A Close (and personal) Encounter


by CMQ 10-00

     What has gone before: the heroines foiled a bizarre paralyzing competition and Cosmic Girl (Darlene) surprised Heatwave (Tiffany) with a very special birthday present.  Now after things have quieted down, they are about to encounter a mysterious stranger…


“Sue? You done?” Darlene Wilson asked as she pulled her sweater on.  She had tried on some new brassieres in the new women’s boutique, which had opened across the street from FF INC HQ.  As an introductory bonus to their new and famous neighbors, the owner of the store, Stacy Templeton, had offered to fit the heroines for new brassieres in addition to a gracious discount on other unmentionables.  Darlene had settled on a rather risqué nipple-less black bra and matching thong.  Flowered patterns of lace decorated the sheer garment, which Darlene hoped to show off to Tiffany some day.  She had also picked up a few thong satin panties, in addition to some extra plain white cotton panties to wear under her miniskirt costume.  For some reason she never seemed to have enough of those…

Susan Blake didn’t necessarily like being singled out for special offers, but since the owner had personally made the invitation, and the store was right across the street, she relented.  It was only underwear, after all.  It wasn’t like they were being offered expensive jewelry or political favors. And it was being neighborly to support the local merchant.  Sue craned her neck to see herself in the changing room mirror.  The pink bra straps joined in one clasp at the middle of her back and she approved of the fit.  The twin pink cups grasped her firm breasts, lifting and separating her bosom to a pleasing silhouette.  “Almost done,” she replied as she turned to face the full-length mirror and judge her physique.  The pink panties that she had picked out lay pressed against her flat stomach and rode high on her hips.  She liked the way her long legs looked even lengthier.

The two women finalized their choices and paid the owner without divulging their real names.  They promised to send Shadow Lady, Flamestar and the Crimson Sorceress over to look at the selection. Stacy appreciated the transactions and complimented them on their choices. 

The two women left the shop and walked across the street to FF INC HQ. Nothing out of the ordinary, just two incognito superheroines from the famous Fem-Fantastique, Incorporated shopping for lingerie.



The thunder and lightening shook the city. The rain pounded down on the pavement as pedestrians hurried to cover in the darkness.  The storm was intense, almost supernatural in its fury and origin from a clear day mere hours earlier.  The heroines of Fem-Fantastique, Inc. were warm and comfortable within the walls of their skyscraper headquarters, diligently monitoring the city for activities of the forces of evil, but the storm seemed to be keeping them inside as well.

The girls were busying themselves in the meantime with mundane tasks when a warning sensor registered a disturbance.  Wanda Sloane, on monitor duty, rushed to determine the cause. Thinking that it could easily have been caused by the intensity of the storm (as so many false alarms had been earlier in the night) the Sorceress was relatively unconcerned. Wanda activated the sensor at the control room panel, quickly checked the instruments and saw that the cause seemed to be a lightning strike on the building. Satisfied, she cleared the warning and reset the instruments when a new abnormality occurred.  The instruments spiked and Wanda could only watch helplessly as the monitors and sensors on the observation deck fried.  Several surges of power rushed through the many automated systems and sensors and most were knocked out completely.  Wanda looked at the few remaining sensors and saw that an unknown energy surge was localizing on the observation deck and feared that the building has come under some kind of unknown attack.  Wanda activated the internal warning alarm and signaled the others about the disturbance and that they should meet her there.  Little did she know internal communications were down and the alert went unheeded.  Wanda rushed for the elevator and saw that the energy surge has blown its controls and put it out of action.  She turned and rushed through the stairway door and ran the stairs two at a time hoping to get to the roof and determine whom or what was causing the disturbance. 

As Wanda opened the door at the top to exit out to the observation deck she peeked through the door opening and saw a dark sphere of churning clouds with discharges of energy into the surrounding air.  As Wanda watched she saw two forms step from the cloud out onto the observation deck. 

Michelle stepped out of the dark churning fog and felt very dizzy.  She fell to her knees on the rain soaked surface, her body still bleeding and burnt from her recent battles.  Her head reeled from a new sensation as her mind reached out and touched the minds of everyone in the area.  The voices and thoughts filled her mind and staggered her consciousness with a near unending assault.  

