On Display!


by CMQ      12-00

    What has gone before: In an encounter with mysterious interlopers Michelle and Jason, the heroines of FF INC find themselves helplessly paralyzed and posed as mannequins in skimpy lingerie in the boutique just across the street from their headquarters for the next 36 hours!

10:05 p.m. Wednesday evening

Stacy’s Boutique, a small women’s fashion store stood quietly on the darkened street. The wet street reflected the streetlamps above and the few lights on in the FF INC HQ across the way, but there was virtually no traffic on this silent night. A damaged fountain in FF INC Plaza and a few scorched craters of asphalt were the only indications that this was the site of a frantic battle just moments earlier, between the heroines of Fem-Fantastique, INC and the mysterious Jason and Michelle.

Inside the large store window stood five mannequins wearing lingerie.  But these were no mere fiberglass figures, they were, in fact, the paralyzed figures of the five FF INC heroines.  Michelle had frozen their bodies immobile for the next 36 hours.  They were trapped in frozen bodies and placed on display as living mannequins by the mischievous intruder who had used her mental powers to easily defeat the heroines.  Now they stood in statue-like silence wearing miniscule outfits that revealed all of their feminine charms.  Unable to move, unable to speak, unable to access any of their super abilities for the next day and a half.  They were prisoners of their own beautiful forms.

Transparency Girl, Susan Blake, was the team’s appointed leader.  She was a stunningly attractive blonde with styled shoulder-length hair who had the ability to render herself or anything else transparent and cloaked from sight.  In addition she had the ability to project that cloaked energy into shapes and forms which could aid her in travel, protection, or attack.  If she had that power Sue would surely have used it now to hide her half-naked body from sight. Somehow Michelle’s immobilizer device had neutralized her super powers. Sue had been posed into a leaning position, her straight right arm finding balance on her bent knee.  Her long left leg trailed behind her like a wedding dress’ train and her left arm bent out at an angle on her left side with fingers firmly on her slender waist.  Michelle had the store’s owner, Stacy Templeton, dress Sue in a hot pink push-up bra that exploited Sue’s already impressive curves and enhanced them to overflowing pulchritude.  A pink g-string bottom hid virtually nothing of Sue’s privates and the flowing pink stockings made her long legs shimmer in the store lighting.  A pink garter belt held the top of the stockings in place, and Michelle had completed the ensemble with 4 inch pink heels.  Pretty in pink, Sue’s head had been turned to face out to the street and her mouth formed into a pouty pucker.

What can I do? She thought to herself.  She had failed completely to detect Jason and Michelle’s intrusion into their headquarters and to make matters worse, had been soundly defeated again in the second battle on the streets below.  Now she was frozen stiff and on display, baring her body to anyone whom might wander by.  How could they have defeated us so easily?  Who sent them?  That strange Michelle…she could have finished us all off easily, but almost took delight in putting us all in this window display!  What were her motives?  How can I escape this horrible trap?  My powers are all negated.  I can’t even wiggle a finger, much less communicate with the others!  If only I could turn us all transparent…hide us from sight until the paralyzing effect wears off in 36 hours…if Michelle was telling the truth!  We could be stuck here forever as mannequins!  Sue strained to move a muscle but found her entire lingerie-clad body to be unresponsive.  She tried to concentrate and activate her powers…perhaps Michelle had underestimated their resolve in escaping…If only the store owner hadn’t left a few minutes ago, I might have been able to reach her!

The Crimson Sorceress, Wanda Sloane, stood just next to Sue’s leaning figure.  She had been the one who had unwittingly aided Jason and Michelle in their invasion of FF INC HQ.  Some sort of mind control device had rendered her a mere puppet, unable to act on her own and subject to every whim of her controllers.  She was especially embarrassed that she couldn’t resist their super-science with her own magical ability in the headquarters and fell victim to her own folly while in mismatched hand to hand combat with Michelle.  She had relieved Jason of the paralyzing device he had used on her earlier but Michelle turned the tables and forced Wanda to paralyze herself with a slick arm-twisting move.  The fact that Michelle was psychic and probably read Wanda’s mind did little to relieve her guilt.  She felt it was entirely her fault that all five of the heroines were now posed as stiffened mannequin figures.  Now frozen in a pose which had her arms raised over her head (right hand cupping the rigid left forearm which caused her breasts to rise seductively) and her legs crossed at the shins (left leg crossed over her right shin, a very model-like position), Wanda could only stand in silence to contemplate what she should have done.

How could I have been so foolish!  How could they have taken me by surprise so easily? She beat herself with self-criticism.  I betrayed my teammates completely!  Gave up all our secrets to these strangers!  How can I redeem myself?  Perhaps I can utilize my magic and get us out of this predicament!  Wanda tried to gesture with her fingers, but her body remained completely rigid.  Unable to move her hands, she would be unsuccessful in generating any of her magical hexes.  She felt so self-conscious standing in the window, her fabulously trim body notwithstanding.  Wanda was dressed in a lacey white bra that exposed plenty of her cleavage (her raised arms helped too).  Her high cut white frilly panties with shoestring sides showed off plenty of skin fore and aft, and Wanda was chagrined to be so publicly exposed (and that didn’t even take into account the close shave Michelle had done which liberated Wanda of her pubic hair).  White pump heels completed her abbreviated outfit, a nice contrast to her voluminous brown curled hair.  How could Michelle violate me so? Sexing my pussyHow could I be put on display like this?  Virtually naked…with my pubic mound stimulated like that!  Everyone will see me stretching like this…see almost every inch of my…naked body!  We have to get out of here before anyone sees us!

