City of Still


by CMQ 11-00

     What has gone before: About a year ago, Shadow Lady foiled the Paralyzer’s crime spree in the days before she was an official member of FF INC.
And more recently the Plaster Master’s secret Erotic Gallery of Wax was uncovered and brought to an end by the FF INC heroines.



“Alright everybody!  Freeze!” the Paralyzer yelled at the top of his lungs.  He had a pair of his paralyzing beam emitters in his hands and was ready to train the pink paralyzing ray onto anyone who moved.  This fine Monday morning he was dressed in a tan jumpsuit decorated with lots of pockets to put his paralyzing gadgets in and wore a black motorcycle helmet with the visor down.  A thick toolbelt with pouches was slung low across his waist.  The staff and customers in the bank were frozen with fear, or so it appeared.  Vinnie raised the visor of his helmet and stood dumbfounded in the middle of the bank.

The customers and bank employees were standing, still as statues.  Their poses suggested they had been taken by surprise much as he had attempted to, based on their astonished reactions.  It was almost as if time itself had stopped. A pretty blonde woman in a purple blouse and dark skirt had been frozen as she turned to face the bank entrance.  A man behind an accounts desk was in the middle of standing up from his desk.  A teller with her palms up stood frozen behind the counter. A warm, orange glow surrounded each of the living statues. Everyone was frozen stiff!  Vinnie didn’t understand what had happened, his paralyzing gizmo didn’t have the power to freeze an entire room at once.  He had to train his pink paralyzing beam onto a subject in order to paralyze them and he had not even pressed the triggers of the ones he held.  Then he heard a noise in the vault. Rushing over he saw a frozen bank employee, a shapely brunette woman in a form-fitting business suit top with a white chemise showing some cleavage and a knee-high skirt with a four-inch slit on the side.  She was paralyzed as if she had just opened the safe. Beside her was a voluptuous woman dressed in skin-tight pink spandex that hid none of her curves.  Her dark blonde hair was pulled through her over-the-head mask that bared her face below her nose.  Dark lenses in her mask hid her eyes.  A stripe of darker pink ran down her cleavage, which was bared to her navel.  She was stuffing bills into her loot bag when the Paralyzer stumbled upon her. “Who the hell are you?” he said indignantly.

The mystery woman spun around, a sleek rectangular pistol-looking weapon was in her hand.  She almost pulled the trigger but hesitated at the sound of his voice.  “Vinnie?” she asked.

The Paralyzer was taken aback. “Who? How?” Who was this woman and how did she know who he was?

“Vinnie it IS you!” the woman laughed as she relaxed and holstered her weapon in the sewn-in holster on her right thigh.

“How do you know who I am?” the Paralyzer demanded as he leveled his paralyzing gadgets on the woman’s bosom.  “Who are you?”

“I’m the Paralyzer, Vinnie.  The new, improved Paralyzer!” she pulled her mask over and behind her head, revealing a pretty face that Vinnie recognized instantly.

“Sandy?” Vinnie stared incredulously at the woman in the form-fitting costume.  “How did you?”

“Freeze the entire bank crowd?” she smiled.  “It was simple with this,” she held up her paralyzing pistol.

“But how could you freeze them all at once?  The beam works only while its trained on someone.” He reiterated.

“That’s how YOUR paralyzer works,” Sandy hefted up the moneybags she had filled.  “I made a few alterations to your design.  Improvements, actually.  Rather simple once you think about it.”

“What?  Well I have these!” Vinnie pulled out small coaster-shaped gadgets from his pockets.  “Once I place them on a paralyzed person they’ll stay immobile without the beam!” he bragged.

“Wonderful,” Sandy said dryly.  “So retro.  I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

Vinnie’s face flared with anger.  “I should paralyze you right here and take MY money!” he held up his paralyzer gadget menacingly.

“Oooh, I’d like that, Vinnie.  Just like old times when you and I would ‘test’ the paralyzer out?” she cooed as she walked right by him with her loot.  “Face it Vinnie, I’m a better Paralyzer than you’ll ever be!”

“Oh yeah!” Vinnie dashed up to keep pace.  “I’m the better Paralyzer!  I bet I could out-paralyze you on my worst day!” he bragged.

Sandy stopped at the door of the bank.  “Oh, that does sound like a challenge, Vinnie…and I know you’ll never relinquish the name until I prove my superiority over you so I accept!  But here’s the rules: Whoever paralyzes the most victims before the week is up wins the name of the Paralyzer!”

“You got yourself a bet, lady!” Vinnie sneered.



“Sue you have to see this!” Angie screamed from the monitor room.  Transparency Girl, working in the nearby computer terminals, turned to face the large screen Flamestar was pointing at.  The local channel 8 news was on the air, reporter Lycia Lee was reporting from the field and behind her was a disturbance of some sort.

“What’s going on?” Sue asked.  She leaned in behind the seated Flamestar.

“-reporting live from 4th and Samuelson streets,” the petite Asian said hurriedly in her microphone as crowds of people fled around her.  “Things are a little chaotic here…look at the fleeing people all around me…the panic is virtually palpable…Joey can you swing the camera around?” she asked as the view suddenly switched to a view further down the street.  There were people fleeing all around when the reporter turned and suddenly was struck with an orange beam and froze stiff as a statue.  Her face was turned in profile, mouth agape.  Her arms were raised slightly, microphone in one hand.  Her jacket fluttered open, revealing her white strapless blouse beneath but she did not move a muscle otherwise. The live feed went blank a second later.

“Looks like the Paralyzer is back in town,” Flamestar said. We’re getting in a belated report of a bank that was robbed just a few minutes ago downtown too.  “Seems like no one noticed the entire staff and customers were frozen until the lunchtime crowd arrived.”

“We’d better get down there,” Sue agreed with Flamestar’s hunch.  “If it’s the Paralzyer you’d better notify Dee, she’s had the most experience with him.  Wanda’s with her too, so that only leaves Darlene.”

“Roger,” Angie activated her femmcomm.  Deidre, Shadow Lady, was off duty for the moment, but she could meet them there in minutes.

“Darlene, you’d better stand watch here in case something else comes in.”

“But-“ Cosmic Girl protested, she was eager to see frozen bodies of any sort.

“Stacey’s out shopping with Candi, so we need someone to stand watch on the monitors,” Transparency Girl explained, her voice somewhat raised.

“Okay,” Darlene submitted, disappointed she wouldn’t have the chance to get out of the building. Or was it, perhaps, deeper than that?  Perhaps disappointment lay in a subconscious desire to get paralyzed herself?

The two members of FF INC arrived at the intersection and found it was eerily quiet.  People everywhere frozen in place as if time itself had halted. Some victims were frozen in reaction to whatever was paralyzing them.  Some were frozen as if nothing at all had been going on.  They must have been the first victims of the Paralyzer. There was stopped traffic, drivers frozen in their seats. It was as if the city had stopped cold.  Sue and Flamestar split up to investigate how widespread the effect was.

Weird, Flamestar thought as she canvassed a few blocks while alight in her flaming aura.  She flew slowly, trying to keep an eye out for movement and found none.  Just dozens and dozens of orange glowing people stiff in their tracks.

Shadow Lady arrived by foot a few minutes after Sue and Angie got there and she was amazed at the quiet and stillness.  Never before had she seen the city so shut down.  So…vulnerable.  She examined the frozen reporter and her equally frozen cameraman.  She waved her hands in front of the blank stare of Lycia Lee.  There was no response, only a faint orange aura around her motionless body.  An aura that no doubt maintained the rigidness of the reporters’ body.  Deidre found that Lycia’s body was stiff as stone when she tried to shake her out of her paralysis.

