by CMQ      06-00

     What has gone before: Flamestar and Shadow Lady foiled the schemes of the Immobilizer to create a personal trophy room of cheerleader collectibles. 
Now another menace is about to become known…

“Whoa, wait a minute, Candi!”  Trish said as she walked down the dark street.  “Take a look at this!” the excited young woman pointed enthusiastically at a telephone pole plastered with papers.

“What?  That flyer?” Candi Kane replied.  She stopped to adjust the strap on her heels.  In doing so she precariously balanced herself on one leg (almost exposing herself when she lifted her leg) and caused her extremely short leather microskirt to ride up alluringly.  Clubbing in this area of town, you had to dress pretty outrageously in order to get noticed.  And the dark-haired beauty was dressed about as outrageous (some would say normal, though) as she could get.

“Yeah, ‘The Erotic Gallery of Wax.  The most unusual wax gallery you’ve ever seen. Models wanted.  Adults 21 and over only’,” Trish read in the light of the street lamp as she bent over to look at the fine print.  Her own skimpy ‘top-with-no-back’ outfit threatened to fall off as it was only attached to her by the straps around her arms and hung daringly low across her front.  “It’s only a few blocks away, let’s go see!”

“Sounds kinky, okay!” Candi agreed with a smirk.  It didn’t take her much convincing to explore her sexual nature. The two girls walked briskly down the deserted block, illuminated only in the dim streetlights. They came to the main entrance to the wax museum within a few minutes.

“Here it is, wow looks kinda creepy,” Trish noticed.  “Are they even open?” The outside of the museum was not pristine and the window was covered with a red curtain draped across so that nothing inside could be seen. Only the little gold lettering on the door identified what the establishment was, and the surrounding darkness only enhanced the sense of eerie-ness that oozed from the locale.  The two women opened the door, which rang a little bell.  Inside was a foyer (no more than a small greeting room) with only a podium, a chair, two red curtained doorways and a stunning waxwork statue of a woman in a white mini-dress.  She, or rather the statue, was a sandy brunette, with wavy long hair cascading down her shoulders.  She had her right leg bent and was leaning over her side as if she was…looking in her purse!  Except she had no purse, but her arms were positioned perfectly as if she was searching for contents in that pose that Trish and Candi knew all too well.  “Wow!” Candi gasped as she and Trish inspected the statue when a voice from behind startled them.

“Excuse me, may I help you?” a feminine voice queried.  The two women spun around to see an attractive blond-haired women dressed in a casual lavender pullover (which showed her bra straps) and fairly tight white pants emerging from behind one of the red curtains.

“Oh, we’re here to see the gallery.” Candi replied, catching her breath.

 “And possibly model?” Trish added as an afterthought. Candi shot her friend a surprised look.

“I see, well perhaps you might want to see the gallery before you decide.  I have many models back out before they know what they’re getting themselves into.” The woman replied.  “I’m Danielle.”

“You’re the sculptor?” Candi said, somewhat disbelievingly.  The woman was young, younger than any of the male artists she had posed for on numerous occasions.  The fact that she could produce such fantastic work meant she was extremely talented for her age.

“Yes, I am.  I am looking for attractive models as you can see.” Danielle said as she gestured to one of the wax statues next to the podium.

“Oh my, look at how realistic these are!” Trish said in awe at the perfect figure standing on the pedestal.  She motioned at the brunette wax figure she stood next to.  “It’s almost as if she’s real!”

“It’s amazing!” Candi agreed.

“You like them, I’m flattered.  You know you two are very beautiful. I definitely would you like to pose for me,” Danielle replied almost. Not only did she seem to reply with an intoxicating lilt to her voice, she also seemed to be undressing them with her eyes as she said that.

“Well, like you said. Maybe we could see what we’re getting ourselves into?” Trish relented.  Her enthusiasm about posing only slightly dampened.

“Of course, this way,” Danielle offered as she opened the curtain.

The curtain parted to reveal a series of statues, waxwork figures to be exact, in revealing lingerie or less.  The gallery room was quite dark, with spotlights aimed at the sculptures to highlight them. The first statue Candi saw was of a brunette woman, standing stiffly with her arms at her sides and hands pointing out at angles.  Her back was rigidly arched; chest out and nipples prominently pointing out from her lace-covered bra which bared the upper breast.  Her face was turned to her side, widened eyes looking down and to the rear as if she was…getting pinched in the butt!

