Timestop III - Coffee Shop

by FreezAntix

The adventures continue. Read the previous part, or the first part here to catch up on what has come before.

Steve had gotten stuck in traffic as usual, usually he would just zone out as he inched up the highway towards his exit. Today however he was an in good mood and sat grinning ear to ear as he slowly moved up the highway. It was mostly clutch and first gear for the last ten minutes, normally this would make him regret in having a manual but today he really didn’t care as his body worked automatically working the clutch. He leaned back in his leather seat nodding his head to “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi as he thought back ten minutes ago and laughed at the thought.

When he had restarted time he had heard a blood curling scream from across the street. He had laughed out loud seeing the Camry rock from side to side as Rosa moved around frantically inside wondering what had happened. She never left her car, Steve waited but in fear of being late for work he decided to just leave. The jogger had dived quickly behind a bush and quickly redressed herself. When Steve had looked her way she was climbing out from the behind the bush and looking around cautiously to see if anyone saw her. She then headed back to her own house, opting to discontinue her jog; in fear that someone else might of seen her naked she turned and headed in the opposite direction. The silver Benz continued its course, unaware of the naked jogger who had dived behind the bush right when time started. Steve could only guess what the reactions were of Hank, Heather, and Julie.

Up ahead traffic had opened up. He shifted up and accelerated pushing the 400 horsepower M5 into the eighty-mile-per-hour range, zipping in and out between other cars. He sung along with Bon Jovi as he did so. He was only a mile from his exit when the ringing of his phone caused him to turn down his music and move over to the slow lane. He pulled out his cell phone and thumbed the speaker button.


“Hey Steve, it’s Megan, I’m just calling you to remind you I don’t want too much cream with my coffee,” replied a high pitched nasally voice on the end. Megan was the head secretary for Steve’s office.

“What?” Steve asked, not knowing what was going on.

“Steve it’s your turn. Don’t tell me you forgot?” Megan asked.

“Oh right…” Steve answered, thinking hard and trying to remember what Megan was talking about. Then it hit him. It was his turn to buy coffee for everyone in the office.

“You forgot didn’t you?”

“No… I got the coffee and yours doesn’t have that much cream.” Steve replied as he steered his car on to the exit. Good thing Megan called, he thought to himself. There was a little coffee shop couple of blocks from the office; he just had to make a quick stop.

“Ok…” Megan said, sounding unconvinced. “See you in five minutes?”

“Give me ten… this a lot of coffee.” Steve replied.


Steve pulled the M5 into the parking lot where the coffee shop, “Coffee n Doughnuts” was located in the middle of the lot by itself, away from the other stores of the shopping center. Parking usually sucked since the shop shared its spot with all the other stores, but now it was about ten so the morning rush had died down so there were plenty of spots around the shop. Steve pulled into a spot right in front of the shop. He continued to whistle “Living on Prayer” as he climbed out of his Bimmer and walked the six feet distance to the shop entrance.

Inside the shop Steve took off his sunglasses and looked around, the shop wasn’t full at all; there was an old man sitting near the window reading a paper a steaming cup of coffee in front of him, another man, younger dressed in t-shirt and jeans worked on his laptop; at the other end of the small shop, there were two women perhaps in their late forties or early fifties dressed in fancy suits as if for a tea party; seated at one of the tables in the center of the shop, a fat guy and his skinny friend sat near the coffee bar talking. In front of him there were three people, two men and a woman, all were wearing casual business attire like he was. He felt weird getting in line with them. It felt like he was in a geeky gang or something. Behind the counter there were two middle aged Asian women, perhaps Chinese or Vietnamese, working behind the counter. They both looked roughly about the same age, either late thirties or early forties; they both had black hair, one had a pony tail, the other had hers short and both were fairly short and small in size. The one with the pony tail worked the register while the short-haired one worked the coffee bar, mixing drinks and preparing orders.

