Trophy Room


by CMQ 12-00

     What has gone before: In the middle of a war between two Paralyzers, FF INC manages to save the citizenry from becoming a city of the immobilized, and avoid being caught in the paralyzing crossfire.  Now that things have quieted down, Cosmic Girl awaits a special visitor…


“Sue are you going to need anything?” Cosmic Girl asked.  She had stood and stretched her back after a dozen hours of monitor duty. 

Susan, aka Transparency Girl, had sat down in the still-warm seat and was going over crime reports as Cosmic Girl exited her monitor duty rotation.  The blonde heroine was dressed in a dark navy unitard skintight suit with white highlighting her collar, belt, boots and gloves.  A diamond cutout on her chest revealed some of her cleavage. 

“No, I don’t think so Darlene,” Sue spoke softly.  “It’s been pretty quiet all week.  Are you going to out tonight?” the FF INC leader asked.

“Nope, I’m staying in to get some much needed rest,” Darlene yawned.  “Gonna shower & change out of this,” she indicated her blue and yellow miniskirt costume.  “And get a ton of sleep!” she stifled a yawn and tugged down on her miniskirt, which had ridden up on her after hours of being seated.  Her white silky panty disappeared beneath the blue and yellow trimmed skirt.

“Well goodnight then and pleasant dreams,” Sue said.  “Oh, you know Angelica is picking up Tiffany tonight, right?”

“Yes,” Darlene responded, trying not to sound too excited.  “Angie told me earlier when she left for the airport. Tiff’s staying in the room across from mine.  I’ll say hi to her in the morning but I’m going to crash for a dozen hours or so.” Darlene acted nonchalant, but in actuality she couldn’t wait to meet Flamestar’s sister.  The two of them had hit it off fabulously when Tiffany accidentally discovered Darlene’s little freeze-fetish months ago.  Ever since then, the two had been seeing each other in a very surreptitious affair, right under the noses of the entire team.

“Then see you in the morning,” Sue smiled.

“Night, Sue,” Darlene left the control room.  As the door hissed shut behind her, Darlene made a beeline to her room.  As she briskly walked to the elevator she passed Artie, the FF INC robot, and instructed him to follow her.  The hovering robot complied silently.  When they got to the common living area which separated Darlene’s apartment and one of the guest rooms Tiffany would be staying in, Darlene took a small handwritten note out of the sleeve in her glove.  Walking directly into the guest bedroom, Darlene placed the note on the pillow and rejoined Artie in the living area.  “Okay, Artie, let’s go.”  The robot quietly hovered behind Darlene as she equally quietly treaded the hallways to the stairway. She took great care not to make much noise as she passed the living quarters of Shadow Lady and the Crimson Sorceress.  Both were in the HQ for the night, though Darlene did not know for sure if they were in their apartments or not.  She supposed Deidre was doing her regular stretching / exercising in the gym upstairs and that Wanda was probably studying from some magical texts in her room, but didn’t want to make her presence known. Stacey,  the living statue brought to life accidentally by FF INC, was in her room standing on her pedestal.  That’s how she ‘slept’, transformed temporarily back into her original state of marble.  Darlene pondered looking in on Stacey, but decided against it.  She was on a timetable and had to set up the surprise she had planned. 

Returning to the HQ’s control level, Darlene silently stepped past the monitor room, careful not to trip the electric eye that would automatically open the doors and disturb Sue’s watch.  Safely past, she strode more confidently to the end of the long corridor, past the situation room, the computer core, the staging area where the molecular transmuter was securely held.  Darlene stopped for a moment as fond memories of the passionate night she and Tiffany had experienced inside overcame her.  Their experimentation on each others’ bodies, transmuting each other back and forth from various exotic substances…Darlene smiled and briefly reconsidered her plan, but then quickly dismissed it.  There would be another time for more fun and games there. At the end of the corridor, Darlene stopped in front of an imposing metal door.  She took off her yellow glove and placed her bare palm against the touch plate mounted on the wall.  A scanner read her fingerprints as a retinal scan commenced.  “Cosmic Girl-authorization delta seven seven mark zero,” she calmly said, even though butterflies were turning her stomach inside out. 

“Authorization confirmed,” the computer responded as audible unlocks were heard and the door slid open.  Darlene stepped into the dark room, lit only with spotlighting aimed at various glass cases and displays.  Darlene began removing her costume as she stepped past cases containing various apprehended devices and possessions of her greatest foes.  Madame Medusa’s helmet was prominently lit inside its clear acrylic case and seated upon a velvet stand.  Plaster Master’s plaster/statue-spray tanks and sprayer mounted on a stand was nearby, as was his special formula for super-hard plaster and the counter-agent Artie had devised. Darlene had stripped off her miniskirt and panties and handed them to the hovering RT-10.  It held her costuming in its extendable metallic arms as she took off her boots and mask.  Shaking her brown hair, Darlene continued naked amongst the various trophies FF INC had confiscated from various menaces over the past few years.  She stopped and knelt and set the digital timer on one of Miss Midas’ platforms.  Standing squarely on the middle of the platform she stood and said confidently, “Okay Artie, just as we planned…”



A bright yellow cab pulled over to the curb as traffic passed by.  Headlights flashed past the passenger who opened the door.  “Thanks cabbie,” Angie slid out of the cab dressed in a leather skirt and blue top.  She had on knee-high boots and a long jacket that trailed her out of the taxi.  Holding her hand out, she helped her sister, Tiffany, out of the cab.  Tiffany was not dressed very warmly, in her loose fitting tan shorts and red v-neck tanktop under her short denim jacket, but she didn’t need to be, considering her natural super-power of self-generation of fire and heat kept her body temperature higher than normal.  It was a power she shared with her older sister, Angie, though she was nowhere near as experienced in using it as her sibling was.  The two sisters retrieved Tiffany's luggage, two large suitcases, and walked into the lobby of the Fem-Fantastique, Incorporated building.  Angie walked to the private elevator accessible only by FF INC members.  She pressed an electric eye beam device inside her purse and the doors slid open.  Tiffany and Darlene were whisked to the top of the building, directly into the secure FF INC HQ.