Flamestar, Angelica Taylor, stood on Sue’s other side.  She had been posed with her legs together so that the marvelous diamond of light shone through between her legs.  Her feet and toes were pointed like a ballerina, and blazing red stiletto shoes slipped upon.  A bright red bra and panty set adorned her firm figure.  Made of the finest fabric, the bra threatened to become transparent under the right lighting and the panty…the crotchless satin panty clung loosely at her loin, almost exposing her recently shaved crotch to the open air.  If her legs were not posed closed she surely would be flashing her pussy to the world.  She stood absolutely rigid, like her teammates.  Her flaming hair draped down her back almost reaching her virtual bare butt.  The panty had a thong back, normally attached to the front by a snap closure, but Michelle had left the snap undone, and the string lay dangling from her hips instead of being firmly wedged in her ass.  Angie’s body was twisted slightly at the waist as if she were turning to look out the window with her green eyes.  Her arms were posed as if she had her hands on her waist, but as in true mannequin fashion, her wrists were turned up so that her palms did not rest on her body.  She truly looked like a display figure.

Angie strained her body to the max but she found she could not move at all.  Her flame powers had also been negated by Michelle’s paralyzer. Uhhh.  Can’t… move…I’m trapped like this…trapped in this window display…with my pussy being flashed to anyone who cared to stare!  I can’t believe this happened!  She panicked at the thought of her privates being stared at by strangers.  What if a newscrew reports on us?  What if they film me and broadcast it to the world?  She suddenly had a thought regarding her sister, Tiffany aka the heroine Heatwave.  What’s going to happen when Tiffany and Stacey get back from the club?  She won’t be totally vulnerable to any villains like that horrible Michelle and Jason if they came back!  The redheaded heroine’s mind dashed back and forth between worrying about her predicament and her sister’s safety.

Shadow Lady, Deidre Snow, stood to Angelica’s left.  She had been posed in a pleasing position, as if she were spritzing herself with perfume but she held nothing in her hands.  Her right arm was positioned bent up as if squeezing the pump of a perfume sprayer, fingers squeezing emptiness.  Her left arm was raised slightly higher as if holding the nozzle, fingers pinched but not touching.  Her head was turned away, toward the window as if she were misting her neck.  Her upper torso was almost in profile to the display window, with her lower turned so that her hips were facing the window.  Dee’s left leg was bent and tucked next to her straight right leg.  She wore three inch black heels, to match both her fluffy black hair and her black lingerie.  Dee’s nipples were petrified points covered only by the camouflaging lace flower filigree design on her sheer brassiere cups and plenty of her fantastic bustline was on display.  Her sheer lace micro-panties, forming a miniscule v up front just barely covered her vaginal slit and surely would have exposed her dark pubic hairs had Michelle not relieved Dee of them mere minutes ago.  As it was they were just this side of being better than nothing at all as they hid virtually nothing in the front and just a smidge more of her rear.  Deidre’s lips were pursed, slightly apart as if she were having an orgasmic experience from the invisible perfume being sprayed onto her. 

I can’t believe we’re frozen here for the next 36 hours!  What that Michelle woman did to me!  Touching my…my…pussy like that…Dee certainly felt self-conscious about her body being frozen on display, but at least she had a higher comfort level with her next-to-nudity.  Her own heroic costume left her semi-naked, exposing all of her lovely legs and plenty of cleavage down to her navel.  She had designed it to distract her opponents, and had gotten used to people staring at her body but not like this!  Immobile like this, she was unable to turn away or use her cape to cover herself more modestly.  Everything or virtually everything was out in the open now.  If Michelle hadn’t shaved my bikini line away I might be totally embarrassed at revealing my pussy like this!  Dee tried to move but found she could not budge an inch.  Without any superpowers, she was totally vulnerable and helpless.  Maybe Sue or Angie or Darlene can get us out of this fix!  I’m sure Wanda is as helpless as I am, if she’s as stiff as I am!  We’ve got to get away before anyone recognizes us!

Cosmic Girl, Darlene Wilson, had been posed seductively next to Wanda by Michelle.  Darlene’s right hand crossed in front of her torso to almost rest on her left hip.  Her left arm was raised and bent so that her left hand rested behind her head.  Her left leg was bent and tucked toward her right leg.  The alternating angles of her limbs and her natural curves expertly showed off her devastating figure.  Unable to mentally summon her internal cosmic powers, Darlene stood a mute beauty in her powder blue t-back panties that were high cut and showed all of her smooth legs front and back.  Her blue push-up bra was clicked to show maximum cleavage and threatened to burst open under the strain of restraining her incredible breasts. Now she was turned slightly at an angle to the window, enough for her to be able to see all of her teammates lined up in the window.  Each equally scantily clad, and each as rigidly postured as she. She had put up the most resistance to Michelle’s assault but had ended up frozen stiff like all the others.

Worse, Michelle’s psychic abilities had exposed Darlene’s fetish.  A fetish for being frozen just like this!  Had she read my mind and decided to sadistically torture me? Or…perhaps to expose my fetish to the others? Darlene thought.  I tried to fight her…I put up the best struggle I could…I know I did…or did I?  Did I somehow, subconsciously submit to her, knowing I would end up frozen like this?  I can’t believe I’m stiff as a statue…in a store window…displayed for all to see!  She could feel her crotch moisten, one of few the things she could do in her statue-like state.  Michelle had actually set Darlene down this path with a few moments of passionate licks to her crotch.  Licks that probed her crevices…her very womanhood…Ohmigosh she stimulated me so well…as if she read my…mind!  The more she thought of Michelle’s arousing tongue-work the more Darlene felt she was in heaven.   Unable to moan in ecstasy, to release her building orgasm, she could only stand and endure the pent-up passion she was experiencing.  Did she really know of my secret desires?  Did she really intend to embarrass me?  Or was it something else entirely?