The Crimson Sorceress had checked out a few other pedestrians.  “I think they’re all okay, just paralyzed,” she reported to Sue via her femmcomm communicator hidden on her glove.  “A little spell should shake them free of their stiffened states.” Wanda closed her eyes and concentrated.  She raised her arms and gestured with her hands, now awash in bright crimson energy.  She created a spell bubble that grew from her fingertips.  She gathered the sphere of energy in her palms and projected it at a small crowd of frozen people.  “Energy dispel!” she declared. The frozen people were enveloped in the crimson energy and shuddered for a moment, then suddenly came to life. 

“What happened?  How did this?  Wha?” were the overwhelming questions being asked by some confused people.

“Do you remember what happened?” Wanda asked a woman dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans.

“A-A woman, calling herself the Paralyzer, shooting at us with her gun…” the woman stammered. “S-she was…freezing everyone in their tracks! I-I tried to run but must have been hit…I think…I couldn’t move at all!  I don’t remember a thing!” she was slightly hysterical.

“It’s going to be okay,” Wanda reassured the woman as Shadow Lady walked up.

“A woman?  That doesn’t sound like the paralyzer I know,” Dee said.  She recalled early in her career meeting up with a fiendish genius who could paralyze people with his tiny paralyzer gadgets.  She herself had ended up a frozen statue for a few days.  At the mercy of the villain and his henchmen, she couldn’t move a muscle at all until a freak occurrence by a lascivious henchwoman freed her from her living statue ordeal.  “Are you sure it was a woman?”

“I-I’m not sure of anything!” the woman sobbed.

“It looks like Wanda’s having some success with freeing these people,” Deidre affirmed as Wanda tried to comfort the woman enough so that she could return to casting de-paralysis spells. 

“Sorry to cut in Sue, we’re getting in reports of something else,” Transparency Girl held her concealed femmcomm up to her ear to hear Cosmic Girl calling in.  It was a police report of a series of frozen people in city square from Darlene back at HQ.  That’s all the way across town!  How did the Paralyzer get there so fast?  Sue wondered.  The traffic was tied up for blocks! 

Sue ordered Wanda to continue dispelling the paralyzing effect while the others left for city square.  The Inc Jet was loaded up with the two heroines and took off with a gust of air that blew Wanda’s cape aflutter. Flamestar took off under her own power in hopes of catching the culprit in the act.  The Sorceress watched as the flaming heroine and the forest green Inc Jet disappeared beyond the skyscrapers. 

“Looks like I’m on my own,” Wanda determinedly set forth releasing all the living statues while the recently released tv reporter commented on her heroic efforts.

FF INC arrived at city square to find a number of people frozen stiff.  A dozen businesswomen and men in suits and work attire walking, running, standing surprised or just plain standing…still!  Sue and Dee inspected the frozen people closest to the landing point of the Inc Jet.  They were surrounded in a pink aura that clung close to their bodies. Angelica flew by and landed next to Sue.

“This doesn’t look like the same effect downtown,” Shadow Lady observed a frozen woman talking into her cell phone. There was static on the line.

“A rainbow paralyzing ray?” Angie asked to no one in particular.  “What difference is it what color his raygun shoots?”

“No, it’s not a raybeam that’s paralyzing this woman.  I think this is the cause,” Dee was looking over the woman and noticed a small half-dollar sized disc attached to her cheek.  “This thing is keeping her paralyzed,” Dee declared as she pressed the glowing red dot in the middle of the disc and removed it from the woman’s face.  Instantly the woman sprang to life as she screamed and then stopped abruptly, as if confused.

“Wha?” she looked around confused at the sudden appearance of three superheroines.

“What happened?” Dee asked as the rest of FF INC began copying Dee by removing the paralyzing discs from the other victims.  More and more people regained control of their bodies within minutes.

“I don’t-I saw him, he was freezing people with his…something in his hand…I tried to run but I couldn’t move at all!  He walked up to me and put something on my face…I couldn’t move to stop him and then he left…” she was obviously quite frightened.

“Easy, easy.  It’s okay, you’re okay now…” Dee comforted the woman.   Now, this…man, you said?  What did he look like?”

“He-he was dressed in a jumpsuit,” the dark haired woman hesitated as she tried to recall her attacker.  “W- with all sorts of stuff hanging off his belts…he had dark curly hair…” she tried to continue.

“Now that sounds like the Paralyzer I know,” Dee said softly as she patted the woman on the back.

Angie came away from a bunch of people she had freed, she had a handful of the silver paralyzer discs in her palm when static came through on her femmcomm.  She raised her wrist to her ear and heard a report from Cosmic Girl.

“Sue, we’re getting in another report, near the coastline,” Darlene reported urgently.  “The beach is under attack!”

“The beach?  That’s all the way across the city again!”  Sue said, confused at the wide reaching effects.  “Darlene I want you to meet us there, Dee, stay here and release these people.  Angie head there now and take charge, I’ll be there shortly.”  Susan hoped she wasn’t squandering her resources by splitting the team up and leaving the monitor station at HQ unattended.  It was obvious there was more to this than met the eye though, and she needed field agents immediately.  The police had their hands full trying to stop looters from taking advantage of paralyzed people and unclogging blocked intersections with frozen drivers and pedestrians.

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of this, and fast!” Sue muttered as she sat in the pilot seat and activated the ignition sequence for the Inc Jet.  It lifted off in a blast of wind and noise, leaving Shadow Lady to aid the immobile victims that remained.

Looking at the amount of people that were still to be freed, Dee began to realize that they might be in over their heads for the first time.  She instantly dismissed those negative thoughts and got to work.  Not the time to be negative, girl, she told herself.

While en route to the beach, Angie heard yet another report of frozen people coming in on the distress call routed to the femmcomms.  Sue ordered Flamestar to investigate as the fiery redhead split off from the Inc Jet’s destination.  What is going on?  It sounds like a whole gang of Paralyzers had hit the town! Sue pondered the potential chaos if that were the case.

Back downtown, Wanda finished dispelling the last of the paralyzing effects.  She wiped her brow, the continuous spell casting had taken its toll on her and she needed to recuperate.  The reports coming in fast and furious overheard on her femmcomm told her that the situation was a lot more widespread and a lot more serious than she had ever suspected.

More people were being immobilized all over town, she had to get to the hot spots to aid her teammates.  On foot it would take hours to get there.  She didn’t like using the subway, especially in full costume.  It would be getting her a lot of stares, but there wasn’t any choice now.  She ran as fast as she could to the nearest subway station and descended the stairs as carefully as she could in her heeled crimson boots.  She was greeted with frozen commuters on the platform!  “ I don’t believe this!” she said to herself, astonished at the multiple paralyzed victims.  “What’s going on here?” she wondered as she took a deep breath and started preparing another spell.



FF INC had spent most of the past 24 hours checking out numerous reports of people being paralyzed.  Each time they responded to a report it seemed as if another event was happening somewhere else.  Hot spots popped up all over the city with no rhyme or reason as to why.  No matter how fast they seemed to respond it was always too late.  The thing was, nothing in general was stolen or missing from any of the victims.  It was as if the perpetrators had deliberately frozen them just for the fun of it and moved on as fast as they could.

More reports kept coming in and FF INC couldn’t keep up with them.  A number of people were being paralyzed all across the city and it was getting to the point that whole groups of them were being left immobile for long periods of time till someone had the time to help them.  With only five team members, plus Artie and Stacey, FF INC was being outflanked and outwitted despite the fact that reports seemed to indicate only two paralyzing felons were at work. A brief break in the rash of reports allowed the team a brief respite. 

