The IT Files: Erika’s Origins

by FreezAntix

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


               Erika Stone smiled broadly as she shook the hands of the mayor and his wife, “Thank you for coming!” she exclaimed as they passed. She was starting to feel like a robot from saying the same thing over and over, in the same tone of voice with the same expression. Her face was starting to hurt from smiling so much. It was her party but it didn’t feel like it as she had been standing at the entrance way of her family’s house for nearly thirty minutes now welcoming guests that had come for her graduation party. More than half of the people she never had even met. Erika Stone at the age of twenty-two years old had just graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a degree in electrical engineering and a minor in business management. It was an uncommon accomplishment for someone like her. She was filthy rich to begin with and also blessed with naturally good looks. Life could be extremely easy for her, as was the heiress to one of the most powerful enterprises in the world. However in order to run her father’s business, he made sure she had to first finish college fairly like a normal person.

               Finish college she did, with a dedication that surprised many. Unlike her other peers who were waiting to inheirit their parent’s fortune while partying through their late teen years into young adulthood, Erika Stone lived a closeted life away from the public eye and unknown to nearly everyone even her own parents; she was a stellar student. She had been home schooled in her childhood so only her tutors knew of her real potential. She then graduated summa cum laude with a grade point average of 4.21 and offers from the top engineering schools in the country. With college behind her now she was ready to explode into the public scene. Meeting her father’s requirements for taking over the business, the brilliant and stunning twenty-two year old was ready to be her own woman.

               Her father Eric Stone had just passed away some ten months prior and in his will he bequeathed his only child and daughter ownership of his multi-billion dollar company as long as she graduated college. Erika and her father – her parents in general – were never close so she looked at the gift of the company as something as a consolation for all the missed birthdays and quality family time that she lacked while growing up. Erika had made plans since her father’s passing to take the already powerful and thriving company to new heights. She predicted that in two years time Stone Enterprises would be the most prosperous company in the world and she the richest twenty-four year old to grace the cover of People.

               “Thank you for coming!” Erika greeted exuberantly to an old white haired couple who she had never seen before. They nodded and smiled like all of the guests have done so far and went on just as the others have done. The graduation party was in full swing and she was stuck playing welcome mat at her mother’s insistence. Ingrid Stone was enjoying herself though as she was out and about rubbing elbows with the wealthy and famous who had turn out to celebrate her daughter’s graduation. She had told Erika that the party was just for her but yet Erika didn’t see it that way she was stuck at the door and the senior Stone was having all the fun. “Thank you for coming! Erika greeted the next person in line automatically.

               “Erika!” Ingrid Stone remarked, laughing, “You don’t have to welcome me; it is my house after all.”

               Erika smiled awkwardly, realizing that she just shook the hand of her own mother, looked her right in the eyes and welcomed her like another guest. “Sorry mother,” Erika replied, scratching the back of her head. “How is the party going, mother?” she then asked flatly.

               Ingrid Stone was her daughter’s mirror image plus twenty years. The fifty-two year old woman still had natural good looks; a good sign for Erika’s future as she had most if not all of her mother’s genes. Eric Stone had been tall and bulky with dark hair and grey eyes. Ingrid however, whose Swedish ancestry gave her near white blond hair and crystal blue eyes, was a dazzling beauty. Having always been a Californian, the woman had a bronzed tan skin tone matching her daughter’s. Her long platinum blond tresses were pulled back in an elegant bun held together by a sparkling diamond hair brooch. Matching diamonds adorned her neck and earlobes as well. She was dressed in a shimmering light blue low-cut strapless evening gown that cascaded to the floor. “It’s time for you to find out darling!” her mother replied happily. “You’ve greeted enough people I should think, it’s time for you to have fun, let me worry about this duty. It’s your party after all!” Ingrid urged, giving her daughter a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m so proud of you.”

               “Thank you mother,” Erika smiled warmly, feeling her eyes water. Close or not, the elegant woman standing in front of her was still her mother and the natural love was there; it had always been there. Ingrid lived a glamorous life having not worked at all; she married Eric at eighteen and lived with his wealth along with her own. Even now with her daughter poised to take over Stone Enterprises, she would continue to live a pampered life to the very end with Erika as the next breadwinner.

               “You deserve it – now go meet some of the boys I saw some over by the bar,” Ingrid said, giving her daughter a wink. Erika only smiled and she turned to go explore her own party finally. Behind her she could hear her mother begin to greet the guests she did it by name however and it sounded generally more welcoming.

               Erika pushed through the crowd, shaking hands and making small talk with some of the guests. She had never seen her family’s reception room this packed with so many strangers. When she was younger she never participated in these types of activities and she was beginning to remember why. It was dizzying to say the least with so many strangers all around her. She could feel the eyes of several of the single and not so single men in the crowed room following her as she made her way to the bar. She was a looker, after all, as well as a very rich eligible single woman. Also judging from her mother’s enduring looks she was indeed a worthy catch. There was only one problem though:  Erika Stone was a closeted lesbian. 

Chapter 1:

               “That’s a five thousand dollar dress she’s got on,” Canella Kim said to the blond woman sitting next to her, who was also her best friend and acting CEO of Stone Enterprises, Patricia Mero. Canella was Patricia’s chief of staff; together the two had basically ran the multi-billion dollar corporation for the last year. Patricia had been the CFO and took control of the company rather forcefully when Eric Stone had died. No one said a word though and the company had been in good hands thus far.

               “Good, she’ll play right into our hands then,” Patricia replied, watching Erika Stone make her way to the bar all the while stopping here and there to mingle with guests. The heiress was dressed in a black and silver cocktail dress with a hem sitting at mid-thigh showing, off her shapely tanned legs, which stood on black strappy spiked heels. The cut of the pricy dress was clearly designed to show off the wearer’s ample cleavage. Erika wore her hair in an up-do with fancy curls over the top. Patricia and Canella were sitting near one the many white clothed tables that lined the walls of the large reception room. Each of the tables had a never ending platter of finger foods that would get replenished by the hired wait staff every ten minutes.

               A tall blond lady who wore her shoulder length hair down with curled tips made her way to the table, gracefully moving between the mingling crowds. She was dressed in a burgundy strapless evening gown that displayed a dark rose design along the front of the dress towards the seams. She held two wine glasses in her hands. She sat down at the table and handed the glasses to Patricia and Canella. “So, I found out she graduated with honors with a 4.21 GPA; honest,” the blond said, looking over her shoulder at Erika who had just made it to the bar.

               “Damn, she’s smart too,” Patricia grumbled taking a sip of her wine. “This was all legit right, no special favors from mommy or daddy?”

               The blond whose name was Darcy Keibler was Patricia’s PA. She had spent most of the party talking to Erika’s professors, who had been all invited to the celebration. Darcy nodded, “She’s a star student all her professors loved her though they said she was cold and never participated with others socially.”

               “Well she’s still a snob like all of them,” Canella added after sipping her wine. “You still want do this, Pat? I’m pretty sure we could get the company from her through the board. What did she major in, Darcy?”

               “Electrical engineering with a minor in business management; essentially an undergrad MBA,” Darcy answered quickly showing the two executives that she had found everything they wanted to know.

               “She has a tough minor too,” Canella said, disgusted. “Wish she was as ‘smart’ as other Malibu blonds,” She added and then asked, “so how do you want to play this Pat?”

               Patricia had been silent for a moment watching Erika from her spot as the young blond sipped a fruity looking drink and chatted with a dark haired girl in a dark green dress. “Same plan, she’s still rich as Croesus and is probably as greedy as her father. Business was her minor so maybe she won’t see the big picture.”

               “Alright,” Canella said, downing her glass. “I remember there was a library just down the hall – we can meet there.”

               Patricia nodded and turned to Darcy: “Make it happen.”

* * *

               “You look great tonight Erika,” Monica Stein complimented, looking at the gorgeous dress that her friend wore. “I knew it was going to look great on you when we picked it out. Monica was about six years older than Erika but the two were close friends. Monica was the Stones’ personal travel agent and was always around since Eric and Ingrid were avid travelers. Erika, not having many friends due to her home schooling, hooked on to Monica rather easily. She was only a teenager then and Monica was a woman, a trendy and attractive one at that. Monica was the reason why Erika had a social life to begin with as the travel agent first took her out and later the two hung out on a weekly basis. “So who do you want to hook up with tonight? It is your big night you are now the owner of Stone Enterprises, so the world is nearly yours,” Monica proclaimed, looking around the large room filled with people.

