BY CMQ 02-98

What has gone before: The plot by the nefarious Electron to use FF INC droid RT-10 to betray FF INC was foiled by Transparency Girl's (Susan) creative use of her transparent shield powers. With the repair and security upgrade to FF INC HQ completed, the members of FF INC are relaxing with some well deserved time off.


Angie stretched out in the warm summer sun in her skimpy light green string bikini. She could have sunbathed much more efficiently at FF INC HQ, but with all the reconstruction, rennovation and repairs following the Madame Medusa, Miss Midas and Electron incidents, she was glad just to get away from being cooped up in the building anymore. I probably won't get much of a tan either, she thought, but at least I'm out in the sun. The only annoying thing was guys kept trying to pick her up while she was reading her novel. Not that her sister, Tiffany was bothered by any of the attention she was getting in her red and gold twist bikini. She had come up to the city during break in classes. Tiffany was becoming more enamored to becoming a costumed heroine, despite her lack of experience in using her powers. Like Angie, Tiffany had been born with the ability to control heat and flame. She was a little too reckless and inexperienced though, in Angie's opinion. Tiffany even had the audacity to create her own costume and a code name, Heatwave. Angie had offered to help train her in the use of her powers, but only during breaks from college classes because Tiffany's education should come first. Of course, Tiffany had the completely opposite view concerning her powers. Angie really wasn't looking forward to it, because Tiffany never seemed to follow her instructions, but figured it was better she got some instruction rather than none at all. With Tiffany off flirting with the young men on the beach, Angie refocused her attention on her book. Just give me an hour to relax, she murmurred to herself. Before the training sessions begin...

In the middle of her reflections, a dark shadow fell over the page she was reading and she lowered her sunglasses to peer up at a guy in red swimming trunks.

"Excuse me, but I think you'd be a great contestant in our bikini contest," he said smiling. "There's a cash prize of $300. You'd win for sure," he said, his eyes lingering on her breasts.

"Bikini contest?" Angie replied. Just great. The guy was kinda cute, and not out of shape, but she was seeking peace and solitude. Besides, she could feel his eyes looking up and down her scantily clad body, undressing her. "Thanks," she said politely, "but no thanks. I just want to read my book, really."

"Okay," he said dejectedly, "our loss I guess..." he trudged away through the hot sand.

A few minutes later Angie could hear the sounds of an announcer on a public address system which seemed loud enough to be heard on the moon, followed by the loud cheers and hollering of what sounded like a mostly male audience. Great, sulked Tiffany, now I don't even have the quiet...Oh well, the supertan chamber back at HQ really isn't that bad...

"THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THE WEST BEACH AMATEUR BIKINI CONTEST! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SEXY BIKINIS?" blared the announcer. The crowd roared it's approval in the form of a group "YEAHHHHHHHHH!"

Okay, that's it. I'm outta here, Tiffany thought as she began to gather her belongings.

The tanned contestants, all dressed in the skimpiest of bikinis began to parade down the stage. Most wore neon colored thong bottom suits and skimpy tops which revealed just about everything. The crowd roared as each contestant walked the runway, pivoted and walked back to the stage. "HERE'S A SEXY LITTLE BABE....HOW ABOUT A WARM WELCOME FOR...DANIELLE!!!!" A tall blonde wearing six inch pink pumps and a hot pink suit which could only be described as a thin 'v' which left nothing to the imagination paraded down the runway, swaying her hips with each step. The crowd cheered in unison as she stopped at the end of the runway and turned around, flashing her practically fully-exposed butt at the assembled throng. The crowd was so engrossed in the spectacle that it didn't even notice the circular hovercraft approaching until it cast it's shadow over the runway. A man clad in purple with gold armor pads and a protective helmet was hanging leaning on a rope ladder attached to the bottom of the open air hovercraft and firing some sort of weapon at the voluptuous Danielle. Instantly, she was coated with a spray of plaster which hardened on contact, rendering her a pristine white statue. The crowd started to panic and began to run away from the stage to safety. The bikini contestants began to flee in panic as well, but the Plaster Master began to pick them off quickly. One brunette with short hair in an orange bikini was frozen in mid run, her heels plastered to the stage and teetered like a fragile sculpture. Another blonde in a black suit was covered and turned into instant statuary, her lovely tanned flesh made pure white by the plaster spray. Plaster Master adjusted the spray setting, targeted, and froze two more contestants as they collided with each other. The stage was now mostly cleared of people, with only a collection of plaster statues rooted in the spots where they were coated. "More beauties for my collection," he laughed as he descended from the ladder and began attaching anti-grav homing units to each of the newly made statues. Each frozen girl floated lazily upwards to the open cockpit as Plaster Master looked around for more victims to spraycoat.