By the time it was Steve’s turn, the fat guy and skinny friend were gone and the three people ahead of him were gone. The four other customers remained, plus there was a line of three people formed behind him which included a blonde mid-thirties sheriff's deputy. Steve ordered his ten coffees from according to her name tag, Tammy, the pony tailed woman. He paid and then took a seat near the bar and waited as the short haired woman prepared the coffee. As he waited he looked around the shop, observing the other patrons he noted there was a an attractive dark skinned woman with black close-cropped hair who was dressed in a sharp looking cream colored pants suit with a baby blue blouse underneath standing behind the sheriffs deputy who had been right behind Steve. He didn’t look at the deputy too long, not wanting to seem suspicious. Behind the cream suited lady was a Hispanic man dressed in a mechanic’s uniform.

The old man by the window continued to read his paper, taking a break every once and while to sip his coffee. The younger man who sat a couple of tables from Steve continued to work on his laptop, occasionally looking up and around him then back down at the laptop. The two older women dressed in fancy business-like suits continued to gossip about a subject the Steve had no clue about, something about someone’s past birthday party. Both of the women were definitely lookers back in their day Steve noted; they were both pretty with stacked hair do's; one was a blond and the other was brunette. The blonde wore a pink skirt suit while the brunette wore a dark green skirt suit. Both women had good amount jewelry on them, enough to make a rapper jealous. An image of the two women rapping appeared in Steve’s head and he grinned to himself. The blonde women looked over at him and he quickly looked away.

Looking out the shop’s main window he saw a gold Lexus RX300 pull into the spot next to his Bimmer. Two women got out of the Lexus and entered the store; both were Asian, perhaps Korean or Japanese, one was older than the other. Just by looking at the pair Steve could tell they were mother and daughter. The mother was a bit shorter than her daughter and was dressed in a baby blue polo shirt and a pair a khaki capris, her small bare feet with red nail polish covered toes were stuffed into a pair of wedge sandals a large brown purse slung over her right shoulder finished the ensemble. Her black hair was pulled back into a pony tail, revealing her well aged face; she was still quite a looker for age Steve thought, defiantly milf material. Her daughter stood next to her; just looking at the side of her face he could tell the girl shared the same cute facial features as her mother. She had long flowing dyed brown hair that fell to the middle of her back; her body, which was a bit on curvy side but not quite chubby, was clad in a tight fitting pink t-shirt, thigh hugging blue jeans that flared out at the bottom and she stood barefoot in a pair of flip-flops. They were talking to about school from what Steve could hear and the daughter’s name was Brenda. It sounded like Brenda was a first year college student and her mom was giving her some pointers on how better relax herself and not stress out over the work load. From hearing the mom speak, Steve could tell she was American educated as well, not hearing a hint of an accent in her English.

“Order up!” Called the short haired Asian woman from behind the coffee bar, snapping Steve from his eavesdropping; he got up and took the two steps to the coffee bar to pick up his order. The blonde deputy waited nearby and stepped aside without looking at him to let him get by.

“Thanks…” Steve said, glancing at the short haired woman’s name tag which gave her name as Christine. “…Christine.” Steve added with smile as the counter woman smiling back warmly at him passing him the two paper cup trays containing his order.

“Thank you sir, come back again now,” said another lady that had come out from the back of the shop to help behind the bar. This woman was younger than the other two women and was of Persian descent, with long flowing black hair and exotic looking green eyes. From where Steve was he could see the woman had a great body to go along with her gorgeous face.

He managed to smile back at the woman as he picked up his two cup holder trays. The woman smiled back at him and then went back to mix coffee drinks with Christine. Steve heard the younger woman call “Order up!” again as he made his way to the door. When he got outside, he took the couple of steps to his car and then carefully maneuvers the hot beverages in. He placed one tray over the other in the passenger seat and made sure it was secured before he closed his door and strapped himself in. Thinking back to the lovely Persian woman, an idea came in Steve’s head and smiled to himself.

For the fourth time that morning Steve waits for the stopping motion and the dead silence to settle over him as he stops time. He opens his eyes and looks to his right and sees the steam suspended in mid-air beside him from the ten cups of coffee. He waves his hand over the steam and watches it move away from the cup and wrap around his own hand. This was not the first time he seen this, but it was cool every time, he thought to himself while grabbing his pair of leather gloves. The leather gloves were just a precaution to hide his identity in an extremely rare case of someone were to get wise after he restarted time.

