Everlasting Now!

Part Two – Yuka

by Cryo Johnny

Yuka Natsuki proved to be a wonderful nude subject.  Rafael Vallone, the owner of the world renowned Now! brewery (and part-time petrifier), toyed with her pleasant petite-ness for hours in his underwater headquarters.  The alluring Asian stood there as a living mannequin, eyes open yet clearly not seeing.  With a delicately vacant look, Yuka had been rendered mindless but obedient -- even obediently keeping her mouth open to allow Vallone to insert and extract a sex toy he discovered in his assistant Colleen’s sleeping quarters!

With her deliciously oval blank face, pert breasts and elfin curves, Vallone would have easily granted a preserved Yuka a special place with his frozen Wilma, gilded Jill, statuefied Hermione or plastinated Midred.  But that wasn’t the problem.  It was being forced to transform the raven-haired revelation to a statue in the first place that left him livid…


*                                  *                                  *


Two weeks before, Vallone and his lovely Latina assistant Colleen were aimlessly walking the beach on the Mediterranean island of Majorca.  It was a gorgeous clear day and the sun was just starting to set, casting a shadow on the white-suited, Panama hat wearing gentleman and his bikini-clad companion. 

“Well, this day was a bust,” Vallone grumbled. 

“I wish you could relax and enjoy yourself,” Colleen said, gently interlocking Vallone’s right arm with her left.

Vallone sighed.  “Our trip to England only netted us one subject.  I was hoping this trip would be more productive.”

“Nonsense,” Colleen snorted.  “We saw world class football in Manchester and procured that former Page 3 girl, Marjorie Nilsby.  What a body on that one!  She could replace the Hermione statue in your special collection.”

Vallone bristled at the comment.  Colleen sensed it and suddenly felt the need to atone.  “I’m sorry,” Colleen apologized.  “Did I say anything wrong?”

“It’s not that,” Vallone started to explain. “It’s just that Hermione… Hermione…”

The brown-eyed beauty waited for her spruced sponsor to finish that sentence, but it never came.  She saw that he was completely lost in thought.  She had witnessed his moods before, but enough was enough!

“That’s it!” Colleen pouted.  “I will not tolerate this attitude any longer, sir.”

“I’m sorry, Colleen.  I certainly didn’t mean to spoil our trip.”

“Well, you are!  Moping about isn’t going to help us acquire new inventory.  Today might have been unsuccessful, but we can always try again tomorrow.  Besides, we can still have fun tonight.  Just look at me,” Colleen said as she pushed away from Vallone and presented herself like a debutante at her first dance.  “I look hot!”

You most certainly do, her dapper escort thought as he inspected the woman from top to bottom.  Colleen’s silvery bikini not only looked sporty, but it hugged her curvaceous figure quite noticeably.  The bronze-skinned brunette was also quite beautiful with her large eyes, lush lips, and symmetrical face.  And with the Now! logo showing on the left breast of the bikini top, Colleen was his for the taking.

“You look beautiful,” Vallone said softly. 

The early-forties gentleman took Colleen by her waist and gently pulled her toward him.  Vallone leaned forward and his assistant reciprocated…

… by forcefully pushing him to the ground!

“Down, sir!”  Colleen shouted.

Seemingly out of thin air, the Now! duo was suddenly attacked by ninjas on the beach!  Colleen just managed to push Vallone out of the way as a dart whizzed above their heads!  Colleen pushed off from Vallone and met the first ninja’s throat with a flying right kick.   The ninja fell to the ground without a sound.

Another dart!  Colleen twirled out of the way, but she didn’t stop there.  Twirling in a complete 360-degree turn, the appealing assistant/bodyguard threw a knife, striking the second ninja in the heart!  Where was she hiding that knife? Vallone thought, smiling to himself.

Legend has it that to defeat one ninja is remarkable indeed, two ninjas a miraculous feat, but three ninjas… an impossibility!  Because a third dart caught Colleen in the arm, causing her to instantly freeze in place!

Noooo!” Vallone screamed while angrily choking out the third ninja. Yet as he was doing so, the ninja’s leader sneaked in behind the beer magnate, injecting him with a needle.  Three ninjas and their boss?  That is just unfair, considered the brewer before everything went dark . . .