               “Hmmm…” Erika said looking around the room. She saw some attractive ladies that she wouldn’t mind hooking up with but they all looked to be taken though. She looked to her right and grinned at Monica, who was busy looking out into the room eagerly. Monica was always a choice; the older woman was stunning in the buff. Erika smiled to herself and looked back out into the room, “I don’t know, they all look so good.”

               “Seriously? There’s not one guy out there you want to hook up with?” Monica asked. She had been relieved at Erika’s answer. She didn’t really want to know there was some lucky bachelor in the room the blond had an eye for. Secretly Monica had a huge crush on the blond ever since she turned legal. She was just too afraid of what might happen if she confessed and came out to her. Erika Stone as her friend was much more important than Erika Stone as her lover, though the latter wouldn’t be so bad either. She asked the second question to keep up appearances as being the supportive girlfriend though she felt much more for Erika than that.

               “Well there is this one…” Erika began, with Monica intently listening before they were interrupted.

               “Excuse me, Ms. Stone,” a tall athletic blond cut in, catching Erika’s attention. The woman was very attractive, her look immediately moistened Erika’s snatch. “I’m Darcy Keibler; first off I want to congratulate you on your accomplishment,” Darcy greeted, extending her hand.

               Erika took Darcy’s hand and smiled almost seductively at the taller blond, who was nearly six feet tall with her heels, “Well hello Darcy, thank you and please call me Erika; ‘Ms. Stone’ is at the door greeting guests.”

               Darcy felt a little awkward from the odd vibe she picked up from Erika, who still held her hand and smiled at her almost flirtatiously. She smiled back politely, “No problem Erika, Ms. Mero would like a word with you.”

               “Ms. Mero?” Erika asked letting go of Darcy’s hand finally. That name was familiar to her but she couldn’t place it.

               “She’s the CEO of your company,” Monica interjected and shot the tall blond the evil eye.

               “Oh that’s right,” Erika said with a smile and nodding, “that’s where I know her name from. What does she want to talk about?”

               “She wants to speak to you in private,” Darcy replied, shooting Monica a ‘stay out of this’ look. “If you would follow me I’ll take you to her,” she continued, looking back at Erika and smiling.

               “Sure,” Erika replied downing her drink and putting the empty glass on the bar. Looking over at Monica she said, “Excuse me Monica, if you would hold my spot, I shall return shortly.”

               The short trip to the family library had Erika grinning the whole way. She couldn’t keep her eyes from Darcy’s round ass that her evening gown did so well of showing off. The tall blond was a true beauty; Erika was getting anxious by the second, she wanted to see how Darcy looked without the dress. She finally peeled her eyes away from Darcy’s hypnotic backside when they entered her family’s personal library. The room was about a quarter of the size of the reception room where the party was being hosted. It was a circular room with a rotunda ceiling. Half of the circle was covered in bookshelves while the other half featured portraits of past Stone men who had run the company. Erika would be the first Stone woman to run it. A large window set between the portraits looked out into a rose garden and pond. Tan plush carpeting covered the floor with polished oak furniture over it. A large rectangular table sat in the center of the room; several oak armchairs with tan cushions surrounded it. Other small tables and matching loungers were dotted throughout the room in a practical manner.

               Erika spotted two more attractive women when she entered the library and couldn’t help but grin. Did someone at her father’s company know her little sexual secret and had arranged for her a graduation gift that she wouldn’t forget she hoped, eying the two other ladies. One had bright blond hair much like her own and wore it in fancy pulled-back bun revealing her flawless face, which featured high cheekbones and hazel eyes. It was hard to gauge the woman’s age but Erika figured the woman was older than her. This blond was dressed in a purple spaghetti strapped cocktail dress; nude stockings covered her legs, which were clearly visible under the flared knee high hem. Her figure and ample cleavage clearly showed thanks to the snug fitment of the dress. Purple strappy high heeled sandals finished the outfit. The other woman was an lovely Asian, younger than the blond, dressed in a strapless backless black evening gown that fell to the floor. The dress featured a slit on the right seam of the dress that traveled up to the woman’s thigh. Her black hair was tied back into a tight bun. A gold necklace sat her neck and matching earring adorned her earlobes. Black formal platform high heels finished the outfit and added to her petite stature.

               “Erika Stone, Ms. Mero,” Darcy introduced, letting Erika walk ahead of her into the room. Patricia and Canella had been sitting at the table; they now stood and walked over to meet Erika halfway.

               “Hello, Ms. Stone, I’m Patricia Mero; this is my chief of staff Canella Kim,” Patricia introduced, shaking Erika’s hand and then gesturing to Canella who did the same.

               “Nice to meet you Ms. Mero,” Erika greeted. Turning to the Asian woman she nodded, “Ms. Kim, a pleasure to meet you as well. Please call me Erika.”

               “Well, Erika, on behalf of Stone Enterprises we would like to congratulate you on your academic achievements,” Patricia said with a smile that was clearly political.

               “Your GPA is quite impressive too – I’m sure it’ll help your resume out,” Canella added.

               Erika’s grin faded. She knew what this was about, “What are you talking about? I’m taking over Stone Enterprises; I don’t need a resume, it’s in my father’s will. The company is mine!”

               “Well… Erika, that’s what we wanted to talk to you about. I have been working for your father for nearly ten years and I took over operations when he passed. Since then the company’s stock has been going up with no signs of decline. I intend on continuing my time as CEO of Stone Enterprises. I am also willing to pay you any amount you wish for you to step back,” Patricia offered in a tone that was all business. Any amount that Erika asked for Patricia knew she could meet with the profits coming in the way they had been; she was a born-again millionaire every week.

               Without wasting a moment, Erika replied, “No, it’s my company now. It was agreed upon before my father was even sick. You have no right to take it from me on any grounds.”

               “The bequest is part of the will – that is true – but since the company is doing so well the board of trusties has decided to overlook that in order for Patricia to remain as CEO rather than have a young person with no practical experience whatsoever take over the company. Greed conquers all. What does an electrical engineer know about running a multi-billion dollar empire?” Canella asked smugly.

               “Back off Canella,” Patricia said, smiling and stepping closer to Erika. “Look Erika, I’m willing to pay you handsomely for your cooperation and you’ll still profit from the company too, you are a Stone for life after all and a major stockholder. So be the smart girl that I know you are and let the professionals handle the business like it has always been.”

               “No, I won’t let you,” Erika said definitely. “I’ll talk to the board about this.”

               Patricia sighed, “Very well, you want to play it like that. Next week the board will hear both of us to see which one would be better suited to run the company for its better good.”

               “Fine, I’ll be ready,” Erika replied confidently.

               “Good, I hope you are. Deep down, I had hoped for this Erika. Of course your taking the money would have been a lot easier. But I like a challenge, taking over when your father passed was easy; I hope taking the company from you will be a little bit more of a challenge,” Patricia said arrogantly and added, “Let me know if you need more time I want no regrets or excuses.”

               Erika frowned at the three women who all looked at her with conceit as if they had already won the battle. She balled up her fists, turned and exited the library without saying a word. Patricia wasn’t even family and she wanted to take something away that had been in the Stone family for nearly a century. This was a war, a war that Erika Stone was going to win.

               “Oh well ladies it looks like it’ll be the hard road for us this time,” Patricia said with sigh, sitting down at the table, crossing her legs and leaning back in her chair.

               “Well it shouldn’t be too hard; the girl doesn’t know anything about business in the real world,” Canella added, leaning against the table.

               “So what’s next?” Darcy asked enthusiastically, “do you already have a plan in place?”

               “I…” Patricia started to say but the rest of her thought never made it from her lips as everything went dead silent. The air in the room stood still and nothing moved in the slightest way. Patricia remained leaning casually in her seat with her legs crossed, her hands held rigidly in mid-air in front of her with a gesturing motion. Her hazel eyes looked aimlessly ahead while her mouth hung open. Canella leaned against the table with her fingers gripping the edge. Her head was turned towards Patricia with her eyes looking down at the blond. The Asian’s lips were slightly parted. Standing nearby, Darcy was posed with her weight shifted to one side and her arms crossed across her chest. She looked at Patricia with empty eyes and serious expression.