Stepping out of his car, he is welcomed by the utter silence of the frozen world around him. He looked around the busy parking lot and noted cars suspended in the middle of aisleways and people suspended in mid-stride walking in and out of nearby stores. There was a woman a couple rows away leaning into the back seat of her station wagon to buckle in her child, a couple walking in hand in hand across the street to a store. Looking towards the main road, just outside the shopping center, appeared like something out of the movies. Cars were seemingly parked unmoving in the middle of the streets surrounded by silence as if in world no longer occupied by any one.

Steve closes his door, the sound of his door closing echoes through out the silent frozen world around him. It was an eerie feeling, being the only one technically alive, but he knew he could re-start everything with a thought and everything would be back to normal in an eyeblink. “Let’s see what we have here,” Steve said to himself, grinning and rubbing his gloved hands together.

The closest person to him that was suspended was the blonde deputy. She was only a couple feet from the coffee shop’s door and was mid-stride with her trouser-covered legs crossing one another and one arm bent at an angle holding a steaming cup of coffee. Now that she was frozen, Steve took time to check her out. Her name badge read G. Brenan and she wore the standard uniform of sheriff's deputies, a dark brown short sleeved button down shirt with the badge over the right breast pocket; she had on a heavy looking shiny black leather gun belt with standard equipment, such as radio, handcuffs, baton, pepper spray and spare clips for her handgun. Her pants were tan with a dark brown stripe going down the sides and she wore shiny black shoes. Deputy Brenan’s blonde hair was pulled back into a bun and clamped down with a black clip, her eyes were covered by a pair of dark aviator glasses and her soft pink lips were closed making her facial expression a serious and official looking one.

Steve runs the back of his gloved hand down the side of her cheek; Brenan stands unmoving and unaware. He runs his hands down her arms, feeling their firmness, she was pretty muscular but not to the point of manliness; very feminine Steve thought. He tried to touch her breasts but could barely feel them thanks to her bullet-proof vest that she wore under her shirt. He noted the small gut that Brenan had and poked it briefly; one too many doughnuts he thought, smiling. Moving southward on her body, Steve cops a feel at Brenan’s crouch and cups it hard, feeling her womanhood through her panties under the tight trousers. Looking behind the suspended deputy, Steve notes that Brenan had some junk in her trunk. He then grabs a handful of her ass and grins to himself. Facing Brenan, he removes her sun glasses, revealing a set of hazel eyes staring blankly ahead and past Steve. He tucks the glasses into the top of her shirt. “Well Deputy Brenan, looks like you have had one too many doughnuts in your day, judging from your gut and that big soft ass. But don’t get me wrong, you’re still one of the better looking cops I have seen,” Steve said with a smile, turning Brenan’s head from side to side to admire her profile. “I’m not finished with you yet, so let’s move you somewhere while I finish up business inside,” Steve added, grabbing hold of Brenan by the waist and lifting her stiff form up.

He moves Deputy Brenan to stand flanking the coffee shop door and positions her legs so she is standing at attention. He leaves her right arm bent at the elbow holding her cup of coffee but moves her left arm up and straightens her fingers so that she is saluting. Stepping back, he looks at his handy work; it was pretty good but he thought she still looked too serious. Moving to her face Steve, works his magic and then smiles at seeing the results. Steve gives Brenan a thumbs up as he moved past her and entered the shop. Deputy Brenan stands straight upright, holding a cup coffee in one hand and saluting with the other, her hazel eyes stare blankly ahead looking at some unknown object in the distance, her pink lips - thanks to Steve - are now molded into a close-lipped unnatural-looking smile.