“Ha I get it!” Candi pointed to the statue’s butt.  “She’s getting goosed!”

“Oh I see!” Trish’s eyes opened in recognition. “Ha!”

“A favorite of mine, the figure evokes a moment in time, though without the necessary pieces or props of the puzzle to make the scene complete.  Like the figure in the foyer, many of my works utilize this theme.  I like to challenge the viewer to guess what is happening at the moment.  Now, please, look through the rest of the exhibit.  Take as much time as you like and then decide whether you want to pose for me or not,” Danielle prodded as she departed through the curtain they had come through.

Trish and Candi found themselves alone in a gallery filled with pedestals and waxwork figures upon.  All of them were strikingly beautiful women in various stages of undress and nudity.

“Whoa!” Trish was taken aback.  She stood in front of one of the statues.  A short brunette with straight hair and a trim figure was fondling herself.  Trish leaned as close as she could to the exhibit.  Or exhibitionist as the case may be.  The waxwork woman had her head thrown back in the throes of ecstasy.  Her hands cupping her breasts and legs slinkily tucked together.  Her smooth ass was provocatively thrust backwards.  “Erotic indeed…” Trish muttered.

Candi was looking at a half-shower mockup, titled “Shower of Passion”.  It featured a woman standing as if in the spray of a shower, right leg bent, left leg supporting her as she turned her head to the side to allow the cascading water to strike her neck and chest.  Her arms were cupped, wrists between her rather moderate breasts as if enjoying the feel of water striking her.  Her hair slicked back and seemingly dripping. The only thing was, there was no spray of water!  There were, however, little droplets of frozen water beads all over her body, as if the water itself was frozen as it ran down her figure.  Candi could trace the path of water as it trickled between the statue’s cleavage, down her stomach and between her legs.  “Looks like she’s really enjoying that hot shower…”

Trish saw another shower display, a nude woman with her foot on the rim of the faux tubline.  She was holding a flexible shower hose and aiming it between her legs!  Her delighted expression was apparent even though no water was streaming through.  Trish noticed a little podium next to the waxwork with a red button labeled ‘press me’.  Trish did so and was rewarded with seeing a weak spray of water emerge and strike the wax statue’s private parts.  Trish giggled and continued pressing the button, thoroughly soaking the statue’s privates.  The trickling water ran down what apparently was a working drain.  It must have taken some engineering to get this display to work right, but the results were well worth it.

In the meantime, Candi was staring at another gorgeous nude woman with layered reddish brown curls.  The statue was standing spread-legged in four inch pink heels, with her hands seemingly pressed on a wall behind her.  Her pouty lips were slightly open and her eyes focused seemingly on the viewer.  She looked like a centerfold model, cornered by the cameraman.  She had a rich golden brown tan that made her look absolutely stunning.  Her figure was exquisite and toned with curves that would drive men wild.  Candi was struck by the timelessness of the pose.  Like a moment in a photo shoot frozen forever.

“I don’t believe the detail she gets in these figures!” Trish said as she continued looking at the exhibits.  A keeling blonde in a black bikini was tying her voluptuous friend’s pink top in a pseudo beach scene. "It’s so incredible!  How does she do it?”

“I bet she makes molds of the model’s bodies.  You know like the sculptor Pierre that I pose for occasionally?” Candi replied.  “He told me some artists cast their models and pour polyurethane into the molds to create lifelike flesh tones.  From that point it’s a matter of time consuming addition of wigs and hair and detail painting to make the skin look more realistic.”

“You make it sound so simple,” Trish shook her head.  “Look at how many statues there are!  It would take her years to make this many of them if she used the techniques you described.”

“Well maybe she’s streamlined the process,” Candi leaned over to stare at a waxwork woman on her hand and knees, probing her vaginal opening with her free fingers and looking all the while that she was on cloud 9.

“Ya know, some of this stuff could be considered almost…obscene.  Given the realistic nature of these statues,” Trish noted.

“Oh come on now, this is nothing compared to how wild you can get in the clubs!” Candi teased as she strolled back along the row of statues.  A cute sandy haired statue with a pert nose and an exhilarating smile on her face made Candi smile.  These statues certainly were lifelike…

“Are you two impressed?” Danielle surprised them again by appearing behind one of the curtains in the gallery.

“Oh, ah, very!” Trish composed herself.  Danielle sure had a way of sneaking up on people.

