The Factory

by M.P. 10/4/97

Anyone who knew mannequins knew that the best were made at Redferns in Philadelphia. There were many other companies but none could match Redferns for realism. The exquisite forms of their mannequins could be seen in the finest stores all over the east. One of their biggest customers was R.L. Dacies, and the new visual merchandiser for the chain was given the job of purchasing new figures.

Stacy Johnson was a pretty girl in her late twenties with long blond hair and golden brown eyes. She had worked her way up through the ranks at Dacies from sales clerk to associate window dresser. Finally after six years with the company she got her big break. The old head visual merchandiser suffered a massive heart attack and died. Since Stacy was the next one in line for promotion she got the job. The mannequins the store had used were the same ones that had been in the store since it first opened in 1930. Stacy had always wanted to get newer ones but the old head of the department was adamant and refused to buy replacements. He was known to be a little cracked because he was seen by many of the employees talking to the figures. Stacy herself had mentioned to several of the others that she felt their glassy eyes and perfect bodies seemed to real but just shook off her old boss' actions as senility.

One day as she was going over some invoices in the old merchandisers desk she came upon the order slip for the old mannequins. The address was there, and a phone number. It probably had changed over such a long time but she phoned anyway. To her surprise the company was still in business. Stacy made arrangements to visit the factory that made the mannequins for noon the next day.

From the outside the factory looked old and run down. Stacy parked her car in the street and went up to the door. Next to it was a bronze plaque that said in large letters REDFERNS MANNEQUINS. She knocked twice on the massive door to the place but didn't get a response. Stacy knocked a third time and then a elderly voice spoke to her over an intercom that was next to the door.

"Yes, who is it?" Asked the mysterious voice.

"Hello my name is Johnson, Stacy Johnson, I'm from Dacies Department stores. I have an appointment."

"One moment." Replied the voice. Then Stacy heard a buzz and the door opened. She stepped into a wide hallway; it was spartanly furnished, just a few chairs and a small desk in the far corner. But the one thing that caught the eye were the mannequin figures on display in the hall. There were ten figures on display. And each was a goddess of perfection.

The first figure was a black haired figure seated in the first chair. Her skin was ivory white, shining in the bright overhead lights that were over all the girls in the row. Stacy went closer to the figure and was impressed by the realism of the figure. It wasn't on the curvy side like the mannequins that were currently in the store. This one was more on the svelte side like a real woman. She was dressed in a simple blue skirt dress with no stockings or jewelry. On her feet were black pumps and as Stacy looked closer she even had toes. The figures eyes were very wide with bright blue marbles for pupils that reflected the light. Next to her was a brunette. Her face was similar to the black haired girl, but this one had green eyes and a more shapely body. She wore a red dress like her "friend" and the same shoes. The attention to detail was astounding. She had long graceful legs, a slim waist, and narrow delicate arms. She was posed on a small platform a standing pose. Her little hands were sculpted in the usual fan pose that you saw on many mannequins, the nails on her hands were painted bright red . One hand on her hip and the other in a pose like she was holding something in the air. The figures hair was real but had a plastic sheen to it, the skin was pale white and hard plastic but had flesh-like details. Stacy could not help but be turned on a little by the beauty of the figure. She could even see the edges of her two small titties, which were soft pink-brown under the smooth red fabric. The other figures were all equally ravishing, several were blondes, two more were brunettes, there was a redhead and one "girl" was a platinum blonde. If Stacy were not "straight" she could easily visualize herself making it with one of these sexy females.

Stacy was about to inspect the figure of the platinum blonde more closely, when a sound interrupted her. "Do you like them?" Asked the Man. Stacy recognized the voice that a few seconds ago she had heard outside.

"Why yes." Stammered Stacy who was little surprised at the abrupt entrance. "They're all quite lovely.  And unbelievably realistic." Said Stacy.

"Thank you, my dear. I'm Marcus Redfern, And I hope we can be of service to you."

"I used to work for Mr. Jenkins at Dacies Department store. Stacy said. "I was going through his records and found an old order slip from your company for the mannequins in our store. I have been planning to update the mannequins since he passed away last month and I became head of the department."

"What a shame," said Marcus. "Ben Jenkins was a good customer and always kept in touch. I'd wondered why he stopped writing."

"I didn't know you knew your customers by name, sir." Said Stacy.

"Only my oldest and best customers my dear." Said the elderly man. "And since you are taking Ben’s place, you can expect the same treatment."

"Thank you," Said Stacy. "If all your display figures are this good then I feel that we'll be doing a lot of business together."

"Didn't Ben tell you about the girls?" Asked Marcus.