Inside coffee shop everything was mostly how Steve had remembered it, the old man was still sitting by the window with his paper, the two tea party women were leaning close to each other talking to one another, the young man at the far side of the shop was hutched over his laptop his fingers over its keys, next him the Hispanic mechanic leaned against the coffee bar with his cell phone out; it looked like he was play a game or texting someone. The dark skinned woman in the cream suit was reaching over the counter with her credit card to Tammy reaching for it on the other side of the counter. Brenda and her mom stood a respectable distance behind the dark woman; Brenda had are arms crossed and was looking at her mom with lips slightly parted, while her mom had her eyes closed and mouth open, arms also crossed, so she looked like to be suspended in mid-sentence and mid-blink.

Steve walks over to the old man and removes the paper; the old man remains seated with his hands held up as if still holding the paper. His eyes are staring into the open space where his paper once was; instead of the paper the old man was now staring down at his coffee cup. “Sit back and enjoy the show, old man,” Steve said as he manipulates the old man’s arms to be folded across his chest and then angles the old man’s head to look in the general direction of where most of the shop’s patrons were located. “I’ll think you’ll get kick of out this,” Steve added, folding the paper and placing on the table next to the man’s coffee.

Moving over to where Brenda and her mom stand, Steve walks around the couple reaching in and groping their breasts as he circles them. He turns mom’s head to look forward, away from Brenda, then closes her mouth and thumbs her brown eyes open. She was a very pretty woman Steve thought, looking at her face. He unfolds her arms, placing them at her sides and runs his hands the down the length of her trim body, cupping her breasts and then groping her groin. Removing the purse from her shoulder, Steve rummages through the purse and finding her wallet. He finds family pictures of her three children with Brenda being the oldest; Brenda looked cute even as child, Steve thought, looking at the time-stopped Brenda who stared blankly at her mother and Steve with lips slightly parted. Steve then finds Brenda’s mom's drivers license and reads her name is Michelle Pak and that she was forty-four years old. Not bad at all, Steve thought, placing the wallet back into the purse and placing it on the nearby table.

“You have one hot mom, Brenda,” Steve says to Brenda as he turns to her. He pulls her arms down to her sides and then slides her stiff form over to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her mother. Steve turns Brenda’s head to face forward and molds her parted lips into slight grin. Brenda’s breasts, like her height, were slightly greater than her mother’s. Steve took time to fondle them through her t-shirt. Stepping back, he eyes the mother and daughter standing at attention before him, staring forward with the same blank looks in their brown eyes. “I’m not done with you two yet, but I got something planned; just hang tight,” Steve says to the unhearing couple who continue to stare at him blankly.

“Let’s move you over with the Paks over there,” Steve says as he picks up the cream-suited lady by the waist and slides her stiff form to stand next to mother Pak. He pulls the credit card from her outstretched hand and reads her name on it: Vivian Morris. “Well Vivian, I’m not quite sure what I want to do to with you yet but I’m sure I’ll figure something out,” Steve said with a grin as he worked Vivian’s arms to her sides and pries her wallet and cell phone from her other hand. He replaces the credit card into the wallet and places it beside Michelle’s purse. Turning Vivian’s head to face straight ahead like the other two women, Steve takes time to explore Vivian’s body through her tailored suit, running his gloved hands down her body, fondling her breasts and groping her crotch. Moving back up to Vivian’s face, Steve opens her mouth, molds her mouth into the shape of an “o” and opens her brown eyes wide. She was a very attractive woman, with high cheek bones and kissable dark lips.

Leaving the three patrons standing at attention, Steve ventures over to the tea party ladies; after rummaging through their purses he found out that the blonde was named Estelle Greenwell and the brunette was Margret Kinsley. Moving some tables aside to make some space next to Brenda, Steve first moves Margret, standing her up from her seated position and bringing her stiff arms to her side to stand her next to Brenda. He does the same to Estelle, standing her next to her friend. Fixing both ladies heads to look straight and molding their facial features to have a blank expression, Steve then steps back and eyes his line of suspended patrons. “Looking sharp ladies,” he states, looking down the line from Vivian to Estelle.

He then moves Jose the mechanic to sit next to the laptop guy, who from what he could see was typing up some kind of script for movie. This should be very entertaining, he thought to himself as he manipulated Jose and laptop man to face the line of motionless ladies. “You guys sit tight, I might use you; if not you’ll still get a great show once I start up time,” Steve added.