“Incredibly detailed work,” Candi agreed.  “It must take you months to finish a piece.  How do you get th-“

“Please,” Danielle placated her patron.  “I only discuss the creation of my work while I am working.  I know you two would be perfect for a project I have had planned for weeks.  I am looking for the right subjects and if you don’t mind me saying you two certainly have the right figures for my idea.  Would you like to pose for me and find out?”

“I would if you do too,” Trish answered.  Nothing like putting all the pressure and decision-making on Candi.  Trish loved putting her close friend on the spot.

“Well, I have posed for sculptors before,” Candi answered.  “What kind of compensation can we expect to receive?”

“The standard that I offer all my models,” Danielle replied.  “And a piece of immortality, so to speak, in being preserved in wax. I have the forms, you may look at them if you like.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll do it if Trish does it,” Candi answered.  She had no jobs or virtually anything lined up for the time being.  That was one of the drawbacks of being a figure model. And on the plus side, sculptors generally took a long time to complete their work, so it would be steady income for awhile.

“Please then,” Danielle offered them.  “Let us head downstairs to my workshop and we can discuss poses.”

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” Trish noticed.

Danielle smiled. “No, I am afraid all too many of my models have second thoughts and never show up once they agree to pose for me.  I find that once I acclimate them to their poses, introduce them to the setting and get them involved in the sculpture-making process that they are much more comfortable and likely to go through the entire process.”

“Lead the way then, “ Trish offered.

The three women walked through a curtain leading from the gallery to a corridor and down some short stairs to the basement.  Danielle flicked the lightswitch, revealing a moderate sized room filled with artist’s tools and workbench on one side.  A worn carpet in the middle of the room held a model’s platform and beyond that was a portable heater and stereo system set up on a nearby table.  Some simple paintings dressed up the walls. It was not exactly a clean and spotless room, but then most artists’ studios weren’t exactly the cleanest settings to begin with.  Candi was surprised it didn’t have a more ‘worked in’ look compared to the studios she had modeled in, but it was surprisingly warm and homey.

Trish and Candi looked around the room while Danielle produced some modeling contracts. The two girls read over the forms, asked a few more questions, and finally agreed to pose for the sculptress by signing on the dotted line.

“You may get undressed over there,” Danielle pointed to one of two rooms connected to the studio.  “I’ll start by sketching some poses and allowing you to get comfortable.  It shouldn’t take too long to finalize the pose once we’ve run through the basics.”

Candi and Trish walked into the room though a sheet hanging from a rod that allowed them some privacy.  It was pretty large for a dressing room.  A soft couch with a table allowed them some comfort. Some empty hangers were available in a tiny open closet.  Trish’s backless top came off and she wiggled out of her black vinyl pants.  Candi’s leather microskirt dropped to the floor and her sequined white top and bra followed quickly.

“Oh my gosh you didn’t wear any panties!” Trish laughed as she slipped off her own undies and stood stark naked.  “You must have expected to get lucky tonight!”

“Not this way!” Candi grinned as she kicked off her heels and stood on the carpet equally naked.

“Okay, I’m ready. You?” Trish asked her naked friend.

“Let’s go, before you change your mind,” Candi giggled.

“Before I change my-?” Trish walked immediately through the curtain and flinched a little when her bare feet met the cold concrete floor of the basement.  She oohed and ahhed as she tiptoed her way to the plush rug and sat on the model’s platform.

Candi followed and sat next to Trish on the model’s platform.  Danielle had set up an easel with some sketching paper and turned to look at her nude models.  “Yes, you two will be perfect for what I have in mind!” she looked up and down their bodies.  Both women had nice breasts, slim bodies, long legs and extremely fine figures.  Except for Candi’s black frizzy hair and Trish’s curly ponytailed blonde locks, they were very similar looking, body wise.

“Please, if you could stand on the platform,” Danielle asked.  The two models complied and watched silently as Danielle walked around the platform, inspecting their bodies as if they were the ones on display in the exhibit upstairs.  “Now Candi could you face Trish?”  The two models turned to face themselves in their naked glory.  “And Trish could you put your hands on Candi’s shoulders?” 

Trish complied and rested her hands on Candi’s warm shoulders.  It felt sort of strange to be naked with Candi in a setting other than a locker room. 