10:45 p.m.

Sue stared into the darkened street.  The plaza fountain was clearly visible from her position in the window.  Her thoughts raced to find a solution to this predicament.  Unable to move…unable to call for help…but I do have the ability to think…and that means I can think of a way out of this!  She could see a reflection of herself in the store window.  A reflection which showed her near-nude body in pink lingerie.  Sue suddenly realized she was wearing the same style of lingerie that she had bought earlier in the day!  Did Michelle read my mind that deeply?  Did she know I liked this style?  Susan’s thoughts of escape abruptly turned to introspective contemplation on how many of the secrets of FF INC may have been revealed in Michelle’s mind reading.

Wanda continued to try and move her body.  Just move…a little is all I need…she concentrated all her efforts to moving her fingers but she failed to move a millimeter.  Not even a tremble from my body!  It’s still rock solid!  All she could do was stare at her own faint reflection in the glass, a mannequin image that seemed to mock her in an eternal stare-down contest.  Except neither would win.

Angelica tried again to ignite her power.  If I can flame up maybe I can break this freezing spell!  Just like I did when I was frozen by the Immobilizer…right before he froze me stiff I was able to heat up and melt his stasis pedestal.  Maybe if I can overheat myself I can snap out of this!  Just ignite…give me a sign…come on!  Angie tried and tried but it wasn’t working.  She was not going anywhere at this rate.

Dee had spent the last few minutes waiting for a sign of life from her teammates.  They can do it…I just have to be patient…Sue won’t let us down…she won’t let us stay here like this…How long have we been here?  Minutes?  Hours?  I’ve lost all track of time…how much longer will we have to be like this?  How long? She got the dreadful feeling it might be a long wait for a rescue.  Why does this seem so familiar?  Then she remembered the Paralyzer!  He froze me for days before I managed to turn the tables on him!  I was frozen stiff just like this for three days!  Well, not just like this…even though I was awake and aware of what was going on, that paralyzing ray was aimed at my pussy…it somehow sent waves of sexual stimulation throughout my body, a perpetual orgasm!  I was so into the pleasure I couldn’t think of anything else…this is so much more devious…being able to think but not to move at all!

Darlene would have been quivering with excitement if she could.  Her body had been stiffened up so many times before and she had grown to love it.  She stared at her reflection in the window.  A perfect mannequin, with gorgeous cleavage and a svelte, curvaceous body.  I look so hot…so perfect… Darlene could see the reflections of her teammates mirroring their actual stiffened bodies.  Bodies revealed almost to the degree of absolute nudity.  Like two rows of chorus line girls…except in lingerie and frozen in their poses…Oh my…Dee looks so good…her boobs are so perfect…and her legs are looking so smooth…almost shiny…Angie looks pretty…are her panties undone?  I think they are!  She’s wearing crotchless panties!  Oh I wish I were exposed like that!  She took in Sue’s more elaborate pose and wished she had her legs spread apart like that.  My pussy must be so moist by now!  And Wanda, just next to me…she’s gorgeous…all that curly hair…her breasts pumped up by her bra…I think I can see her nipples under her bra…is she as turned on as I am? 

11:13 p.m.

How long has it been?  An hour?  It’s still dark outside…It couldn’t be much longer than an hour…could it? Sue thought as her mind tried to avoid thinking of the compromised FF INC security and focus more on a way to move her body.  Michelle used the same device she froze us with earlier and we came out of it only minutes afterward.  She might have been bragging about that 36 hour duration to toy with our minds…If we wait it out the freeze effect may wear off soon…but in the meantime she and that Jason fellow will get away scot free!  Maybe I can focus my transparent energies to do something to attract attention…like crack this window…or topple one of us over…must concentrate…

I can’t access my magical power!  Wanda had spent the last minutes in a fruitless attempt to move her fingers.  Without movement in her digits, she would be unable to access any of the awesome magic powers that could release all of them from this imposed immobility.  How much longer will we be like this? Wanda began to lose some confidence.  Could we be frozen like this forever?  She feared.  No!  Don’t think like that!  Don’t give up hope!  We’ll get out of this…somehow…

Angie had not given up on trying to ignite her flame powers…yet.  Whatever that woman did to me it totally negated my powers…I don’t think I’ve been able to increase my body temperature by even one degree!  She looked at the wet streets outside the store, unable to turn away or even close her eyes.  How long have I been here?  What’s that?  A car!  Help us please!  Help!  She silently pleaded as the headlights breezed by.  No! It’s just passing by!  We’re trapped here!  Help us!

Dee watched the headlights of assorted cars pass by in the night.  She had noticed the traffic patterns were much reduced at this hour (whatever hour it was…how long had she been there?) as compared to the day.  Unable to do anything without her gadgets, lying at her feet so close.  They might as well be in Timbuktu.  I can’t move.  Can’t do anything but stand here and think…and wait…What’s taking Sue and the others so long?  Can’t they use their powers?  Are they even awake?  Maybe I’m the only one able to think!  Michelle may have thought that I was the least threatening since I have no powers…that may be a mistake on her part…maybe I can do something after all!