Wanda was exhausted from travelling across the city numerous times and conjuring anti-paralyzation spells.  She was fast asleep in one of the monitor room chairs, as uncomfortable as they were for sleeping.  Deidre was having difficulty in designing a simple counteracting beam that would negate the orange paralyzing effect that had turned up amongst a great number of victims.  At least releasing people from the pink paralyzing glow emitters was somewhat easier, though it was trickier than it might seem at first to deactivate them. Someone was alternating the emitters, as if trying to make them more effective, thus making the releasing process more difficult each successive time.  Artie and Stacey helped hold down the fort during the numerous times the five heroines were called out to help the police, but it was taking more and more time to coordinate rescue efforts the longer it took to release previous victims. 

The brief lull (during which the police agreed to cover the reports as best they could) allowed the team members to unite at FF INC HQ to consider strategy.

“I don’t get it, there’s no pattern.” Sue stared at the monitor, which had a listing of the number of paralysis events across the city.  There were orange dots where people were found frozen and pink dots where people frozen with discs on them were found.  The orange dots outnumbered the pink dots a good 5 to 1.  Other than the reports of a woman and man doing the paralyzing, there were no leads at all.  The victims were just about anyone who happened to be there at the time…a few police officers who tried to stop the villains…other than that…nothing…

“Ok, let’s go back to our first theory and assume it is the Paralyzer who is back,” Dee said.  “This disc is consistent with his old remote gadget that projected a pink paralysis ray.  Some of the victims said they saw the male suspect use something similar to this to immobilize people then slap this disc on them to keep them paralyzed, which would make sense since his gadget has farther range but not duration.  That’s where these discs come into play.  They can keep someone immobile indefinitely without anyone being required to be present.”

“What about the woman?  She was shooting people with a gun of some sort,” Angie interrupted.  “It paralyzes people stiff as a board without using the disc to keep them frozen. The people paralyzed by this gun didn’t even realize what had happened to them until the effect wore off or Wanda dispelled the effect. The disc is absolutely unnecessary.  Why use an obviously inferior technology?”

“How long did the effect last?”, Cosmic Girl asked curiously.

“They stayed paralyzed for many hours in the cases where we didn’t find them.  Poor Wanda can’t keep up this pace, it’s wearing her down,” Deidre said as she punched in some numbers into the computer.  “It doesn’t make sense that they’re from the same gang, though the descriptions of the woman do seem to match the woman that was in the Paralyzer’s gang when I met up with them a few years ago.” Shadow Lady had an instant flashback to the wicked woman, who used Dee as a personal paralyzed plaything. “Why would they use different tech?  One is definitely second-rate to the other.”

“Maybe…maybe they’re not working together?” Stacey said softly from her chair.  The four heroines turned to look at her.

“Hmm?” Sue turned to look at Stacey, then looked at Deidre.  Angie and Darlene looked back at Stacey then at Susan.

“It… makes sense in a way…they’re not using the same methods per se, but they are achieving the same result…” Dee concluded.

“And what result would that be?”  Angie asked somewhat sternly.

“I don’t know…” Dee said as another report came in.

“Roger, Sergeant, we’ll look into it.” Sue brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes.  “Wake up Wanda, we’re back on duty.”  FF INC left again to investigate reports of early-to-rise stockbrokers being frozen at work.  The entire brokerage was at a standstill.

“Well, well Vinnie, based on my latest calculations I say I’m leading you at over 250 to, what?  Fifty?  Sixty?” Sandy gloated over the viewscreen. 

“Its unfair!  Unfair!”  the Paralyzer shouted across the vidlink.  “My technology needs these discs to keep people paralyzed. I can’t keep up production to match your weapon, its an unfair advantage!”  He practically was foaming at the mouth during his rant.  “I’ve been trying to upgrade all my devices, build new ones in the limited time I have when I’m not out there using them!  I haven’t slept in over 24 hours!”

“Poor, poor Vinnie. So you’re admitting my technology is better than your tech?” She smiled devilishly at him.

“Never!  Never in a thousand years would you be a better Paralzyer than me!  But something needs to be done to even the odds!” Vinnie seethed.  “How about…how about instead of counting the number of people we paralyze, we count points, the more important the target, the more points for the paralyzees!”

“Do tell,” she played along with him. “Why would I want to agree to this…leveling of the playing field?  I’ve proven my paralyzing raygun is far superior to your limited paralyzer projector.”

“These average joe shmoes you’ve been paralyzing in the streets are chicken feed!  True genius requires a certain flair for the dramatic! A sense of ambition, cunning, challenge!” Vinnie was practically foaming at the mouth.

“You always were too involved, too theatrical, too cerebral for your own good, that’s what led to your downfall last time if I recall correctly…” Sandy leaned in close to the camera on her end.

“Bah you’re just frightened to match my wits!” Vinnie challenged.

Sandy smiled again, this time at the glorious demonstration of Vinnie’s wild ego, something she would never admit she missed.  Do I bite and play his game or string out his frustration?  “Okay Vinnie, I’ll play along…how should we score points?” she crossed her arms across her cleavage.

“I do, we’ll let the computers linking our vidscreens and tally collectors determine the more valuable prey.  They won’t be biased one way or another!”  Vinnie offered.

“And regarding points, or do you have that figured out already?” the villainess replied.

“Well all those people walking in the streets shouldn’t be worth more than…a policeman, or a politician…or the mayor, or celebrities…supermodels…superheroines!” Vinnie grinned like a wolf.

“I like where you’re headed with this,” Sandy smiled.

“The Mayor?” Sue repeated in disbelief.

“Yeah, it’s coming in on the news right now,” Deidre said excitedly.  “She got paralzyed along with the city supervisors right in the middle of a council meeting!”

“It’s all over the news channels now,” Wanda was looking in on Lycia Lee’s firsthand report.  The camera panned over the council chambers with dozens of frozen audience members reacting, or at least frozen in reacting to the threat that paralzyed them.  The council members and the mayor were all standing behind their podium in reaction, frozen in disbelief.

“We’d better get down there,” Transparency Girl said grimly.  “It looks like the stakes have just been raised.”



FF INC had spent the last few hours releasing frozen city supervisors and staff down at City Hall.  The situation was so bad that Cosmic Girl had taken to collecting all the orange-glowing paralyzed victims like cordwood.  Every few minutes she dropped off another load for Wanda to de-immobilize. Transparency Girl and the Mayor were in a closed door meeting.  The mayor demanded results, as she didn’t want to govern a city of living statues.  Sue reassured her that FF INC was doing everything possible to track down the culprits responsible.

“We’ve got to find these people,” Sue conferred with the other four heroines.

“This hit seemed to be different from the others. Much more high profile.  And the Mayor said the woman deliberately singled her out, so maybe that means something,” Wanda speculated as she sipped some tea to regain her strength.

“Like what?” Flamestar offered pointedly.

“Like maybe we should start thinking like the way these Paralyzers are,” Deidre said quietly.


Jean-Marie Gottede’s summer fashion show at the ritzy fashion center mall was in full swing.  Super-looking models wearing the latest avant-garde swimwear strutted down the catwalks in body revealing scraps of multicolored cloth.  The rail thin models with their long limbs struck poses at the end of the catwalk, allowing the viewers a good long look at the fashion and the bodies beneath.  A few better known ‘names’ were amongst the beautiful models wearing next to nothing.

Cherique, a model with super long legs and waist length black hair took long calculated steps in her 4-inch platform sole sandals.  She was wearing an asymmetrically cut pink one piece suit with a gigantic hole cut in one side that bared a little of the underside of her breasts and swept dangerously close to her bikini line below.  She walked to the end of the runway, posed and pouted, spun around and strutted back.