… it was sometime later, when Vallone finally came to in his hotel room.

“Welcome back to the world of the living,” a familiar voice rung in Vallone’s pounding head. 

Straining at the sound of the man’s voice, it hurt to move.  The people were blurry at first, but his vision focused quickly.  Kabu Toyotomi, a well-dressed Japanese man in his mid-twenties, was holding Colleen.  A gorgeous Brazilian woman in her late twenties clad in a brightly colored cheongsam was holding the silk-robed Yuka.  Two gunmen flanked the four people in Vallone’s sight.  

Yuka and Colleen stood passively, staring straight ahead.  Drugs, hypnosis – probably both, thought Vallone.  It was especially painful to see Colleen is this manner.  His assistant was still attired in her silvery bikini with the Now! insignia, but she no longer appeared to be the same woman!  Gone was the capable associate that was athletic and beautiful. That woman had been seemingly converted into nothing more than an empty-headed zombie!

“Hello, Kabu,” Vallone said flatly. 

“Konichi wa, Vallone-san,” the dapper Japanese man replied.  “The last time we met was when you cheated Yakuza out of the Far East distribution contract.”

“You’re mistaken, Kabu,” Vallone retorted.  “I won the distribution fairly.  You shouldn’t have laced your product with habit-inducing hypnotic sedatives.  However, I must admit: your hyp-seeds are very effective in darts.”

“Thank you, Rafael,” the Brazilian cutie said.  “I did develop the process while working for Now!”

“Hello, Alessandra,” Vallone said to the woman.  “You look good.”

The Now! owner certainly meant that.  With her sculptured face, green eyes and pouty lips, Alessandra was quite beautiful.  The cheongsam clung to the Brazilian bombshell, highlighting her full-figured body.   As she stood there, Alessandra maintained the regal bearing of the former beauty queen that she was.

“Thank you,” the green-eyed stunner chimed.  “I pay a lot to look this good.”

Toyotomi soon put and end to the small talk and pointed at Vallone.  “Please honor the Toyotomi clan and help us regain status, since your distribution deal made us lose face.”

“I made you lose face?” Vallone asked angrily.  He started to move towards Toyotomi, but stopped when the bodyguards steadied their pistols.  The brewer quickly regained his cool.  “Why do you need my help?”

Toyotomi gave an oily smile.  “We have a need for your special talents, Vallone-san.”  The man quickly turned to the young Japanese lady.  “Yuka Natsuki here was researching the history of the Yakuza at Yokohama University. Her research came close to uncovering certain aspects of the Toyotomi clan; those aspects of which, we don’t wish to be made public.  Now we wish to make a lasting example of Natsuki-chan.  We want you to plasticize her.”

Vallone stifled a laugh as the other option seemed so obvious.  “Why not just kill her?”

“When you are Yakuza,” Toyotomi replied, “you must have flair.”

“And you sir, are the best petrifier around,” Alessandra chimed.

“Enough, woman!”  Toyotomi gave Alessandra a glare before turning back to Vallone.  “Will you do us the honor, Vallone-san?”

Vallone was quick to answer.  “Absolutely not!”

“Then you give me no other option but to kill you.”

“Then do it, Kabu.”

“Although, first I will kill your woman,” Toyotomi responded.

“Go ahead,” Vallone scoffed.  “She means nothing to me,” he boasted.

Toyotomi deftly pulled out a knife and held it to Colleen’s throat.  The entranced assistant did not resist and probably wasn’t even aware of the danger she was facing!  Colleen’s soft skin started to give way to the knife…

“Stop!” Vallone cried out, his bluff called.  “Please!  I’ll do it.”

Toyotomi gave another oily smile.  “I thought you would see the situation through the Toyotomi clan’s eyes.”

Alessandra shook her head, asking, “What does this woman possess that I do not?”

Arrangements were quickly made.  Vallone would plastinate Yuka and bring her back in two weeks.  Toyotomi would keep Colleen until then as a hostage.  Everyone would rendezvous off the coast of Majorca in international waters; Vallone in his glass submarine, and Toyotomi in his state of the art luxury yacht…

“How do I know you will not just kill us once I hand over Yuka?” Vallone demanded.

