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What has gone before: The fabulous femmes triumphed over the new villainess, Miss Midas, who attempted to turn the heroines into golden trophies. Work has begun on repairing the damage caused to the building during both her and Madame Medusa's rampages.

RT-10 was hovering down the empty corridor of FF INC HQ. There was quite a bit of activity due to all the construction going on in the residential sector. The scaffolding outside was due to be removed in a few days and the internal security system could be brought back online when the building was finally secured again. Artie puttered past the door leading to Sue and Wanda's living room. Further down the hall was Dee and Angie's joint quarters. And beyond that Darlene and Stacey's. Stacey had become quite at home with the team, and was ready to move into the guest quarters as soon as they were finished with the remodeling. She was, even now, out shopping for clothing and furnishings for her apartment at FF INC HQ. It was good for her to get out and explore the outside world, although one of the members of FF INC often had to go with her. Her naivete caused her to be a little too trusting sometimes. Today she was with one of Cosmic Girl's old roomates, Candi Kane, a model who had no qualms about leading Stacey on a major shopping spree.

Artie was on his way to that section to deliver refreshments to Susan when an arc of electricity leapt out of the wall socket and into his metal body. "Squarrrrk-systems-error-invasive-presence-detec-" The tray of snacks clattered to the floor as Artie twisted and writhed in what could only be described as robotic agony. A few seconds later, Artie grew silent as his optical visor blinked rapidly before settling into its normal glow. A glow which seemed eerily malevolent.


"How does it look?" Stacey asked as she turned to see herself in the triple mirrors. She was wearing a sexy leather skirt and short jacket over a mesh top. Her black brassiere showed through the flimsy transparent top. Candi took one look and gave it a thumbs up.

"You look hot, girl!" she smiled, as she brushed her shoulder length black hair off her shoulders. She had known Darlene, aka Cosmic Girl, since before the latter had gained her amazing cosmic powers and become a superheroine. She tried to keep in touch, but her figure modeling often left her little time to catch up with her old friend. Of course, the day she did have free, Darlene was stuck on monitor duty. She didn't hesitate to help out the blonde Stacey though. She seemed nice and sincere, if a little naive at times, like she had just been dropped off into the world.


Sue was busy painting the interior wall a pristine off-white and humming to herself. It wouldn't be too long before the guest suites would be ready again. She was dressed casually in cutoff shorts and a green tube top and perched ontop of a wooden stepladder. As she reached down to rewet the paint roller, Artie came into the room behind her. "Mistress-Susan-may-I-offer-assistance?" His optical sensors lingered on Susan's shapely buttocks, her cutoff jeans were showing more than a little of her cheeky rear end as she bent over the top of the ladder. The space between her legs seemed to be yawning for attention.

Susan turned her head at Artie's voice, "Oh, Artie. No thank you. I'm just about finished here," she said as she turned to stroke the roller onto the wall.

Artie continued leering at Sue's fine ass and targeted his stasis beam. A lance of blue-green energy struck Sue right between the legs. "Ohh!" She gasped in surprise, her expression of surprise froze onto her face as she became rigid.

Artie hovered over, checking out the motionless Sue's body. She was delightfully supporting herself with her right arm while the left was outstretched with the paint-covered rollerbrush. Artie grasped Susan's waist in his twin manipulator claws and lifted her immobile body off of the ladder. Sue remained completely stiff. She had no sense of what was happening, for her body was now in a state of frozen suspended animation. "This-unit-thinks-you-would-look-much-better-without-clothing-Let-this-unit-help-you-out-of-these-hah-hah-hah," Artie droned in his mechanical voice. The little robot pulled Sue's tube top down to her waist, over her hips, and down those glamourous legs. Unbuttoning the shorts came next, and Artie pulled the tight fitting cutoffs past Sue's hips, revealing her perfectly smooth butt and pubic bush. Clad only in her socks and sneakers, Sue remained motionless. Fixed into the same stationary position that Artie had frozen her into Sue was helpless as the little robot plucked the rollerbrush out of her stiffened grasp and began to liberally roll the white paint onto the front of Sue's body from her thighs to her chest. "Hmm-I-like-painting!" Artie crowed as he slathered another coat of paint onto Sue's breasts and rolled downwards, covering her blonde pubic hairs in sticky paint.