               The eerie scene looked like something out of a wax museum but the absolute realism of the unmoving ladies made it look more like a 3D photograph. The cottony silence was broken by the sounds of high heels click clacking down the hallway. The sounds grew quieter as the heels moved over the carpeted surface of the library. Erika Stone put her hands on her hips and smiled at the static scene before her. “How nice, a graduation present! You girls shouldn’t have!” Erika beamed and clapped her hands. The clap sounded louder than usual due to the silent and stillness around her. The three other ladies remained unmoving and only looked on with vacant eyes.

               She couldn’t explain it and didn’t know how she could even do it in the first place, but Erika Stone had the ability to stop time for as long her body allowed her to. She had found out her odd gift during her lonely childhood and often used it when she wanted some time to herself. It wasn’t until when she was a little older that she started to interact with the frozen people around her. She used to prank the household staff by arranging them in awkward poses and restarting time. When time was stopped, the motionless people around her could be manipulated like life-size dolls and their ad hoc reactions when time was restarted were priceless. Even her parents fell victim to her pranks on more than a few occasions. A memorable experience one time was when she stopped time and brought birds into the mansion and re-started it. Her house was like a park for weeks. During her teenage years she started to remove the clothing off frozen individuals, mainly her tutors, who were all under the age of forty at per her request. She wanted to learn from hip people, was her initial reasoning. Her experiences with her math tutor, a German college exchange student named Zela, was when Erika discovered she was a lesbian. There was also her music teacher, Debra, whom the very thought of would always bring a smile to her lips. Then there was Monica, who was by far her favorite for the time being. Erika had lost her virginity with a frozen person, a man named Greg who was her personal trainer. It was the first, only, and last time Erika would do a man; she was eighteen years old. Erika’s powers made college fun for her as she had many good times with and without the help of it. She found that she could stop time for nearly an unlimited period as long as she kept her steady concentration, which required something to help her focus. However when she stopped time for long periods of time, or if she did it too often without a break, she found herself feeling weak and even sick some times. As she got older she controlled her urges to stop time and learned her limits. At the ripe age of twenty-two she found herself to be a master of the power.

               Erika looked at the three frozen women eagerly. She had planned to stop time and have some fun a little later in the party but Patricia’s power grab had gotten her so mad that she had to do it now to cool her nerves. Erika reached into her cleavage and pulled out a stick of gum that she had tucked there before the party had started. It was strawberry gum, her favorite, and chewing it was the required something that would keep her focus for a long time-stop session. Peeling the wrapper, she plopped the gum into her mouth and began to chew it at a controlled pace that she had mastered through the years as she walked up to Darcy, who looked like a mannequin standing there so still.

               “I’ve been waiting to do this ever since we met at the bar,” Erika cooed as she uncrossed Darcy’s arms, moving them to her sides and balancing the blonde’s stance. She then stood up on the tip of her toes and sensuously kissed the tall blond on the lips. “Hmm… kinda tall,” she surmised. “I can fix that,” she said, looking at Darcy’s blank eyes with smile. Erika knelt down and lifted the hem of Darcy’s dress enough to reveal the suede burgundy sling backed heels she wore. Carefully Erika removed the right heel holding tightly on to Darcy’s ankle. The tall blonde’s body wobbled in the process and almost fell over. Once the heel was off, Erika adjusted Darcy’s nylon covered foot, which remained arched as if she were still wearing the piece of footwear. The foot was then flattened and Darcy stood lopsided, swaying slightly for moment as Erika did the same to her left heel and foot. Tossing the heels aside Erika stood back up, “That’s a little better,” she purred, caressing Darcy’s cheek with the back of hand. The taller woman remained motionless and silent.

               “Canella Kim, very nice to meet you again!” Erika greeted excitedly looking the stuck Asian up and down. Stepping in closer, the blond turned Canella’s head to face her and giggled at the way the woman’s eyes were still cast downward. “I think I like you like this better,” she then chuckled tracing the woman’s parted lips. “Let’s stand you up so we could have a better look,” Erika said to the unhearing woman as she gently pulled Canella up to a standing position and adjusted her body so her back would be straight. The woman’s hands remained at her sides as if she was still gripping the table edge and her eyes were still looking downward. Erika’s groped the woman’s breasts through the fabric of the evening gown, “No bra?” she smiled, feeling Canella’s firm nipples easily through the fabric. “Interesting…” she said deviously, looking the Asian up and down once more before shifting her attention.

               “I also like you better this way Patricia,” Erika smiled, leaning over her knees to look the suspended woman in her blank eyes. “Okay Erika you win… I’m going to let you have your company…” Erika mocked as she moved Patricia’s chin up and down, working the woman’s mouth like a puppet master. She left the woman’s open jaw hanging even wider as she moved Patricia’s gesturing hands high overhead. Uncrossing Patricia’s nylon covered legs, she spread her knees wide and hiked up the dress until she could see the purple thong that the frozen blond wore underneath her pantyhose. “How lady-like,” she giggled as Patricia’s face held that silly expression with vacant eyes looking into nothingness and her mouth opened wide.

               Returning to Darcy, Erika kissed the woman hard and passionately as her hands slipped under the frozen woman’s stiff arms. Reaching behind Darcy, Erika’s fingers easily found the zipper to dress and then pulled it south to the small of the PA’s back. Separating from Darcy’s lips, Erika chewed her gum vigorously as she breathed heavily. “Whew! Never get tired of that!” Erika exclaimed, patting the tall blond on the cheek. “Now, let’s see what we have,” she then said as she lifted the unmoving blonde’s arms up and then tugged the strapless dress down. With it being already unzipped, the dress slipped effortlessly off of Darcy’s small round breasts and came to a stop at her shapely hips. “Cute,” Erika said, looking at the red frilly strapless bra that covered Darcy’s mounded bust. She also noted the diamond stud in the woman’s belly button as well and even flicked it with a smile. With another jerk and the only protest coming from Darcy was a slight wobble the dress soon sat at her ankles. “A little bold are we?” Erika asked the unhearing blond with smirk as she looked at Darcy’s crotchless nude pantyhose. Darcy’s snatch was neatly trimmed between her pantyhose covered thighs. “Well let’s finish the look shall we?” she smiled as she walked behind the taller woman and unsnapped the bra. Letting the piece of lingerie fall to the floor she then lowered Darcy to the floor and adjusted her long stiff legs and then peeled the pantyhose off.

               Erika smiled and chewed her gum quickly before slowing down as she looked at Darcy’s nude form. The blond had a very athletic body with very sexy long legs though her breasts were natural they were on the small side. She had stood Darcy back up and posed her with her hands on her hips and her legs parted. A wide smile was plastered on the PA’s face along with big eyed expression. “Small boobs, but you’re still hot,” Erika cooed, chewing her gum quickly as she stepped closer to the unmoving woman and flicked her small pink nipples.

               She left Darcy standing in the buff as she moved the short distance to Canella. “Yup, it’s your turn,” Erika said happily as she tapped Canella on the nose with her index finger. She kissed the Asian woman hard on the lips before roughly jerking her dress down. Canella’s body trembled as if she was a store front mannequin. Her black dress now sat at her ankles. As Erika expected the Asian was topless underneath and a pair of silky black panties covered her sex. “Nice, but fakes,” Erika concluded after fondling the stiff woman’s breasts. “Nothing against that darling,” she then cooed as she took hold of Canella’s face by the cheeks. Laying the statue-like woman down, Erika removed her heels, rendering Canella’s feet bare and then slipped off the panties.

               “A minus,” Erika said thoughtfully as she looked at the now naked Canella up and down. Like Darcy the Canella had a trim, athletic build to her body. Her skin tone was evenly tan throughout, indicating she was naturally tan. Her breasts perfectly shaped through the help of cosmetic surgery and were tipped with dark brown nipples. Her legs were proportionate to her height and freshly waxed. The minus in Erika’s grade came from the jungle that covered her womanhood, “A razor would bring up your grade point dear,” Erika smiled, stroking the pubes.

               Canella stood at rigidly at attention with legs together and arms tight at her sides. A sleepy expression was now on her face, featuring closed eyes and parted lips. Her silky black hair was loose and fell to the middle of her back. “Wait right there hon and I’ll show you what I know about business,” Erika said with grin, looking at Canella once more before turning around facing the last unmoving woman in the room. “Well look who’s next, the C-E-O of Stone Enterprises, or should I say soon be ex…” Erika teased, looking down at Patricia. “Let’s see if you got what it takes to be a real Stone,” she said as she knelt down, lifted up Patricia’s left foot, and removed her strappy high-heeled sandal. Tossing it behind her and leaving the woman’s left foot holding its shape as if still wearing the heel suspended in mid-air. She moved to the right foot and did the same. “We have to see if you are qualified to be Stone first,” Erika said smiling as she lowered both of Patricia’s feet at the same time.