Vanessa, a spectacularly curvy blonde bombshell in an itty-bitty green and gold bikini took off her transparent cover-up and began walking down the runway right after Cherique finished her walk.  Vanessa held the cover-up in her right hand as she hit the mark on the edge of the runway.  She put her hands on her hips and posed for the cameras and audience.

“Freeze honey!” a voice cried out over the rumbling music beat.

The model broke out of her emotionless mode and looked in surprise as a man dressed in tan projected a pink beam at her body.  She froze stiff as he broke through the scattering crowd quickly and slapped a metal disk on her thigh.  She remained immobile, in the same pose of surprise as he passed her and froze another model trying to flee in her awkward high heels.  One zap turned her into a perfect mannequin. More models coming out from backstage realized they were in danger and began to turn around and scatter.  The Paralyzer turned on the other models fleeing backstage and paralyzed another model in a black bikini.  Her ultra thin body froze as the soft wrap garment fluttered down against her stilled body.  The man repeated the same process with the model as before and found another target, and another…eventually there were about eight frozen swimsuit models, two women from backstage that had caught his eye, and a fool coordinator who had gotten in his way aiming at another model. He was better than nothing now, as most of the high profile prey had escaped.  They all glowed a pretty pink in their paralysis.

Paralyzer gasped for breath as he placed the parlyzing disc onto a brunette woman backstage who tried to hide behind some curtains but then decided to make a break for it.  She had a delightful fearful expression frozen onto her face as he fixed her into paralysis with another of his discs. This is harder than I thought, he gasped as he punched in the results of his raid onto a calculator like device.  Maybe I should look into developing a projector that can throw the discs instead of having to do this all manually. He looked at the totals being run up by Sandy.  She had scored an additional 195 points just in the time since they had agreed to link each other via compulators the night before. The data ran both ways and could tell each opponent how many points had been scored after each successful score.  His score from the supermodel freezing had improved his status to a little over 200.  He watched as Sandy’s total jumped to 569.  She must be somewhere where there’s a lot of people, or a few important ones…

Vinnie looked for more models to freeze, they were worth more than the anonymous faces in the fleeing crowd.  “Damn, where are the good ones?”

Dee had ditched the fleeing crowds as soon as trouble started.  She changed into her costume in a secluded restroom, allowing the molecu-outfit she was wearing to morph into her Shadow Lady outfit.  She had speculated that this event was going to be a tempting target for one of the Paralyzers, but rather than come in full costume and scare off the villain, she came incognito in civilian gear.  She stuck to the back of the room, surveying the people in the audience. When the Paralzyer burst out she made a hasty exit to change.  The Paralzyer was now nowhere in sight, but the results of his handiwork were evident as she entered the showroom.  Folding chairs were overturned, scattered into chaotic piles from their former symmetrical and perfectly lined up rows. Damn, I had to be incognito as a member of the audience, and now look what’s happened! I suspected something like this would attract the attention of one of the paralzyers and my hunch paid off, but now he’s gotten away because I had to change!

Frozen people, mostly models, cluttered the runway.  Shadow Lady took a peek backstage and saw a couple more motion-arrested supermodels.  She took the silver disc off of one, allowing the pink glow to dissipate.  “What happened, which way did he go?” She asked as she steadied the stunned model dressed in a purple thong.

“I-I don’t know, he…oh no!  Look ou-!”  The model froze and Dee, as she turned her head, froze too as her lips parted aghast!  The Paralyzer was still here and now she was stiff as a statue!

“Ahh-!” Dee thought as she found her body rendered helplessly rigid.  Unable to move a muscle of her beautiful body at all, she could only stand mute and think of what horrible fate would befall her.  No, No, NO!  This can’t be!  How did he get the drop on me? She recognized the thin, unassuming man with the curly black hair.  The Paralyzer!  It’s true, he’s back!

A pencil thin pink beam, emitted by two devices the Paralyzer held double-handed like some futuristic gunslinger had struck both women.  He smiled wide.  “Shadow Lady, I’m so glad you could make it!”  He grinned as he approached the stilled women.  “I knew sooner or later one of you FF INC heroines would put two and two together and figure out what was going on, so I laid in wait, hoping to score a few bonus points and I seem to have hit the jackpot!” He walked closer to Dee, keeping his aim steady and the beam trained squarely on her proud breasts.

Shadow Lady had been frozen holding onto the disoriented model, her hands gripping the upper arms of the thong bikini maiden.  Her face and the model’s were turned to stare unflinchingly at the villain as he approached triumphantly.  Please, don’t-  She remembered her multiple day stint as a statue in his hideout a few years ago.  How he rubbed it in her frozen face, how he mocked her motionless body, how she had been sexually stimulated by his henchmen…

Vinnie put a silver disc onto the bare arm of Shadow Lady and activated it.  Dee glowed pink, her body embraced by the paralyzing aura.  Her mind went blank as she was put into a state of suspended animation.  “Perfectly paralyzed now!” Vinnie put another disc onto the bikini model and she too was enveloped in the paralyzing pink glow.  Vinnie punched in the numbers.  Shadow Lady was worth a good 1000 points easily!  “So glad to meet you, my dear,” he smiled as he kissed Dee’s paralyzed cheek and copped a feel of her breast.  His totals zoomed up to over 1200 as the compulator caluclated his victory.  “This is going to be a very good day!  Too bad I don’t have more time to spend with you, but I have more people to paralyze!” He slapped Dee’s rock-hard behind as he left the heroine and the bikini model in silence.  Two living statues to endure forever.

Sandy was picking off people in the financial district, immobilizing them in her orange ray gun’s wake.  She looked at her totals, she must be over 700 by now, judging by the amount of frozen bodies she was leaving standing stiffly in place. “What???” she cried out in anger and surprise. “Vinnie is over 1200 now? That’s impossible!” She seethed as she paralyzed three cops running down the street at her.  Only a measly 75 points per cop.  She would have to strike at someone higher up.  Maybe the mayor again?  Then it hit her. Vinnie must have lucked out and found… ”FF INC!” she screamed as a flameball hit the ground by her feet.

“Hold it lady!”  Flamestar swooped down out of the sky blazing.  Her fireballs struck the ground around Sandy and the woman flinched in reaction to the heated projectiles impacting around her. 

“So you want a little of this do you?!” Sandy fired back with her pistol, but the flame maiden was too nimble and dodged the beam.  It won’t do me any good to get caught, Sandy thought so she hightailed it down the street, weaving between paralyzed pedestrians, firing blind behind her in hopes of dissuading Flamestar from pursuit. 

Angie dodged the wild fire with ease.  She’s spooked, but there’s no where to run, she thought. The paralyzed crowd below made it difficult to get a bead on the fleeing villainess, but Flamestar was determined to bring the rampaging villain in.  She just couldn’t endanger any civilian lives.

Sandy ran for the 17th Street subway station. Surely the more cramped quarters would hinder Flamestar’s pursuit, might even give me a better shot at her!  Sandy reasoned when she ran straight into…nothing?!! She tumbled backward and hit the ground.  “Wha?” She put her hands up, there was nothing in front of her except some sort of…transparent barrier!  Transparency Girl!  This must be her handiwork!

Susan rose out of the underground entrance with steady strides.  Her transparent force field had stopped Sandy from escaping and she extended her field to envelop the villainess.  “You’re not going anywhere, honey!” Sue smiled at the Paralyzer with smug satisfaction.

“I can’t believe we caught up with her, T.G.” Flamestar circled around Sue’s prey.  “Not so smart now are you, lady?”