Jason stood beside her, and quickly pulled his pistol from its holster and looked around for anyone that might be an adversary.  He quickly checked his communicator and scanning systems and saw that the dispersion field was not detected.  He scanned the surrounding area but found his scanner was unable to identify his location.  He touched his communicator to activate it but found only static on all of the Aegis frequencies.  He feared the worst, that Aegis itself has been destroyed, and that Michelle and he were the only surviving members.  He scanned the city skyline and was surprised at the sight; it brought back memories from history books of how the cities used to be before the third Great War destroyed most of them.  He activated his targeting system and scanned the vicinity and detected several targets.  He slid his fingers to the setting controls of his pistol and slid it to the immobilizing setting.

He reached down and helped Michelle back to her feet and helped to steady her as he moved to the only visible door.  Just as he approached it he quickly kicked forward with his foot and struck the door, sending it crashing into the woman hiding behind it. 

Wanda, surprised, tumbled, and fell backward from the door’s impact. She landed on the floor of the stairwell with a thud as the door swung fully open.  Dazed, Wanda saw the pistol leveled in her direction and started to bring up her hands as if to shield herself with a spell but before she could make any motions to protect herself she felt a sudden surge of power tingle all throughout her body. “What’s happening to me?” Instantly Wanda’s body became rigid and she was unable to move any of her muscles voluntarily.  There she sat on her butt, knees bent in front of her and her limbs helplessly immobile in the air.

Jason stepped past Wanda quickly. He looked down at her for only a brief moment, giving her all the attention one might give a lawn ornament.  Wanda herself could only stare forward, her gaze fixed on the steps she had tumbled down and her own stiffened arms.  Jason helped Michelle down the stairs, past the stiffened Sorceress, to the next level down before moving back up to the frozen heroine.  Jason crouched at her side and noted the fine curves of Wanda’s athletic body.  She was in perfect shape, a feminine ideal to be appreciated.  He felt aroused at the sight of this rigid woman, frozen into absolute helplessness.  Unclasping her broach, he let her crimson cape slide to the ground, revealing her toned back and shapely hips.  “Delightful…”

What is he going to do with me? Wanda wondered as she sat and stared as he moved around her like a bidder inspecting a piece for auction.  Her frozen eyes caught sight of his crotch and the growing evidence of his manhood straining to escape as she felt his hand moving her wavy hair.  Wanda realized how utterly vulnerable she was as her mind raced through many horrible thoughts.  Who is he?  Why is he doing this to me? A slight touch of cold metal on stroked the back of her neck.  Suddenly a wave of euphoria swept into her and she felt her will being leached away. Her mind was reduced to little more than an obedient puppet’s.

Jason reached toward Wanda’s immobile body and performed a quick search of her limited costume, feeling for any weapons. Her bodysuit was silky and shimmery, a stretchy pink garment, almost transparent, which hugged all her curves like it was painted on.  Wanda’s red satiny one-piece covered her torso, but left virtually nothing to the imagination regarding the lines of her figure.  A diamond cutout around her navel showed off the undergarment but not the skin beneath. Very daring, yet conservative at the same time, Jason thought. He took a brief moment to enjoy the feel of her womanly virtues in his frisking.  He squeezed her ample bosom, the paralyzer had not hardened Wanda’s breasts completely thus they did have malleability.  Like a sculptor he molded them until her nipples stiffened, teased into erection by his fondling.  Michelle looked askance at Jason with a wry smirk, but knew better than to interrupt his ‘work’.  Jason’s fingers probed between Wanda’s legs as his fingers slipped under her red outer costume and massaged the heroine’s pussy.

Aghast with thoughts of being violated but still euphoric from Jason’s gadget, Wanda’s crotch parted to his touch.  Only the pink bodysuit prevented direct contact with Jason’s fingers and Wanda’s sex. I-I can’t…believe…what…h-he’s…d-doing…to…me…

“She’s quite a looker, eh?” Jason smiled at Michelle. He felt fortunate that the neural suppressor limited the woman’s memories during the time she was under its influence.  Jason retracted his fingers and pulled out a small egg-shaped device and pressed it against Wanda’s rigid body.  Pushing a hidden button, Jason was rewarded instantly when Wanda’s tightened muscles relaxed and her body regained movement.  The Sorceress herself, however, remained under the thrall of her captor. Her mind and body were under his complete and absolute influence.  “Tell me who you are and what this place is?”  Jason ordered.