Angie was putting her beach towel into her bag when she heard shouts and screaming. She peeked through her sunglasses and saw a panicked mob running in all directions away from the stage where the bikini contest was taking place. She squinted to see that floating overhead was an ominous looking saucer shaped hovercraft. "That's the Plaster Master's hovercraft!" she exclaimed as scattering beachgoers ran past her. "Don't panic! Slow down!" she screamed, trying to be heard over the fleeing crowd. "Flamestar power on!" she exclaimed as her bikinied body was enveloped in an aura of energy, causing her yellow, flame accented costume to materialize on her. She flew into the blue sky leaving a blazing flame trail behind her. Startled members of the crowd stopped and pointed to her as she flew across the beach to the stage.

Plaster Master was climbing up the ladder to his ship when he saw the blazing contrail coming at him. "So, Fem Fantastique, Inc. is here!" he said. "I've been waiting for a rematch!" He unholstered his plaster spraygun and climbed into the cockpit. Stacked like fallen mannequins were about a dozen plaster coated bikini girls, all rigidly immobile under their thin, skintight plaster casts. They were actually in a state of suspended animation, thanks to the statue-spray the Plaster Master discovered. The statue-spray, when mixed with his rapid drying plaster, created micro thin, instant hardening, virtually indestructable bodycasts. He looked behind him and saw Flamestar approaching. Wait, it wasn't Flamestar, but someone different. Another girl, with red hair and wearing an asymmetrical gold and orange outfit which bared her right leg and left arm was flying toward him, enveloped in the same flame aura Flamestar used. "So, there's a new heroine in town, eh?" he said to himself.

Tiffany had spotted the commotion from the other side of the beach that Angie was on and had changed into her Heatwave costume. She had practiced flying enough on her own to be quite adept at hovering. Maneuvering was touch-and-go, though, nowhere near as agile in the air as Flamestar was. She could see the captured girls being loaded onto the saucer and approached the villain. "Hey! Let those girls go!" she yelled, wondering if she sounded heroic enough.

"And you are?" asked Plaster Master, adjusting his plaster blaster at Tiffany and firing a thick stream of plaster at the flying girl.

"Heatwave!" she said proudly, igniting a fireball in her hand. She dodged the first blast from Plaster Master easily enough and tossed her flaming weapon, off the mark...

"Damn..." she muttered, twisting in the air to avoid another stream of plaster from the villain. I'm gonna have to work on my aim, she thought.

"Tif-Heatwave, no! Don't underestimate him! He's more clev-" Flamestar called out. She was approaching from the other side when she saw below that a little boy had tripped in the stampeding crowd and was in danger of being trampled. Veering off course, Flamestar dived into the crowd, snatching the boy up in her cooled down arms before the mad rush arrived.

"I can take down this chump!" Heatwave said defiantly, as she dodged another stream of plaster only to be taken by surprise by the wide spray setting on Plaster Master's weapon. She had only an instant to gasp in surprise as she was suddenly coated head to toe in the statue-spray which stiffened her body into rigidity an instant before it hardened the wet plaster it was blended with. The whitened statue began to fall out of the sky, plummeting to the beach below.