“Paralyzer, actually,” Sandy smiled as she held her hands against the unseen barrier that surrounded her, looking for gaps.  “Looks like you’ve got me, ‘honey’, she mocked.

Sue frowned as Flamestar landed on the pavement.  “Good save T-Girl, I don’t think I would have been able to catch her if she had made it down there.  The darkness and confined space would have made her apprehension much more difficult.” Angie admitted.

“You think you’re so smart,” Sandy laughed as she pressed both her palms against the force field.  She drew her weapon from its holster on her curvy hip.

“Don’t bother,” Sue said as she put her hands on her hips defiantly.  “The field is completely enclosing you, there’s no way you’ll be able to paralyze us.”

“Oh is that so?” Sandy said somewhat ambiguously as she too mimicked Sue’s posture and put her hands on her belt, activating a secret button that activated a strobe device attached to the top of the streetlights nearby. A brilliant orange glow bathed the entire block as the light strobed and rotated, striking everyone within its streetwide radius and turning them into living sculpture!

“Ohhh!”  Sue reacted, as she brought up her hands and froze stiff as a statue!  Flamestar was equally frozen as she turned at her waist to see the orange raybeam rotate around like a siren for a brief second.  Then, all was still. Expressions of surprise were delightfully frozen onto their faces.  Their bodies wavered not a bit as Sandy laughed heartily.

“Priceless!  Beautiful!  I couldn’t have planned it better!” Sandy smiled as she reached up and probed.  The transparent field was gone!  “I was saving that one-time only strobe flash paralyzer to immobilize the Foxs’ victory parade in two days, lucky for me your transparent field shielded me from the beams and paralyzed you two instead!  Now that you’re all paralyzed and locked in stasis, none of your powers work anymore!”

Sandy poked at the paralyzed Transparency Girl’s chest. 

Susan was nothing more than a statue now.  A beautiful statue, just like the brightly clad Flamestar.  Two desirable women in skintight outfits that revealed all of their feminine curves…

Sandy grabbed a handful of Sue’s costume and tore it down the middle.  Bare skin beneath and the sultry curve of Sue’s bosom were exposed down to the waist.  She ogled the orange glowing breasts as she  punched up her totals and saw her grand total shoot straight to 3000. “Ha! Let’s see Vinnie top this one!”

She laughed and dashed down the stairs to the subway…the game was only beginning!


“Okay hold it, take it easy Dee,” Wanda said as she and Cosmic Girl collected Dee from her frozen fate.  They had released Sue and Angie a few hours ago but hadn’t had the time to track down Dee in the midst of trying to simultaneously apprehend the paralyzing culprits and release the paralyzed victims.  Already there were many groups of people all over the city that were still frozen stiff.  It seemed that whenever they had a chance to help them, other incidents popped up.  And the paralyzing of Dee, Sue and Angie hadn’t helped either as the two paralyzers had been on a paralyzing spree for hours.  FF INC was falling behind and the people of the city were paying the price!



The heroines were getting tired, no doubt.  In the past 24 hours the original Paralyzer had struck at the Net-Swoosh Basketball Arena, leaving many highly-paid basketball players (and not too few comely cheerleaders) frozen in place like some paused TV screen.  The new Paralzyer, the woman, had actually managed to paralyze some important celebrities and moviestars at the worldwide gala premiere going on in the theatre district.  Glamour and fame seemed to be the lure for the two villains, not that anyone else was safe.   All sorts of paralyzed people were turning up around the city now, it was if nowhere and no one was below their attention.  Even the minor looting had quieted, everyone was starting to fear going out and potentially exposing themselves to the Paralzyers’ wrath.

Between their best efforts and Stacey and Artie organizing the few qualified police enforcement officers entrusted to use the de-paralyzing technology, it was exhausting trying to free as many people as possible.  Artie had managed to come up with a gadget that undid the effects of the orange paralyzing beam that the second Paralzyer used, but even working for hours with Dee, they had a limited number of devices to hand out.   It was quickly becoming apparent that even though they outnumbered the villains, it was becoming a losing cause.  There just wasn’t enough time or equipment to spread around.

They reassembled at FF INC HQ to gather their information and take a quick breather.  It would be costly as the police had little success in slowing down either of the villains, but there was no other choice.  The mayor was demanding results, threatening to call in the National Guard, for all the good that would do.  The heroines were starting to feel the pressure.

“Okay, Dee figured out that these two Paralzyers are starting to concentrate their attacks on major well-known or respected people for the most part, but why?” Sue asked the group.  “What else connects these people?”

“It’s as if there is no rhyme or reason to their strikes.  Little, if anything, has actually been stolen from their victims.  It’s almost as if they were in some sort of…competition?” Angie said in exasperation.

“Could that be it?” Wanda offered.  “Could they be trying to find out who’s the…better Paralzyer?”

“That’s so sick,” Angie said with a frown.  Cosmic Girl, sitting next to her, remained quiet.

“No, I think you’re on to something,” Sue pondered.  “I think this is one big ego battle between the two.  Dee, you said the one you ran up against said something about bonus points?”

“Right,” Deidre reflected.  “At first I thought he was mostly just bragging but now…I think you’re right!” her voice raised in realization that the truth was starting to sink in.  “That Paralzyer, the first one I ran into a few years ago, was pretty much a big-head, mostly bluster.  His henchwoman on the other hand seemed to be the smarter cookie.  Hey! I wonder if…could she be the other paralyzer?” Shadow Lady asked.

“That sounds logical,” Stacey chimed in.  “She would have access and familiarity with his paralyzing technology.”

“Was she sorta…kinky?” Dee asked Sue and Angie.  Darlene’s ears perked up.

Sue blushed at the thought of Sandy tearing her costume down the middle. The shame and public humiliation were not easy for her to take.  Fortunately, there was very little mobile public around to actually see her in that distressed state.  “Sorta.  I think it was she, the woman you had told us about before.  Dark blonde hair?  About five-seven?”

“It sounds like her,” Dee replied, remembering Sandy’s roaming hands on her body those many months ago.  The way she had touched Dee in all those unspeakable spots…

Darlene spoke up, “I think it’s the only logical answer.”

“Well now that we know who we’re dealing with, and that’s all peaches and cream, but that still doesn’t give us any advantage to stopping them,” Angelica said bitterly.

“Or does it?” Sue got quiet as her mind started developing strategy after strategy. How can we use this knowledge to our advantage?



“Damn her!  Damn her to hell!”  Vinnie looked at the counter totals, Sandy had a comfortable lead at 8340 points… his score was a miserable 4100. He was limited by the tech he was using… it was horribly expensive to keep producing paralyzer discs to put on his victims.  And his secret stash of electronics and cash had dwindled away to nothing in this wild week.  The fact that the police and FF INC confiscated all his discs from his victims didn’t help either. And then there was the matter of how little sleep over the past few days he had gotten.  He had used all his down time to construct more discs in the hopes of catching up with Sandy’s totals but at the rate she was going a victory would be all but certain in another day.

He had spent the majority of the day picking off as many high-profile targets as he could scrounge up, but people were becoming scarce.  Everyone seemed to be holed up.  He considered his options.  I need to score big, one quick decisive blow that will put me over the top by tomorrow for good!  He remembered his biggest score, the paralyzing of Shadow Lady at the fashion show… how beautiful she and that bikini model looked frozen together.  If only I could paralyze all those superheroines at once!  That would be the greatest triumph of all!

“Having trouble keeping up, dear?”  Sandy’s mocking voice and image came in over the primitive viewscreen he had converted out of an old TV set.

Vinnie whirled at the sound of her voice and spoke angrily into the screen. “So, Sandy, don’t think your little advantage has put the goal out of my reach, we still have two days left!  I have plenty of time!  I can still win!”

