Maggie’s Clock VI:  The Contest

by FreezAntix

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on Maggie's latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]

            One of the best benefits that came with working with Charlene was that a few times out of the week Maggie only had to work a few hours since there was only one photo shoot scheduled for that day. She still made the pay as if she worked the full day as well. Problem with that was that she would still get same pay if she worked overtime; it was double sided sword of sorts. It was a little past noon and Maggie was finished for the day, the only shoot had been one involving retro ball caps at a trendy hat store in the mall. Charlene had a meeting with Kathryn Summers at Models Inc so she sent Maggie home for the day while she took care of that. It was good for Maggie since she wasn’t expecting on working a half-day so her schedule was free for the rest of the day. The only down side was that, thinking she was going to be at a hat store all day she had let her best friend Kansas borrow her clock the night before for the day. Maggie didn’t want her clock with her at work since it was becoming counterproductive. Charlene had been nice enough to give her a good job with flexible hours in the first place and she was a generous boss in general. It didn’t seem fair to Maggie for her to be able to freeze her boss into a statue too all the time so she decided to cut back on bringing the clock to work. Plus it was hard to work when she wanted to see Charlene and her clients naked all the time and with the clock she knew she could do that on a whim.

            Her clock was with Kansas, who was due to give it back around four in the afternoon when Maggie was supposed to be home from work. Her plans were limited. She had done all of her homework already the night before; all of her reading was caught up as well. Working with Charlene usually meant a lot of down time between shoots so it gave Maggie more than enough time for her schoolwork. Since starting the job with Charlene, Maggie had rescheduled all of her classes so she had most of them on two days of the week and a couple at night on days that she worked. So her schedule was tight for the most part. But there were a few of these short days she didn’t account for that left her completely free. Without her clock, Maggie thought about visiting Belinda’s house where she was storing time-frozen ladies that she decided to collect. She was really hoping to visit Saffron again but decided against it after she missed the exit to the lawyer’s house because she was daydreaming about said redhead.

            She was back home now with a trail of her clothing scattered from her doorway, going through her foyer, living room, up the stairs and into her bedroom. By the time she had gotten to her bedroom she was naked and played with herself in the mirror before donning on a pair of pink boxers and a white tank-top. Both belonged to her now serious girlfriend Cindy who nearly spent every night in her bed. In fact, Cindy lived with Maggie more than she lived in her own bigger house. Maggie suspected that Cindy was up to something though as she was slowly sneaking Maggie’s stuff into her own house to try to draw Maggie over there. However Maggie was not ready to fully give up her independence yet. Though her rent for living in Cindy’s carriage house was dirt cheap, Cindy had told her she wouldn’t have to pay rent at all if she moved in with her. It was tempting and she loved Cindy but she liked the small but cozy carriage house.

            Dressed in something more comfortable, Maggie was now lying on her sofa in the living room surfing the web on her CyPad. She was feeling a little sleepy so she figured after she surfed a little she would take a short nap. Being a fan of celebrities, Maggie naturally found herself reading celebrity gossip, something that she did at least once every day. “What’s this!?” she exclaimed, sitting up with a grin as she re-read the article. It turned out that her favorite actress Kayley Wu was leaving on a mysterious vacation for an undisclosed amount of time in the next few days. Kayley cited that she needed so time to cleanse herself of ‘Hollywood life’. Maggie tapped the note pad function on her CyPad and made a note to visit the actress. With her clock there was no reason why Kayley’s mysterious trip couldn’t be to Cindy’s carriage house. The thought of the plan made Maggie grin as she lay back down.

            Maggie was beginning to doze off when the cell phone started to ring thirty minutes later. Putting her CyPad aside, she crawled off her sofa and padded to her trusty bag with the golden crescent moon on it that sat next to her front door. Opening the bag she retrieved her phone and hit the talk button without checking the caller ID, “Hello?”

            “Hey Mags,” the familiar voice on the other end replied. Maggie could hear wind and cars in the background.

            “Chrissy?” Maggie then asked tiredly as she walked back to the sofa and lay back down.

            “Yeah, did you just wake up or something?”

            “No, just tired, what’s up Chrissy?”

            “I’m around your way, was in town getting a new Anime from Otaku LA. If you’re not busy can I meet up with you somewhere, I need to talk to you about something.”

            Hearing the seriousness in her friend’s voice, Maggie became more awake and asked, “What wrong Chrissy?”

            “Oh nothing is wrong Mags. There just something I need to talk to you about. Where are you at?”

            “I’m at home, I had a short day today; you could stop by my place,” Maggie replied.

            “Cool, I’ll be right over. Bye,” Chrissy said before the line went dead.

            It was another twenty minutes and a short nap later when Maggie heard the rumbling of Chrissy’s truck in the driveway. A minute later there was a knock at the door. Maggie kicked her shoes and socks out of the way and opened the door. Chrissy stood on the other side, dressed in a pair of blue jeans that hugged her athletic legs, a yellow lacy plaid open neck short sleeved top and a pair of brown flip flops on her feet. A white and pink purse hung from the crook of her arm. She had on a pair of big lens diva-size sunglasses that she pushed up over her forehead when Maggie opened the door. “Hey Mags,” she greeted.

            “Hey Chrissy,” Maggie greeted and stepped aside so the other girl could enter. Once inside she closed the door behind the soccer player. “Have a seat,” she then gestured towards the sofa and loungers in her living room. Chrissy took a seat on the sofa putting her purse on the floor. “You want anything to drink?”

            “No, I’m fine,” Chrissy replied, looking around Maggie’s living room. It was usually a mess. Maggie was glad that Cindy had cleaned it the other night.

            Taking a seat next to the soccer player, who looked like a normal college student currently even though she was rated as one of the best players in the state, Maggie got down to business, her curiosity getting the better of her. “What do you need to the talk to me about? You sounded kinda serious on the phone.”

            “Oh sorry about that,” Chrissy said with smile waving off the thought, “I didn’t mean to sound that way. In fact now that I think about it I could have just asked you about it on the phone.”

            Maggie smiled at the girl’s cute mannerisms, “Well you’re here now, so what is it?”

            “Well it’s about the party,” Chrissy started. “I remember we were talking and then you vanished and next thing I remember is ending up in another room with Jordan… and the funny thing is Jordan told me he remembered being in another room with me appearing stiff like a mannequin, but I have no memory of it.”

            “Oh?” Maggie replied trying to sound confused and hiding her shock. She had gotten distracted freezing Chrissy during a party a few weeks ago. In the end she thought she fixed it enough, but now it was obvious that the girl remembered enough about events to think on what had happened. Maggie wished she had her clock with her, with the clock she could fix this problem she knew that for a fact. But her clock was with Kansas and Chrissy looked at her waiting for a reply. Quickly thinking Maggie came up with a cover story, it was bit outrageous but it was all she had. She asked, “Did you by any chance drink the punch that night?”

            “What?” Chrissy asked and then thought, “No I didn’t… I had orange juice and lemon soda.”

            “That’s what happened!” Maggie said slapping her knee as if being hit with the answer.


            “The orange juice was spiked. If you even had a little bit of it you were probably affected. I just had a sip myself and found myself sitting in the kitchen talking Cindy with no memory of what happened in between.”

            “That’s weird…what could it have been spiked with and why did you asked about the punch?” Chrissy asked, cocking her head to the side cutely in thought with her finger tapping her lips.

            Well… both of them were spiked… Cindy had the punch and told me something similar to what you are saying now. Not sure what it was spiked with but we found it was Cindy’s friend Tina who did it.”

            Chrissy was silent for a moment, taking in what Maggie had told her. Maggie kept a serious face and tried not to laugh in return; the story was pretty ridiculous now that she said it out loud. “Those must be some strong drugs, like Roofies or something… you should probably make sure she doesn’t do that again,” Chrissy finally said, though Maggie thought there was a hint of skepticism in her voice.

            “Oh absolutely, we already talked to her, I’m sorry that you had the drink. I assure you though there is no health risk. Tina said it was just a party drug to make things interesting. It just makes the user have some hallucinations and messes with their short term memory a little.”

            “Mags that sounds kinda of unhealthy and serious but I’ll take your word for it,” Chrissy concluded, grabbing her purse and standing. “Well that’s all I wanted to talk to you about. I have to get back to campus.”

            “Oh, okay, sorry again,” Maggie said, standing and leading Chrissy to the door. A wave of relief swept over her and she was glad that she was starting to become pretty good at thinking on her feet. “Next time we’ll make sure that Tina doesn’t do it again.”

            “It’s no problem Mags; I’m glad you told me though. I was worried that there was something like magic going on…” Chrissy said as Maggie opened the door for her.

            “Magic?” Maggie asked, acting puzzled as her hair on her neck stood up as a chill moved down her back.

            “Oh don’t worry about it Mags just thinking silly thoughts,” Chrissy said with a smile and then hugged Maggie. “It was great seeing you Mags. I miss you at our club meetings.”

            “I miss you too, see you later,” Maggie said with a wave.

            “See you,” Chrissy replied as Maggie shut the door and she started back to her truck. As Chrissy walked she looked over her shoulder at the little carriage house and then fished her cell phone from her purse. She scanned through her list of contacts before picking a name and hitting the call the button. “Hey Danica, you busy? Cool. Where are you at? Perfect I got a chemistry question to ask you – can we meet?” Chrissy asked as she climbed into her truck.


            After Chrissy left, Maggie let her nerves calm down a bit by playing a game on her CyPad before falling asleep again with the tablet still in her hands. Two hours later she was awoken by another knock at her door that made her spring up, dropping the CyPad on the floor. She was lucky that the floor was carpeted, avoiding any damage to the device. Maggie picked up her CyPad and put it on her coffee table. She stumbled to the door, scratching the back of her head and yawning. Opening the door, she jumped back in surprise at seeing a blond woman standing on the other side. The woman stood with one foot in front of the other. Her left hand was in a fist on her hip while her right arm was bent forward at the elbow with her hand in pointing gesture. The woman’s face held a vicious scowl. It was woman’s facial expression that made Maggie jump back more than her actually being there. She had shoulder-length nearly platinum blond hair and looked to be in her late thirties to early forties. She would have looked pretty if it wasn’t for the scowl she had. She was dressed in a gray skirt suit with a light pink blouse underneath. Her legs were covered in nude pantyhose and she stood in black simple leather pumps. A gold nametag pinned over the right side of her coat read ‘Iris Brenden, General Manager’.

            “The hell?” Maggie asked herself after recovering and stepping up to the door again after realizing that Iris was frozen stiff. She waved her hand in front of the woman’s unblinking blue eyes and wasn’t surprised to see that there was no reaction.

            “Hey Mags,” Kansas said stepping from behind Iris. For a change, Maggie’s softball-playing friend was dressed in a black mini skirt that showed off her sexy athletic legs and an orange frilly blouse. Her lush dark hair, growing longer every day since she started growing it out, was pulled back by an orange hair band. Tiger striped printed knee-high heeled boots completed the outfit. “Got your clock back on time,” she said, handing Maggie’s clock back to her. The last time Maggie had let her borrow the clock she was late with it and as punishment she was frozen by Maggie. Kansas wasn’t exactly sure what happened but when she was unfrozen the next day she was naked and in Maggie’s living room, so she was sure Maggie and Cindy used her as a sex doll again. She had plans later that evening, so she couldn’t afford to be kept frozen again.

            “Thanks…” Maggie said taking her clock and then looking at the frozen scowling blond with a raised eyebrow. “So… what did you do today?”

            Kansas chuckled, “Let’s get her inside and I’ll tell you.” Kansas leaned the stiff Iris back from the shoulders as Maggie picked her up by the ankles. The blond woman rigidly held her pose as the two friends carried her into Maggie’s house with Kansas kicking the door shut behind her. They set her down in front of Maggie’s TV and left her to scowl at the flat screen as they took a seat on the sofa.

            “So this morning,” Kansas started to say. “I went to my friend Ruth’s work. She’s works at a Gold Standard Bank down on Sunset. I was supposed to meet her for lunch but my bus was early so I had some time. I remembered your clock so I decided to play some practical pranks around the bank. Long story short is I got a little reckless…”

            “Let me guess? Iris Brenden, the general manager of this bank you went to caught you somehow? Maggie offered glancing at the frozen woman.

            “She said she saw me on the camera from her office…”

            “Kansas!” Maggie shot standing up.

            “Mags relax, relax,” Kansas said with her hands up in front her and standing up trying to calm her friend down. “I took the tape and deleted the copy on the hard drive. There’s no evidence I did anything except for... her,” Kansas explained and gestured at Iris.

            “Oh my God Kansas… you have to be more careful…” Maggie sighed sitting down. “This is the second person you’ve had to freeze for good.”

            “I’m sorry Mags… but at least she’s good looking,” Kansas said and pointed out, sitting down next to her friend.

            Maggie couldn’t help to but grin, thinking back to the house in Century City, “True… but still, Kansas, you have to be more careful. How did you get here by the way?”

            “I loaded her into the back of her Jag and drove her here,” Kansas replied and quickly continued seeing Maggie’s eyes go wide. “I found some gloves in her glove box and put them on so I didn’t leave any prints on anything. I stopped time to load her and to drive here. I parked it out in the street in front of fire hydrant at the mouth of your neighborhood. I didn’t start time until I got to your door. I was careful,” Kansas assured.

            Maggie thought for a moment and smiled, “Not bad and little creepy that you would know to hide your prints. You’re learning; at least I just wish you hadn’t gotten caught though.”

            “Glad you see that I’m learning, cause I have another favor.”

            “What?” Maggie asked with raised eyebrow.

            “I have team function at school… I won’t make it in time on the bus… could I use your clock and your car?” Kansas asked, innocently tapping her fingertips together.

            “Kansas!” Maggie shot and gestured at Iris. “You’re not borrowing that again for a while; so far on the two occasions that I have let you borrow it, you taken home a woman both times. I give it to you that the women were attractive and all but Cindy would hate it if she knew I was keeping them. I have been moving them to my other location. Which is pain in the ass into itself.”

            “You have another location?” Kansas asked curiously.

            “Don’t change the subject, you’re not getting clock for a while.”

            “Fine, could you give me a ride then?” she then asked in tiny voice.

            Maggie walked over to her purse by the door and picked it up to dig through it. “Here,” she said dangling her car keys. “You can borrow my car.”