"How's this one?" Stacey asked. She was wearing tight fitting blue jeans and a striped red top. The horizontal white stripes emphasized the girl's bustline.

Candi nodded her approval. She liked the red and white top as well and picked up one for herself. It fit her body like a glove, for she kept in shape for all those nude modeling sessions for artists and photographers. It had started out as something of a hobby, a way to earn extra cash, but she had actually made quite a good living off of her body. "Come on Stacey, we've still got a dozen places more to hit and the day's still early!" They headed for the cash registers, laughing.


Wanda stripped off her pink exercise wear and headed for the shower. Her lovely tanned body glistening with sweat. Trotting to the shower, her breasts bouncing loosely, she opened the shower stall door and stepped into the biege tiled recepticle and closed the door. Turning the overhead faucet head on, she allowed the warm water to flow onto her naked form. "Hmmmmmm," she turned into the stream, letting the water cascade onto her breasts and run down between her legs.

Artie had been monitoring Wanda's workout and was waiting for her to hit the showers. The robot was on the maintenence level, at the junction for the main water line which fed the showers. Another temporary pipe was newly attached to the shower pipes and lead back to a sealed ten gallon cannister. When internal registers noted that the shower had been activated, Artie hit the switch which caused the water flow to be diverted and the liquid from the cannister began to flow instead to the unsuspecting Wanda.

Wanda turned her back to the overhead nozzle and let the water straighten her dark curls until they lay plastered against her back. This feels soooo good, she thought. The warm water...the "Ohh!" She arched her back as the warm stream suddenly became ice cold and thicker in consistency. White liquid plaster doused the back of her head, flowing like a river down her back, over those fine buttocks and down each leg to the drain. Spinning around, Wanda got a face full of plaster, which rained down onto her breasts, heading down over her pubic region and coating her completely in the white creamy substance. "What is this?" Wanda said in shocked surprise as the gooey shower of plaster continued coating her body. She turned towards the door, but found it stuck into place. "Help!" she called out. The door was stuck closed! And the plaster was hardening fast. She was already finding it hard to move. "Unnggh! H-help!" she tried to cry out but her body was now frozen stiff under the plaster coating. The hardened plaster had immobilized her completely, even her eyes were frozen shut under the quick-hardening spray.

Artie unlocked the door and stared at the rigidly posed figure within. Her hands, originally pressed against the door, were now frozen in the air and she was completely white as a marble sculpture. Artie tapped his claw against Wanda's stiffened body. A clacking sound confirmed she was hard as a rock. "Hmmm-someone-left-a-statue-in-the-shower-heh-heh-heh," the machine cackled.


"Do you really think I need this?" Stacey asked. She was holding up a lacy piece of lingerie which seemed to be made up of only a few inches of cloth.

"A girl always needs a nice piece of lingerie!" Candi replied. "Trust me on this one! If you don't like wearing it out under your street clothes, you could always wear it to bed. Nothing like feeling sexy in your intimates while you sleep."

"Well, I-," Stacey started, trying not to spill the beans on her previous life existence as a statue.

"What are you? A heavy sleeper?" Candi asked.

"Very heavy," Stacey replied.


Angelica looked up at the commviewer, "You know you really don't have to come up here. Don't you have anything planned with your friends?"

"Aw, come on sis. You said you'd help instruct me, so I'll see you in about a week, during spring break, okay?" Tiffany said on the viewscreen. She was all of nineteen years old and had inheirited the genetic abilities Angie had.

"Are you sure you're serious about this?" Angie asked. She knew her little sister's sense of responsibility and commitment was soundly lacking at times. The last thing she needed was to end up preparing time to train her in the use of her powers and have the little college student flake out on her.

"I'm serious! See you later!" Tiffany grinned as she cut the transmission.