The three ladies behind the counter were more or less dressed the same, basically in uniforms which included a short sleeved white button down shirt with the 'Doughnuts n Coffee' logo over the right breast and khaki bottoms. Tammy was the only one with a knee-length skirt while Christine and the Persian girl wore pants. Christine was closest to Steve. He picked her up by the waist and moved her back towards the back counter. She was bent over slightly, with her arms bent at the elbows and hands out in front of her since she was working at the bar when time had stopped. He stood her up straight and then moved her arms to her sides. Christine’s eyes were slightly closed and her lips bore a slight grin on them; Steve decided to leave her face like that for now. She was not bad to look at, Steve thought, clearing her dark bangs away from her face. Her hair was bit too short though, making her look boyish. Next he moved behind the Persian girl, lifted her up from the waist, and moved her to the back counter to stand next to Christine. Looking at the girl’s name badge Steve found out her name was Anya and that she was the manager. Anya, like Christine, was bent over with her hands out in front of her. She held a creamer in one hand and coffee cup in the other. Steve removed the items from her hands and placed them back on the bar’s counter, then straightens up her fingers and pulls her arms down to her sides. Holding her chin, he rotates her face from left to right; she was the best looking woman in the shop, with mysterious green eyes, a slim sexy nose, and inviting kissable lips. Eyeing her slightly grinning face, Steve cups her breasts through her uniform shirt. He then unbuttons her shirt, untucks it from her pants, and opens it up revealing her nice round breasts wrapped in a sexy white lacy bra and a sexy flat midriff. He gropes both luscious lace-covered breasts before moving south. Unbuckling Anya’s belt, Steve opens her pants up and slides them off her hips and lets them drop to her ankles. She wears a very sexy thin white G-string that barely covers up her cleanly shaven womanhood. Steve eyes the undergarment for a while and then gently pulls it from her skin, peeking at her womanhood. “Sexy.” Steve says to Anya's grinning face; she remains silent and oblivious that she is standing like a statue before a complete stranger with her shirt open and her pants around her ankles. He gives the still Anya a kiss on the cheek before moving on to Tammy, the final employee.

Tammy was staring vacantly at where Vivian once stood; her lips were slightly parted and in a slight smile. One arm remained to the side of the register while the other arm was reaching forward to where Vivian’s hand once was. Steve lifted Tammy up at the waist and moved her to stand beside her sexy manager. Moving both arms to her sides, Steve cops a feel of her breasts, which weren’t that big but felt nice nonetheless. Tammy, like Christine, was very average looking for a middle aged woman Steve thought, turning her head from side to side. Steve opened her mouth wide, closed her eyes and then smiled to himself while running his gloved finger around her open mouth.

“Well, I have a good idea what I want to do with you ladies; let’s get started with you, Tammy,” Steve said as he began to unbutton her uniform shirt. Pulling it free from her skirt, he removes the shirt from her still shoulders and arms. He eyes her small round breasts, covered with a white cotton bra, as he drops her shirt to the floor. He turns Tammy so that her back is to him and unhooks her bra and unzips the zipper for the skirt at the small of her back. Tugging at the skirt slightly, it soon gathers at her ankles. Tammy’s white cotton granny panties were now visible to Steve under her nude seamless pantyhose. Steve runs his gloved hands over the smooth nylon material before hooking his fingers around the waistband of both the panties and pantyhose. He works the undergarments off from Tammy’s hips and down her short shapely legs. Tammy’s bare ass was now exposed to Steve. She has quite an ass for a woman her size, Steve thought, eyeing the large round ass. He gives it a hard slap before grabbing hold of Tammy’s bare hips and lowering her petrified body to the floor, face down. He then strips off the skirt, undergarments, and her flat heels, rendering her barefoot and naked from the waist down. Standing her body back up and facing her forward again, Steve removes her cotton bra. Tossing it aside, he gropes her small but round brown-nippled breasts. Leaving Tammy standing naked at attention with eyes closed and mouth open Steve, lets his eyes take in her full nakedness. She needed a shave between her legs, Steve noted, looking at the black bush covering her legs.