"My name is Wanda Sloane, the Crimson Sorceress. I’m a member of the Fem-Fantastique, Inc. team and you are in our headquarters building.  You just appeared on the roof, near our observation deck,” she replied in robotic fashion.

“What is Fem-Fantastique?” asked Michelle, who leaned in over Jason’s shoulder to look at Wanda’s face.

“Fem-Fantastique, Inc. is a team of superheroines who have banded together to protect the people of this city,” Wanda replied monotone-like.

“Interesting…” Michelle observed. “How many members are there of this…Fem-Fantastique team?

“Five,” Wanda answered.  “Myself, Sue-the Transparency Girl, Angie-Flamestar, Dee-Shadow Lady, and Darlene-Cosmic Girl.”

Jason checked his targeting scope and saw what appeared to be four other living targets in the floors below them.  “Looks like she’s telling the truth,” he said.  He stood and motioned for Wanda to get up.  Obediently, she climbed to her feet and stood up.  “Show us where your infirmary is,” he commanded.  Wanda stepped around Jason and Michelle and began descending the stairs.  The two intruders followed Wanda as she led them down three flights of stairs and through a door to the hallway beyond.

Michelle noticed the level of technology in the corridor and mentioned it to Jason, who nodded in agreement.  Apparently, his attention was more riveted on the backside of the heroine walking before him.  His eyes enjoyed the hypnotic effect the lovely sway of her hips made as she moved.

Michelle, however, didn’t care to notice the effect this woman had on her partner.  She knew it was a dalliance on his part to get her to respond and knew better than to show any jealousy.

Jason helped Michelle to the medical bay and ordered Wanda to assist him in tending to Michelle’s many wounds.  When he was assured Wanda had the situation well in hand, he exited the door to the infirmary and followed the hallway toward the four other targets on his scanner. 


Finding his way to the habitat level, he looked at his scanner and found one target beyond the door before him.  Using his electronic de-scrambler, he unlocked the door and looked down into the spacious living area.  There on the couch lay a gorgeous redheaded woman wearing tight green Capri pants and a white cropped tee which hugged her bustline and bared her tight midsection.  Jason aimed his pistol at the reclining heroine and gave the trigger a slight squeeze. 

Angelica, engrossed in her reading, did not notice the entry of Jason and as she turned the page.  The lights had gone out briefly, but backup power came on and everything seemed normal.  It was quite toasty indoors, not all yucky and wet outside. I’m sure Wanda would have called us if anything important had happened, she thought as she felt her entire body stiffen as the beam touched her body.  She tried to budge, turn the next page, but her body failed to respond to her commands.  Confused, she tried to speak, but her voice had been paralyzed too!  Then she saw someone over the top of her book, a man she had never seen before staring at her helplessly paralyzed body!  She tried to ignite her flame but it was useless.  Even her super powers had deserted her!  She was stuck in her pose, reading the same page eternally.  Her powers neutralized, she realizes that she could do nothing but remain a frigid statue till the effect wore off or someone rescued her!

Jason smiled at the latest conquest, and walked past Angelica, back out the door and down a hall to the other life sign.

Dee was engrossed in her tech work, and didn’t even hear Jason.  Stretched out under a console, her knees bent, and legs spread wide made an inviting target.  She asked for a spanner, she must have thought Jason was one of the heroines!  He promptly froze her by directing his paralyzer beam directly in-between her soft flawless legs and into her moist wet pussy!  She became paralyzed, unable to even see who had frozen her into this embarassing position!

Jason reached down and touched her knee.  It was smooth, like her entire leg.  Her work shorts showed off a lot of butt cheek due to the angle her legs were at.  Jason appreciated her femininity and obvious mechanical ability.  A truly well-rounded woman!  “It’s a shame I won’t be able to examine you further,” Jason smiled like a wolf.  “But I have more business to attend to.”

