TuckerÕs Wand XII: ÊThe Hawaiian Trip

by Zero and FreezAntix

The next installment in the tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

Prologue: Can of Worms

Truman Estate, San Diego, California

            Interpol Special Agent Sophia Katsopolis had spent most of the morning re-coloring her lush blond hair dark brown and shopping for the perfect dress and shoes for her special meeting with Charles Truman the III. The younger Charles was the most exclusive art dealer in Southern California while his father, Charles Truman Jr. was the most prominent in the country. He had made headlines a couple of months back when renowned photographer and artist Rachel Hunt beat him up in public during an art show. Since then Charles the 3rd had kept a low profile but still managed to collect attention, this time with the International Police.

            It started following the takedown of the worldÕs biggest kidnapping ring, now known at the Paradise Foundation scandal, where hundreds of women were kidnapped all over the world for the purpose of slavery. Interpol had cracked the case in the end but proceedings were still very much alive through various court systems around the world. The more recent kidnappings were different; this time around as all the victims were associated with Charles Truman III in one way or another. In a two-month period nearly a dozen women had gone missing internationally and it was looking like the Foundation might still be involved. Except this time all the clues – as little and as inconclusive as they were – pointed to a single man. The only problem was that he was filthy rich and had an alibi for all the nights in question that the victims vanished. Interpol had nothing on him, only that he had dated all the women once or twice. The most recent case was different however. Rachel Hunt, the artist that had beaten Truman up, had just vanished from an L.A. art show and the man in question was in the vicinity of the scene. As usual he had an alibi and witness accounts saying he was nowhere near the show. Apparently he was in a nightclub entertaining a crowd of strippers.

            Making matters worse, at the time of the disappearance Interpol had a deep cover agent working closely with Truman and that agent had no useful information to offer. Sophia had been working undercover as an art collector, trying to get close to Truman since the close of the Paradise Foundation case, which she was heavily involved in cracking. As of yet SophiaÕs efforts to get close to the millionaire had been unsuccessful. He had a thing for exotic women; Sophia was a blond Greek but her handlers felt that Truman would notice her more if her hair were dark, bringing out her Mediterranean tan. So she was reduced to dying her hair constantly every couple of days and dressing in skimpy outfits that showed off her tall exotic body. The hair, the skimpy outfits, the overly flirtatious behavior and the show of money had done nothing for her success. She met with the handsome art dealer a few times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, but the meetings had been strictly professional – even friendly – while she had hoped they would become more sexual. Within the agency Sophia was known among her peers for her charisma and ability to talk herself into and out of problems. Charles made her look and feel like a rookie on both accounts; he was as smooth as the best con-artist. The man was handsome and rich. He had gotten beaten up by woman, so macho violence was not his thing; he was more of an "I pay you, you do what I ask" type of person. Sophia was beginning to think Charles Truman the III might be innocent as her inside investigation was getting nowhere, fast.

            Sophia was on her last straw and her handlers were getting ready to pull her out after the latest kidnapping and Truman having proximity and a connection but no sure evidence to arrest. Then it happened. Charles had called her out of the blue that morning, asking if she would join him for dinner. At last it was her chance to see the inside of his secluded estate located just outside of Coronado By The Ocean. Her mission was simple: get Charles to talk about anything relating to the kidnappings, hopefully incriminating himself, tour the estate if possible and look for any signs of the missing victims. Interpol felt this was their only chance to really look into TrumanÕs affairs.

            The taxi cab, with an Interpol driver, dropped Sophia off at the three-story beach mansion and wished her luck as she stepped out and paid the fare. Once the cab was off the property, Sophia was truly alone. There were no surveillance vehicles in sight; they were nearly four long blocks out along with a strike team in case they were needed. Interpol feared Truman would spot them and did not want to risk being seen. Sophia wore no wire as well as she did not have enough dress material or anything else large enough on her to conceal a listening device capable of handling the long range. The Greek agent was dressed in thin skimpy backless maroon evening gown with a single strap looped around the back of her neck, the dress hugged and showed off her curves. The hem was cut high, showing as much of her long sexy tan legs as possible while keeping her dignity at the same time. She stood tall on a pair of black strappy heels that made her calves look extra sexy. A diamond necklace hung around her neck with matching earrings in her ears and a bracelet on her right wrist. Her dyed hair was tied up in a classy bun and she carried a small maroon handbag containing her ID and cell phone. The cell phone was really her only safety net; she would open it to check the time every hour or so to let her handlers know that she was fine. If she opened it sooner or failed to open it on schedule they would know she was in trouble and move in.

            She looked up in awe of the large house, which was illuminated via flood lights lining the perimeter that kept the large estate visible for all to see in on the darkest of nights. Taking a deep breath and clutching her small handbag in both hands, she slowly walked up the steps leading to the double front doors. She looked around for a buzzer and saw none only a large lionÕs head cast iron knocker on one of the doors. When she knocked, the door slid open a few seconds later, admitting her into the dark cool interior of the house. Against her better judgment she entered, stepping out of the cool August night and into the darkness of the Truman manor.

Two Hours later, over the Pacific Ocean

            He had escaped through a network of secret underground tunnels under his mansion that led to another nondescript house a block away; from there he traveled to a privately owned airfield nearly five miles away. Within thirty minutes he was airborne in his private jet with the Californian coast fast disappearing behind him. Charles Truman III sat snugly in the back of his jet, clad in loose white dress shirt with sleeves neatly rolled up at the elbows, that was un-tucked from his pressed khaki pants. His brown hair was sleeked back, presenting his clean and handsome facial features.  Leaning back in the calfskin leather seat, talking on the phone, he crowed "So what did you tell them? The look on their faces was priceless? It looked like they lost a room full of bombs!? Oh my God Johnny, that sounds great; IÕm going to put that in my book of quotes if I ever get around to writing one. Thanks a lot for covering for me, you will again be paid handsomely I assure you. In the meantime keep two weeks from Saturday open and come out to the new place; IÕm having a little celebration and would love it if you show. Yeah, thatÕs great – bring Ôem if you got them. Yeah brotha, IÕll see you then. PEACE!" Charles concluded, closing his satellite phone and tossing it behind him.

            As expected Interpol had raided his house within an hour of Sophia KatsopolisÕ arrival but he was ready for them and he was already gone by then. His house was even all packed up; the place was only a shell. Charles had his hired eyes and ears everywhere; when he first laid eyes on lovely Sophia he had her checked out. When nothing turned up, it became obvious her background was too perfect and did not go as far back as the eighties; he then knew he was dealing with an undercover cop and a gorgeous tall Greek goddess of one at that. California was getting a little too hot as it was; he figured heÕd move his operations elsewhere for the time being. He was getting tired of the Californian lifestyle anyways.

            Sitting stiffly across from Charles at the edge of her leather seat was Special Agent Sophia Katsopolis of Interpol Greece. She was completely naked, showing all to whomever wanted to look. She sat rigidly with her back straight, her hands cupping her magnificent breasts, her naked legs together at her tip-toed feet and spread apart at the knees to show a shaven mound between tanned bare thighs. Her hair was blond and slicked back, being wet from the little shower he had given her. He was into blonds more than anything else. SophiaÕs brown eyes stared vacantly ahead at nothing in particular and her lips bore an open-lipped smile showing white teeth. Charles smiled back at the unmoving Greek, taking in her gorgeous features. When she first arrived, she only had on a sheer black thong under the skimpy dress; he had ripped those off her frozen body easily once she was pumped full of his new best friend, the Type-7 sedative.  After he had called her earlier that day and invited her for dinner, his cell phone was "stolen." When she arrived in his darkened empty house he baited her to explore inside before he shot her with Type-7 dart from afar that held enough of a dose in it to keep stiff as a mannequin till hell froze over. His friends and staff were under orders to tell the authorities that he had moved out earlier in the day and that his phone had been stolen the day before.  There was absolutely no way to reach him, they apologized.

            Sitting just as stiff and rigid next to the beautiful Interpol agent was world class artist and photographer Rachel Hunt. The thirty-year-old brunette sat naked in the same fashion as the Greek, though she was not as attractive as the Greek, with smaller breasts, shorter in stature, could use a little bit of grooming down south, and could stand to loose at least five pounds – but she was attractive though none-the-less.  After she had publically embarrassed him, he decided she was going to be his plaything forever. The night Charles had lost Italian beauty Haley Leone as his girlfriend, before he'd even been able to go to bed with her, Rachel had assaulted him after he'd accidentally ruined one of her works. Now he had turned the tables on her.  Charles snickered and shook his head, looking at the naked photographer with her green eyes empty and glossy and looking at nothing.  "I bet you wish you never pissed me off, don't you bitch?" he asked.  Both paralyzed women remained silent, staring straight ahead like life-sized dolls. "Louis, how far are we from landing?" he then called out, raising his voice so the cockpit could hear him.

            "WeÕll be landing in Honolulu within two hours time sir with the current wind conditions," the pilot replied without turning around. Even as rich as he was, the pilot thought Truman was a real oddball because he played with these realistic looking dolls; that was a little too creepy, but the man was rich after all – he was allowed to be weird.  And the pilot was being paid very well to look the other way.

            "Great, IÕll have some time to enjoy my new additions.  Frobisher, close the partition door if you would.Ó  He turned to the two motionless women.  ÒLadies, cheers to the wonders of Type-7," he said, standing up and taking off his shirt, a prelude to the next two hours.


Act 1: The Bait

Los Angeles, California

1 Day Later

            As promised by Tucker, Maggie had some days off with pay and some time alone with the wand. Tucker had cut down using the wand drastically, compared to back in May when he first gotten the magical stick in the mail. Maggie thought that his relationship with Haley, their Italian Goddess of a neighbor, had something to do with his wand usage though she also suspected he froze her often enough at night behind closed doors. The blond Italian knew about the wandÕs power, as Maggie did; they were the only two women Tucker trusted enough to tell them about the wand. Haley was fine with it – as much as Maggie – by now, though sheÕd had her doubts at first. It was a beautiful relationship; both Tucker and Haley were happy. He was so happy that he gave Maggie the wand for her use more often and without question most of the time; as it turned out, Maggie was also his guinea pig when it came to test stuff on the wand so she was the most deserving person to lend the wand to when he wasnÕt using it.

            Maggie had wasted her possession of with the wand this time, since she spent most of her time with her favorite actress Kayley Wu. She had visited the actressÕ house every day that she had the wand, hid and froze and unfroze her at will and did things to Kayley, from taking all of her clothes off and then redressing her in something different. Of course she also had her normal fun with the actress; steamy sex that would make any man jealous. Tucker thought it was a waste when she could have done so many other things with the wand; Haley thought Maggie might have problem and suggested repeatedly she seek help for what seemed like a growing addiction. Maggie thought the experience wasnÕt that much of a waste since she was having so much fun. Kayley, however, thought she was going crazy because of all the weird things happening; so for her favorite actressÕs mental sake, Maggie didnÕt visit her on the last day she had the wand. Instead she visited her semi-serious girlfriend Jamie, who was also her boss. Jamie wanted a serious relationship with Maggie and she loved her to death but Maggie didnÕt want anything serious yet. Maggie figured she was still young and flirted around with other women as much as she could, with or without JamieÕs approval. Jamie found out later and was hurt; they often had arguments about it but they always got back together in the end. Haley thought Maggie was acting like typical asshole unfaithful boyfriend and told her so. Maggie just shrugged off the comment. Tucker warned her that Jamie wouldnÕt always be so forgiving and Maggie might lose a good thing or something could happen; life was short.