Why don't I believe you? Angie thought as she walked from the comm station and into the workout room. It was filled with all sorts of traditional and not so traditional exercise devices, allowing each member of FF INC to push her body to the limit. In addition, there was a full spa and health center set up to pamper the heroines after a tiring workout. A mud bath, seaweed wrap, tanning booths and whirlpool spa were only a few of the options.

Angelica opened the Tan-X 3000 lid. It was, for lack of a better description, a coffin-like specialty gadget to allow her to get a tan much faster than she would in normal sunlight. Due to her resistance to heat and fire, Angie found the Tan-X 3000 to be an easy way to soak up enough heat to tan her skin. Because the device emitted such extreme heat within, it was necessary to be a totally enclosed type of tanning booth. Angie peeled off her panties and slipped naked into the tanning bed. She set the digital timer on the outside for thirty minutes at 900 degrees farenheit. That should be enough to get me a light tan, she figured as she closed the lid tightly.

Artie was secretly observing Flamestar during her undressing and optical sensors followed every move of the red-tressed heroine in her nude glory as she got into the tanning chamber. When the lid was shut, Artie dragged in a pressurized cannister and attached it to where the heating coils warmed the chamber.

The chamber was being slowly warmed and Angie was lying on her back trying to relax. The fact that her sister was coming to visit was making her even more restless in the dark, confined space of the tanning device. They had always differed on matters concerning Tiffany's developing powers. Angie thought it best Tiffany finish her education before trying to play superheroine. Tiff, of course, wanted to jump right into the heroine biz immediately. It always gave Angie a headache. Calm down and relax she told herself. Let the warm...brrr, she shivered. It's getting chilly in here. Her powers made her quite sensitive to drops in temperature and she often had a difficult time fighting off the effects of freezing weaponry. I'd better adjust the setting and make sure it's...the door's stuck! "Help! I c-can't open the d-door and it's g-g-getting c-c-c-older!" she wailed as her warm breath fought against the advancing cold. H-help m-m-mee...s-s-s-omebody...l-let m-m-me out!" Her body was becoming rigid from the cold and she could feel icy particles forming on her skin. If she didn't get out soon she would be frozen solid!

Artie as hovering outside the Tan-X 3000 ignoring Flamestar's pleas for help. He had attached a cannister of liquid nitrogen to the tanning device and had been injecting the contents into the rapidly-cooling chamber. After Angie's cries for help stopped he unlocked the door and opened it up. The sudden influx of warm air caused the icy block in which Flamestar was frozen stiff to emit steam. She was pressing up against the iceblock with her open palms, her head turned to one side with her eyes closed as if she had passed out due to the cold. Her lovely nude body was a cool whitish-blue, indicating she was completely frozen. "Excellent-she-is-frozen-solid!" Artie peered down over his icebound captive.


"Ohh, look at these!" Stacey cooed as she picked up a pair of fuzzy slippers.

"You're gonna need some pumps," Candi picked out a pair of white, three inch heeled shoes.

Stacey tried them on and swayed off balance.

"And a pair of black heels...some leather boots...can't forget the tennis shoes...and a set of..." Candi rambled on as she began stacking boxes of footwear for Stacey to try on.


Shadow Lady sat in her quarters and reached for a can of adhesive spray. She shook the can and primed the nozzle. Taking the right strip of costuming which covered her right breast, she aimed the can and sprayed a quick short burst of tacky medical adhesive onto her mammary. Patting the costume down onto the adhesive, she made sure her costume was securely stuck into place before doing the same to her other breast. There, that should help me avoid any embarassing moments in public, she told herself. Her costume was revealing enough, she didn't need to be popping out of it on a case. Artie hovered into her room behind her carrying two spraycans.

"May-I-assist?" he queried.

"Oh, I'm sorry Artie, but I'm all done!" Dee chirped. She didn't think twice about having Artie help her with such a personal matter. It wasn't like he was a horny guy or something.

"But-I-insist!" Artie said in a threatening tone, or at least as threatening as synthesized voices could get.

