The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra and The Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

by CMQ

[Parts 1-9 of this story were originally posted on the message boards of Medusa Realm, Hall of Statuary, and Mannequin Lovers.  They now have been brought together in a separate pages, as well as  Parts 10-13. The previous chapter 14  is accessible via this link.  The story continues here with Parts 15 thru 17.   Ed.]

Author’s Note:

Inspired by Thorne Smith's 'Night Life of the Gods', here's my homage:

--Tit For Tat --

"Toby look out!" Petra screamed.

Toby took his eyes off Petra's hardened bosom long enough to swerve his automobile back into his correct lane and out of the path of an oncoming vehicle. "Sorry," he gasped, trying desperately to keep his eyes on the road and not on his date's chest. "Uhm, how about getting a pizza at Pestroni's in town? Then we can go catch a flick at the drive-in later, okay?"

Petra, also somewhat distracted with her brand-spanking-new enhanced breasts, agreed while trying to figure out in her mind how she would deal with these weighty problems of hers. She wasn't all that self-conscious about Toby staring at her tits, in fact she sort of found it arousing. It was the fact that her breasts were weighing her down that was causing her to have conniptions not to mention back strain.

Toby pulled into the parking lot and the two young adults walked over to the pizza parlor. It was a minor miracle that Toby hadn't crashed his car considering how many times he glanced over to peek at her bosom. A number of people began staring at Petra as she passed. As they took their seats in a booth, Petra noticed more and more glances in her direction. Nothing like being on center stage, she thought.

As the evening progressed, what began as a distraction, soon became a minor irritation as Petra, accustomed to the stares and attention, wished people weren't so blatant in staring. It was a mixed blessing now that everyone's eyes seemed to be on her. At least twice, the pizza delivery boys crashed into doors on their way out as they struggled to get a longer glance at her firm breasts. Not to mention the dropped pizza dough being flipped by the pizza chef every time she stood up from her seat to stretch her back. She liked being the center of people's attention, yet the need to constantly arch her back and thrust her shoulders back to take some of the weight of the rock hard globes on her chest was beginning to take its toll. If she didn't sit with perfect posture she felt like she could fall face-flat onto the table. Having stone breasts certainly must be doing wonders for my chiropractor's bill, she thought. It'll get better at the movies, she kept telling herself. At least it will be dark…and I can slouch a little…

At the drive-in Petra and Toby sat watching the R-rated thriller film. For the first couple of minutes the two sat separately, but as the passions smoldered onscreen, the two began to inch closer and closer to each other. Toby nudged up against Petra's shoulder and she reciprocated by snuggling up against him. It wasn't more than a few moments after the first romantic scene that Toby's hand was around Petra's shoulder and she edged closer to him as the risque sex scene played on the big screen. At a particularly passionate moment onscreen, Toby leaned over and kissed Petra, who reciprocated as she leaned towards him. When they exchanged a passionate kiss Toby's hands began to slide down Petra's arms toward her chest. Caught up in the moment, Petra didn't stop
his roaming hands before they were under her shirt and firmly planted on her equally firm breasts. Expecting to cop a feel of soft flesh, Toby drew back in surprise as his hand found not a squeezable melon but a hardened pair of rocks on Petra's chest. It wasn't exactly what he was expecting.

"What the hell?" Toby, jolted, stared at Petra's chest and then at her astonished, then regretful face.

"Ahm…would you believe silicon implants?" Petra offered sheepishly.


"Well I hope you're satisfied!" Petra stormed into Julie's room. Julie was sitting on her bed dressed in a robe reading research notes.

"Did Toby get his or should I say YOUR rocks off?" Julie sounded amused.

"Thanks for the great evening!" Petra sarcastically fumed. "I bet Toby thinks I'm some weirdo now with a pair of tits that are hard as…"

"Those found on a bust?" Julie punned again as she laughed aloud.

"It's not funny!" Petra tried to make her case as she pulled her t-shirt off and exposed her marble breasts.

"I know, but I think it was poetic justice for you to go out partially petrified after you spent the majority of the day petrifying people. Hmm? Did we learn a lesson today?" Julie countered.

"Just change them back, okay?" Petra asked sincerely.

"Okay, hold still," Julie stifled another bout of the giggles as she aimed the red ring at Petra's marble-enhanced bustline. "You know the problem with those silicon implants…"

"I've heard that one already," Petra sighed in exasperation. "Just use the damn ring, okay?!" Petra watched eagerly as her hardened breasts lost their marble whiteness, and finally, softened into the globes she had come to know and appreciate so well. "You should have seen Toby's face when he touched them," she said as she cupped her tits to make sure all the stoney hardness had been taken away.