He took the stairway leading to the command center level.  Somewhere on that level, according to his tracker, there were two more targets that must be neutralized.  He quietly descended one level and peeked out of the door.  No one was around.  The tracker had two targets in close proximity, probably in the same room.  This would be a chance to test his dexterity.  Arriving at a locked security door, Jason looked at his tracker.  The two targets were beyond the door.  Using his keycode breaker, he unlocked the door and pressed his hand against the door and shoved it open.  Sue sat in the command chair in front of a giant library display screen when Jason made his appearance and was reaching to the console to adjust a control when the immobilizing beam Jason fires hits her.  She had noticed the power shutdown a few minutes earlier but when the emergency generator kicked in, neither she nor Cosmic Girl thought anything other than it was a ferocious storm.

“Wha-?” Sue gasped, startled. She felt the effects of Jason’s paralyzing weapon immediately and succumbed to the beams rigidizing power.  Darlene, leaning over Sue’s chair to read the library screen turned in a totally surprised state to face the man who has just neutralized her friend but as she stepped in his direction she too felt the touch of the paralyzing beam.  Her foot stopped mere inches above the floor, frozen in mid-step.  Her body took on the appearance of a mechanical walking toy turned off while walking…a windup toy whose key had run down. Jason stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, laughing.  These were superheroines?  They were child’s play for him.  He moved over to Sue’s frozen form and lifted her rigid body from the chair and set her on a nearby table, her body totally fixed in her original position.  Sue remained motionless on the table, her legs still crossed, her hand held up as it about to push a non-existent button with her surprised eyes fixed on the vacant air before her. 

Jason sat down in the now empty chair and rolled up to the control console, he pulled out a small box and starts making connections to the database. 

In the Medical Center Michelle finished bandaging her wounds with Wanda’s help and was beginning to feel her strength returning.  Michelle remained a bit uneasy as her new mental telepathy power resisted her attempt at full control and seemed to overwhelm her at times in a struggle for control of her own body.  She stood and flexed her limbs slightly before lifting her weapon out of its holster and moving for the door.  “Follow me Wanda,” Michelle commanded as she got out her tracker and homed in on the closest warm body.

Wanda, her free will gone, obediently followed Michelle through the door down to the living area.  Michelle entered the open door and almost ducked back out of sight when she saw the reclining Flamestar on the couch.  Moving closer, she realized Angie’s rigid state was Jason’s handiwork.  Leaving the frozen body in its place, Michelle walked toward the other marks on her targeter.  When Michelle entered the room with three blips she was prepared for anything but what she saw. Michelle could hardly keep from laughing as she saw the two frozen heroines on either side of the tinkering man.  Sue immobile on the table reaching for air.  Darlene stepping forward, her progress halted in mid-step.  “I don’t suppose you could have just left a trail of breadcrumbs, I think these woman might have liked that better,” Michelle deadpanned as she walked by the living statuary.

Wanda entered and halted next to Darlene, completing the tableaux of heroic statuary.

Jason laughed as he continued his work.  Behind him Michelle's mind touched each of the other women's minds and sensed their feelings, wants and intimate desires.  Michelle found herself aroused at the sight of the immobile women, but wasn't certain what the cause for her affection was.  She stepped beside Darlene and gently rubbed her hand over the unmoving women's bare thigh.  Her hand moved up and down between Darlene’s legs and then she cupped the heroine’s white panty and hidden pubic area in her hand.  Michelle's heightened sense of smell detected the faintest scent of arousal from the frozen woman and Michelle smiled to herself. So what I sensed from you was true.  And you can feel it too, even in your paralyzed state.  Your involuntary senses are responding to my touch.

"OK. I have the data.  Let's get out of here before the rigidity wears off.  I didn’t hit them with a full charge so they should be free in a few minutes." Jason declared.

Jason got up from the chair and moved to Wanda and touched her with a small remote looking device. Instantly Wanda’s body became rigid and unmoving.  He then reached behind her neck and retrieved the egg-shaped control device he had placed there earlier.  Without Jason’s guidance, Wanda remained a mute mannequin. Michelle and Jason then moved quickly to the emergency stairway and begin a rapid descent to the street below.