“Two days left and you’re almost 4000 points behind me,” Sandy stated confidently.  “Who are you trying to kid?  Give it up Vinnie, you’ll never catch me!” she laughed and it was like a dagger to Vinnie’s heart.

“I have…a plan!” Vinnie bragged.  “A master plan to show you who’s the real master of paralyzation!  Me!” he threw up his arms in the air like a referee signaling a touchdown.

“Oh Vinnie, always the bragger,” Sandy chided.  “Even back when we were together you were always bragging about…”

“Enough, are you just calling to taunt me, I have business to attend to! People to paralyze!” Vinnie snapped.

“Why Vinnie, you are serious…what is that plan of yours?  You’ll have to freeze a lot of people or…” Sandy’s voice trailed off as her mind reached the only possible conclusion.

“A very few very important ones.” Vinnie completed her sentence.  “I saw how your totals jumped astronomically a few days ago. You just got lucky!”

“Lucky?  Lucky?!!  I froze two superheroines, stiff as statues, two!  Count them… T-W-O!” Sandy boasted.  “You’ve only managed to get, one was it?”  Sandy stared at the strangely confident face looking back at her. “Why Vinnie,” Sandy realized. “Are you gunning for FF INC?  You’d have to get them all to pass my totals!”

“Goodbye, Sandy,” Vinnie cut off the transmission and deactivated his monitor so that it would accept no more unannounced (or unwanted) messages.  The plan had to work, he thought to himself.  It was a masterpiece!

“Vinnie, Vinnie?”  Sandy tried to reestablish the line.  There was no answer.  “That little weasel!” she snarled.  “He’s going to freeze them all!  He must be really desperate to take them all on…or…or have a really good plan!”  Sandy’s mind raced through many options.  “There’s no way I’m going to let him beat me out…”


“Sue?” Wanda asked quietly.  “How are you doing?”  She had entered the FFI NC HQ monitor room, currently manned by Transparency Girl, who had not a bit of sleep in the past 19 hours.  Flamestar and Cosmic Girl were out in the city, hoping to help more paralyzed people, or get lucky and catch the Paralzyers in the act.

“Fine,” Susan responded, equally quietly.  “I should be the one asking you that.  You should be in bed, resting up.  How do you feel?”

“Okay,” the Crimson Sorceress smiled unconvincingly as she sat down on the chair next to Sue.  Wanda unclasped her cape and draped it over the back of a spare chair.  “A little tired,” she admitted.

“Artie and Dee have another two anti-paralyzer projectors ready to go, but even then I don’t think there are enough police left to man them.  It’s looking bad.” Sue crossed her bare legs.  She was wearing her skimpier outfit, as her standard costume had the tear down the middle and Artie had no time to mend the molecu-outfit yet.

“We’ve been through worse,” Wanda comforted the team leader.  “At least things have quieted down today a little.  Maybe…maybe they’ve given up on this crazy competition?”

“Why do I get the feeling that it’s only temporary?” Transparency Girl replied as she cocked her head to one side.



“It’s quiet, too quiet,” Sue observed.  It was mid afternoon, and there had been no new-recorded paralyzations in the past few hours.  She had managed to catch a brief catnap while Wanda monitored the city.  Darlene and Angie had returned to HQ to recharge their anti-paralyzers early that morning after spending most of the night freeing victims.

“Do you think they ran out of paralzyers?  Or that the competition is over?” Wanda offered hopefully.

“I think it’s just the lull before the storm…” Angie opined.

“I think you’re right, it’s like the eye of the storm, the quiet before the real disaster begins…” Susan agreed.

“At any rate we’ve been able to de-paralyze a lot more people,” Stacey reported.  “If this lull keeps up I think between the five of you and Artie, we should be able to completely release everyone by tomorrow evening.”

“That’s good news Stacey,” Sue complimented the young woman. 

Stacey had really taken charge and worked hard with Artie to coordinate efforts and release the immobile victims of the paralyzer spree.  She had used one of Cosmic Girl’s extra masks and some spare clothing to make a ‘costume’ to go out in public and use the de-paralzyers when the others were out on patrol a few days ago. She had even watched over the emergency monitor during this time of chaos, filling in so that a ‘heroine’ was always on duty to take calls.  Fortunately with all the chaos going on, nobody had noticed the ‘new’ resident of FF INC much, and that was fine with Stacey.  She didn’t necessarily want to be recognized or sought after like the other heroines were.

In general, no one really paid much attention to Stacey when she went out shopping or socializing with the others.  They were very protective of her while out in public and she appreciated their help as she acclimated herself to real life.  This period of unrest gave her an opportunity to make herself useful and she relished in the chance to feel part of the team.

“Emergency alert!  There’s trouble in the warehouse district uptown!” Stacey took the call.  The other five heroines got to their feet.

“Let’s go team,” Sue ordered as the five heroines left Stacey and Artie to hold down the fort

“Warehouse district?” Stacey questioned minutes after the Inc Jet had taken off.  “I wonder what could be so important there?”


The Inc Jet landed on the dock adjacent to the warehouses lining the piers.  Sue shut down the engine and opened the exit ramp.  The five shapely heroines emerged and breathed in the salty air.

“Looks pretty peaceful,” Wanda said as the sea breeze whipped her curly auburn hair and crimson cape around.

“Angie, take the high ground and look around.  Be careful,” Sue reminded the red-headed heroine. “Dee and Wanda go around those warehouses there, Darlene and I will cover the storehouses over here.”

“Roger Sue,” Angelica engulfed herself in her flaming aura, and her lithe yellow-clad body flew effortlessly into the blue sky.

Dee and Wanda jogged over to the large dilapidated warehouse marked Stornson Storehouse.  Their red and green capes flapped in the stiff breeze.  Sue and Darlene approached the row of warehouses opposite the one Dee and Wanda.  Their blonde and brunette hairstyles were destroyed by the wicked wind.

“Pretty windy, huh?” Dee crept close against the storehouse building.  Her stringy black hair was plastered all over her face. She took some strands out of her ruby red lips as she scanned the building with her green goggles.

“Got anything?” Wanda brushed her hair out of her eyes as she put her hands onto Dee’s back and leaned in close.

“Negative, no thermal activity, but that isn’t surprising, since there are probably refrigeration units inside.  Wind is playing havoc with motion sensors, all sorts of things flying around the building.” Shadow Lady reported.  “We’ll have to take a look inside to be sure it’s clear.”

“Refrigeration units?” Wanda asked curiously.

“Stornson’s Frozen Foods?” Dee looked back at Wanda.  “Hello?”

 “Hmm, if I knew they stored their food out in such an area I would have had second thoughts eating it,” Wanda commented.  “I wonder if Sue, Darlene or Angie have had any luck yet?”

Sue shook the hair out of her face as she pressed her back against the side of the warehouse.  Stacks of shipping containers and wooden crates were lined up around all sides of the building. 

Darlene followed her as best she could.  Susan had rendered both of them transparent.  Invisible to detection.  It was difficult to operate stealthily when you couldn’t see your own two feet!  She bumped up against Sue’s soft backside.  “Sorry, I can’t see,” Darlene apologized.  Sue dropped the field and both heroines reappeared.  “Could this be a wild goose chase? A diversion?” Darlene asked.  “I don’t see anything happening here at all.”

“Coordinates match those sent by the PD,” Sue replied as she scanned the area with her own eyes.  “Look!”

 A woman, bathed in an orange glow was rooted to the spot near some shipping containers.  “Looks like you spoke too soon.  This is Transparency Girl, we’ve found one victim, be alert the Paralyzer may be nearby…the female one…” Sue reported on her femmcomm.