“That’s it.  And Candi, can you bend your right leg so that you’re standing on your toes.  No your other right, yes that’s it.”  Danielle walked around them to inspect the pose again.  “Candi put your hands on Trish’s waist.  No that’s too high, here.” Danielle took Candi’s hands and slid them a little down Trish’s hips.  The two models started squirming a little.  “Candi look at me, and Trish look…at me too,” Danielle instructed.  “No. No that doesn’t work.  How about if you…look at each other?” The two nude models giggled a little now that their faces were mere inches apart.  Their bodies were provocatively close, their nipples almost touching one another. “That’s it.  Perfect! You’re not uncomfortable with this are you?” Danielle asked.  The two models composed themselves and muttered in the negative.  “Do you think you could hold that pose while I sketch?”

“Sure,” Candi replied. She looked at Trish, who looked more uncomfortable in such close proximity to Candi, but when you agree to pose for an erotic wax museum…

“Don’t move then,” Danielle asserted.

Danielle walked behind the easel and began sketching.  After a few minutes of watching the two motionless models she peeked out.  “Would you like some music?  Oh! And I forgot to turn on the heater!  You two must be freezing!”  She took a remote control off the shelf behind her and pointed it at the sound system behind the models.  A slow, soft melody began to emanate from the speakers as Danielle picked up a bulkier gadget and aimed it at the models to turn on the heater behind them. At first nothing happened, Danielle pressed another button, and soon they could feel the toasty heat blowing onto their bodies.

Danielle smiled and returned to the easel and picked up her piece of charcoal and began not only to sketch but also to stare intently at the two naked women on the modeling stand.

“Feels kinda weird, huh?” Candi said softly as her hands dropped a little off of Trish’s hips and more on her friend’s butt. 

Trish nodded.  “But it somehow doesn’t feel as weird as I thought…” her hands slipped down off of Candi’s shoulder a bit. 

Danielle continued to sketch, but much slower, as she peeked out to watch her models.

“How long do you think we’ll be posing like this?” Trish asked as her hands slipped further down Candi’s arms.  She felt unusual, as if she was feeling something she had never felt before. 

“I dunno.  It could be a very long time,” Candi smiled as she reached further behind Trish and stroked the woman’s smooth ass.

Danielle smiled and returned behind her easel.

“Your body is so…perfect,” Trish said, almost in a daze.  Her hands moved off Candi’s smooth arms and cupped Candi’s bountiful breasts.  Candi’s nipples responded by stiffening into perky points.

“Yours isn’t so bad either,” Candi felt so at ease, standing here with her naked friend’s warm body in her arms.  She ran her arms up Trish’s back and pressed herself closer to her fellow model.  Their breasts pressed together as Trish relinquished her hold of Candi’s bosom and began tracing the lines of her friend’s shoulderblades and back.  The two women stared at each other intently as their faces drew closer and closer together.  Their mouths opening wider and wider…until they embraced in a passionate kiss, exploring each others’ orifices with their hungry tongues.

“Excellent,” Danielle stepped out from behind her easel.  The two intertwined models didn’t even notice as Danielle left her easel and entered the other room next to the dressing chamber. 

Candi and Trish ran their hands over each others bodies as they remained locked together in their kiss.  They both sank to their knees as they stroked each other’s legs and hips and curvy forms.  Soft as silk, Candi thought as she stroked Trish’s skin.  Tastes so good, Trish thought as she licked Candi’s nipples.  Candi fingered Trish’s pussy and Trish reciprocated.  Neither of the women noticed Danielle had returned as the two were engrossed with pleasuring each other.

“Such a pleasure to see you two enjoying yourselves. Now do try and hold that pose for me!” Danielle smiled as she aimed a strange device at the fondling couple and squeezed the trigger.

Deep in passion, neither of the models felt their bodies stiffening under the spray.  Soon they would move no more.

“Perfect!” laughed Danielle.



“Candi? Candi are you home?”  Darlene peeked through the door.  She had used her spare key to let her in Candi’s loft.  “Candi are you here?” she called again.  No answer.  The loft was dark. And the mail had piled up at the mail slot in the door.  Had she left town without telling me?  She knew we had a lunch date yesterday. Nobody home for a couple of days at least based on the evidence.  Darlene walked cautiously through the dwelling, ready to activate her Cosmic Girl powers if warranted.  She strode through the living room and kitchen and saw no signs of life.