Upon reaching the ground the pair leave the front of the building.  Outside the rain and storm have subsided.  Michelle is surprised when she is suddenly hit and thrown from the force of the punch across the ground and into a nearby fountain.  She looks up to see Cosmic Girl standing over her.  "I wonder if you can take as well as you give" Michelle says as she comes up with a shot to Darlene's chin. 

“She shouldn’t have shook off the paralyzing effect so soon!” Jason sees the quick attack of Darlene upon Michelle and feels a couple of needles strike against his chest.  An instant later he feels the electric current from Dee's taser and falls to his knees.  His hand grasps for his pistol but a quick kick to his chest from Dee sends him tumbling onto his back.  Wanda reaches down to his sprawled body and relieves him of the small paralysis device that he used on her earlier.  She touches it against him and pushes the paralysis button and a moment later, he finds himself unable to move.

Darlene, surprised at the speed that this ‘Michelle’ struck her with, was unable to counter the devastating blow.  Cosmic Girl’s body was catapulted backwards and away from Michelle, who came up and spotted a new attack coming her way.  It was like she had eyes in the back of her head as she quickly dove and rolled across the ground like a ball, avoiding Flamestar’s flame blast assault which impacted on the pavement where Michelle once was.  Untucking her body and coming out of the roll, Michelle found herself right beside the startled Sorceress. Grabbing the slim wrist of Wanda’s arm, Michelle twisted her opponent’s arm and avoided an awkward punch. Michelle forced Wanda’s hand to press the paralyzing device against Wanda’s own torso and with a quick press of a button instantly immobilized the heroine once again.  Wanda, in disbelief at the agility and speed of her opponent found herself frozen once again.  Her body was rigid as a statue's and completely defenseless. Michelle slipped the paralyzer from Wanda's hand and into her own, leaving the human statue motionless in the street.

Dee swung her arm and fired her laser in Michelle’s direction.  The woman was obviously dangerous and she hoped she could take the blast unscathed but the woman dodged the ruby beam and with a tuck and roll came up under her arm into a kneeling position right in front of her!  A quick touch of the paralyzer on Dee’s chest and Dee became the second piece of statuary decorating the street.  Moving like she was a dancer performing a routine Michelle grabbed Dee's immobilized arm and swung it towards the airborne Flamestar.  Fingering the taser trigger on Dee’s wrist blaster, the needles leapt into the air and found their mark in Angie’s tight rump.  A jolt of electricity numbed Angie’s body and she collapsed unconscious to the ground.

Sue was in disbelief to see this single woman take down almost her entire team in seconds.  Seeing Angelica go down in a heap Sue spotted Michelle.  Sue projected her invisible field out and had it close tightly around Michelle's body and hold it in a near iron vise-like grip.  Michelle felt herself grabbed by Sue's field.  Michelle pressed hard against the field and felt it stretch and strain against her strength.  Darlene, hoping to get to the unmoving Michelle, ran in her direction but just before Darlene could get to Michelle, the field ripped open and gave way.  Michelle was suddenly free again.  Darlene swung at Michelle but she rolled under the clumsy punch.  Michelle rolled out and came up beside Sue, who was slightly stunned by Michelle's escape from her powerful field.  “Oh no! She’s telepathic!”  Sue realized, “She knows what we’re going to do before we-“ Michelle easily applied the paralyzer and made Sue part of her collection of living statues.

Michelle looked at Darlene and said "Just one more lovely piece of statuary and my collection will be complete.  You can make this easy for both of us and just surrender to the inevitable."

"You haven't beaten me yet." Cosmic Girl said with nary a tremble in her voice.

"Oh, but I think I have."  Michelle sayid as she turned and ran quickly down the street away from frozen tableau of lovely statuary.

Darlene followed, hoping for an opportunity to capture the unknown woman that has just frozen her four friends.  Darlene followed the path she had seen the woman follow and as she crossed the street she saw the woman standing in front of a department store window display.  The same boutique she and Sue had bought some lingerie at earlier that same day!

