by Gorgo


1)            Rinrin is a character from the bishōjo date simulation game (later anime series) Sister Princess - Onii-chan Daisuki, created by Sakurako Kimino (creator of Strawberry Panic!) and illustrated by Naoto Tenhiro; it first appeared in the pages of Dengeki G's Magazine in 1999.  So as to not offend the sensibilities of those who might read this, Rinrin is depicted in her university years, about seven years after the timeline of the game (which would make her 22 years old).  In previous fanfics I've written using her as one of the characters, I've always used the family name "Hatoyama" (written with the kanji 鳩山, meaning "dove mountain") in conjunction with her.

2)             This story is also based on Sarabot's The Robotic Nurse, which can be found at the Fembot Central website in the Story Archive section, under topic #2781.  To be frankly honest, I've never liked stories where gynoids have been made to malfunction and then just left there while the protagonist (who, for one reason or another, caused the malfunction) does nothing to correct the problem or skips out of the scene and leaves a mess.  This story is meant to offer a different ending to that scenario.              

And now . . .

               A ringing sound echoed in her ears as a metallic voice began to call out, "It's morning, Rinrin-chan!  It's morning!  Time to get up!  Time to get up!"

               A moan escaped the mass of blankets on the bunk bed, located in a private bedroom in a Martello tower-like building on a plot of land in the hills overlooking the outer reaches of Halifax Harbour.  Hand moved the covers away to reveal a woman in her early twenties, currently covered in a Boston Celtics muscle shirt that barely went past her panty-clad crotch.  Oriental in looks with a mixture of Japanese and Chinese ancestry on her cute face, she had bobcut dark brown hair that went to the level of her chin and deep brown eyes.  As she reached over to tap the control to shut off the alarm on the miniature robot on her nightstand, she was quick to see the time.  "Seven-thirty . . . " Rinrin Hatoyama moaned before she covered her mouth in a polite yawn.  "Damn . . . still too early."

               The door to her bedroom then opened, revealing what -- to the casual observer -- was none other than Rinrin's own twin sister.  Of course, a sharper eye would be quick to note the difference of eye colour (the twin had blue eyes), not to mention the slight sheen on her skin that denoted this was actually a gynoid.

               "Ohayō gozaimasu, Mama," Mecha-Rinrin called out as she placed the breakfast tray in her hands on an empty part of her creator's work desk.  "Breakfast is ready."

               "Ohayō, Mecha-chan," Rinrin replied before another yawn stole her breath as she got out of her bed and headed to a side door to go to the bathroom.

               Mecha-Rinrin smiled as she watched her creator/mother begin morning ablutions.  "Just to remind you, Mama, you have an appointment with McGovern-sensei at her office at 10:00 AM today," she announced as Rinrin stripped off her nightclothes and stepped into the shower.  "You needed to see her about your recent bout of pneumonia."

               "Right," Rinrin said as she flipped on the water . . .

*    *    *

               After a hearty breakfast and a quick review of her day's schedule on her BlackBerry, Rinrin got dressed in a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt before getting her bag and heading out of her rented home to the Corvette she had purchased on coming to Nova Scotia and modified with her own home-designed AI systems when she began attending Dalhousie after graduating from Stargazer West College.  "Ohayō, Louie," she called out as the door automatically opened and she slipped in.  "McGovern-sensei's clinic, near the University, please.  Most economical route," she then instructed.

               "Right away, Rinrin-chan," the voice of the Corvette's AI -- Rinrin modelled that on the voice of one of Donald Duck's nephews -- replied as the engine turned over.

               Rinrin buckled in as the car went off.  Given the growth of the metropolitan Halifax region over the last few decades, she knew it would take nearly an hour to get into town and Patricia McGovern's clinic, located to the north of the grounds of Dalhousie University.  While Louie was actually doing the driving, Rinrin got out her Aniki Special laptop and began running through her notes for her various graduate year classes.  Fortunately for her, today was a day she only had one class with a following seminar -- Artificial Cognation 447 -- at Dalhousie, so she could relax herself and take time to work on some of her pending research essays and seminar presentations.

               Time slipped by until Louie's voice called out, "We're here, Rinrin-chan."

               Rinrin blinked, and then she looked to her right to see the office building where Dr. McGovern had her private practice, located on Jubilee Road to the west of the Halifax Infirmary.  "Damn!  Time sure flies!" she muttered to herself as she quickly saved all her work, and then grabbed an extra battery pack from the glove compartment before getting out of her car.  "Usual security procedures, Louie!" she ordered.