            “Cool! Thanks, Mags!” Kansas gushed, taking the keys. “I’ll return it tomorrow morning since I have the morning off, with a tank of gas,” she said giving Maggie a hug. “I’ll see you later, I have to go, if I’m gonna make it to this thing.”

            A moment later, Maggie heard her car start up and back out of the driveway. Dropping her purse on her coffee table, she walked over to Iris and stood in front of the frozen woman. She looked closely at her, from her angered frozen expression to her pumps. “What am I going to do with you? Don’t have my car so you can’t meet your new housemates just yet. In the mean time let’s get you a little more comfortable you’re not at work anymore,” Maggie said with giggle as she opened Iris’ suit jacket and began to unbutton her blouse. Iris could only look on, scowling in indifference.


            For five in the evening, a time that was considered the height of rush hour, Cindy Vu made it from the offices of VIP Promotions in downtown LA to her home in Brentwood in a pretty decent time. She pulled her Civic into the driveway and noted that Maggie’s Lancer was gone. She looked at her watch and frowned, seeing the time. Maggie should have been home already. Where was she? Cindy thought as she grabbed her purse along with a blue shopping bag and climbed out of her car. She had a crummy day and wanted Maggie to comfort her. Maggie really didn’t have to say anything really; just her presence was enough. Cindy was finding being around that quirky girl improved her quality of life immensely. She was happy all time since hooking up with Maggie. She loved Maggie endlessly and knew Maggie was her soul mate. Cindy wouldn’t admit that to Maggie, though, since Maggie had relationship issues. At the moment she was just happy she was in a strong relationship with the funny Chinese girl. It didn’t hurt that the sex was good too. Oh, the sex was so very good, Cindy daydreamed, bringing a smile to her lips as she opened the door to her house.

            Upon opening the door Cindy was welcomed to the sound of some sort of video game being played in her living room. She smiled as she walked towards the sound. If she wasn’t mistaken the sound was from Soul Calibur IV the only game she’d bought after getting a Playstation 3 since the guy at the store had told her it was a popular choice. She didn’t know if Maggie would like it not, but Maggie had told her once that she liked video games in general. During dinner the night before Cindy had mentioned that she bought a PS 3 hoping to spark enough interest for Maggie to start hanging out at her place. As much as she liked hanging out with Maggie, she found spending time in the carriage house was impractical since she had a really nice house they could hang out in. Maggie was really the only reason why she would even set foot in that tiny place. Since moving to the next level with Maggie, Cindy found herself living with Maggie more or less. Which wasn’t a problem; she loved every minute of it. She preferred living together in her house though. Secretly, she started moving bits and pieces of Maggie’s stuff in hopes to draw the girl over. It wasn’t working as Maggie would either just ignore the fact that some of her things were missing or she just didn’t care. So the idea of getting the Playstation came to mind when she remembered that Maggie complained about letting Tucker have the one that they had shared when she moved out.

            She felt better about her day and smiled, seeing Maggie sitting on her knees like a little kid in front the large screen TV. Cindy noted that Maggie was dressed in her sleeping clothing as well, something that she found hot. Maggie held the black wireless controller leaning left and right as she played the fighting game. She wore her trendy glasses with her hair tied up in a loose offset ponytail. Her tongue stuck out between her lips slightly as she focused on the game. “Having fun?” Cindy called out over the loud game sounds.

            Maggie quickly looked over her shoulder before turning her attention back to the TV. “Yup… sorry I got bored at my house. I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in to check out your PS3,” Maggie replied as she continued playing.

            Cindy walked over to her girlfriend, watching the game, not really sure what was going on. Putting her purse and shopping bag down on the coffee table, she then slipped off her heels and sat down next Maggie. Leaning over, she kissed her girlfriend on the cheek. “I don’t mind at all – you can come over anytime you want.”

            “Okay, cool,” Maggie replied still intently focused on the game. It was quiet, except for game sounds, until the match that Maggie was playing ended and the screen went back to the character selection screen. Maggie then turned to Cindy, who sat next to her crossed legged. The girl was dressed in a white tube dress with purple roses designed on it. She was barefoot as her purple heels were sitting next to her. Her hair was loose and set behind her ears. Maggie knew her well enough to tell that she was feeling down; her shoulders were low and her eyes had a sad look in them. Not knowing exactly what to do, Maggie passed the controller to Cindy, “Wanna play?” she offered with a bright if somewhat faked smile.

            Cindy smiled back and put her hand up, declining the offer, “You can go ahead; I like to watch. I got it for you anyways.” Maggie silently turned off the system and then the TV. Silence surrounded them and it was sort of romantic with the fading sunlight coming through the living room curtains. “What’s wrong?”

            “You tell me,” Maggie replied with smile as she stood and offered her hand to help Cindy up. “Let’s talk on the couch. I’ll massage your feet.”

            They moved to Cindy’s sofa with Maggie sitting in the middle and Cindy at the end with her feet on Maggie’s lap. She moaned slightly as Maggie started to rub her feet, knowing just the tense places. Cindy loved this woman, she thought.

Minutes passed before Maggie spoke softly, “After the roller coaster ride with Jamie I’ve learned to pick up on people. Jamie never told me anything and I would always get in trouble, she accused me of things. Honestly, they were my fault; I don’t think I was ready for that type of relationship at the time. But in hindsight Jamie gave me clear signals that there was something wrong I just never paid attention to them until it was too late. Cindy, you’re really special to me so I don’t want to mess us up. Plus you’re hot; I like looking at you. I know when you’re happy, I defiantly know when you’re mad, and like right now I know when you’re sad. What’s wrong?”

            It took all of Cindy’s will not just sob; that was probably the sweetest thing Maggie had ever said to her. She was so happy that Maggie knew her that way; she also knew all that about Maggie too. “Work really sucked today,” Cindy started.

            “Oh? Wasn’t today your audition for that tourism company that Martha was promoting?” Maggie asked, her attention on Cindy’s feet.

            “Yeah it was... and I thought it was going to be sure thing. Martha is my best friend so I thought I was locked in for the gig. I was just doing the audition for her client’s sake so she could see whom she was hiring. Then, when I got there, Michelle Boback was there too. It turned out that Martha wasn’t sure if her client would like me so she had brought in another model just in case. The tourism company never really used an Asian model before, which is odd as most of their clients are people from China and Japan. I took the time to look up stuff from their site so I could impress the client if they asked me something. Anyways so now it turns out it’s a real audition and Martha was actually talking to Michelle more since client showed a little more interest in her than in me. So we took some pictures. I thought I was lucky that my friend Steve was the photographer and he put in a good word and even said to the client I was more photogenic than Michelle. At first I thought he was just being nice but he told me it was a fact. The client liked Michelle more and since it was Martha’s client she also agreed.  I found myself being downplayed.”

            “Mmm, that sucks,” Maggie commented, prompting Cindy with her silence.

            “I felt horrible. She was supposed be my friend and she picked her job over our friendship. I mean I’m probably sounding really selfish here and I understand how important her job is and all but at least she could have supported me a bit more. She did tell me about the opportunity but when I was there she only talked about Michelle since her client seemed more interested in her. When she introduced me, she just said ‘this is the other model, Cindy…’ it sounded like she didn’t even know me.”

            Maggie stopped rubbing Cindy’s feet and looked over at her, “You have every right to feel that way, and you were betrayed. I don’t think you’re selfish, you and Martha have a history and a friendship; she should have been straightforward with you when she told you about the gig and then she should have supported you. So what happened, did they go with Michelle?”

            “They considered it a tie between us, when it should have been me. So the client offered to have a contest to settle the matter,” Cindy replied, getting off the sofa and bringing the shopping bag over. “Since the model they choose will be sort of spokeswoman for the company they want to make sure that person can interact well with people and sell the company. So they want Michelle and I go around town and ask random women to wear... this,” Cindy explained, pulling out a spandex tube dress that was a one-size-fits-all. The dress was dark blue with bold white text saying LA Tours on it. It could fit nearly every body shape but it was going to be tight fit.  Any imperfections in their figure would be showcased for all to see. Whoever is going to wear that would look really slutty for sure. Cindy continued, “After I get someone to wear it, I have to take a picture of them planking somewhere. I have to get four women to agree and it all has to be done by 10AM tomorrow.”

            “Who is going to want to wear this?” Maggie asked herself as she stretched the dress. “It’s really kind of slutty… maybe you can get some of Tina’s employees to wear it?”

            “I don’t have the money to pay them, and what would the client think if they found out their spokesmodels were exotic dancers. This is a family oriented company, strippers won’t cut it. I have to find normal women. Gullible, un-selfconscious, attractive young women.  Easy, right?” she sniffed.

            “Well, Michelle will have some trouble too,” Maggie offered, tossing the skimpy dress into the bag and looking in and noting the black pantyhose and blue and white trimmed go-go boots along with a disposable camera. “They have to wear those too?”

            “Yeah; part of the costume,” Cindy replied grabbing the bag and putting it aside. “Before we left I saw Martha and the client talking to Michelle. She looked really confident about the whole contest; I think they were giving her some pointers.”

            “You can’t think that way, Martha wouldn’t do that to you… but I do have an idea though,” Maggie said, smiling at the thought.

            “What is it?”

            “Well first off we need to get Martha back for being such a bitch today – no questions – and I won’t take no for an answer,” Maggie said with conviction. Cindy looked uneasy but nodded. “Since I have my clock, Cindy, we can get ladies to wear this slutty getup easily and they won’t even know it; I have four in mind already. We just have to come up with some locations.”

            “Your clock? I don’t know, Mags…”

            “You’ll win; there’s no way they can deny you. Michelle is really going to have a hard time, pointers or not. Even if she finds some decent women they’re not going to want to wear that trampy outfit. With time on our side it’ll be easy.”

            Cindy was quiet for a moment. She really wanted the gig. It was a two-month job with great pay and it could be her break if her face got on enough of their ads. Plus, she would be with Maggie; even if nothing came out of this scheme of hers, she would have spent some quality time with the girl she loved. “Alright let’s do it!”

            “That’s my girl, let me go get ready and we’ll start. We’ll need to use your car too, Kansas has mine.”

            “Yeah I saw; she really needs to get a car or something. Where are we going?”

            “She does but she’s a college student so that could be hard financially. Fifi’s…its where are first planker will be.”

            “Alright, let me change and freshen up, I’ll meet you outside.”

            Excited that she was going to visit some old friends again with Cindy, Maggie darted into her house and up the stairs. Standing in her living room in nothing but a pair of white silk panties and bra was Iris Brenden. Her clothes were in a pile at her feet. The blond bank manager stood with a smile molded on her lips and her arms up and over her head with her fingertips touching each other as if she was a ballerina. A few moments later, Maggie was back downstairs, now dressed in a blue t-shirt with white sleeves and khaki pants. She gathered up her clock and bag and looked at Iris with a smile. “Got a hot date… but I didn’t forget.  Soon you’ll be in your new home…” she said, kissing the unmoving woman on the cheek. Iris wobbled slightly as Maggie raced off, closing the door behind her.


            “That was a really good salad,” Cindy remarked, wiping her lips with the cloth napkin and placing it on the table next to her bowl. They had reached Fifi’s in time for the dinner rush. The eatery was already filled with a mixed crowd of casually dressed patrons and they had to wait five minutes before being seated. Maggie’s normal waitress Tabitha was already busy with other tables. A Brit named Nadine Sims was their server. Nadine had served Maggie on few occasions; Maggie had actually been served by all of servers at least once, being a regular to the eatery.

            “Good? Seriously, it’s just leaves…” Maggie mumbled, putting her silver together on her plate to show that she was done as well. She had ordered a meaty dish with rice and potatoes as sides along with a Root Beer. Cindy had the house salad and an unsweetened ice tea.

            “You should really cut back on all the meat and sugar Mags. You’re in good shape right now but ten years down the road it could start to show,” Cindy warned, taking a sip of her tea.

            “I’ll worry about it in ten years,” Maggie replied, taking a roll from the basket between them and taking a bite. “I love this place! Even the rolls are good,” she added with her month full.

            “Are you sure it’s just the food you like here?” Cindy asked looking around the restaurant, taking note that all the servers – the men included – were fairly attractive.

            Maggie was about to reply but as if on cue Nadine their waitress appeared. “How were your meals, ladies, would you be interested in some desert this evening?” Nadine asked in her sultry English accent as she expertly cleared their dishes. The Brit waitress was model-thin, possessing long straight dark brown that was currently tied back in a low ponytail. She was exotic looking, being half-Indian, the other half being Nordic Caucasian. Like the other servers, she was dressed in a purple silk blouse over a black knee-length skirt. A black short apron around her waist and her legs were covered in black pantyhose while she walked on sensible pumps.

            “I’m fine Nadine, how about you Cindy?” Maggie asked after eating the rest of her roll.

            “I’m fine too, thanks Nadine,” Cindy replied.

            “Alright then, I’ll be right back with the check,” The Brit said with a smile before turning to leave.

            “So what’s the plan?” Cindy asked in whisper, leaning towards Maggie.

            “You don’t have to whisper; I don’t think anyone is paying attention to us. Anyways we’ll pay for our meal and then I’ll stop time and we do our thing. The person we’re going after here works in the kitchen.”

            “Who is it?”

            “Her name is Brooke. I used her as a model a few times in the past.  She lives with three other women and I figure we could use them too so you can get your four right away.”

            “You know since we’re using your clock, we could just pick any random people instead of going through all this trouble.”

            “Yeah, I know, but where’s the fun in that?” Maggie asked with smile.

            “Maggie!” a cheerful voice greeted. Cindy and Maggie turned from their conversation to see a brunette waitress approach them with a serving tray tucked under her arm.

            “Hey Tabitha,” Maggie said in greeting and standing up to give the girl a hug. “Been busy?”

            “Yeah,” Tabitha replied with pout. “I meant to come by earlier but my section was completed swamped. “Nadine took care of you?” She asked purposely, making her subtle French accent more pronounced.

            “Yeah, she did great, though not as good as you…” Maggie replied with a smile.

            “Oh you’re sweet Mags. I really wished you had been seated in my section. I did get a table with some ladies from Models Inc though and they gave me a card. Said I should try modeling,” Tabitha said, pulling the business card from her apron pocket and showing Maggie.