Angie escorted Tiffany into the control room, where Sue was on monitor duty.  Sue placed the cup of tea she was sipping down and greeted the new arrival. Tiffany said hi to Sue and Deidre, who had come down to the command level after her workout session.  Not seeing Darlene around, Tiffany inquired where Cosmic Girl was.  Sue said Darlene had been very tired after monitor duty and had gone to bed early.  Tiffany promised not to make too much noise when she unpacked in the guestroom as Angie and Tiffany walked up to the residential level. 

Angelica pressed the door button and the non-descript door slid open to reveal a short landing and stairwell that descended into a plush living area/kitchenette.  On opposite ends of the common living area were two separate ‘personal apartments’, one belonging to Darlene, the other the guest room assigned to Tiffany.  “You feel up to partying out on the town tonight with your big sis before your big day tomorrow?” Angie nudged Tiffany in the ribs.  “It’s not often you turn the big two-oh!”

Tiffany stifled a yawn.  “I’m kinda beat.  Jetlag and stuff. Can we catch up on stuff tomorrow?”

“Sure, kiddo,” Angie smiled as she dragged Tiffany’s luggage to the door leading to Darlene and Tiffany’s common living room. 

“Are you sure you don’t mind, sis?” Tiffany asked Angie.

“Hey, no problem, we’ll celebrate like there’s no tomorrow tomorrow!”

Taking care not to make too much noise, Tiffany and Angelica brought the baggage into the living area and hugged and said their goodnights.  When Angie had left, Tiffany snuck up to the door to Darlene’s quarters.  She was about to fling open the door, when she hesitated and remembered Sue saying Darlene had gone to bed after a long turn at monitor duty.  She was probably very tired, or else she would have stayed up to greet me, Tiffany thought, a little disappointed, but she understood the importance of Darlene’s work.  We can catch up on things in-between my sisterly duties tomorrow I guess. Tiffany decided to leave Darlene asleep.  She looked at the clock.  It was only 11:00 p.m. and her youthful enthusiasm had her wired and energetic, ready to party the night away despite what she told her sister.  Oh well, better unpack so I’ll have more time tomorrow.  Tiffany pulled the bag with her toiletries and sleeping clothes (nothing more than her panties and a skimpy belly baring tank T-shirt) into her bedroom and plopped onto the bed.  Then she noticed the little pink notepaper, neatly folded in half with her name written on the outside. 

Tiffany unfolded the note:

 Dear Tiffany, are you ready for some fun and games?  Meet me outside the vault door at the end of the corridor on level 2 before midnight.  Ask Artie along the way. Our little secret. ;o)

XXX OOO.  Darlene

Anticipation gushed inside of Tiffany’s body as she crumpled up the note and left the joined apartments.  Taking a peek outside the corridor outside the living quarters, Tiffany softly tiptoed to the stairway and descended down to the control level.  Opening the stairwell door cautiously, she peeked around, didn’t see anyone, slipped between the crack of the door and tiptoed some more past the control and computer rooms.  She passed the staging room which was heavily secured due to the presence of the Mok’tn molecular transmuter.  What wonderful memories she had of that room…But if Darlene wasn’t in there then…where?  Tiffany walked past the recharging slip where RT-10 was berthed.  “Artie…” she whispered.

“Hello-mistress-tiffany,” the robot’s visor-optic-lens lit up ruby red.

“Shhh!” Tiffany held up her finger to her pursed lips.  “Quiet!” she mouthed.

“Of-course-mistress-tiffany,” Artie responded in a much lower tone.

“Can you take me to Cosmic Girl?” Tiffany asked.

“Affirmative,” the droid acknowledged as it disengaged from it’s energy recharger port and hovered down the hallway to the large metal vault door Darlene had mentioned in her note.  “RT-10-granting-Tiffany-Taylor-access-authorization-theta-gamma-two-mark.”  The droid extended it’s clawed arm and indicated for Tiffany to place her palm against the plate on the wall.

Tiffany softly put her right hand against the plastic plate as a laser scanner read her fingerprints and a retinal scan confirmed her identity.  The door audibly unlocked, and Tiffany looked down the hallway to see if anyone had heard.  There was no sign of any life.  Tiffany slipped inside the room, which was pitch black except for the sliver of light coming from the dimmed hallway light.  “Artie?” Tiffany said as the door slid closed behind her, plunging her into darkness.  She almost instinctively lit her internal flame power, but held off, as if she knew she would be spoiling the surprise had she suddenly lit up the room bright as the sun.  Tiffany took a tentative step forward, her sneakers squeaking on the polished metal floor as she tried to adjust her eyes.  At least I didn’t walk into anything, she took another step and her foot activated spotlights on the ceiling, which lit the display cases to her left and right.  “Oh!” she gasped as she realized where she was.  The FF INC trophy room! 