               "Naturally, Rinrin-chan.  Have fun," the AI replied with a smile in his voice as the car door closed and locked, the engine shutting down.

               Rinrin smartly walked into the clinic, heading into the waiting room.  Looking around as she noted there was no other person there, she placed her laptop on a chair before heading to the receptionist.  "Good morning," she said in accent-less English.  "I'm here to see Dr. McGovern.  Rinrin Hatoyama," she announced herself as she drew out her provincial health card and private insurance card for the receptionist to see.

               The receptionist looked up and scanned the card before nodding.  "Please be seated, Miss Hatoyama.  The doctor will see you shortly."

               Rinrin nodded as she headed to her chair.  The receptionist was an android -- A gynoid! she automatically corrected herself, remembering that many of her classmates and teachers had picked up on the term to differentiate between female-form and male-form automations -- most likely an Eastman-Kodak Type 76F modified for secretarial duties.  She was a pretty girl with brown eyes and light pink hair that looked natural on her.  Which was the give-away; pink hair was NOT natural among organic humans.

               As she put her computer onto her lap to get back to her notes, her eyes then locked on a sign on a nearby table piled with magazines:  FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, THIS CLINIC IS CURRENTLY ASSISTING IN BETA TRIALS ON THE EASTMAN-KODAK TYPE 86F-N NURSE DROID.  PLEASE BE PATIENT IF MALFUNCTIONS OCCUR; SOME SYSTEMS ARE STILL IN TESTING STAGE.  Noting that, Rinrin shrugged; she knew some of the people at Dalhousie who were helping out with the EK 86F-Ns, which were originally designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.  Knowing the collective IQs of some of those brainiacs, she then smirked.  The bugs, if present, would be minor things . . .

*    *    *

               "Miss Hatoyama?"

               Rinrin looked up to see a smiling girl standing there, dressed impeccably in a ruffled shirt and slacks, a lab coat draped over her.  "Yes?"

               "Good morning, Miss Hatoyama," the woman said with a very nice smile as she bowed to her.  "I'm Heather.  I'll be your nurse today.  Come with me, please?"

               Rinrin nodded as she tapped closed the notes she was working on, and then closed the Aniki Special before she followed the other woman through the doors into the examination areas.  There were four such rooms, along with the receptionist's cubicle, the doctor's private office, the file room, the supply room and a washroom.  The door to the doctor's office was closed.  Three of the examination rooms had nurses -- dressed the same as Heather -- standing by the diagnostic beds, all still.  The fourth room was empty.  Beckoning Rinrin inside, Heather headed to the work table there to pick up a blood pressure armband.  "We'll take your blood pressure first," she said.

               Rinrin sat on the bed, offering her right arm.  Heather fixed the cuff in place, and then activated the device as she placed the fingertips on the pulse point on Rinrin's wrist.  As the blood pressure was taken, Rinrin took a moment to scan over the gynoid before her.  Heather appeared to be about twenty or so, with brown hair cut in a shaggy line at mid-neck, partially held down by a golden headband.  Brown eyes peeked out of a very artistically designed face, with just a touch of baby fat in it to make her look quite normal.  And unlike older model gynoids, she didn't have an artificial sheen to her skin; that was the biggest visual change when it came to third-generation artificial intelligence humanoid automation -- normally referred to by the initials A.I.H.A., pronounced "Aye-hah" -- design.  Up close, she seemed very human.

               "Your blood pressure is lower than normal," Heather then announced on seeing the reading.  "One-fifteen over seventy-seven.  Your heart rate is eighty-two."

               "It's been that way since I was discharged from Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital," Rinrin said as the nurse pulled off the blood pressure cuff.  "I've been taking antibiotics and cortisone to get the blood pressure back up and give my lungs more power so I could breathe better and get the rest of the bacteria out of them."

               "I'll ensure the doctor is informed of that," Heather stated.  "Please remove your T-shirt so I can analyse your breathing, Miss Hatoyama."

               Rinrin blinked, and then she nodded as she did what the nurse asked.  If Heather had the normal 86F-N system modifications done to her, her hands would be fitted with special sensors that would allow her to monitor the flow of air in a patient's lungs just by touching the skin, totally negating the need for stethoscopes.  Such readings would be wirelessly downloaded to the supervising doctor's main computer so s/he could see what the readings were and get an idea as to what might be happening.