            Jamie was at work when Maggie snuck in and they spent some fun time together. Jamie was thrilled as Maggie never done anything like that before. They spent an hour or so together before Maggie stopped time and had her own kind of fun with her redheaded girlfriend and the other frozen patrons. She stopped by the coffee bar and visited her favorite MILF Gloria; the barista was dressed in cute short-sleeved purple dress with matching pantyhose covered by her apron. Soon that did not really matter as it all ended up on the floor in pile and a naked Gloria joined Jamie in the back office. Maggie loved the mother of twoÕs mature body, which was nearly perfect save for some sagging due to age and a little forest down south. She then had hours upon hours of erotic fun in her respective timeframe with the two women. Midway through, Maggie got hungry and raided a bistro across the street, in the buff. She felt as if she was a cave woman parading around in her birthday suit but it didnÕt matter; suspended time was on her side and now looked at anything really differently. With more food than that she could eat, she returned to the shop, laid Jamie and Gloria side by side on the break room table and covered their bodies with food. Once that was done she proceeded to eat it off of them. When she was stuffed and the leftovers thrown away she lay out on top of the motionless women and fell asleep.

            It was nearly two or three hours later her time when she awoke again. Feeling satisfied and refreshed, she returned Gloria to the front of the store and redressed the barista but left her pantyhose around her ankles and the fingers of her left hand inserted in her womanhood. She returned to Jamie and restarted time; as expected the redhead was clueless that hours had passed and the two had some more fun. By the time she left the store, Jamie was all googly-eyed and happy. She asked Maggie if she could come over later and Maggie replied sheÕd come to her. She had to be careful with visitors; Tucker had Rebecca, JamieÕs lookalike twin sister, stashed over at their place; evil twin had been frozen for nearly two months now. Jamie had thought her sister finally left town and didnÕt really care, so everything worked out but if she were to see what really happened to her, Tucker and Maggie could end up with the other twin too. That wouldnÕt be a bad idea she thought, but then she figured Jamie was too nice a person for that. Jamie told her to come hungry cause she was going to cook a romantic meal for them. Maggie agreed and kissed her girlfriend good-bye and slipped out of the back of the store.

            Maggie skipped happily home. She was growing tired; she had been up for nearly 10 hours her time, not including her little nap while time was stopped. It was only four in the afternoon though. She figured sheÕd spend the rest of the day with Tucker and Haley. They were always up to something cool. As she passed a clothing boutique called "VickyÕs" she stopped in her tracks and looked at a big sign under the storeÕs sign that read "Win a trip to Hawaii for four today!" She had always wanted to go to Hawaii. Maggie wanted to go anywhere as she had never left the state of California; once she had a chance to go to Canada but she gave that up for her best bud Tucker. Looking at the four mannequins in the window, she saw they were dressed in sharp looking business attire; the two figures in the center were in skirt suits, one a black pinstripe the other in a navy suit. The outside figures were dressed in pants suits with dress shirts underneath; the far left one had a scarf around the neck and a dark red suit with a black dress shirt the right side one was dressed in a nice cream colored suit and a white dress shirt underneath. The skirted figures both had matching pantyhose to their suits was while the pants-suited figures were bare of any shoes as they stood on metal rods. The display figures were horrible themselves, being faceless and white.

            The store looked to be more suited for MadisonÕs type of clothing, but Maggie wanted to go to Hawaii, so she shrugged and stepped into the store. She immediately felt out of place as the store was truly a classy looking with hardwood floors and counters with plush red navy cushioned furniture. It was organized like any other clothing store but had a majority of clothing racks as they mostly sold suits. The till was set off to the right side of the store and an African American woman dressed in a maroon skirt suit with black pantyhose and heels and her hair in a bun stood behind it, hands behind her back while looking bored out of her mind. There were some other women in the store, all dressed in business attire. Maggie was dressed in a denim skirt, Tweety Bird flip-flops, and a Big Bird t-shirt. Her hair was tied into a simple pony tail under her trusty white floppy cap and Pikachu bag suspended behind her from her shoulders. Everyone turned in her direction and the room went silent as she entered the store. "Uh – I want to go to Hawaii?" she asked with a smile and a little wave.

            A brunette with serious green eyes steps out from the crowd of women, who went back to what they were doing. The brunette had her hair tied back in chignon and was dressed the same as the African American woman behind the till. Maggie figured the woman was another employee. "What are you doing here?  For you do not belong here, little girl," the woman asked and stated very snobbishly. She quickly was put on MaggieÕs hate list; Maggie frowned at the woman and was about to say something when another woman appeared. She was dressed the same as the other two women, but this woman had short strawberry blond hair that framed her pretty face perfectly. She had crystal blue eyes and soft kissable pink lips. She looked a little bit older than her customer by at least a couple of years. Maggie could tell she had a decent sized bust as well as her blouse was pushing hard against the suit jacket.

            "DonÕt be so rude, Wanda," the woman said, giving the brunette a warning look. "Go talk to some customers," she then ordered. Wanda glared at Maggie once more and then turned to do what she was asked. "I am so sorry about that. Wanda was a trust fund princess till her father decided it was bad choice. IÕm Vicky, Vicky Sandrosi; welcome to my store." Vicky greeted, extending her hand.

            Maggie was in love; she smiled cutely, "Very nice to meet you Vicky, IÕm Yen, Maggie Yen."

            Vicky laughed at MaggieÕs little joke on the James Bond line. "The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Yen. What can I do for you today besides enter you in our contest?"

            "Well I donÕt really dress like thisÉbut I do need a good suit for a job interview though," Maggie somewhat lied. She really didnÕt like wearing suits and she really didnÕt have a job interview, but then again she was getting ready to graduate soon though and a suit might come in handy.

            "Well, I can so help you with that Maggie – and by the way," she leaned in close and whispered, "IÕm a fan of Big Bird too."

            Maggie smiled, smelling the blondeÕs sweet strawberry scented perfume. First Vicky took Maggie to the counter where the African American woman, whose name was Hilda, gave Maggie a numbered ticket. Vicky explained that they would have the drawing in an about an hour and if her number gets picked then sheÕll win an all-expense-paid trip for four to Hawaii for a week. Once that was explained and Maggie filled out some paperwork, Vicky began ask Maggie what kind and style of suit that she liked. Maggie found Vicky very easy to talk to; the store owner was very charming and likable. Another employee – who was one of the storeÕs two tailors – named Franie, a blond haired blue eyed woman who was about MaggieÕs age then took her measurements. Franie was very serious and was very rough with Maggie, pulling and tugging at her. Maggie only winced in discomfort as Vicky busily made small talk and picked out fabric swatches for Maggie to examine.

            Once all the measuring was done, Vicky escorted to the dressing rooms where she handed Maggie several outfits to try on. As Maggie tried them on and showed them to Vicky to examine she spied Wanda and another woman looking her way and talking to one another, shielding their lips so Maggie couldnÕt see what they were saying. The laughed very obviously, looking MaggieÕs way though, so it was clear she was the topic of their amusement. The other woman was a tanned dark-haired woman who wore her wavy dark locks loose; she looked to be Hispanic and was dressed in a white wool sleeveless dress with a black belt with a gold buckle hanging loosely off her hips. The hem of the dress was at the womanÕs knees, her legs were clad in nude pantyhose and she stood on a pair of cute white open toed heels.

            "WhoÕs that woman with Wanda?" Maggie asked as Vicky changed the color of the suit that Maggie was trying.

            Vicky looked briefly over her shoulder and the two women looked away quickly as if they werenÕt even looking at Maggie in the first place. "ThatÕs Carla Gomez, sheÕs WandaÕs BFF, and she comes in the store every day just to talk to Wanda. I canÕt get her to leave or Wanda to do her work when CarlaÕs around." Vicky grumbled as she straightened out the fitted jacket that Maggie was wearing, "This looks good on you," she then complimented.

            "Thanks Vicky," Maggie replied, smiling and touching VickyÕs own coat. "This looks nice on you too; it really flatters your nice figure." Vicky blushed and quickly backed a way as if to look at Maggie over but her cheeks were red. Quickly changing the subject, seeing Vicky was getting uncomfortable, "Why donÕt you just fire her and kick her little friend out?"

            "What?" Vicky asked, lost and staring at MaggieÕs cleavage seen through the top of the business coat she was trying on.

            Maggie gestured to the two ladies who by now had turned around completely and facing the other direction. "Kick Ms. Gomez out and fire Wanda." Maggie said again loud enough for the two women to hear her. They turned around, glanced daggers, and then smiled smugly at her.

            "I canÕt," Vicky replied, not looking at the pair behind her and concentrating on checking over MaggieÕs suit for any loose threads. "WandaÕs dad paid half my lease for this store and CarlaÕs family owns the apartment complex I live in. If word gets back to them that I kicked her out of my store, IÕll be homeless."

            "That sucks." Maggie replied, feeling bad for the beautiful store owner.

            "ItÕs okay Maggie.  Life is unfair; I can deal with it. It makes me a better person in the end." Vicky replied smiling. "No worries."

            "YouÕre so positive, like my friendÕs girlfriend. ThatÕs good." Maggie replied, looking at herself in the mirror. She was standing in a pair of shiny black five-inch heels that surprisingly felt comfortable. Her short body was clad in black business suit that hugged her curves and made her look slimmer, while giving her a false hour glass figure. The matching skirt sat barely above her knees, just showing enough of her legs for people to notice. "Wow; IÕm pretty hot in this," Maggie admired, spinning on her toes.

            "You are pretty hotÉ" Vicky whispered – barely audible – eyeing Maggie up and down.

            "What was that?" Maggie asked, looking back at Vicky slyly.

            "Your, ah,  boyfriend would think youÕre pretty hot," Vicky quickly said.

            Maggie raised an eyebrow as that didnÕt sound anything like what she thought Vicky had originally said. "Oh thanksÉ I donÕt have a boyfriend though. I donÕt really swing that way, if you get my drift," she added, winking.  Looking back in the mirror at herself, I look better than Maddy, she thought, much cuter.

            "I have one more suit for you," Vicky then said, taking MaggieÕs hand.

            "Oh thatÕs cool, but I think IÕll take this one though. Thanks for your help. Hey; where are you taking me?" Maggie than asked, puzzled as Vicky guided Maggie past the dressing rooms and into the back of the store. She then pulled Maggie quickly into a closet and began kissing her passionately. At first Maggie resisted, but then gave in as the two women began stripping each other. They were soon naked and down on the tile floor making love. Vicky had a stunning body that made Maggie forget about everything: perky breasts with pink nipples and clean shaven mound; a naked figure as good as a world class gymnast. She was skilled with her tongue as well as she nearly made Maggie pass out in excitement. Once it was all done, Vicky stood and quickly dressed. Maggie sat up naked and tried to figure out what had just happened. "What was that?"

            "Sorry Maggie, but I just had to have you. Now hurry up and get dressed," Vicky said, peeking out the closet door to see if anyone was looking.

            "Vicky that was hotÉ but I already kind of have a girlfriendÉ" Maggie confessed, picking up and putting on her underwear.  In one way of thinking if you count Rebecca, I actually have twoÉ

            "All the better," Vicky replied smiling. "YouÕre going to Hawaii, by the way.  That drawing crap is just a sham."

            "What? ThatÕs really sweet, but IÕm not breaking up with my girlfriend or anything," Maggie said, straightening out the suit skirt and zipping it back on.

            "Nobody said anything about breaking up with her. I donÕt really care about whoever else youÕre going down on. You just make yourself available when I want you. Now hurry up and get dressed."

            "What if I donÕt want to?" Maggie asked, buttoning the jacket up.

            Vicky turned around and pushed Maggie roughly against the wall. "Then IÕll have to tell your girlfriend what a little whore you are," Vicky said seriously, her charm suddenly replaced with evil. "Maggie came into my store – I was helping her with some clothes – then she just attacked meÉ" Vicky mocked, using her innocent voice. Maggie thought it was very believable.  And cruel..

            "WhyÉ" Maggie asked almost in tears.