* * *

               Erika pulled her own dress back on and adjusted it slightly so it looked right on her perfect frame. She then sat down on the lounger and strapped her heels back on, one at a time gingerly. Once that was done she stood and stretched, “It’s been fun ladies but I have to go, it’s my party and I have lots more to see, especially one smoking hot travel agent,” Erika said, looking at the three suspended women. Canella was laid out on the table on her side, resting on her right elbow with her cheek resting on her right hand. Her left hand rested on the side of her left thigh. Her legs were together with a slight relaxing bend in both with her bare toes pointed stiffly like those of a ballerina. A coy smile and a wink were molded on to the Asian woman’s face. Darcy’s body was straight as an arrow, her legs tightly together with her toes pointed downward like a diver and her arms were tight against her body. Her body was propped on two chairs with her head on one and her feet on the other making a Darcy table. Erika had placed the three pair of heels on the blonde’s stomach, draped the three dresses over her long legs and finally placed all the jewelry between her breasts making her look more the part. Darcy’s face was serene and peaceful with eyes shut and lips agape.

               As with her two companions, Patricia Mero was also naked. Completely naked as Erika had taken the time to remove ever piece to jewelry the woman had on as well. The frozen blond stood wide legged with her left hand on her hip. Her right arm was outstretched forward with her fingers molded into a finger pointing motion. Her face bore a frown with her empty eyes looking towards her two underlings. Patricia’s blond locks were out of her fancy ‘do and now hung loose to the small of her bare back. Erika walked up the time-stopped woman and grinned seductively as she traced her hands around Patricia’s naked limbs. Eying Patricia’s naked shaven snatch, she licked her lips as if in hunger. She tasted all three women and she had to admit that Patricia had been the best. “Well, I have to say you have the looks to run the company,” Erika cooed and then leaned in to whisper in the woman’s unhearing ear, “but you’re not a Stone and I’ll be damned if I’ll lose my company to you.”


Chapter 2:

One Week Later

               Victoria Towers was one of the tallest buildings along the water in Malibu. It was prime real-estate to the wealthy and VIPs. The building gave the impression that was it was made out of glass from the exterior. It rose up twenty stories and housed its residents in spacious luxury condos. The west side of the tower featured the most expensive units as these condos included balconies or sun decks with a view of the ocean. The east side units looked out at Malibu and contained sun rooms in absence of their exterior luxuries. The newest and perhaps the wealthiest resident to the towers was Erika Stone, who recently acquired the penthouse on the twentieth floor.

               The penthouse took up the entire floor and featured both a sunroom and a sun deck. The sun room was massive and took up a good portion of east side of the penthouse. The sun deck served as a balcony and also contained a medium size swimming pool with hot tub and two bars, one of which was in the pool itself. The penthouse had a total of eight spacious bedrooms, all having walk-in closets and full bathrooms. Other rooms included a library, which also served as a study, an office, a gym, along with a large living room that was connected to the sunroom and large kitchen dining area. The sunroom also served as lounge area and contained a full-sized bar. The whole penthouse was decked out in hardwood or marble with the carpets in the personal rooms. Like the exterior of the building, the penthouse had large floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding it. The windows were special as they did not require curtains or blinds. Occupants inside the penthouse could easily look out, but it was nearly impossible for outsiders to look it. The glass was polarized, giving it similar properties to those of a two-way mirror coated with tint. Erika had her penthouse fully furnished before she even moved in, so when it time came it was effortless on her part. She arrived as if she had been living there for years.

               “Welcome, welcome!” Erika exclaimed as she pushed the door to her penthouse wide open and stepped aside allowing her house guest to enter first. Her guest was her long time friend Caitlin Trafford. Caitlin was six years older than Erika and the sole heiress to her family fortune. Her family had once been huge real-estate moguls in Liverpool, England. They had at one point owned nearly all of Liverpool. That was the old days though and the Trafford family was no longer as powerful or as well known. They were, however, still filthy rich. As the only living Trafford, Caitlin owned it all. She had not worked a day in her life and often slept during the day and partied into the morning. In her younger years, she was known as Great Briton’s tabloid princess. Like Erika, unsuspected by everyone, Caitlin was quite smart. She had earned a degree in economics at the renowned Oxford University. When she had gone ‘missing’ for several years it was rumored that she had entered rehab for a drug addiction. In actuality, however, she was earning a doctorate in business law at Harvard under an assumed identity. No one knew about the doctorate and Caitlin wanted to keep it that way to keep up her appearance as a brainless aristocrat. Erika had met Caitlin when she was twenty and on vacation in London. She met the Brit at a club and the two hit it off right away, despite their age differences; they both were smart, wealthy, and gorgeous women.

               Caitlin had long red hair that was loosely curled. At the moment it was free and hug naturally held away from her face by a leopard printed hair band. Her brown eyes were masked in oversized diva-style sunglasses. A silk loose fitting white blouse covered her torso; it was tucked into pair of black wide legged trousers. A gold ringed belt sat sexily on her hips. Finishing the outfit were a pair of leopard printed spiked heels. She held a matching purse in the nook of her arm as she looked around the spacious penthouse. “Marvelous Erika, just absolutely marvelous; quite better than even what I had imagined,” the Brit complimented in awe.

               Erika beamed with pride at her friend’s remark, “It’ll do for now,” she replied smugly. The blond was dressed in a loose sleeveless flower-printed top tucked into a khaki mini skirt. Her tan legs were bare and a pair of white flats finished the ensemble. Erika wore her blond tresses in a high ponytail tied held by a pink band. “Let me show where to stow your things and then the grand tour!” Erika eagerly announced. Caitlin was her first house guest, not including her own mother, who had come the same day Erika first arrived.

               “Of course,” Caitlin replied stepping into the penthouse she then looked over her shoulder and spoke a few lines in Italian. A dark-haired woman stepped into the penthouse, dragging two heavy rolling suitcases. She was olive skinned with a sweet innocent face, her dark hair was tied back in a loose bun. She was dressed in a sharp black pants suit with a white dress shirt underneath. Her name was Allegra and she was Caitlin’s personal assistant and maid. “Lead on darling,” the Brit then said.

               Erika showed Caitlin and Allegra to their rooms. Caitlin had ordered Allegra to change out of her traveling clothes as well. Erika and Caitlin now waited for the Italian in the kitchen, making some small talk about what was what in their lives as the two had not seen each other in nearly a year. Both women stopped in mid conversation when Allegra walked into the kitchen. The Italian was now dressed as a traditional exotic French maid. The outfit included thigh-high black fishnet stockings, satin opera gloves, and a white frilly apron covering the little black short-sleeved dress. The maid looked at both women with her hands behind her back and bowed her head formally.

Looking at Caitlin, Erika laughed, “Are you serious?”

               Caitlin replied with a chuckled, “Why not?  I’m paying her a small fortune; I think I have the right to decide what she wears.”

               “Whatever,” Erika said with a shrug and added, “Fascinating idea though. Shall we begin the tour?”

* * *

               “I got this little gem imported from Greece; they say the marble is nearly one hundred years old,” Erika explained as she gestured at the coffee table that sat in her living room. “Apparently it took six men to move it into place,” she added. They had toured most of the penthouse with Erika explaining what she was going to use the rooms for and where she had gotten her unique furniture. She was happy that friend was impressed as she considered Caitlin to be the most cultured person she knew.

               “I see you have a taste for marble as this is the third piece of marble furniture I have seen today; the bar counter in your lounge was quite impressive I may add. I may have to acquire one similar for my estate,” Caitlin pointed out.

               “Oh do tell me when you do it; I know a guy,” Erika replied. “You can’t go wrong with marble,” she added. She was about to say something when her cell phone came to life. “Excuse me, sweetie,” she said with smile. Caitlin nodded as she turned. “Hello,” Erika said politely into the phone. She smiled, “Oh goodie, just send her up. Give her a full-access key card too, she’s my emergency contact,” Erika ordered. Disconnecting she turns back to Caitlin, “my travel agent is coming up, you mind if we go back to lounge to wait for her?”

               “Do you mind if Allegra gets behind that bar?” Caitlin then asked.

               “Of course not, I’m feeling thirsty myself,” Erika replied.

               “Lead on then darling,” Caitlin smiled.