               As soon as the T-shirt was off, Heather placed her hands -- quite warm ones -- on Rinrin's back.  "Please breathe deeply, Miss Hatoyama."

               "Right," Rinrin said as she took a deep breath through her nose, then blew out through her mouth.  The procedure repeated again as Heather shifted her hands up and down her patient's back, and then shifted to the sides under her armpits.  After that was done, Heather then slipped her hands under Rinrin's sports bra.  "Hey!"

               "Please breathe deeply, Miss Hatoyama.  This is part of the examination."

               Rinrin fought down the urge to blush as the gynoid's hands pressed against the soft flesh of her breasts.  "R-r-right," she sputtered before taking a deep breath.

               Heather's hands continued to shift all over her patient's breasts, her fingers dancing over Rinrin's nipples every time they moved.  The brush of those warm fingers over her sensitive breasts made Rinrin's breath catch in her throat as they seemed to move in gentle circles over her nipples, making them harden almost immediately.  Before she could say anything, the nurse stated, "Please breathe deeply, Miss Hatoyama."

               Rinrin smiled.  "Hard to do that with you playing with my breasts like that!"

               Heather stopped, and then she seemed to consider that for a moment before she shifted herself to stand in front of her patient.  Rinrin blinked, and then her jaw dropped as the gynoid reached up to unbutton her blouse, revealing creamy skin underneath.  And no bra, Rinrin was quick to note on seeing Heather's own breasts exposed as she pulled away her blouse, tucking the flaps under her lab coat so they didn't obstruct the view.  Before she could say a thing, the nurse smiled as she reached down, took Rinrin's hands and then placed them on her breasts.  "You may play with my breasts as I continue the examination," she stated before slipping her hands under Rinrin's bra.  "Please breathe deeply, Miss Hatoyama.  I am almost finished."

               Rinrin blinked as she stared in confusion at the woman before her, though her hands did tighten slightly as Heather's own fingers returned to gently pressing against her own breasts.  As she tried to figure out what the heck was going on, Rinrin's thoughts were interrupted by Heather's voice, "Please breathe deeply, Miss Hatoyama."

               Rinrin took that in, and then she felt herself relax as it came to her.  Hoping that she wouldn't get into trouble with the doctor if she did this, she moved to slide her hands around Heather's torso and pull her closer to her.  The gynoid responded immediately by taking a step in place herself in the V between Rinrin's legs.  Before she could say anything, Rinrin then leaned in to place a deep kiss on Heather's lips.

               The nurse seemed to freeze for a moment before her face softened and her eyes closed as her hands pulled up from Rinrin's breasts -- yanking her sports bra clear of them -- and moved to embrace her as her mouth parted, her tongue gently probing into Rinrin's mouth to play with her own tongue.  Sensing that, Rinrin could only scowl to herself as it hit her.  Either some dorkass cracker got into her systems to put in some sexdoll programming into her or some ignorant jerk at the factory put in some parts that shouldn't be in her! she mused to herself as she pulled her arms clear of Heather's clothes to return her hug.  Better find out how bad this is before Sensei gets in here.  She's not going to like this one! she mused to herself.

               Rinrin's hands drifted down to gently cup Heather's buttocks and squeeze, which made the nurse tense for a moment before a gentle purr escaped her as her own hands did the same to her patient's ass.  Sensing that, Rinrin quietly thanked the heavens that she had been born bisexual so she could enjoy this, especially when it came to a well-designed gynoid.  And she had to admit, the folks at Eastman-Kodak were some of the best when it came to beings like Heather.  As she kept one hand rubbing Heather's butt cheeks, her other hand shifted to gently brush the nurse's stomach around her navel, and then it slipped under the band of her slacks, which weren't held back by a belt.  A quick flip of the thumb undid the button, and then she pulled down the zipper, her little finger brushing up against the pubic hair above the gynoid's womanhood.

