Tucker’s Wand XI:  The Vancouver Trip

by FreezAntix

The next installment in the tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


Los Angeles, California

            “Tucker it’s not fair; some of that is my money too!” Maggie whined, following Tucker around his room as threw loose articles of clothing into a duffel bag.

            “Sorry Mags, but I really want to show Haley Vancouver,” Tucker said calmly in hopes of calming his friend down. He sniffed two pairs of jeans; one smelled like pizza while the other smelled sour. The pizza-smelling pair went into the duffel bag and the sour smelling ones over Tucker’s shoulder and into the corner of his messy room.

            “I want to see Vancouver too!” Maggie shot back, crossing her arms and pouting. “I worked hard for my half of that money.”

            “Maggie please let me do this. I know it’s not fair for you and I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Tucker pleading looking as sincere as he can. “Tell me now, what do you want?”

            “One week off with the wand after you get back,” Maggie finally said after thinking for a little bit.

            “Deal,” Tucker said, quickly happy that the matter was resolved.

            “I get paid during this week too,” Maggie quickly added.

            “Fine,” Tucker agreed, sliding in his laptop along with some tennis shoes then zipping the bag closed.

            “I want your Gundam Wing box set, too.”

            Tucker stopped what he was doing and looked at Maggie seriously, “Maggie.”

            His friend smiled innocently and shrugged, “It was worth a try. I was on a roll.”

            “We’ll be back before you know it. Don’t let Calista push you around too much in the store and tell Jamie where the inventory list is for next week,” Tucker said, picking up his bag and tucking his wand in his back pocket as he left the room. Maggie trailed him.

            Entering the living room, the two friends were welcomed by the sight of their three live-in statues. Rebecca, Tucker and Maggie’s former boss, was posed near a bookshelf in the room with a feather duster in hand and dressed sexily in a French maid’s outfit. The redhead stood with her back to the pair with the duster raised up in her right hand while her left hand balanced herself against the bookshelf. She stood on a set of shiny black high heels making her stocking covered legs look great from the back. Tatiana, the blond European who was a former assistant to Ms. Zoe, was mostly naked save for a pair of black sheer panties and a lacy garter belt hooking a pair of black thigh high stockings; she stood behind one of the sofas clutching her small but lovely naked breasts. She bore a seductive smile on her face. Finally there was Candice, the newest addition to their collection. The former African-American model may have accidentally seen the wand being used, thus earning her a spot in Tucker and Maggie’s prized collection. Candice, who Maggie had affectionately nicknamed Candy, was posed naked on the sofa. She sat stiffly upright with her legs spread wide and her hands on her knees. Her face bore a wide-eyed stare with her mouth opened wide. Her black hair hung loosely at her shoulders.

            “What exactly are you doing with her?” Tucker asked, gesturing towards Candy.

            “Exploring… I may make a calendar for her later.” Maggie replied with a grin, looking over Candy and licking her lips. “Candy’s so sweet.”

            “Yeah…” Tucker said, opening the door. “Good luck with that calendar; maybe you can beat Haley’s calendar in sales.”

            “Yeah right…” Maggie scoffed, “Two cute Asian girls cuddling… there’s too many people with an Asian thing in this town. She was lucky that me and Cindy are really cute.”

            “You never know. Candy is pretty hot; add Tatiana and have a vanilla and chocolate theme, something like that?” Tucker suggested, stepping into the hallway.

            “Bring back something!” Maggie called out just as Tucker closed the door. Turning around and looking at Tatiana and Candy, “Chocolate and vanilla…not a bad idea.”

* * *

            “This thing is really creepy… are you sure you want it?” Haley asked, looking over at her best friend Kayla. Kayla looked star-struck as she examined the life-sized realistic mannequin of movie starlet Jessica Alfa. The figure had nothing on but a matching pair of red lacy panties and bra.

            “Are you kidding, this thing is the coolest thing, ever! I can’t believe Tucker just gave it to you,” Kayla replied, running her hands through the figure’s fake honey-colored hair.