            "Because I can," Vicky simply replied, backing off. "ItÕs my store and my word.  DonÕt cry. You came on to me, you little slut."

            Maggie sniffed and regained her composure. "I donÕt like Big Bird anymoreÉ" Maggie mumbled, looking down at the floor.

            "I donÕt either. Burn those clothes you came in with; you look like youÕre twelve when you wear them. Just wear your great new look home, people will like you better," Vicky said coldly, opening the closet door and letting Maggie out first. "Give me your credit card; you just bought a four hundred dollar suit, Yen, Maggie Yen."

            Maggie dug into her Pikachu Bag, pushing the wand aside and fishing out her Sailor moon special VISA card. She handed the card to Vicky, who looked at the card and then laughed at her. Maggie plopped herself into nearby bench; she wished Tucker or Haley was there with her. She looked back up and saw Vicky talking to Wanda and Carla, the three women all laughing at MaggieÕs credit card. Wanda and Carla pointed at Maggie and laughed as Vicky swiped the credit card. Maggie sadly gathered her old clothes and stuffed them into her bag holding back her tears.

            "Here you go Ms. Yen, thanking for shopping at VickyÕs," Vicky said, her fake smile back, handing Maggie the folded invoice. Maggie took the invoice, opened it, and saw the four plane tickets. "Remember our deal," Vicky whispered and smiled. ÒAny time; any place.Ó Maggie stood silently, hugging her bag and holding the invoice and the tickets. "Have fun with your girlfriend," Vicky mocked her.

            Maggie walked sadly back home, talk about karma, she mused. Would this have happened if I treated Jamie better? she thought, looking at the invoice and the tickets. VickyÕs cold words still burned in her ears. She shook her head trying to think of something else; she was going to Hawaii!

            Finally remembering she had the wand, Maggie got an idea; she quickly ducked back into an alley and stopped time.

            She re-entered VickyÕs shortly afterwards. The scene hadnÕt changed much. Vicky was standing with Carla and Wanda. The three had been talking when time was stopped. Carla stood with one hand on her hip and the other hand held with one finger up as if making a point. Her head was leaning to one side, her lips were parted, and her eyelids were half closed. Wanda stood with her hands palms down out in front of her as if she were showing off her nails. She was staring blankly at her hands with her mouth open. Vicky stood with her hands behind her back and looking over at Carla intently with a shameless smile on her lips. Maggie moved past the frozen trio and made her way behind the counter. First things first:  she was going to return the suit. She shoved Hilda aside; the stiffened woman fell on her side, holding her awkward pose. Unfreezing the register, Maggie expertly charged herself the refund times two; luckily for her the credit card system and the point-of-sale worked just like the ones in her store. Once that was done, she changed her clothes back and looked around the store for something to do next. Glancing at the window display of faceless white figures she smiled as a wicked idea came to her head.

            An hour later – MaggieÕs time – she stood outside VickyÕs store and nodded in approval at her work. The new window display held Wanda, Vicky, Franie and Carla, respectively, posing as mannequins. WandaÕs dark hair hung loosely off the back of her head, falling to the small of her back. Her face was molded into a smile with her empty green eyes looking straight ahead. Maggie had stripped the maroon suit from her doll-like body, along with her satin bra and panty set, and the redressed her in the cream-colored pantsuit; since the suit didnÕt have any matching shoes Wanda stood barefoot. The brunette was posed with both hands on her hips and with one foot in front of the other. Vicky was now dressed in the navy skirt suit. Her face was molded into a serious expression as she stood rigidly with one foot in front of the other and her hands behind her back. Maggie added a scarf around her neck tied it tightly enough so when time was re-started the strawberry blond seductress would soon find herself with no air. The scarf could easily be removed, of course, but its effect was what was important. Franie, the tailor, stood next to Vicky in the same pose, with the same serious expression. The tailor had been really flat, no breasts and not much of backside; she did have a decent face though. Finally there was Carla, who was now dressed in the dark red pants suit but sans the scarf that Vicky was now wearing. The Hispanic girl had a shapely body and Maggie couldnÕt resist but to have a taste, Carla had worn very sexy underwear, a black lacy see-through bra and that was basically it as she was naked under her pantyhose. She was now posed with her hands running through her hair; the LatinaÕs back arched backwards. Her head thrown back and her eyes shut with crimson lips parted in pleasure.

            Maggie brushed her palms together looking the four new display models over, noting the improvement. She had dressed the faceless mannequins in the shop clerksÕ clothes and stashed them at the back of the workroom. "Looking good!" Maggie remarked and pumped her fist before walking away. She strolled down two blocks before she ducked behind an alley and restarted time. Coming out of the alley she looked back down the street, hoping she could hear some screaming. She heard nothing. Odd, she thought as she continued walking and looked behind to see if she could detect any commotion. Nothing. Reversing course, she strolled casually past VickyÕs and glanced into the store. No commotion at all, in fact no motion of any kind.   The four living mannequins remained posed exactly as she had left them.  Scratching her head, Maggie remarked to herself, "Did I freeze them individually? IÕll check later.  TheyÕll keep in that display just fine for now," she shrugged and continued her trip home after turning the ÔopenÕ sign around to show ÔclosedÕ.  Then she became  wrapped up in plans for the trip and forgot all about Vicky and her catty co-workers until two days later, when it was too late to rescue them..

Two days later, United Airlines Flight 143

            "IÕm really sorry Haley." Maggie said, her eyes only visible as she peeked over the top of HaleyÕs seat. Haley looked back at her and glared and looked down at her t-shirt that was soaked in orange juice.

            "YouÕre like twenty something years oldÉ why do you act like youÕre twelve?!" Haley asked, annoyed. She had been drinking her juice when all the sudden someone kicked the back of her seat hard enough for her to spill the sticky drink all over herself.

            "Really sorry Haley, it was my fault; I should not have been tickling her." Jamie then said, peeking over the top of TuckerÕs seat.

            "Hey guys relax." Tucker cut in, looking back at the three girls. "Haley, just cool down; Maggie got us this free trip. Jamie, you should have known that Maggie is extremely ticklish. ItÕs a fact and Maggie, try not to irritate Haley too much, this is a vacation."

            "Sorry." Jamie and Maggie said in unison, sitting back in their seats.

            Looking over at Haley, who was still wiping her t-shirt with her napkin, he observed, "Why on Earth did you not wear a bra?"

            Haley opened her mouth in shock and punched Tucker in the arm. "Gee, thanks for announcing it to everyone," she remarked, sinking lower in her seat covering her exposed nipples up. "I did it for you... of all the women you been with I donÕt get how you still have trouble with bras."

            "Only your bras, sweetie," Tucker replied, reading his comic book. "Buy cheaper bras and problem solved."

            "WhateverÉ" Haley replied, slapping Tucker in the arm and pulling her blanket up to her chin to cover her shirt. "Did you hide all the dolls back home?" she then whispered out of the blue.

            "TheyÕre all tricked-out and locked away in the office." Tucker replied, flipping through his comic. Before they had left Maggie and he had dressed the four live-in models, Rebecca, Tatiana, Candice and Hitomi into Power Ranger costumes and tucked them away.  The four women were individually time-stopped and so would remain frozen until someone with the wand decided to revive them, which wouldnÕt be soon.  Maggie already had one bad experience where Rebecca and Tatiana had almost escaped and she didnÕt want that to happen again.

            Tucker sat in the aisle seat and had about two feet of space between him and the passenger across the way, who was an elderly man. Leaning out, he looked up and down the aisle, they were seated in the middle of plane. The aircraft looked to be divided into four sections; he, Haley, Maggie and Jaime sat in the third section. The flight was packed with mostly middle aged people; a mix of vacationers and business folk, there was a family here and there. They had been in the air for nearly three hours and there was another ninety minutes left before they landed. Pulling out his wand, he tucked it on the side of his seat and looked around for some targets for some six-mile-high fun.

            There were a total four flight attendants, one assigned to each section. The flight attendant that worked the third section was a cute brunette named Polly; she was as short as Maggie but had a huge bust. The attendant who worked the fourth section was a slender Asian woman with blue eye shadow. Up in the second section was a middle aged tall blonde and finally in the first section was an African American woman with close-cropped hair. All were dressed in the same uniform, a navy blazer over a matching vest with a pale blue blouse underneath. A navy skirt that sat right above their knees, dark indigo pantyhose and black heels finished the uniform. They had nametags and the crew IDs were suspended from their necks by small chains.

            Beside the flight attendants and Haley, there was really no one else that stood out in the cabin that warranted anything fun. There were kids too, so Tucker didnÕt want to mess with too many people so he would not have a lot of fixing to do afterwards. It was tight as well too; it was going to be pain to get to some all-right ladies. He settled back in his seat decided on his targets. Looking over at Haley, she grinned happily holding the blanket up to her chin and looking out the window at the clouds and the ocean below. Behind him Jamie was looking out the window too with Maggie fast asleep leaning on JamieÕs shoulder. Looking around once more to make sure no one was watching him closely. He was attention-free. Tucker smiled as he tapped the wand three times on his leg.

* * *

            Tucker stood back up, stretched his back, and pulled the curtain open in the back of the rear kitchen of the cabin. He was stark naked and tiredly scratched his naked stomach. Looking back into the kitchen he grinned, seeing Polly sitting on the floor. The brunette was naked with her legs wide and large breasts hanging freely. Her hands were behind her head. PollyÕs eyes were closed and her lips posed in the shape of an ÔoÕ. Her lips chin and breasts were shiny with TuckerÕs juices. Sitting motionless on her knees on the other side of the small kitchen was Donna the Asian flight attendant. Donna was completely naked as well, save for her dark pantyhose. Her hands were stiffly cupping her small but perky breasts. Her eyes were opened wide and her mouth still held TuckerÕs juices. Tucker patted her on the head before closing the curtain and casually walked forward.

            Haley stood in the middle of the aisle, completely naked, with her hands over her head. Her jeans and red thong were pulled down around her ankles. Her blond hair was a mess and she had a sleepy expression on her face. Tucker stepped in front of her, kissed her vigorously and groped her breasts. He pumped her twice before moving her aside, kissing her once more on the cheek before moving by leaving her standing naked in the aisle, wobbling.  She looked like an erotic waxwork.

            In the forward kitchen were flight attendants Georgia, the middle aged tall blond and Zana the African American flight attendant. Both women stood at attention with blank stares and wide smiles. They were clad only in their underwear and heels. Georgia had a powder-blue silk bra and panty set while Zana had sexy black cotton set with lacy lining. Zana had a supermodelÕs body, slender and tall, while Georgia had curvier figure that went with her tall height. "I love flight attendants," Tucker proclaimed, looking over at both frozen ladies. "Ready for round two? Your friends sure enjoyed it," Tucker asked, closing the curtain behind him.

* * *

            Maggie woke up sometime later and felt wetness on her chest. She looked down and saw that she was wearing HaleyÕs t-shirt and her bra was clearly visible through the damp fabric. "What the hell is this, orange juice?"

            "IsnÕt that HaleyÕs shirt?" Jamie asked, puzzled.

            Haley and Tucker peeked back and looked at Maggie, smiling. Haley was wearing MaggieÕs Elmo t-shirt. Haley kissed Tucker on the cheek. Maggie shook her head, drying the t-shirt with her napkin. "I said I was sorry.  Sheesh!"

            "How did youÉ?" Jamie continued. "You were sleeping the whole time.  WhyÉ" In a blink of an eye Jamie was slumped over in her seat, her head lulling over her chest.

            "Thanks for the pills, Mags." Tucker said from his seat.

            "Yeah whatever," Maggie replied as she adjusted her drugged girlfriend so she would look more natural. "If she doesnÕt wake up by the time we land guess who is going to carry her." Before Maggie could say anything else she was fast asleep once again on JamieÕs shoulder.