Sue and Darlene walked up to the woman from behind.  She was dressed very inappropriately, was she a hooker plying her trade amongst dockworkers?  She had on short vinyl shorts and a crop top that bared a lot of middle.  Her hair was tied up in a ponytail sticking out from under a baseball cap and her arms were bent as if she was hugging someone. 

Sue and Darlene approached the woman.  “We’re going to need Wanda to release her from this paralysis field. We don’t have any anti-paralyzers aboard the Inc Jet,” Sue spoke into her femmcomm as the paralzyed woman suddenly whirled and aimed paralyzer pistols at both of them!  A quick pair of shots was squeezed off and the surprised Cosmic Girl and Transparency Girl were rendered rigid!  Instant statues!

“Surprise, my sweet darlings!” Sandy pulled off her cap and shook her blonde hair around.  She touched a button on her belt and the orange glow around her disappeared.  “Nothing like a fake paralyzing aura to lure unsuspecting superheroines in close!” She smiled at her catch.  “Transparency Girl and Cosmic Girl, two of the most powerful members of FF INC!  Not bad, not bad at all!” She took a brief moment to look at her totals, which now was over 10,000.  “Sweet!  Well my stiffened sexies…let’s make sure no one finds you too soon,” Sandy grabbed Susan’s slim waist and dragged her inside the warehouse. Seconds later she returned for Darlene.  Grasping the mini-skirted heroine, Sandy inadvertently hiked up the heroine’s hemline.  The pure white pantied bottom was irresistibly hot, but Sandy resisted the urge to fondle the firm derriere.  No time for that, no time for that. Later, she promised herself.


Wanda and Dee arrived at the warehouse mere moments later to find no paralyzed victim and no Sue nor Darlene present.  “What happened to them?” Wanda looked around.  Only the shipping containers and crates were present.  The door was, however, ajar.

Dee activated the scanner display in her goggles.  “They’re inside the building, their homing beacons are inside,” she tracked the blips, which were stationary.  “Angie, we’re going in the building,”

“I’m circling around, I’ll be there in a few minutes. Wait for me!” Angie reported back.

“No sign of any victims out here, be sharp, something funny is going on…” Dee cut off the transmission.

“Ready?” Wanda asked as she began to generate a defensive hex sphere in her palm.

“Go!” Dee flung the door open and the two heroines rushed in.

Dee peeked around, her infrared night vision goggles panned the dark room.  “No sign of, wait three warm bodies inside, let’s go…”

Wanda and Dee crept quietly around packing crates and shipping pallets until they rounded a corner and saw Sue and Darlene and another woman!  All paralyzed in an orange glow!  “Hold on Sue!  I’ll get you free Darlene!”  Wanda cancelled the spell she was generating and raised her hands to chant an anti-paralyzing spell but then the third woman whirled and fired at Wanda with her pistol.  The startled Sorceress stiffened into a statue!

“Whoa!” Dee dived for cover as the disguised Sandy began laying down paralyzing raybeams all over. 

“Angie I need you in here!”  Dee poked her head up over a crate and just managed to get it down as a barrage of orange paralyzing bolts streaked by.

“I told you to wait!  Coming in now!” Flamestar dived down from the sky, blazing hot, and impacted into the roof of the building with a fiery explosion, melting the metal-hewn roof. 

Pieces of debris and hot slag scattered and fell into the building as Dee muttered, “She sure knows how to make an entrance.”

“Flamestar, my hot honey!”  Sandy looked to the ceiling as the fiery heroine blazed by.  “Do be a dear and get stiff!” She fired multiple beams from her raygun.

“Ungh!” Flamestar managed to dodge the beams but collided with some high stacked crates.  Her fiery aura torched most of the material before she impacted but the burning debris blinded her briefly.

Sandy took advantage of that fortuitous accident and squeezed of another volley of shots in-between incoming fire from Shadow Lady’s taser/laser.  “Flamestar look out!” Dee warned as she tried to throw off Sandy’s aim, but it was too late.

Flamestar took a hit in the thigh and her body instantly became numb and stiff.  She lost her flame aura and crashed to the ground like a mannequin fallen from its stand.  Her body did not move at all, she was a true living statue.

“Angie!” Dee cried out as she saw her friend go down rigid.  She activated her holo-amulet to disguise herself as a crate while Sandy raced over to inspect her newest rigid heroine.

“Excellent!  Come, come now Shadow Lady, surely I’m no match for you… remember our last encounter?” Sandy was trying to push Dee’s button.  Make her make a mistake. “You got the best of me only because of a mistake I made…being seduced by your awesome body!  Not this time…this time I’m going to paralyze you stiff as a board and keep you like that!” the Paralzyer promised.  “Permanently!   No escape for your or your friends this time!”  Sandy paced the aisles as she lowered her sunglasses.  Except they weren’t sunglasses, they were infrared goggles like Dee’s and despite the concealing hologram that disguised the heroine, her bodyheat was quite visible in the infrared spectrum.  “Ah, there you are!”

Dee circled, trying to get around Sandy.  Her holo-camo field would conceal her until the last moment then she would strike.  “Oh!” she cried out in surprise.  The paralyzer ray hit her from behind!  Her body went rigid in a microsecond.  Her breasts heaved out as she arched her back in surprise!  She was totally paralyzed now, a pretty orange glow around her very revealed and very rigid figure.

Sandy admired her new statue and dragged the paralyzed woman into the center of the warehouse with the others.  She had Sue and Darlene and Wanda arranged around the fallen Flamestar.  She added Dee to the circle.  Wonderful, she looked at her totals, well over 16,000 points now!  With Vinnie stuck at around 5,000 there was no way he would catch her…and there was no way she was going to let these heroines go with only one more day left in the competition.  She would stay here to bask in her victory and rub it in when Vinnie finally called to throw in the towel.

In the meantime…she would amuse herself with her newfound riches!  She headed straight for Dee and unclasped the mask-like goggles from her face.  Her eyes were wide and filled with surprise, lovely…Her cape was removed next, then her twist-halter top, then her belt…. gloves and shorts went next.  Now Dee was standing dressed only in her green boots, naked and paralyzed in the orange aura.  “I’ve remembered that night many, many times,” Sandy purred to the stasis-preserved heroine.  “It’s kept me up many, many a night…remembering the way we were so intimate…” She cupped Dee’s breasts and squeezed, the paralysis effect stiffened up the breasts quite a bit, almost malleable like putty…

Sandy tried slipping a finger into Dee’s pussy, but it was frozen shut.  Phooey, oh well…soon all the other members of FF INC were standing virtually naked, except for Flamestar who was lying naked with her arms and legs sticking out every which way in the air.  Sue was only left with her white boots on, her two piece outfit had been stripped off long ago…Wanda’s cape lay in a puddle nearby, her crimson leotard and pink bodysuit was pulled down to her ankles as best Sandy could manage without tearing the material.  Cosmic girl’s panties were stretched at her knees, her miniskirt raised above her breasts, and awesome figure revealed…Flamestar’s bodysuit was torn down the middle from her neckline, with cleavage revealed all the way down to her crotch.  Sandy delighted herself with her frozen dolls all night.



Sandy woke up with a yawn, she had spent the whole night playing with her new mannequins.  All sorts of sexual touching and fondling… heavy petting and intimate probing every inch of their bodies.  Sandy had to admit this harem of living statuary was a lot sexier than anything she and Vinnie had conceived of all those many months ago.

