the other girl, managing to drag them all on their heels and keep their poses consistent, though he had to prop the blue-eyed girl against the desk. Following the girls into the office was the green screen and camera, leaving Tucker merely naked in his living room. It took him a few moments to decide against opening the door and taking a frozen Haley on the spot.

            A short period of relative time after Tucker had activated the wand's magic, he walked up to the door in brown slacks and a white V-neck, something a little more proper for greeting a guest. Tapping his wand five times Tucker heard the door get knocked on again and opened it a second later to see Haley smiling at him. "Hey beautiful, what's up?" asked Tucker, attempting a sly smile. The Italian beauty was wearing jeans and a white tank top with the logo for Warner Brothers on it, her hair combed behind her ears.

            "You know what day it is, right?" asked Haley, shifting on her heels and nibbling her lip.

            "Would it be two years since we first met?" acknowledged Tucker, getting a quick peck on the lips as a reward for remembering.

            "Right, and tonight I got us a table at Roxie's," confirmed Haley. "Dinner's at seven, so I'll come by around half an hour before that. It's, uh, a kid of fancy place, so..."

            "I'll change into a suit," offered Tucker, practically reading Haley's mind. She smiled again but only blew him a kiss before turning and walking away. Tucker breathed heavily as he closed the door, his pants bulging again.

            With Haley gone Tucker ended up spending the next hour or so uploading his new photos onto his computer. He'd just finished the last batch and was picking out backgrounds when he heard Maggie come home. "Hey Tuck, Haley come by yet?" called his roommate from the kitchen. Tucker merely grinned and picked up his wand, tapping it on the desk five times before exiting the room.

            Maggie was standing with the fridge open, her purse on her left shoulder with her hand holding it. She was bent over in a white skirt and pink T-shirt, an unusually cute outfit for her, her right hand holding the door open. The girl's gaze was fixed at the contents of the large appliance. "I know I said your revenge was tomorrow, but tonight works too," laughed Tucker, closing the fridge door and immediately setting to work stripping his lesbian friend down to her underwear. Within moments Maggie stood in her white cotton panties and bra, her arms over her head and Tucker returning from the office with another schoolgirl outfit. Dressing her was a bit difficult with her standing that way, so Tucker moved Mags into the living room and plopped her on the couch to finish redressing her. Following that came the return of the green screen and camera as well as the two blondes. "Time for the best part," chuckled Tucker as he opened Maggie's mouth as well as that of the blue-eyed girl.

* * *

            Three hours had passed since Tucker had finished his photo session with Maggie and things couldn't be better. He was back in Haley's place making out with her, while they listened to some Barry White and sipped from  glasses of chilled chardonnay. Tucker was wearing his new suit, minus the jacket and tie, while Haley wore a snug black dress that stopped well above her knees, closer to her waist in fact. Haley's flowers were in a vase on the coffee table next to her new necklace.

            Back in the apartment upstairs that Tucker and Maggie shared, things were quiet. After finishing the photo session Tucker had returned Regina to her beat location in her full uniform, splashing liquor from a hobo’s bottle on her collar and laying her down in an alley. The two blondes Tucker had been tempted to keep for longer but ultimately dropped them a block away in their bikinis while posed in a make-out position, their bras tied together so that they'd pop off if the girls pulled apart. Tucker hadn't seen the results of his little games but imagined they'd worked out well. Maggie meanwhile was still frozen, standing in her room naked with her Sailor Venus statue. Tucker wasn't done with her yet; her punishment just beginning. He was forgiving enough to not take nude pictures of her however, which he had done with the three blondes he'd kidnapped that day.

            Breaking the lip-lock for much needed air, Haley gasped and flashed her boyfriend a sensual smile. "Oh Tuck, the flowers, the wine, the necklace... how did you manage all this?" she asked.

            "I just know how to manage my time I guess," chuckled Tucker, leaning in for another round of the tongue marathon.


To Be Continued in: Sisterly Fun

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