            "Tucker!" Haley exclaimed, looking back at the two sleeping lovers. "Who is going to carry them – theyÕre not going to be awake when we get there."

            Tucker snuggled up against his girlfriend, "IÕll figure something out. With Jamie sleeping sheÕs just going to be loud. You wanna use the bathroom?"



            "Okay!" Haley said excitedly like a schoolgirl.


Act 2: The Hook

Hotel Renew, Honolulu, Hawaii

            "Damn, this is a nice room," whistled Tucker as he stood next to Haley at the doorframe of their hotel room. A dark gray shag carpet covered the floor, while the walls were a mix of a dark brown wood and cream wallpaper with a slightly peach-colored ceiling. The light fixtures were a mix of wall lamps and standing lamps, all of them made to look like bamboo lanterns. For furniture there was a desk made of dark polished wood along with two bedside tables, a bench-like seat in front of the window overlooking the beach and a pair of loungers that could be converted into relaxer chairs with stools. The bed was a king-size with cream-colored satin sheets, extra-thick pillows and a red quilt at the base. There was no table, but ideally food was eaten in the hotel restaurant and other dining establishments. Fortunately for Tucker there was a coffee machine and room service.

            "Check out the bathroom!" squealed Haley, having gone to examine the facility. A black sink sat across from a full shower with tan-colored drapes; fluffy robes and sandals placed underneath the sink as well as a full medicine cabinet and plenty of room for toothbrushes and other supplies. The toilet was simple but it was hard to go fancy with one of those. All in all the room was quite nice for its listed price and completely wonderful for being theirs free for several days.

            Tucker had wanted to spend some time breaking in the bed with Haley but she insisted they wait as she was too excited to just get it on like they normally did. Reluctantly agreeing, since he wanted to see the city too, Tucker changed into a tan short-sleeved buttoned shirt with a white T-shirt underneath as well as navy shorts and brown sandals. Haley, meanwhile, chose some stylish sandals and was wearing a black and white bikini, which did cover a fair amount of her chest though she'd elected to wear a sarong around her waist that had a typical Hawaiian flowered pattern. Tucker felt his shorts bulge as he looked at his girlfriend. While he'd seen her naked many times, seeing Haley in the somewhat exotic outfit just make his sex drive go harder. "Can't we just...?" he muttered.

            "Sorry Tuck, but the girls and I want to soak up some beach sun; that and do a little shopping," declared Haley, grabbing her purse. "You don't have to come, you know. You've got your wand and you're in a new place. Why not-" Haley never finished her sentence as Tucker had already taken her advice, producing his wand and tapping it five times. Haley stood facing her boyfriend, her left arm up in a V-shape with her purse just blow her wrist, her right arm at her side with her wrist turned up. Haley's mouth was a mystery, her mouth open but no clear letter formed or forming on her lips.

            "Oh, I'm getting a picture of that," declared Tucker, digging out his camera and unfreezing it with his wand, snapping a picture of his stiffened girlfriend. "See you later honey, I'm off to have some fun," announced Tucker, kissing his statue of a lover on the lips before exiting the hotel room.

            Maggie and Jamie were in their room and the door was locked, thus Tucker would be hard-pressed to get in without unfreezing time, which he didn't want to do. Deciding to give his friend and her lover some time alone he wandered the hotel, admiring some of the people he passed. The hotel's staff was a mix of Hawaiian locals and people who'd clearly emigrated from the mainland US. The staff primarily wore black buttoned shirts, blouses for the women, that had short sleeves and matching light pants with polished shoes; all the women having their hair up in Asian-style ponytails or buns with chopsticks, needles and other such implements. The tourists in this hotel were not clichŽ types, many of them dressing in shorts and shirt had no Hawaiian designs on them or other colorful shapes. After dropping some pants, shorts and skirts Tucker decided he really wanted to shake things up and unfroze an elevator, taking it to the top floor where the most expensive rooms were.

            It took Tucker almost ten minutes but he found what he wanted: an open door to a massive room. The room was the same style of Tucker's but had a lot more furniture and space, including a black leather massage table near the window. A brunette staffer was fixed in place pushing a cart with a white cloth on top, a bottle of champagne and a couple of dishes on top of it on silver trays. Sitting at the desk was a balding man who looked like he was in his late forties or early fifties. He had a ring of hair around the back of his head that was a mix of brown and salt but his face was perfectly shaven, with no hint of beard visible. The man was dressed in a short-sleeved white buttoned shirt and tan pants, sitting there with a pen in hand as he wrote something on a sheet of paper.

            "Clams and caviar?" whistled Tucker, examining the food trays on the cart while the staffer stood by like a waxwork. "Damn, you must be loaded. I guess you won't mind if I take this bottle then." Tucker was considering just snatching up the bottle and leaving but then noticed how shapely the immobilized staffer's rear end was and decided to have some fun. Putting the bottle aside, Tucker wrapped his arms around the rigid woman and dragged her to the massive bed that looked like it could sleep eight, laying her on her back and lowering her pants.

            After a few minutes pleasuring himself using the frozen brunette's rear end, Tucker got rid of most of his tension and then traded places with the guy who actually had the room. Tucker carefully stood the guy up, put him behind the reclining woman and carefully pushed him into her, not wanting to actually touch his junk. Chuckling to himself, Tucker left with the champagne, closing the door behind him.

* * *

            After dropping off the champagne in the room, Tucker set out to explore Honolulu, beginning by hunting for an authentic Hawaiian shirt. He hadn't started time up again so the initial experience was quite peaceful as he strolled around the crowded but motionless streets. It was late summer, so tourist season was peaking, causing Tucker to accidentally knock over several people as he moved. Normally Tucker might have helped the people up but since they couldn't get hurt while they were frozen and he wasn't at home he just didn't care.

            Finally after nearly an hour, during which Tucker had stopped briefly to eat one woman's ice cream cone, Tucker found the kind of boutique he wanted: a small one with hot staffers but currently no customers. The store was small, a basic outlet type, with three women standing around in red tube tops, grass skirts and leis around both their necks and heads. Only two Hawaiians, both dark-haired though one had a streak of purple on the left side of their hair, the last one being a blond. All three wore their hair straight and covering their ears, the length even about the same as it went down to just around their shoulder blades. The blond had a one-piece maillot on a hanger in her hands, a red one with a white flower pattern, and was frozen in mid-stride, seemingly heading towards the window. The purple-streak girl stood behind the counter, her hands propping her bored face as she stared at the clock on the wall across from her. The last girl had been fiddling with a rack of bathing suits. The boutique had a bunch of circle-shaped racks, mostly of bathing suits, with a glass display window on one side that contained three mannequins, two women and one man. The male mannequin wore swim trunks and a typical Hawaiian blue shirt with pineapples on it while one of the female ones wore a teal thong bikini and the last was dressed like the women in the store. All three had black hair wigs that were fairly short. It didn't take Tucker long to know what to do.

            Within minutes Tucker had stripped the three real women and the store mannequins down to nothing and began the process of exchanging their clothing. The streak girl was given the teal bikini while the bored staffer got the outfit that was almost exactly like hers, the mannequin version only having a more authentic looking skirt and a dark green top instead of a red one. For the blond, Tucker dressed her in the male mannequin's shorts as well as the bikini she'd been carrying, deciding to keep the shirt from the male since it fit him. All three frozen women were then placed in the window and their poses were adjusted. The blond was on the far right (from Tucker's point of view), her left hand raised in a wave with her right hand on her hip, a slight smile on her face as she stared straight ahead. The streaked girl was on the far left, Tucker having found a beach ball and putting it in her hands, bending her over at the waist slightly. The last girl was dead center, her hands to the left in a hula dance pose with her palms down and her fingers bent. Before continuing with his little chaotic experiment, Tucker headed for the cash register and opened it, grabbing a couple of big bills to cover lunch.

            The two female mannequins were dressed up in store staff clothing and then placed behind the counter. After deliberation Tucker decided to just forget the male mannequin and left it naked in one of the changing rooms. Finally Tucker snatched up a notepad and a pencil, writing down the address of the boutique and other information he might need before producing his wand and waving it at the three women in the window, twice each. Chuckling, Tucker turned the sign on the door to read 'CLOSED' and exited, locking up using keys he'd found behind the counter when he'd raided the cash register.

* * *

            "Nice shirt Tucker," complimented Jamie as she lay on her beach towel, watching the young man approach. After the boutique, Tucker had hurried back to the hotel and unfrozen time. He'd then let Haley and the girls go off for a few minutes while he'd changed and found out how the scene he'd left upstairs had played out. The balding man, as it turned out, was Stan Hobbes, a major electronics company CEO, or so he'd learned from spying on the result of his work. The staff woman had agreed to keep the incident a secret if he gave her one of the company's new computers and some stock, which he agreed. Tucker was silently glad she wasn't pressing charges as he realized his DNA could be found on her if she was examined. Cursing his stupidity, Tucker had then returned to his room and headed to the beach, where he was now.

            Jamie was looking incredibly sexy in a red one-piece suit that had slits on the sides, showing her hips and a decent amount of the sides of her breasts, her hair was hanging loose behind her head as she lay on her hands and back. Maggie was next to Jamie in a pink two-piece that had a kitten's face around her breasts, her glasses removed and her hair also hanging free as she lay on her back. Finally there was Haley, who'd removed her sarong and of course still had what it took to make Tucker's flag want to fly, lying next to Maggie. All three were already covered in sunscreen lotion, making Tucker's mind race with more erotic thoughts as he pictured the three women rubbing each other all over. Tucker himself now wore his new shirt and a green and yellow pair of trunks that successfully held his member in check, a simple white towel on his shoulder, the wand inside of it, and a six-pack of cola in his other hand.

            "It does suit you," offered Maggie as Tucker walked by her, laying down his towel and carefully hiding the wand underneath it as he lay down. Haley, it appeared, had drifted off to sleep, lying on her arms with her eyes closed under her Oakley sunglasses. Shaking his head, Tucker removed three of the sodas and tossed to of them to the other girls before opening his own and taking a drink, laying back. Since she was trying to keep her svelte appearance due to her modeling career, Haley had cut herself off from drinking pop as well as most alcohol, instead relying on coffee, tea, wine and water for the most part. Tucker had raided her fridge and was shocked how little milk she kept, getting her calcium primarily from yogurt instead. Tucker knew he'd never be able to give up his sugar rush cereal in the morning, let alone cola.

            "Nice location you picked out," commented Tucker, glancing around. The beach was huge and had a decent collection of palm trees though the quartet were set up away from most of the shade, only getting a bit of it from the hotel behind them. It seemed to be a location primarily frequently by younger people in their twenties as there were no kids and it didn't look like anyone there was over the age of thirty.

            "Is that Jessica Alfa?!" Jamie suddenly exclaimed, getting her three companions to jump. A stunning woman with a Mexican complexion was seen wading through the water with a guy nearby that looked more like a bodyguard than anything else but her face was wrong, looking more like Haley than the actress Jamie thought it was.

            "No, but I do think she's a model," commented Haley, her voice a little strained as she'd just woken up. "That guy's certainly a bodyguard. Some of them get those." Disappointed, Maggie and the others lay back down.

            The sun continued to beat down for over an hour, Tucker and the girls starting to tan a bit. The colas were gone, Tucker and the girls having decided to drink them before they got too warm. It was fairly quiet, everyone just enjoying some much needed total relaxation. Ultimately it was Maggie who broke the silence, standing and nodding at Tucker. "Race ya," she taunted, suddenly taking off like a jack rabbit. Tucker grinned and quickly got up, zipping after his friend. The pair ran hard; hard enough to make their stomachs sick thanks to their earlier drinks, but eventually splashed into the water. Tucker tackled Maggie and sent her headfirst into the sea.