            Maggie took the card and glanced at it and then towards Tabitha’s section, noticing Kathryn Summer sitting at a table with two other women laughing and drinking wine. “You’d make a great model, Tabitha,” Maggie said, handing card back to the waitress and adding: “You’re freaking hot.”

            Tabitha put the card back into her apron pocket and blushed, “You’re sweet, Mags…” the waitress replied and was about to about to say something else when Cindy cleared her throat loudly. Maggie and Tabitha turned their attention to the other girl at the table, who was frowning at both. “Hi!” Tabitha said bashfully without a hint of her French accent. “I’m Tabitha Lemier.”

            “I’m Cindy, Maggie’s girlfriend,” Cindy greeted flatly, looking over at Maggie who was busy drinking her Root Beer and looking away. Looking back at Tabitha, she noted the girl that was flirting with her girlfriend was indeed ‘freaking hot’ and it didn’t surprise her that she got a card from the CEO of Models Inc.

            “Oh... nice to meet you! Did you two just start dating? Maggie never told me she had a girlfriend.”

            “Oh she didn’t? That’s interesting…” Cindy said, glaring daggers at Maggie and kicking her under the table to get her attention.

            Maggie jumped in surprise, wincing in pain as she looked over at at Cindy and saw that she was seething mad, then looked back up at Tabitha. “Yeah, Cindy’s my girlfriend; we’re happy together and she treats me well,” Maggie said, then looking back at Cindy adding. “She doesn’t hit me or anything.  Usually...”

            “Oh, okay…” Tabitha said, feeling awkward and sensing the tension between the two women. She locked eyes with Cindy for a moment, sizing her up. “Well it was nice meeting you. You take care of her okay? She's a catch. I have to go back to my section now, Mags. Next time okay?”

            “Okay, see you later,” Maggie said and with wave Tabitha headed back to work. Turning back to Cindy, Maggie asked. “What?”

            “Are you serious? You flirted with that girl right in front of me!” Cindy exclaimed.

            “It was purely innocent! We talk like that all the time. Tabitha just being nice, she’s a waitress it’s her job to make conversation,” Maggie replied.

            “I know she’s being nice but you don’t have to flirt with her, do you?”

            “I wasn’t flirting…”

            “Maggie, when the word 'hot' leaves your mouth and it’s about a person, not a food item, you're flirting.”

            “Okay maybe a little… but it’s harmless; she’s not into me like that.”

            “Are you sure? She was looking at me like I was her mortal enemy and acting all cute around you with that accent, which she conveniently turns on and off. You might not think this of yourself, but Maggie you’re actually pretty hot too. Girls who are into girls will look at you more than once.”

            “Thanks?” Maggie replied innocently with a shrug, not sure of what else to say. Cindy only frowned at her. Maggie smiled and slapped her knee, getting hit with an idea. “I know! I’m sorry?”

            Cindy crossed her arms and sighed angrily. The two sat in awkward silence for a moment as the bustle of the busy restaurant continued around them. Finally Cindy asked, “What’s the plan again?  It’s getting late – let’s get on with this.”

            “We pay the bill head out and I’ll get my clock and we go from there,” Maggie answered.

            “Fine,” Cindy said standing, “You pay; I’ll meet you outside. I need some air anyway.”

            As Cindy went outside to get some air, Nadine returned with the check. After her tense little chat with Cindy, Maggie kept the conversation casual and made a mental note to do the same with Tabitha next time. As soon as the check was paid for, Maggie headed for the entrance where she ran into her former co-workers from the bookstore, John Kellan and Joy Kent. It didn’t surprise her that they were now dating as when she worked with them the two always talked and hung out. They exchanged pleasantries with Maggie; she suggested some items to get before parting ways. Cindy was leaning on her Civic with her arms crossed, looking up at the evening sky. She was dressed in a solid color gray t-shirt with a dark colored dragon embroidered in the front of it that wrapped around the sides. She wore faded tight fitting jeans and white sneakers. Her hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. It was rare to see her dress down like that. Maggie thought she was hotter when she dressed down.

            “Hey lovely,” Maggie said cautiously, leaning next to Cindy.


            “You look freaking hot tonight!” Maggie blurted.

            Cindy couldn’t help but giggle, “Thanks.”

            “I was flirting by the way…”

            “Yeah, I know. Look Maggie I didn’t mean to get mad at you back there but I love you and it hurts when someone else looks at you the way I do. I mean, I know I’m sounding selfish but it’s how I feel about you. You’re really special to me. I don’t want to share you.”

            Maggie reached out and pulled Cindy towards her and two embraced, rubbing their cheeks against each other. Before they knew it they began kissing and didn’t break apart for nearly two minutes. “I love you Cindy. I just want you to know that. I’m also an idiot so if you see me do these stupid unfeeling things remember that too,” Maggie said with smile.

            “I’ll try to remember that,” Cindy grinned. “So shall we get started? On the plan, that is; I think if we stand here and hold each other any longer I might just want to go home and cuddle instead.” With that the pair separated. Cindy unlocked her car and got the blue shopping bag that containing the costume and camera and Maggie retrieved her bag containing her clock. She pulled the magical device out and tossed the bag back into the car. With Cindy holding onto the clock, Maggie pressed button and time halted around the couple. Cindy shivered, letting go of the clock “Man – that feels so weird. It’s like going deaf and losing some of your senses.”

            “Yeah, you get used to it really fast though,” Maggie replied as she dropped the clock into the shopping bag. “Shall we?”


            Inside Fifi’s it seemed like the couple had walked into the flash mob scene. Patrons were frozen while in different stages of eating their meals or drinking their drinks or chatting up their companions. Servers and busboys were suspended in mid-stride or while working on their tasks. The air was heavily still and the aroma of food was strong because of it. The place felt a lot warmer than it was when the pair had left. “Was it this hot?” Cindy as they looked at the scene around them, taking in the waxwork like people in the motionless scene.

            “It’s the time stop air; it’s thicker than normal. You also get used to that. Outside it feels really nice, even better to breathe but indoors it’s stuffy. Your body will adjust. Didn’t I tell you all this your first time?” Maggie asked Cindy as she eyed a cute blond and a man standing near the host podium, frozen like mannequins as they were waiting for a table.

            “Yeah, doesn’t mean I don’t still feel weird though… so where is this Brooke?”

            “The kitchen, let’s go,” Maggie replied and gestured towards the back of the restaurant as she began making her way with Cindy in tow. They moved carefully through the time-stopped crowd, getting a closer look at the unmoving patrons and employees. John and Joy were seated at the table that Maggie and Cindy had just occupied. John was dressed in a trendy black blazer over a red polo shirt and khaki slacks. He sat with the menu opened with his gaze locked on it, a smile on his lips. Sitting across from him, Joy was dressed in a maroon strapless sundress over matching heels. Her hair flowed, curled and loose over her shoulders, she had frozen as she was opening her menu. Her eyes were caught in mid-blink and her lips bore a slight grin. Nearby, Nadine was stationary in mid-stride, heading away from the table, glancing at her watch and with one hand in her apron as if getting ready to pull her order pad out. “Hello again Nadine,” Maggie greeted, clutching the woman’s backside briefly as she strolled by. The waitress wobbled slightly in response.

            “Hey…” Cindy greeted, following, and noted the woman had a nice ass.

            Entering the kitchen, Cindy and Maggie were taken back the by the congealed heat. Maggie had never been in there during the rush before so the extreme heat was new to her too. The place was packed with servers, busboys, dishwashers and cooks of all levels. “This is a little hot…” Maggie muttered. If time were not stopped the two would have been surrounded by chaotic noise and confusion but since everything had frozen it was just an oddly silent scene made blurry by the heat.

            Cindy winced in disgust and stepped back out, shaking her head, “That’s nasty in there. With time stopped the smell and heat is frozen…”

            “Well, let’s get Brooke and bring her out here then,” Maggie suggested.

            “Fine,” Cindy sighed, “The things I do for a job.”

            They found Brooke at the flat-top fryer, working on some steaks. She was dressed in a red cook’s smock over baggy black pants with black clogs on her feet. Her red hair was tied back in a messy ponytail and covered by a hairnet. Her hands were covered in clear latex gloves with the right one holding a set of tongs while the left was in a fist at her hip. Brooke’s face was masked in concentration with frozen sweet beads covering it.

            Maggie pried the cooking utensil from Brooke’s hand and then dragged her away from the fryer slightly before leaning the cook backwards. Cindy picked the stiff cook up by her ankles and they carried her carefully out of the kitchen like a piece of furniture. Brooke held her pose stiffly as they did so. Once back in the dining room, they set her down and after a slight wobble she stood as if still in front of the flat top. “So I guess now we get her dressed first and then decide where to plank her,” Maggie said, looking the busy yet unmoving cook up and down. The woman appeared slightly older since the last time Maggie had seen her, but she still looked good none-the-less.

            “Yeah, I guess… I bet she stinks,” Cindy said, leaning and smelling Brooke’s neck. “Yeah, she stinks,” Cindy nodded, cringing slightly.

            “Start getting her undressed; I’ll go look for something to clean her off with,” Maggie said before wandering off.

            “Hurry back and don’t dawdle,” Cindy remarked as she began to unbutton Brooke’s smock.


            Maggie braced herself as she stepped back into the kitchen and made her way towards the dishwashing area that was in the far corner. That part of the kitchen seemed to be the hottest and a thick cloud of steamy fog hung in the air, thanks to the conveyer style dish machine that occupied the space. The three burly Hispanic men that were near the machine told Maggie the room would have been even worse if time was moving. She spotted a round-faced blond woman standing nearby with a clipboard in hand. Her blond hair was tied back and covered in a hairnet. She wore a white cook’s smock over black pants and pink clogs. Her gaze was locked the clipboard that she held, with one hand paused while flipping the front page. “Never met you before,” Maggie said to the unhearing woman as she approached her, eying the folded clean hand towel that was draped over the woman’s right shoulder. Maggie snatched the towel off the woman’s shoulder, revealing the nametag sewn over her breast pocket. “Margot Jacques – executive chef,” Maggie read and nodded. “So you’re responsible for all the good food here,” she said, reaching out and cupping the woman’s breast through her smock. “You’re a bit older but you still look good; yeah I would do you…” Maggie nodded, looking Margot up and down. “I wonder…” she then mused, kneeling down as she jerking the chef’s pants south.

            The pants fell around Margot’s ankles and she only wobbled a bit in response. “Oh my…” Maggie breathed and giggled. The blond had on a pair of lacy black panties on, matching thigh high sheer stockings. “Sexy for your age are we?” She was about to tug the panties south, but thought better of it. Instead she just peeked under and noted that Margot needed a razor. “I better wet this towel and find a bucket or something.”

            Walking over to an open sink near the dish machine Maggie found a clean clear plastic slop pail and was about to fill it. Nothing came out of the tap. “Damn,” she muttered, remembering she had to unfreeze things with her clock before she could use them. Looking up on the shelf above the sink, she frowned, seeing her clock sitting there. “Man I really have to figure you out,” she said as she flicked the bell to unfreeze the sink.

            With the bucket filled and some antibacterial soap mixed in, Maggie draped the hand towel over her shoulder and was reaching for her clock when a thought came to her. “Let’s keep you here just as you are and see what happens,” she said, turning around and leaving the hot area. “See you later Margot,” she added with a cute wave. The executive chef remained silent and still with her clipboard in hand and her pants around her ankles.


            Brooke’s hair was out of the hairnet and loose sitting just under her shoulders. Her bare arms and gloveless hands were raised over her head. She stood nearly naked. Cindy was in the process of peeling off her remaining black sock when Maggie came out of the kitchen. Nearby were heaped a black t-shirt, red smock, yellow bra, pink boy shorts and the baggy black pants. The clogs, gloves, sock and hairnet were in another pile next to the naked woman. “Were you making the soap too?” Cindy said cattily after looking over her shoulders.

            “I didn’t take that long; you were kinda fast,” Maggie noted as she dipped the towel into the soapy water.

            “Yeah, it was easy,” Cindy said, standing up and tossing the last sock into the pile. She looked over the now naked cook who still held a look of concentration on her face. Her body had a natural tan and she looked quite good in the buff as Cindy observed. “When they’re stiff it’s really easy to get them naked. I’ve had plenty of practice so far. When they’re limp it’s a different story,” Cindy remarked, standing next to Maggie.

            Maggie chuckled, “You had experience stripping limp ladies too?”

            Cindy looked over at Maggie and smiled, “You’re a heavy sleeper…”

            Maggie paused, blank faced for a moment as the thought registered, “Hey! That’s why I’m naked every morning! I thought I was getting hot at night or something…” she mumbled.

            “Oh you were getting hot, you just didn’t know it,” Cindy replied with a chuckle. “You’ll be surprised of what I’ve done to you every night.”

            “Oh yeah, you’ll be surprised of the things I’ve done to you when you’re frozen too,” Maggie countered.

            “You can’t make me moan when I’m frozen… you should hear yourself Mags; you sound just like one of those Japanese…”

            “Okay, Okay I get the point! Get her costume ready I’ll clean her up.”


            The blue tube dress was skin tight, as they anticipated. Brooke’s nipples were clearly visible through it, along with the dimple of her belly button. There would have been some camel toe if the dark pantyhose weren’t pulled over her legs and lower half. She now stood upright in the go-go boots with her arms still up over her head. Her facial expression had been molded into a closed-lip smile. “That is a really slutty dress…” Cindy observed.

            “Told you,” Maggie remarked, looking around for a planking opportunity. She spotted Rosette DuBois standing next at the bar. The trendy French woman, who was also the owner and manager of the restaurant, was dressed in a purple silk sleeveless blouse and black wide legged trousers over black heels. The forty-six year old brunette had her hip leaning against the bar with her arms crossed and a smile on her lips. A waiter stood in front of her, holding his empty tray behind him, it was obvious the two were in a conversation when time was stopped. Next to the owner and waiter was an empty barstool. “Thank you, Ms. DuBois,” Maggie said and then turned to her girlfriend. “We can plank her on that stool,” she gestured.

            “Good idea,” Cindy agreed moving to Brooke and lowering her arms to her side. “Let’s get her over there.”