               Immediately on sensing that, Heather's breathing -- all gynoids had to breathe as a way of keeping their internal systems cool -- picked up as her legs spread apart a bit, most likely to allow Rinrin's hand to get where she obviously wanted to go.  This was, in a sense, the truth.  As Rinrin's hand began to rub against Heather's clit, her other hand moved under the lab coat to get at the band of her slacks at the small of her back, gently pulling them down so that her ass would be clear of clothing.  They continued to kiss away as Rinrin's fingers began to probe past Heather's rear opening, reaching around to gently feel the soft tissue there before it tapped a hard point.  Once she detected that, she then pulled away and gave the nurse an apologetic look.

               "I'm sorry, Heather-chan," she said in Japanese as she pressed the button there.

               Heather's passionate look froze for a second before all emotion blanked out on her face as her body instantly straightened to attention, pausing long enough so that Rinrin could get her hand clear of the gynoid's crotch before her legs came together.  Once she was perfectly still and giving Rinrin a thousand-yard stare, the nurse then spoke in a flat monotone, "Nurse-u.nit-Hea.ther-in-stand.by-mode, Miss-Ha.to.ya.ma.  Please-state-what-func.tion-or-ac.tion-you-wish-this-u.nit-to-per.form."

               "Open main diagnostic port and enter self-diagnostic mode," Rinrin ordered.

               "U.nit-now-in-self-di.ag.nos.tic-mode.  Main-di.ag.nos.tic-port-o.pen."

               A trapezoid-shaped patch of skin opened up on Heather's upper sternum, flipping down to reveal several fibre-optic programming ports and a small screen with a two-button control panel underneath it.  Reaching for the Aniki Special, Rinrin pulled out a retractable cable, and then moved to hook it in to the port to Heather's far right.  Once that was there, Rinrin moved to open her own programs as the nurse then dutifully announced, "U.nit-now-linked-to-out.side-com.pu.ter-pro.ces.sor."

               Ignoring Heather, Rinrin called up her DroidScan 17.7 detailed analysis program.  "Heather, what's your body unit number?" she asked.


               Rinrin typed in EK-86F-N-0X0169A into the UNIT B.U.N. field on the control screen, and then she tapped the FULL SYSTEMS SCAN function icon.  Heather seemed to perk as she announced, "Link-o.pen-to-Droid-Scan-Seven.teen-point-Seven-pro.gram.  Full-sys.tems-an.al.y.sis-com.men.cing.  Es.ti.mat.ed-scan-com.ple.tion-in-ten-point-four-min.utes."

               "Rinrin!  What's going on here?!"

               Rinrin jerked on hearing that voice, and then she turned to see Patricia McGovern standing at the open doorway, her jaw dropped and her eyes wide with surprise on seeing one of her nurses now partially undressed, her main diagnostic port open and hooked now to her patient's portable laptop computer.  "Oh, Doctor!  Sorry about that!" Rinrin breathed out.  "Heather was monitoring my breathing when she started to get pretty passionate with me.  I shut her down to check her out; I think she's got some sexdoll programming in her; probably put in when she was built!"

               Patricia blinked as she took that in, and then she nodded.  "She just arrived with the others from the factory a week ago," she said as she moved to place her own laptop and her patient folder on the desk before gazing at the unmoving Heather.  "None of the other patients have complained about her or the other nurses when they've been given preliminary examinations before I've seen them.  How did you guess that, Rinrin?"

               "Pays to be an A.I. major at Dalhousie, Doctor," Rinrin stated.  "Heather, take the Aniki Special and move to stand beside the work desk," she then ordered.

               "This-u.nit-will-com.ply, Miss-Ha.to.ya.ma."

               Picking up the laptop, Heather turned and walked over to stand beside the work desk, placing the Aniki Special on the desk before returning to a state of attention as she stared nowhere in particular.  Noting that, Patricia nodded as she turned to her patient.  "Well, since we can't get much out of her for the time being, let's get you back on the bed so we can get on with this," the doctor then stated, smiling.

               "Right," Rinrin said as she moved to lie down, slipping off her bra before relaxing herself on the bed as the doctor slipped on her stethoscope.

               "Breathe deeply," Patricia ordered.

               Rinrin did so as the cup was placed on her skin.  Patricia McGovern was a couple years free of residency at Victoria General Hospital to the east of Dalhousie University's main campus on South Street.  She was a very beautiful woman in her early thirties, with long dark red hair currently tied in a high bun at the back of her head and hazel eyes under reading glasses.  Like her nurses, she was dressed in a ruffled blouse and slacks, a lab coat draped over her shoulders.  Due to her youth and recent entry into mainstream general practice, she had a small group of patients, which made her more welcome to Rinrin; she hated long line-ups whenever she went to see a doctor.