"NO!" screamed Flamestar, who set the little boy down and soared back into the sky. She saw her sister's body lose color and become bleached white as the statue spray hardened her body and the mist of plaster spray onto her. Flamestar remembered how it felt when she was doused in a shower of quick-hardening plaster during her first encounter with Plaster Master. How she felt that sudden shock of being covered head to toe, that horrible feeling as her body literally hardened and her mind realizing what was happening in that brief instant before blanking out. It was too late to prevent Heatwave's plaster bodycasting, and Plaster Master had already maneuvered his craft to catch the descending statue of Heatwave. Igniting her fists in flames, Flamestar prepared to take out the hover thrusters on the saucer when she saw Plaster Master push something over the side...a plaster coated girl! She instinctively altered her flight path to intercept the frozen girl, catching her a moment before she hit the ocean. Holding the plastered to immobility bikini contestant in her arms, she looked up into the sky for the hovercraft. Gone. He used the plastered girl for his getaway, she thought, and the stupid thing is she probably would have survived the fall intact due to that superhard coat of plaster on her body. Plaster Master knew I would instinctively rescue her, she realized, before flying in a direct path to FF INC HQ with the plastered victim.

At FF INC HQ, Artie got to work on dissolving the plastered girl's coating with the counter acting dissolver the Plaster Master had invented. Shadow Lady and Galatea were helping Artie apply the dissolving agent to the plastered girl's body while Flamestar was conferring with Transparency Girl and the Crimson Sorceress. "We've got to go after him, Sue! He's got Tiffany!" Flamestar pleaded. "Who knows what sick things he's going to do to her?"

"I know you're worried about your sister, Angie," comforted Susan, "but right now we don't know where he's taken her. We need to..."

"We need to get out there and start searching for her!" Flamestar interrupted. "We can't just sit around and..." She was interrupted by a beeping comm signal on one of the monitors. The Crimson Sorceress strode over to the control and activated the receive transmission button.

"Hello, lovely ladies!" beamed the Plaster Master, his face filling the screen.

"Plaster Master!" Angie screamed. She ran over to the monitor, almost shoving Wanda off balance. "Where are you! What have you done with my sister?" Angie demanded.

"Ah, so she's your sister!" the master of plaster smiled. "I was wondering where she got her...talents from!" "I know you're tracing this transmission, so I'll just keep it short and sweet. Rescue her...If you dare!" The monitor went black as he finished his defiant boast.

"Did we get the trace?" Angie asked. Wanda nodded in agreement from the control panel next to her.

"Uhm, this is starting to look like a trap, right?" asked Dee, pouring some dissolver over the frozen girl's thigh, revealing the lush tropical tan beneath the alabaster coating which had encased her.

"I don't care! I'm going to rescue her!" declared Flamestar.

"We're going," corrected Sue. "Get the Inc Jet primed for takeoff!"

"What can I do?" asked Galatea, screwing the cap back onto a cannister of plaster dissolvant. "I want to help Tiffany, too."

"Stacy, please stay here and watch the monitors. I don't think your abilities will be of much use to us on this mission," Sue replied. "Artie may need some assistance in preparing the solutions necessary to revive all the girls he's turned into plaster statuary."

"All right," Stacy answered, watching the five women depart for the hanger deck. She returned her attention to the swimsuit-clad woman, now totally stripped of her plaster shell, but still as immobile as before. Stacy admired the sculptured look the woman had, her neon green bikini showed off her tight abdomen and even tighter buns. Her full-styled auburn hair had tiny flakes of plaster still imbedded in the strands, her nipples were pressing against the thin material of the swimsuit top. She's so much like I used to be, reflected Stacy. A statue if not in appearance, than in condition. So hard and stiff, unbending, an immortal sculpture. Her train of thought was distracted at the roar of the Inc Jet departing.

The Inc Jet set down on the outskirts of the city, near an industrial sector. The transmission had been traced to a building which looked abandoned. An unsettling thought for the team, as their first encounter with Plaster Master was in a similar setting. "We stick together this time," Sue motioned towards the open corrugated metal loading door to the structure. Sue concentrated on enveloping them in a mobile transparent shield, to protect them from any of the Plaster Master's spray attacks.

"Nightvision/infra-red isn't revealing anything," Dee commented, scanning the room with her sunglassess-like goggles.

Flamestar activated her heat aura, illuminating their surroundings as if her glowing body was a lantern.

"I don't see anything unusual," remarked Cosmic Girl.