               They were both sitting at the bar with Allegra standing behind it. Erika was amazed how at home the Italian looked even though it wasn’t her home. “Where did you find this girl?” Erika asked as Allegra handed her a salted martini, to which she nodded.

               “Oh she’s classically trained; apparently she’s from this Canadian agency called The Paradise Foundation. At first she was just a contract until I saw how great she was, I mean she could do anything and when I say anything I mean anything. Of course I must have her to myself. So I tripled her salary and she’s all mine now,” Caitlin explained as Allegra handed her a dry martini.

               “This company, do they still offer maids?” Erika then asked, taking a sip of the perfectly made martini as she watched Allegra who was making her want to stop time.

               “From what I know they do. They specialized in services to people like us, but I also found out recently they just switched management so I do not know if the quality is still there. In any case still worth the inquiry. You never know Erika, you may find your very own Allegra,” Caitlin said with wink at her prized maid, who forced a smile back. Allegra’s English was still poor as she was just learning. Her boss was odd, to say the least, but she got paid good money so she didn’t mind.

               “Erika!” Monica’s voice boomed out throughout the massive penthouse, echoing slightly. “Where are you – this place is huge!”

               “Over here! Just follow my voice,” Erika called out. A few minutes later Monica wandered into the lounge, looking lost. The brunette was in dressed in a navy business skirt suit with tan pantyhose. It was obvious that she had just come from work. Her hair was tied loosely back in a conservative bun. She carried a dark colored purse over her shoulder. She turned and looked at Erika, frowning; her frown quickly turned into a surprised grin seeing that her friend was not alone. Monica was immediately transfixed on the redhead that was with her friend. The woman was gorgeous. “Hello Monica!” Erika said, happily jumping off her stool and rushing over to pull her the dark haired woman over to the bar. “This is my old friend Caitlin Trafford from the UK and behind the bar is Allegra and if you haven’t guessed, she’s the maid,” Erika introduced with a giggle. “Girls, this is my friend and travel agent Monica Stein.

               Allegra smiled warmly and nodded as Caitlin stood and extended her hand, “Pleasure to meet you Monica.”

               “Nice to meet you too, both of you,” she replied shaking the Brit’s hand, Monica took in the redhead’s features before turning to Allegra and giving her a nod. Caitlin was a true marvel and with the warm feeling she was getting, Monica knew there was an attraction. Getting back on track she then turned to Erika, “Didn’t know you had guests Erika, and this place is bigger than my house!  You need a map or something.”

               The comment made both women laugh and Allegra smiled politely. “I was going to invite you for a tour too, but I know you were working,” Erika replied.

               “You work?” Caitlin asked and added, “How is that, work?”

               Erika laughed, “She just sits around all day mainly until I need to go someplace; it’s easy, she works for me so you know it can’t be that bad…”

               “Of course,” Caitlin chuckled, “do you wish to join Allegra and I on the tour; there’s plenty of space?”

               Monica wished she could, she wanted to get to know the Brit a little more but she had other matters that she had to take care of. She smiled, “Some other time I’m afraid, thanks though,” she excused herself.  Turning back to Erika, “I really need to talk to you; it’s important.”

               Erika kept her smile as she turned to her friend, “could you and Allegra hang out on the sun deck for moment?”

               “Of course darling, take your time. Allegra?” Caitlin said leaving the room with Allegra obediently following.

               Once the pair was gone Erika placed her martini back on the bar top. “Let’s go to my office and we can talk there.” Monica followed the blond through the spacious penthouse, admiring the fancy furnishings and the immense space of it all. She was even in awe of Erika’s office when they entered as the back window looked out into the Pacific. Erika shut the door and gestured Monica to one of the cushioned armchairs sitting in front of the large polished oak desk. Closing the door behind her, Erika then took a seat behind the desk. “What’s so important that you had to take the fun out of my day?”

               Monica took a breath before she started, “Erika, do you realize what tomorrow is?”

               Erika thought for a moment, frowning even, “Friday?” she finally answered.

               “No! Erika it’s the meeting with the board of trusties that decides who takes over Stone Enterprises! I can’t believe you, Erika you’re not even ready – do you even want the company?” Monica asked seriously.

               “I do,” Erika replied calmly, leaning back in her oversized leather padded swivel chair and tapping her fingers playfully over the surface of her desk. “You know,” she asked in a hushed tone leaning forward, “this desk was made out of a three hundred year old oak tree; three hundred years old you believe that?”

               “Erika, I don’t believe you!” Monica said angrily, standing up and slamming her fists down on the desk.

               Erika gasped in shock, “My three hundred year old oak tree desk!” Monica frowned at Erika, not saying a word. The blond sat back pouting and crossing her arms, she mumbled, “That’s what the salesman told me…”

               “Erika, are you an idiot? Focus! Seriously; you could lose your family’s company tomorrow and you’re here acting like a spoiled rich girl with her toys while Patricia Mero has been working for the last two weeks to take away what’s yours,” Monica shot.

               Erika sighed and leaned back in her chair. She looked at her friend seriously. “Sit,” she asked calmly in soft voice. Monica continued to stare and frown. “I said sit!” Erika ordered forcefully. The uncompromising tone of voice reminded Monica of the late Eric Stone. So much so that her body automatically sat down and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck standing. “First off,” Erika began, standing up, “Don’t ever call me an idiot again.”

               “I’m sorry…” Monica began to say realizing her error. Even without Stone Enterprises, Erika was still powerful since she was a Stone by birth.

               “Be quiet and let me finish,” Erika shot. Monica only nodded. “Second I’m not acting like a spoiled rich girl. I am a spoiled rich girl,” she added, smiling and sitting down on the corner of her desk. “Finally, don’t worry about Patricia; she’s not going to win. After tomorrow Stone Enterprises will be rightfully mine,” Erika simply said, getting up and walking back around her desk and sitting back down. “Now,” she said smiling, “Want a tour?”

               Monica sighed, looking down, “Erika… this is really important. Your dad wanted you to have this… he told me before he passed away to make sure you get it at any cost. I have served your family for a long time I have been your friend for about just as long. I’ll feel like I’m disgracing your father’s legacy if Patricia takes this from you. With that being said Erika, I can’t have fun until I know you’re ready.”

               “Monica… is this really that important to you? Even though it has nothing to do with you? I mean even if I lose the company, which won’t happen, you and me will always be the same; don’t worry about it,” Erika assured with a confident smile. “I got this.” Monica was still silent and looked at her friend worried. Erika sighed. “What a downer…” she grumbled. “Why do you have to be such a good friend?” Erika asked no one in particular, turning around in her swivel chair. She closed her eyes in thought.

               “I’m sorry Erika; I made a promise to your father, he saw that we got along so, well, he made me promise to look after you…”

               Making up her mind as it was the only way to perk up the travel agent, Erika turned around. “I’ll show you how I’ll win my company then,” Erika said, standing and opening her desk drawer. She first removed a stick of strawberry gum and plopped it in her mouth. Next she removed an amber jar of pills and stuffed it in her pocket. “We’ll have some fun too; you’re so down today, gotta perk you up,” Erika explained walking around the desk. “Stand up.”

               “Erika what are you…” Monica asked confused as she did what she was told. She was so lost now. What was up with the gum, more importantly what was with the pills? “What’s going on?”

               “It will all be explained soon enough,” Erika assured; taking Monica’s hand lightly. Monica blushed at the feeling of her hand in Erika’s; it was like a dream come true. Erika then took a deep breath and closed her eyes. It was only for second before she opened them again and let go of Monica’s hand.

               “What was that?” Monica asked, still confused and a little aroused. Erika only smiled, putting her finger up to stop Monica from talking. There was no sound at all.  Everything was silent around them. The feeling was very eerie as the air felt like it wasn’t moving. “What’s going on, Erika? Do you feel that?”  Her words sounded muffled.

               Erika grinned. “Look at your watch,” Erika suggested, snapping her gum. Monica did so and frowned at seeing that it wasn’t working. “Now look at the wall clock.”

               Monica looked over at the wall clock and that wasn’t working either. “Oh my God, Erika! What’s going on?” Monica asked, almost in panic. “Did you hypnotize me somehow?” She was so confused she had no idea what had happened.

               “Sit down,” Erika requested, leading her friend back to the arm chair. She sat down next to her and began to explain, letting Monica in on her secret power. When Erika was ten she had a pet cat named Socks and she would take him everywhere with her. She found out that if she held on or even just touched her beloved pet, she could even take him into her personal frozen world too. Monica was the first person to enter the timeless world.