"No, I re-" Dee began before Artie began spraying her body with both cans of the super sticky substance. "Hey! Stop!" Dee cried as she felt her skin grow tacky and strings of hardened adhesive began to adhere to her body. "'s too...sticky..." Dee pleaded as Artie continued his sticky assault. Dee's right hand was stuck to her thigh and her left was stuck behind her head, trapped in clumps of sticky hair strands. Dee fell to the carpet, her thighs touching and getting stuck together. Her cape fell across her mouth, creating an instant gag of sorts as her lips became adhered to the fabric. "Mmmmphhh!" she muttered as she lie in a sticky, unmovable mess. Artie looked over the trapped heroine and turned away. "Now-for-the-last-target-and-my-revenge!"


"I think I look terrible," Stacey pouted. She was wearing a figure-baring metallic silver bikini.

"Are you kidding?" Candi replied. "You look like a supermodel in that! What do you normally wear when you get wet?

"Um...nothing," Stacey thought of her life as a statue on the edge of Madame Medusa's reflective pool.

"Ah, so you're from Europe then?" Candi said surprised. "I guess that would explain a lot..."


Cosmic Girl sat on the chair backwards, leaning against the back-rest and staring at the monitors. Boring! she told herself. I wish something would happen. Anything! Monitor duty is so dull...she thought blissfully, unaware that Artie was coming up behind her and targeting her white pantied butt which was peeking out from her hiked up miniskirt.

"Ohh!" Darlene jumped as she felt a sharp sensation in the bared part of her left buttock. It was like she had been pinched, or...injected! She turned around, her mind clouding over and saw Artie holding an expended syringe in one claw. She tried to reach out, but her limbs felt as heavy as girders. She slumped to the floor, unconscious.

Artie grabbed the senseless heroine by her ankles, dragging her across the floor, her skirt bunching up at her waist, revealing the pantied crotch beneath. In the medical lab, he lifted Darlene up and shackled her arms into energy dampening restraints. He did the same to each of her feet, leaving her trussed up against the wall in an 'x' shape, her legs spread wide apart and her head slumped down in slumber.


"Do you really think I should be spending this much?" Stacey asked.

Candi plopped down into the bean bag chair and punched the sides a little. "Of course! You need something of your own to spruce up your room! Something that says 'this is me' to everyone!" She got up and dusted her tight fitting white slacks off. "Ewww, take a look at this!" Candi was holding up a tacky looking lamp with the Statue of Liberty as the base and the torch covered by a shade.

"That's definitely me!" Stacey laughed to Candi's disbelieving stare.


"Uhnnnn..." Darlene slowly began to regain her senses. She tried to focus on the blurry visuals in her head. "Ohhh!" she realized she was restrained and tried to shake her arms and legs loose to no avail. Across the room Artie was arranging her teammates! Susan was stark naked, except for her footwear, and leaning with her butt against the wall. She seemed to be in some sort of suspended animation, judging by her stiffly posed body. The white paint streaked across the front of her body was another matter though that Darlene couldn't even guess at. A huge block of ice was standing against the wall, clamps holding the nude captive Flamestar upright. Darlene judged that Angie had almost no time to react to the freezing based on her frozen pose and expression. Next to the ice was a stiff and whitened Wanda standing in a inch-thick block of hardened plaster. She had her arms pressed against an imaginary wall, her body language suggested that she was trying to escape from a confined space when she became immobilized. On the floor, Dee was stuck in a tangled, contorted lump. Her limbs stuck in odd positions to her head, body and clothing. She tried to speak, but her words came out muffled by her gag.

"Ah-you-are-awake!" Artie turned to face the captive Cosmic Girl.

"Artie? H-how could you do this to us?" Darlene asked. She couldn't believe the loyal robot could ever betray them. He had always seemed like an unofficial team member. "Let me go immediately," she ordered. "Please," she added.

"I-cannot-comply," Artie responded.