There were no signs of break-in, which was a good sign, but that didn’t prevent her from thinking the worst.  Bedroom was unoccupied.  The ‘trophy’ room was next.  That was Candi’s loose term for her favorite souvenirs from her various ‘adventures’.  Darlene smiled as she passed by numerous artifacts.  On one side of the room was a life-sized plaster bodycast statue of Candi.  Probably made by Pierre, the sculptor she often posed for.  It replicated every familiar curve and contour of Candi’s perfect body.  On the opposite end was a similar statue, yet made of solid peppermint.  Candi would have to explain that one to her some day.  There was the cement negative mold of Candi’s body, taken from a sidewalk just outside.  She had pressed her naked body into the wet cement, and was abducted from this strange trap laid by ‘aliens’ according to Candi.  She sure had some strange misadventures for a ‘civilian’. A life-sized body painting, or rather the impression of her paint-covered body pressed against the canvas dominated one wall.  Little framed photos, some of her and Darlene, or rather Cosmic Girl and other Fem Fantastique, Inc members filled another wall.  Some more fragments of bodycasts taken of her body were around the room.  But nothing else, other than the silent testimonials greeted Darlene.  Where was Candi?

Darlene returned to the living room.  She pieced through the missing girl’s mail, then saw the blinking light on the answering machine.  At least a dozen messages on it, some from herself calling to find out where Candi herself was.  Darlene pressed the play button and listened to the first message.  It was dated last Friday.  She opened the drawer below the end table and found Candi’s datebook.  According to the book, she was scheduled to meet her friend Trish for dinner and clubbing on Friday.  Nothing else was on the schedule until the next Saturday, when Darlene was supposed to have lunch with her.  Darlene picked up the phone and called the phone number listed as Trish’s.  No answer.  Not unexpected either.  She would go over to search Trish’s apartment but she feared she wouldn’t find anyone there either.

“You did very well my dear,” the deep voice said as he tied Danielle’s arms.  “The newest display captures eroticism perfectly…I’m very happy with it…” He breathed on the back of her neck as he made sure the rope was secure.  Danielle’s arms were tied above her head to a metal posing frame.  She wore nothing but a pair of skimpy black panties and five-inch black heels and panted rapidly as he tightened her bonds. 

“No…” she said as she stared at her captor leveling the very weapon she had immobilized Candi and Trish with.  She struggled against her bonds.  Her ankles tied to the frame spread her legs seductively.

 “Now here is your reward!” he gloated as he began spraying her body.

“Ohhh…”Danielle moaned as her thoughts went dark and her body stiffened.


Darlene had traced Trish and Candi to the restaurant listed in Trish’s daily calendar.  The restaurant had confirmed that the two women had eaten that night.  They were hard to miss and a lot of the staff remembered the two stunners. The closest clubs were a couple of blocks away.  Darlene began tracing their most likely path if they had walked to the clubs from the restaurant…Darlene noticed that most of the storefronts were dilapidated.  A small grocer here, a musty electronics store…Not exactly an inviting locale, especially at night.  What was that?  A bold colored flyer on a telephone pole caught her attention. ‘Erotic Wax Museum’?  Something told her that it was a given that Candi had visited that establishment.  She looked at the directions, just a few blocks from the clubs and a very possible stopping point for the missing women.  Darlene walked briskly and arrived at the nondescript establishment.  A burgundy curtain covered the large window up front and nothing particularly made this storefront seem like it was anything other than abandoned.  She tried the doorknob; it was unlocked.  Entering slowly, the door chime rung as Darlene stepped into the foyer.  It was a tiny, wood paneled room with a little podium not unlike those found in restaurants’ for their hostesses.  The only clue that this was a museum was the waxwork display of a pretty sandy-brunette in a white mini-dress, which showed off a lot of leg.  The fact that she was bending over slightly and allowing a peek at her cleavage through the loose blouse was, in fact, erotic.  Very peeping tom.  And very realistic too.  Darlene had not seen many wax museum statues, but they always seemed to look very phony to her.  Something about this one just screamed unnatural despite its natural, graceful and beautiful form.

“Hello?” Darlene asked loudly.  “Is anyone here?”

“Hello, how may I help you?” a sultry voice came from behind her. 

Darlene spun around, almost activating her cosmic energy bolts out of self-defense.  She hesitated when she saw an attractive blonde standing before her. “Oh, ah you startled me.  I-“

“You’ve come to see the exhibit,” the woman responded.  She said it not as a question but as a statement.  As if she was sure this beautiful woman had come here for nothing else.