* * *

               It was roughly an hour later in their time with back and fourth questions and answers before Erika and Monica left her office. Monica was finally – mostly – convinced that her friend could stop time. What sold her was that Erika explained to her some unexplained events that had happened to her in past that only she herself could have known about. For instance a few years back Monica had been watching TV at her house one night when suddenly she was naked and felt extremely satisfied sexually before she could figure what had happened she was dressed again. Events similar to that one had happened to her several times afterward. The most recent event was just last week when she ended up mysteriously naked in Erika’s bedroom during the party. It was like one moment she was at the bar, the next she was naked in Erika’s bed. The party was really wild to from what she had heard from other guests as several people ended up naked; some appeared in questionable poses. With this new explanation, all the pieces fell into place; it turned out Erika was responsible for all of those situations.  She had stopped time. Monica was still in shock, in disbelief of it all, but for some odd reason the way her friend explained it to her made sense.

               “Are you all right?” Erika asked, chewing her gum calmly. She looked over at Monica; her friend looked stunned and sick all at the same time. “I’m sorry about it,” Erika then said simply.

               Monica looked back up at her weakly and smiled, “As long as it was you,” she replied. “I always had a…”

               “A thing for me?” Erika finished the statement with a smile. “As you can see, I had a thing for you too.”

               “Are we still good?” Monica then asked.

               Erika laughed, “I should be asking you that. All those things I did to you when I was in my frozen world. In any case we’re good if it was up to me, but it’s up to you.”

               Monica thought for a moment before smiling, “We’re good,” she replied, leaning over and kissing the blond on the lips. The two embraced for a moment before separating with Erika chewing her gum fast. “What’s with the gum?” Monica asked, giggling at how childish her friend looked.

               “It keeps my focus so time will stay halted like this,” Erika replied gesturing to the frozen world around them. She then stood up with Monica doing the same. “Let’s go; I want to show you some things as a way to cool you down a bit. I just dropped a pretty big bomb on you and now that you know what I can do, I feel bad for what I did to you before.”

               Monica stood, shaking her head, “Don’t feel that way, I don’t remember any of it as you said it was all in your reality as I don’t have any memories or feelings of it.”

               “Still, come on, I want to have some fun and you still need to relax. You have been thinking about my company way too much,” Erika replied, taking hold of Monica’s hand and leading her out of the office. The air felt stale and still everywhere around the penthouse. It was an odd feeling. As stale as it felt, breathing it in was pretty easy; this truly felt like they were on another world.

               Erika opened the door to the sun deck and led Monica out into the sun. The air outside felt more fresh, lighter, though the feeling of stillness was the same. The lack of sound was eerie it felt as if she was deaf. “Oh my…” Monica said in a hushed voice as she stopped in her tracks. She had completely forgotten about Caitlin and Allegra, Erika’s guests. Erika had only touched her so the other two remained frozen. Monica gulped and stood still, taking in what was before her. Not only were there the two attractive ladies posed like mannequins but there was also a flock of gulls frozen in mid-flight just above of them. “This is so weird…”

               Caitlin was in an odd pose as she was only inches away from sitting down on a lounger. She was in an off balance squat with her knees not as bent as with a full squat and with her tush leaning backwards. Her left hand held the arm of the lounger while her right held her martini glass. Her face bore a slight grin and her eyes were masked by her sun glasses. Allegra was already seated in the lounger next to Caitlin. The maid had both fishnet-covered legs up on the lounger, crossed at the ankles. Both hands were on one of the arms and she was in mid-lean, her back only a few inches from the cushion of the lounger. Allegra had a cute smirk on her lips and her eyes were shut. They both looked like odd wax displays at a museum though these was the most realistic wax figures that Monica had ever seen in her life. They were photograph still.

               Monica stood and just stared at the two unmoving ladies. She was still waiting for reality to come back and the women to start moving. But that did not happen. Everything stayed as it was. The sound of Erika’s voice yelling out only made Monica jump as the two other ladies remained as still as statues. “Come on I’ll introduced you to them again, I found that people are much better this way,” Erika said taking Monica’s hand and leading her to the pair of loungers that were sitting poolside. They stopped next to Caitlin; Monica was in awe of the redhead’s stillness and she was starting to feel aroused too. Erika pried the martini glass from the Brit’s hand. “This never gets old,” she said, flipping glass upside down and its contents remained within the glass. “You can lick it and kinda taste it,” she then said handing her friend the glass.

               Taking the glass Monica began to lick the contents, she was thinking it was going to be like a popsicle but it was warm and just tasted like flavored plastic, “Gross…” she groaned.

               Erika laughed, “Yeah its nasty…but you get used to it and after a while you’ll get tipsy too,” she said with a grin. Turning back to Caitlin, “let’s see,” she breathed as she worked the Brit’s body as if she was a life size doll. Monica licked the martini as the blond worked until the redhead was standing upright. She stood with her legs slightly parted and her arms at odd angles her right hand looked as if it was still holding the glass. While her left hand looked as if she was still clutching the arm of the lounger. “There,” Erika declared once she was done. Monica looked on silently she was starting feel tipsy. “I’d like you to meet Caitlin Trafford,” Erika introduced as she removed Caitlin’s sunglasses, revealing the woman’s blankly staring jade-green eyes.

               “Nice to meet you Caitlin,” Monica giggled, setting down the martini glass and shaking Caitlin’s stiff hand, making the woman slightly wobble. “So she’s like a doll of sorts?”

               “Exactly, but better,” Erika remarked moving up to Caitlin’s face and playing with her features. She made one of her eyes wide while the other shut. Erika then opened her jaw and shifted her chin awkwardly to the left, “you can’t do that with just a doll,” she pointed out after she finished.

               Monica giggled at Caitlin’s expression really feeling the martini now, “That’s true, she’s much more posable than a real doll,” Monica agreed.

               “I look at them as life-size Barbie dolls and you remember what we did with those when we were younger don’t you?” Erika asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

               “Erika!” Monica gasped as the thought entered her mind and she knew exactly what the blond was thinking.

               “Why not, I did it to you. Don’t you want to do it to someone else?” Erika asked. “I’ll let you have Caitlin, I saw how you were looking at her,” she added with grin.

               Monica thought for a moment and shrugged, “Alright why not, what do we do?”

               “That’s my girl,” Erika laughed putting her arm around Monica. “First,” she began, pulling the pill jar from her pocket, “we pop two each into them. They’re high end sleeping pills. We need them because I can’t keep my focus when I’m engaged in erotic activity for a long period of time, especially with both of us still moving. The pills should keep them out of it for a while and they won’t remember a thing.”

               “Sounds like you’ve done this before…” Monica replied, eying the pills. She then looked over at Caitlin and felt warm knowing the Brit beauty was going to be all hers for the time being. “Okay let’s pop some pills.”

               “College was always fun…any ways let’s do this and get them to bed before I start getting tired,” Erika replied and popped opened the jar.

* * *

               Monica woke up naked and in panic for second, realizing she wasn’t home. The feeling quickly passed when she remembered where she was. Turning around in the bed she smiled at her bedmate that was still out cold from the pills that she and Erika had given her the day before. Caitlin Trafford was stark naked and spread out over the satin sheets that covered the king size bed. Her red hair was a mess from the night’s activities, both arms were raised above her head and her legs were spread wide. Monica smiled at the trimmed bush of dark hair between the Brit’s legs. She lay back down and leaned over her silent bedmate and smiled seductively while looking at Caitlin’s peaceful face. Monica traced the woman’s exposed nipple, “So you’re not really a redhead. It doesn’t matter; I still love you,” she then said kissing the sleeping woman full on the lips.

               All the sudden Monica was sitting on one of the loungers looking out at the ocean. It was still early and the twilight was dim but enough for her to see the dolphins jump through the water up ahead looking for breakfast. She felt a slight sea breeze and quickly bundled up with the blanket wrapped around her shoulders covering her naked body. “I hope you don’t mind?” Erika said from behind her, snapping her away from the dolphins. Monica turned and saw the blond whose hair was a mess emerging from the penthouse naked as well with a warm blanket wrapped around her. She quickly took a seat next to Monica, bundling up. “This is the only reason why I picked this place,” Erika then said looking out at the ocean.