            “Well he didn’t just give it to me. It was gift from his best friend Maggie. He was pretty attached to it but his apartment is getting pretty cluttered so something had to go. I picked this one just because I didn’t like him looking at her all the time.” Haley explained, taking a sip from the large cup of tea that she held in front of her.

            “Thank him for me when you see him… cause this thing is so cool. I have no idea where I’m going to put it, but I love it.”

            “Yeah…” Haley began to say as all of a sudden everything goes completely silent and still. The blond Italian remains standing, frozen in place, looking over at her friend with blue eyes at half-staff and lips parted holding the colorful mug near her lips. Kayla’s stare is locked on the mannequin with one hand touching the figure’s hair and the other hand on the figure’s plastic shoulder.

            Tucker opens the door to his girlfriend’s apartment and casually walks in, tossing his duffel bag onto Haley’s couch. He smiles in surprise, seeing that Haley was not alone. Kayla LeFer, Haley’s best friend, was present as well. Tucker had never really ‘explored’ the reddish-brown haired girl before; she was always busy with something and when Tucker did hang out with her and Haley he didn’t have his trusty wand with him. Haley was dressed in her usual home clothing; a pair of baby blue track shorts, a thin white tank top and a pair of Ugg boots. Her blond hair was tied back in a loose bun. Kayla was barefoot and dressed in pair of form-fitting jeans with a purple short sleeved top. Her reddish-brown hair was tied back into a playful pony tail.

            He looks over at his formerly owned Jessica Alfa mannequin; it was perhaps the nicest mannequin he had ever seen. Shame he had to get rid of it. As big as his and Maggie’s place was, it was getting crowed with Candice being added to the mix. The living statues were stored in the office when Maggie and he were bored at looking them; the office was just too tight with another mannequin that was not that posable. The other ladies could be folded and contorted to fit in odd spots easier. Running his hands through the figure’s fake hair, he sighed at his lost toy that – from the looks of it – was going to get a pretty good home with Kayla. He smiled at Kayla’s frozen form and blank face. Tucker than separated Kayla from the mannequin and waved the wand over her head, making sure she would remain frozen in time.

            Moving Kayla to a more open spot in the living room, he turned around to face his girl friend who was aimlessly staring at where Kayla had been. He grinned and turned his attention to the wannabe actress. Tucker unbuttoned Kayla’s tight fitting jeans and jerked them off of her hips. The quick motion caused Kayla to slightly wobble, as well as taking down her orange thong, which now sat around her ankles along with the jeans. Kayla remained looking straight ahead with a silly grin on her face and her hands holding air. Tucker licked his lips, looking at her cleanly shaven mound; he smiled and leaned in and began licking it. Once he felt satisfied, he moved up to her top and rolled the top up along with her silk bra. Kayla had smaller breasts than Haley but they were still nice and capped with pink nipples. He spent his time kissing and sucking them. He wanted to do more but not with Haley in the room even though she said it was okay to do whatever if the girl was frozen but this girl was her best friend. So Tucker kissed Kayla’s lips, each one of her cute nipples and her mound before redressing the girl and putting her back in front of the plastic Jessica Alfa.

            Turning his attention to his girlfriend now, Tucker removes her tea mug and places it on the counter and then drags Haley from under her arms into her room. There he took pleasure in stripping his Italian girlfriend naked of everything. Once she was naked, he pulled her blond hair free from her bun and messed her hair up before getting naked himself and mounting her. He pleasured himself a good five to seven times before moving south to begin to eat out her snatch. As he worked his tongue he restarted time.

            “…I’ll tell…him…” Haley said but then moaned loudly. “Ah TUCKER! Ah!” She bellowed and clutched his hair. The two then made love for hours and fell over exhausted when all was done. Haley cuddled next to Tucker, resting her head on his chest. “That was so hot, babe; I feel so hot…” She cooed and then her eyes shot open wide and she sat up. “Kayla!”