Or at least what passed as one.  She had discovered, in conversations she had had with Darlene, that FF INC had been storing the assorted weaponry and gizmos their arch-villains had used over the past couple of years only because Darlene had offered to be the quasi-curator of the display.  It was she who had arranged the ‘displays’ so that they looked more museum-like rather than an over-stuffed closet.  Tiffany looked at the chrome helmet of arch-villainess Madame Medusa under the glass.  The amber slotted visor was dark, but when active…When active it could turn a person…even a super-heroine, to solid stone…The thought sent shivers up Tiffany’s spine.

Alongside Medusa’s paraphernalia was Plaster Master’s backpack and spraygun.  Tiffany remembered those all to well from her first heroic experience as Heatwave and how she had impulsively gone after the villain only to be plaster-sprayed head to toe, frozen stiff into stasis under the hardened coating and kidnapped.  It happened so quickly she didn’t even realize what had happened to her until hours later when she was revived by Artie who was spraying down the many victims of Plaster Master with his special antidote to the stiffening statue-spray the ‘Master of Plaster’ mixed with his plaster concoction.  Separate cases held samples of his plaster formula, his statue-spray formula, and his ‘erotica-ray’?  That was what the little sign said outside the case. I wonder what that does? As Tiffany walked she set off more spotlights which lit her path. 

A remote-control-like device used by the Paralyzer was behind her.  A metallic electronic pedestal used by the Immobilizer was set next to a fiberglass mannequin wearing the uniform of the Foxes’ cheerleaders.  As was a…statue?  It was a headless, bent-over at the waist figure, undeniably female.  Its arms were straight out if front of its body, parallel to the floor. Upon closer inspection Tiffany realized it was a life-cast of someone’s body…but whom? The casting apparently stopped at the neck, just below the chin. Whoever it is, she has an awesome body…

Tiffany’s attention was so distracted by all the wonderful displays that she didn’t notice the final display that was lit up.  Tiffany turned her head as the light went on and gasped aloud.  Standing on one of Miss Midas’ electronic timer platforms was Cosmic Girl.  Stark naked!  “Darlene!” Tiffany realized in delight as she ran over only to realize Darlene wasn’t moving.  “Darlene?” Tiffany said softly as she extended her hand to touch the naked woman, her heartbeat increasing as she reached out to confirm what knew in her heart what Darlene had done.

Darlene was standing with her incredible legs parted about a yard.  Tiffany’s eyes momentarily stopped at the triangle of dark pubic hair before continuing upward.  It looked like Darlene had most of her weight put on her right leg as she was turning her waist that same way.  Her slender arms tapered down at 45-degree angles with only her upward pointing wrists breaking the downward slant and her fingers were spread evenly outwards.  Darlene’s impressive 36-inch chest was thrust out triumphantly, as an…offering?  Her face stared impassively into forever.  Her lips slightly parted.  Her rich chocolate hair cascading down her lovely face.  Tiffany touched the rigid woman’s cheek and stroked it gently.  She looked down at the timer on the platform.  It read a little less than an hour now.  Darlene had been frozen here for over two hours waiting for Tiffany!  Then Tiffany noticed there was a note next to Darlene’s left foot and Tiffany opened it:

Dearest Tiffany.  When the timer runs out it’s going to be your turn!  Until then, enjoy!  Darlene

“Oh, Darlene”…Tiffany softly sighed as she embraced the living statue.  Tiffany wrapped her arms around the solidly fixed in place Cosmic Girl.  “It’s the best birthday present ever!” she smiled as she looked up into the unblinking eyes and kissed Darlene’s lips.  The statue-like Cosmic Girl did not move a muscle during the passionate kiss.  Tiffany smiled at her immobile lover as she touched Darlene’s chin with her fingertips and let her fingers fall to trace the contours of Darlene’s neck, her throat, her shoulderblades and her voluptuous breasts.  Still hugging close to Darlene’s rigid, Tiffany circled her fingers around Darlene’s left breast.  Her skin was so hard…her nipple so stiff now…Tiffany rested her head against Darlene’s chest as she stared down and continued fingering the incredibly rigid nipple at her fingertips.  With each circling stroke, Tiffany could feel her own nipples responding to the tactile sensations and getting as hard and stiff as they could under the circumstances. 

Tiffany peeled off her tanktop shirt to reveal her perky, bouncy, 34” bust.  Her nipples stood gloriously stiff as she rubbed them against Darlene’s rigid bosom.  Tiffany closed her eyes, tilted her head back and drank in the moment as she stroked the unbending arms of her frozen lover.  Groping fingers slid down Darlene’s back and around her firm ass.   Tiffany continued to breathe harder as she slipped one of her hands into her shorts and massaged her pussy as her other hand did so to the rigid Darlene’s.  Sliding easily through the fine pubic hairs Tiffany’s fingers eagerly probed to caress the frozen contours of Darlene’s crotch.  Like a sculptor working only from touch, Tiffany mirrored her own gentle genitalia inspection with that of the stone-hard Darlene’s pussy.  Ohhhhh…

Tiffany slipped her fingers out of her shorts and undid the zipper.  Letting her shorts drop, she slid off her panties and pulled off her socks and sneakers.  She stood equally naked as Darlene was and posed in mock mannequin-stillness with the immobilized heroine.  Trying to stand as stiff and silent as Darlene was daunting to Tiffany as she couldn’t take her eyes off of Darlene’s perfect physique.  Couldn’t resist touching Darlene’s rigid form.  Couldn’t resist thinking what it will be like when she was like this too!