“Oh well, actually I was wondering if you had seen someone a few nights ago.  A friend of mine?  I think she may have visited the exhibit last week after hitting some of the clubs and I was checking out the local scene to see if anyone had seen her.  She’s about my height, dark black hair?  Really frizzy curls?  Probably dressed in something bordering on sleazy?  She may have asked about being hired to model?” Darlene peppered, holding the flyer she had found near the clubs.  “She may have been with a friend of hers, tall, blonde, ponytailed?”

“I-I don’t think I’ve seen anyone matching that description,” the woman answered, hesitatingly.  “And we haven’t had anyone model outside of the agency for months.  I’ve been meaning to take down those flyers for a long time now.  I just don’t get anyone who fits the quality of what I want to create here.”

“Oh, so you’re the artist who made this?” Darlene asked when she gestured to the waxwork woman.

“Yes, my name is Danielle, I’m the sculptress who created this statue.”

“Well I have a picture of her in my purse, perhaps you could take a look?” Darlene offered.  She had seen something in the woman’s eyes that hinted she knew more than she professed. 

Danielle looked at the photo and shook her head.  “No, I’m sure I would have remembered anyone looking that good if she walked in off the street. I’m sorry.”

“Well, thank you anyway.  I’m sorry to bother you.” Darlene apologized, but her suspicions remained as she turned for the exit.

“Wait,” Danielle spoke out.  “I-“ she hesitated.  “I would love to use you as a model for one of my upcoming statues.  Would you consider posing for me?” Danielle ran her eyes up and down Darlene’s figure.  She had delightfully long legs set off by the coquettish pleated skirt and a tight fitting top that revealed her impressive breasts. Absolutely perfect for a sculpture she had wanted to do for some time…

“Me?” Darlene said innocently.  “Well I’ve never posed before…” It was a lie, but she played the part.

“Please, take a look at the museum first before making up your mind,” Danielle offered.  “Then you can decide if it’s something you would rather not do.”

“All right,” Darlene was curious to see the insides anyway and stepped through the curtain to the museum exhibits.

“I’ll be here if you have any questions,” Danielle said as she watched Darlene walk through the curtain.  When she was sure the woman was inside the exhibit she locked the front door and exited through the second set of drapes.

Darlene found herself in a room full of lingerie-clad, semi-nude and completely nude statues.  Each was lovingly posed in very unusual and even erotic positions.  Darlene leaned close to one of the statues to look at the intricate details.  It looked like there was even tiny hairs on some of the statue’s arms.  Every statue was posed to show off every aspect of her womanhood. Darlene suddenly had a brief flashback to her encounter with Tiffany and the molecular transformer device.  To be like this, frozen and on display for everyone to see.  She had a shiver of excitement run down her spine but noticed out of the corner of her eye a small security camera in the corner of the room follow her every movement as she toured the statues. 

“She suspects something!” Danielle said worriedly in the tiny basement room with the monitors showing the security-cam’s views.  “I should take care of her now!” she gestured to her cradled weapon.

“Wait, get prepared but let her complete her tour through the exhibit.  I want her to see what she’ll become…” the male behind her said.

Darlene continued her tour. This gallery was filled with mostly nude waxwork women performing erotic things.  One waxwork was cupping her breasts and leaning forward with her mouth open provocatively.  Darlene couldn’t help but think this gallery was one of the most erotic things she had ever seen.  She lingered in front of the exhibits, trying not to get too distracted, and turned to face a couple titled “Passion Eternal”.  A couple of women, actually, in an embrace which would border on obscene to some people.  The couple was on their knees, and their hands were all over each other like passion-starved lovers.  The women were completely naked and apparently French-kissing each other.  Darlene looked at the rear of the black-haired statue in front of her.  The blonde facing her was not familiar to Darlene but the black-haired statue…something familiar about her figure…that ass…

Darlene walked towards the side to get a better look at the raven-haired statue’s face.  She saw the profile and screamed to herself.  It’s Candi!  She’s frozen stiff! Darlene realized, as her touch prompted no reaction at all from the waxwork figure her friend had become. That meant the woman at the counter was lying or…worse.  Darlene realized she had to get out of the museum fast.  She nonchalantly tried to look like she didn’t recognize the statue as her friend and walked towards the exit.  As she strode, she pressed a button on her wristwatch.  I think it’s time to call in the gals, she thought.  Darlene parted the curtain and found herself not in the foyer again, but an empty room with shiny plastic walls.  There was no distinguishing features or moldings, just a blank, featureless room.