“You have my word, Vallone-san,” Toyotomi replied.  “Honor among thieves.”

People started to leave the room -- Toyotomi leading out a still-entranced Colleen -- leaving Vallone alone with Yuka.

The frustrated brewer/petrifier stood there for a minute before noticing Yuka.  The man studied her stilled form.  It was obvious that the female was also a victim of the same hypnotic sedative that claimed Vallone and his associate earlier.  He walked over to the enchanting Japanese girl, and undid the sash on her robe.  The robe fell effortlessly on the floor, revealing Yuka in all her glory.  Vallone ran two fingers down Yuka’s delicately expressionless face.  She didn’t even bat an eyelash.

“Hello, Yuka.  My name is Rafael…”

*                                  *                                  *


Now back at his undersea base, Vallone posed Yuka’s right hand behind her head so that it was holding up her shoulder length dark hair.  He then positioned the attractive Asian’s stiff body so that her left leg was shifted away, with her right leg taking the brunt of her weight.

“This lovely pose,” Vallone told the unmoving, sedated cutie, “will show off your back!”

When viewed from her front, Yuka was just another nude Japanese sensation.  However, from behind the stilled stunner was covered with tattoos; not just ordinary ones, but images that told the entire story of the Toyotomi clan.  Each triumphant victory (and dashing defeat) was told through the series of tattoos.  Inked images of ninjas, geishas, lotus petals, charging horses and clashing swords were all beautifully rendered from the delightful nape of Yuka’s neck, through the shoulder blades and down her arched back.  They fanned out over the alluring Asian’s jutting buttocks and continued on downward to the heels on her gorgeous gams!  The former history student, now mind-locked maiden, displayed a personal lesson in Yakuza history close-up!

Vallone stood just behind Yuka, admiring the tattooed craftsmanship.  Then he gently straightened out her left arm.  “This would normally hurt, my lovely Yuka, but judging by the amount of hypnotic sedatives Toyotomi put in the ink of your tattoos I don’t believe you will feel a thing.  In fact, you probably don’t have a single conscious thought in that pretty little head.”

The polite petrifier took out his own tattoo kit, and proceeded to tattoo the fleshy part of Yuka’s left shoulder.  The porcelain white of her skin soon sported a silvery color.  “There, all finished,” Vallone assured Yuka before setting down his equipment.  “You now sport a Now! logo on your shoulder.  I don’t want Toyotomi taking credit for your plastination.”

Vallone reached up with his right hand and gently caressed Yuka’s left cheek.  “I’m so sorry I have to do this to you.  You seem like such a lovely girl.  I would let you go if they didn’t have Colleen and I…” He paused briefly to inject the stasis serum, placing the Asian beauty in a state of suspended animation, “… I just have to have her back.”

The Brazilian brewer gently placed the vacant victim into the plastination vat.  Soon the water in the cells of the young woman began to be replaced with plasticine.  As he witnessed the enduring transformation through the glass enclosure of the vat, Vallone noticed Yuka’s eyes peering at him, as if seeking to reassure him she understood what was happening to her body…

*                                  *                                  *

Toyotomi’s voiced burned into Colleen’s brain.  “You will obey.”

“I will obey,” Colleen dutifully intoned.

Colleen was strapped and tilted back into a steel chair.  She was staring straight up at a light that kept changing colors.  Her face showed no signs of thought or expression whatsoever.  As her wide-eyed, pupils staring upward look implied, Colleen was being slowly conditioned by Toyotomi.   Alessandra walked into the room.

“Why is this taking so long?” Alessandra demanded.  “Just inject her again.”

“Too many hypnotic sedatives would render the subject merely an automaton,” Toyotomi replied, “incapable of action like Natsuki-chan.  Vallone’s paramour is being slowly conditioned by the hypno-tron to perform a certain action.”  The Japanese man place a pistol in Colleen’s right hand.  “And what will you do with this, my dear?”

“I will shoot Vallone dead,” the wide-eyed assistant answered in a monotone.

“Wonderful,” Toyotomi said as he ran his fingers through the brainwashed beauty’s hair.  “Now just focus on the lights, saying or hearing nothing unless spoken to directly, my dear.”

“I understand.  I obey,” Colleen dutifully responded.  The light on her pretty face changed from purple to red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple again.  