"Well just remember what happened last time," Wanda replied, her memory flashing back to the uncomfortable experience of being stark naked and encased in a plaster bodycast by the Plaster Master's groping hands.

"I've got a transparent bubble shielding us," said Transparency Girl. "But keep on your..." her words were interrupted by the sudden sound of the floor giving way under her feet.

The floor looked like it became a gigantic piece of Swiss Cheese as dozens of circular holes appeared beneath the heroine's feet. Each member tumbled down separate holes, sliding down metal tubing. Only Flamestar, her heat aura keeping her aloft, was left in the suddenly evacuated area as the floor sections snapped back into place, leaving a quiet, emptyness which was unsettling. "If you want to rescue your sister..." came the Plaster Master's voice over a loudspeaker.

"Enough of these games!" Angie yelled angrily. "Or are you too cowardly to face me alone?"

A section of the wall slid aside, revealing a well lighted room. It was filled with statues, or more accurately, women encased in thin, hardened plaster bodycasts which made them look like statues. It was eerily similar to the previous "gallery" Flamestar remembered from her first encounter with the villain. Each woman was mounted on her own personal pedestal, most frozen in poses reflecting their surprise and fear of being caught in the Plaster Master's hardening spray. In the center of the rows of immobile figures was a lone statue, highlighted with ceiling and floorlights. It was standing, or more accurately speaking, tenuously being supported by slim metal rods and wire because of the awkwardness of the pose. "NO! Heatwave!" Angie cried out. Her sister was balanced on the pointed toes of her right foot, with her left leg bent up and hanging in the air. Heatwave's back was arched, her arms and shoulders leaning back as if she had tried to stop in midair when she was enveloped in the stiffening mist of statue-spray and plaster. Her shocked expression, wide-eyes visible through the eyeholes of her mask revealed that she understood in that brief moment of awareness before she was frozen stiff what was happening to her. Flamestar's aura increased in brightness, flames literally licking her body. "I'm ready for you! Show yourself!"

"I'm right here," Plaster Master declared, aiming a handheld remote control-like device at her as she turned in midair to face him.

"Your plaster spray won't be able to pentetrate my heat aura this time," Angie boasted, feeling hotter and hotter. "I'll vaporize anything you throw at me..." she was beginning to feel strange, distracted. Her hands began to move towards her breasts, caressing them, stimulating her nipples into rigidity. "Wha...what's happ...ening to me?" she asked, stuggling to get the words out of her mouth. She descended to the floor, her body writhing. She felt passion building, mounting to a feverish pitch within her, and unable to control herself, she began to tear the front of her costume down to her navel. Fondling her breasts with increased sexual desire she struggled to form a coherent sentence. "Ohhh...I...can't stop...myself...feel...sooohhhh sexy...."

"Something I came up with out of the blue," Plaster Master chuckled, "It stimulates the pleasure center of the mind. I like to call it the erotica ray! It will cause you to experience an intense, building erotic passion, as if you were experiencing one greater orgasm after another!"

Flamestar couldn't stop fondling herself. Her thoughts became clouded, obsessing only on personal pleasure. Her fingers probed her vagina, stimulating the lips of her cunt. Ahhhhh, she thought to herself...

"Another interesting side-effect of my erotica ray is that the subject becomes quite suggestible," Plaster Master continued. Leaning towards the wriggling, ecstasy filled heroine he whispered into her ear, "so now you are my sexy slave and I want you to go find your teammates and take them down!"

"Ohhhh....yessss massster...." Flamestar moaned, her mind trying to resist, but it was if her body had a will of its own. With her hands still roaming her body, Flamestar ignited her flame aura and burned through one of the trapdoors, moaning and groaning as she descended into the depths of the villain's hideout.