            "Did I win?" joked Tucker as Maggie splashed him back with a playful grin.

            "Actually, I just wanted you to come over here so I could suggest something," revealed Maggie, waggling her eyebrows as she dodged a return splash. "This beach... I think it could use less... conservatism, don't you think?"

            "Oh, you're bad," laughed Tucker, shaking his head and moving to exit the water. "Hang on, I'll get on that." Racing back to their spot, Tucker and Maggie practically dove onto their towels.

            "Boy, you guys sure like to be random," noted Jamie, shaking her head and clearly a bit uncomfortable from watching her girlfriend get tackled by a guy, even if he was her best friend. Haley seemed fine however, well aware of Maggie and Tucker's relationship. Maggie gave her lover a sad face before crawling over and planting a kiss on her cheek. Tucker, meanwhile, reached under his towel, winked at Haley, and tapped the wand the magic number of times. The sea breeze, the sounds of dozens upon dozens of people frolicking and generally having fun at the beach, the beating sun, everything seemed to fade away as Tucker stood up and tapped Haley twice.

            "Okay, this is new," breathed Haley, looking around in awe. "I mean, the city being halted is one thing, but look at the waves!" Gestured Haley, pointed out the time-stopped water that looked more like ice than liquid, great waves were fixed spikes in the ocean with surfers glued to their sides. "So why did you do it this time?" Haley asked her boyfriend.

            "I'll let Mags explain," declared Tucker, reaching over and tapping Maggie twice. The Chinese girl moved her lips away from Jamie, who was on her stomach and arms looking over at where her girlfriend was lying, a smile on her face.

            "Nice; this is different," noted Maggie looking around. "I definitely need to hit a beach next time you let me have the wand." Maggie then noticed Haley wasn't frozen and shook her head. "I keep forgetting you're in on this. Okay guys, here are the rules: we race around the beach and see who can get the most swimsuits back here in one hour. Jamie and people not on the beach don't count, nor do any you grab from a store. Tucker, unfreeze our watches please."

* * *

            "There's weird, and then there's crazy, and then there's that," breathed Jamie as she sat in her hotel room with Maggie and Tucker while Haley was next door. "I still can't get over it... It seemed like almost everyone was suddenly naked! It's just crazy! I can't imagine how many people suddenly became nudists!"

            "Two hundred and six women, twenty five men," muttered Tucker under his breath, Maggie then sticking her tongue out at him.

            "Hmm?" asked Jamie, looking up. She was sitting on one of the loungers while Tucker and Maggie were on the edge of the bed. Jamie and Maggie had donned robes but Maggie was naked underneath, having stripped herself to throw off some suspicion from Jamie. Haley was the surprise winner, having found a pocket knife on one guy and used it to get nearly half of the female bathing suits and all of the male ones.

            "Nothing, just making poor jokes to deal with the shock," lied Tucker, shaking his head. "Whatever. I'll go see how Haley's doing and when we get back we'll pop a bottle of bubbly. Haley had room service get us some champagne."

            "Sounds good to me," shrugged Jamie, managing a smile. Shaking his head, Tucker left the room and returned to his own.

            "Are you suuuuuuure we can't keep any?" asked Haley seductively as soon as Tucker entered the room. His girlfriend was on her knees, naked on the bed and making suggestive mouth movements. Dotting the room were no less than six hula dancers, all wearing coconut bikini tops and skirts made of giant palm leaves and grass, leis in their hair and around their necks. The six were posed in hula poses, all having been doing a slide to the right when Tucker had stopped time earlier and then frozen them like that. After the contest Tucker came up with the idea, kidnapping six from a small class and leaving the teacher alone with her skirt dropped. Haley herself had investigated the Mexican model but that had been a bust, her door was locked. The trio had then returned to Jamie, had Maggie strip and restarted time, having thrown all the bathing suits into the water. After the screams, the four had bolted back to the hotel, covering Maggie in their towels and suppressing their laughter.

            "You want to try transporting them on a plane?" asked Tucker, shaking his head as he closed the door behind him and got onto the bed. The six women were all Hawaiian, one a blond, one a false redhead and the rest a mix of brown and dark. They circled the room perfectly, Two by the bed, two by the window and two by the desk.

            "We could fly private," suggested Haley, moving her hands down Tucker's still-covered chest until she reached his groin.

            "We'll see," declared Tucker as Haley leaned in and gave him a big, open-mouth kiss. The two ended up sprawling on top of one another, making out for a few minutes before they remembered their friends and got up. They switched to robes but with underwear underneath. The couple returned to the other room with the bottle of champagne and two glasses that had come with the room.

            "Wow, itÕs the real stuff!" exclaimed Maggie in surprise, not having known the truth about the drink Tucker had stolen. Jamie had now changed into a white robe as well thus the four were all clad the same, at least over top. Tucker knew Maggie well enough to know she was still in the buff underneath her fluffy robe. Producing two glasses from their own room, Jamie had Tucker pop the cork and filled the four glasses.

            "To Honolulu and Maggie for taking us here!" declared Tucker, raising his glass.

            "To Maggie!" said Jamie and Haley in unison.

            "To me!" said Maggie with a giggle at the same time as the other girls. The four then laughed, clinked their glasses and drank.

            "That's good stuff," declared Tucker, putting his glass down on the desk. "So I guess we have some time until dinner, but where do you guys..." Tucker wanted to continue his sentence, but he suddenly found himself fading to black as he heard a faint hissing sound out of the corner of his ear.  Strangely, the three girls had all stopped moving almost simultaneously but he hadnÕt used the wand.


Act 3: The Line

Hotel Renew

3 Hours Later

            To Senior Interpol Agent Tasia SpiroÕs dismay, her newly formed team had been assigned to the Charles Truman III surveillance detail. Tasia had wanted to continue to work on the case of the missing Type-7 drug. Interpol had kept loads of the stuff that had been exclusively used by the Paradise Foundation to act on their evil plan to kidnap women and turn them into slaves. The special drug, which acted like a paralytic anesthetic, freezing people in addition to knocking them out, was stored in several guarded facilities around the world. One such facility in Turkey was hit a few weeks back and all of the Type-7 there was stolen. TasiaÕs team, along with two other teams, was on the case. The Greek agent was particularly interested in this case partly because she was once among one of the hundreds of women kidnapped by the Foundation. That assignment changed 48 hours ago though, when Tasia was ordered to take her team to Hawaii to assist in monitoring the rich art dealer who was suspected in another series of kidnappings.

            Tasia and her team had only spent one night in the Interpol safe house before being called out to Hotel Renew for a possible new attack. She quickly deployed her team while she attended an emergency meeting with the home office back in France via satellite phone. They chewed her out for not getting eyes on Charles Truman III fast enough to prevent another situation from happening. Unlike her past superiors, the young Greek shot back at her superiors, complaining that she cannot get anything set up as quickly as they want her with limited resources; her team was the only Interpol unit in Hawaii.  She was also new as team lead, being only a senior agent for a month or so; she already had made enemies within the Interpol ranks who did not enjoy her aggressive behavior. Tasia refused to be like her predecessors; she wasnÕt going to just take the hit from the higher-ups, she was going to hit back.

            The rented Dodge pulled up into the Hotel RenewÕs wide curved driveway and parked carelessly at the curb, blocking in a taxi cab. Tasia stepped out, dressed in a red flowery short-sleeved blouse, a white knee length skirt, and a pair of tan open toed heels that showed off her athletic naked calves. Her red hair flowed naturally and her eyes were shaded in a pair of oversized diva-like sunglasses. A bell boy moved towards her and was about to tell her to move her car. He stopped dead in tracks seeing the USP strapped to her right hip and the Interpol ID next to it. "MaÕam, all law enforcement vehicles are to be in the rear of the building, uh please," he stammered, captured by her Mediterranean beauty. The redhead walked right by him without even slowing or looking his way.  ÒMahalo,Ó the bellboy replied weakly.

            Passing through the sliding glass door of the hotel, the Greek agent is met by her second in command, Senior Interpol Agent Palmira Tiago. Palmira had once been a team leader but resigned her position after her team had been compromised during a surveillance operation that resulted in the capture of another team member and herself. The Brazilian agent now served as TasiaÕs number two and the teamÕs undercover expert. Tasia took off her sunglasses and hooked them into her blouse. "What do we have?" she asked, stopping.

            Palmira looked out through the glass doors before answering, "You know weÕre supposed to park in the back?"

            "So IÕve been told," Tasia replied as she started to walk. "Are we going up?"

            The Brazilian agent, who was three years older than the Greek, hurried after her younger boss. "I got Colette working surveillance tapes, Suzanna is going through the crime scene, nothing concrete yet but it looks likeÉ" Palmira stopped and pressed the button for the 10th floor.

            "What does it look like Palmira?" Tasia asked crossing her arms and looking up at the elevator clock to see where the car was.

            "It looks like its Type-7," The Brazilian agent answered just as the elevator arrived and they stepped in.

            "WhatÕs Jelena doing?" Tasia asked as the elevator door closed and looked over at her number two. The Brazilian was dressed in a white short-sleeved white blouse tucked into a pair of tight fitting grey trousers. Her dark hair, streaked with some lighter brown, was tied back into a loose ponytail. Like Tasia she had her USP and ID exposed on her right hip. Palmira, like Tasia, had naturally tan skin; Tasia found that out the night before that the tan was throughout. Only TasiaÕs close friend Erika Stone and her on and off lover (for the time being) Lucienne Christophe knew about the GreekÕs power to stop time. That power was acquired while she was being held frozen and captive by the foundation and was due to being exposed to a sort of time ray for a long period time. The ray had since been destroyed, but TasiaÕs newfound power remained. Upon arriving in Hawaii Tasia had been upset being pulled off of her last case to be stuck on her current case. So her first night, after having way too much to drink, the sexy Greek decided to stop time and give her team members more Ôin-depthÕ interviews.  She had the most fun in few months – to say the least – and found out a lot about her team.

            "I have her gathering prospective witnesses for questioning." Palmira answered, unaware that her boss was checking her out.  Tasia felt hot knowing that the Brazilian had a hairless body from the neck down and only wore g-strings to cover her sex under her professional attire.  Palmira had a nice large round backside as well that Tasia had visited repeatedly with a strap-on the night before. Judging that the pounding did not really affect her, Tasia smiled at the fact that the older woman was used to taking it in the backdoor.

            "Very good; go see if you can help her out after this," Tasia then said, downgrading her smile to slight grin. The Brazilian did not notice. They arrived on the tenth floor and stepped off; the floor was filled with local law enforcement asking questions and moving nosy guests away from the crime scene. The scene in question was in the middle of the floor. Away from any easy exits, Tasia noted, looking around as they moved through the crowd of cops, guests and staff. The roomÕs door was tapped with yellow police caution tape. The Greek and Brazilian ducked under the tape and entered the room.

            There were three people in the room and two of them werenÕt moving. A man and woman in their early twenties stood around a desk near the hallway wall of the room. They were both dressed in white cotton robes that were provided by the hotel. The man had brown spiky hair while the woman was an Asian with her black hair tied back in ponytail. The man stood with his hands on his hips, his brown eyes looking at nothing and staring vacantly, tell-tale signs he was under the effects of Type-7. His mouth was slightly open, but no sounds escaped from his lips. The woman was cute to say the least by anyoneÕs standards; her brown eyes were frozen in mid-blink, making her look sleepy, her lips were pursed in a slight grin.  Tasia moved away the desk and looked at the two suspended people up and down. She was not particularly interested in the man. The woman, however, reminded her of a former teammate.  Tasia wondered if she had anything on under the robe, she moved closer to have a look before a voice interrupted her actions.