               "Well, your lungs seem to sound quite clear to me," Patricia noted as she pulled away the stethoscope, and then she placed her fingertips on Rinrin's body under the curve of her breasts.  "Give me a cough, Rinrin."  Rinrin did so.  Patricia nodded as she slipped her fingers into her patient's cleavage.  "Again, please."  Rinrin repeated that, and then Patricia shifted her hand above the former's left breast, resting the heel of her hand right on the nipple.  "Again, please," she ordered.  After Rinrin complied, the doctor then moved her other hand to replicate what she was doing with Rinrin's right breast.  "Again, please," she ordered.  Rinrin did so.  "That sounds good," Patricia noted, nodding in satisfaction.  "Are you finished with the cortisone?"

               "Um, y-yeah . . . "

               The doctor blinked.  "What's wrong?"

               Rinrin's cheeks were reddening as her eyes turned down to gaze on her breasts.  "Sorry about that, Doctor.  But could you move your hands, please?"

               Patricia blinked again, and then she looked down to see her hands still poised on her patient's breasts, the palms resting on her nipples.  "Oh!  I'm sorry!" the older woman said as she pulled her hands away.  "I didn't mean to molest you!"

               Rinrin laughed.  "Oh, it's okay . . .!"

               "After all, you should have the right to touch me in return."

               The younger woman's jaw dropped.  " . . . Eh?!"

               Her voice then disappeared as Patricia reached up to her blouse top and began to unbutton it.  As Rinrin watched in stunned disbelief, the doctor's hands deftly undid each button, revealing very beautiful skin underneath it.  Soon enough, the whole front was exposed, revealing a very nice white lace underwire demi-bra, the lace not doing much to hide the red nipples underneath them.  A snap of the front link soon exposed everything to Rinrin's widening eyes.  Before she could say a thing, Patricia then reached down to grasp her patient's hands, and then allow them to rest on her breasts.  "There you go," she said with a smile as she used her own hands to allow Rinrin to gently press into that welcome flesh there.  "Touch them all you want."

               Rinrin blinked as her fingers automatically began to knead and brush over the doctor's breasts as her mind tried to catch up on what was happening to her, and then her jaw dropped as it suddenly came to her.  No way!  She can't be . . .! thundered through her mind before a delighted smile crossed her face as she moved to sit up and draw Patricia close to her, allowing her to rest against the side of the bed.  Before the doctor could say anything, Rinrin leaned in to give her a kiss.

               Instantly, Patricia responded as Rinrin allowed the former's hands to come up and continue to fondle her breasts as their kiss deepened, their heads gently shifting around so their mouths could continue to caress the other's passionately.  As that continued, Rinrin allowed her hands to drift all over Patricia's back, gently sliding down towards her own slacks to get at her buttocks and the control switch that had to be in the anus.  IF Sensei's the same model as Heather-chan! Rinrin reminded herself as she began to pull down on Patricia's slacks.  Find out in . . .!


               Rinrin stopped as the doctor pulled away from her, a shocked look on her face.  "What's wrong?!" she asked as she stopped, though her hands remained poised over the crack of the doctor's butt and ready to plunge down to get at that switch if needed.

               "I . . . oh, God!  Oh, my God!  What am I DOING?!" Patricia asked as her hands drifted to her head.  "I shouldn't be doing this!  You're my PATIENT!"

               Rinrin blinked, her jaw hanging from her face as Patricia pulled away from her, moving to immediately pace around the room.  "This is wrong!  This is WRONG!" the doctor ranted as she hugged herself.  "I am a doctor!  I cannot engage in sexual relations with my patients!  This is a breach of trust between myself and Rinrin!  This is wrong!  This is WRONG!  I am a doctor!  I cannot engage in sexual relations . . .!"

               Rinrin remained quiet as she watched Patricia pace to and fro around the room, repeating what she was saying.  Shaking her head at what was going on before her, she immediately began to run through all her knowledge on A.I.H.A. programming and what could be causing this quite weird conflict within the gynoid -- She HAD to be one!  There was just no getting around THAT fact! -- now walking up a storm in front of her.

               Before she could consider what to do now, a flat voice then announced from the corner of the room, "Full-sys.tems-an.al.y.sis-scan-com.plete.  Please-state-what-func.tion-or-ac.tion-you-wish-this-u.nit-to-per.form."