Darlene had been staring at her teammates for much of the past few minutes.  She had been in an almost dreamy state over her friends’ stilled and stiffened statue bodies. It had been how long since she had been frozen by Michelle’s delightful device?  No!  I can’t think like that!  I can’t let my desires overwhelm my heroic duties!  I should be thinking of a way out of this, not leering at their bodies…their almost naked bodies…Have to resist this temptation…It was a sadistic thing for Michelle to do to me!  Time passed.  And more time…Concentrate on something else…anything else!  Don’t look at their bodies…their oh, so beautiful bodies…what’s that?  A taxi pulling into the plaza?  Could it be?  She strained to see the figures emerging from the vehicle.  It is!  Stiffany! And Stacey too!  Over here!

Stacey, the statue brought to life by FF INC, and Tiffany Taylor, a.k.a. Heatwave-Angelica’s sister, stepped out of the warm taxicab and onto the cold breezy street.  Tiffany was dressed in a short jacket over a rather short red cocktail dress.  Stacey wore a teal dress and a somewhat heavier jacket. 

“Thank you!” Tiffany handed the fare to the cabbie that drove away.  “I can’t believe they’ve never taken you to any of the clubs!” she had a bright smile on her face from hours of dancing.  “I mean, I can’t see Sue and Wanda going out like this, but at least Dee and sis shoulda taken you out on the town!”

Stacey blushed.  “It’s not that they didn’t want to.  I just have been spending a lot of time acclimating myself to…things.  And they have important duties. You and Darlene’s friend, Candi, have been so helpful with your time.  I can’t thank you enough.  That was so fun!” She and Tiffany began walking to the door, oblivious to the helpless heroines silently crying for help across the street.

12:35 a.m. Thursday morning

Susan snapped out of her almost hypnotized mental state at the sight of the two distant girls and almost mentally screamed out their names but held herself in check.  The two girls would have not heard her mental shout anyway.  And there was no reason they would suspect anything was awry.  But what if Michelle and Jason returned to the HQ?  They could be lying in wait for them! Sue suddenly feared for the neophyte heroines.  She would spend the next few minutes distressed over the potential dangers the two would experience if they ran into that mystery pair.

Wanda had become almost resigned to her motionless fate when she also had seen the returning girls.  Hope regained a foothold as her pulse raced and her heartbeat quickened.  Tiffany!  Stacey!  Over here!  She mentally pleaded.  Hoping beyond hope that they would turn and look at the window display she had been frozen in.  We’re over here!  Frozen!  Help us!  Please!  She continued pleading to the empty street for untold minutes.

Tiffany!  Angie had spent every moment of the past few hours trying to ignite her power in vain but instantly recognized her sister’s slim form even from across the street.  She had called out to her in the hopelessness of the situation.  But her mental plea went unheard.  Tiffany and Stacey entered the building without even looking behind. Come back…come back…come back…

Dee had fallen into a quasi-trance from watching the lights of traffic pass by. Unable to close her eyes or deviate her stare, she had come as close to falling asleep with her eyes open as anyone could.  Her entranced train of thought was derailed by the arrival of Tiffany and Stacey across the street. Oh Stacey!  Tiffany!  Over here!  Dee hoped the two would recognize them, but they were too far away.  Too caught up in whatever they had done this night.  Too willing to dismiss my frozen body for a mannequin! 

Darlene’s feelings were mixed.  On one hand she desperately wanted Tiffany to be able to see her frozen like this.  Exposed and displayed.  A living monument to Michelle’s victory.  On the other hand, the earlier they were discovered the sooner they would be released from this ecstatic motionless prison.  Oh Stiffany…if only you and I could share something like this!  Being posed and mannequined for everyone to see…

Sue watched helplessly as Tiffany and Stacey entered the building.  What would they find?  An empty HQ or a devious ambush by Michelle and Jason?  She waited…and waited…in her paralyzed state the tenseness of the situation became unbearable as all she could do was stare out across the street.

They didn’t see us!  Wanda’s hopes were dashed as the two women went into the building.  But they’ll find us missing and try and find us…won’t they?

Don’t panic…Angelica tried to calm herself.  They’ll find us missing and search for us…we’re right across the street…there’s no way they could miss us…could they?

“Sue?  Darlene?  Wanda?” Stacey called out as she put her coat down.  The headquarters control room, which was ostensibly supposed to be staffed at all hours, was barren.  The monitors were still on but there was no one present.  Stacey put her purse down on the desk and walked out of the control room.  She met Tiffany on the residential level.

“Are they all in the conference room?” Tiffany asked.  Stacey shook her head ‘no’.  Tiffany pressed one of the intercoms in the hallway.  “Angie?  Dee?  Darlene?  Is anyone here?  Where could they all be?”

“Do you think they went out on a call?  They get them from time to time. It happens.” Stacey tried to reassure Tiffany that everything was all right. 

“You’re probably right,” Tiffany agreed.  “They’ll probably be back in a little while.  We should get some sleep.”

“Are you tired?” Stacey asked, trying to conceal her worry.

“No,” Tiffany replied her own thoughts turning to her sister and Darlene.

3:45 a.m.

What can they be doing?  Sue suddenly thought the worst.  Michelle and Jason must have them!  They’re probably as frozen…as helpless as we are!

Tiffany where are you?  Stacey what’s keeping you? Wanda’s hopes had all but disappeared.

Tiffany, come on…Angie hoped.

Is that movement?  Are they coming? Dee was tricked by her own imagination.

Oh Stiffany…I so want you to find me like this…Darlene’s lustful thoughts had taken over again.

6:20 a.m.

Oh…it’s becoming daylight…people are starting to walk around…Do they know we’re real?  Do they know we’re not mannequins? Sue woke up, if waking up was the right term.  She had drifted in and out of consciousness in her stiffened state.  Unable to blink or close her eyes, she wasn’t even sure if she had dozed off or if she was imagining it.