               “It’s beautiful, Erika,” Monica replied looking back out in the ocean. Looking back at Erika after a moment she asked, “So is that how it feels like when you stop time and I’m not part of it, it’s like skipping a heart beat?”

               Erika still looking out at the dolphins shrugged, “I guess, I never been on the other end before.” She then turned and looked at Monica, “do you remember last night?”

               Monica thought for moment, “Did you stop time some more?” she then asked, wide eyed. Erika smiled slyly. Monica smiled back and nudged Erika with her shoulder. “You’re a sex fiend, that’s what you are!”

               “I can’t help myself in a house full of beautiful women,” Erika replied with a wide grin. The night before was the most fun she’d had in while. Allegra and Caitlin both were great as stiff dolls. Caitlin especially, who Erika also found out was not a natural redhead. Monica of course was always fun.

               “So, what did you do to me?” Monica then asked, still smiling.

               “I’ll show you,” Erika said rolling over to Monica’s lounger and the two began to passionately make out as the sun rose over them.

Chapter 3:

Stone Enterprises

               Monica looked at her new diamond Rolex. It was almost time; Patricia and her group should be ending their presentation soon and then it was Erika’s turn with the board. She and Erika were sitting in a room that was located just behind the presentation room. It was a simple room with polished oak walls and tan carpeting. A pair of double doors led into the presentation room and a single door at the opposite of the room led back into the hall. The small room was furnished with a rectangular glass table that sat four on leather armed swivel chairs. On table was a chrome pitcher containing water. Each of the occupants at the table had a glass of water in front of them.

               Along with Monica there were two other people sitting opposite of her. Ingrid Stone, who had come along for moral support, and next to her was Levy Foster, the Stone’s family attorney for the last decade. He was senior partner of Foster & McBride, a powerhouse law firm that only catered to the rich and famous. Ingrid was dressed in a purple and black trimmed business skirt suit that included tan pantyhose and purple suede high heels. Ingrid’s blond hair was pulled back in a fancy bun and held together by a diamond clip. Diamonds also adorned the matriarch’s neck and ear lobes. Her fingers were covered in priceless gemstone rings. Levy was a balding man in his late 50’s that had the stereotypical look of a lawyer was dressed in pricy three-piece gray pinstripe suit with shinny black dress shoes. A leather briefcase sat on the table in front of him.

               Erika sat next to Monica with her legs crossed and her eyes shut, either in thought or sleeping, Monica wasn’t sure. The blond was dressed in white business skirt suit with nude pantyhose and white heels. A pearl necklace sat around her neck and pearl earrings on her ear lobes. She wore her blond hair down with the tips curled. A white hair band kept her hair out of her face. Her laptop sat in front her, Monica knew the laptop was just for show because Erika had no such presentation ready. It wasn’t part of her plan.

               Monica had no idea what Erika’s plan was but she was confident, especially with Erika’s special ability. They had spent the morning making love outside as the sun rose. That was about the only thing Monica remembered. The next thing she knew, with no lost time, she was dressed and ready to go. She found herself dressed in a maroon business skirt suit with dark pantyhose and black heels. She was also wearing new underwear too. The whole outfit was new, which included the Rolex watch that looked to cost the same as Monica’s car, and a pair of stunning earrings. Erika had said if Monica was going to be standing with her she had to look great. Monica was impressed with her make up and hair as well, Erika had obviously dressed a lot people up – mainly women – in the past and it clearly showed. Monica was looking her best. Erika had also dressed Caitlin up as well, fitting Allegra’s maid outfit onto the redhead. The maid was simply dressed in silk robe. They left the two cuddling in Caitlin’s bed before they left. Erika predicted they both would be up by the time they came back. She assured Monica the coming weekend was going to be fun.

               Listening to the hushed tone of voices on the other side of the double doors, Erika timed that Patricia was ending her presentation. Reaching into her cleavage, she withdrew a stick of gum and plopped it in her mouth. She smiled at Monica who returned the smile. Ingrid frowned at her daughter for chewing the gum before a presentation and only shook her head in displeasure as Erika shot her a smile. Upon hearing the clapping hands in the other room Erika quickly reached her hand out towards Monica and the brunette took it.

               It was in the blink of an eye that everything went dead silent and the air around them turned stale and still. Levy sat across from Erika, looking down at his phone with his eyes nearly closed. Ingrid sat with legs crossed still held a frown on her face and her empty gaze was still aimed at her daughter. Erika snapped her gum and smiled brightly, looking at Monica. Monica looked around her, feeling a bit uneasy as the change in environment made her body feel weird. “You’ll get used to it,” Erika assured, seeing the discomfort on her friend’s face. Standing up, she declared, “Alright now with that done, let’s see what we can do to Patricia so I can still have my company,” Erika breathed, opening the double doors and leaving the room.

               “Right,” Monica replied, standing up. She then looked over at the elder Stone, sititng still as a portrait. Looking back at the open door she saw that Erika had already gone into the presentation room. Walking over to Ingrid Stone, Monica leaned over and waved her hand in front of the woman’s frowning face. No reaction. Slyly grinning Monica poked the woman, who only wobbled slightly. “A peek wouldn’t hurt…” she cooed, looking down at Ingrid Stone’s cleavage down the top of her business coat.

* * *

               The presentation room was a small theater like space with a sloping floor to the front; the back of the room being the highest point. It sat up to forty executives in comfortable black leather lazy boy style seats with a small folding desk attached that could be folded out of the way. At the moment there were only fifteen executives that made up the board of trusties present. They were spotted throughout the room, with the five head members sitting up front. In total there were two women and thirteen men. The majority of the group was Caucasians while there were two Hispanics, two African Americans and one Asian. The five head members were all men with either thinning white hair or bald and were all Caucasian. All fifteen were all over the age of fifty-five. They were all dressed in expensive dark suits for the men while the women wore lighter tones. At the front of the room was a large presentation screen that worked with a ceiling mounted projector. There was a podium to the right front of the room that housed the controls of for the projector and had input connectors for laptops. The podium was waist height with a faux wood grain finish.

               As expected, everyone was frozen. Most of the board members held neutral expressions while some held a slight grin. They were all a conservative bunch. All were suspended in mid clap with eyes looking forward towards a stiff Patricia Mero standing behind the podium. The blond stood with both hands clutching the sides of the podium and a bright smile on her face. She was dressed in a black pinstripe business skirt suit with dark pantyhose along with shiny black high heels. Her long blond hair was tied back in a bun in the same style that Ingrid Stone wore her hair in the adjoining room.

               Sitting in the front row near the head members were Patricia’s minions, Canella Kim and Darcy Keibler. Canella was dressed in short sleeved cream-colored silk blouse tucked into a slim knee length skirt. The hem of the skirt flared out at the knees. Her legs were clad in tan pantyhose and a pair of knee high soft black leather pointed-toe high-heeled boots. Her dark hair was pulled back in traditional low ponytail with two thin strands flanking her face. The Korean sat with her legs crossed and her palms together out in front of her. A bright toothy smile was on her face with her eyes shut. Darcy was dressed in a grey pants suit with a white dress shirt underneath. A pair of black pointed toed high heels finished the outfit. She wore her shoulder length blond hair free with a parted side and curled tips. She sat with her legs crossed, her palms about an inch apart being caught in mid-clap when Erika stopped time. Her face sported a close lipped smile with her eyes at nearly closed.

               Erika stood at the front of the room looking around her at the motionless, silent tableau:  “I declare Stone Enterprises mine! Any one disagree? Speak now or forever hold your peace,” she asked and looked around. No one said a word or moved. The blond dressed in white shrugged and smiled broadly, looking over at a silent and mannequin-still Patricia. “I guess I win,” she laughed, clapping her hand. “Now to make sure you’re out for the count,” she then said waltzing up to the still woman at the podium. Erika pried Patricia’s fingers free and then moved the woman’s stiff arms to her sides. Reaching around the unmoving blonde’s hips Erika dragged her away from the podium and stood her in the open. She straightened out her back a bit to make sure the statue-still Patricia wouldn’t fall over. Erika, chewing her gum calmly, moved to stand in front of the unmoving blond. She looked around the room and got an idea that brought a mischievous grin to her lips. “I think you came to this thing a little over dressed…” she cooed as she unbuttoned the three buttons that held Patricia’s jacket closed.

