Xena in the World of Wax

by  M.P.

A Xena adventure.....

(Copyright MP 9/5/2000)

Chapter 1
The ship rolled with the tide. The lumbering sails tattered beyond recognition. On its decks only silence for not a hand could be found. Yet beneath decks in a single cabin hid two young girls. The ship drifted for quite some time then with a whoosh of violent air the huge ship hit the shore of an unknown island. Carlis, a tall nordic looking blonde haired girl with classic features,and her sister Arrien were thrown from their bunks in their cabin by the force of the impact. Arrien was also a blonde but not as well endowed as her sibling. Both sisters had cuvacious thighs and long shapely legs that were tanned a lusterous bronze color from the monthes at sea. The older of the two, Carlis got up from the rough deck and rubbed her now aching derriere. She checked to see that Arrien was alright, then went to the porthole and peered outside into the bright sunshine that shone through.

"Its alright now Arrien." Said Carlis.

"I'm still afraid Carlis." "What if it returns?"Asked Arrien.

"I don't think it will bother with us now, little sister." Said Carlis.

  The very thought of the hideous beast still dwelled in young Arriens mind. It had been her first and hopefully last experience with a Hydra. The multi headed dragon like beast had devastated the ship and managed to consume the entire crew before the two sisters had locked themselves into their cabin. Yet now on this quiet deserted strech of sandy beach the terrors of the ocean seemed eons away. Carlis unbolted the hatch and strained to open the heavy oaken door. The bright light at first hurt their eyes but as they acclimated themselves to it they looked around. It was a beautiful island at least. White coral sand and deep blue-green water. It was warm in the sun yet not hot due to a steady breeze coming from the sea. There was no sign of civilization, but in the distance Carlis could make out what appeared to be a large clearing. The girls gathered what they could manage for provisions and set foot for the clearing. It was an outdoor theatre in a cutout of the brush. The girls saw that it was a semi circle, with layered stones to be used as seats. At the center of the semi circle was a smooth platform made of what appeared to be marble or some kind of hardened stone shaped and pressed together in perfect lines.

"How strange Arrien, To build a theatre for no one." Said Carlis.

"Ah but you are wrong my pretty." Said a strange voice.

Carlis jumped back and drew her broad sword. Arrien also made a defensive move but the two girls stopped themselves when they saw who had spoken. It was an elderly man in flowing robes like that of the greeks or romans. He covered his face in fear of the impending attack.

"Mind how you sneak up on people, old one." Said Carlis, as she replaced her sword.

"A thousand pardons my goddess from afar." Said the old man.

  The ancient looking man took Carlis by the hand and proceeded to kiss it. Carlis would have blushed from the sweet sincere kiss had she not suddenly been overcome by a wave of sudden arousal. She dropped to the ground and began to tear at her leather togs. Arrien was shocked to see her sister act so mysteriously.

"Carlis, What in the name of the gods has overcome you?" Asked Arrien.

Arrien pulled her sword from its sheaf and prepared to kill the mysterious old man when he waved his hand before her face. Arrien blinked and stopped frozen in her tracks. The sword frozen in mid air mear inches from the old mans throat.

Carlis was astonished at seeing her sister suddenly frozen yet could nothing to aid her because of the sex spell the old man had cast upon her. She could only stay kneeling on the ground before them, one hand buried deeply in her leather panty stroking her wet sex, the other squeezing her now engorged breasts. The old man made a cackling laugh and stepped away from Arriens sword. He gently lifted the hem of her little leather skirt and admired the tight little ass sheaved in leather thong panties. He ran a finger over her slightly parted lips and down her smooth cheek. Arrien could not nothing to stop the old man for she was completely in stasis now. Merely occupying her body as this old man had his way with her like any toy. He took the sword from her hands and threw it into the woods bordering the theatre. He then muttered a strange language and Arrien snapped to attention. He turned to Carlis and said another phrase in the strange toungue. Carlis stood, her hand still caressing her wet pussy and walked over to where the old man and Arrien stood. He spoke into Carlis' ear and instantly she froze. Her hand pushing now three fingers deeply into herself the other pressing the hand into her delicate pussy. The old man laughed even harder and waved his arms. The air grew dense with a thick fog and the two frozen figures that were once sisters now floated into the air and were whisked away into the heart of the island.

Chapter 2

  Gabrielle was in trouble again. For an amazon she could never figure why it was always so hard to keep out of trouble. Yet here again she was, Face to face with three of Bolderons footsoldiers. She grabbed a nearby staff from the wall and cracked it over the head of one of the soldiers. He fell to the floor in a heap causing his two followers to trip over his unconcious body. Gabrielle took advantage of the situation and hurled a bottle of grog at another of the soldiers but he mearly caught it mid flight and drank the contents in a single gulp. He even had the tenacity to belch. He leared at the tiny amazon and got up slowly approaching her. Gabrielle thought for sure this was the end when suddenly the back wall of the tavern exploded. With a shrill scream that Gabrielle knew all too well, Xena entered.  She took her broadsword and cleaved the one soldier in two and before the two halves hit the ground his partner fled the tavern screaming.

"Gabrielle? What am I ever going to do with you girl?" Asked  Xena.

"I had the situation under control, but thanks for the help." Said Gabrielle, as her eyes drifted toward the ceiling.