            They somehow managed to balance the stiffened Brooke across the barstool. Her pantyhose-clad legs were now posed tight together and straight. Her arms were locked tight her sides. The cook’s face bore the same simple smiling expression with her eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. She wobbled slightly after Cindy and Maggie balanced her on the stool. But for the most part her rigid body held position but it looked like it could go at any moment.

            “Take this damn picture before she falls…” Cindy said as she dug in the shopping bag for the camera provided by the touring company. It was a simple disposable camera to ensure the images couldn’t be photo-shopped.

            “Hold on, let me get my clock so I can unfreeze the camera,” Maggie said as she started to make her way back towards the kitchen.

            “Mags, what are you talking about, the clock is right here,” Cindy asked, pulling the magic clock out of the bag.

            Maggie looked dumbfounded at her clock in Cindy’s hand. “Has it always been there?”

            “Yeah it has; you put it in there out in the parking lot. Are you okay?”  Cindy then asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

            “Touché clock touché,” Maggie muttered, eying her clock and then spoke up. “I’m fine; probably was hanging out in that hot kitchen too long.

            “Ugh!  Don’t remind me.” A flick of the bell later and the provided camera was working as Cindy took two pictures of the suspended Brooke planking over a bar-stool They then stood Brooke back up just as Cindy bumped into the frozen woman and her body started to lose its balance.

            “Hey Cindy, this is Rosette DuBois,” Maggie introduced, gesturing at the frozen smiling brunette leaning on against the bar. “She’s the owner.”

            Cindy looked the woman over and nodded with a smile, “Nice to meet you.”

            “Want to see something interesting?” Maggie asked as she uncrossed Rosette’s arms. “First time I played with her I found these,” the Chinese girl said as she opened Rosette’s blouse exposing her white satin bra underneath. She then pulled down the cups, tucking them under the French woman’s breasts. “Diamonds…” Maggie said with chuckle, looking at the diamond studs pierced through the woman’s nipples.

            Cindy whistled through her teeth, “That is interesting. Let’s try this,” she then said as she pulled the studs free. Next she pulled the cups back over the woman’s breasts and closed her blouse back up. Finally she open Rosette’s hand and placed the studs on her palm.

            “Not bad, never thought of that.”

            “Shall we put Brooke back to work?


            They dressed Brooke back in her cook’s uniform and maneuvered her into the kitchen in front of the flat top. The only difference was that she was wearing a new pair of latex gloves since Cindy and Maggie both ripped her old gloves trying plug her stiff hands into them. The Korean cook was also a little more fresh, thanks to Maggie’s brief towel-down. While in the kitchen, Maggie also showed Cindy Margot, half-undressed.

            “It’s hot as hell in here, I think she needs to be a little more air cooled,” Cindy suggested, wagging her eyebrows after walking around the good-looking executive chef.

            “Agreed,” Maggie said, stepping up to Margot and removing the clipboard from her stiffened hands. Working together, it took less than a minute before the chef stood only in a black lace bra that matched her panties, her black stockings and pink clogs. The clipboard was placed back in her hands while her uniform was thrown into the dish washer. “You have a devious mind, Cindy Vu.”

            “I get it from you,” Cindy replied, kissing Maggie on the cheek as the two looked over their handywork before turning and leaving the kitchen hand in hand.

            Before leaving, Maggie asked Cindy for a quickie with Nadine. Cindy agreed and Maggie offered her to have a threesome. Looking around, Cindy decided she wanted to visit someone else before they left. As Maggie began to strip off Nadine’s uniform, Cindy made her way to the middle of the dining room. “Hello ladies,” she greeted looking the three women who were seated around the circular table.

            The three women were more or less the front office staff of Models Inc, which Cindy was only listed as part-time model with. As of late they had been pretty scarce with the gigs. Kathryn Summers was the new CEO, taking over for Ms. Zoe when she retired earlier in the month. Cindy figured due to the change in top management was the reason why she wasn’t getting any jobs with them. Kathryn was probably still getting her feet under her. The blond CEO was currently dressed in a black pants suit with red heels. Her blond hair was loose and her cheeks were blushed showing that she’d had a little too much to drink. She held a wine glass high in her right hand as if toasting. Her left hand was halfway up from the table with the palm facing downward. Kathryn’s face was contorted in a closed mouth laugh. Even frozen it was obvious that she was quite tipsy at the least. Sitting to her right was Tanya Frost, her executive assistant, a spot that Kathryn once held. Tanya was dressed a black short-sleeved turtle neck over a dark plaid mini-skirt with black pantyhose and heels. Her dark brown hair was loose and wavy, falling just under her shoulders. She was leaned back in her seat with her palms together in a clapping motion and her head was thrown back with her mouth open and eyes closed. Cindy could ‘hear’ the sound of laughter even though the woman was as stiff as a wax figure. Finishing off the table was Diane West. They young redhead was actually the principal photographer for the firm. As usual she was underdressed compared to the other two women, sporting a baggy green flannel tunic over black leggings and gray Ugg boots. A wide black leather belt gave her figure an hourglass shape. Her red tresses were tied back in a simple ponytail. She had a grin on her lips and held a small digital camera to her face, aiming it at her boss.

            “You look like you ladies are having fun,” Cindy observed and then looked over at Tabitha, who stood next to the table with the check in her hands and her friendly smile on her lips. “Do you think zis is so?” she asked the frozen waitress in a mock French accent. Looking toward Maggie, she saw that Nadine was now standing at attention and naked. Maggie wasn’t in sight, but the dark haired waitress was wobbling slightly. Cindy chuckled looking back at Tabitha, “She’s not messing with you… how does that make you feel?”

            Tabitha was silent as a statue as Cindy loomed next to her pulled the leather check holder from her stiff hands and dropped it. “You want to be a model, let’s have an audition…” Cindy said as she arranged Tabitha’s pose to be standing at attention. She then unbuttoned the girl’s blouse and was surprised to see the waitress wasn’t wearing a bra. “I knew you were a slut,” Cindy muttered as she played with the girl’s erect nipples before pulling the blouse off her shoulders and letting it hang off her wrists by the cuffs. “You are hot. Dammit…” Cindy sighed as she pulled Tabitha’s hair from its loose bun letting it fall to its natural length at the middle of her now naked back. Kneeling down, she untied the brunette’s small apron and tossed it aside before pulling the skirt and the pantyhose down to reveal the woman’s naked sex, which was shaven clean. “Damn; commando too?” Cindy chuckled, looking up at Tabitha’s innocent, smiling face. She suddenly felt a tingling on her own sex.  She stood and looked over towards Maggie. She smiled, seeing Maggie was naked now and was lowering Nadine to the ground. “I think I’m feeling like a foursome…” Cindy said into Tabitha’s unhearing ears before leaning her backwards and dragging her towards Maggie.


            They kept time frozen after leaving Fifi’s; even though they had spent nearly two hours there after they stopped time, it was still just after eight. It took Cindy nearly forty-five minutes to weave her Civic through time-stopped traffic to get to their next location, Memorial View Hospital. Maggie knew that one of Brooke’s roommates, Patricia Alverez, was an evening nurse in the ER. Like the restaurant, the hospital was active. Maggie and Cindy agreed not to mess too much with any doctors and nurses who were helping patients or might be in the process of doing so. They moved through the wax museum of the ER and were lucky to find their next planker not helping anyone at the moment. She was seated at her nursing station in the far corner of the ER, looking over some paper work. Maggie and Cindy made quick work of her uniform, getting the nurse down to her tiger print undergarments and then fully naked. The tourist company’s slutty promo outfit was then pulled on her curvaceous figure soon afterwards, straining the latex in several places. Her black hair, which had been in a ponytail was let down and brushed out.  She was posed in a tight attention stance before the couple lifted her up on their shoulders and carried her towards the center of the ER.

            “The center nursing desk will be perfect, it’ll be cool with all the traffic around it,” Maggie explained as they moved through the crowded but motionless ER.

            “Whatever you say, Mags,” Cindy grunted from under Patricia’s pantyhose clad legs. She struggled slightly as she only held on with one arm. Her other arm held the shopping bag that contained the clock and the nurse’s uniform, which consisted basically of blue medical scrubs, white sneakers and her tacky underwear.

            There were two other people at the station at the moment, which was odd given the heavy traffic around it. The desk was constructed as an open circle with three wheeled swivel chairs behind three computer stations. The middle seat was occupied by an intense-looking nurse with black hair tied back into a bun. She was dressed in pink medical scrubs and sat with her right hand on the mouse of the computer while her left handed a medical chart to the doctor that stood on the other side of desk. The nurse’s eyes were glassy and locked on to the flat screen monitor. The doctor was a brown haired Hispanic woman who wore her hair in a ponytail. She was dressed in dark blue scrubs underneath her white lab coat with a silver and black stethoscope wrapped loosely around her neck. Her left hand was reaching out for the medical chart the nurse was handing to her while her right hand held a cell phone to her ear. Her face bore a serious expression with her lips slightly parted.

            “It’s Alana!” Maggie exclaimed with joy as they placed Patricia across the desk face down, her stomach actually sitting on the counter while her legs and chest were over empty air.

            “Who?” Cindy huffed, taking a breath while adjusting Patricia slightly. Maggie rushed to the doctor’s side and hugged her from the back. The frozen woman wobbled a little as the small Chinese girl latched on.

            “She’s Maddy’s woman; Doctor Alana Herrera,” Maggie replied as she spun Alana stiffly around. She moved Alana’s left arm to her side. “I wonder who you’re talking to?” She asked the unhearing frozen woman as she snatched the cell phone from Alana’s hand. The doctor stood holding air to her right ear. Looking at cell phone, Maggie grinned and handed it to Cindy, “It’s my sister.”

            Cindy took the cell as Maggie returned her attention to Alana. “So this is Madison’s girlfriend?” she asked, putting the phone aside and looking the woman up and down. She was very attractive, to say the least, but it didn’t surprise her. Madison Yen, like her younger sister, was a hottie and a big time lawyer herself so it was expected that her girlfriend would be a gorgeous doctor. Maggie had already moved Alana’s right hand down to her side and was removing her lab coat. “I wonder how she looks like naked… it’s been a long time. You know, I almost hooked up with her once– I mean, I was still going out with Jamie but it was falling apart. I alwa…” Maggie abruptly stopped. Her eyes had glazed over as she looked at Alana’s face affectionately. She still bore an open-mouthed grin on her lips while her hands held the bottom of the doctor’s scrub top, frozen in the process of tugging it up.

            “I know you’re being an impulsive ditz again, but seriously Maggie? I’m right here! You can’t keep those thoughts or your hands to yourself?” Cindy asked as she put the clock on the counter and walked over to her instantly frozen girlfriend. She unhooked Maggie’s hands from Alana’s top. Looking at the frozen doctor, she offered, “Sorry but my girlfriend is an idiot.” Cindy then dragged Maggie’s rigid body to stand next to Alana and posed her to be at attention. “I think a little time out is in order; just wait here like a good little statue while I get some business done.”


            It turned out the nurse in the pink scrubs that was sitting at the central nursing station was the head nurse of the ER for that shift, according to her badge, which listed her name as Joanna Hathaway. Cindy had decided to move Joanna to Patricia’s nursing station. The senior nurse now sat in the swivel chair that Patricia had been in before time was stopped. She was posed with her legs crossed at the knees and her hands behind her head with her fingers interlocked. She was leaning backwards with her eyes closed. Cindy had found a lollypop in a desk drawer and the piece of candy was inserted in the nurse’s mouth.

            Back at the central nursing station, Patricia was stripped out of her skintight outfit once Cindy had taken two pictures of her planking in the middle of the busy ER. The sexy Latina nurse was then carefully dressed back in her uniform and seated into the chair that Joanna once occupied. Cindy placed Patricia’s right hand on the mouse and her left down her scrub bottoms. Cindy made sure that the nurse’s hand was securely tucked into her panties with her fingers hooking her clit. She gave Patricia a closed-eye look with her tongue poking out from between her lips slightly.

            Once the nurses were taken care of, Cindy turned her attention to Maggie and Alana, who both stood frozen at attention waiting for her patiently. After looking at the gorgeous doctor Alana Herrera for moment, Cindy was curious to see the woman without clothes too. Within moments she had gotten Alana out of the scrubs along with her black clogs and socks. She admired the frilly pink bra that the doctor wore that contrasted well with her tanned skin and the white g-string that did little for her womanhood but contrasted well too. With the admiration of the undergarments done, Cindy stripped them off the frozen doctor too and momentarily was in awe of her body. Madison is one lucky lady, Cindy thought, grabbing the doctor’s cell away and then wrapping her arms around her naked hips.

            Alana was soon seated on an examining table in an open room. Cindy spread her legs wide and inserted the fingers of her right hand into her trimmed snatch and then put the cell phone into her left. She then adjusted Alana’s arm so the phone was held up to her ear. Cindy kissed Alana on the lips passionately, along with each of her nipples, before leaving the observation room. Back in the ER in front of the central nursing desk, she arranged Alana’s clothes to look like the doctor had disappeared into thin air, leaving her clothes behind.

            “Don’t think I forgot you, sweetie,” Cindy cooed, looking at Maggie’s grinning face and groping her breasts. “Like your friend Kansas, I kinda like you this way… you’re not shooting off your mouth about some other woman,” Cindy said tracing, Maggie’s lips as her frozen girlfriend stared unblinkingly into space. “Silence is golden,” she chucked. “I think it’s time to get you out of those clothes.”

            After a little searching, Cindy found what she was looking for. She pushed open the locker room door with her back and dragged her stiff girlfriend into the room. Putting the shopping bag aside, she stood Maggie back upright. Looking around the room she nodded in approval. It was the ladies locker room for the nurses. It was a typical corporate locker room with tiled floors and walls. An entryway marked ‘shower’ was in the back of the room. Numbered lockers lined the walls with two rows running down the center of room with a wooden bench in between. The room was empty except for a lone nurse who stood in front of her open locker at one of the center rows, frozen while looking at her image in a mirror. She was dressed in scrubs with her blond hair tied back in a top ponytail and stood in white sneakers. Her scrub top was a pink flower print while the bottoms were blue.

            Cindy walked up to the unmoving nurse, looking her up and down. “Wendy Pearson,” she read aloud, looking at the nurse’s ID badge. “Getting off or coming on?” she asked the silent nurse who looked aimlessly into her locker with a slight grin on her pink lips. “With that grin I think you‘re getting off,” Cindy answered and then gestured back towards Maggie’s frozen form standing at the door, “I’m about to get busy in here with my girl so I think you need to vacate…” With that she grabbed hold of Wendy from around the waist and dragged her towards the shower area, where she stashed her in one of the stalls.