"Ouch!" Shadow Lady shot out of the tube she had fallen into and landed in an undignified heap on the dirty ground. Her wild slide down the tubing left her dizzy and somewhat uncoordinated. She took a moment to get her bearings and peered around. She was in what looked like an underground cavern or tunnel. Rocky walls and dirt paths were illuminated with single light bulbs strung along the ceiling of the natural corridor. "Shadow Lady to Transparency Girl," Dee spoke into her wrist communicator. Nothing but static responded. Looks like I'm on my own, she thought as she straightened the back of her costume which had ridden up her butt during her slide. Activating her night/infra-red vision goggles, Shadow Lady began walking. A couple of minutes later she noticed a large heat signature ahead of, it was coming towards her! She held her right arm out, fist clenched, ready to unleash a laser blast. "Flamestar!" Dee said as she recognized her teammate flying towards her. Dee lowered her arm and noticed the disheveled nature of Flamestar's costume. "Angie? What hap-" Dee didn't finish as Flamestar threw a blazing fireball towards her. Shadow Lady leapt out of the way, both surprised and shocked that a fellow teammate would attack her. "Why are..." she was interrupted again by another fireball, one much too close for comfort. Flamestar wasn't answering her, and her chances of remaining unsinged in this cramped corridor were getting lower and lower. Dee turned and ran, firing her laser blindly behind her, hoping not to hit her friend, but to delay her pursuit...

"Oooof!" Wanda groaned as she tumbled out of the tube. She rolled along the dirt ground and stopped herself at the edge of wet, mucky looking pool of mud. I almost went in, she reflected as she stood up and began to brush the dirt off her red and pink costume. She looked around and turned to her left just as Shadow Lady collided with her. Both women tumbled into the gooey mudbog, completely covering themselves in the wet mud. Wanda stood up, the muddy pool was about three feet deep, fortunately, and flicked wet grayish mud from her fingertips disgustingly. "Oh yuck! Thanks a lot, Dee! Look at me! I'm covered in this gunk!"

Shadow Lady emerged from the gray goo, getting to her knees before standing up. She too was completely coated in a thick layer of mud. "Unhhh..." she groaned. Wanda helped the mud caked Dee to her feet just as Flamestar entered the mud grotto.

"Hey! Flamestar! Dee needs help!" Wanda yelled as she suddenly noticed Flamestar' hands blazing with firey fury.

Flamestar unleashed a flaming heat ring around the two startled mud covered heroines, who backed away from the fire instinctively. It was then they noticed the mud around their bodies was getting warm, being dried out and hardening in consistency!

"Oohh! The mud...solidifying...I...can't move..." Wanda stuggled to say as her mud coated lips froze under a hardened coat of dried mud. Her entire body locked rigid under an adobe shell, looking exactly like a sculptor's creation. Only her open eyes could peer around her immobilized body.

Dee's body stiffened as well under the baking effect Flamestar utilized. Her skimpy costume disappeared under the layer of mud, making her look almost like a nude adobe statue. Her goggles coated over with mud left her blind to what was happening. She strained against the imprisoning coating, finding she couldn't move a muscle under the hardened mud. "Unhh...can''s like...hardening cement..."

"Mmmmhhhh..." Flamestar groaned, as she grabbed a her loose, bouncing breasts in her hands. She flew toward the two motionless mud statues, barely able to concentrate on anything other than her own self pleasure. "Plaster Master...oooohhhh...I've captured Crimson!...and Shadow Lady!"

"Excellent!" said Plaster Master over a hidden public address microphone. "Bring them both to me!" He rubbed his hands together in glee.

"I don't think you should claim victory yet!" said a female voice.

Plaster Master turned to see who had spoken, grabbing for his plaster blaster. His hands, however, could not grasp the handle of the gun. It was as if something unseen, some...transparent barrier was preventing him from touching the weapon.

"You're not going to be able to use that," said the voice. A transparent, ghost-like image of a blonde woman dressed in a revealing blue and white costume began to appear out of nothingness.

"How?" asked a confused Plaster Master.

"Luckily I was able to use a transparent platform to stop myself from sliding all the way to whatever peril you had waiting for me. I then backtracked through the tube and came up through the same trapdoor I fell through! You were so preoccupied you didn't even hear me!" She became more and more solid in appearance as she spoke. It was Transparency Girl! Susan smiled as Plaster Master frantically tried to break through the transparent bubble she had mentally created around his plaster weapon. "It's pointless to try," she advised. "Why don't you just surrender?"