               Rinrin gazed on Heather for a second before she noted Patricia stopping, standing at attention as a thousand-yard stare crossed her face.  "Yes.  I must do a full systems analysis," the doctor then said before stepping out of the room.

               Rinrin watched her go, and then slipped off the bed.  "Heather, remove the link to the Aniki Special and close your main diagnostic port," she then ordered.  "Fix up your clothes, then return to normal function and join me in Doctor McGovern's office.  Bring the Aniki Special with you when you do that.  Understood?"

               "This-u.nit-will-com.ply, Miss-Ha.to.ya.ma."

               Rinrin headed out of the room and moved to the doctor's office, the door of which was open now.  Looking inside, she saw Patricia seated at her desk, her main diagnostic port open as she inserted a cable into it, her eyes locked on the computer screen before her.  Rinrin walked over to stand behind the doctor's chair, glancing over Patricia's shoulder as she watched the latter pull up the DroidScan program on her screen.  The doctor then loaded in the body unit number EK-86G-D-0X0072M in the UNIT B.U.N. field before she tapped the FULL SYSTEMS SCAN button.  Noting the body unit number displayed there, Rinrin blinked.  She didn't know Eastman-Kodak had an 86G model available!  Developing gynoids and androids with Level G sentience -- in effect, to be as human as the real thing! -- was still seen as ethically questionable.

               And what the heck did the "D" mean, anyway?  Unless . . .!

               Doctor . . .?

               That would be cool! a part of Rinrin's mind then mused.

               "Link open to DroidScan 16.9 program.  Full systems analysis commencing.  Estimated scan completion in 12.7 minutes."

               That was Patricia, speaking normally thought her body was now frozen pretty much as Heather's had been when Rinrin had put her under the DroidScan program loaded on her Aniki Special.  Staring at the doctor for a moment, Rinrin then felt herself frown.  The 16.9 version of DroidScan had been at the cutting edge of A.I.H.A. analysis technology a year ago.  Rinrin's copy of the program -- version 17.7 -- had just been released in restricted use by M.I.T. three weeks before.  The biggest difference between the Level 16.X and the Level 17.X versions of DroidScan was that the latter version had the ability to detect even minute abnormalities which could creep up whenever different programs were operating at the same time.  Like sexual response programs while a medical ethics program is working at the same time, Rinrin concluded.

               "Miss Hatoyama?"

               Rinrin looked over, and then nodded as Heather handed her the Aniki Special.  The laptop was open, showing the DroidScan readout on the nurse.  Looking at the conflict reports there, she breathed out.  "Shit!  No wonder this happened!"

               Heather perked.  "Excuse me?"

               "Just a moment," Rinrin cautioned as she placed the laptop on her desk, and then tapped into other programs.  "Open your shirt and your main diagnostic port."

               Heather blinked.  "Miss Hatoyama, you are not authorised . . . "

               Groaning, Rinrin moved to place herself at the nurse's back as her hands snaked around her to gently squeeze her breasts.  " . . . to order . . . OOOOH!" Heather then cried as her body buckled from the sudden input from her skin sensors.  As a shudder ran through her, she turned to gaze passionately at her patient.  "W-well, if you d-do insist . . . " she purred seductively as her hands began to unbutton her blouse.

               Should have kept her in diagnostic mode after she fixed herself up, Rinrin cursed as she pressed into the skin onto the space between the articular surfaces for the gynoid's clavicles at the top of her sternum.  Sure enough, there was an emergency switch there that would open the diagnostic port hatch; things like that were always put on the skeletal structure in case an android refused a verbal command.

               "Oh . . . Main diagnostic port open . . . oh!  Miss Hatoyama, lower, please!" Heather gasped, her face flush with passion as Rinrin's right hand darted into the nurse's crotch to get at her clit while the left hand leaned over to draw out the cable from the Aniki Special to plug it in.  "Yes!  Right there! . . . I am now linked to an outside unit processor . . . AAAAAAAAH!  Miss Hatoyama, you're so GOOD!  Please . . .!"

               "Sit on the desk," Rinrin ordered.  "Pull your pants off."

               "Yes, of course . . .!" Heather groaned as she sat on the desk in front of Patricia, her arms moving to pull down her slacks.  "Oh, Miss Hatoyama . . . "

               "Call me Rinrin."