Alessandra finally broke the silence.  “Vallone will finally be out of the way!  Even when we were together, he was obsessed with this child.  I have the best looks and body money can buy.  I look much better than this whelp!”

“Perhaps that is what Vallone-san sees in this young lady,” Toyotomi offered.  “While you are clearly more beautiful, you work hard for it.  Colleen-chan’s beauty is effortless.  She is athletic and most capable as well -- I still marvel at this beauty defeating two of my ninjas.”

In a fit of envy, the green-eyed ex-beauty queen snatched the pistol and pointed it at Colleen’s left temple.  The brown-eyed beauty didn’t bat an eyelash, blankly watching the hypnotic lights turn from orange to yellow.  “I’ll spoil her beauty once and for all!” Alessandra threatened.

“Put the pistol down, Alessandra-chan,” Toyotomi advised, gently guiding the pistol away from the unaware Colleen.  “I will put two bullets in the pistol.  After Colleen-chan kills Vallone, then your other concern will no longer be a problem.”

 Alessandra gave back the pistol to Toyotomi.  “Just make sure,” she hissed, before turning around and walking out of the room.  Toyotomi sighed, waited a few minutes and turned to Colleen.

“And what will you do after Vallone is killed, my dear,” he asked.

“I will shoot Alessandra dead,” the comatose cutie answered…

*                                  *                                  *

It took Vallone several hours, taking the now mannequinized Yuka out of the plastination vat, drying her off, washing the plasticine out of her hair (to give it a more natural look) and applying a soft touch of make-up on her pretty little face, but looking at the finished product made it time well spent! 

Vallone caught his breath and looked full in Yuka’s captivating oval face.  “I’m sorry to keep you in this straight-bodied arms at side pose, but you will have to fit in the crate.  Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to get Colleen back.  I just need to get her away from Toyotomi for a minute…” Vallone paused to shake his head, “…and I might still get killed in the process!”

Vallone reached over and tenderly kissed the plasticized Yuka on her lips.  He then picked up her nude plastinated body and gingerly placed the treasure into a shipping crate full of foam peanuts.  After throwing in more packing peanuts to ensure no damage would befall the like-life mannequin in transit, Vallone nailed the crate shut…


*                                  *                                  *


Vallone’s submarine docked with Toyotomi’s yacht right on schedule in the international waters off the coast of Majorca.  As Vallone boarded the yacht, a shipping crane grabbed the crate and deposited it on the yacht’s deck.  There was a party going on with various men and women in various states of dress, seemingly oblivious to the machinations of the yacht’s owner.  They probably wouldn’t want to witness me being murdered anyway, Vallone thought.

The Brazilian looked carefully at the partyers.  They were all handsome and beautiful, but only four people in the crowd stood out to him.  One was Khrysha Veber, the Russian oil heiress.  With her flowing reddish brown hair, gorgeous grey eyes and deliciously curvy body, Veber could have easily played a seductress in any 1960s era eurospy movie!  Veber’s two assistants were equally enchanting: the duo were two tall, blonde, blue-eyed twins.  And there was a Latino waiter, wearing nothing but a Speedo, bow-tie and a handsome smile that Colleen wouldn’t mind seeing petrified, if she were aware…  Colleen!  You need to focus on Colleen! 

Five ninjas soon surrounded the petrifier.  They led him off the high-class deck down into the bowels of the yacht, eventually winding up at a soundproof room.  As three ninjas waited outside, the other two ninjas escorted Vallone inside, where a dapper-dressed Toyotomi, Alessandra, a blank-faced Colleen and a plasticized Yuka awaited him.  Alessandra and Colleen were wearing strapless two-piece black bikinis and chokers with the Toyotomi crest while Yuka was gloriously nude.  Vallone noticed the shipping crate lying open behind the rigid Yuka in a corner of the room.

Toyotomi greeted Vallone.  “Marvelous!” the Yakuza man exclaimed as he motioned toward the plastinated and nude Yuka.  “I see the hand of a true master in Natsuki-chan.”

“Yuka will look better once she’s posed,” Vallone responded as he stared at Yuka’s current straight-as-an-arrow position, “but I’m glad you like it.  I’ll just take Colleen now and leave.”