Is-is that the sun?  Wanda saw the warm orange glow of the sun rising out of the corner of her eye. We’ve been here all night!  She tried to move but her body refused to comply.  I’m all stiff…still can’t move…

Ohhh, is that…it is!  It’s daytime…Angelica saw shadows of people walking about.  The rays of the sun began to strike the window display.  Ohh, it’s so warm…so warm…she took in the heat eagerly.  Her body had been deprived of warmth for so long…it had been so very cold in the window…

Uh?  Sunlight?  It’s so bright…can’t take it…Dee snapped back after blanking out.  It had been so dark, so cold during the night.  So lonely, despite the fact that she shared her frigid fate with four other heroines.

I don’t believe it, I’ve been in here all night long!  Darlene had not ‘slept’ a minute, her mind had raced every second of her stay in the window, looking at new nuances of her immobilized state.  How time itself seemed to slow down as if she were preserved for all eternity.

People were beginning to fill the streets. Driving to work.  Walking to work.  Drinking coffee.  Life returned to the streets.  It was like the world was on an accelerated pace to the frozen eyes belonging to the mannequined heroines.

I would die for a good cup of coffee…I haven’t had anything to eat or drink since last night…Sue realized she just how long she had been in the window.  The commuters with their steaming cups made her lips yearn for the taste of caffeine.

What could have happened to Tiffany and Stacey? Wanda stared at the damaged street, the cars bouncing in and out of the potholes in the street.  Surely they must have…oh no?  Did Michelle and Jason get to them?  Suddenly she was feeling very guilty again.  Am I responsible for their fate too?

Oh Tiffany, I’ll never forgive myself if anything happened to you, Angie worried as the traffic increased and everyday life seemed to continue without them.  To be here, trapped in a paralyzed body while unspeakable things are happening to you!

God I wish Stiffany could see me now! Darlene was getting her second rush of adrenaline.

Where is everybody?  Isn’t anybody going to rescue us? Dee fretted.

9:00  a.m.

Life continued, as people unconcerned with the fate of five frozen femmes went on with their daily business.  Some glanced out of the corner of their eyes at the attractive window display mannequins, but no one seemed to have the time to stop and really take a look at them.

What’s wrong with people?  Don’t they realize we’re not really mannequins? Sue thought.

I can’t believe no one is paying any attention to us! Darlene fumed.

Are people that blasé?  Are they that blind?  Don’t they see the difference between us and real mannequins? Angie raged.

Then something caught Dee’s eye.  Two policemen!  Looking over the damaged street from our battle with Michelle last night!  Over here!  Help us!

“What do you think Joe?”  The younger officer asked. As he cordoned off one of the larger craters in the street with police barricades. 

“I think there was a battle here.  Not a big one but a battle nonetheless.  We’d better call it in,” the older, grayer officer observed.

“It was them wasn’t it?” the young, rather raw looking policeman asked.  He motioned to the HQ behind him.  “Those superheroines with their fancy super powers!  I don’t know where they get off thinking they’re better than any of us!  We gots to take care of all the collateral damage those super broads do!  If they weren’t so hot I bet the mayor would crack down on them so hard…”

“Hey, watch your mouth kid.  FF INC has helped out this city in more ways then you can imagine.  They’re the best thing that ever happened to this city…and they’re pretty damn hot too!” the older man smiled as they walked closer to the display window to mark another pothole.  Tantalizingly close.

“You know it!  That Cosmic Girl’s skirt should be outlawed…” the young cop grinned ear to ear.  His penis stiffened at the thought of her long luscious legs, and the coquettish way her skirt sometimes flashed more than an eyeful.

“That Crimson Sorceress is pretty hot…” the gray-haired officer looked wistfully for a moment.  He had seen only fleeting glimpses of the heroines in person, but the pictures of the brunette beauty made his old heart race.

“Flamestar is the hot one!” the young cop joked.

“You know what I mean!” the old cop was all business again as the two began to walk away from the window and back to their patrol car.

Don’t go away!  We’re in here!  No! Deidre realized the cops weren’t going to help them.  They hadn’t even paid them a second glance!

“Why yes officer I’m glad you passed that information on to us.”  Tiffany looked confused.  The officer was asking if FF INC was involved in a battle outside.

“What’s wrong Tiffany?” Stacey had arrived at the monitor room. She wore a pink robe and fluffy pink slippers, a gift from Candi Kane, Darlene’s friend.  Her night had been rather restful, or as restful as being a statue could be.  She had taken to ‘sleeping’ by standing on a pedestal in her bedroom and experimenting with all sorts of ways she could turn herself into a statue.  Marble and various types of stones were very familiar to her.  Precious metals like gold and silver were a little different and harder for her to pull off.  As were gemstones like ruby and emerald. Then there were the rather ordinary materials like glass and even plastic that she had attempted more recently.  It seemed as if she could become just about any inanimate substance in her statue state if she put her mind to it.

“The fountain is damaged and there’s all sorts of damaged street pavement below…” Tiffany was wearing her Heatwave mask, which she slipped on to take the call.  She was wearing a loose fitting top and undies, having not slept very much at all. A large pot of coffee was sitting on the table.

“Think we should check it out?”  Stacey asked, somewhat astonished that they noticed no battle damage the night before.

“Yeah, let’s go…wait you can’t go out like that…” Tiffany looked at the very pink Stacey.

“Like what?  Stacey opened her robe and realized she wasn’t wearing any clothes.  It was very natural for her to run around au natural, and a lot of times she had to remind herself that wearing clothes was part of being a real live woman.

“You know what I mean, if anyone sees you with me in costume that’ll bring up all sorts of questions…we need a disguise for you…” Tiffany thought for a second on how to resolve this dilemma.