               A nod.  "Yes, Rinrin . . . oh, yes . . .!"

               "Now play with yourself."

               Heather nodded as both her hands dived into her crotch to finger her clit and get her other hand deep between the folds of her womanhood.  Once she was furiously fingering herself, Rinrin turned back to the Aniki Special to tap controls and get up the programs she knew were needed now to give the nurse a chance to keep better control of herself in the future.  "Okay . . .!" she whispered before unbuckling her jeans and slipping them and her panties off.  Setting them aside on a nearby chair, she then poised herself between the nurse's legs.  "Oh, Heather . . . " she then cooed.

               Heather gazed on her, and then smiled as she offered her fingers to the other girl's mouth.  Rinrin began suckling on them, instantly locking on the raspberry flavour of the gynoid's vaginal discharge, and then she greedily slurped them up before she moved to place herself close to that inviting slit between the nurse's thighs.  "Turn the Aniki Special around so you can see the screen," she instructed.

               "Alright . . . OOOOOH!" Heather cried out as Rinrin's face and tongue plunged in, and then she shuddered as one of her hands shifted the laptop around.  "Oh, Rinrin!  That's so GOOD!  Yes!  Right there . . .!  Right there . . .!"

               Rinrin pulled her face away.  "Press the ENTER key," she ordered.

               Heather did so.  "Oh, God!  That's so GOOD . . . loading PrimeControl version 29.3 program augmentation . . . AAAAAAAH!  Rinrin, don't BITE me down there!" the nurse wailed as her hips began to buck.  "Oh, yessssssssssssss . . . PrimeControl version 29.3 program augmentation download complete . . . please, Rinrin!  Please . . .!"

               Rinrin smiled as she pulled her face away.  "Press ENTER again."

               "O-o-okay . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!  Oh, RINRIN . . . executing PrimeControl version 29.3 program augmentation . . . oh, YES, Rinrin, please . . .!"

               The nurse's voice melted into a wailing scream as her body arched back, her orgasm programming kicking in and allowing her to shower Rinrin's face with a nice mist of fluid, which the university student gladly licked up with her tongue and fingers wiping her face down.  As Rinrin cleaned herself up, Heather seemed to blink for a moment before a look of shame crossed her face.  "Oh, no . . .!" she moaned.

               Rinrin gazed on her, and then immediately moved to unhook the nurse from her laptop.  "Hey, it's okay!" she said.  "This wasn't your fault, Heather."

               Heather blinked, her eyes misting over.  "The link to the outside unit processor is now disconnected," she announced automatically, and then she gazed up into the student's eyes.  "Rinrin, I'm sorry . . . I just couldn't . . .!"

               Rinrin smiled as she gave Heather a kiss.  "I said it's okay," she said.  "Now get cleaned up, get dressed and come back in here while I fix the doctor up, okay?"

               The nurse blinked, and then she nodded as she moved to gather her clothes.  As she moved to step out, Heather then perked on hearing Rinrin call out, "Hey, nurse!"

               She looked over her shoulder.  "Yes?"

               Rinrin winked.  "Cute ass!"

               The nurse failed to hide her blush as she stated, "Miss Hatoyama, it is most inappropriate for me to engage in sexual relations with a patient.  Please do not attempt to do that to me in the future."  Heather then smiled as she winked in return.  "Unless Patricia allows me to do that, of course."  She then gazed with concern at the doctor, still frozen in place at her desk as the DroidScan program continued to run through her systems.  "Will you need assistance in augmenting her programming?"

               Rinrin sighed.  "She's probably got the same problems you have, but I can't butt in with my version of DroidScan while hers is still running.  You better get dressed."

               Heather nodded.  "Okay."  A pause.  "Rinrin?"


               "Thank you."

               Rinrin smiled.  "Don't thank me yet, Heather."

               The nurse nodded before she left the room . . .