I? Since when did Artie ever refer to himself in the first person? Darlene's mind raced. Artie always referred to himself as 'this unit'! "Artie, what's wrong with you? You've never called yourself 'I' before?"

"That's-because-I-am-not-Artie!" Artie said to Darlene's shocked expression. A crackling discharge of electrical energy surrounded the robot as a man dressed in a dark forest green and gold costume shot out of robot's sparking body. A trail of lightning-like power flowed from his torso down while his upper body looke quite human.

"Electron!" Cosmic Girl cried out upon recognizing her old foe.

"Yes! Do you think I forgot that it was you who sent me to prison for the past six months?" Electron powered down, his lower body becoming human again. He stood over the battered body of Artie and gave it a swift kick. The robot flailing its malfunctioning arms. "Due to the fact that your security protocols were not yet back up, I was able to infiltrate your building through the electrical systems and possessed your little mechanical friend here," he booted Artie again.

"Stop that!" Darlene cried out defensively, trying to free herself from the shackles.

"You'll find those dampen your powers quite effectively, my dear. And I brought a little something to make my revenge complete!" Electron showed Cosmic Girl a triangular piece of metal with little wires and diodes sticking out. What was more ominous was the cylindrical shaft in the middle of the piece. It had a curved tip and was covered with all sorts of computer chips and machinery.

"W-what are you going to do with that?" Cosmic Girl asked, hoping it wasn't going to be used for what she thought it would be.

Electron stepped over to the bound heroine and lifted her miniskirt up to her waist.

"NO! Stop that!" Darlene pleaded. "Don't-"

"Come now, we've been old enemies for some time now. I think I'm entitled," Electron smiled as he pulled Darlene's panties down to her mid thigh. He gazed threateningly at her exposed genitals and inserted the strange device into her vagina so that the metal part covered her pubic region completely.

"No..." Cosmic Girl said softly as Electron attached the wires to her pelvis by the adhesive contacts.

"There! Now for some payback!" he said as he activated the device.

Instantly Cosmic Girl's body was filled with raw power. It was erotic and painful at the same time. She twisted in her restraints, writhing in both agony and ecstasy.

"And the fun begins!" Electron smiled widely. "Pleasure and pain, my dear. How exquisite that you will perish while experiencing your most excrutiating, most exhilarating orgasm ever! Ha, ha!"

Artie lay on the metal floor. His systems were overloaded from Electron's takeover, but with the evil presence gone, he could begin self-diagnostic repair mode. Foreign-influence-system-error-removed-begin-begin-self-repair-situation-assessed-error-Electron-Cosmic-Girl-needs-assistance-power-supply-dwindling-assist-team-stasis-emittor-offline-laser-power-half-strength-yet-functional-prepare-to-activate-laser-barrage-now. A lance of red energy beams erupted from Artie's left claw, striking Electron hard in the back. The villain collapsed to the ground, screaming in pain and rage.

Artie hovered drukenly over to Cosmic Girl and activated the shackle release switches. She pulled the invasive device from her body and adjusted her panties to cover her privates. "T-thanks, Artie. I-I knew you couldn't have betrayed us..."

Electron rolled over and saw Cosmic Girl was free from the restraints. Not only that, but that robot was freeing the other heroines! Melting the ice block Flamestar was encased in...deactivating the stasis effect which froze Transparency Girl...dissolving the adhesive which kept Shadow Lady bound...cracking the plaster shellack which immobilized the Crimson Sorceres! It was taking the last bit of energy that Artie had, but he succeeded in releasing all the heroines!

"I'm out of here..." Electron staggered to his feet as Cosmic Girl advanced, her fists glowing with cosmic bolt energy.

"Are you going to come along quietly?" she glowered as her freed teammates fell in behind her.

"Damn, I'm overmatched!" he said as he beat a hasty retreat, his lower torso becoming electrical energy as he flew out of the room. An electric contrail left in his wake.

"After him!" Sue ordered. She was still virtually naked, but there was no way she was going to let Electron get away with what he did. The heroines dashed down the corridors, following the trail of electric energy.