"No we didn't talk much; I had only been with that department of the store a short time before he died. And there was the rumor that he was a little nuts," explained Stacy.

The older man looked at Stacy for a few minutes and then continued. "This makes it a little difficult. May I call you Stacy, Miss Johnson?"

"Sure, I'd like that," replied Stacy.

"Good and you may call me Marcus," said Marcus, then related a fantastic tale: "You see Stacy, Ben and I met sixty years ago when I was just starting out.  He knew about my process and was impressed with the results. So, since he was member of the window dressers union here in the city, he used my figures in the store." Marcus continued,"My girls, Stacy, are not just ordinary mannequins." She looked at the old man as if he were senile. "Here, come over to Betty here," he urged. Stacy was surprised that he would name a mannequin. But after working with Jenkins, she knew anything was possible with older men. They walked up the line to a full-figured mannequin with bright red hair. "Stacy. Say hello to Betty. She was my first mannequin to be made with the new process."

"New process?" Asked Stacy.

"Yes The old process I used was effective but somewhat permanent." Marcus continued. "A friend of mine who is a professor at temple invented the freeze process back in the thirties.  It required several chemicals, some of which I don't think are made anymore," Marcus explained. "It stops the aging process and turns the subject's skin into a perfect plastic-like rosin. The flesh is preserved but still flexible somewhat for easy posing.  Several of the original girls are still nicely preserved in Dacies, as a matter of fact.  Ben had promised to take good care of them, and I guess he did.  It was a shamed we never told anyone the truth, but Ben was right, some narrow minds would accuse us of murder, even though the girls did it of their own choosing."

Stacy looked at him, then Betty, then the other mannequins, in amazement; she was speechless.

Marcus continued, "I'm surprised that he didn't at least tell you, since you were the one who would replace him.  But one never knows with a heart attack, does one." He walked closer to the figure he referred to as Betty. "Over the years I experimented with other methods but could not improve on my earlier success.  But then about five years ago when the electronics boom hit I came up with the answer.  Here let me show you my improvements, Stacy."

Stacy came closer to the Betty figure and then Marcus moved the hair from Betty's ear. Behind the mass of stiff plastic-like hair was a small hatch cut in Betty's flesh. Marcus opened the small panel and inside was a small microchip. "You see Stacy, my new girls are all controlled by these small transistor chips installed into their brains.  Now I can make all the pretty mannequins I want without the messy chemicals that I used to need."

"You mean she’s still alive?" asked Stacy.

"Of course, here I'll introduce you." Marcus said. Marcus reached into the desk drawer and pulled out what appeared to be a small remote controller. After pointing the remote at the redhead he pushed the button. There was a small beeping noise and then gradually the mannequin figure of Betty began to slowly move. Her eyes, which until a few seconds earlier had been two green marbles, softened and became liquid. Her chest rose suddenly from the first breath she had taken in what Stacy assumed was a while. She had been standing on a pedestal-like platform of wood painted to be like marble. Betty was wearing a black strapless evening gown which hugged her shapely body, accentuating every curve. She stepped down from her pedestal and walked to Marcus and gave him a long lingering kiss.

Marcus blushed slightly and then turned back to Stacy. "Betty my dear, I'd like you meet Stacy.  She's a very important person at Dacies Department store now that Ben Jenkins has passed."

"Hi honey," said the now animate figure of Betty. "You're a big shot at Dacies huh?" She added, checking out Stacy with an appreciative look. "I heard a lot of interesting stories from loverboy here about that store.  He talks about the old mannequins he made for Dacies and how beautiful they were."

"Yes, and now I see why," Stacy said with amazement.

"Well I came here about four years ago and failed to find work in the fashion business. They used to tell me I was too big to be a model." Betty held her breasts as she explained to Stacy. "I was about to call it quits, when I met Marky here," Betty continued. "He explained to me about his work and how beautiful I would be as a mannequin. He showed me that it was safe, and that if I ever changed my mind I could have my freedom."

Marcus smiled, while Betty continued, "We new girls are a lot better than the older models; we can live again, the only drawback is while we're out of stasis we get very horney." Betty turned her attention back to Marcus. "I'd love to chit-chat more with you Stacy, but I want to make up for lost time with Marky here."

She turned to Marcus and gave him another long kiss, and then started to remove her dress . She was peeling the tight black cloth down over her breasts when suddenly she stopped in her undressing and stiffened again. When Marcus backed away from her embrace, Stacy could see that he had once again pushed the remote button. Betty was a mannequin again. Her large breasts stiff and perfectly round the tips stiff from her arousal. She was in a pose that you definitely couldn't put in a store window.