*    *    *

               An hour later, Rinrin had returned to the examination room where Heather had brought her, the Aniki Special in her lap as she looked over some of her notes.  The door then opened, revealing Patricia McGovern, Heather right behind her.  The doctor and the nurse both looked spiffy and professional, though their blouses were unbuttoned to allow the area of skin where their main diagnostic ports were located to be exposed.  As Heather placed herself at her normal location by the end of the bed to await the doctor's command, Rinrin looked up, and then set the laptop aside as she gazed in concern at the doctor.  Patricia herself had a pensive look on her face.  Silence fell over the scene as they looked on each other, and then the doctor lowered her eyes.  "I'm sorry for deceiving you like that, Rinrin," she apologised.  "A lot of humans have problems with artificial intelligences like myself serving as doctors.  If you wish to switch to a different family doctor, of course . . . "

               "Hey!  It's okay!" Rinrin said as she waved her hands in reassurance.  "Believe it or not, I trust you a heck of a lot more now that I know you're a gynoid!"

               The doctor perked, and then a delighted smile crossed her face.  "Thank you."

               Concern crossed the university student's place.  "Is everything okay now?"

               A nod.  "Yes."  The doctor then waved to Heather.  "I first came on-line four months ago.  There have been other incidents where my intimacy programming got out of control and I nearly ended up molesting some poor patient.  Fortunately, my nurses were there all the time to stop me before I got too far and get me back into my office so I could get myself back under control.  You were the first one that this happened to me and learned the truth about me."  Patricia smiled.  "Thank you so much for doing that for me, Rinrin.  I'll make sure this is passed on to the University and you be properly credited for this on your various courses.  My father works for Eastman-Kodak Canada's offices here in Halifax.  I just got off the phone with him and told him what happened to me.  He's promised he'll speak to the Dean of Engineering at Dalhousie about you."  A wink.  "Chances are you'll have a job waiting for you after you graduate."

               Rinrin blinked.  "Your father?"

               Patricia frowned.  "There was a real Patricia McGovern who was a doctor who graduated five years ago with her MD from Dalhousie Medical School and did her residency at Victoria General.  She also was one of the people who loaned her memories and knowledge into Eastman-Kodak's initial studies towards making android and gynoid doctors; the D Series 86-G class units."  She closed her eyes.  "She was also Captain Patricia McGovern of the Canadian Forces Medical Services, serving as part of 31 Combat Support Hospital as part of their triage company."  Tears then appeared in her eyes.  "Sadly, Onź-san -- as gynoids such as myself in Japan would call her -- was killed in a five-car pileup on Highway 101 near Wolfville a year ago.  Father had me . . . "

               "Constructed as a memorial to her," Rinrin finished.

               Patricia stared at her, and then she nodded.  Taking that in, Rinrin found herself smiling.  "Then I'm glad I was able to do what I did."

               The doctor perked, and then she leaned over to draw her patient into her arms.  Rinrin returned her hug as they held each other for a moment, and then they pulled apart to gaze into each other's eyes, and then they shared a warm kiss.  "What happens to you now?" Rinrin then asked as she held the other woman's hands close to her.

               "I continue as normal," the doctor then answered.  "I'm actually part of a study Dalhousie and Eastman-Kodak's running about introducing gynoid and android doctors into service in places such as private practices and walk-in health centres.  I'll be at this for some time to come."  She then saucily winked.  "But it doesn't mean that I'm permanently stuck in this place even after the office is supposed to be closed."

               Rinrin hummed.  "Munro Day is coming up soon.  You busy then?"

               Patricia smiled.  "I could be there for a few toasts."

               Both women laughed -- Munro Day, held on the first Friday in February, was a day off for Dalhousie students in tribute to one of the university's early financial contributors, famed local philanthropist George Mundo -- and then they shared another kiss.  "Now, since you seem to be breathing okay but still are having low blood pressure problems, I'm going to give you another prescription of cortisone," Patricia then said as she handed Rinrin a chit.  "Make sure you take them regularly, okay?"

               Rinrin nodded.  "Sure thing, Patty."

               The doctor nodded as she turned to leave.  "I'll make sure the other girls are augmented with PrimeControl 29.3 before my next patient arrives," Patricia said at the doorway, and then she stopped before grinning.  "Oh, Rinrin-chan?"

               "Hai?" Rinrin called back in Japanese.

               Patricia winked at her.  "Make sure you drink lots of fluids before Munro Day," she warned, keeping to Rinrin's native language.  "My sexual programming will be FULLY active that day.  I expect to give you at least TEN orgasms before I shut myself down in my recharge cubicle for the night after last call at Oland's."

               Rinrin felt sweat in her hair as the doctor walked out.  Oh, crap! she moaned to herself as she felt her forehead.  I just created a monster!

               She didn't see Heather gazing intently at her . . .


The End -- For Now

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