Steve moved back to Christine next, saving Anya - the best - for last. He made quick work of her uniform shirt as her white cotton bra followed. Laying her stocky body on ground, Steve works the pants off of Christina’s hips and was surprised to see that Christine had leopard print silk panties on, which was out of her dowdy character. He chuckled to himself as he jerked them down her hips. Once her white sneakers and socks were off, he stood her board-like naked body back up. Christine’s aged body was curvier than Tammy, her breasts were larger though and she, like Tammy, was in need of a shave. Both middle aged women had short chubby legs which were now bare like their bodies. Stepping back, Steve took in the sight of the partially dressed Anya flanked by her two naked employees.

He pulled down Anya’s G-string to her ankles and removed the uniform shirt before sitting her up on the rear counter. Once she was seated on the counter, Steve stripped off her black sneakers, ankle socks, G-string and pants. Anya’s toe nails were painted a nice silver color and she had a gold anklet chain around her right ankle. Raising her stiff naked arms over her head, Steve reaches behind while staring at her mindless green eyes and unhooks her bra. Moving her arms back down, Steve removes the lacy garment from over her shoulders and down her slim arms. Perfect round breasts, tipped with brown nipples, revealed themselves in front of Steve. Steve plays with the orbs, flicking and twisting the nipples, and groping the breasts vigorously. “Very nice Anya; I think you almost have better tits than my wife,” Steve says to an absent-minded Anya who continues to stare past him with a slight grin. “Well almost…” Steve adds, pinching the breasts once more to make sure.

Kicking the mass of uniforms, footwear, and underwear around the floor to make room, Steve began to pose the three employees. He keeps Anya seated on the counter and spreads her thighs wider apart so her naked smooth womanhood is clearly visible. He then moves Tammy to stand close to Anya at her right and Christine to her left. Bending both of the older women slightly at the waist and angling their heads to be level with Anya’s breasts, he closes Tammy’s mouth over Anya’s right nipple. Steve closes Christine’s eyes and opens her mouth, then closes it over the Persian woman's left nipple. Finding a bottle of lotion in mother Pak’s purse, Steve then lathers up Anya’s womanhood, using Tammy’s right hand and Christine’s left. After some forcing and thrusting he gets both women’s hands into Anya’s womanhood. Anya keeps a grinning expression with those empty eyes during the whole process. Steve then moves Anya’s stiff arms out and over the shoulders of her two charges, completing the pose that he had envisioned.

Walking around the counter, Steve takes time to admire his static work of art. Anya is seated naked on the rear counter with a grinning face and arms around her two employees. Tammy stands at her right; she is turned to the side and bending over at a slight angle with her eyes closed and her lips closed over Anya’s right nipple. Most of Tammy’s right hand is nearly inserted inside of Anya’s womanhood. Christine stands in a similar pose to Anya’s left; her eyes are closed with lips around Anya’s left nipple and her left hand, less so than Tammy's, is within Anya as well. Steve nods in satisfaction and turns to the five mindless patrons behind him. “Well ladies, your hosts have kindly revealed themselves to you and now it’s your turn to return the favor,” Steve says, eyeing the row of empty stares and absented minded expressions with the exception of Vivian’s whose lips remained in an “o”. “Where to begin?”

Steve decided to start with the older ladies and work his way down from there. He gingerly stripped and fondled Estelle and Margret. Soon both ladies stood nude before him, their fancy outfits scattered on the floor before them. Surprisingly both ladies had identical panties and bras, white satin with lacy trim and both had nude pantyhose covering their curvy old legs. Of course they now had nothing on but their jewelry and stood barefoot on the coffee shop’s tiled floor. Their elaborate stacked hair do's made the ladies look even more naked, Steve thought, looking at the two women. Estelle, the blonde, had a crazy sexy body for her age and Steve could tell she had stuff done to it cosmetically. She had large round breasts capped with tiny pink nipples that stood erect, her midriff was flat and taut, her womanhood had a neat dark brown landing strip and her legs and ass looked at least ten years younger than she was; kinda unnatural and sick. Margret, the brunette on the other hand, had a more natural look to her; she had saggy breasts which weren’t too bad, with brown nipples though she had a bit of gut that was barely noticeable with clothes on, her womanhood was nicely shaven with a light fuzz of brown hair covering it. Margret’s thighs where on the chubby side, along with her ass, but still appealing to look at for a woman her age. “Very nice ladies, I must say,” Steve said, looking and groping both of the women’s breasts.