At that moment, the remaining two ninjas grabbed each of Vallone’s shoulders and wrestled him to the ground into a kneeling position.  Both of the shadow warriors held the businessman down at the shoulder while locking his arms behind his back. The trio looked on as Toyotomi withdrew his pistol.

“And this is how you keep your word?” Vallone shouted.  “Honor among thieves!?”

Toyotomi handed the pistol to Colleen.  “I am keeping my word, Vallone-san.  I said I would not kill you, but I never said anything about your lovely Colleen doing the dirty deed for me!”  

The criminal greasily smiled at his soon-to-be victim as Colleen obediently took the pistol from Toyotomi and stepped behind Vallone, aiming the gun at the back of her employer’s head.  Vallone swallowed hard as he felt the hard cold steel barrel rest icily against his skull! 

“Any last words?” Toyotomi asked.

Vallone closed his eyes and softly said, “Hermione.”

Colleen fired two shots!

*                                  *                                  *

Finally, Vallone opened his eyes.  Feeling no pressure, he got up and noticed the two ninjas who had been holding him down were lying sprawled and face-down, a bullet in each head.  Vallone turned around and saw a shaken Colleen dropping the pistol.  Vallone grabbed Colleen and hugged her as hard as he could.  Colleen returned the embrace.

“Oh, sir,” she sobbed.  “I… I… get down sir!”

Colleen shoved Vallone down with her left hand and caught a charging Toyotomi square in the face with her right fist!  Toyotomi crumpled to the floor.

Vallone got up and spotted Alessandra cowering behind the standing-still nude body of Yuka.  He walked over to her.

“Please don’t kill me,” Vallone’s the ex-lover begged. 

“I wouldn’t dream of it.  You have my word,” Vallone said as he walked past her towards the shipping crate.

Alessandra felt relieved.  Despite all that has happened she knew, Vallone was a man that always kept his word. The woman didn’t expect him to pull out a hypodermic needle from within the nearby shipping crate with her back behind him. By the time the green chemicals were injected into her left buttock, it was too late for the former beauty queen to realize her ironic fate!  The substance seemed to have an almost immediate effect as Alessandra’s whole body seemed to go limp. A blank look washed over her face, and her gorgeous green eyes became fixed in a glassy stare.  Just because he didn’t want her dead, didn’t mean he intended to let her go free without retribution!

Vallone pulled a couple more needles containing a different chemical out of the shipping crate.  The man walked casually past the plasticized Yuka and newly zombified Alessandra to reach Colleen. The businessman injected himself, as well as his associate, with the special serum.  It was then that the couple was unexpectedly interrupted from behind!

“Face me, old man!” Toyotomi howled, recovering from Colleen’s blow.  “Do not hide behind your woman!”

Colleen cowered at the sound of Toyotomi’s voice.  He still has some control over her!  Vallone grabbed a sword off the wall, determined to finish this once and for all.  Toyotomi grabbed a sword as well, and charged wildly at Vallone.  The sound of the swords meeting reverberated throughout the soundproof room.

“You have made two mistakes, Toyotomi-san,” Vallone stated as he parried a thrust by Toyotomi.  “One: you forgot that with age comes experience.”

Vallone casually sliced off Toyotomi’s sword hand.  Vallone then spun and caught Toyotomi’s side with his sword. 

“And Two: you conditioned Colleen for fourteen days.  I’ve been conditioning her for fourteen years!” exclaimed Vallone before pulling out the sword from Toyotomi’s side, blood spurting out from the puncture in the body!  He wasn’t cut in two, but no power on earth could help Toyotomi now.

“Then kill me!” Toyotomi screamed with the end near at hand.  “You owe me that honor!”

Vallone jammed his sword into the floor.  “You know nothing of honor,” he hissed.

Vallone nodded at Colleen and proceeded to take out yet another device and its instructions hidden in the packing peanuts of the shipping crate.  As he gambled that Colleen would respond to his hypnotic release word, he now gambled that Colleen could vanquish Toyotomi’s hold on her by herself.  He left her the means to do it.  Judging by her blood curdling scream, the sound of the blade and the thump of Toyotomi’s severed head hitting the floor he knew that Colleen did just that!

