Duel Disaster

by Dmuk, illustrations by Likestatue

Anne, the newly-graduated apprentice Sorceress, was eager and ready for her first real assignment. Or so she thought. During her education and training, she had excelled at her studies, always the one raising her hand first with the correct answer; some of her exploits as a student were almost legendary. Upon leaving school the headmaster had cautioned her that, as well as she had performed in class, she was going out into the real world now and there would be no do-overs, rescues, or handy healing potions. But this hard fact hadn't quite sunk into her mind yet.

The mission was simple on the surface: Make the acquaintance of a rival sorcerer and find out what his magical plans were in the upcoming duel between their two factions. Since she was young, beautiful, and posessed a gorgous figure, she decided to distract him with her looks and wore a see-through blouse to their meeting.

She hadn't anticipated that the sorcerer would be so handsome, nor that he would have slipped an aphrodisiac potion into her drink. Soon she was lusting for him, not knowing he had very different plans for her as she gazed up into his hypnotic eyes.


Leaning over her, fixing her wide brown eyes in his own, he uttered a brief incantation before she suspected anything was wrong.

Instantly, she lost all control over her muscles and fell back onto the bed, as limp as a rag doll.





She could do nothing to resist as he stripped off her transparent top and the rest of her clothes, leaving Anne completely naked.

Her left arm had fallen above her head, the other rested behind her back, leaving her breasts and torso in profile. He then raised one of her legs, bending it at the knee and twisting her hips so she appeared to be leaning towards the wall.

Her eyes gazed off towards the side, unblinking. Only the slow rise and fall of her exposed chest as she breathed gave any sign that she was alive.


The sorcerer walked away, leaving Anne laying there utterly helpless, wondering what would happen to her next. She did not have long to wait.

Out of here line of sight, he began chanting rhythmically in the ancient tongue, a mixture of Latin, Greek, Assyrian, and Druid that magic had always described in.

It was another spell, aimed at his helpless victim. She began to feel very strangely as a tingling passed through her entire body and she started to get light-headed.



Suddenly, a glowing nimbus formed around her body as the tingling turned into a hot flush that seemed to flow through her skin into the core of her being.

Her thoughts quickly turned sluggish, with barely enough time for the unfortunate Anne to register that she was feeling very stiff before her consciousness faded into nothingness.


The glow faded quickly, revealing Anne's diabolical transformation into a lifelike mannequin.

Her skin was lighter in tone and blemish-free and now posessed a hard, eggshell sheen to it that reflected highlights from the candles in the room. The aureoles and nipples on her breasts had faded into the smoothness of her body along with the slit of her sex, while separation lines had appeared at her wrists, shoulders, and waist.

Anne gazed vacantly into infinity with a truly glassy stare from her frozen, plasticized, expression. She remained silent, rigid, and seemingly lifeless. It would take hours or days for the remaining lethargic consciousness trapped within her hollow head to register surprise or dismay at her predicament.

By then she had been transported to her opponent's trophy room and displayed proudly on a stone plinth among the equally motionless figures of the sorcerer's other unfortunate adversaries.


End (for her, for now)

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