“Please step this way to exit,” Danielle’s voice said over the museum intercom. 

Darlene got the feeling she was being herded.  But to what, exactly?  She stepped to the door on the other side of the featureless room and turned the knob.  Instantly the room was engulfed with a loud sound.  Like the noise of workers sandblasting a building.  Darlene realized in that split second that it was too late for her, as her body instantly became stiff as a statue. Looks like I’m the next display, was her last thought.

Shadow Lady set the Inc Jet down in an abandoned parking lot.  The FF INC members Transparency Girl, Flamestar, Crimson Sorceress and Shadow Lady disembarked and looked at the almost barren storefront across the street.  “This was where Cosmic Girl’s tracer is pointing,” Sue said.  She was wearing her more revealing outfit, a gift from some extra-terrestrial amazons. It bared her legs and midriff but considering how in-shape she was it was quite flattering. “Stay sharp, we don’t know what to expect.”

“Damn, it’s FF INC!” the man screamed down in the basement.  He was looking at a monitor showing the street outside and the approaching heroines. “How do they always know?” he ranted to no one in particular.

“I can take them,” Danielle offered eagerly.

“No, this is a job for a professional,” the man said ominously.

The four heroines entered the foyer of the museum.  No one was there except a wax statue.  A very lifelike wax statue at that. Sue pointed at the two curtains and motioned for Angelica and Wanda to take one of the doors.  She followed Shadow Lady through one of the curtains. 

“Whew, take a look at this,” Wanda blushed at the roomful of still, erotic waxworks.  “Pretty creepy, huh?”

“I can see why Darlene would like a place like this,” Flamestar gasped as she sized up a nearly nude woman in a lingerie outfit that she thought might look good on herself.  Wanda shot her a quizzical glance.  “Our trophy room?  Her little collection of artifacts?”

Wanda nodded.  Darlene had become quite the little curator back at HQ.

Susan and Deidre found themselves in a different room full of naked statues.  Waxen women flaunting themselves, playing with themselves, loving themselves.  “Definitely NC-17,” Dee whispered as she looked through the assembled statues.

“This way,” Sue motioned to a sign marked ‘exit’.  The two heroines passed through the drapes and saw Darlene standing there!

“Darlene!” Sue ran over to her comrade.  Her friend did not respond.  In fact her friend was now more like those statues she had just seen!

“Is she ok?” Dee asked as she joined Sue.  Dee looked at the surprised expression on Darlene’s face, as if she was totally caught by surprise.  Darlene’s body was frozen stiff, as was her clothing, which looked like it had been starched too much. “Sue, I think-“ she was interrupted by a whooshing sound as the entire room was engulfed with a steam-like spray coming from the very walls.

“I think I got my transparent shield up just in the nick of time!” Sue exclaimed as she and Dee huddled next to the frozen Darlene.  Vapors of some sort had enveloped the room in seconds. “Sorceress, Flamestar, this is Transparency Girl.  We’re under attack.  Some sort of sprayers hidden in the room.  We-“

“Well, well, well, Fem-Fantastique, Incorporated,” the deep voice came from the intercom as the spray subsided.

“I know that voice!” Sue expanded her field to become an unstoppable battering ram and smashed through the door.  A man dressed in purple wearing a metal backpack stood in the next room.  “Plaster Master!”

“Nice to see you again, Transparency Girl, why don’t you stick around forever!” Plaster Master shot his thick streaming plaster at the two heroines.  Sue blocked it with her field but not before the plaster hardened into a wall of concrete covering the doorway!

Plaster Master adjusted the nozzle on his spraygun.  Some instant-hardening statue-spray will freeze them in their tracks just like the other statues, he thought when Flamestar burst into the room.  She had melted through the ceiling!  Her flamebolts whizzed past his head.  She was trying to throw off his aim but fortunately he had the advantage in these close quarters and unleashed a thick stream of plaster that hit the heroine squarely in the torso.  The impact pasted her to ceiling, her head and some parts of arms and legs protruded from the instantly hardened mass that encased her body and sealed her mouth shut.  Flamestar “mmmphed” in her plaster bondage.