            "The room is all clear and I got blood samples from these two, but I donÕt think I really need to test them, though," Suzanna Ortiz reported looking at the two frozen victims; she was sure that they were under the special drug.  Tasia looked over at the Mexican-American. Suzanna was from Interpol USA and was the teamÕs forensic expert.  The girl was about TasiaÕs age and reminded her of a Hispanic version of her old friend and former teammate Marika Heino.  The tall American was dressed in a sleeveless blouse, exposing her sexy tan arms, and tan trousers over her black pumps. Her standard issue USP was strapped at the small of her back to stay out of her way while her Interpol ID was hooked to a chain looped around her neck. Her long brown hair was tied back into a loose bun.

            "You pick up anything else?" Tasia then asked as Suzanna peeled her gloves off her hands. The Greek had the most fun with Suzanna the other night and was having a hard time keeping her focus on the womanÕs face even though she was easy on the eyes. The Mexican-American had a gorgeous body, large breasts, toned abs, and long sexy legs. Her sex was neatly trimmed into a landing strip. She thought it was extremely kinky that the forensic expert also slept in the nude and only wore printed undergarments. Tasia had explored Colette and Jelena as well, but the two were former teammates and she had fun with them already during MarikaÕs wedding over eight months back. Suzanna was by far her favorite; from the feel of her womanhood, she got around often, but unfortunately for Tasia it was with the other sex. It didnÕt matter though; last night the tall Mexican-American was all hers and she had even fallen sleep in the stiff womanÕs naked arms after going around the block with her for a few hours, her relative time of course.

            "I got some prints but IÕm going to have to take Ôem to the lab to examine; mah field kit is no good here," Suzanna replied in her sweet Southern accent that Tasia thought was a bit sexier than the French accent that she had been drawn to for the last couple of years.

            "Good job," Tasia complimented, "All of you guys." She added, looking at Palmira.

            Moving over to her bag Suzanna pulled out an injection gun, "HereÕs the antidote; letÕs see what our two victims got for us," she said, moving toward the two suspended people.

            Tasia stopped her. "Let me take care of that, you go ahead and get to the lab and look over your data," Tasia suggested, taking the injection gun from her colleague and trying not to look to eager to get rid of her team. Suzanna didnÕt seem to notice as she just shrugged and started to pack her things. "Palmira, what do we know about the victims?" Tasia then asked while looking over the injection gun.

            "Well this room was registered to a Maggie Yen and a Jamie Mosley. This male we donÕt know the name of. Jamie Mosley is unaccounted for and is possible that she was the target," Palmira replied, reading off of her note pad.

            "What do we know about Ms. Mosley?"

            "She runs a bookstore in LA, sheÕs single, her family lives out in San Diego, and she went to UCSD where she received a degree in economics. She also has a twin sister who is said to be out of the country," Palmira went on, knowing what TasiaÕs next question was going to be. "Maggie Yen is also from LA, her family is all there. She has an older sister Madison who is a lawyer several major clients, including Erika Stone.  Maggie, here, is employed at Ms. Mosley's book store and is a senior at DSC."

            Tasia took a moment to compute everything. "No connection to Charles Truman?" Palmira shook her head ÔnoÕ. "Alright, weÕll just keep on digging then."

            "Oh yeah, there are two guests not accounted for on the floor." Palmira added, flipping through her notepad, "A Tucker Holmes and a Haley Leone; theyÕre listed as being in the room next door but we knocked and no one was in."

            "Go track them down and start helping Jelena with canvassing the staff and guests. No one from that group leaves." Tasia ordered, turning to Suzanna, who was getting ready to leave with her bag in hand, "Let me know as soon as you get results in from your data." The American nodded and followed Palmira out of the room. Tasia then stepped into the hall were a local police officer was standing nearby and ordered, "No one gets into this room; thereÕs going to be an interview in progress." The police officer nodded curtly as Tasia slipped back into the room, closing the door behind her.

            She looked at the antidote injection gun and tossed it on to the nearby bed carelessly, she wasnÕt going to use it just yet. The Greek agent moved over to the two frozen guests, looking at both with an eager eye. She spun the man around to face her, grinning she undid his robe. She was into women, no questions about that, she had made that discovery in high school. However, she still was okay with men, if she had to do it with them she could. She was Greek after all. The man had nothing under the robe but a pair of X-Men boxers. Tasia pulled on the waistband of the boxers and peered down. "Not bad," she whispered, looking up at the young manÕs stuck expression. She then closed his robe back up and sat him down in one of the suiteÕs loungers. Moving back over to girl, she concentrated and waited as the silence and stillness swallowed everything around her. Tasia looked outside and saw a flock of gulls frozen in mid-flight and smiled. Turning her attention back to the Chinese girl, she opened the girlÕs robe up and was surprised to see the Miss Yen stark naked. "Oh myÉ" She cooed, unclipping her gun and stepping out of her heels.

* * *

            Tucker blinked, then looked around and saw Maggie sitting next to him. Maggie was rubbing her face with her hands and she looked over at Tucker sleepily. "What the hell happened?" They both said in unison.

            "You two have both been victims of a Type-7 attack." A lightly accented voice answered from behind them. The two friends quickly turned around to see a shapely redhead standing with her back to them, looking out the window at the beach down below. She was dressed in a red flowery blouse tucked into a white knee-length skirt. A gun was clearly visible on her right side. A cop, both of the friends thought quickly. "IÕm Special Agent Tasia Spiro of Interpol Greece," the woman greeted, turning around and looking at the two seriously.  ÒI need to ask you some questions.Ó

            Tucker and Maggie looked at each other, both of them knowing the agent very well, more than she would ever know. They both gulped as Tasia sauntered over to the desk they were sitting at. "WhatÕs going on here and where are our friends?" Tucker demanded first.

            "Friends?" Tasia asked, keeping a serious face that made Maggie sink into her seat with fear. The woman was ridiculously hot, but Maggie couldnÕt keep her eyes off of the gun on her hip. She also had an odd taste in her mouth, her nipples burned and her snatch and ass were sore.

            "Jamie and Haley," Maggie replied quietly, almost in a whisper, her eyes looking at TasiaÕs gun.

            "What was that?" Tasia asked in a tone louder than it needed to be. Maggie jumped back, wrapping her arms around herself.

            "Our girlfriends, Haley Leone and Jamie Mosley," Tucker replied, his voice perfectly clear and audible. "DonÕt yell at her – she didnÕt do anything," he then added with a hint of anger in his voice.

            Tasia grabbed a chair and sat down in front of the two. "Pardon; IÕm looking for them too," she began. She asked a few questions but found the answers not to her liking; nothing that would help her out. Switching methods, she explained the situation and gave them an overview of the case, nothing really high in detail but a brief overview to catch the two college students up. When she was done with that, Tucker mentioned that he had heard a slight hissing sound; that was the last thing he remembered. Maggie didnÕt remember anything but she agreed that if Tucker heard it, it probably was true. Tucker then insisted that Haley Leone was the target of the kidnapping and that Tasia had her connection to the art dealer. At this time Tucker and Maggie were both worried about their girlfriends it was pretty apparent now that they were both Charles Truman IIIÕs latest victims. Haley was the prime target while Jamie was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maggie was not taken because three was either too many or Maggie was not his type. None of the other victims were Asian, at least yet.

            "So what are we going to do now?" Tucker asked tiredly after the threesome had been sitting there for a couple hours going back in forth on other questions that he thought were pointless. He was worried for Haley and Jamie and could not believe this was happening. Maggie was getting cranky too and was starting to act like a child; Tucker couldnÕt blame her, she was terrible when she was tired.

            "We didnÕt do anything; why are you still talking to us?" Maggie whined, her arms were folded in front of her and her head rested in them with her face buried. Her whine only sounded like a muffle. "Get us our friends back!" She then demanded, looking up.

            Tasia held in her smile, the girl was really cute; even more so when she was mad. "You do understand that the situation is delicate and we must explore every aspect before acting."

            "Yes we do understand, but weÕve already told you everything we know and weÕre still sitting here and youÕre not doing anything!" Tucker shot out and stood. Tasia remained seated and looked up at the younger man. He looked familiar but she couldnÕt place him or where she had seen him before. The Greek agent just stared at Tucker, and the two locked eyes. Tucker sat back down after a moment. "SorryÉ"

            "I understand how you are feeling." Tasia replied calmly. "Why donÕt you go change and come back; then we could discuss whatÕs going to happen next," Tasia offered.  Looking over at Maggie she asked, "Do you want me to wait outside?"

            "You could stay; IÕll change in TuckerÕs room," Maggie replied as she and Tucker stood. Maggie gathered some clothing and followed Tucker next door. TasiaÕs phone rang as Tucker and Maggie left. Out the hallway Tucker saw that it was filled with cops and he immediately felt uneasy; the situation was real and he had six frozen hula dancers in his room as well.

            Once inside the TuckerÕs room Maggie looked around, "Oh my gosh, TuckÉ"

            "I know Mags; just get changed." Tucker said as he stripped off his robe and dug through his suitcase for something more suitable to wear. He ignored HaleyÕs suitcase and her other belongings as he didnÕt want to think about her; if he did he knew he would just freak out. The only good thing out of this whole messed-up situation was that the bastard that took Jamie and Haley but left Maggie. If Maggie was gone he didnÕt know what he would do or act. He pulled on a pair of khaki shorts and a yellow polo. "Hurry Maggie, get changed; you gotta help me move these dancers out," Tucker urged as Maggie sorted out her clothes.  ÒThank goodness they didnÕt search our room too!Ó

            "What the hellÉ" Maggie whispered, seeing bite marks on one of her nipples as she pulled on her clothes. Tucker quickly dug out his wand once he was dressed. Seeing the wand in TuckerÕs hand Maggie quickly finished dressing drawing on a Flash t-shirt and a pair of cutaway denim shorts. "Okay IÕmÉ" Maggie began to say but than stopped already seeing that Tucker had already stopped time and had even unfroze her as he seemed to magically appear in front of her.

            "LetÕs get these ladies out of this room," Tucker ordered with a slight urgency in his voice. He knew with time stopped he really didnÕt have to worry but when Haley and JamieÕs lives were in danger the rush was good at keeping his mind occupied. Maggie could understand how Tucker felt as she was extremely worried for Haley and Jamie as well.  As she and Tucker moved the hula dancers back downstairs into a hiding spot to be dealt with later, they loaded them all into an elevator to save the trip; her mind was on the task at hand instead of worrying about her girlfriend.

            "Now whatÉ" Maggie asked, sort of out of breath, as they headed back to their room.

            "Well IÕm going to restart time and see if we can stay close to Agent Spiro. WeÕre not going to be stuck in some safe house while Haley and Jamie are out there." Tucker replied as they stepped back into his room. Five quick taps later time was re-started. They waited five minutes before heading back over to MaggieÕs so the Interpol Agent wouldnÕt get suspicious.

            Once they returned with the wand securely in TuckerÕs back pocket, they found Tasia was just finishing a conversation on her cell phone. "IÕm going to have to stick you guys at a safe house for a while; we just got a lead." The Greek explained as Maggie and Tucker sat back down.

            "Could we go with you?" Tucker asked, reaching for his wand. He wasnÕt sure what he was going to do with it but the wand always helped him out of jams. This time it was different however; he couldnÕt just freeze the agent and ÔescapeÕ – she was really the only way to save his girlfriend.

            "IÕm sorry, itÕs too dangerous; I canÕt risk you two," Tasia replied, standing up. "IÕll get local PD to take you to the Interpol safe house, itÕs got a great view of the beach and youÕll be fine there."

            Tucker and Maggie stood up, "We wonÕt get in the way, we promise!" Maggie blurted out, looking at Tucker quickly. Tucker looked at her and nodded, they had no other choice, at least that they could think up at the moment.