            “Don’t worry she’s not going anywhere.” Tucker replied, pulling his girlfriend down and the two kissed for a while before Haley stopped and pulled back.

            “You didn’t do anything to her, did you?”

            Tucker smiled, “I peeked…” He said cautiously.

            “And?” Haley then asked.

            “And what?” Tucker replied nervously.

            “How did she look? Better than me?”

            Tucker pulled Haley back down; she giggled cutely as Tucker hugged and kissed her on the forehead. “She was somewhat better.”

            “Tuck!” Haley exclaimed, sitting up and slapping her boyfriend playfully on the chest.

            “Kidding,” Tucker then said, sitting up and kissing Haley once more. He held her in his arms as they sat quietly and she leaned against him in comfort. “Hey, do you want to go to Vancouver?”

            “Are you for real?” Haley asked, looking up at Tucker to see if he was joking; he wasn’t. “When?”

            “Right now.”



            “Right now, now?”

            “Yes and yes.”

            “Tuck I do but… I have to work and Vancouver is kind of far for a day trip.”

            “You work for your uncle; I’m sure you could get a week off. You also don’t have any modeling gigs right now. Don’t worry about Vancouver or money; I have that taken care of.”

            “Are you serious?” Haley asked, sitting back and looking at Tucker soberly.

            “I’m all packed and ready to go. All you have to do is call your uncle, pack some clothes and make up some excuse to get Kayla to leave. I’ll unfreeze her and then stop time again for how ever long it takes us to get up there and restart it once we’re there. You’ll be gone four or five days real time.” Haley thought for moment. “You have to make up your mind fast though; the sun is perfect right now, so if I stop time we could have great lighting driving up there for photo ops if you want.”

            “Let’s take Kayla too!” Haley then said excitedly.

            Tucker lowered his head in disappointment, “If you really want to… I was thinking this could be just us. But if you want her to come, I can’t stop time and we may be gone longer and she might have to pay for herself as I only have enough money for two people.”

            “No, Tucker; I asked if we can take Kayla with us, not if she could tag along.” Haley said, smiling evilly.

            “Oh. Ohhh.” Tucker replied, “Are you sure?”

            “Yes, she’s always making blond jokes and playing with my head. She always wanted to go on vacation together, so I guess with this I can get back at her and take her up on her wish too.”

            “Well, if you want to. I don’t see anything wrong with it. You’re gonna have to come up with something so people won’t miss her and so she won’t get too suspicious.”

            Haley thought for a second. “I’ll call for her and tell club Sting she’s sick with the flu and when we get back pop one of Maggie’s super-sleepy pills in her mouth; when she wakes up I’ll tell her she got sick.”

            Tucker shrugged, “Works for me. You need me to do anything?”

            “Just bring Kayla in here and wait for me.”

* * *

One Hour Later

            Time was frozen once again. It was only three in the afternoon and LA traffic had not picked up yet. Not that it mattered as the Lancer drove on the shoulder and cut in and out between motionless, seemingly parked cars. The world was silent around the Lancer, the only moving thing as if in a scene from an apocalyptic movie.

            Tucker drove his Lancer casually, having tons of practice driving the small car between pedestrians and parked cars on many occasions. Haley sat in the passenger seat looking over a Vancouver travel guide and made mental notes of what she wanted to see. Kayla, still frozen, sat in the backseat behind Tucker. The girl had a smiling face with her eyes staring blankly ahead. Haley had dressed up her friend in a flowery sundress for the trip.

            “Kayla looks good,” Tucker complimented as he accelerated down an open stretch of road not worrying about police or surprises.

            “I know she does. You’re looking at the creator of one of T&M Productions most popular calendars, Cuddly Cute Asian Girls.”

            “That I am. Maggie is aiming to dethrone, you by the way.”