Tiffany broke from her static pose and glanced at the timer.  It read less than 5 minutes now.  Five minutes until the statue of Darlene would come alive in her arms.  Tiffany held Darlene tightly in her arms as she pressed her soft body against Darlene’s hard body.  It seemed like a lot longer than five minutes but finally Darlene took a breath and her figure softened. Hardened breasts collapsed against Tiffany’s soft bosom.

 Darlene blinked and looked down at the nude Tiffany embracing her. 

“Hiya sexy,” Tiffany said softly.

Darlene smiled.  “Hello yourself.  And Happy Birthday…” she and Tiffany embraced in a long passionate kiss and reacquainted themselves with each other’s bodies. After a few moments of romantic fondling and heavy petting they lay on top of the timer platform staring each other deep in the eye.

“I have to tell the curator I’m quite satisfied with the displays,” Tiffany smiled.

“I thought you might be.  Did you look at any of them in particular or were you only concerned with…me?” Darlene purred softly.

“I looked at the Madame Medusa helmet a little.  The bodycast over there too,” Tiffany pointed.

“That’s Wanda,” Darlene clarified.  “She wasn’t too thrilled I kept the piece the Plaster Master cast off of her body, but I explained to her it was a beautiful work of art that deserved to be on display, even where no one could see it.”

“She has a beautiful figure,” Tiffany said with a gleam in her eye.

“So I’ve noticed,” Darlene said with a sly smile.  “But I would think the only figure you’re interested in is this one…” Darlene stroked herself from shoulder to thigh.

“I’m interested in all the displays.  But especially this one…” Tiffany poked Darlene’s navel.  “Are they all… functional?”

“Fully functional.  As if you hadn’t guessed with with my display…” Darlene’s roaming hands stroked her own crotch.

Tiffany got up quickly.  “Then you won’t mind if I try the items on display?!” She jiggled off the platform and made a quick dash to the Madame Medusa display. 

“Oh no you don’t!” Darlene rolled off the display platform and got to her own feet as she reached for a display consisting of a metallic rod, slightly longer than a pool cue with spherical caps on each end.

“Oh yes I do!” Tiffany squealed with delight as she raised the glass case’s door and reached for the helmet of Madame Medusa.  Lifting the chrome steel helmet up in two hands she was unaware of Darlene aiming the rod at her and giving a quick twist on the textured handholds in the middle of her weapon. A purple beam shot out and Tiffany suddenly found herself unable to move a muscle!

“Oh no you don’t!” Darlene laughed as she slowly walked over to the immobilized Tiffany.

Wh-What happened?  Tiffany’s frantic mind raced. What did she do to me?  She tried to move but found she could not. I can’t move a muscle!!!  This is so…incredible!!  Tiffany thought, as she could only stand, frozen with her arms outstretched and holding the precious petrifying helmet in her hands.  She tried to move her fingers.  Tried to bend her arms, to place the helmet on her head, to even the score.  She failed to even blink.

Darlene had a smug grin on her face as she walked right up and admired Tiffany’s round butt.  She patted it playfully as she admired the frozen girl’s body.  Ohmigosh that feels sooooo sexy, Tiffany couldn’t believe the tactile sensation of her frozen ass being caressed so sensitively.

Cosmic Girl stared at the new Tiffany mannequin. Her legs were straight and limber.  Tiffany’s slim torso was tilted slightly at the waist as she lifted the helmet out of the case. Darlene drew her fingers seductively across the frozen girl’s thin arms, like a pair of swans’ necks, outstretched to hold the precious object. “So close…” she said softly as she leaned in and brushed aside Tiffany’s strawberry hair.  “And yet so far…” Darlene whispered into Tiffany’s ear and then she grasped at the dangling breasts frozen like ripe fruit hanging from a tree.  Her words dripped with sweetness as she fondled the rigid nipples and caressed the rounded contours of Tiffany’s bosom. 

Ooooh…Don’t stop! Tiffany could feel her crotch moisten as Darlene continued stroking down Tiffany’s torso.  Her dreams of many weeks were being fulfilled in this brief encounter already!

“How do you like being frozen, my precious Stiffany?” Darlene smiled as she stared into the astonished face of the paralyzed girl.

Stiffany?  I love it! Tiffany was delirious with pleasure.

“This is a little souvenir from the space amazons, a paralysis pole.” Darlene explained to her paralyzed captive as she twirled it like a baton.  “I remember when we were all frozen by these on that strange alien planet…” she touched Tiffany’s bare butt, sending erotic sensations to Tiffany’s brain.  “How we were loaded like mannequins and carried to their city…”

Tiffany had wild erotic thoughts imagining what that must have looked like.  Five sexy superheroines stiff as statues! 