"Come on Cosmic Girl, you know that you want to surrender and feel the paralysis hold your body again.  I can make it very enjoyable and pleasurable for you." Michelle smiled temptingly.

Darlene heard the woman's words and was, for a moment, seduced by them.  She would indeed enjoy being frozen but she wouldn't allow this woman to defeat her team.  Darlene moved forward, determined to defeat her.  As she got close, she readied herself for the fight about to occur and then she moved to strike at the woman.

Michelle smiled as Darlene approached and just as Darlene moved to attack, Michelle split her legs and slid down to the ground, as she did so,  her hands reached under Darlene's skirt and grabbed each side of Darlene's panties and pulled them down to Darlene's ankles.  Michelle then rolled onto her back and back onto her feet and smiled at Darlene.

"What, How?" Darlene said in surprise as her hands thrust out and grabbed nothing but air as the woman ducked under her grasp.  Darlene was even more surprised as she felt the cool night air breeze against her now exposed sex as she felt her panties pulled to her ankles.  Darlene paused for a moment just as she saw the woman move toward her again.

Michelle stepped forward and then catapulted herself into the air over her target.  As she moved through the air over Darlene, Michelle reached down and her fingers unclasped Darlene’s Cosmic Girl Dress.  Michelle landed behind Darlene and took a couple of steps back as the skimpy outfit fell away from Darlene’s chest and began to pool around her slim waist.

Darlene realized that the woman was undressing her and that she was hopelessly outclassed in this fight, and her chances of victory were rapidly diminishing.  Darlene knew that the woman’s superior skills and talents would eventually prevail and realized that the woman was simply playing with her like a cat might play with a mouse.  Darlene had mixed emotions at the prospect of being defeated and that she also would very soon be frozen as a statue at this woman's mercy.  Darlene stepped out of her panties so that they wouldn't tangle her feet and turned to once more face the woman, as she did so,  she pulled her dress back up over her exposed breasts.

"Now Cosmic Girl prepare yourself to become a living statue.  I think that you and your four friends will look wonderful in that store window behind you.  I'm sure that the visual merchandisers in that store won't mind some very lovely organic statuary enhancing their display."  Michelle stepped toward Cosmic Girl and easily avoided her thrown fist.  Michelle's hand (holding her paralyzer) slipped under Darlene's skirt and touched the voluptuous thigh within.  Darlene felt the cold device near her sex on her thigh and suddenly found herself unable to move just as the look of surprise graced her face.

Michelle crouched in front of the frozen heroine and looked up into her subject’s face, frozen with beautiful surprise.  “You will make a wonderful mannequin, my dear.” Michelle climbed to her feet and walked behind Darlene’s immobilized body.  Grasping Darlene’s waist, Michelle lifted the helpless heroine like she was, in fact, a fiberglass figurine and looked at the wide window of the department store across the street.  With a glance, the glass of the department stores window darkened and then seemingly vanished, forming an open doorway into the window display.  Michelle carried Darlene into the window display and set her down.  With a slight teeter, she balanced the frozen woman on frozen toes.  She turned the frozen heroine to have her face the street.  “Mustn’t show your bad side to your audience. Don’t run off while I fetch the rest of your team to join you.” Michelle giggled as she turned to go get the rest of the frozen heroine team.

A few minutes later Michelle had the five Fem-Fantastique living statues standing in the store window like some bizarre frozen chorus line. Michelle looked them over, and then stripped each of them of their costumes.  Capes, masks, belts, gadgetry and skintight suits came off to reveal the naked bodies of each heroine in turn.  Michelle was impressed with the physically perfect feminine specimens on display once they were relieved of their clothing.  Michelle took the time to fold each heroine’s garment carefully, as if to mock their helpless condition.  Michelle was surprised more of them didn’t wear any underwear, it seemed only Darlene did (and that was because of her mini-skirt costume) but she didn’t mind as it allowed her to see the frozen heroine’s spectacular bodies all the sooner. Michelle lay each heroines’ belongings in a pile with the rest of her captive audience’s clothes.  When she had them all stripped nude she decided to pose each one of them into more appropriate mannequin positions. “If you’re going to be on display you should look the part,” she smiled.