            “Let her try; I’ll just come up with Cuddly Cute Asian Girls TWO!” Haley replied, sticking two fingers up and laughing. Tucker laughed along; it was great having Haley in the loop even though she was different from him and Maggie. Maggie and he were into the posing thing, along with other perks of a suspended hottie. Tucker found that Haley was really into the whole big doll aspect of a frozen person, dressing and posing them. She really enjoyed working with Cindy and Maggie, dressing the two timestopped girls in cute clothing and she wasn’t even upset that he had frozen her best friend; it just gave her another doll to play with. It was surely the beginning of something special.


Vancouver, Canada

Four days later, real time, seven days Tucker time

            Hitomi Maki quickly packed her things. Looking at her watch she saw that she had less than thirty minutes to get to the airport. The 23-year-old waitress had met the man of her dreams three days ago during her shift at a local sushi bar. She didn’t know his full name, only that he went by Rory and he had lots and lots of money, which was more important to her than anything else. Rory had promised her a new life in New York where she didn’t have to pay for anything. She would just have to be his eye candy at social events. After some convincing, two nights full of lavish gifts, fine dining and free money was all that was needed. She spent the day closing up shop in Vancouver; she didn’t have too many friends, just people she hung out with time to time. So saying good bye was easy and she quit her job without two weeks notice; she didn’t really care, where she was going she didn’t need money or sushi anymore. Her dream of being rich had finally come true, and not through hard work like her family had stressed on her. She was overly attractive naturally, with a round face and mysterious dark – almost black – almond eyes, elegant and soft facial features and delicate pale skin. She had long silky black hair with blond streaks that she either wore tied back in a loose bun or down. She had it down at the moment; Rory liked it that way. Being Asian, she had naturally small breasts but with the help of cosmetic surgery and the countless rich men she had dated that was no longer a problem.

            Looking in her closet, she realized that she didn’t have enough room in her suitcase for all of her pricy and wide abundance of trendy clothing. Making up her mind, she decided to leave most of her wardrobe behind save for a handful of some of her favorite outfits. A new wardrobe awaited her in New York. She squealed in excitement as she picked the outfits out and folded them into her suitcase and closed it. Hitomi looked down at herself, looking over her outfit. She had a baby blue bandana top and pair of dark denim tight-fitting designer jeans that were tucked into a pair of soft leather, black, heeled boots. Looking the mirror, she smiled at herself and pulled on a retro baseball cap, “Looking good girl,” she said, blowing her reflection a kiss and then closing her suitcase and leaving the room. She headed downstairs to let the landlord know she was leaving.

            “I’m out of this shit hole!” Hitomi exclaimed. She had sublet the room from a family of three, and had several roommates throughout the house. The rent was cheap and it was a roof over her head so she always played nice with everyone. But not anymore; she was finally free. The other roommates and the landlord and his family were all gathered in the dining room for dinner. Everyone looked at Hitomi in shock at her language and outburst. “You heard me!” She added, turning and leaving dragging her suit case behind her.

            She slammed the front door and stepped into the warm summer evening, taking a deep breath. By this time next week I’m was going to be rich and set for life, she thought and smiled. Gripping her suitcase she happily trotted down the steps of the old house that she shared with strangers for the last year or so. It was another end to a chapter in her life.

            “Hitomi, wait,” A voice of a woman called out to from the front door.

            “What do you want? I have a flight to catch,” she snapped, turning around to face Mrs. Fairchild the landlord’s wife.

            “Do you have enough money?”

            Hitomi was about to explain she didn’t need the woman’s money and that see was going to be rich soon but instead smiled her fake sweet smile that she had mastered and had gotten her out of trouble so many times. She was a pretty girl when she smiled no one wanted her to stop. “I do need a little spending cash.”

            Mrs. Fairchild smiled happily and went down the stairs digging in her purse. “No problem dear; I wish you could stay, you’re such a lovely girl but it seems that you made other plans. I’m sorry if your stay was not what you expected,” The older woman said, handing Hitomi some cash. “Would this be enough?”