"Why don't you just become a horny nymphomaniac?!" countered Plaster Master, reaching for the remote control gadget on his belt.

Before she could erect another transparent shield to protect herself, Sue was fully bathed in the beam of the erotica ray. "Wha?" she began to say, before an unrelenting wave of erotic pleasure filled her body. Unable to control herself, Sue dropped to her knees, clawing at her costume and ripping it off. She began fondling her ample cleavage, molding her breasts in her fingers and moaning in ecstasy. "Ooooh, what...have you...done"

"Consider it a little incentive! When the orgasmic pleasure builds up to its maximum point I'll plaster you solid! Preserving you at the peak of erotic ecstasy! I think you'll be..." he was interrupted as Flamestar, carrying two rigid figures in her hands flew in the room. "Well, well, well! What do we have here?" Plaster Master grinned as he inspected the two immobilized mud coated heroines. Flamestar stood the two statue-like women on the ground as she collapsed to her own internal desire and writhed on the floor in sexual frenzy. "Not as detailed as one of my plaster creations," he noted as he passed by Shadow Lady's motionless body, "but intriguing, nonetheless!" He turned to Crimson Sorceress, her eyes were darting back and forth but she was unable to even twitch a toe under her mud shellac. "You, my dear, caused me much trouble last time we met," he waved the erotica ray remote control device in front of her eyes. Pressing the button, he waved the beam over Wanda's body, from her head to her toes. "How does it feel, my dear? You're going to experience the most intense orgasms you could imagine and you can't even move or speak!"

Wanda felt the ecstasy and agony throughout her body immediately. Ecstasy in the most unbelievable wave of pleasure than she had ever felt before, and agony in the fact that she was unable to cry out in pleasure. Unable to reach her mud hardened vagina, which seemed to cry out for her touch. Unable to massage her breasts, to stimulate her already hardened nipples. Unable to even voice her feelings. Only her blue eyes reflected her emotions as she closed her eyes and mentally screamed her passion.

Plaster Master finally took his eyes off the distressed Sorceress and admired the paralyzed Shadow Lady. Even through the mud coating which immobilized her, she was still gorgeous. Her full bosom, long bare legs, a vision of loveliness. Taking a flask of plaster dissolving solution from one of the pockets on his belt he poured it over her body. As the solidified mud began to dissolve, he took the erotica ray device and bathed the luscious woman with its light.

"Ohhh...I can move ag...Ohhhh!" squealed Dee, surprised at being able to move again, and even more surprised at her sudden flash of horniness. "Unnnhhh," she reached into her tights and stroked her crotch. Her fingers playing inside her, trying to unleash the increasing erotic effects sweeping throughout her.

"Delightful!" Plaster Master could not control himself, enamored with four heroines caught in their own erotic fantasies. Flamestar was screaming loudly, as if the eroticism within her was too much to bear. Plaster Master aimed the erotica ray at her and checked a tiny meter on the device. "Ah, I see you're approaching maximum orgasm! Excellent!" He unstrapped the plaster blaster from the holster on his right hip. Setting the nozzle to stream a stiffening mix of statue-spray and plaster he watched as the meter indicated Flamestar's state of ecstacy was about to climax.

Angie couldn't bear it any longer, the passion was unbearable. Her costume reduced to tatters around her arms and legs, she was almost naked now. She could feel herself climaxing, ready to unleash that final, primal burst of sexual energy. "Ohhhh...." she groaned, "yess...uunnnnn....yesssss!" At that very moment Plaster Master unleashed a fine spray which coated Flamestar entirely and hardened on contact. Obsessed with her pleasure, she didn't even feel the hardening effect as her last thought was only on her own peak orgasmic frenzy. She was frozen stiff now on her knees with her legs spread open, her neck straining backward, all her muscles stretched out. Her right arm was reaching behind her arched back, past her smooth buttocks to finger her crotch open while her left hand was filled with a handful of her left breast. The wide open mouth, frozen in the middle of a final scream of passion, her eyes clenched shut, experiencing an unbearable sexiness.