  Xena had to laugh at the comical responce from her young friend. She knew that Gabrielle could handle herself in a fair fight. So she had no real reason to worry. But she was gald that nothing had come of the incident with Bolderons men. The two young girls took a much deserved mug of wine and began to joke amidst them selves when suddenly an earth moving tremor shook the entire tavern. Xena and everyone ran out into the village square and stared in awe at the massive figure who stood in the court yard.

"Aries! Why did you come here and rip up this mans tavern?" Asked Xena.

  Aries the Golden haired god of war stood towering over the entire village. He had made himself into a giant and in his leather and bronze armour he was truly an imposing figure.

"Xena I have come for you to ask a favor of the gods." Said Aries.

"Of what possible miracle can I perform that a god or goddess connot?" Inquired Xena.

"There is a mortal named Morbious who has stolen the secret of transmuting flesh." Answered Aries.

"We the gods cannot meddle in the affairs of mortals unless called upon." "Therefore you must do our work for us." He continued.

"What has happened then?"Asked Xena.

  Aries told Xena of the cries from the two sisters before they were carried away. And yet they had asked for help their cries were cut off before the gods could help. He then told her of the mysterious island and that he would see to it that she and Gabrielle would arrive there.

Chapter 3

With a flutter of feathers and blowing sand Xena and Gabrielle waved goodbye to the Griffin as it flew away.  The gods had spared nothing in getting the two warriors to Morbious' island as quickly as possible. The Griffin had circled the island and found Morbious' castle which stood on a bluff over looking the southern edge of the island. a dark omnious looking abode it would fit someone as evil and treacherous as Morbious.

"So where do we go from here?" Asked Gabrielle.

"Through the front door and say hello, of course." Said Xena as she drew her sword.

She smiled a crooked smile and winked at her young friend. Then the two warriors pushed open the doors and entered the castle. Gabrielle shrieked as a large cloud of vampire bats whisked into the doorway. Dodging the bats was easy because they had no desire to annoy the women only to escape from the castle. Apparently even the bats wanted no part of Morbious either. The room was humongus. Lit from large flaming urns carelessly placed around the room, the urns cast shadows every where. But what mainly caught Xena and Gabrielles attention was not the sparten furnishings but the "Art Work".  All around the room on various pedestals were posed several beautiful women in various stages of undress.

"By Hera there must be at least a hundred statues in this chamber." Said Xena.

"And so frighteningly realistic." Confirmed Gabrielle.

The two warriors approached one of the figures. It was of a young blonde haired girl. She was dressed in the military garb of the normadic tribes Xena had seen in her travels. A heavy leather and bronze bra over two massive breasts Xena figured to be at least 38 inches. And around her shapely hips she wore a leather skirt over thin leather thong panties. She wore a small bronze helmet on which was emblazened a crest of an eagle. Xena looked at the base on which the statue stood and it bore the markings Nordic warrior.

  The girls continued down the line and soon the two heroines noticed that there was a pattern to this "museum". Who ever or whatever had assembled this collection of lovelies had intended it as a memorial to all the female warrior tribes in the known world. But as they came to the end of one row Gabrielle stopped and placed her hand over her mouth and pointed at an open base.  Xena came over to see what had terrified her young friend and read the base.


Xena laughed at the notion that some buffoon had designs to capture her. She drew her broadsword and was prepared to destroy the base when a swirl of smoke and a burst of fire rose from the floor in front of them. The two heroines turned and drew forth thier weapons when suddenly a old man appeared from the cloud of dispelling smoke.

"Welcome Xena and Gabrielle, I am Morbious!" Said the old man.

Xena was about to strike him down when Morbious waved his hand before them. Xena shielded her eyes in time but Gabrielle was unprepared for Morbious' magic. The young amazon threw back her head and let out a loud moan that echoed throughout the massive chamber. she fell to her knees before Morbious and began to tear at her clothing. Soon her little breasts were exposed for the aged magician and she clutched at her pointy little nipples until they turned bright red. Her right hand found its way into her leather skirt and soon she was pumping her fingers into her tight  little pussy.  Morbious waved his hand again at the young warrior and Gabrielle suddenly slowed and froze, her hand deeply buried into her dripping little cleft, the other clutching her exposed breast. Her bright blue eyes glazed over and turned into small pebbles of iridescent stone. Her skin then lost its human tones and began to take on the appearance of flesh colored porcelin.

Xena had jumped away from Morbious and looked in shock and awe as her young friend was transformed into a statue before her. She was prepared to kill the evil wizard when Morbious turned and spoke to her.

"Stop Xena. Kill me and you will never see your friend or any of the others alive again."Said Morbious.

  Knowing she had lost this time Xena struck the wizard and knocked him down. She then ran from the castle and went to the nearby clearing where there appeared to be a small open air theatre. Xena knelt in the center of the clearing and prayed to Hera for advice and assistance. The clouds opened and a bright ray of light shone upon Xena. She cast her gaze skyward and the image of a beautiful woman formed itself in the clouds.

"Yes my daughter?" Asked Hera.

"Oh mother of the gods, I have failed you and now poor Gabrielle is a prisoner of the evil wizard Morbious." Said Xena.

"How may we help you." Said Hera.

"I will need help oh mother, but it cannot be another amazon." Said Xena. "Morbious' power is only effective upon women."

"Have no fear my brave Xena, I know of the perfect person to aid you in defeating Morbious." Hera continued. "I will send Hercules to assist you. Be brave."

  The clouds dispelled and  Xena stood up and bowed to the heavens.  She now knew that the tide would turn and with Hercules to aid her soon Gabrielle and the other poor victims of that evil wizard would soon be free.

To be continued......

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