Vallone knew the other ninjas would wonder why Toyotomi had not yet emerged from this room and he had to delay them!  The brewer walked over to his assistant.  Colleen saw him, dropped the blood-drenched sword and then hugged him tightly.

“Thank you.  Thank you, sir!” the assistant bawled. 

“I’m sorry,” Vallone said.  “I’m so sorry for what I’m about to do.”

“Do what?”

“This, my darling sphinx!” Vallone whispered in her left ear.

Upon hearing the trigger phrase, Colleen bolted upright, entranced into a living automaton.  Fourteen years of conditioning had rendered her suggestible at the mere mention of those three words.  Despite the tears causing her make up to run, she stared at Vallone impassively.

“Colleen, recall the Japanese lessons from your last session.”

“Yes, master,” Colleen replied.

“Walk over to the nerve gas device, read the Japanese language instructions and activate the machine,” Vallone commanded.  He then inserted a slip of paper between her bountiful breasts.  “You will read this piece of paper only after you activate the machine.”

Colleen responded, “I obey, master.”

As Vallone sprinted out of the room, the hypnotized woman automatically walked over to the device to complete her task.  Because of the soundproofed walls, Colleen could not hear Vallone desperately fighting the three remaining ninjas.  She was so transfixed on completing her master’s last command that she probably wouldn’t have heard the fighting even if was right in front of her!  In short order, the entranced assistant expertly activated the device.

The nerve gas worked quickly, freezing most everyone on the yacht and placing them into stasis.  Colleen (having regained her senses) walked out of the room clutching the note that her gallant protector had inserted into her bikini.  She found two dead ninjas in the hallway.  Vallone was moaning under the third ninja, who had frozen before he could plunge a blade into the brewer’s chest!  Colleen pulled him out from under the ninja and cradled his head on her lap.  The note fell from her hand.  A single handwritten word was visible on the note: HERMIONE.

“What you were thinking, fighting three ninjas?” Colleen demanded.

“I’m just glad the antidote I injected into us worked,” Vallone coughed.

“Don’t change the subject, sir.  Why did you do it?”

“Colleen, I had to buy you time to activate the device.  Thank you for doing that, because to defeat one ninja is remarkable indeed, two ninjas an incredible feat, but three…”

Vallone couldn’t finish the sentence before he passed out from exhaustion.  Colleen ran her fingers through his hair while tears streamed again from her pretty brown eyes.  “Rest now, sir,” she whispered…


*                                  *                                  *


Colleen walked into the control room at her boss/master’s undersea headquarters.  The Yuka mannequin was posed once again with her right hand holding up her hair.  Yuka was displayed on a rotating dais: one could notice her exquisite nudity in front and the beguiling tattoos from behind when she slowly spun around!  Colleen was going to tell Vallone that Marjorie, Alessandra, Khrysha, the blonde twins and the Latin waiter were all secured for future transformations, but Vallone raised a hand, informing her to keep silent.

“Toyotomi’s yacht was destroyed?” Vallone asked.

“A malfunctioning Nakamori Industries chip on a US cruise missile,” the voice of Mr. Nakamori, a client and friend of Vallone’s, boomed out of a speaker.  “I’ve apologized to everyone and will make restitution.”

“That wraps up that loose end, Mr. Nakamori,” Vallone said with a sigh.  “Please invoice me for the nerve gas.”

“You saved my company from the Yakuza, Vallone-san.  You owe me nothing.”

“But what about Yuka?”  Vallone asked.

“You have spared my niece a fate worse than death and brought honor to my family name.  I will leave her in your good hands.  Sayonara and arigato, Vallone-san!  Nakamori out.”

“Damn their honor!”  Vallone spat.

“I’m sorry for everything, sir,” Colleen replied.

“I’m angry at Nakamori, not you Colleen,” Vallone responded.

Colleen came up to him.  “But you should be!  As your assistant and bodyguard I should have known Toyotomi was intent on ambushing us on that beach.”

Vallone held Colleen close.  “Nobody could have seen that coming.  The important thing is that the Toyotomi clan is no more and you can freely think for yourself again.”

Colleen embraced him back.  “I freely choose to be with you, sir,” she whispered. 

Vallone rubbed his chin thoughtfully.


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