"Another beauty to add to my collection!" Plaster Master admired the fine lines of Flamestar's body, how her captured body, immobilized completely, exquisitely captured the raw sexual emotions which were raging throughout her just a moment before. "Now you will be like this forever! A monument your eternal lust! I think I'll mount you next to your sister, yes. Her surprise and your pleasure will be forever preserved!" As he looked at Shadow Lady and Transparency Girl he was struck with a sudden idea. "Transparency Girl, Shadow Lady, make love to each other!"

Susan, unable to resist the command, crawled over to Dee and took hold of her waist. With both hands moving up Dee's body, she began to stroke and caress the other heroine's incredible breasts. "I...I'm sorry...Dee..." Sue managed to say, fighting the passion inside her unsuccessfully.

"I...I...know you...can't," Dee struggled to say, her body responding to Sue's stimulation. She was too turned on now to even resist the effects of the erotica ray now. Returning her teammates advances, Dee stroked Sue's blonde hair with one hand and with the other made a beeline down Sue's firm stomach and slipped her fingers past Sue's blonde pubic hairs and into the very moist vagina.

"Ooooohhhh!" was Susan's response as she leaned down and began to lick Dee's nipples with her tongue.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!" Dee threw her head back with excitement.

The two heroines were now totally into their predicament now, completely unaware of anything other than their own bodies. Plaster Master looked at Wanda and checked his meter, her passion was growing exponentially because of her lack of movement. It was as if the inability to release her feelings was driving her closer and faster to orgasm.

"What are you doing to them?" cried out Cosmic Girl. She saw two of her teammates having sex with each other while the other two were more like statues. She had finally made it back to the main room by following a dimly lit corridor dug out of the earth. Her costume was torn in the rear, showing off a good deal of her back to her pantied bottom. The result of an encounter with a bunch of clawed, metallic tentacles designed to restrain her. Her left shoulder was bare, the remnants of her costume barely keeping her breasts covered.

"Ah, the final addition has arrived," the villain gloated, turning the erotic ray projecter in his hand to Cosmic Girl.

Instantly Darlene was filled with the most intense and erotic feelings she had ever experienced, and dug into her panties with earnest. Noooo, fight it, she told herself but that did not stop her hands from roaming her body.

"Cosmic Girl, I want you to engage in a menage-a-trois with Transparency Girl and Shadow Lady! That should make an excellent conversation piece when I plaster all of you together! Do it now!" Plaster Master ordered.

Cosmic Girl took a tentative step forward, still trying unsuccessfully to fight the effect. She staggered as she took another step. Plaster Master was between her and the others. She glanced at the motionless figure of Wanda, covered in hardened mud, tears streaming down her mud frozen cheeks at the frustration of being unable to move. Flamestar was next to Wanda, now frozen in a thin plaster bodycast and looking for all the world like she didn't mind at all. Across from them Sue and Dee were in harmonious rapture, each stimulating the other's private parts.

"Come on! You can't resist!" Plaster Master screamed as Cosmic Girl took another step closer to him. She swung her body side to side, writhing out of control, as if she was trying to touch every part of her fantastic figure and stimulate it. "The sexual emotions you are feeling make it impossible to disobey! You can't resist me! You can-"

Darlene decked him with a powerful right hook. Plaster Master collapsed to the ground. "How..." he muttered, "" before lapsing into unconsciousness.

"Because...I resist...those feelings," Darlene managed to whisper as she reached for the erotica ray. Barely able to concentrate she reversed the effect on herself. It felt like she had just taken a hot shower as her erotic feelings dissipated. She looked at her stricken teammates and thought how easy it would be to join them in their imposed sexual action. But she would never be able to forgive herself, and she would betray the trust between her good friends. Walking to the rigid figure of Wanda, Darlene embraced the statue of her friend and began to squeeze carefully. "Don't worry Wanda, I'll get you out of there." As she increased the pressure, the mud shell began to crack and fragment. She stepped back as Wanda burst out of her weakened prison of hardened mud, finally able to express her trapped feelings of sexual excitement.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" Wanda exploded as she began to tear at her mud-flecked costume. Her only desire now was to get naked and finger her crotch. She was stopped by Cosmic Girl, who reversed the effects of the erotica ray. Wanda managed to split her shimmery outer red malliot down the middle before she regained self-control. "Oohh, what...what happened? I felt so...horny..."