"Don't worry about her appearance. Later I'll take care of her needs and replace her pose." Marcus said, with a hint of a reddening. "She’s a wonderful girl and I have always loved her.  But business is business, and next week Betty goes back to Stormbridges with the other girls." Marcus continued to give Stacy the tour of the line, occasionally stopping to primp or make some minor adjustments to one of the girls costumes. "I've been using the new process now for about a year now, Stacy. Every day I get new volunteers to be mannequins, and the new stores are buying them faster than I can make them."

"I can imagine..." Stacy agreed.

"Come, I'll show you my work room." Marcus led Stacy down a narrow hall to another entry. This was a large steel door with a sign on it saying "workshop". Marcus opened the door, revealing a large open room and inside were several men in white lab coats.

The men were grouped into teams of three and each group was working on a new mannequin. "Hello Marcus." Said one of the technicians. "We are trying something new on Linda here, and we want your opinion."

Stacy went into the work area with Marcus. The new girl, the one that the tech had referred to as Linda, was about Stacy’s height with shoulder length blond hair. Linda was completely nude and her body was very thin but well defined. Her breasts were about 35 C and perfectly round. She possessed a flat belly with no fat at all and her hips were wide. The techs had taken the care to remove all her pubic hair, so her little pink sex was exposed. Stacy had to blush a little because she could not believe yet that the mannequins she had handled all these years at the store were or had been living girls at one time. Now before her stood a new mannequin that she knew was definitely alive, but soon would be a fixture in some store.

"So what is this new treatment that you tried on Linda, Ted?" Asked Marcus.

"Well Sir," said Ted, "We tried a new electronic device that the boys in research have been working on.  It is smaller than our current model and doesn't require the surgical implant. We just put this clip on the ear and it sends the motor impulses directly to the subject's brain.  The suspension is every bit as effective as with the implanted chips."

Marcus looked closer at the inert figure of Linda and could see that there was no opening in her neck like the other girls had. "Excellent work, Ted," said Marcus. "Keep me informed on your progress." Marcus walked back to Stacy who had been watching another team work on a male mannequin. The male mannequin was anatomically perfect also, and Stacy could not help but lick her lips at the form before her. "I see you’ve found something to your liking in my little shop?" Marcus said. "Normally We don't make many male mannequins, but this is for a custom store.  Would you like to meet Jerry?"

"Oh yes please." Stacy said.  Marcus reached into his coat and pulled out the remote. After pushing the button, the figure of Jerry, took a breath and stretched his arms and body.

"Hello?, What do we have here, an audience?" Jerry said.

Stacy was bright red now from embarrassment.

"I'm sorry pretty lady," said Jerry, I didn't mean to embarrass you; I'm Jerry."

"Hi Jerry, I'm Stacy," said Stacy, blushing openly.

Marcus walked over to the young couple. "Stacy? If you'd like, you and Jerry can get to know each other better if you want to." She nodded, not trusting her voice.

Jerry led Stacy over to a small ante room and kissed Stacy . He started very gently and slowly removed her jacket. Jerry started to unbutton her shirt; after he loosened the last button, the soft silk shirt gently fell to the floor. He next unzipped her skirt and it fell around her feet. Stacy stepped away from the fabric and then reached behind herself and undid her bra. As it popped off, her large round breasts tumbled out of their restraint and glowed with warmth. Her nipples were pointy and slightly stiff from the cool air in the room. Jerry knelt down in front of Stacy and with both hands pulled her little silk panties down over her legs. Stacy had long sexy legs and a firm round ass. Her pubic hairs were also blond, short, and nicely trimmed. Jerry started to lick Stacy’s little pussy, and Stacy made little moaning noises as she came close to orgasm. Stacy moved her hips in slow circular motions, and Jerry stayed with her movements. After about five minutes of his ministration Stacy suddenly tensed and with a shudder came with her first orgasm. Jerry now inserted his member into her and made passionate love to her. He pumped into her for several more orgasms and then exploded with his own cum. She fell asleep after that and several hours later awoke to find herself alone in the room.

Marcus came into the room at that point and excused himself for entering without her permission. "That’s all right." Stacy said. "I should be thanking you for the most wonderful sex I've had in months."

"You may be in for a nice surprise Stacy." Marcus said. "Jerry was sold to Dacies about a month ago.  You see, Ben had been waiting for my new process to be perfected, and then he was going to replace the store's mannequins with my new girls. And boys."

Stacy’s eyes grew wide with surprise and a small smile came over her face with the thought of seeing Jerry again. Marcus led Stacy into his office; they sat together and had a drink to their new partnership. Stacy signed the working agreements with Marcus, then left to get her car and go back to the store.



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