            "Guys, this is real dangerousÉ" Tasia started to say, then the Greek suddenly froze in place. Sound and the feeling of life abruptly halted. Tasia stood in mid-turn, half of her body was turned in one the direction while the half turning the other as she was caught turning around as the wand worked its magic. Her lips were parted as if she was getting ready to pucker them up for a kiss and her eyes stared blankly at the wall. Maggie stood next to Tucker, just as frozen as the Greek agent; she stood one foot in front of the other while she looked straight ahead at the Interpol agent with vacant eyes. Tucker looked at the two women quickly deciding what to do; he needed to prove to Tasia the magic of the wand, then sheÕd take them along, since with the wand there was no way they could get harmed; in fact they could even help and no one would get harmed.

            Walking up to motionless Tasia, he looked over the attractive police agent; he had seen her naked before and the thought came to him. He stood her straight upright and began to undress the wax-figure-like woman. As he got Tasia down to her sexy white lace thong and bra, he thought another way could have worked, too, but this was how his mind worked and it was too late to change tactics. Soon Tasia was stark naked and seated back behind the desk. Tucker kept her gun as far away as he could; he wanted no accidents, especially with Maggie around. He posed Tasia so her naked legs were crossed and her hands clasped modestly over her knees. The woman was just as impressive as the last time he had seen her back at Erika StoneÕs place. After turning Maggie around he restarted time.

            "Éyou mightÉ what the hell?" Tasia said, confusingly noticing that she was naked and now seated, which made her briefly dizzy. To Tucker and MaggieÕs surprise the woman wasnÕt in shock at all; she even stood up to expose her body and shaven womanhood. "What the hell is going on here? Do you have some Type-7 on you?" she demanded, moving around the table quickly. Maggie moved quickly behind Tucker in fear. Tucker quickly held his wand out in front of Tasia, stopping the intent woman. "What this hell is this?" Tasia asked, looking askance at the wand, her knuckles balled up.  Her eyes darted around the room and she spotted her USP; it was too far away to get to.  Something fishy was going on and she would rather find out what before she started hurting people. Tucker or Maggie was no challenge for her, naked or not. "You have five minutes to tell me everything, " she said seriously, eying the two college students.

            Tucker quickly explained the wandÕs power without saying a word about what he really did with it or that he could freeze people permanently.  Instead he just told the naked agent that he just played around with it and takes it wherever he goes just because you never know whatÕs going to happen. "See, with this wand you donÕt have to worry about Maggie and me, in fact I think we could even help out you and your team in some situations."

            Tasia stepped back and crossed her arms, looking at the two college students skeptically. Normally she wouldnÕt believe a word they were saying but for some reason she had a gut feeling that their wild story was true. Plus the wand, they claimed, was an invention of her people long ago; she had some obligation to believe it. "Please Agent Spiro, believe us," Maggie pleaded even managing to smile.  Tucker always said her smile could get her out of trouble, what better time to flash it then now.

            "So youÕre saying if you tap this stick five times you can stop and re-start time?" Tasia asked. Tucker, knowing what the next question would be, pulled back the wand and held it close.

            "You just have to believe usÉ" Right as Tucker said that, the wand vanished out of his hands and appeared in TasiaÕs. "HowÕd youÉ" He started to say in alarm before he ended up in bed, naked, lying on top of Maggie who was now also naked. Lucky for them, he wasnÕt actually inside of her.

            "Tucker get the hell off of me!" Maggie screamed out in terror an instant later, shoving Tucker off of her. "What the hell are you doing?" she asked angrily, covering herself with the bed sheet.

            As expected Tucker didnÕt feel any kind sexual urge even though Maggie naked wasnÕt a bad sight; their brother-sister like relationship was just too strong. "Mags, it wasnÕt meÉ" he started to say and quickly turned to see Tasia, now fully dressed and holding the wand with a broad smile on her face. "How did you do that?"

            "Well, this wand really is something else," she grinned, twirling it between her fingers. "But youÕre not the only one with some secrets.Ó

            ÒOh, and whatÉÓ Tucker began.

            ÒWe can compare notes later,Ó Tasia interrupted him, ÒSecurity cameras and some witnesses spotted something suspicious in the loading dock. WeÕve got some tag numbers and I think we also got a location." She explained quickly, tossing the wand to Tucker, who fumbled and dropped it. "Get dressed IÕll explain everything on the way there," Tasia added and smiled deviously as she turned and left the room. She wasn't keen on bringing the pair along, as it was generally a really bad idea, but she felt that she could trust them and figured having them secretly supporting her might help if things really went bad...


Act 4: The Sinker

Two Blocks South of 1456 Olokele Ave, Honolulu

1 Hour Later

            "I guess it was too arrogant of me to assume the wandÕs power was unique," mused Tucker as he rode in the back of Tasia's Dodge, which was pulling in to park. Learning about Tasia's own adventures with Erika Stone and her power to stop time as well as finding out about the dangerous Type-7 sedative had taken most of the trip, which would have been faster if not for the heavy traffic. Before leaving, Tucker had used his wand to stop time quickly and unfreeze the hula dancers, putting them in an out of the way place where he could unfreeze them safely before restarting time itself.  They might be confused, but theyÕd be out of danger and away from Tucker and Maggie.

After that Tasia had introduced them to the other agents on her team and insisted that while the pair of civilians would be joining them, they would keep a safe distance all the same; they were not allowed within a block of the target building. Meeting Colette was far more awkward for Tucker than Maggie as the Canadian was certain that she'd met him before, though he'd denied it repeatedly. Tucker hadn't bothered to share his own encounter with Erika Stone with Tasia, not wanting to test the reaction of a woman who could obviously kick his ass and also shared his time-stopping ability.

            "I guess if the drug was used as a gas that explains what happened to us," realized Maggie, riding shotgun while Tucker was in the back. Interpol had contacted the owner of a house near the target location and requested the use of his large driveway and he'd agreed, not even charging for its use. Jelena had equipped the team with Kevlar vests to wear underneath their clothing and made sure they were all carrying extra magazines for their pistols as well as wearing earpieces. Due to the fact that it was still daylight they couldn't risk a full tactical operation or else they'd tip off the public and, by extension, Truman. Suzanna, Tasia and Palmira were all thus dressed the same as before, albeit with a bit more bulk under their upper bodies. Jelena was dressed very conservatively, wearing tan pants with a matching vest over a blue-striped white blouse, a camera around her neck and her hair in a tight bun. Colette meanwhile wore a black tank-top that barely hid the tactical vest underneath, an open short-sleeved white plaid blouse over the top and green bicycle shorts around her legs; her own hair was set in a left-side curly ponytail.

            "Alright team, this is a stealth operation so you do not announce yourselves," Tasia told her team, looking at them seriously. They were parked far enough away from the sidewalk so that the passersby, of whom there were quite a few, couldn't hear them. "We split into two units; Palmira with Jelena and Colette and Suzanna with me. Palmira will approach the front door while we circle around back. When Palmira triggers the doorbell, which will be the signal for the back team to breach. Suzanna will guard the rear entrance while the frontal unit sweeps the house. Due to a manpower shortage, I'm having our two civilians hold an observation point a block away to watch the front entrance and any alternative exits. As they are civilians they are not equipped and are to conceal and report – only – if they spot the target." The last bits of TasiaÕs orders were clearly a reminder to Tucker and Maggie to not get involved. "Alright then, letÕs take this sick freak down."

* * *

            "I bet you regret leaving me for that twit now!" laughed Charles Truman III as he thrust his manhood into a helpless Haley Leone, who was unmoving and frozen in his arms as he pressed her stiff body against the wall and imagined the moans of pleasure she'd unleash if she could speak. His rented home had two stories with a basement, and the latter was where he kept his trophies. Rachel and Sophia were sitting on a ten thousand dollar couch that rested atop the plush carpet floor, the Type-7 dosed pair of living waxworks seated with their arms at their sides and their faces blank. Lying atop a bed that cost at least triple that of the couch was the redhead he'd decided to take when he'd acquired Haley, also naked and in a blank pose. Charles knew he could pose his women any way he wanted but he was too busy finally getting in between Haley's legs to get creative. Truman was just a bit sad that he didn't have enough arms to grab the third girl his nemesis Holmes had been with, but since he was planning to head to Asia in a couple of days to lay low he'd have plenty of chances to take another Chinese woman. The reminder of over a billion Asian people waiting for him and his remarkably big member made Charles grin with glee as he thrust himself into Haley once more, kissing her and nibbling her lip.

            A buzz from a twenty thousand dollar computer on a forty thousand dollar desk made the kidnapper stop his business and casually drop the sexy Italian to the ground, leaving her in an unmoving heap like a discarded doll as he went to look at his machine. The house had been in his family's hands for over a generation but never officially registered to the Truman name, thus Charles had figured he'd be safe. Unfortunately his perimeter scanners had just alerted him to five very attractive women entering his property without his permission. Charles didn't know them, but the way they walked and what they wore made the wealthy man know almost immediately that they were law enforcement, most likely Interpol. Charles smiled and shook his head, unable to believe that the International Police were dumb enough to send in a team that stood out so obviously, wearing heavy clothes and body armor on a hot day. Immediately over two dozen hidden cameras activated through out the house. Charles controlled them all, opening up a split-screen to view the front and back of the house. The Interpol women were about to learn just how dangerous he was...

* * *

            "He isn't answering," Palmira said with a smirk, looking at Jelena. Both women were friends with Sophia, who'd disappeared while tracking their target, so they were eager for payback. Planting a small bit of C4 on the door, Jelena and Palmira stepped back and covered their eyes and ears, letting the explosive do the hard work. With the lock broken, Jelena kicked down the remains of the door and led the way into the house, scanning the area with her USP.

            "Clear!" announced the Croatian, with Palmira coming up behind her.

            "Alright, lets go-" started Palmira, her voice then instantly cut off by the sudden sound of weapons fire and everything going dark.

* * *

            "Clear!" announced Colette, standing beside Tasia as Suzanna covered their backs after the back door had been blasted off its hinges by her own bomb.

            "LetÕs go low, I have a feeling that's where he'll be," insisted Tasia, indicating the basement stairs to their right as they stood in the kitchen. Knowing Suzanna was holding the position for them and that Palmira and Jelena would probably be going up, Tasia led her partner down the wooden stairs.

            "Hold on Tasia, I don't like this," Colette suddenly said halfway down. "There's a door down there, and a frame back up there, but why isn't there a door here as well?" she said, glancing up. As if to answer her question, a rolling garage-style door suddenly came down behind the two Interpol agents.

            "Crap!" cursed Tasia, trying to stop time. Tasia was defeated however by a dreaded hiss and her vision going dark.

* * *

            "How long has it been?" asked Maggie, sitting beside Tucker on a public bench as he glanced at the house Truman owned, the Chinese girl not wearing a watch.

            "Three minutes since they've breached; that's long enough," declared Tucker. "Even if Tasia's got him, I want to do this our way." Hidden against his leg was Tucker's wand and, naturally, he gave it five taps, immediately stopping time. Around him the dozens of people, a mix of locals and tourists, froze in mid-pace, cars stopping in the street as if parked and Maggie now a silent cute statue next to him.

            "Come on, letÕs get some revenge," suggested Tucker after unfreezing his best friend.

            "I'd rather just get Tasia again," grinned Maggie, thinking of the luscious Greek woman naked once more. Together the friends casually walked over to the house and crossed the property line, following the brick walkway to the front door. Stepping inside, Tucker was surprised to see Jelena and Palmira standing there, their guns pointed ahead of them. Palmira was looking at a set of stairs leading up while Jelena was looking to her left into a sitting room, a coatroom and a hallway on the right. Palmira's lips were parted and Tucker noticed something odd about the wall behind them. Examining it, Tucker realized that there were weapon barrels bulging out from them and that darts were lodged in both women's backs; granted Jelena's was more like her hip.