            Hitomi snatched the cash quickly, not wanting the old woman to change her mind at the last second. Putting down her suitcase she counted the cash and stuffed it in her jean pocket. “I’m going to America, I may need more…”

            “Oh…” Mrs. Fairchild replied, looking into her purse. “I guess I could dip into the grocery savings. I bought that extra ten pounds of beef that could last us for few more days. There was a sale this week,” she said smiling, proud that she was able to save money to help her leaving tenant out.

            “That’s nice… what can you give me?” Hitomi asked impatiently. “I have a flight to make.”

            Mrs. Fairchild produced a decent amount of cash and counted a few bills from it. “Would this be enough?”

            “Perfect!” Hitomi declared, taking the larger amount of bills and leaving the older women with few bills she had counted out. “Thanks a lot; I have to go now,” Hitomi said, quickly picking up her suitcase and leaving.

            “Hitomi, wait!” Mrs. Fairchild called after her. But the Japanese girl was already halfway to the sidewalk. “Good luck!” she then called out. The older woman turned to head back into her house, thinking of an excuse to tell her husband of their diminished grocery funds; they now barely had enough for the next week. The woman had only made it halfway up the steps leading to her front door when she stopped dead in her tracks, the air around turned still and the sounds of the warm late summer night vanished as silence engulfed the world.

            Hitomi was frozen in mid-stride, she held her suitcase in her right hand and her left hand was folding up the wad of cash she had just taken. She was looking down at the cash with grin with her eyes shut. Tucker emerged from behind a nearby tree, tucking in his wand into his back pocket. He had almost forgotten about his one-time love Hitomi. His plan had been to show Haley around Vancouver, but it turned out to be the opposite as Haley had spent most of the trip up reading the travel guide, she ended up knowing more about the city than Tucker. It had been a fun four days, something Tucker would remember for the rest of his life. It was their last day in the great Canadian city when Tucker remembered about Hitomi and more so that Haley mentioned wanting an Asian doll.

            Tracking down Hitomi had not been as easy as he thought; in fact he had no idea why he thought it would be easy in the first place. It was a large city and he had never gotten the girl’s last name so he really couldn’t look her up. Haley wanted to spend the day at the hotel, testing out their services and organizing all the pictures they had taken on their trip. This left Tucker time to hunt for the heart-breaker. He had searched the heavily populated Asian area, both in real time and his time, had some fun in process, but had no luck finding the girl. He was starting to think she might have moved away and considered picking some hooker as Haley’s Asian doll. By sheer luck he walked by a sushi bar and remembered Hitomi telling him that she had been a waitress there. Taking a shot in the dark, Tucker went in and asked the owner about Hitomi. He was overjoyed to find out everything that he was looking for and then some. Hitomi’s last name was Maki and she lived just outside of the city limits in a sublet house. Even better, she was getting ready to move as she had just quit her job that day.

            After getting the address to the house by telling the owner that he was an old friend of Hitomi, Tucker navigated his Lancer out to the house. He had stopped time in fear of missing his target. When he reached the house the parking sucked on the crowed street, so he had to park down the block. He restarted time as he made his way on foot to the house and was about to go in and ask about Hitomi when she appeared, leaving the house. He stopped time once again and ducked behind a tree, than restarted time so she would get closer to him and further away from the house. Tucker was about to stop time again when an older woman came out of the house confirming that it was Hitomi indeed in front of him. He watched Hitomi rip off the old woman and stopped time once again just as Hitomi thought she was free.

            “Still taking money, I see.” Tucker observed, walking up to the motionless girl. She was still very attractive; maybe even more so than the first time he had met her. He eyed the money in her rigid hand and pried it free. He then dug the cash out from her jeans pocket as well as all the cash he’d found in her purse that was hooked to the suit case. “You’re not going to need any money where you’re going. You took enough of mine that one time already,” Tucker said harshly to the unhearing girl and then walked towards the house. He inserted the wad of folded bills into the older woman’s hand and the extra cash into her purse. Walking over to Hitomi, he looked her up and down; she was very hot, an attractive body, very nice face and clear healthy pale skin ideal for an anime character. “I must say Hitomi, you do have the whole package. Haley will like you,” Tucker said, smiling, taking off her baseball cap and putting it on his own head as he tapped his wand twice above his once-lover and new lifelike doll.