"Artie has him on the scanner! He hasn't left the building!" Angie cried out, her naked body erupting into flame which carried her aloft.

"He went this way," Dee yelled. It was as if he was headed straight for...the molecular transformer!

The five heroines burst into the vault-like room where the Mok'tn molecular transformer was being kept. With the security system down, it would be no problem for Electron to infiltrate the room in his pure energy state.

"Where is he?" Cosmic Girl cried.

"Oh no! Flamestar yelled, seeing the villain aiming the projector emitter at them. "He's got the molecul-"

"Stop hi-" Sue began as they were all bathed in the eerie alien energy.

As the glowing energy faded away, where five heroines stood were now five gleaming and glistening statues of chrome! Electron removed the helmet and stared at what he had accomplished. He had learned of its existence while inhabiting Artie's memory banks and made an effort to access the top secret data. "Excellent! Such a device should not be sequestered away! Think of the possibilities..." he admired the nude chrome body of the Crimson Sorceress, leaning forward on one foot, her arms out to her sides. Her supple breasts now polished metal...

And Shadow Lady and Cosmic Girl stood motionless next to her, their costumes had

changed as well as their bodies to silvery chrome. Even wearing chrome clothing, they looked lovely as metallic maidens frozen for all time. Transparency Girl stood pointing at where Electron had stood when he activated the device. She wore a determined look on her face as if she could not believe that Electron could ever beat them. It was a look she would wear forever. Her steely gaze was locked onto empty space now. Her nude body immortalized as a statue. Next to her was Flamestar, reacting in fear at the forthcoming villainous victory. She too had a perfect chrome figure, her nipples erect with tension, or from being in that block of ice for so long.

Electron stroked the chromed arm of Cosmic Girl, admiring the chromed figure for its beauty and delighting in the fact that his old foe was now nothing more than a helpless statue now. "You all make such excellent display pieces," he gloated to the quintet chrome scuptures. "It's time I had a trophy room..."

"I don't think so!" a female voice said.

Electron spun to face the voice. He saw only Susan's rigid silver form staring back at him. A form which seemed to explode into a million fragments. Electron instinctively shielded his eyes and stared at the living, breathing, naked Transparency Girl. The statue of Flamestar next to her was melting...but the chrome was only melting OFF her body! Electron tried to escape in energy form, but found himself trapped inside a transparent bubble created by Sue. He tried in vain, zig-zagging back and forth trying to find an opening, but had no luck. "No! It's impossible! How did you?"

"Just credit my transparent force fields, which I projected over our bodies before we entered the room," Sue replied. "And get ready for another long stint in prison Electron!"

"Hmm...this chrome is melting right off my body," Angie grinned as she increased her body temperature. "Must be third rate material!"

Sue projected a form-fitting transparent field under the coats of chrome which were immobilizing Wanda and Dee. They were soon freed from their rigid encasement. It was fortunate that Sue had some experience in creating that type of thin, skin tight transparent fields, otherwise they all would have really ended up as chrome sculptures. It was the field which was turned to chrome, their bodies remained untouched beneath!

"Thanks for freeing us," Wanda said as she stretched her nude body. Dee picked up some thin fragments of chrome and reflected on how close she came to really becoming a statue if Sue's field had not blocked the effect.

"Hey? What's going on in here?" Stacey asked. She was carrying an armload of shopping bags and boxes. Candi was right behind her, similarly encumbered. They couldn't figure out why over half the women were naked and why a known supervillain was bouncing around inside an invisible globe.

The five heroines stared at the ridiculous sight of Stacey and Candi overloaded with packages and broke out giggling.

"You look like you've had a rougher day than we did!" Dee stopped laughing long enough to say.


authors note: this chapter introduces Tiffany, the nineteen year old sister of Flamestar. Tiffany will become quite a major participant in the next two chapters as she has interests quite unlike the other heroines...or so it seems at first. And Candi Kane has a whole slew of adventures as well in the non-heroic yet still-asfr-oriented vein. Hopefully I'll be able to get around to some of them!

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