Cosmic Girl placed the long amazon weapon against a glass display and took a small coffee-can sized jar.  “How Sue was frozen by their mad artist by a special paralyzing machine and coated with some weird plasti-coating to look like a statue…” Darlene slipped her fingers into Tiffany’s crotch.  “How I now wish it was me who was put on display in their garden…with the other statues…”  Darlene withdrew her fingers and slipped them into the jar.  She withdrew a dab of slimy gel on her three fingertips and painted it delicately around Tiffany’s pussy as she exhaled breathlessly.  “How only this stimulating gel, another souvenir, saved Sue from being a statue forever…”

OOOOOHHHH!  Tiffany silently screamed as the gel was painted over her privates.  It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.  W-what is this stuff???? It was so erotic.  It feels so…so goooood!  Like a thousand soft feathers stroking from her inner thighs to her vagina.

“Of course only a little gives you incredible pleasure,” Darlene continued as she set the jar back in it’s display and took the Medusa helmet out of Tiffany’s hands, leaving the mannequin-like woman standing with her outstretched hands empty.  “Are you enjoying yourself, Stiffany?” Darlene asked rhetorically, as Tiffany could only stand like a statue with her burning passion unfulfilled.  “I certainly am.  And I’m sure you’ll enjoy this!”

OOOOOhhhhh…What are you doing Darlene? Tiffany realized she was helpless to prevent anything that Darlene did.  She saw Darlene slip the helmet over her own head.  Her brown curly hair was obscured as the helmet covered most of Darlene’s head.  Only what was below her nose (and those luscious red lips!) was visible. Hazel eyes hidden behind an amber slotted visor stared back at Tiffany now.  A slot that began glowing, pulsating, with energy.  Darlene stood naked, except for the helmet on her head, and struck a dominating pose with her fists on her waist.  Tiffany gasped, or at least tried to.

Darlene looked at the naked and helplessly immobile Tiffany through the viewfinder.  She turned the dial on the side of the right ear-muff like covering and fired the yellow beam which bathed Tiffany’s body.  The beam altered Tiffany’s body, changing flesh to granite with an audible crackling sound.  If her paralyzed body was merely fixed in place, the petrifying effect sealed her into that position. Permanently!

Ohhh…Oooh…Ahhh…I’m turning to stone!  Tiffany could feel her body tingling as it converted to solid granite.  Her legs…her pussy…her torso…her tits!   Everything was changing to stone!  If she could smile, or cry out in pleasure she would have.  Then she felt nothing more as every square inch of her body became gray rock and she became a statue for real.  A perfectly preserved maiden.

Darlene looked at the silent statue with satisfaction.  “I know you can’t hear me, but you are truly statuesque now, dear Stiffany!”  She snuggled up close to the statue-Tiffany’s rear end, pressing her nude body up close and personal to the granite tush and straddling the stoney legs.  Darlene leaned against the statue’s back, pressing her soft breasts against the rock hard frozen muscles of Tiffany’s back, and reached under to grab hold of the solidified breasts which had frozen into solid globes.  Tiffany’s nipples were gloriously frozen into granite tips and Darlene rolled her fingers over and over the petrified points as she rubbed her bare body against the hard stone texture of Tiffany’s new statue-like body.  Darlene’s pubic region ground against Tiffany’s hard ass and she could feel her feelings of pleasure exploding within herself.  “OOOhhh yesss!” Darlene moaned as she groped Tiffany’s unflinching form for many marvelous minutes.  Finally, she unstraddled the petrified girl and leaned in close to touch Tiffany’s petrified pouty lips, frozen oh-so-deliciously-open in a perfect circle.  “It’s a shame I can’t leave you like this, but I’m sure you want some action too…” Darlene turned the dial on Medusa’s helmet to ‘reverse’ and fired it’s restoration beam.  Tiffany’s granite features softened and returned to normal flesh.  Her rocky hair became soft, bouncy and colorful again. 

OOOhhh!  I can…feel my body returning to normal…Tiffany thought. But she still could not move!  I’m still paralyzed!  She realized.  I’m still…still!  The erotic feelings of the Amazon gel had not yet dissipated and Tiffany began experiencing multiple orgasms again.  Oh! Ohhhh! OOOOHHH!  If I don’t release my passion I’ll explode from delight!

“Having trouble moving?” Darlene had taken off Madame Medusa’s helmet and was staring Tiffany straight in the face.  “The space amazons really did a good job designing this paralysis pole.”  She retrieved the staff and fingered it like some sort of super phallus.  “You won’t be able to move unless I release you…” she twisted the middle of the pole abruptly. “Like this!”

“OOOoooHHhhhhnnnnHHHHH!” Tiffany sprang to life as she unconsciously continued her movement to put the helmet (which was no longer in her hands) onto her head.  She simultaneously realized she had nothing but air in her hands and then realized she could indulge herself by releasing her pent-up eroticism.  She fondled her breasts and pussy for minutes to Darlene’s delight.  When she had expelled the effects of the gel she turned to confront the voyeuristic Cosmic Girl.  “Oh you dirty little stinker!  I wanted to petrify you so bad!” she slapped Darlene on the hip as she embraced the naked woman and kissed her.

“Well here’s your chance,” Darlene smiled as she reached down and handed the helmet to Tiffany.  “Simple, turn this way to petrify, and this way to restore.  The button on the ear-covering activates the ray.”

“Oh yeah!” Tiffany grabbed the helmet like a child who received a present at Xmas and placed it on her head.  She felt powerful and in control.

Darlene smiled at Tiffany’s enthusiasm.  “Well, how should I pose?” She raised her hands with her palms up and slapped them against her naked thighs while asking the question.