            “I know she’s frozen and wouldn’t care but I want you to myself,” Cindy cooed and tapped Maggie on the nose before dragging her over to the bench and laying her down. She then started to untie the Chinese girl’s shoes, stripping them off and peeling off her socks afterward rendering Maggie’s feet bare. She played with Maggie’s toes and tickled the soles of her feet, smiling, looking up at Maggie’s face, which still bore the affectionate facial expression. “I know a relationship is supposed to be based on the personality first… but is it wrong for me to be into your body first?” Cindy asked, getting up and walking over the shopping bag. She then reached in pulled a pair of trauma scissors that she had taken from an examination room. Walking back over, Cindy looked down at Maggie hungrily from her bare feet to her blank eyes. “Let’s see that whole body, shall we?”

            The Vietnamese girl worked the scissors up Maggie’s pants. The blade easily cut through the fabric like butter; soon Maggie’s clothing, even her undergarments, were in shreds and littered the floor. Cindy took in her girlfriend’s naked body from her pink nipple-capped round breasts to her cleanly shaven womanhood and sexy smooth legs. “I have a confession,” Cindy muttered as she began stripping off her own clothing. “If you came to me naked… I would do anything for you.” Once she was naked, she mounted her immobilized girlfriend. “Let the good times roll!” she exclaimed as she started to kiss Maggie.


            “That should do it,” Cindy said, lowering the camera after taking the two pictures of their third planker of the night. They were at the P! news station, inside of the studio. It was still around 8 p.m., they had to start time briefly after leaving the hospital to gain access to the apartment of Regina Brennan and Alyson Winters. They were the roommates of Brooke Li and Patricia Alverez. Time was restarted when they arrived at the apartment complex and after knocking on the door, which had only opened a crack when time was stopped again. In total time was only flowing for at most two minutes. Alyson, the kindergarten teacher, had come to the door dressed in a white tank top and pink pajamas bottoms while her roommate, police officer Regina, was asleep on the sofa dressed only in black boy shorts and an oversize LAPD t-shirt. They were both moved out to Cindy’s car and the couple headed towards the news station after deciding on their next location. Once there, Regina was selected as the next planker and was stripped down then dressed up the tourism company’s outfit.

            At the moment, Regina was propped atop two of the studio’s large cameras. Maggie and Cindy had nearly killed themselves getting her up there but the shot was worth it. The backdrop was the P! news sound stage, where an interview was taking place featuring the show’s host Carla Sparks along with actresses Jordan Tressly, April Moon and Hayden Carriere. Carla had her teased hair tied back in a half-ponytail and was wearing a peach-sequined dress, the outfit being strapless and stopping several inches above her knees. The interviewer was holding her microphone with her left hand out in front of the trio of actresses, her right hand was behind her back while she flashed a bright, tooth-filled smile at the camera. Jordan was the closest to Carla, her shoulder-length hair perfectly framing her face as she stood with her arms behind her back, smiling with only a hint of teeth as she faced Carla. Jordan, like the other two actresses, was wearing red, in this case a strapped dress that cut low into her cleavage with a V-shape and a skirt that was longer on the outside of her legs. April's hair was done up in a high ponytail and she was holding the classic superhero pose with her hands on her hips, her smile showing no teeth while only her eyes were focused on Carla. April's dress showed more skin up top, being strapless but having a long square strip down the middle of her legs while at the sides it stopped halfway down her legs. Hayden's hair was curly and spilled over her shoulders; the young actress's right arm was at her side while her left was raised to seemingly touch that side of her hair, a big smile was held on her face as she looked at the camera rather than Carla. Hayden's dress had a single strap on the left shoulder and revealed a few strips of skin on the same side, with the right side of the skirt going down nearly to her ankle. There were nearly a dozen frozen people behind the scenes, doing various activities, including a woman that looked like the floor director. She stood just behind the cameras with her brown hair in a low ponytail, glasses over her eyes and her outfit consisting of a gray hooded sweatshirt and nice green pants. The director's left hand held a script, or more likely just notes, in front of her while her right hand was gesturing towards the stage, her lips pursed together with a slight furrow in her brow. The sound stage set was basically a circular raised platform with red carpeting and a green screen placed behind it. The green screen would feature a faux skyline window looking out over LA skyline with the Hollywood hills in the background. The studio itself was a high-ceilinged room with dim lighting over a black concrete floor. Aside from the two cameras they used to mount Regina, there were two others on rolling stands at opposite sides of the sound stage and one tiny camera attached to an overhead boom. Various screens, including a teleprompter, faced the sound stage.

            “Let’s try not to die this time…” Maggie said as she adjusted the tight denim skirt that she wore now. After she was unfrozen at the hospital, Maggie found herself dressed in cowboy boots, a denim skirt and blue tight-fitting checkered flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her forearms. The outfit was tight on her and she felt constricted while the boots felt a little big. There was also a white cowboy hat the Cindy had thought looked adorable on her, but Maggie got rid of it as soon as they left the locker room. The clothing had come from Wendy Pearson’s open locker and didn’t include any extra underwear, so Maggie was going commando. She figured that underwear would have made the tight clothing even more restrictive so she was actually glad she didn’t have any on. Maggie had been a bit upset at first, mainly because Cindy had shredded up her clothing, but she cheered up upon seeing Alana’s naked form posed atop the examining table. She was secretly glad that Cindy had used the clock on her own, even though as it was something Cindy had not done before and her impetuousness made Maggie love the girl even more.

            “Don’t laugh and we should be fine,” Cindy replied as she put the camera back into the shopping bag and picked up the two step-ladders that they had used. “It was your laughing that almost made us fall,” she reminded as she handed one of the ladders to Maggie.

            Maggie took the ladder after tugging at her skirt some more, “Don’t make your silly faces and I won’t laugh, it’s that simple.”

            “I wasn’t making silly faces… and stop tugging at your skirt; it looks fine. Maggie Yen, you have some sexy legs – it wouldn’t hurt for you to show them off every once and while.”

            “My legs aren’t that great… and I show them off enough.”

            “Yeah right; remind me later, we have to take you shopping, you need to get some hot clothes in your wardrobe,” Cindy said as they set the ladders down under Regina between the two cameras. “You could keep acting like you’re one of those cute anime characters, but the fact is Mags you’re really hot and you should show it off.”

            “Why?” Maggie whined, as they climbed the ladders and reached up towards Regina.

            Cindy grunted and stopped herself from making a face, seeing that Maggie was watching her and she didn’t want an accident, “because I want you to be my arm candy.”

            “Fine…but if you want to dress me up, you buy the clothes,” Maggie said as she lifted Regina onto her shoulders. With Cindy doing the same, the two girls slowly and carefully stepped down from the ladders carrying the rigid third model.

            “Agreed,” Cindy said as they reached the floor and stood Regina up right. “I think leather bootie shorts and spandex tube tops would fit you nicely,” Cindy said, eying Maggie hungrily and undressing her with her eyes. “With no underwear of course… you look the best that way.”

            “Cindy…” Maggie whined, covering herself up from Cindy’s eyes. “Now I know how it feels like to be piece of meat, thank you!”

            “Wait until you get to sleep tonight…” Cindy cooed and giggled as she grabbed Regina from around the hips and started to drag her.

            “At least use my clock on me, Cindy… don’t be like Tina!” Maggie called after her as she followed her.


            Back outside in the parking lot, where Cindy had parked the Civic right in front the news station’s door on the sidewalk. They stripped Regina down and redressed her back in her clothing and placed her in the back seat next to her frozen roommate Alyson. As Cindy was walking back over to driver seat, Maggie suddenly froze her with the magic clock. After placing the clock and shopping bag into the car in Regina’s lap, she moved around over to her time-stopped girlfriend and dragged her back into the studio.

            “You don’t know me that well if you think we’re just going to leave here when there are famous people around to play with,” Maggie said as she arranged Cindy’s pose to stand straight. “Plus I have to get you back for shredding my clothes and dressing me in this ridiculous outfit,” she added, looking at Cindy’s frozen blank face with empty eyes looking at nothing in particular and her parted lips in a slight grin. She undid Cindy’s ponytail, letting her hair fall freely. “I’m going to go be an idiot, as you say… you just wait right here for me… and don’t worry, you’ll be getting naked soon enough,” Maggie laughed, pinching Cindy’s left breast through her t-shirt before leaving.

            She looked at sound stage eagerly and she had to admit being in the presence of the four famous women had made her a little star-struck to say the least. Of course Maggie had thing for celebrities, especially female ones; she couldn’t resist them. She was about to jump on the stage and explore them but caught herself remembering one of the reasons why she had come back. Giggling with excitement, she darted off towards where she had came from.

            Maggie found what she was looking for down a hallway that ran behind the studio. The door was marked with star and a name within it that read ‘Kim’. She smiled at the star, tested the door handle and giggled giddily at finding it unlocked. She turned the handle and pushed the door open. The room had a long leather sofa occupying one wall while racks of clothing occupied the opposite one. A flat screen TV sat in a corner atop a black table and a glass coffee table sat in the center of the room with dish of fresh fruit on it. A door that was open in the far corner of the dressing room led to a bathroom and shower. Lining the back of the room was a long make-up counter filled with beauty supplies and large mirror lined with circular light bulbs.

            Sitting on a reclining make-up chair in front of the counter was Kim Corrigan. She was dressed in a short hot pink silk robe that only fell to her mid-thighs. The sleeves were big and just went down to just under her elbows. Her feet were bare and a pair of pink fuzzy mules sat on the floor next to her chair. Kim sat leaned back in her chair with blank eyes and smile on her lips. Her dark hair was free, falling past her shoulders towards the middle of her back and displaying its full volume and lushness. Her sexy legs were stretched and crossed at the ankles with her feet resting on the counter. She held a magazine in her hands at lap level.

            Maggie snatched the magazine from Kim’s stiff hands and smiled at the starlet still holding her rigid pose as if reading. She then kissed the frozen woman hard on the smiling lips before pulling her out of the make-up chair. Maggie opened the robe to reveal Kim’s naked breasts and her sex covered in a black thong. She then stripped off the robe with the thong falling to the floor next, making Kim utterly naked. Maggie enjoyed the fact the Kim was hairless from the eyes down and that her famous large backside looked even better when it was naked. She posed Kim standing at attention and then wrapped her arms around the anchor to drag her out of the room.

            Back in the studio Kim was made to stand at attention next to Cindy. Maggie eyed the two women and thought for a moment. “Kim looks a lot better… that won’t do,” she determined, moving up to Cindy and raising her arms. “You have to get naked now sweetie… you have competition.” With expert hands Cindy’s t-shirt was removed, followed by her expensive-looking red satin bra, then her jeans, pink silk panties, pink socks and sneakers. “See I did it without ripping your clothes at all,” Maggie remarked, gesturing at Cindy’s clothing neatly folded at her naked feet. “They’re just my size too…” she thought aloud as she now looked over her naked girlfriend and Kim Corrigan. Kim still looked better, but Cindy was holding her own for sure and Maggie had to admit with pride that her girlfriend was simply stunning in the buff with her shaven womanhood and her perfectly round breasts with pierced nipples. Cindy usually changed the studs every week; this week they were shiny silver.

            Feeling her sex moisten, she stripped herself naked as she headed for the sound stage. By the time Maggie had gotten to Carla Sparks she was naked and soon the brunette was too. She found it was easy since the woman only wore her dress with heels and nothing else. The other three women soon followed suit, their dresses and underwear ending up scattered all over the sound stage. Once they were all naked, Maggie laid them down in row and proceeded to make wild animalistic sex to each one, climaxing at least twice with each. After she had orgasmed with Hayden for the second time, she passed out over the blond and didn’t wake up until much later. She woke up feeling warm and fuzzy but disoriented; that quickly passed as she remembered what was going on. Looking around the studio, she spied a snack table set up with junk and healthy food. She licked her lips getting off of the blond. As she climbed down from the sound stage, she looked over at Kim and Cindy still standing at attention and an idea came to her.

            It took her some time but she had energy to spare, thanks to her nap, which might have been actually her full night’s sleep now that she thought about it. With time stopped it really didn’t matter. Nonetheless, she carefully cleared the table and was satisfied to find that it could easily fit Kim and Cindy on it at either end, though their legs rested on top of another. The food was strategically placed on their naked bodies until they acted as if plates for the goodies. Maggie then arranged the three actresses and host around the table and started to eat the food off her girlfriend and Kim. It was nearly two hours later when Maggie got her fill from both the food and the two women.

            Carla, Jordan, April and Hayden were reposed as they were on the stage once again, minus their clothing and make-up. All four women’s hair-do’s had come apart during their sex with Maggie and their carefully styled hair was now a mess. Other than that, the women were more or less put back in the same poses as before. Maggie decided to leave Kim lying face down on the snack table with the remaining snacks in shambles around her. She figured it would make for an interesting read later on one of her gossip websites. Maggie had dressed herself in Cindy’s clothing as she and her girlfriend were nearly the same size, though Cindy was a bit more fit so the clothes were a little tighter but not as tight as with Wendy Pearson’s outfit.

            The director’s name was Mora Appleton, Maggie had found out after searching her and finding her studio ID. Mora was then stripped down completely, including her granny panties and bra. The woman looked pretty decent in the buff, Maggie decided as she redressed her in Wendy’s western-style clothing. The shirt was too tight and made Mora’s breasts look bigger than they really were and the skirt was too small as well; Maggie couldn’t even close it around her hips. Mora was left standing barefoot as the boots didn’t fit her at all. On the other hand, Cindy fit in Mora’s clothing pretty good. Of course they was big on her but that only made her look cute.

            “What the hell, Mags!” Cindy whined after she was unfrozen as they were back outside next to her car. “What did you do? Whose clothes are these?”

            “That director’s,” Maggie gestured simply over her shoulder as she climbed into the passenger seat.

            Cindy felt around the clothes, “this woman has no sense of style… who would wear this?” she muttered and then felt down in the green pants. “Ewwww Mags! These are her panties too! I want my clothes back, right now!”