“Ah the Paks; let’s get you two ready for the show,” Steve said, eyeing both mother and daughters’ empty expressions. He lifted Brenda out of her flip flops, rendering her feet bare and laying her stiff form down, unbuckled her belt and opened up her jeans. Jerking the tight jeans off her hips and thighs, Steve eyed the hot pink thong that hides Brenda’s young womanhood. The thong quickly follows; just as the jeans are thrown aside, the thong joins them momentarily. Brenda’s womanhood had some black fuzz to it but was well under control and sexy. He gives it a quick brush before standing the co-ed back up on her bare feet. Raising her arms over her head, Steve removes her tight-fitting pink t-shirt. Tossing the shirt aside, he eyes her almost naked form; she had a good sized bust wrapped by a hot pink bra, with nice love handles over sexy thighs. A very cute girl with some cushioning, he thinks to himself as he moves behind and unhooks her bra. Once her bra is added to the growing mass of clothes on the floor, Steve lowers her arms back to her sides. Brenda’s breasts were sort of big for her frame and sagged a little, capped with dark nipples. Steve gropes them and squeezes them together smiling to himself, while Brenda stares mindlessly past him.

“You and your husband created a gorgeous daughter,” Steve complimented a silent Michelle while still looking over Brenda’s naked form. He then turns his attention to Michelle, who stands patiently at her naked daughter’s side. “Ah yes, you guessed it mother Pak, it is now your turn.” Steve said as he lifts Michelle out of her sandals and places her standing on bare tippy toes. Pushing her shoulders down, he flattens her stance and then undoes her pony tail, letting her shoulder length black her fall naturally just below her shoulders. Just like her daughter before her, Steve lays her down and removes the khaki capris from her hips. To Steve’s surprise, Michelle did not wear any underwear and also her mound was shaven clean with single diamond piercing through it. “Holy crap…” Steve said, looking up at Michelle’s blank face, “I guess a token from your college days?” Standing Michelle back up, all the while eyeing the diamond over her womanhood, Steve raises her arms and removes the baby blue polo and adds it to the floor. Michelle’s cute round breasts are wrapped in a silk white bra, which Steve quickly unhooks and tosses aside, rendering the elder Pak completely naked. She was a lot hotter than her daughter, Steve thought, looking over her naked body; perfect but smaller round breasts that were proportional to her frame with brown nipples, an almost flat midriff, a sexy womanhood with a bold accessory, and sexy athletic legs with nice thighs and calves over trim ankles. “Your mom is a hottie… that’s good for you, Brenda, you’re going to make some guy really lucky in the future,” Steve said, looking at both naked mother and daughter.

“Vivian, oh, Vivian; the best for last!” Steve exclaims moving to the last woman in his row of mindless blank-eyed patrons. “So every lady here is naked but you; we can’t leave you left out, now can we?” Steve said as he removes the cream colored business coat from her shoulders. He unbuttons and opens the silk baby blue blouse. Vivian’s dark breasts are wrapped in baby blue lacy bra; moving behind the woman, he unhooks the bra and slips that off her shapely frame as well. He gropes her dark-nippled breasts a little before moving south to her trousers; he opens them and tugs them off her hips letting them fall around her ankles. A baby blue silk thong covers her womanhood. She also has on a light blue lacy garter belt with its straps hooked to a pair of thigh-high sheer white stockings. Steve removes the thong and the pants but keeps the garter belt, stockings, and heels on Vivian just because she looked smoking hot as is. Vivian had gorgeous body, very model like; thin frame, very nice bust, round ass, clean shaven womanhood and sexy slender arms and legs. Steve takes some time exploring Vivian a little bit more before stepping back end looking down his row of bare-chested glaze-eyed patrons. A vision came to his head as he looked over Brenda’s naked form and the empty tables around the coffee shop.