"Take it easy, Wanda. Rest a while," Darlene said reassuringly as she bathed Sue and Dee in the counter acting beam. The impassioned duo were in a tight embrace, licking each other's faces and fingering each other's bodies.

Sue came out of it as she was caressing Dee's butt. Her own body was pressed so tightly against Dee's breasts. "Ohh...I..." she said dazed.

Dee had been licking Sue's moist lips and had two fingers in Sue's vagina as she regained control of her body. She stopped stimulating Susan and withdrew herself from her teammate's embrace. "Ah, I'm...I couldn't stop..."

"It's...ok," Sue answered as she didn't feel like discussing the matter any longer.

"We'll have to get Angie, Tiffany and the other girls here back to HQ to de-plaster them," Darlene broke the awkward silence.

About three hours later, all the plastered girls had been brought back to FF INC HQ. Sue and Wanda applied the plaster dissolving formula onto Flamestar's erotically frozen body, changing her from marble like work of art to living mannequinlike statue when the plaster was removed. Sue sprayed the counteracting agent to Plaster Master's statue-spray, and watched as the living statue began to slowly twitch, in slow drawn out movements, the statue came alive once more and Angie's mouth restored the erotic moan which had been cutoff by the hardening plaster spray. Her quiet voice grew louder until her moan filled the room. Her climax concluded, her sweat drenched body slumped to the ground.

"Angie?" said Sue softly. "Are you all right?"

Angie paused before speaking. She lay on the metal floor, breathing heavily, exhausted from the pent up eroticism which had been trapped within her. "I...I'm okay. Wh...what about Tiffany?" she gasped.

Sue helped Angie sit up. "Dee and Darlene are taking care of her, see?" She pointed across the room. Cosmic Girl and Shadow Girl were in the middle of removing the plaster from the frozen Heatwave's shapely body.

Angie stared at her sisters immobile body. The liquified plaster running off her like wet white paint. She was still in that rigid pose, a monument to her own rash judgement. Angie sighed, someday she'll learn.

As Dee held Tiffany's body upright, Darlene sprayed some anti-statue-spray over the stiffened girl. The statue-like figure began to move as if in slow motion, until she regained full mobility a few moments later. "Ohhh..." she said confused. "Where am I?"

"FF INC HQ," Dee replied, supporting the girl's weight.

Meahwhile, Artie worked overtime in whipping up enough plaster dissolvant and with Galatea's help, sprayed all the victims down in a mass shower on the hanger deck. Looking like realistic mannequins once the plaster coating had been eliminated, each was restored to consciousness and mobility with another spray to counteract the Plaster Master's statue-spray. Soon the entire hanger was filled with swimsuit clad contestants, all bewildered at their change of venue.

"Ladies, if you will follow me I can answer all your questions," announced Dee as she, Darlene and Wanda ushered the women to the public reception area below. Sue and Galatea followed the group out, leaving Angelica and Tiffany alone.

"I know, I know..." Tiffany spoke out before Angie even opened her mouth.

"Next time, listen to me and think before acting," Angie finally said.

"You mean there's gonna be a next time?" Tiffany asked, smiling brightly.

Angie sighed wearily, "Yes, but first, as punishment for disobeying orders from me in the field, you're going to help clean up all this..." gesturing at the plaster covering the hanger.

"Awww, phooey..." Tiffany pouted as she was handed the mop.



authors note: this story represents a major turning point in the character of Cosmic Girl, as the cat is out of the bag so to speak, regarding her secret desires. It also sets up the relationship between the two firey heroine sisters and sets the stage for the big story idea I've been waiting to get to...And Plaster Master is rapidly becoming the gimmicky villain with a new gadget to add to his arsenal. This idea was originally intended to be applied to a different villain, with perhaps the name,the Collector, the Sculptor, or Statue-Maker but I finally realized PM fit the bill perfectly and a new master villain was unncessary.

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