“Oh I know just the thing!” Stacey disappeared to go change.

9:30 a.m.

A little later, Heatwave and Stacey, dressed in a white bodysuit that showed some cleavage and clung to her curves like dried paint, arrived downstairs.  Stacey wore a yellow colored mask that disguised her eyes, and matched the gold colored gloves, belt and boots she wore.  Most of the accessories were from spare outfits from Darlene’s closet.  Tiffany wore her gold and orange asymmetrical costume that bared her right leg and left shoulder. They were soon crouching over a cordoned off crater in the middle of the street.

Tiffany noted the blackened marks on the street while Stacey took note of the damaged fountain.  It was awfully minor damage, considering all five missing heroines were presumed to be in on the battle. I don’t see how they could have done so little damage and then just disappeared.  It doesn’t make any sense.  If it was a major foe, they would have created lots of collateral damage.  Stacey walked over to observe Tiffany’s inspection.

Thank goodness they’re ok! Sue breathed a sigh of relief when Heatwave and Galatea arrived on the street.

“See this? This looks like Angie’s work…I recognize the scorch marks from fireballs,”  Tiffany declared.

Stacey leaned in as two officers came over to talk to them.  “Do you know what happened Flamestar?” one of the officers asked.

Over here Tiffany!  Look over here!  Wanda tripled her efforts to move but she couldn’t wiggle a toe.

“Actually I’m Heatwave, Flamestar’s sister, officer,” Tiffany tried to sound heroic.  She suddenly felt very good, taking charge of the situation like this.

“That’s right, I remember hearing about you once in the news…where’s the rest of FF INC?  And who’s this?” the cop pointed at Stacey in her distracting outfit.  He seemed to be a little agitated at having to direct traffic around the damaged street.  Trucks had begun to double park and it was turning into a messy situation.

She’s okay!  Angie was relieved when she saw her sister, well and apparently unmolested. Now if only we could attract her attention!

“Uhm…the others are working on this case right now.  We’re investigating for them…she’s a new heroine working on this case…her name is…” Tiffany stalled.

“Galatea” Stacey answered with a devastating smile.  The cop melted.

“Galatea,” Tiffany smiled.  Good code name Stacey!  “We’re on the case officer, we’ll get to the bottom of this.  I promise!”

Stiffany!  Stiffany!  Look at me!  Look what I’ve become!  A mannequin!  A beautiful mannequin! Darlene was at a crossroads.  She wanted to remain like this longer, and yet she wanted her teammates to be freed.  She wanted Tiffany to see her but she didn’t want this experience to end!

9:45 a.m.

Stacy Templeton arrived at her boutique.  She dodged the traffic as she crossed the street.  Looks like there was some sort of commotion here last night after I left.  I wonder if FF INC was involved?  She remembered Transparency Girl and Cosmic Girl fondly from their visit and hoped the other heroines would take advantage of her store’s proximity.  I would love to become their official lingerie purchaser, she daydreamed as she took her keys out of her purse and unlocked the front door.  They have such perfect figures.  It makes my job a joy.

Tiffany we’re over here!  Look over here!  Wanda begged for one of them to look in their direction.  What was that noise?  Someone has entered the store!  She had heard the bell ring as the door opened.  The lights were turned on and the air conditioning activated.  The cool air circulated between the live mannequins.  After hours of not being able to move, their tactile senses had become numbed and this slightest of breezes was the only feelings any of them had experienced. 

Oh my!  I can feel the air rolling across my body!  Sliding over my shoulders…down my thighs!  Between my legs!  Susan suddenly realized just what it was like to have her skin become the primary sensory organ.

Brrrr! Oh its…c-cold!  As if we weren’t frozen enough?  Angelica feared goosebumps would start forming on her creamy white skin.  The night alone was bad enough, now the deep freeze too? Her long red hair barely moved in the draft, but hours of motionlessness had made her skin hypersensitive.

W-w-whats with the freeze breeze?  Maybe it’s the owner, Miss Templeton?  Maybe she’ll find us?!  Darlene suddenly realized if that was the case her stay as a display piece would be over.

Tiffany pondered the relatively light battle damage outside as five mannequins looked on, eager for her to turn their way and recognize them.  “It doesn’t look like a major battle occurred.  It’s very minimal property damage.  None of the stores have been damaged,” she glanced at Stacy’s Boutique and the five living mannequins posed in the window. 

Tiffany! They all cried out, unheard.

“Do you think they chased the culprit away?” Galatea asked.

“It looks like it…” Tiffany wondered why they hadn’t heard from them yet if that were the case.  “Come on, let’s figure out where they are…” she turned to leave.  Galatea followed her closely.

No!  Don’t go! Wanda wished fruitlessly.

Please don’t leave us! Dee held out shallow hope against hope that one of them would notice the lifelike mannequins.

Wait!  We’re right here! Angelica saw her sister turn away.

They’re going to activate our homing beacons!  Sue realized as she watched them leave the crime scene.  They’ll locate us here and find out we’ve been frozen!

9:50 a.m.

Stacy Templeton, the boutique owner walked around the store in her opening routine.  She put her purse and jacket in the break room and came out to unlock the cash register.  She stopped, as if remembering something…a message…a suggestion…  Turning toward the store window as if in a trance, she walked around the folding screen that separated the window display from the merchandise.  There stood five mannequins in front of the hanging lingerie display forms. Stacy took the small piles of clothes in front of each of the mannequins and stacked each heroine’s belongings in her arms. 

What are you doing?  Help us!  Oh no!  She’s still in that trance Michelle put her in last night!  Help us!  Don’t you remember what you did to us? Sue suddenly knew that Miss Templeton was still operating under Michelle’s influence!