            Alyson Winters stood naked with her arms raised up in the air. Her face bore a bright, exaggerated smile while her blue eyes stared blankly ahead. Maggie squeezed the woman’s breasts playfully and then ran her fingers over the woman’s dark blond trimmed snatch. “You know, you wouldn’t think that a kindergarten teacher would look this hot,” Maggie observed. They had just stripped Alyson of the slutty looking planking costume, having just finished taking the two pictures they needed. Alyson was planked atop Cindy’s car as it was parked across the street from the Fetishist Wax Museum in downtown Malibu. The Civic was in a perfect spot so that when they placed Alyson on top of it and took the photos the sign for the museum seemed like it was resting on top of her. Maggie was pretty impressed with herself with the idea and thought the hour-long drive was worth it. It was the only sign around that she could think up that was set up in a way and was the right height so the photo could work.

            Cindy had not wanted to drive all the way out to Malibu for the photos as she was feeling a bit tired. Maggie had insisted and to be honest Cindy couldn’t turn her down.  It was a weakness; all Maggie had to do was smile and Cindy was pudding in her hands. Maggie did the driving, though, so it gave Cindy a chance to nap for an hour. “Yeah she’s pretty hot,” Cindy agreed as she put the tourist company outfit away and tossed Maggie Alyson’s clothes. “Dress her up,” Cindy said, sitting on the curb and yawning.

            “By myself?” Maggie asked in mock shock and puffed up her cheeks.

            “Yes by yourself, I’m still mad at you for putting me in that woman’s panties! I don’t know where her snatch has been,” Cindy replied. The only person’s underwear that she would wear was Maggie’s and her own. As soon as she found out what was wearing back at the news station and Maggie didn’t want to give her clothes back, she quickly stripped out the director’s clothing and opened her trunk where she kept spare clothing, much to Maggie’s dismay. Cindy was now dressed in pair of pink sneakers over black sweat pants and pink hooded sweater. They were her workout clothes, but it was over her own underwear, so she was happy. Mora Appleton’s clothing was left in front of her work place when they left.

            “Oh come on, you’re not even wearing her clothes anymore,” Maggie grumbled and pouted.

            Cindy smiled and shook her head, “You’re such a bitch… I hate it when you make those cutie faces. Give me her bottoms and let’s lay her down and get this over with.” They quickly dressed Alyson back in her pajama bottoms and tank top. She was then put back in the car and strapped in next to her roommate. Maggie and Cindy then both climbed into the front of the car with Maggie taking the driver’s seat and Cindy the passenger’s, carrying the shopping bag with her.

            “You ever been?” Maggie asked curiously, gesturing at the museum as she started up the car.

            “No Mags, but I’m really tired right now, let’s get these two home so we can hit the sack,” Cindy replied as she leaned her seat back, preparing for another hour-long nap.

            “Hit the sack? It’s only a little past eight!” Maggie remarked.

            “It is not a little past eight,” Cindy said with a raised eyebrow. “Time has been stopped for hours; it’s got to be nearly two in the morning for me right now.”

            “Oh come on, Cindy, let’s go check it out!” Maggie pleaded.

            “No, Mags. I need to get some more sleep; I have to be down at VIP tomorrow morning to finish the contest.”

            “Please Cindy, I’ll restart time and it’ll be like a date; I’ll pay.”


            “I’ll let you dress me for a week?”

            “A month,” Cindy amended seriously.

            “A month!? No way!” Maggie whined.

            “Take it or leave it.”


            Maggie parked the Civic in the lot at the back of the museum and then restarted time. Cindy stuffed the clock in her oversized sweater pockets after Maggie gave it to her before leaving the car; for some reason she felt the need to take it with her. Outside, Maggie extended her crooked arm like an old fashion gentlemen from classic movies. Cindy smiled and looped her arm through Maggie’s; she rested her head on Maggie’s shoulder as they made their way to the main entrance of the museum. She felt truly happy, even though she was exhausted. “I have never been to this place; always wanted to go though. I drive past it every day going to school,” Maggie explained. “You know, I read somewhere that it’s listed as one of the top wax museums in the country and the best in Southern California.”

            “You’re going to look really cute and hot in what I’m planning to dress you in,” Cindy giggled looking Maggie up and down as they reached the ticket window.

            “You never listen to me when I have something interesting to say…” Maggie muttered as she approached the ticket window, reaching into her back pocket.

            “Hi welcome to the Fetishist Wax Museum!” A perky brunette greeted from behind the glass ticket window. She was in white short sleeved blouse with a red vest over it. Her shoulder length hair was tied back into a loose pony tail. Her nametag pinned on the right side of the vest stated that her name was Felicity Stewart, senior cashier. “Would that be two?”

            “Yup, we’re on a date,” Maggie replied with a smile.

            “Oh how sweet, that is cute shirt by the way.”

            “Thanks, I picked it out myself,” Maggie said, grinning as she pulled the credit card from her back pocket. She looked over her shoulder at Cindy, who was frowning at her with her arms crossed.

            “That will be 32.20,” Felicity said, taking the credit card. “Credit or debit?”

            “Credit please.”

            “Alright, you’re all set,” Felicity said after swiping the card and handing it back to Maggie along with a receipt, a map of the museum and two neon yellow wristbands. “We close an hour but the guard does not start kicking people out till 9:30, so you have some time to enjoy yourselves.”

            “Sounds good,” Maggie said, handing Cindy a wristband and then putting her own on.

            “Have a good night Cindy,” Felicity said cheerfully as Cindy latched back on to Maggie and they walked through the revolving door.

            Cindy glared at Maggie after they had gotten inside the museum, having just realized what had just happened. She unhooked herself, “What kind girlfriend are you? First you steal my clothes and then you invite me on a date and pay with my credit card?!”

            “Hey, I thought we shared everything…” Maggie mumbled looking down at her shoes.

            “Oh wait, I’m sorry Mags… we do; it’s just…” Cindy said, comforting her girlfriend.

            “Good! Then it’s really just our money then,” Maggie said, smiling and then grabbing Cindy’s hand again. “Come on, we only have till 9:30!”

            “Maggie, I hate it when you do that!”

            Since the museum was closing soon and it was a weeknight, there was not very many people touring the exhibits; in fact there was only two others there aside from Maggie and Cindy. Maggie said she knew one of them as one of her teachers, Sandra Packlin. The other woman that she was with Maggie didn’t know though. After pouting for a little while, Cindy was actually starting to have fun with Maggie as they toured the different exhibits. It seemed that every popular fetish as well as some of the lesser known ones was all represented in carefully styled dioramas or floor displays. Everything was very erotic, to say the least. Maggie was right; the museum was pretty good even though a lot of the figures were naked and they mostly catered to men. The figures themselves were very realistic and detailed; she figured if it had been a more family-friendly place they would be pulling in ten times what they were making now. There were a few celebrity lookalike figures as well in the form of Tonya Cash, Jessica Alfa and Maggie’s favorite, Kayley Wu. Cindy was enjoying herself so much that she wasn’t feeling that tired anymore.

            “Hey ladies, just so you know you have thirty more minutes,” A blond security guard informed them, walking up to Cindy and Maggie as they looked at an exhibit dealing with boots and high heels. The blond was dressed in a white button-down shirt with shoulder patches and a gold badge over her left pocket. A shiny black belt sat at her hips held a radio, flashlight and gun holster on it over navy pants with shiny black shoes. The uniform fitted her body well and with her blond hair tied back in a loose bun she was a poster image of what a hot security guard would look like.

            “No problem; we’ll be leaving soon, we’ve seen most of the good exhibits already,” Maggie replied.

            “Yeah, there’s only a few of them though all them are pretty well made if you ask me,” the guard said as she stood next to them and looked at the exhibit. She then glanced over at Maggie and asked, “Are those Black Tab jeans?”

            “I don’t know… I just put them on,” Maggie replied, looking down at the jeans.

            “They’re Black Tab,” Cindy answered, knowing that they were her jeans.

            The guard ignored Cindy’s presence but got the fact that they were Black Tab. “They fit you really nice, could you turn around a bit?” the guard asked, motioning Maggie to turn in a circle. Maggie did so with a smile while Cindy only looked on, frowning and shaking her head.

            “I’ve been meaning on getting a pair but the price is a bit on the high side and the fact that they mold to your shape kind of makes me uncomfortable. But that new memory denim is really cool though. I’m really on the fence about it. It’s like a quarter of my paycheck to a get a pair.”

            “I think you would look great in them…” Maggie said, looking at the guard’s name tag before continuing, “Clarissa. But I think you look freaking hot in your uniform pants!”

            Clarissa let out a laugh, “Thanks, but I have to work out a bunch to fit these cheap pants. I don’t want to think about how much more have to work out so those designer jeans would look good on me. What are you a model or something? Those jeans really look good on your legs it’s like they molded perfectly.”

            “I don’t model but I’ve been told I have nice legs. Do you model? You really look almost like a model, you know if you wa…” Maggie was suddenly frozen as the world around her did the same. The Chinese girl stood with a smile on her open lips and her right index finger raised as if to point out a fact while her left hand was held at breast level in front of her with her palm up. Clarissa the guard stood with a smile, her blue eyes blankly looking at Maggie. Her right hand rested on her gun’s stock while her was right on the flashlight holster.

            Cindy pulled her hands out of her sweater pocket after activating the clock and stepped over to Maggie, looking her up and down. “I can’t believe you! Twice in one day you ignore me to flirt. Right in front of me! Maggie Yen, I don’t know what to do with you, I love you but you keep on giving me gray hairs,” she scolded, looking at Maggie’s cutely frozen face. “Let’s see, let’s make this conversation a little more interesting…” Cindy said with a devious smile, looking over the two frozen women.

            She moved in front of Maggie carefully and unbuckled her belt followed by the jeans. With one quick jerk Cindy had the designer jeans around Maggie’s ankles. “Let’s get the panties too,” she said, pulling the pink panties south to join to jeans. “Love that pussy,” Cindy chuckled and kissed Maggie’s shaven womanhood. Turning her attention to Clarissa, she opened the guard’s uniform shirt to expose the white bra underneath. She made sure the shirt was wide open before stepping back over to her spot next Maggie and restarting time.

            “Want to model…” Maggie continued but stopped abruptly, feeling the breeze over her legs. “Yikes!” she yelped as she reached down to pull the jeans and panties back up.

            “What the hell!” Clarissa screamed, closing her shirt and turning away from Maggie. “What just happened?”

            Before anyone could answer a static-laced voice came on Clarissa’s radio, “Clarissa! Where the hell are you? Alert, lobby section!”

            Time suddenly abruptly halted again as the blond reached for her radio while she held her shirt closed. She was posed in mid-stride with her head turned over her shoulder looking back at Maggie. Maggie was frozen closing her jeans and looking back at Cindy with a glare. “I think it’s time for us to tour this place in private,” Cindy said as she pried Maggie’s hands off the jeans.


            Cindy yawned and then moaned in comfort. She nestled up against Maggie’s naked chest for a moment more with her eyes closed before she sat up and stretched, feeling well rested. She didn’t know how long she had been asleep but it felt good. Like her frozen girlfriend, she was in the buff. Cindy had planned to strip Maggie naked and then unfreeze her; once that was done they were going to tour the frozen museum. Cindy’s plans changed however, due to her exhaustion, then seeing Maggie naked quickly got her horny as well. Before she knew it she was naked too and having hot one-sided sex with her mannequin-still girlfriend, soon after she fell asleep while lying on her Maggie Yen pillow.

            “Well that was fun… it always is,” Cindy cooed as she looked at Maggie’s cutely smiling face that she had molded before starting their sex session. Maggie was posed with her hands raised over her head and her naked legs spread wide, exposing her sex. Her hair was mess but Cindy still thought she looked smoking hot as she ran her fingers through Maggie’s tresses. She looked over at the pile of clothing that belonged to them, where Maggie’s magic clock sat on top. The thought of unfreezing Maggie crossed her mind before she dismissed the thought, opting instead to tour the museum on her own. “I was going to unfreeze you but I think I’ll tour this place in peace and quiet… I did pay for entry after all.”  Maggie-as-statue didn’t disagree.

            Soon Maggie, still in the buff, sat on a bench holding her clock over her bare thighs. Cindy had removed a blond-haired wig from a nearby display and placed it over Maggie’s hair. “Kinda looks like my ex,” Cindy said with a smile as she pulled on her t-shirt. She was now dressed back in her original outfit that she had started out with. She looked over at the display where she had taken the wig from; it had featured a blond, now bald, display figure along with five other mannequins standing in nothing but a pink leather g-string and pair of matching knee high, high-heeled boots. The figure stood with her hands on her hips and legs posed wide and an alluring smile on her wax lips. It was now bald, however, and looked out of place from the five other similar dressed figures of the exhibit. This display had a boot and high heel fetish theme. “I think we need to get rid of you, but I have an idea for a replacement,” Cindy mused, looking at the bald wax figure and then at the nearby frozen blond guard Clarissa.

            The original figure was easily removed from the display and stripped of her boots and g-string. Cindy then placed the naked wax figure behind the exhibit, where it was easily hidden from view thanks to the large screen that was the display’s backdrop. With the items in hand, which to Cindy’s surprise were by well-known designers not just some cheap props, she hatched her plan. “Let’s get you dressed in some fancier clothing…” Cindy said with a smile as she looked over at the frozen blond security guard.

            Clarissa’s uniform was easily removed from her stiff body. The uniform and plain-Jane underwear were piled near the exhibit under her gun belt. The blond was then put into a wide legged pose with her hands on her naked hips and a bright smile molded onto her face. Cindy pulled the pink g-string over Clarissa’s trimmed snatch and then slipped the boots over her bare legs. The boots proved to be a size too big and looked a bit odd on the slender blond but overall, the look worked. Clarissa’s blond hair was let down to hang free as Cindy dragged her to the nearby display and put her in place of where the wax figure had once stood. “Perfect, you’re a model now, babe!” She had to admit that the guard did have the trim, well-defined body for modeling and she could tell the woman worked out regularly as well. Cindy gave the new ‘waxwork figure’ a good grope of her perky natural breasts before stepping off the display platform. Feeling artistic with what she had done with the security guard, Cindy decided to head off and look for more exhibits that she could make look a bit more realistic.