               Patricia remained smiling brightly, with vacant eyes as Erika Stone, her rival, opened her business coat revealing the black strapless satin bra that Patricia wore underneath. Erika jerked the jacket free and let it fall to the floor before moving behind the stuck blond. She unzipped the skirt and tugged it off Patricia’s hips, letting it fall to her ankles. The acting CEO now stood clad only in silky dark pantyhose and black heels. Walking around and standing in front of Patricia, Erika poked the woman’s forehead hard and laughed as she fell to her back, stiff as a board, keeping her pose. Once on the ground Erika removed the skirt the rest of the way followed by the heels, pantyhose and the satin black bikini cut panties. Standing the blond back up, Erika stripped the bra off rendering Patricia stiff and naked. The woman’s hair still held its style though, which only exaggerated her nakedness.

               Picking the oldest and most senior of the head members Erika promptly stripped the man’s shoes, socks, trousers and underwear, leaving the senior half naked. Gagging, she erected his member, which was quite large and thick. Recovering from the experience Erika moved Patricia over to the pants-less gentleman and dropped her to her knees. Opening the stiff blonde’s lips, she slid the member into Patricia’s opened mouth. Erika made sure that her rival’s nose and lips were tightly pressed up against the man’s pubes. She was sure the tip of member’s manhood was sitting all the way in the back of Patricia’s throat. Erika moved the unmoving blonde’s right hand to be touching her right nipple while her left hand was inserted into her snatch. The man’s hands were moved to hold the back of Patricia’s head. She left the man’s face neutral as it had been.

               “And that is that,” she affirmed, brushing her palms together. Looking at Mero’s two minions she glanced around the room while chewing her gum, thinking what do next. She grinned at seeing the two female board members sitting next to each other. One was a redhead the other a q-tip. The redhead had a slight grin on her aging lips while the other had her eyes shut and was poker faced. She was walking up towards the board members when she remembered, “Where the hell is Monica?” Turning around, she frowned, heading back to the front room.

               “Monica!” Erika bawled, standing at the doorway of the room. She felt lightheaded at what she was seeing. If it had not been for her ability to hold her focus through her gum chewing her plan would have been ruined. Erika clutched the door handle for support as she stumbled backwards. Her time-stopped mother stood in the corner of the room; her arms raised up overhead with a deer in the headlights look on her face. Her lips were parted. The elder Stone was naked. Her skirt, pantyhose and blue panties were around her ankles. Monica sat on her knees eating out the woman’s snatch. She jumped up at the sound of Erika’s shriek. The action made the older woman topple over like a tree.

               “Erika I’m sorry…” Monica mumbled backing up. She just couldn’t resist as she had little thing for the woman every since she first met her. “Erika I…”

               “Mother…” Erika cried and rushed to her mother’s side and quickly stood her back up. She quickly arranged her mother to be standing at attention and quickly snapped her bra back on and then pulled the woman’s panties back up her hips. Walking back up to Monica she clutched the woman’s arm. “This isn’t over,” she growled, staring at Monica almost with hate. She continued to stare at Monica in awkward silence for a few more seconds. “Let’s go,” she finally said flatly, pulling Monica out of the room. Monica followed easily. Once they were out of the room Erika let go of her arm. She took a deep breath while chewing her gun quickly. Slowing down, she looked at Monica, “look; this is all new to you and all I get that, but that’s my mother and you can’t do that to her!  I forgive this time, but if I catch you again we’re done,” Erika said seriously. Monica nodded. “You owe me… but we’ll talk about it later; for now I need your help.”

               “No problem…” Monica began to say before she caught the sight of Patricia, “holy shit!”

               Erika couldn’t help but to smile, “Board members won’t ever quit; they’re too greedy, too old, and most all too powerful. It doesn’t matter how good she was they’ll get rid of and her cohorts after that,” Erika explained gesturing at the blow job pose.

               “Right, how about her cohorts?” Monica then asked.

               “That’s where I need your help. Go up and strip those two old ladies down to their undies. I’ll take care of Canella and Darcy,” Erika ordered.

               “Erika…” Monica groaned, looking at the redhead and her friend.

               “Hey you got my mother naked,” Erika shot back, heading over to Canella and Darcy.

               “Yeah but your mother is hot…” Monica mumbled, making her way up the aisle.

* * *

               After thirty minutes Darcy and Canella stood side by side, naked, with blank expressions on their faces. Standing at attention the two executives gave a striking contrast in height, skin tone, and body shape. Erika was impressed with the Korean who had shaved clean her snatch since their last meeting. She guessed that when her friends saw it that night she had no choice. The redheaded board member was now seated in the front, dressed in only in a silk slip and white panties. The senior still held the same facial expression even given her lack of clothes. Erika and Monica were now carrying the redhead’s friend down the aisle. The white-haired lady maintained a seated pose with her arms up over her head and bare feet arched as if she were still wearing her heels. She was clad only in her matching white cotton granny panties and bra. Getting to the front row Erika and Monica placed the woman on the floor then stretched out her legs so that she was lying flat on her back with her arms up over her head. Next they moved Darcy to sit on her knees straddling the old woman at the hips. They leaned Darcy forward and down so her lips were locked on the woman’s. Darcy’s hands held the woman’s arms down at the wrists. Canella was moved to sit across redhead’s lap with one arm around redhead’s neck and her free hand down the front of the old woman’s slip. They planted the Korean’s lips on redhead’s cheek. “Okay that’s done,” Erika breathed looking at the display with Monica nodding in agreement. “Now you go throw their clothes everywhere so they will be hard to gather; I’m going to fix up my mom.”

* * *

               Ten minutes later everything was set. Erika had set her mother, who was now fully dressed, standing at the opened double doors with Levy. Monica and she sat back down in their seats. “To Stone Enterprises in the rightful hands,” Monica said, extending her hand.

               Erika smiled back and replied, “To Stone Enterprises in my hands,” As soon as they shook hands Erika relaxed her concentration and moments later all chaos broke loose. Screams were heard from both men and women. Erika could pick out Patricia and her minions scrambling frantically and only tried to suppress her laughter.

               “What is the meaning of this?!” Levy demanded to the screaming crowd, in shock. “What is the meaning of this?! What is the meaning of this?!”

               “Good heavens!” Ingrid Stone cried out, backing into the front room. “Don’t look dear, it’s horrible! I can’t believe that woman ran your father’s company! It’s outrageous,” Ingrid Stone stuttered while crossing her arms. Erika and Monica wanted to see even though they knew what happening but Levy Foster did not let them. He cited that the less people that knew what going on the better. He also assured her the company most likely was going to remain hers.



Six months later…

               Erika sat in her corner office at Stone Enterprises. Her plan had worked wonderfully. The company was now hers. The board of trusties quickly fired Patricia, Canella and Darcy for their acts in the board room that day. Levy had threatened to sue the board if they didn’t. He had figured that the three women were offering sex in exchange for the company. That reasoning was rather absurd but the board didn’t want to argue; they did not want know what had really happened and they were embarrassed themselves. They just wanted the incident behind them so they gave into Levy’s claim in order for him keep his mouth shut about it. Patricia, Canella and Darcy accepted their dismissals without much argument as they were humiliated themselves. All the parties responsible agreed not say a word about it. Officially Patricia and the others were laid off due to Erika Stone taking over the company. The board remained intact and now fully loyal to Erika Stone so that she would keep her mouth shut about what had happened as well.

               “Good for you…” she whispered, closing an email from human resources. It turned out that her old rivals had all gotten new jobs. Patricia Mero was now the head of Richard Stilton’s Asian Operations. Canella Kim was director of personal for Triangle Security Services out in Fort Worth, Texas with Darcy Keibler as her chief of staff. “See, ladies that wasn’t so bad, but no one messes with Erika Stone,” she giggled, turning around in her chair to look out the window. She turned back around, hearing a knock at the door.

               Monica entered and smiled, “Erika you have a meeting in forty-five minutes at your pharmaceutical research center. There’s a car waiting downstairs. Ashley Tisdale her assistant Mary Hamilton claim they have something for you to see so you will increase their research funding.”

               Erika sighed, getting up, “Fine let’s go. Who would have thought this job could be so tiring… should have taken Patricia’s payoff when I had the chance,” she joked, picking up her handbag and following Monica.


The End of The Beginning


Erika Stone – Hillarie Burton

Monica Stein – Shiri Appleby

Ingrid Stone – Kim Cattrall

Patricia Mero – Rena Mero

Canella Kim – Gail Kim

Darcy Keibler – Stacy Keibler

Caitlin Trafford – Jewel Staite

Allegra – Maria Teresa Francville

Levy Foster – David Cross

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