Tiffany grinned as she moved behind Darlene.  She took hold of Darlene’s hips and slid her hands down Darlene’s legs.  “Legs apart…further…further!” she motioned, until Darlene’s legs were split open in a wide V.  Tiffany liked being in control and her attitude became more domineering.

Darlene smiled as she felt the anticipation building.  She positioned her hands on her hips as Tiffany directed.  “Is this how you want me?” she asked playfully.

“Not quite…” Tiffany had walked around to face Darlene.  She approved of the pose but wanted one last touch.  “Hold that pose please,” she demanded as she walked close to Darlene and began stimulating Cosmic Girl’s crotch.  “Or else!” she slapped Darlene’s butt.

Darlene closed her eyes as pleasure began to wash over her body.  Her vaginal lips responded to the sensual rubbing and she felt her body trembling to remain still.  She almost didn’t feel the petrification effect engulfing her body.  Almost…

Tiffany squealed with delight as Cosmic Girl’s naked body changed from warm tanned flesh to hard cold stone.  She touched the impressive granite figure’s breasts.  So hard and so solid now…not that there was anything wrong with soft supple breasts, but these…these were like petrified perfection.  Unyielding to the effects of age or gravity now…perfectly preserved…”Oh you look so perfect!” Tiffany complimented the statued-stiff heroine.  “So stoney…so sinfully tempting…” Tiffany had begun exploring the statue’s nether region, perfectly preserved in a granite state of arousal.  Tiffany’s soft fingertips caressed every crevasse and crack of Darlene’s petrified pussy.  “Just thinking about me, all stoney and statuey, and what you could have done to me…” Tiffany hugged her body against Darlene’s.  Her soft breasts collapsed to the stone bazookas that Darlene possessed.  Her crotch rubbed against the rough petrified pubic hairs of Darlene’s static body.  Her arms embracing the hard, pebbly shoulders of Cosmic Girl’s frigid form.  Her lips lightly kissing the frozen stone smile of her lover.

After a few more minutes of luscious lingering touches and passionate probings, Tiffany decided to release Darlene.  She spun the dial on her helmet to restore and changed the Cosmic Girl statue to a living, breathing woman.

“OOOoooohhh, done so soon?” Darlene gasped as she smiled and she felt up her soft, restored breasts.  The pink nipples parted in separate directions.

“I just want to explore the displays a little more!” Tiffany had put the petrifying helmet down and had strapped Plaster Masters backpack onto her bare bod.

“Oh, be careful with that!” Darlene said in mock terror as she struck a playful frightened pose.

“Freeze baby!” Tiffany laughed as she sprayed Darlene’s body with a pristine white plastering mist. 

“Oooooohhhhh,” Darlene felt the cold mist embrace her torso.  The plaster, mixed with Plaster Master’s special hardening statue-spray, instantaneously hardened onto her skin forming a perfect skin-tight coat of plaster encasing her from the neck to her thighs.  “I-I can’t move!” she wailed in false fear.

Tiffany took hold of Darlene’s stiffened torso and gently tipped the rigid woman to the ground.  Darlene’s lower legs were still mobile, but with her hips and thighs encased in plaster, as well as her arms, she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.  “Look at you…” Tiffany ogled the pure white body, every contour and curve preserved under a perfect coat of plaster. 

“Yes, look at me…all helpless and plastered…unable to move…” Darlene whispered back sensually.  “What are you going to do to me now?” she licked her lips.

“Anything I want to…” Tiffany kneeled over Darlene, spreading her legs apart to straddle Darlene’s plastered torso.  She squeezed in-between Darlene’s rigid arms and pressed her tits against Darlene’s plaster preserved bosom.  “Feels good…almost better than stone…” Tiffany kissed Darlene on the lips.  “I remember only briefly what it felt to be plastered head to toe…”

“Let me remind you if you release me,” Darlene strained to peck Tiffany with a kiss.

“What do I do IF I wanted to release you?” Tiffany teased.

“Use Artie’s formula in that case over there,” Darlene pointed to a silver container, slightly larger than a can of paint.  A spray nozzle was attached to the container.  “Spray me evenly, to allow the plaster to dissolve, then use the second container there to counteract the statue-spray.” 

“No, I think I’ll leave you like this…for a while anyway…” Tiffany lapped at Darlene’s quivering lips.  The two probed each other with their tongues.  “I kind of like you like this…helpless…” She licked Darlene’s lower lip. “Mmm…powerless…”

“I-I remember the first time I was plastered,” Darlene recalled breathlessly.  “I was so shocked to see my beautiful legs plastered stiff that I didn’t put up any resistance when he plastered the rest of me…The last thing I remember was the cool plaster flecking me, shellacking me…immobilizing me into suspended animation…”

“It must have been exhilarating…” Tiffany kissed Darlene again on the lips.  “I remember being so cocky that I didn’t even realize he had plastered me until it was too late.  It must have been a different experience for Wanda,” Tiffany nodded to the plaster bodycasting of Wanda.

“I remember asking Wanda about it,” Darlene said softly.  “She really doesn’t like to recall that event…how Plaster Master used his bare hands and covered her naked body with gooey plaster…how he let it harden slowly on her body.  She didn’t even want us to keep that bodycast of her, but I convinced her that it was a beautiful piece of art and no one would see it anyway if it was locked away in my little museum.”