Taking hold of Angelica’s motionless stomach, Michelle posed her with a slight twist to the waist and her arms bent so that her wrists were close to her hips.  Michelle bent Angie’s hands so that she had a classic ‘no hands touching her body’ mannequins pose.  Wanda got a flattering ‘arms caressing themselves over her head’ pose that lifted her breasts and a ‘legs crossed at the shins’ positioning for her lower extremities.  Sue became a luscious leaning mannequin, her right hand positioned on her bent right knee, and her left leg and arm straightened out and her mouth alluringly pouty.  Dee was posed to appear as if she was holding something, a perfume spritzer perhaps, and spraying her neck glamorously.  Darlene got repositioned so that her right hand almost touched her left hip and her left hand touched the back of her head.

Michelle finished posing the five mannequins and stepped back to enjoy the sight of the five frozen heroines standing helpless before her.  She moved around their near perfect bodies. 

Sue was startled as she felt a warm hand slide down her back and over the firm muscles of her derriere.  She felt the hand gently caress her and was helpless to stop it from fondling.  Michelle stepped around in front of Susan and gently pinched her nipples to bring them to full arousal.  Michelle smiled at Sue and them moves to Dee's unmoving form. 

Michelle slid her hand down between Dee's thighs and gently cupped her pubic mound.  Dee felt Michelle's touch and her body tingled with arousal.  Dee could only watch as Michelle brought her wet fingers to her mouth and licked the sweet nectar from them.  Michelle gave Dee a quick kiss before moving to Angelica.

 Michelle approached Angelica and gave her a light kiss before she slowly licked down Angelica's body to her ample cleavage.  Angelica felt herself getting very wet as she enjoyed the sensations of Michelle's tongue dancing around her luscious breasts despite her best efforts to deny herself the pleasure.  Michelle licked around the frozen nipples and gently adjusted Angelica’s frozen globes of womanhood.  Michelle gave Angelica another quick kiss before moving to Wanda’s unmoving form. 

There, Michelle raised her hand to Wanda’s face and started to gently trace her finger around Wanda’s voluptuous lips, then down her neck and around her breasts.  Michelle’s finger trailed down Wanda till it rubbed against the neatly trimmed hair around her sex.  Michelle gently rubbed Wanda’s pussy just enough to heighten her arousal then left the frozen figure unfulfilled. 

Michelle stepped over in front of Darlene and knelt in front of the frozen woman.  Michelle leaned in and gently kissed the sex of the woman before her.  Her tongue extended and licked the outer lips of Darlene’s pussy.  Michelle enjoyed the taste of Darlene’s sex for a few moments then thought to herself.  I can’t leave you here naked like this…someone will notice!  “Since you girls don’t seem to have any underwear of your own I should furnish you with some unmentionables.” She decided that she should finish the job by dressing the frozen team in lingerie.

Michelle stood up and walked around the vertical screen leading to the rest of the department store.  As she entered the store she came face to face with the Visual Merchandiser/ownerof the store, Stacy Templeton, who was working late and had not heard the commotion in the street.

“Who are you?  What are-” Stacy started to say before she was halted in mid-speech.

Michelle’s mind reached within the startled woman and took control of her.  Michelle altered her victims’ mind slightly to believe that her presence was ok and that she would obey all of Michelle’s commands. 

“Stacy, I want you to help me fetch some lingerie for some very special mannequins in the window." She gestured to the frozen heroines, naked and helplessly standing on display. “We want them to look extra special while they’re decorating your window, don’t we?” Michelle said before the two women moved to the lingerie racks.  They found some lovely silk garments and then returned to the window to dress the frozen tableau of lovely women.  On their way back to the window, Michelle stopped and picked up a few other miscellaneous items.  Once back in the window Michelle handed Stacy a razor and ordered her to shave the pubic area of each of the unmoving women.  “I want their pussies bare and smooth as silk.  Can you do that Stacy?”

“Yes, of course,” was Miss Templeton’s quiet reply.

Each of the Fem-Fantastique, Inc. heroines remained motionless as Stacy applied creamy shaving foam to their nether-regions in turn. I don’t believe she’s doing this! Was Sue’s response as Stacy softly applied the cream.