"I bet it was priceless," Julie smiled as she reached across the bed and held up the scrapbook Petra had assembled. "I've been looking through this all night and I think you're onto a good idea. We really should document the petrification experiments in some manner."

"You mean more pictures? Or like, videotape?" Petra sounded excited again.

"Perhaps, I'll think about it in the morning," Julie handed the scrapbook back to Petra.

Petra headed to her room. "Yes, and I'm thinking it's about time you got a taste of the ring…" she said under her breath.

--Getting Even--

Julie slipped under her covers and drifted off into a restful sleep.

Petra, in the meantime, was hatching some schemes. Laying in her bed, panty-less, she caressed her body and waited as the hours ticked by. At 4:00 a.m., unable to sleep and bristling with ideas formulated through the night, Petra snuck into the quiet hallway and slinked down to Julie's room. Quietly opening the bedroom door, the mischievous girl silently and stealthily crept to Julie's dresser. There as Petra suspected was the jewelry case containing the petrifying/restoring rings. Petra slipped the rings onto her fingers and slid under Julie's bed to bide some time.

It seemed like days waiting for the appropriate moment, but Petra willed herself to stay awake. When Julie's alarm began buzzing, Petra almost jumped out of her skin. Did I fall asleep? Is Julie gone? No, she could feel Julie tossing up above on the mattress and Petra began her countdown to payback. Finally the moment arrived as a sleep-deprived Petra watched a dazed Julie crawl out of bed and stagger toward her bathroom. Julie peeled off her t-shirt nightie, revealing her bare back and white cotton panties. Petra stared as Julie slid the underwear down her legs and entered the bathroom. A few seconds later Petra could hear the water running and the shower door being opened and shut again. Here's my moment…the covert girl thought.

Julie stood in the flow of warm water spraying out from the shower-head. She let the refreshing liquid cascade down her back, soaking her blond hair and plastering it to the back of her head. Julie turned around and basked in the delicious fluid striking her naked breasts and trickling down her stomach and rolling down in beads between her legs. She shook her head slowly, flinging droplets and turned, letting the water strike every inch of her body. She didn't even hear the intruder entering the bathroom.

Petra tiptoed closer to the shower. She could see the silhouette of Julie behind the steamed glass door. Here it comes, Julie, Petra gloated to herself. Payback's a bitch! Petra grasped the handle of the shower door. Ready or not…

Julie was in the middle of letting the downpour spray across her face. As she brought her arms up her slick moistened body the shower door suddenly flung open. Julie gasped as she instinctively spun to see Petra aiming the green ring directly at her!

"Surprise!" Petra screamed at the top of her lungs as she squeezed the activation trigger on the ring.

Julie gasped and froze, literally. Instantaneously, the naked woman lost her flesh-tone color and was rendered into a marble nude. As the water continued to sprinkle down onto the stone statue, Petra could only stare awestruck at the results of using the ring. Her quarry had been literally 'quarried' and was now a motionless figure of stone.

"Oh wow…" Petra mouthed softly as she turned off the spray of water. The droplets ran down the white-washed body, giving the marble a slicker, shinier look than usual. The silent statuary she had created stood gloriously naked. Julie's petrified right hand was reaching toward her soaked crotch but had been frozen just-so-close-but-yet-so-far from covering her stoney womanhood.

Outstretched marble fingers hoped to cover her dripping pubic hair but had failed when turned to stone just short of their goal. Similarly, Julie's left hand stretched to her right breast, but her fanned fingers unsuccessfully covered the erect and hardened nipple protruding between. Petra reached out and touched the uncovered left breast. The wet marble stone was slick and Petra's fingers slid off the moistened stone with a squeak. "You look sooo good Julie…" Petra licked her lips and explored the helpless petrified woman with her fingertips. Almost every other time she had petrified someone she was under the pressure of time to restore the victim to normalcy.

Now she could linger and stare as long as she wanted in the privacy of her own home. The tactile sensation of feeling a petrified woman was second only to the feeling of her own body as it was semi-petrified.

"Revenge is cold dish, isn't it Julie? Cold and hard!" Petra crouched to get a look at the tangled petrified pubic hairs between Julie's thighs. She reached up hesitatingly up one of the thighs and around the marbled buttocks. "You look so perfect in stone. In fact you look so good that you should be placed somewhere where everyone can see you…"


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