No don’t take our clothes!  Wanda pleaded to Stacy, but the VM did not hear.  Our homing beacons are in our costumes!  IF you take it away they won’t know where we are!

She’s taking our costumes away!  No!  We can’t stay like this! Angie realized as Stacy picked up the bright yellow Flamestar costume.

Stacy took the costumes and placed them in a plain brown paper handle bag.  She turned toward the door and walked out.  All the heroines could see Stacy walk out into the street.  All of them saw her pause and turn to look at the window display and smile.  She then walked across the street to FF INC building and entered the lobby.  Blending in with the other businesspeople, she left the bag in a phone booth and quietly left.  She strode silently across the street.  She was stopped by the two officers who asked if she had heard or seen anything.  She said she had not been at the store at all last night and didn’t know anything at all.

Liar!  Dee cried out in silence.  She watched as Stacy walked back to the store and entered.  She’s really going to leave us frozen like this!

Wanda watched Stacy talk to the officers and walk away scot free. Her feelings were alternating between outrage, anger and self-loathing…Stacy had nothing to do with their present state of immobility, it was just the fact that she had been the one who had shaved their pubic hairs away…left them naked and exposed…

Stacy Templeton returned to the store and stepped behind the register and stopped.  She blinked and shook her head as if to clear it.  Getting forgetful, she scolded herself as she went about her business.

Heatwave and Galatea looked at the monitor screen.  Tiffany had called up a location trace to try and find the whereabouts of the other heroines.  “Sue can you hear me?  Respond please.”  Stacey leaned in over Heatwave’s shoulder.

“Any luck yet?” the blonde Stacey asked.

“No, and the homing trace is screwy too.” Tiffany responded.  “The trace says they’re in the building still.  Artie, activate please.”  A few moments later Artie the robot glided into the control room.  “Track the homing signals of the other FF INC members.  The computer says they’re still in the building, but that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Affirmative-mistress-tiffany,” Artie hovered away as Tiffany and Stacey continued to try and contact the others.

A few moments later Artie returned, with a bag of clothing.  Specifically the costumes of the missing members!

“Oh no!” Tiffany dug through the empty costumes.  All their clothes!  Where are they?  Are they out there somewhere…naked?” she suddenly had an image of a very naked and very beautiful Cosmic Girl jump into her mind.

“We’d better figure out what happened to them and fast!  I have a bad feeling about this,” Stacey observed.

10:15 a.m.

Sue stood immobile in the window.  The police had cordoned off the damaged areas of the street with police barricades but had otherwise dispersed to let FF INC, or rather Tiffany and Stacey, handle the rest of the details. The store had opened now and she could hear customers inside talking, moving about.  Phones ringing. Life continuing. She couldn’t do anything but listen to the cash register, the gossip, the idle conversation about feminine undergarments. She was an eavesdropper on daily life, like her mind was removed from its body.

Wanda was somewhat relieved that it was daylight and that there was something other than silence of the four other living mannequins to keep her company.  The overheard conversations helped her deal with the motionless idle state she had been locked into.  It was almost like being invisible, a fly on the wall, to listen to other people’s private conversations.  Mentions of their bodies, what their fashion tastes were, their love lives…

Angie continued to root for her sister to find them.  Come on Tiff!  Use your head!  She knew the chances of being found without their tracker devices was remote, but a more efficient examination of the surrounding area might have turned up the five heroic mannequins in the window.  Give her time…she’ll come through…

Dee had observed that foot traffic had increased considerably in the last few…hours?  She imagined the store had opened around 10 a.m., and the police and Tiffany and Stacey had been outside just afterwards.  The store’s Stacy had dropped off their costumes at…10:30?  It was probably around noon now…based on the shadows being cast in the street.  It’s weird how time is so…static now…as if I’m detached from time itself…frozen in that moment Michelle froze me…

Darlene had taken to her mannequin state quite well. The immobility, the aspect of being on display like an object was exhilirating her.  She almost had forgotten the forced nature of her capture by the time dozens of people had stopped to admire her and the others.  This isn’t so bad…

11:48 a.m.

Outside the boutique, more and more passers-by stopped to look at the beautiful window display.  Five luscious looking mannequins wearing daring lingerie weren’t a hard draw.  Business was really starting to pick up in the late morning/early afternoon. More than a few businessmen had stopped to ogle their bodies and a few even came into the store to buy the lingerie ‘that mannequin in the window was wearing’.  Sue could see a number of women had looked at the display with a mixture of appreciation, disgust and envy…Were they jealous of our bodies?  Even though they were only a mannequin’s?  Were we making some sort of unsaid commentary on female perfection by being in this display?

Wanda was feeling very self conscious as more and more men had stopped to look at the window display.  It wasn’t so bad when they looked and continued walking, but some stopped and virtually leered at their bodies.  Staring for minutes…taking in every detail of their figures…She was being stared at longer than the others were…or was it her imagination playing tricks with her? She was more apprehensive when people didn’t talk but just stared…were they mentally undressing her even more?

Angelica also had noticed the increase in pedestrian traffic on this side of the street.  She had been the one a pair of women had pointed out from outside the window.  She could hear them asking the clerk inside for lingerie like the set she was wearing.  When they couldn’t find the right set at first, the boutique owner Stacy said she would take it off the mannequin and Angie almost died right there.  I’m stark naked under this…flimsy, crotchless outfit!  She was relieved when Stacy managed to find a set for the customer in the back.  ‘I’m so glad you found one in my size, my boyfriend will go nuts over this,’ the woman gushed.  I’m glad too! thought Angie.