It tickles! Darlene felt Stacy’s fingers smooth over the foam among her pubic hairs.

No!  No,no,no,no! This can’t be happening! Wanda couldn’t believe what she was feeling.  It was impossible, insane!

OOHH!  The cold cream hit Angie’s crotch like a cold winter rainstorm.

She isn’t…she isn’t…she is! Dee felt the cream covered fingers massage her crotch.

With their pussies looking like frosted over pie slices, Stacy gently shaved the heroine’s pubic areas clean. She used long smooth strokes, removing each heroine’s triangle with care and precision.

Each heroine couldn’t believe the sensations as this…stranger took care of their privates. With soothing strokes as she erased their bikini lines. Every strand was gone.  Their pussies were stripped as naked  as their bodies had been. Frozen into helpless immobility, they could only watch as their pubic hair was removed and dropped into plastic bags and placed beside the pile of their clothes.  After being shaved each woman was expertly dressed in a pair of silky bra and panties.

Stacy used her considerable VM knowledge to dress the virtual mannequins quickly.  Slipping bra-straps over difficult to move limbs, sliding panties around spread legs and fitting heeled shoes onto frozen feet were no problem for her at all.  Soon, all five heroines were a vision of lovliness.

Sue got a pretty pink strapless bra which squeezed her breasts into an impressive v cleavage and a pink lace panty which had a g-string back that bared her firm butt, Stacy completed the display with a pink garter belt and long pink nylons covering her mannequins luscious long legs.

Dee got a black bra with filigree designs that barely covered her nipples and a black micro panty which just barely covered her crotch (if she still had any pubic hair it surely would have shown) and was more like a shoestring.  It nicely matched her dark hair.  Stacy fluffed Dee’s hair and placed a black choker around her mannequin’s neck.

Wanda looked virginal in a white bra and panty set which had the lightest fringe of soft lace around the legs.  Her fabulous body looked perfect with maximum cleavage showing and lots of luscious leg.

Darlene had a high cut powder blue panty which showed even more leg than she usually showed in her miniskirt that tapered into a derriere-exposing t-back.  Her push up bra was clicked for maximum cleavage and she practically was bursting out of her foundation garment.

Angie wore a hot red bra, which was almost so transparent that you could see her dark nipples beneath.  Her panty was crotch-less, but because of her pose, her closed legs hid that perfect pussy form prying eyes.

Michelle lifted the paralyzer and set it with a 36-hour duration, that should be plenty long enough for her to get Jason to safety. Then she moved around the window display one last time and touched the paralyzer against each of the unmoving girls fixing them into that rigid pose for a day and a half.  With a parting kiss for each, Michelle rummaged through the pile of clothing and gathered the plastic bags filled with the heroines’ pubic hair.  “Now my ladies, I will take my leave of you.  Enjoy your next 36 hours on display here. I think I will keep these as my souvenirs of our enjoyable evening together.  Stacy, I want you to change the display figures’ lingerie tomorrow and while you do, I want you to give each one some very special attention.  And make sure you have an audience watching…!”  Michelle steps through the opening in the glass and it closes behind her. She again looks at the helpless woman within the window display and smiled to herself as she walked back and freed Jason.  Then the two quickly disappeared into the night.

For the next 36 hours, the five heroines would remain on display in the store window, unable to move their bodies in the slightest way but still fully aware of what predicament they were in.  People would move to and from in their daily business, some would barely pay attention to the frozen figures displaying skimpy lingerie but others might take note of these more realistic mannequins and take long lingering looks.  There could even be a small crowd of people who might stop and realize the mannequins were real women and wait for them to move before leaving disappointed.  Each of the heroines would feel the eyes of numerous strangers upon them, undressing them mentally by peeling away the flimsy layers of cloth covering their bodies.  What would become of them?



authors note:  no you haven’t had déjà vu!  The interlude portion appeared in Alexandria’s  MIDNIGHT 1a and sets the stage for other encounters between the mysterious Michelle and the FF INC gals… a story for which I was suddenly inspired to document the FF INCs display time in the next chapter! 
Thanks Alex!

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