Tiffany got up off of Darlene’s stiffened body and walked over to the Wanda bodycast.  She straddled the upthrust rear end of the statue, leaned her naked body against the plaster figure and ran her hands across the sculpture’s long arms.  The figure wasn’t hollow, but a solid casting of Wanda’s body, filled with plaster to form a solid statue. Tiffany cupped the beautiful cast breasts, so perfect in their plaster-molded detail. “I’m glad you convinced her. She does have a lovely figure…”

“Hey, what about my figure?” Darlene said in an uppity tone.  She ran her hands over her own plastered boobs and momentarily lost herself in the irresistible pleasure of feeling her own hardened titties. “Oh…”

“No comparison,” Tiffany left the Wanda sculpture and took the can of dissolvent out of its case.  She spritzed Darlene’s breasts briefly, letting the plaster liquefy and run off of Darlene’s body in streaks.  “Your tits are so much more awesome…” She touched the hardened globes, free of their plaster coating but still super-hardened by the statue-spray.  “Solid as rocks!” Tiffany giggled as she rapped her knuckles against Darlene’s bust.

“I’ll show you whose solid as a rock!” Darlene threatened as Tiffany obtained the counter-hardener spray.  She sprayed Darlene’s body liberally.

Darlene felt her body soften up and regain mobility.  “Give me that!” she unstrapped the Plaster Master’s backpack from Tiffany’s sensuous sweating body.

“You gonna do me?” Tiffany smiled as she made herself an open target.

“Tempting…very tempting” Darlene waved the weapon menacingly, but decided to put the plaster sprayer back into it’s case.

“What is this?” Tiffany held up a small bottle of suntan lotion she obtained from another display case.

“Miss Midas’ Golden Tan suntan lotion, don’t rub any on you or you’ll be turned to gold for a few days at the hot temperature your body operates at,” Darlene closed the Plaster Master display case.

“OOPS!” Tiffany giggled as Darlene turned her head in concern.  Tiffany had not unscrewed the bottle at all.

“Gimme that!” Darlene snatched the bottle and returned it to the case.  “Just try and see me explaining to Angelica how you got turned to gold for three days!”

“Spoilsport…” Tiffany licked her lips.  “I think I’d look rather good in gold. Just imagine my perfect nipples gilded gold. What els-“ she stopped in mid sentence.

“Surprise Stiffany,” Darlene had obtained one of the Paralzyer’s devices and rigified Tiffany with it.  The pink beam had engulfed Tiffany and paralyzed her utterly into ravishing rigidity.  Darlene kept the beam trained on the girl to keep her satisfyingly stiff.  She touched Tiffany’s ass with her free hand, sending shivers of excitement up Tiffany’s motionless body.  “I think it’s time you became part of my museum!”

Oh please please please! Tiffany silently urged.  Make me a beautiful museum exhibit! She could feel Darlene’s warm hands caressing…exciting…various parts of her body.

Darlene stepped up and retrieved a small item from what looked like a stack of large poker chips.  She placed a circular disk on the side of Tiffany’s hip.  Activating the disk, Tiffany was enveloped in a paralyzing pink glow.  Darlene smiled and shut off her manual paralyzer and took hold of Tiffany’s waist with her free hand and lifted the frozen girl off the floor.

Tiffany was amazed at Darlene’s display of strength.  She was always so tender, so soft in their experiences together…she never felt the raw power Darlene kept in check.  Darlene turned the frozen Tiffany sideways, careful to keep her hand off of the paralyzing disc that maintained the girl’s rigidity.  Tiffany was carried across the museum like a mere mannequin.  Frozen helpless and unmoving. Utterly and amazingly stiff.  Darlene placed Tiffany gently on a mechanized pedestal.  It was circular with an illuminated plastic surface on top and a medusa-like tangle of heavy-duty wires that snaked away.

“Courtesy of the Immobilizer, our collectible obsessed friend,” Darlene mentioned to her motionless mannequin as she placed Tiffany’s bare feet onto the clear plastic surface.  “I mean fiend, of course!” Crouching down, Darlene activated the pedestal, recently plugged in earlier that night for just such a contingency.  There was the briefest moment when Darlene deactivated the paralyzer disc and activated the pedestal when Tiffany could feel herself regain mobility.  She only had a second or two as her body switched from rigid to flexible to rigid again.  Her arms raised a little higher and her legs shifted a little wider and her crotch got a little wetter as she became fixed into her new pose.

“I hope you enjoy being on display like this, a living exhibit…” Darlene smiled mischievously as she went about cleaning up the trophy room.  Cosmic Girl cleaned up the liquefied plaster mess left on the floor with some more anti-plaster solution and a handy mop.  She made a mental note of reformulating more of the liquid for future use as she soaked up the liquid mess.  Cosmic Girl continued straightening the exhibits, returning weaponry to the rightful cases and polishing the metal devices so that they shone brilliantly once again.

Tiffany, naked and statue-like on her pedestal, could only watch Darlene as she went about tidying up the room.  Pay attention to me!  Please!  I’m the one on display! She begged Darlene in her silent thoughts. But Darlene deliberately was ignoring her and it was driving Tiffany crazy!  I’m the living masterpiece!