Plaster Master turned to see the concrete wall that blocked the heroines from entering suddenly dissolve into powder.  The Crimson Sorceress’ work no doubt!  He shot another wide blast of his plaster, hoping to instantly freeze them in their tracks, but Transparency Girl’s force field was still protecting them from the stiffening solution and Shadow Lady was shooting laser bolts which caused him to aim off the mark more and more.  Plaster Master continued to pour on his plaster spray when he saw the pink and red clad Sorceress gesture from behind the laser beam firing Shadow Lady.  He looked at his spraygun and found it rusted up!  Curse the witch!  She had instantly rusted up his gear!  He had lost the advantage of surprise, been stripped of his weapons and knew it was only a matter of time before they could regroup and capture him.  But there was one other way!  He turned and fled to the basement.  Danielle would give him a way out!

“He’s running!” Dee shouted as Plaster Master threw off his rusted backpack. 

“Get Angie down from there,” Sue ordered Dee to aid the ceiling stuck Flamestar.  “Wanda and I will take care of Plaster Master,” she descended after the villain with Wanda in close pursuit.

Plaster Master burst into the basement, past the workshop with the empty modeling stand, which had been the site of his latest creation.  It was where Candi and Trish had been frozen in their erotic embrace under a layer of statue-spray that had instantly turned their bodies into what he passed off as waxwork sculptures.  It was where he had frozen numerous other nubile women over the past few months to stock his gallery supply of beauties. But he had gotten sloppy.  He had stayed put too long.  Gotten too obsessed with creating statues. And now he was going to pay the price again.  Unless he acted fast. 

“Plas!” Danielle cried out as Plaster Master burst into the monitor room.  She held up her own spraygun, a smaller, sexier economy-sized version of his weapon.  "We’ll take them, both of us!  Turn them into instant statues just like all the others and put them on display!”

“No time for that babe,” Plaster Master said gruffly as he snatched the weapon from her and pushed her down into the chair. 

“What are you doing?” Danielle asked as she was suddenly sprayed head to toe with her own gun!  She froze stiff and became a perfectly preserved statue as Sue and Wanda burst into the control room. 

“Give it up Plaster Master!  There’s nowhere to go!” Sue ordered.

“Never!” Plaster Master trained his gun on the two women advancing on him and tried to spray their beautiful bodies.  Sue’s shield held as the heroines were insulated from the hardening fluid.

Wanda motioned again and Plaster Master’s gun exploded, dousing himself with his own statue-spray formula.  He stiffened up and did not move a muscle.

“Poetic justice,” Sue said as she and Wanda turned away to go upstairs.




“Are you okay?  How do you feel?” a woman dressed in form-fitting red and pink asked.

Danielle awoke with a start.  “What the?  Get away from me!” she said.

“It’s okay,” the woman said warmly and soothingly.  She was spectacularly built with cleavage to the max as she bent over Danielle’s prone form.  “You were turned into a statue by the arch villain Plaster Master but we freed you and you’re going to be all right now.”

“I-I-“ Danielle looked around.  She was in some high-tech surrounding…Some sort of medical lab with other women on beds?  “Where am I?” she said, more composed but with her eyes darting back and forth.

“Fem-Fantastique Headquarters,” Crimson Sorceress answered with a comforting smile.  “We just finished unfreezing all of you just a few minutes ago.  “You were blasted by Plaster Master’s special plastering formula a few hours ago, remember?”

“I…remember,” Danielle thought quickly.  “He-he forced me to work in his wax museum and lure unsuspecting women to pose and become his statues!” she sobbed with crocodile tears.  “I-I didn’t have any choice!  I had to do what he wanted or he threatened to turn me into a statue forever!”  She cried openly as Wanda took the distraught woman in her arms and tenderly held her.

“It’s okay.  It’s okay, now,” she comforted.  “He’s gone to prison and he won’t be let out for a long time.  You’ll never see him again.”

“Thank you,” Danielle sobbed.  “Thank you for rescuing me,” she looked at the various women being slowly revitalized on their beds.  Their stiffened bodies had been restored to normalcy and they were relishing their regained sense of movement.  “I’ll repay you if it’s the last thing I do,” she said, with a devious smile that went unnoticed in Wanda’s embrace.



authors note:  well I tried to do a few fake-outs and hopefully one of them caught the reader by surprise!  I was hoping readers would figure on a new villain(ess) whose specialty was wax - In fact, the seemingly ‘innocent’ victim, Danielle, was previously seen in one of the earlier FF INC chapters - more on that to come in a future installment!

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