Executive Hotel Vintage Park

            Haley sat at a round glass circular table in the center of their hotel suite. The small table had a great view of the Vancouver skyline and she often looked up from what she was doing to enjoy the view. Vancouver was easily becoming one of, if not her favorite, west coast city. In front of her was Tucker’s laptop, which had all their pictures loaded on it. She was clicking through the hundreds of pictures they took while visiting various landmarks on the way up and the pictures they took in and around the city Vancouver. She took a sip of red wine as she scanned through and deleted pictures she didn’t like. The hotel was known for their wine, and Haley agreed it was well deserved credit. A large amount of the road trip pictures had Kayla in them, holding the same bemused expression. Haley smiled, thinking the fun she had posing her friend in the picture. She couldn’t wait to see Kayla’s reaction when she saw these pictures; she’ll be confused for a long time. “These are some great pictures, Kayla!” Haley squealed, looking over at her motionless friend, who was posed sitting on a nearby puffy leather lounger. They had to stop time when they moved Kayla and someone had to be with her at all times. When they went out, they locked Kayla in the car; the Lancer had tinted windows so nobody ever would guess that the girl was frozen.

            Kayla was dressed in a low-cut strapless evening gown that showed a lot of cleavage and leg. Her sexy legs were covered in black hosiery and her reddish-brown hair was tied back in a fancy bun. Kayla held a neutral look on her nicely made up face and was posed sitting with her back straight and sexy nylon-covered legs crossed at the knees with her hands resting on them. Haley sat barefooted in a red spaghetti-strapped red dress that showed off her athletic legs and impressive bust. Her blond hair was tied back in an elaborate braided bun with her face nicely made up as well. Haley smiled at a picture of she and Tucker standing in front of mountain-filled background and wondered if Tucker could have the picture framed as it was something she wanted to have at her bedside.

            In a blink, she was suddenly in bed with Tucker lying on top of her. She was completely naked and covered in body oil as was Tucker. She let out a moan as her eyes rolled back in her head as Tucker pumped his juices in to her. “Tuck…ah…Tuck…oh Tucker…” She panted, pushing against him. “Is time…still stopped?” She then managed to ask after catching her breath.

            “Nope…” Tucker replied nibbling at her neck.

            “Stop time…” She breathed, “Stop it!” she screamed out as she reached her orgasm. Tucker was suddenly off of her and standing next to the bed with his wand in hand and she felt empty with him off of her.

            “Oh my God, what did I do? Are you hurt?” Tucker asked worriedly.

            “I’m fine. Did you stop time and why I am covered in oil?” Haley asked, sitting up, not bothering to cover her nakedness. She crawled over to Tucker and sat beside him as he let out a sigh of relief and dropped the wand.

            “Geez, Haley, you scared the crap out of me and yes time is stopped,” Tucker took a breath and sat down next to his girlfriend.

            “I made reservations for dinner… I didn’t want our fun to interfere with it.” Haley explained, kissing Tucker. “So, why am I covered in oil?”

            “Well… I took some pictures of you all oiled up for my personal collection.” Tucker explained, leaving out the part where he included also oiling up Kayla and Hitomi and adding them to the pictures as well. He had a set just to show Haley though; the more personal pictures were locked up and hidden like the rest of his best pictures, which also included some of Maggie as well. They were for his eyes only.

            “Oh well, I’ll have to take a look of those pictures later…” Haley cooed, licking the side of Tucker’s face. “Shall we continue?”

            “Oh, we shall…” Tucker replied, holding Haley intimately and laying her back down on the bed.