Speaking of Vinnie… She looked at her compulator’s totals.  Vinnie had only managed to raise his totals to 5,500 points during the night.  There was no way he would catch her now, not in a million years!  She won!  She pulled out her communicator and called to gloat.  “Oh Vinnie, Vinnie…” she purred.  “Not answering?  Still out trying to play catch up?  Upset I’m the better Paralzyer?”  Sandy laughed deeply. All right, she would give him his time to come to terms with her victory.  She could be generous now that she had the victory in the bag! “Hum…never took you for the bitter loser sort…”

She had just finished that sentence when a pink beam struck her in the side…she was instantly frozen stiff and she couldn’t move a muscle.  She tried to budge an inch, but her fingers, her hands, her legs remained locked into position.  It was Vinnie!  He had done this to her!  She was utterly and completely paralyzed!

The Paralyzer emerged from the hiding place he had secreted himself.  He wore a smile that was wide as a Mack truck. “Hello Sandy…” Vinnie couldn’t contain his glee.  He kept his pink paralyzer gizmo trained on Sandy’s chest.  Her twin breasts were so invitingly bared from a night of partying.  They made tempting targets, her nipples, so erect and straight…and stiff.  “You had quite a night, didn’t you?” he circled the frozen woman, keeping his paralyzing ray on her at all times.  “Oh yes, I saw it all,” he admitted.  “You were so tuckered out from paralyzing the FF INC Heroines, and thank you for doing that, you took my bait quite nicely…” he motioned to the near-naked paralyzed statues the heroines had become.

Vinnie! Sandy seethed inside her immobile body.

“I used most of my time yesterday reconfiguring the comm line we were sharing to track you back to your lair and I’m glad I found you…” Paralyzer explained.  “I was about to freeze you when you got so…personal with your little playmates.  I couldn’t resist watching.  It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen!” He lifted the computer totals in his compulator to her paralyzed face so that she could see. “Only one more thing to take care of,” he pressed the button that read ‘total’.  “You see, I realized the only thing more valuable that paralyzing the heroines of FF INC in our little contest would be to paralyze the only... other... contestant,” now the compulator totals now read 20,000+ points in his favor.  “And the computer agrees!”

Vinnie!  Oh I’m going to get you! Sandy screamed in her stiffened statue-still body.  I’m going to get you so bad!  But she could still not move a muscle!

Paralyzer stuck a metal disc to Sandy’s thigh and activated it, bathing her in a pink glow.  “There!  Fixed for eternity!  And I see you’ve done quite a job with the girls…” he admired the heroines’ firm figures…

“Hold it Paralyzer!” a shaky, feminine voice sounded.

“Who?”  Vinnie turned to see a woman dressed in curve hugging blue and gold. And a metallic robot hovering behind her.  “Who are you?” he asked the strange woman.

“I’m…” Stacey started to say.  “I’m…Galatea!” she said defiantly as she struck a heroic hands on hips pose that she copied from Darlene.

“Oh hold that pose sweetie!” Vinnie aimed his pink paralyzer directly onto Stacey’s bust.  “You’re going to make a pretty statue, blondie!”

“Ohh!”  Stacey peeped as a tingle went through her body.  “Oh?” She looked at her hands, turning her palms up and stared at the Paralyzer with a confused expression on her face.  The ray had no effect on her at all!

“What?” Vinnie was astonished.  “What’s wrong?”  He continued to hold the paralyzer trained on Galatea’s hypnotically bouncing breasts but the woman continued advancing on him!  “I don’t believe it!  Stop!  You’ve got to be paralzyed!  You’ve got to be stiff as a statue!  No,No-oompgh!” Vinnie took a punch to the stomach.

Well…Stacey composed herself.  She had been taught basic self-defense and learned that move from Shadow Lady but never had used it on a person before.  “Artie, take care of him and call the police please,” Stacey requested.

“Affirmative-mistress-stacey,” Artie responded as he hovered in and grabbed Vinnie’s arms tight in his claws.

“Ow,owowow!” Vinnie screamed.  “Let me go you tin plated watermelon!” As Artie pulled the reluctant Vinnie he begged Stacey.  “Why weren’t you affected by my paralyzer? Why aren’t you rigid right now?  Tell me!  Tell me please!”

Stacey looked around, the frozen stiff Sandy was wearing nothing but panties and a loose fitting string bikini top that was around her waist.  She was posed looking into the viewer screen, her shapely rump sticking out as she leaned forward over the console.  Stacey shook her head, what a horrible person.  She looked at the frozen heroines.  So stiff and motionless…so inanimate, like I was just a few weeks ago…She slipped one of the de-paralyzer gizmos that Artie and Dee had made up, one of a few that had not yet been distributed amongst the Police, out of her belt.  Let’s see, she activated the device and aimed it at the group of hardened heroines.  The orange glow surrounding the frozen heroines wavered briefly and then dissipated. At first Stacey was worried, the statues didn’t seem to be moving!  Then, slowly, the heroines were restored to mobility!

“Ohhh…” Sue moaned as she stretched her limbs.  She realized she was next to naked and began searching for her costume pieces amongst the scattered clothing.

“Uhnn…” Angelica sat up and noticed the tear down the middle of her costume, she crossed her hands in front of her chest to cover her breasts.

Like statues coming to life…like I did…Stacey thought as she watched the slow-motion ballet.

“What happened?” Sue asked to no one in particular.

Wanda covered her bared breasts with her crossed arms and tried to pull her unitard back up at the same time. “It was Paralyzer, the female one…” Wanda lowered her arms and reached to pull up her bodystocking…

“She tricked us,”  Darlene lowered her miniskirt, sorry that her brief (or was it brief?  She didn’t know how long she was frozen) session of paralysis was over so soon.

“But Stacey saved us?” Angie got to her knees and stood up.  Her costume was daringly torn down to her pussy.  Wisps of flame red pubic hair were visible between her scraps of yellow costuming.

“How?”  Dee wrapped herself in her discarded cape.  The warehouse was awfully drafty, and she wasn’t wearing much of anything at all now.  “You don’t have any powers…other than the ability to turn yourself and others into statuary…”

“I guess I found out one more thing about myself…” Stacey smiled.  “His paralyzer didn’t have any effect on me at all!  I guess you can’t freeze a statue brought to life unless she wants to be frozen!”

“Interesting, I’ll have to run some more scans on you,” Dee smiled.

“Yes, that is interesting…” Darlene repeated.

Artie returned to take Sandy into custody.  She remained rigid as he carried her outside to the recently arrived police wagon. Her body glowed bright pink, her breasts remained perkily paralyzed as Artie turned her onto her side and loaded her next to the drooling Vinnie.

“Hey, what’s this?” Angie picked up one of the compulators.  It said Vinnie’s score was 20,025 and Sandy’s was 16,475. 

“This must be the scoring for the competition they were in,” Dee took the device and punched in some data.   “Hey, I was worth more than you were!” she said happily.

“What?” Angie snatched the pad away and looked at the scoring system that Dee had booted up.

“Ha, fooled you!”  Dee smiled as she ran away, her cape flying behind her, exposing her bare butt. 

“Oh you!” Angie took off after Dee.

“Come on, let’s get decent before the cops come in,”  Sue started dressing.  “The last thing we need is to have them see us like this!  Besides, we have a lot of work ahead.  Lots of people to de-paralyze.”

Dee and Angie stopped their playful chase and began to get dressed.  There was a lot of hard work ahead, but for now their worries were behind them.



authors note: This was originally conceived as a gang war between the paralyzer and the immobilizer, from the cheerleader collectibles story, but I decided to spin it around and make one of the henchwomen take up the name Paralyzer and outdo the original.  I thought it would be more interesting that way, with an established history between the two combatants.  Unfortunately, this story took me a few months to complete, which delayed the other already completed stories that would follow and hopefully it was worth the wait.

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