Cosmic Girl closed the Madame Medusa case, resisting temptation to turn Tiffany into a stone statue display.  It was getting late, almost 5 a.m., and it would not do to be caught playing around in the trophy room with Tiffany.  She looked around the room and admired the tidiness.  She began dressing herself, putting on her Cosmic Girl costume in full view of Tiffany.  Sliding on her white panties first, Darlene made sure to bend over so that her ass was facing Tiffany.  As she straightened up, she cast a glance across her shoulder and saw the rigid Heatwave.  If she could drool I bet she would…

Ohhhh, Tiffany lusted after Darlene’s body but her immobilized state rendered any wishes moot.  She could do nothing until Darlene released her from her paralysis.  She stared, as she was forced to watch Darlene slip her yellow boots on one by one.  She lusted as the blue and yellow mini-skirt was pulled over and down Darlene’s luscious body.  Darlene straightened the hem of her skirt and put on her yellow gloves, and finally her brief yellow mask.  She looked like a vision of sexiness in her full costume.

Darlene walked over to Tiffany and stared into the frozen girl’s aqua-green eyes.  “How are you doing?” she asked sweetly.  “I deliberately left the pedestal’s power low, so that you would be conscious as I tidied up.  I thought you might appreciate it better that way, instead of arresting your consciousness in full stasis.”

Oh I do appreciate it!  I do!  Tiffany screamed, trapped inside her firmly frozen figure.

Cosmic Girl stepped up to Tiffany, her feet dangerously close to the plastic disc that Tiffany was standing on.  “Just think,” she whispered into Tiffany’s ear.  “If I step onto the disc we’ll both be paralyzed…until someone finds us…” she teased.

Tiffany’s mind exploded. You wouldn’t?!  Would you? She had a whirlwind of thoughts. Would she be able to admit to her sister that she lusted after one of her teammates?

“Feelin’ lucky, Stiffany?” Cosmic Girl purred.  She let the statue-girl stand in silence.  Darlene continued her mind games with the immobilized Tiffany as she touched the paralyzed girl’s breast ever so softly.  If Tiffany’s nipple could have gotten any stiffer it would have at the sensuous touch.  Cosmic Girl let her warm breath warm Tiffany’s stiffened nipple.  “Feels good, doesn’t it?  So warm…so stiff…”  Darlene smiled at the frozen girl’s wide-eyed face as Darlene stroked the rigid crotch of Heatwave. It was so warm and inviting, yet tantalizing frozen shut.  A reward ever denied until she was released from her paralysis.

“Time for fun and games is over, Stiff,” Darlene smiled as she bent over to turn off the pedestal.  After a few seconds Tiffany found her limbs were movable again and she literally leapt from the pedestal and into the arms of Cosmic Girl.  They shared a passionate wet kiss as Darlene carried Tiffany out of the trophy room like a groom carrying his bride on their honeymoon.

Sneaking through the dark corridors at almost 6 in the morning was a piece of cake.  No one other than Sue would be up for another hour or so.  Darlene carried Tiffany into the shared apartment living quarters, giggling and exploring each other with their tongues.  Dropping Tiffany onto her soft bed, Darlene dropped the lump of Tiffany’s clothing onto the floor.  “We’d better get some sleep, if you want to be awake bright and early tomor-today!”

Tiffany smiled and yanked Darlene onto the bed.  She rolled over onto Darlene’s stomach.  “You’re not going anywhere,” she smiled and nestled her head between Darlene’s breasts.  She lay there, content, against Darlene’s body.  Her own naked body, unnaturally warm due to her heat-based powers, was like a narcotic to Darlene.  Darlene smiled and stroked Tiffany’s head gently.  The younger heroine had already closed her eyes and was fast asleep.  She had quite a night.  And the night wasn’t quite over yet…Darlene slipped a paralyzer disc out of her glove and set it softly against Tiffany’s shoulder.  Pleasant dreams, Stiffany, Darlene said softly as she activated the paralyzer and made Tiffany rigid once again. 

The paralyzed girl glowed like a pink night light in the dark. Lifting the statue-like girl with one hand firmly on the girl’s tiny waist, Darlene spun the girl 180 degrees around and set her down once again, but with Tiffany’s frozen snatch right in Darlene’s face, and vice versa.  Tiffany wouldn’t know, but Darlene lapped at the frozen pussy like a thirsty kitten.  Probing every crevice with her wet tongue until she climaxed.  Then with her amazing strength, Darlene raised the frozen girl up into the air once more and set her down onto the soft mattress.  Darlene rolled out of the bed and pulled the covers over Tiffany’s naked body.  Retrieving the paralyzer disc, Darlene kissed Tiffany on the cheek and snuck off to her adjoining room. Happy Birthday, Stiffany!

A couple of hours later Angie knocked on the apartment door. Darlene greeted her but with a whisper warned her that Tiffany was still sound asleep and probably wouldn’t wake up for another couple of hours!  Finally, Tiffany dragged herself out of bed and got dressed.  When she finally arrived in the FF INC control room, Wanda, Sue, Angie, Dee, Darlene and Stacey were all there to greet her with a small chocolate birthday cake.  Tiffany blew out all the candles.  "Did you make a wish?” Dee asked

“I already had it come true,” Tiffany shared a smile with Darlene.


TO BE CONTINUED IN: A Close (and personal) Encounter

authors note: I had wanted to document the contents of the FF INC ‘trophy’ room for a while, but never thought there was enough goodies to stock it up with… It is pretty empty as is, and it might have been a better story if I had waited until a few more stories later and had more villains’ gizmos to play with but I wanted to get this story out of the way ASAP so that I could move on to bigger things… I think it turned out pretty well anyway…


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