            Remembering that she heard something from Clarissa’s radio regarding an alert in the lobby before Cindy had stopped time, she decided to head there first. The lobby was the largest open space in the museum with the highest ceiling as well, the walls were polished white stone and the floors were black tile as was the rest of the museum. Most of the other galleries, however, had exhibits along the walls or up on platforms with divider ropes while the lobby, besides the cashier booth and gate, only had one thing in it: A single waxwork figure that looked like a dominatrix, occupying the center of the room. The mannequin held a black whip in its hands and was wearing a shiny red leather fitted corset along with matching platform heels and fishnet stockings.

            Cindy quickly saw what was causing the problem. Besides Felicity, who was by the register frozen with her left arm raised, mouth open and eyes wide, there were two other women in the lobby. First was a roughly forty year-old brunette woman in a black jacket and gray skirt suit who had a full-toothed frown of concern on her face, her hands were raised in fist shapes up near her head. The woman didn't look too bad in Cindy's eyes, reminding her of a serious teacher or a lawyer. The second person Cindy remembered was one of Maggie’s professor’s, Sandra Packlin. Sandra was also in her mid-forties and was wearing a stylish black leather jacket along with a half-length black skirt. The professor's hair was in an up-do bun and she was wearing sexy librarian-style glasses. The most notable thing about Sandra, at least for the moment, was that she had stepped up in front of the featured dominatrix wax mannequin and was reaching out to touch its face. The frozen brunette's right hand was raised up near the mannequin's pale cheek; her left index finger reached towards the statue's neck. Curiosity masked the frozen professor's face.

            "I thought professors, by definition, were supposed to be smart," laughed Cindy as she walked over to the display and unhooked the dividing rope, allowing her to step up and easily pull the immobilized leather-wearing professor down, at which point she was frisked. Upon finding a DSC ID, Cindy confirmed she was Sandra Packlin and she was in fact the head of the business department at the college. A quick inspection of Sandra's companion found her to be named Christine Packlin, thus Sandra's little sister, who was also the Executive Dean over at Malibu State College.

            "Wow, that's gotta make these outings awkward, not that they don't seem to be already," whistled Cindy as she slid the ID card back into Christine's pocket. "Okay, Sandra, your intrusion needs to be punished. Sorry Christine, but since you couldn't stop your sister, you're in on this too." Offering the frozen Christine a kiss on the lips as compensation, Cindy then proceeded to start dragging Sandra away, taking her deeper into the museum.

            "I still can't believe you did something that stupid..." muttered Cindy as she glanced at the guide to all the different galleries, having propped Sandra back up for a moment. Seeing that the three closest rooms were nylon, leather and schoolgirl, Cindy decided to go with nylon; schoolgirl being too on the nose.

            The nylon room was essentially occupied by wax women wearing pantyhose, though there were some outfits as well that were essentially see-through fabric. One display that caught Cindy's attention was on the right hand side, portraying a woman sitting on a stool, her left leg up with her arms reaching behind her as if stretching. The waxwork statue looked to be roughly Sandra's proportions, so Cindy lifted the professor up and into the display and got to work. The mannequin had a black bra and panties on as well as the sheer black pantyhose and a black nylon belly top so Cindy peeled off the outer layers before laying the figure down on the tile floor. Sandra's arms were spread out wide, though her hands weren't reshaped, and Cindy had fun stripping the professor out of her stylish leather teaching outfit down to her nice expensive red lingerie, even peeling off her wire-rim glasses and letting her hair down.

            "You need to smile," Cindy told Sandra, giving the frozen woman a poke that accidentally tipped her over. "Oh!" exclaimed Cindy as she caught the falling human mannequin. "I just saved your life... I think a reward is in order." Giggling, Cindy began making out with Sandra and actually managed to shape her mouth using only her tongue. With Sandra now smiling alluringly, Cindy shaped her eyes and then dressed her in the nylon pantyhose and bra before posing her just like the mannequin had been. The pantyhose wasn't an issue but the top was really tight and Cindy feared she'd actually ripped them at one point, though luckily she proved wrong. "Don't worry, you won't be the only one like that," Cindy assured Sandra as she left the room.

            Christine was next, dragged into the leather room. Cindy had been expecting perhaps gimps or bondage but ended up with seeing just people in tight leather outfits, from corsets to full bodysuits that left little to the imagination shape-wise. The display Cindy liked had a bunch of women posed like spy girls in full body catsuits, but she figured Christine would never fit into one of those, not that she was overweight but she wasn’t really slim either. It was a motorcyclist figure that Cindy elected would work, her jacket was a bit bulky while her hip-hugger pants were skin tight. The leather-bound mannequin was leaning casually against a prop American Harley motorcycle, a flag-painted helmet held in her hands as she smiled cutely out at where visitors would be looking at the diorama; her left leg was crossed over her right at her booted ankles.

            "Let’s see how you girls compare!" exclaimed Cindy, happily stripping Christine. The dean, as it turned out, liked tight white underwear, having a very thin bra in terms of straps and a thong for down below. Cindy noted that while Christine's breasts were smaller they seemed a bit firmer, most likely due to her being the younger sister. Her body was bit on the curvy side, Cindy noted now that the younger Packlin’s clothes were removed but nonetheless she was still quite attractive. Christine was temporarily posed to have her hands on her hips while Cindy stripped the wax mannequin, noting there was no underwear underneath the slacks or even a t-shirt under the jacket. The display figure, now naked, was hidden behind the apparently plywood prop motorcycle as Cindy got to work dressing Christine. Unlike with Sandra, the legs were tough; it took Cindy nearly a minute to get the tight leather pants on her subject. The boots were even harder as they were a size too small and Cindy knew Christine would be feeling it later when time was restarted as Cindy had almost stuff her feet into the designer boots before tugging the zippers closed. The jacket meanwhile was a breeze; Cindy barely even having to move the woman’s arms. Finally Christine was carefully placed back into the diorama to stand like the waxwork had, though unlike its pose her legs weren't crossed and her smile showed far more teeth.

            "You know what, it’s a tie for hotness between you sisters," commented Cindy before returning to the lobby. Having decided to not leave out the schoolgirl room, Cindy returned and collected Felicity, managing to lift the perky, petite, cashier up onto her shoulder as she took her off to her chosen section of the museum.

            The schoolgirl section was very diverse, exhibiting at all kinds of uniforms with, which Cindy was happy to see, no mannequins that looked underage. Catholic, Japanese, reform and even some uniforms that looked like they more suited to girl scouts were on display. Ultimately Cindy decided she wanted to put Felicity into a Japanese uniform so she pegged one of the traditional sailor-style ones, featuring a yellow scarf while everything else was a dark grayish-blue. The waxwork figure Cindy picked was standing with her left arm on her hip while her right held a book bag at her side, a toothless smile on its faintly Asian-featured face. What amused Cindy most about this mannequin was the cobalt blue hair in a helmet-like bob cut that it had been styled with.

            "Okay, time to get exchanged... foreigner, no, wait..." mumbled Cindy, realizing she'd failed at her little joke as she quickly reduced Felicity garments down to her underwear, only to discover happily that she hadn't been wearing any. Felicity's breasts were very firm and her crotch was hairless, making Cindy wonder where the cashier had found a local person that could do a Brazilian that well. "If you're trying to make me have sex with you... well, you almost succeeded," Cindy told Felicity, sliding down and giving the woman's clit a kiss before standing back up to go and strip the display figure.

            Soon Felicity was up and posed like the wax mannequin had been but Cindy found herself liking the new statue more, appreciating its unique hair despite the fact that the cashier looked more Korean than Japanese. Glancing at the name in the corner of the display's description card, Cindy saw an Elise Alexander had created that particular waxwork. "Thank you, whoever you are," commented Cindy as she walked off, the original schoolgirl figure under her arm.


            The mannequin had fit easily into Cindy’s trunk; she figured that the waxwork would make a great and unique coat rack in her room. Returning back into the museum, Cindy entered a door that was marked ‘staff only’ that led up a flight of stairs. The stairs led to a large open space filled with workbenches, partially dressed and naked wax figures in various stages of completion along with some industrial grade equipment that she guessed was used to craft the realistic wax figures featured in the exhibits downstairs. There were also many clothing racks and other props littered around the workshop as well. Cindy made a bee-line to the clothing racks and browsed through them; most were costumes but there were handful that were designer clothing, but she was dismayed that none of the pieces really fit her. Having gotten her fill of the workshop, she moved on a set of double doors at the other end of the large room.

            The doors led down a well-lit hallway leading to a heavy door that was marked by an exit sign. Along the hallway were three doors on each side. The first door on Cindy’s right opened up to a flight of stairs that no doubt would lead back down the museum. The door to her left was marked as a men’s dressing room that included lockers and a small shower, which Cindy opened and peeked into being that it was something she wouldn’t have done normally if time was in motion. The door next to it was the women’s dressing room, which had a similar set up. The right side center door led to a staff lounge that had a kitchen-style marble counter with a sink, a refrigerator, a round table with six chairs circling it, a small sofa and a wall-mounted flat screen.

            The last door on the left side of the hallway was open and was marked as the security center. The room was a windowless darkened chamber with one of its walls dominated by a bank of ten closed-circuit TV monitors that were connected to the ten security cameras spread throughout the museum below. An ‘L’-shaped desk sat in front of the bank with a computer workstation on it that featured a flat screen monitor, ergonomic keyboard and printer sat on top of it. The desk was also covered in neat stacks of paperwork and various procedural and safety binders. On another wall of the room was shelf that contained radios and other stereotypical security equipment. A coat rack sat next the shelf that held some security marked yellow raincoats. Surrounding the room’s only entryway, hanging on the walls that bordered the door or pinned to a corkboard were various memos, licenses, government notices and other forms of paperwork. On the opposite wall from the bank of monitors was a small old leather sofa with a water cooler next to it.

            Behind the ‘L’ shaped desk was a large black leather executive swivel chair that was currently pushed back away from the desk. Its occupant, a Latina woman in her late thirties, was dressed in a security uniform similar to the one that Clarissa had worn, gun belt and all. She stood behind the desk, eying the monitor with a frozen scowl on her face. Her black hair was tied up in a tight bun; she held a radio to her lips with her free hand balancing herself on the desk as she leaned and stared towards the bank of monitors. Unlike Clarissa’s uniform, Cindy noted this woman had single gold bars pinned to the tips of her collars. “A boss…” Cindy observed as she eyed the frozen women closely, focusing her attention on the Latina’s name plate. “Carla Perez,” she read out loud and then looked at the security monitors. “Well that’s odd; I can see why you’re mad,” Cindy said, looking back at Carla’s frozen gaze.

            On the security monitors was a frozen image of Sandra Packlin in the act of stepping into the lobby display with her sister Christine looking on horror at the edge of the shot. It was weird to say the least since Cindy had already moved the sisters from that location. She wondered what would happen to the recording once time was restarted. Would they just disappear in an instant? “Probably gonna have to erase this or get rid of it,” Cindy said to herself, pointing at the monitor and then glancing back at Carla with a grin. She poked the frozen security chief on the cheek and said, “I’ll be back to take care of that and probably do something with you too since you look all angry and all.” Carla on looked on, face locked in a silent scowl as Cindy smiled and left the room.

            The last room on the right side of the hallway contained a large office space that seemed to have four smaller rooms in it. Two of the rooms were offices, with one being a bit larger and more luxurious than the other. Another room was a lavish bathroom that contained a shower; the last room was modest but cozy bedroom. The bedroom was attached to the larger office. According to the nameplate outside of the smaller office, which was empty, it belonged to Teresa Chambers. The room was furnished with a simple desk carrying a flat screen monitor and keyboard. A large leather chair sat behind the desk; two simple armchairs were in front of it. The larger office’s nameplate on the door stated that it was Merilyn Kent’s office. The office was twice as large as Teresa’s office and that was not including the lavish bathroom and bedroom that were attached to it. The office had a large glass desk with a throne-like high-backed leather chair behind it, all sitting at one end of the spacious room. There was a large flat screen TV mounted on one of the walls while a full bookshelf occupied another. Standing around either side of the doorway atop six-inch high platforms were four realistic wax figures dressed in expensive looking lingerie. In middle of the elegant room, which was carpeted in thick velvet colored carpet, sat a dark marble coffee table surrounded by six comfortable looking white loungers. Two women sat on the loungers while some photographs and files littered the coffee table.

            One of the women was in her late thirties, dark skinned with long lush black hair that hung naturally to just under her shoulder blades. She sat with her legs together at the knees while her feet were also together and angled slightly towards her left. She held a notebook in her left hand while her right held a pen to it. The woman looked engagingly at the other woman who sat across from her. The dark skinned woman was dressed in a black short-sleeved blouse tucked into a white slim fitting knee length skirt. Her smooth legs were naked; black shiny heels covered her feet.

            The other woman had shoulder-length straight red hair that she wore pulled back into a low ponytail. She sat with her legs crossed and held a CyTek pad in her hands with her unblinking gaze fixed on its screen. Her lips were slightly parted. She was dressed in a black tailored business skirt suit with dark hosiery masking her legs. A pair of black red-soled high heels completed her sharp executive look.

            Cindy walks around the tableau of unmoving women as if they were one the displays downstairs. “Working late are we?” she asked the unhearing women as she made her way to the large glass desk, which sat in front of wide glass window that looking out the front of the museum at the street in front.  Looking at the photos on the desk, she determined that the elegant redhead was Merilyn Kent, which made the dark-skinned woman Teresa. Walking back over to the two women, she looked over at Merilyn again, taking in her features and noted that it was hard to gauge the woman’s age but it was obvious that she was better looking one of the two. Cindy looked at both ladies and grinned deviously, “I wonder how you fine ladies look like without your clothes?” 


            At first Maggie felt ridiculous when she was finally unfrozen. She found herself wearing a blond wig, dressed in hot pink hot pants and a tight-fitting matching bellybutton-baring vest. A pair of hot pink strappy high heels made her legs and backside look great but began to hurt her feet after she had gone only a few steps in them. Maggie felt somewhat better at seeing that Cindy was also dressed up as a slut too, but Cindy didn’t seem to mind since she had dressed herself in the outfit. She had donned on a seventies-style red haired wig and was dressed in a leopard-skinned sleeveless top over a matching thigh-length mini-skirt. The Vietnamese girl stood in dark velvet knee-high go-go boots with platform heels that raised her height by at least ten inches.