* * *

            They made love for hours in their relative time. Soon Tucker and Haley were both hungry and Tucker restarted time. They still had thirty minutes before their reservation at Araxi and Tucker spent some time drinking some white wine and looking out into the Vancouver skyline. Haley remained in the buff and looked at the new pictures that Tucker took of her all oiled up. She was so into the pictures that she did not notice that her friend was posed differently and was absent of all make up. “These are hot… you have a talent, Tuck.”  She complimented after she finished looking at the pictures. Closing the laptop, she stood up and stretched her naked body out and walked up behind her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around him. “I love you baby.”

            Tucker turned around and kissed his gorgeous girlfriend, looking over her naked body. “I love you too.” They embraced each other in silence, enjoying the moment and saving it in their memories.

            “Well, we’d better get ready. I think I need to shower real quick before we head out. I have a suit picked out for you; it’s in the closet,” Haley said, stretching and walking towards the bathroom.

            Just then Tucker remembered the gift. “Haley wait!” He called out, reaching for her arm to stop her.

            “What is it Tuck?” Haley asked smiling warmly. The smile made Tucker melt; she was so hot he wanted to freeze her then and there and save her forever.

            “I got a gift for you.”

            “A gift? Where?” Haley replied, looking around the room her attention completely focused on the gift. “What is it?”

            Tucker took hold of Haley’s hand and led her into the bathroom of their suite. “I present to you, Hitomi Maki,” he announced, gesturing towards the naked pale Japanese woman standing in the center of the bathroom. Hitomi stood at attention, her pretty face molded into bright smile with squinting eyes. Her hair was slicked back and wet; her clear pale body was covered in water droplets, fresh from the washing that Tucker had given her after her oily photoshoot. A red bow was taped to the top of her head. Haley walked up to the doll-like girl and looked her up and down. Her skin was pale and perfect it showed nothing, freckles or any other kind of skin blemishes. The girl was a little shorter than she and had a nice tight body with perfect round breasts and pink nipples. Hitomi was clean shaven and after feeling her breasts, Haley noted they were fake but that didn’t matter; the girl was beautiful.

            “She’s lovely, Tucker.” Haley said in a hushed voice walking around the immobilized girl. “Her skin is so perfect…”

            Seeing a naked Haley walking around and touching an equally naked Hitomi made Tucker think back when he had Kayla, Haley and Hitomi all oiled up and naked standing at attention together. The thought made his member stir and he quickly shucked the thought and urge to stop time again. Reaching behind the door, Tucker grabbed hold of Hitomi’s suitcase, “The clothes that she was wearing and some other clothes are in here; fancy stuff. She was moving or something when I came to get her.”

            “You got accessories too?” Haley said happily, moving over to Tucker and hugging him tightly. “Thanks for finding my Asian doll, she’s perfect. I’ll play with her more when we get back from dinner. I’ll give you a fashion show… maybe we can make a little calendar here,” Haley said, grinning and looking back at Hitomi. “Looks like you’re not going to be breaking anyone’s heart anymore.”


Los Angeles, California

Two days later, real time, four days Tucker time

            “It’s getting pretty crowed again,” Maggie said, looking at their dining room table which was packed. The table had space for five; with their new addition and Tucker eating his breakfast there was no room for Maggie. Tucker sat, flanked by Rebecca and Tatiana who were both wearing skimpy maid’s outfits and sported goofy facial expressions. Next to Rebecca was Candy, who was dressed in an oversized jersey, her hair in braids with her face molded into a sleepy look. Finally next to Tatiana was Hitomi, who was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, which fit her look very well with her hair braided into pig tails and her face still smiling innocently.

            “Is it a problem?” Tucker asked, looking up from his meal.

            Maggie smiled brightly, “Not at all.” She said, leaning over and kissing Hitomi on the cheek. “When can I have a go at her?”

            “When Haley says so; she’s Haley’s doll. We’re just keeping her up here because she has too many visitors at her place and well…  everyone else is here.”