            "Crap, his security ambushed them," realized Tucker, examining the dart that rested in the small of Palmira's back. "Looks like darts, they must be loaded with this Type-7 crap since I doubt they'd of stood here like statues for a few minutes since entering before going on, based on the orders they got. Big darts too, went right though their vests.  Teflon-coated needles, maybeÉ"

            "Poor them," gasped Maggie, reaching down and feeling Palmira's generous rear end. "Oh... she's certainly building a brick house."

            "I hate that song," sniffed Tucker, heading down the hallway. "We know Tasia was coming in the back way with the other two, so lets– well well, well..." Tucker changed gears when he walked into the opulent kitchen, which probably cost more than everything he owned. White tile floors, a professional fridge that looked like it was made of solid silver, a carved oak table with matching chairs, dishwasher and trash compactor that matched the fridge, and glass oak cabinets full of dishes that were all bone china. Down at the end of the space, though, was an open door with a passage leading to Tucker's left and in front of that door was Charles Truman III himself, naked and holding a helpless, rigid, Suzanna with a gun in his hand.

            "Eww... there's naked guys and then there's that," gagged Maggie. Charles had his arms around Suzanna's waist, a strange pistol in his right hand, a smile on his face and his surprisingly large member fully alert. Suzanna stood with her own gun in her left hand that had been raised up beside her head, her right touching the back of her neck, her eyes closed with her mouth open, looking very tired. A dart rested in her right knee.  Neither moved a muscle, for different reasons.

            "Well, that's three and our little friend who's seriously out of proportion," noted Tucker, shaking his head at Maggie's reaction and moving to remove the pistol and Suzanna from Charlie's grubby hands. "Dart gun; what a surprise. I think he was more interested in freezing people than just eliminating them. Good for us, I suppose, but doesn't seem practical."

            "Its easier to clean up when what you've shot isn't leaking something," pointed out Maggie, wincing at the dark thought as she passed Tucker. "Hey, there are stairs over here!" Maggie called out, making Tucker jump since he was only a few feet away. Shaking it off, Tucker joined his friend and they went downstairs together to an open door.

            "Bingo was his name-o," hissed Tucker, feeling his hands shake with rage as he walked into the basement suite. It was one big room with a desk, computer, coffee table, couch, two lounge chairs and a bed; again a room that probably cost more than Tucker could ever afford. Two women were on the couch, one Tucker knew as Rachel Hunt and the other a hot blond Mediterranean woman. On the bed was Jamie, naked but looking fine. What enraged Tucker was Haley lying on the floor, staring blankly, her body wet around her sex, clearly having just been violated. "I'm going to kill that bastard," rumbled Tucker, barely noticing Tasia and Colette as they stood awkwardly behind the couch. Colette was leaning forward and looked off balance as if she'd been climbing stairs, her left foot forward and her gun in her right hand, alarm frozen on her face. Tasia had her eyes closed with her arms spread away from her sides, her gun still in her waistband.

            "Get in line, though granted I don't think he went the distance with her," snapped Maggie, affectionately touching Jamie as she lay on the bed.

            "Well then, letÕs go to work," suggested Tucker.

* * *

            Sitting naked on the couch together, Maggie and Tucker smiled as they breathed heavily and looked at their latest creation. Tasia stood with her hands on her hips, beaming a smile as she stood there naked while Palmira and Suzanna were wrapped around her right and left legs, respectively. On the bed with their lips locked were Colette and Jelena, both also naked with their arms wrapped around one another; Colette's hand in Jelena's crack while she was on the bottom. Rachel sat in one of the loungers, the other woman on top making them look like some twisted version of Santa Claus in a mall. Charles was sitting at his desk, tied securely to the chair with a stapler poised over his left testicle. Jamie and Haley were dressed in their robes from the hotel, Maggie having found them under the bed, and now both stood by the door at attention.

            Tucker and Maggie had gone at it with everyone but Charles and each other's girlfriends. Maggie had spent a lot of time with Tasia, Tucker figuring the redhead had really turned her on with her own time-stopping ability. Following what was essentially an orgy the pair had showered everyone, including themselves, and created the tableau before them. "Too bad our cameras are back at the hotel," sighed Maggie, saddened.

            "Too racy for a calendar anyways," pointed out Tucker, rubbing Maggie's head with a grin.

            "So now what?" asked Maggie, realizing she wasn't sure how to proceed. Tucker smiled and produced his wand from beside him. "Oh Tuck, no!" exclaimed Maggie, but as she finished the sentence Tucker froze her in place, his arm around her as she tried to lean away, her eyes wide.

            "Sorry, but I'd prefer it if this conversation didn't involve you," Tucker told his motionless friend, patting her on the head before getting up and leaving her on the couch. Under the bed Maggie had found a collection of darts, another air rifle and two containers, one labeled as being an antidote. After putting his shorts on but deciding to not bother with his shirt Tucker produced the gun he'd taken from Charles and loaded it with three antidote darts. The first two he used on Haley and Jamie respectively, but the last he fired at Tasia. Naturally all three remained frozen, time being stopped. Tucker then decided to dress Maggie out of principle and did so before pushing Suzanna and Palmira aside and tapping the wand over Tasia's head.

            "...Oh," was all Tasia ended up saying as she opened her eyes and looked around. "LetÕs see, I didn't do this bit of erotic artistry, so I'm guessing you did?"

            "You got me," admitted Tucker, shrugging. "All's fair in stopping time."

            "Speaking of which, I can't seem to for some reason," Tasia noticed, confused.

            "It's already been frozen by me," explained Tucker, raising an eyebrow. "Shall we say there's more to this wand than I told you?"

            "Withholding evidence is illegal, you know," joked Tasia, giving Tucker a raised eyebrow in return.

            "Even though I saved your life, arguably?" asked Tucker, and Tasia broke down laughing.

            "Okay, enough of this James Bond stuff," insisted the Interpol team leader. "You did get us out of a jam with Truman over there, so thank you, sincerely. Your hunch was right. Unfortunately we need to cover the events up because – even if you wanted to say something – I don't think itÕs a good idea for a story about a magic wand that stops time to get out, even if it is classified."

            "Yeah, same here; that's why I'm talking to you now, alone," declared Tucker. "Here's my proposition: you let me the rest of my party go and you can have Truman. Just make sure to make him pay for this, will you?"

            "Oh don't worry, I'm very... delicate," revealed Tasia, giving her new friend a grin. "Is everyone else full of Type-7 or is he not?"

            "The latter, plus my friends of course are also frozen for the time being," revealed Tucker, indicating the two containers he'd placed on the coffee table and the dart gun beside them. "Those are what you'll need, and they have their own labels. Just wait around until he starts moving and that'll be your cue."

            "You don't need a hand carrying them back?" asked Tasia, offering her help.

            "No, I have a trick for that too," grinned Tucker. "Well, hopefully this will be goodbye. It's been... unique, Miss Spiro."

            "I think we're past last names, Tucker," giggled Tasia, indicating her nudity and walking right up to him. "It was interesting meeting you.  Here's a little parting gift..." Tasia trailed off as she leaned in, giving Tucker a decent peck on his lips.

            "But I didn't..." began Tucker, confused.

            "Then why aren't you wearing your shirt?" asked Tasia, glancing at Tucker's bare chest. "Not bad, by the way, but I'm like Maggie: you're not my type." Tasia winked at Tucker and walked away, picking up her clothes which lay on the floor in a heap. Tucker let out a long breath before turning away.

            "Well, at least I've got you babe," sighed Tucker, wrapping his arms around Haley and carrying her up the stairs.


Epilogue: Fish In A Barrel

LA, California

1 Week Later

            "Good morning," moaned Haley softly as she rubbed Tucker's shoulders, the pair lying in the bed in her apartment. Tucker rolled over, smiled, and kissed his girlfriend passionately in response.

            "You feel like some French toast or something?" asked Tucker, stroking Haley's face.

            "I dunno; I think just staying in here all day might work," suggested Haley, reaching down, under the covers, and touching Tucker's exposed loins. "After all, this is our last day before you go back to school with all those post-teen sluts and so I want you thinking of me twenty-four seven!"

            "It's not like I'm leaving town," Tucker weakly objected, kissing Haley again. "Okay, let me call Maggie. It shouldn't he hard to convince her to bring us a pizza or something. I'll just have her use the spare key and promise her a day with the wand."

            "I don't know if I like the idea of her and the wand together along with my spare unit key," warned Haley, sitting up and exposing her upper half.

            "I'll hide it somewhere else afterwards," promised Tucker, grabbing his cell phone from the bedside table while Haley smiled faintly and turned on the radio portion of her alarm.

            "In other news, today it was announced that Charles Truman III, a local millionaire and art fanatic, will be charged by Interpol on counts of kidnapping, possession of a controlled substance, and several other counts," announced a female voice over the radio. "Truman was arrested in Honolulu, Hawaii after an Interpol raid on his house where two missing women were located."

            "Did I mention that this might be inspired by a thank-you for saving me from that sex freak?" commented Haley, kissing him again as Tucker held the phone to his ear, raising his finger for silence.

            "Yeah Maggie, pizza from that place by Vicky's," insisted Tucker, laying on his back and wrapping an arm around his lover. "The fashion boutique?... You know, the one where you won the trip? Sal's Pizza is a couple of shops down from it and Haley's cousin runs it... Wait, what? Why do you need the wand?"

* * *

            Tasia smiled as she walked past the helpless guards in Armani suits who stood guard outside her target's office. After Tucker had unfrozen time, Tasia had introduced Charles to the stapler near his crotch and he'd quickly given up the information she'd wanted. Unfortunately processing Truman had taken longer than the agent would have wanted, not to mention debriefing Sophia and Rachel. Colette in particular had been shaken up by the whole incident and Tasia had ended up taking her out for dinner, which had escalated a bit more than she'd planned. Tasia did like Colette but she'd stopped herself before they'd gone too far, still feeling close to her lover Lucienne even though they hadn't seen each other in over a month.  Colette had later told her she was glad Tasia had stopped, admitting she was having romantic problems of her own. Now all the drama was behind her though and Tasia could focus on finishing up the case. Rachel and Sophia were recovered in Honolulu, plus a few other women had been found, unharmed but long-term frozen, in a storage locker he had rented near Dillingham airport.  Now all Tasia needed was TrumanÕs source.

            Before the Paradise Foundation had gone under its CEO, Julio Sanchez, had fired his secretary; most likely because she'd refused to sleep with him. Following the fall of the Foundation there had been several reported and suspected uses of Type-7 globally and Tasia had been tracking them all, but this Charles Truman incident had been the worst to date. Now, armed with Truman's information, Tasia had looked into things and discovered that on the day Rajni Arora had been fired some Type-7 had been transferred from the mansion in Vancouver to a storage location in LA. Coincidentally, Rajni was now running her own law firm in the city and she'd been trying to get a meeting with Erika Stone for months to convince her to change lawyers. It didn't take Tasia long to put those pieces together to solve the mystery.

* * *

            Seated at her desk on the tenth floor of the building was a good-looking Indian woman, Rajni herself. She sat in a leather chair, dressed in a green business dress with a white blouse underneath, looking expressionlessly out her window at the metropolis outside. The woman's dark hair hung freely, extremely straight; a teacup held to her lips with a saucer in her left hand. "Tempting... but I need you not so stiff," whispered Tasia, locking the double doors behind her and moving to sit on the woman's lap, removing the saucer and cup from her immobilized hands and unplugging her phone.

            After one long kiss hello, Rajni blinked and looked at Tasia in surprise; she leaned back as Tasia covered the Indian lawyerÕs mouth with her hand as she tried to scream. "Hello, Miss Arora, I'm Special Agent Spiro with Interpol, and I have a few questions..."


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