The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra and The Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

by CMQ

[Parts 1-9 of this story were originally posted on the message boards of Medusa Realm, Hall of Statuary, and Mannequin Lovers.  They now have been brought together in a separate page, accessible via this link, as well as  Parts 10 thru 13, accessible via this link.  The story continues here with Part 14.   Ed.]

Author’s Note:

Inspired by Thorne Smith's 'Night Life of the Gods', here's my homage:

--New Developments--
Petra decided it would be a good idea to stay clear of Julie for the time being, so she avoided visiting Julie's office. Spending the rest of the day in classes, and lunch with Toby really put her in the mood for going out that night. She couldn't, however, resist developing her film and dropped the rolls off in one of the quickie-development outlets near campus. She didn't really worry about anyone in the lab seeing the pictures. After all, they were just pictures of statues…

Petra got a ride home from Toby, who was starting to put the moves on her already. Time enough for that later on, Petra decided as she played coy and hard-to-get. Petra arrived home and dashed upstairs to her room. Picking out a flirty loose t-shirt and tight jeans outfit (no need to send any messages yet…) Petra then turned her attention to her brand new photo album, in which she placed the pictures of her petrified subjects.

"Mmmm," Petra ogled the snapshots of the petrified athlete that morning. Petra gazed at the lines of his petrified chest and she remembered fondly the hard feeling of his petrified penis and balls. The pics of the three coeds went on the next couple of pages. Petra was amused by their frozen bodies, immobilized right as they turned the corner and caught glimpse of the petrified hunk's rear end. Their expressions were priceless! More pages filled with the statued girl in the restroom, a woman in the library, a couple of guys in the hall. All undressed to varying degrees and showing off their petrified anatomy. The last pictures were of the sitting statue by the creek. Just before Julie discovered her.

Petra spent a good couple of hours looking through the pictures, remembering each experience with great fondness. She went downstairs and asked Fifi if Julie had come home yet. She hadn't. Probably still steamed, Petra thought as she grabbed a quick bite to eat. It's a good thing I'm going out tonight, it'll take my mind off things…She heard the phone ring and rushed over. Petra picked up the receiver. "Hi Toby! Sure I'm ready to go! Give me a couple of minutes to get dressed!" Returning to her room with great haste, Petra slipped into her jeans (a difficult maneuver given the tightness) and tucked in her t-shirt. She was going down the stairs when she heard Julie's voice. I'd better apologize for taking the rings or Julie will never let touch them again, Petra decided as she tucked the scrapbook under her arm.

"Julie?" Petra peeked around the open door of the kitchen. Julie sat on one of the island stools eating a sandwich. "Julie, I'm sooo sorry I took the rings without asking you. REALLY sorry."

"You know you shouldn't have taken them. Do you know what kind of problems there will be if anyone finds out you've been petrifying innocent people?" Julie responded.

"I changed them all back!" Petra tried to do some spin-doctoring. "And, and I was real careful that no one saw me…it was all in fun, you know. I even took pictures and everything to document what I was doing. See?" Petra held out the scrapbook she had assembled. "Scientific documentation?"

Julie paged through the book. Petra thought she caught a brief smile of amusement at the three coed statues pictures. "See? Totally innocent fun!" Petra pleaded, her nipples hardening as she remembered the erotic feel of being turned to stone herself.

"You should have been a lot more careful," Julie seemed to be softening her stance. "Something like this needs to be tested under laboratory conditions and not out in the public."

"Like when you did it to Daphne? Twice?" Petra parryed.

"That was different," Julie pointed her finger in emphasis as Fifi came into the kitchen.

"Miss Petra, there is a young man here to see you. A Toby Wilkins?" Fifi asked.

"Oh tell him I'll be right out!" Petra exclaimed as Fifi left the kitchen. "So everything is okay, right? I'll never, ever take the rings again without your permission, okay?" Petra pleaded. "Please say you forgive me?"

Julie sighed and closed the scrapbook. There didn't seem to be any harm done. And Petra's hit-and-run photography of her stoney subjects was intriguing. And every one of the statues had been restored to normal. "All right, I forgive you."

"Oh thank you! Thank you!" Petra kissed Julie on the cheek. "I have to go now but I'll tell you all about today when I get back!" Petra made a beeline for the door.

"Wait a minute Petra," Julie said. "I still think you need to be punished for stealing the rings."

"Punished?" Petra spun around on her heel in disbelief to see Julie leveling the petrification ring at her. "Wha?" she managed to gasp as she saw Julie bathe her chest in the green beam. "What have you done?" Petra lifted her shirt and looked at her petrified breasts. Her tits had been perfectly immortalized as twin white marble cups with prominently erect nipples pointing out. "I-I can't go out like this! What if Toby and I…"

"You're just going to have to be careful," Julie smiled as she slid off the stool and grabbed her sandwich.

"Aw come on Julie! Change them back now!" Petra pulled her shirt down over her stone cleavage and followed Julie out to the foyer where she saw Toby waiting for her. "Change them ba-TOBY!"

"Hi Petra," Toby said. He smiled at the first sight of Petra in her skin tight blue jeans and maroon top but his wide eyes were locked on Petra's chest, specifically the protruding nipples.

"Have fun tonight kids," Julie smiled. "But not TOO much fun."

"No chance of that," Petra said under her breath as Toby escorted her out the front door. His gaze still riveted to her bosom.

[Stay tuned for the next intriguing adventures of our interpid statuephiles!]