            “Shucks…” Maggie said disappointingly. “I get next week off with pay and the wand right?”

            Tucker pulled the wand from his pocket and kept it hidden on under the table. “Yes, I remember the deal.”

            “Cool,” Maggie replied, happily and turned around to get some coffee, “just checking.”

            “Haley saw your layout for the Chocolate and Vanilla calendar and she’s kind of threatened by it.”

            “Good; she’s not the only one in this company with good ideas,” Maggie replied with her back to Tucker, stirring her coffee.

            “She’s going to be producing Cuddly Cute Asian Girls II right now,” Tucker said, grinning and bringing the wand up from under the table.

            “What…” Maggie began to ask just as Tucker waved the wand twice over her head. His cute best friend was stiff as a statue within a heartbeat. Maggie stood in mid-turn, holding her cup of coffee in one hand while the other was putting the stirring spoon into the sink. Her lips were parted and she had one eyebrow raised.

            Tucker smiled to himself upon hearing a door knock. “Right on time,” he said, standing and crossing his living room to answer the door. Opening door, he’s welcomed by Haley’s smiling face. “Good morning,” he greets her, kissing his girlfriend.

            “Morning sweetie!” Haley replied, kissing him back. “Is she ready?”

            Tucker smiled, saying, “um hmm; take a look,” and stepped aside, letting his hot Italian girlfriend come in. “How is Kayla?” he then asked, closing the door after Haley entered.

            “Oh sweet, Maggie’s got some cute PJs, but we need to change her out of those,” Haley said, looking at Maggie dressed in her baggy pink spotted pajamas frozen by the sink. “Kayla is good; she’s feeling better and bought the whole sick-for-a-week story. She thinks I’m the gullible one; HA!”

            “Yeah, that’s pretty gullible, but I remember you fell for something like that a couple times yourself,” Tucker reminded her, picking up his wand.

            “I didn’t fall for it; I chose to believe you cause you’re so trusting… of course now I know I make poor decisions every now and then,” Haley joked, dropping off her purse at the table and stepping behind Maggie. “Let’s take you into the living room so we can get you ready for your photoshoot.” As Haley began to move Maggie, she froze in place, holding a stupid grin on her face.

            “Now let’s get you ready for my Calendar shoot, The Girls of Tucker Holmes.” Tucker laughed, walking over to his suspended best friend and girlfriend. He kissed Haley on her frozen cheek before walking back to his office.

            He unlocked the door to his office and smiled at the sight of the six other women in his calendar. He had awakened early to gather them; he was sort of tired but it was all worth it. The six women were crammed shoulder to shoulder into the office like a group of mannequins in a storeroom; they stood silently and rigid in two rows of three. Madison Yen was in the front row; Maggie’s older sister the lawyer and golden child of the Yen family was naked. Tucker had gotten her when she was sleeping, and to no surprise the older Yen slept in the nude. Standing to Madison’s right was Cindy, Maggie’s cute modeling friend, who was Maggie’s Vietnamese counterpart. She was dressed in an oversized pink hello kitty t-shirt with nothing on underneath; her hair was a mess. Next to Cindy was Tucker’s neighbor, Lisa; the blond photographer surprisingly enough was up when Tucker had dropped by, she was busy in her darkroom developing photographs. She was dressed casually in a pair of shorts and a KISS t-shirt. Behind Madison stood Haley’s best friend Kayla; Tucker was lucky to catch her on time since she was out for a morning jog and was dressed appropriately so, in tight spandex black leggings and an oversized grey hooded sweater. To her right was patrol officer Regina, who was still in uniform as she was just coming off duty from the night shift. Finally ending the line was Lauren, the dance instructor, who was dressed in a silky dark blue nightgown that Tucker thought made her look older for age… but it didn’t matter as it was coming off in few minutes.

            “Well, ladies, let’s get you all ready for the shoot.” Tucker said eagerly, looking over his models for the day.


The End of now… if you believe that, we've got an island to sell you...

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