It took him almost thirty minutes his time to arrange everything and to pose everyone but he was finally done. Steve stood in the center of the shop with hands on his hips, looking around at his handiwork. To his right he had moved two square tables together and draped a white cloth he had found in the back room over both tables. He then had taken Brenda’s naked from and placed it over the top of the two tables, face down. He posed her to look as if naturally laying on her stomach, with her arms folded under head and her face was turned outward and bore a peaceful sleeping look while her naked ankles were crossed. Her mother, Michelle, stood to the right of the table bending over her daughter, with her hands over Brenda’s shoulders. Michelle's face was molded into an unnatural grin with both eyes opened wide. It was a strange facial expression but was interesting. To his left he had moved Vivian to stand in front of Jose as if she were giving him a lap dance. She was facing his seated form with one hand pinching her nipple and the other over her womanhood. Vivian still bore the ‘o’ look and her head was tilted up as if reaching the climatic point of her performance. Back on his right, he had put Estelle back in her heels and stood her up on the old man’s table; on the other side he had done the same to Margret with the laptop guy. This perhaps took him the most time because both older women were very heavy to lift and with their heels on were hard to balance. He had almost killed himself with Margret and was glad he had gotten her up there. Estelle stood with one leg supporting her weight and an arm across her breasts with one hand within her womanhood. Her face bore an elated expression with eyes wide and teeth showing. Margret stood, legs wide apart, with both hands running through her brunette stacked hair do. Her face was tilted back with eyes closed and her mouth opened with her tongue sticking up like ‘KISS’. Steve chuckled at the sight, looking up at the two naked rich women only wearing jewelry and heels. The ground was littered with clothes and underwear; he kicked the items about as he walked around each of his displays making changes and adjustments here and there. He looks around the naked ladies around and grins to himself before leaving the shop.

“Well, I’m all done in there. It’s your turn now.” Steve said with a grin at the empty-minded hazel eyed deputy. “I have something in mind for you, but first where is your cruiser? Ah yes!” he says, locating the black and gold marked Sheriffs cruiser parked at the end of the same parking row that his M5 was in. He grabbed the deputy around the waist, lifted her up, and began to make his way towards her cruiser. Steve was already worn out from moving Estelle and Margret around and he found the deputy pretty heavy; after taking a few steps he head to rest. When he finally got there he found himself extremely winded and sat down to rest at G. Brenan’s feet. After resting for a couple minutes, he felt refreshed and stood and began his plans for Brenan.

He first pats her down and finds her car keys. Unlocking her cruiser, he places her coffee cup inside in the cup holder. Returning to Brenan, he takes off her utility belt and puts it aside and then begins working off the uniform, starting at the pants first. Within minutes, Deputy Brenan is standing naked before Steve, a pile of her clothing at her bare feet. Her blonde hair out is of its bun now and sits below her shoulders; she was a big breasted woman and her mound was bushy with dark hair. She was more attractive out of uniform, Steve thought, but she could stand to lose at least 5 lbs to look even better. Brenan had muscular thighs, very athletic, perhaps a soccer player in her past life Steve thought. Her legs looked good naked though, he thought, walking around the suspended naked blonde. If he had a red Baywatch bathing suit he would have dressed her in it. Brenan looked like she would have belonged on that that show, perhaps ten years ago though.

He gave her a wide eyed expression before maneuvering her busty frame into her cruiser. Steve puts her left hand on the steering wheel, her right combing through her blonde hair and her aviator glasses back over wide hazel eyes. After throwing all of her clothes in the back seat, he buckles her in and closes the door. Steve gives her a final salute before returning to his car, singing “Living on Prayer”.


To Be Continued in: A Quiet Day at Work

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