            After getting over the initial shock of what she was wearing and pouting about it, Maggie quickly got over it once Cindy began a guided tour of the museum’s new ‘exhibits’. The costumed couple toured the modified exhibits with Maggie examining the new ‘wax’ figures closely and even adjusting their facial expressions. By the end of the tour, Sandra and Felicity both sported new odd expressions. For the next part of the exploration, Cindy and Maggie climbed up to the second floor. They entered the workshop where Cindy had collected their costumes from and for a moment Maggie didn’t notice what Cindy had added to the cluttered workspace. On one of the dais’ used to dress and prepare wax figures stood security supervisor Carla Perez. The Latina had been stripped out of her uniform and only stood in a pair of white backless heels. Cindy had spent some time giving the woman’s hair a nice loose curled ‘do and even made up her face to look more neutral like a wax figure’s expression. Carla face bore a large toothy smile that to those who knew her well was unnatural. She was posed standing with one leg in front of the other with her right hand resting on her naked hips while her left arm rose up and angled forward as if reaching for an unseen object. Cindy was surprised that the woman had pretty nice body and thanks to the oil she had rubbed over Carla’s skin, the security guard truly looked like a wax figure. Maggie admired Cindy’s work while eyeballing Carla’s dark erect nipples and probing her fingers in the figure’s bushy snatch.

            By the time they moved into the office spaces Maggie had to take off the heels and massage her sore feet. “How could anyone wear those?” she whined as she tossed the six-inch heels away.

            “Well they were to be used to dress a wax figure…” Cindy pointed out and added, “They did make your legs and ass look really hot though.”

            “Yeah, yeah,” Maggie grumbled as she flexed her toes. “Not worth it if you ask me. So what brings us in here?”

            “This,” Cindy replied taking her girlfriend’s hand and leading her into Merilyn’s office and then into the back bedroom that was attached to it. “Meet Merilyn Kent,” Cindy gestured at the redhead that stood in front of the queen-size bed that dominated the bedroom. The museum owner was dressed in a pair of lace see-through dark panties that had belonged to one the wax figures in her office. She stood with her legs together, with her right leg slightly bent at the knee so that her right foot stood on its naked toes. Her hands ran through her lush red hair and her face held a close-eyed look of pure ecstasy. Her back was slightly arched, which made her naked bust protrude forward a bit, bringing full attention to her rosy nipples. Cindy then gestured at the second woman in the room, who was seated on a cushioned stool in front of make-up desk, “And Teresa Chambers.” The dark-skinned woman was also clad in lingerie once worn by one of the wax mannequins in her boss’ office. Her breasts were barely covered in a see-through white strapless bra while her sex was covered in a white thong that did little to hide her womanhood. Teresa’s arms were posed to hug her own body while her muscular sexy legs sat straight out in front of her with her bare toes pointing straight as if she were a life-sized doll. Her face bore a devious smile and wink.

            “Wow…” Maggie whispered in awe as she looked at both women, taking in their features. With the women downstairs and now with the women upstairs, Maggie concluded that Cindy was a natural at posing the frozen.

            “Merilyn is the owner of this place and Teresa is her assistant, so they’re like the big bosses,” Cindy explained as her girlfriend moved around the waxwork-still women.

            “It’s like a horror movie plot… the owners of a wax museum have turned to wax!” Maggie remarked in spooky voice. “They actually might be the best looking exhibits, if you ask me.”

            “They should be; I spent the most time on them. They both really need a lesson with the razor, if you know what I mean. After I shaved them I also bathed them, so they’re clean as a whistle.”

            “Bathed them?” Maggie asked, looking away from Merilyn’s flawless face to her nearly flawless body.

            “Yup,” Cindy replied as she closed the door the bedroom. “This concludes my tour; these two aren’t just the last exhibits, but they’re party favors too.”

            “Oh…” Maggie nodded with grin, playing with Marilyn’s naked nipples.

            “Shall we show these ladies a good time, Ms. Yen?”

            “We shall.”


            Maggie figured that time had been stopped for over a day by the time they restarted it when they were back in Cindy’s bedroom. After leaving the museum, they drove back to Los Angeles and returned Regina and Alyson. Maggie then had decided to spend the night at her girlfriend’s place since Iris the bank manager was still in her living room. Maggie was surprised they could still be able to make love after their eventful evening and what they had done to Merilyn Kent and her staff. After the initial fun with Merilyn and Teresa, events from what Maggie could remember turned animalistic. Having found some sex toys under Merilyn’s bed, they decided to add Carla to the orgy followed by Felicity and Clarissa. By the time they were finished, five museum staffers were a mess of naked bodies tangled upon Merilyn’s queen size bed.

            Carla, completely naked, was then added the lobby display standing next to leather dominatrix figure. She was posed cupping her breast with an over-exuberant smile on her face. Her hair was left in the mess it had been in from her wild night that she would never recall. Her charge Clarissa was left in the same condition as her boss and placed back into her original display, standing wide legged with one hand on her hip while her other hand out in front of her beckoning an unseen person towards her. The blonde’s face bore a flirtatious expression. The cashier Felicity was placed back in her booth, sans her uniform. She was seated on her stool, looking out at the street with a bored look on her face. Like the other two women, her hair was left in mess, which did more for her wanton naked look.

            Merilyn and Teresa were left in the bed; like their co-workers were left completely in the buff as well. They were both given Maggie’s sleeping pills as well so when time restarted, both women would remain out of commission for the night. Teresa was left on her face with just one of her heels on. Next to her was her boss, who was more or less in her birthday suit aside from the massive strap-on that sat in front of her newly shaven snatch. The redhead was put on her back with her hands under her pillow. The women’s clothing was in left in trail leading from the office and would leave what had happened to their imaginations after they had awakened later.

            Sandra and her sister Christine were removed from the museum, along with the security tapes and back-up data to get rid of any evidence. The costumes that Cindy had messed around with were taken as well for the same reason. They decided to remove the Packlins to leave the impression that the oddities of the night happened after all the guests had left, hoping it would not lead the museum to seek anyone out. Both sisters were left naked in Sandra’s Mercedes, with their clothing in the back seat. Maggie and Cindy hoped that being left that way would deter them from heading back to the museum to investigate.

            The whole process of cleaning up had been both fun and time-consuming, but Maggie and Cindy had enjoyed it. Judging by the conclusion of the night they still had plenty of energy left and they both felt that their relationship had become stronger. Even though they both fell asleep early that morning, Cindy had already gone to meet with VIP and LA Travel by the time Maggie was woken up by her cell phone. Kansas had called, letting her know that she had returned her car and her friend Ruth was taking her back up Malibu. Maggie had tried to go back to sleep but then her boss Charlene called her. Charlene told her that she wanted to cancel the planned shoot for the day since she had come down with a cold but she would like Maggie to do it in person for her with the client since the photographer hated to cancel by email or phone.

            An hour later Maggie found herself at a downtown men’s clothing store, meeting face to face with the two attractive employees, a blond haired Sally Richardson and brunette Kayla Eaton. Both women were not happy with the cancellation and were bit rude with Maggie regarding the matter. That was when Maggie felt an added weight in her bag. Upon looking into the bag, she saw that her clock had suddenly appeared, even though she thought she had left it on Cindy’s nightstand. Sally and Kayla were promptly frozen. The men’s store was closed soon afterward and the two frozen women were loaded into the back seat of Maggie’s Lancer. With her clock and the two women, Maggie was reminded about Iris and a certain celebrity she wanted to see before they went off on their sabbatical.


            She had dubbed it as her palace. It was actually the home of Foster and McBride senior partner Belinda Frazier. Maggie only had been there once since she decided to use it as her palace for frozen women that she would begin to collect. The last time she was there was to store the newly obtained cell-phone store clerk and thief, Kelly Creek. Kelly had been stored at Maggie’s place for a few days since she was busy; eventually some time freed up and the dark haired blue-eyed girl was added to the collection. Maggie had made the mansion more of her own on the second visit and it even felt that way when she arrived there a few hours after closing down the men’s store for the day.

            Maggie pushed opened the door with her back after unlocking it and then dragged in Iris Brenden. The bank manager was dressed back in her business clothing and stood at attention for ease of transport with her face and blue eyes holding a blank look. She stood on the auburn mat patiently as Sally Richardson was dragged in next. The blond was dressed in a white tailored business jacket that hugged her lithe frame sexily but in professional manor at the same time. Black slacks covered her bottom half and she stood on a pair of black-heeled ankle boots. Sally’s blond tresses were styled in waves and hung free. Like Iris, she stood at attention with a blank look up her face. Maggie placed her next to the shoe rack before closing the door behind her. Sitting on the sitting couch to right was the mansion’s owner Belinda Frazier.  Belinda was permanently frozen and had not moved a finger since the day Maggie had taken over the mansion.

            Belinda’s shoulder length blond hair was let down naturally while she was dressed in a pair of black and pink trimmed panties. She sat with her bare legs crossed at the knees while her left hand cupped her left naked breast. Her right hand was held out in a welcoming gesture while her head was turned perfectly to meet whoever came through the front door. Belinda bore a close-lipped smile on her face while her blue eyes stared vacantly at Iris.

            “Meet Iris and Sally your new housemates,” Maggie introduced as she kicked off her shoes. “Guys, meet Belinda,” she then said then wrapping her arms around Iris. “I think I know where to stick you for now.” Maggie dragged Iris into down the hallway and into the spacious and loaded living room. Once there she moved the bank manger to one of the two couches. Already sitting on one of the room’s two loungers was Belinda’s co-worker and fellow lawyer Connie Soyer. The brunette attorney was dressed only in silken dark blue bathrobe that was left open to reveal all of her womanly features as she sat perched on one of the lounger’s arms with one hand holding a clump of her hair up against the back of head. Her free hand held an empty martini glass to her pursed lips, which held a slight grin. Connie’s empty brown eyes were cast downward appearing almost closed.

            “Iris, this is Connie,” Maggie introduced as she sat Iris down on the couch. “You’re a little overdressed… but we can take care of that later,” Maggie said to a silent Iris as she pulled the skirt suit jacket off Iris’ shoulders and tossed it aside. She then undid a few buttons of the blonde’s blouse to show some of her cleavage before leaning her back against the back of the couch. Iris’ legs were then raised to rest atop the coffee table and her heels were removed, leaving her nylon-covered feet ‘Barbie toed’. Maggie then placed the bank manager’s hands behind her head. “Take a load off,” she said with a giggle, looking over her work. The pose wasn’t natural by any means but it was good enough for now. “I’ll come up with something better later. That will involve you losing that outfit.”

            Feeling thirsty from all the dragging around, Maggie entered the kitchen and smiled seeing Trish King standing next to the counter. The redheaded actress stood with one hand resting on the counter while the other rested on her shapely naked hip. Her legs were masked in a pair of black stockings with pink bows over the tops and were crossed the knees. Maggie took in the girl’s bushy red mound and her decent breasts as she made her way to the fridge. She pulled out a bottle of water and twisted the top off. Taking a big gulp of water, she looked at Trish’s smiling face with blank dark eyes. “I got us two more ladies; you should meet them,” Maggie suggested with a chuckle before finishing up the bottle. “Whenever you can…” she added, leaving the kitchen.

            Sally was hauled up the stairs next and dragged into the master bedroom, where Dana Callahan sat stark naked against the backboard of the bed. Her naked arms were raised up over her head while her bare legs were spread wide, revealing her neatly trimmed sex. The brunette’s hair was a mess while her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open. Dana had been Maggie’s plaything during her last visit. Also naked and standing at attention next to the bed was Kelly Creek, who Maggie had played with before Dana. “Alright Dana, you’re out!” Maggie said in her best coach impression. She then took hold of the woman’s ankles and pulled her from the bed. Dana was then stood up next Kelly with her arms still raised over her head and face still carrying the same expression. Sally was then placed on the bed. “Let’s get you out of those clothes…” Maggie said as she began to tug at the blonde’s boots.

            Maggie’s cell phone suddenly rang, “Dammit…” she muttered as she dug it out of her pocket. “Hey babe,” she greeted seeing that it was Cindy on the other end. “Oh crap, congrats! I knew you would win; there is no way Michelle could have gotten photos as good as ours. What you’re on way home now and want to celebrate? I guess I can make it…” Maggie said, looking ruefully at Sally and then cursing to herself that she had left the clock in the Lancer. “No, I didn’t say anything, I’ll meet you at your house, I have a surprise too. You’ll see!” Maggie remarked with a smile remembering what was waiting for Cindy. “I love you too and I’ll see you in a bit,” she concluded hitting end on her phone and putting it back in her pocket.

            “I guess next time love,” Maggie said to Sally before leaving the room. Instead of heading downstairs, Maggie headed to the bathroom a few doors down the hall from the master bedroom.

            “I didn’t forget about you,” Maggie said with a smile as she looked into the spacious bathroom that included a large tub and walk-in-shower side by side. Inside the shower was a naked Saffron Westlake. The voluptuous redhead had been Maggie’s shower buddy during her last visit. She stood with her back arched backward with both hands running through red tresses. Had the water be on the scene would have been very erotic. “I’ll come back tonight,” Maggie decided as she eyed the redhead.

            Moments later with the door to her palace locked, Maggie was back in her Lancer. She looked over at her passenger and couldn’t help but giggle with joy. Sitting next to her, frozen by her clock, was Maggie’s idol and favorite actress Kayley Wu. She had caught the actress just in time as she was leaving on her mysterious trip. Kayley was dressed in a white leather jacket with a red top underneath and pair of tight fitting dark blue jeans. Her feet were covered in a pair of red heels while a pair of diva-style sunglasses covered her glassy eyes. Sitting behind Kayley was Kayla Eaton, dressed in a black blouse over dark grey slacks and black heels. The brunette’s eyes were closed and she was leaned back as if asleep. “Well, ladies, let’s head home; there’s a special lady waiting for us.” 


The End - until creating Promotional Material...


Maggie Yen - Yin Chang

Chrissy Pak
- Janna Ushkowitz

Kansas Wilkins
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Iris Brenden
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Cindy Vu
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John Kellan
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Trish King
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Dana Callahan
- Michelle Monaghan

Kelly Creek
- Katy Perry

Saffron Westlake - Christina Hendricks

Kayley Wu
- Kelly Hu

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