Dee had noticed a lot of men paying attention to Wanda.  Why was that?  I keep my body firm and tight!  What does she have that I don’t??  What she didn’t realize was that her angle prevented her from seeing how many guys were checking out her own rear end.  Her thong back micro panties had virtually exposed her entire backside and a lot of guys were getting a guilty thrill out of checking out her ass.  Even if they only thought she was a mannequin. ‘She’s a real girl man!’  ‘No way she’s plastic.’  ‘She’s still hot dude!’ the dialogue went, seemingly continuously.

Darlene watched with delight and a growing hunger for attention as people stopped outside the window.  Some people argued that they were real women posing as mannequins.  Others declined to believe that no one could remain so perfectly still for that long.  There was no sign of life from the five living mannequins…no blinks, no breaths…Some people cattily remarked the mannequins in Billingtons were a lot more realistic!  More realistic than five live heroines frozen stiff?  I don’t think so!  ‘There aren’t any seams, they’re real!’ ‘They can’t be!  They haven’t twitched an inch!’ ‘No one can stay that still!’  I can! Darlene proudly thought to herself.

The early afternoon came and went, people were buying like crazy.  It must be that display, cause I’ve never had this many customers before!  Miss Templeton was raking in the moola and hadn’t even had a chance to break for lunch.  That’s fine by me!

How much time was passing?  People were passing by like in one of those time lapse movies…Sue had even more or less stopped paying attention to the people ogling their bodies…was it getting dark already?  Or was it a trick of her mind?  Was she really going to have to stand here for another day?

5:30 p.m.

Wanda could not stand it any more.  Men had been staring at her exposed body all day like it was nothing other than a piece of plastic.  I’m a woman!  A live woman!  Don’t look at me like that with your elevator eyes…panning up and down and back again, taking in her body with lust in your eyes!

How long do we have left? Angie wondered.  Would Tiffany and Stacey find them before then?  It didn’t seem so, since there had been neither a sign of them since the morning. Would it matter if Michelle was telling the truth?  What if she wasn’t?  Will we be stuck like this…forever???  No!  It can’t be like that!  Keep faith in Tiffany!  Stop looking at me pervert!  She threw mental daggers at a rather intensely curious unkempt man looking at the window mannequins. You’re trying to look between my legs aren’t you!  If only I could close my legs tighter!

Omigosh! is it getting dark?  Dee could see the shadows getting longer in the street.  She realized the sun was setting, and people were going home from work.  More people staring…stopping…moving…staring…stopping…buses picking up people and dropping them off…cars moving by…it was like an endless parade of action…onlookers drooling at her body…I can’t believe this is happening…

I can’t believe this experience!  Darlene was ecstatic.  She couldn’t’ see how her teammates were reacting to their newfound attraction status, but she was positively enamored of it.  The more people who stopped to look, the more Darlene liked it…look at me!  Admire me!  I’m the one in the display!  Stare as long as you want!  I won’t mind a bit!  Tee hee!  The only feelings of regret she had now were brief pangs of guilt over the fact that her teammates didn’t share her enthusiasm, but they were fleeting thoughts at best now.

Business was starting to slow down inside the boutique.  Stacy was straightening up the store.  More people than ever had visited the store this day, often commenting on the effective display in the window.  Stacy wondered about the display…she didn’t seem to remember putting it together at all.  She walked over to the folding screen separating the window display from the store and peeked behind to see the mannequins.  All were beautiful and made up to look gorgeous in their lingerie.  I’ll have to remember what I did next time I fix up the display….but since this one is so successful ,maybe I’ll leave it up for another month!

It was starting to get dark, the orange and deep red colors bathed the street. The lights were coming on in the street now and Sue could hardly believe she had been in the window display for almost 24 hours…it wasn’t anywhere near eight-o clock, was it?  No the store is still open…her time reference had become lost again with the darkness.  Fewer and fewer people were walking in the streets…time was slowing down again for her.

7:00 p.m., Thursday evening

Where are Tiffany and Stacey? Wanda had calmed down somewhat with the lessening of activity.  The commute crowd had not paid as much attention to them as the lunchtime crowd, but it was no consolation to her as the images of drooling men staring at her were as much frozen in her mind as her body was frozen in the window.  She was having bad flashbacks to her ordeal during the Plaster Master’s intimate plastering session now.  How she had been forced to remain immobile in his studio as the wet plaster hardened onto her naked body…this was becoming almost as unbearable.

Why haven’t Tiffany and Stacey come out to find us yet? What can they be doing? Angelica was driving herself crazy.  They obviously hadn’t fallen prey to Michelle and Jason, so what was the problem?  We’re right here!  Across the street!  So close yet so far!  Come on!  Find us!  The air conditioning passed cool air through the gap between Angelica’s legs and she shivered mentally…the ordeal of remaining motionless had begun to take its toll on her body as it was aware of the slightest variation in temperature now…

Sue was remembering her claustrophobic imitation of a golden statue when Miss Midas had turned her transparent protective field, rendered a micro-millimeter thick around her body, to solid gold.  Encasing her, immobilizing her under a sheath of gold…she didn’t dare try to move, even though the encasement of gold prevented it.  Miss Midas had exhausted her and the field was a last ditch effort to avoid being touched and turned into a statue like the others had been.  This ordeal was similar in that she was as fully conscious now as she was then.  And just as immobile…there were few people on the streets now.

Dee tried not to think about it too much, but her experience with the Paralyzer kept coming back to haunt her.  She wondered if Michelle had pulled that memory from her mind and used it to torment her!

Darlene was positively high on the sensations of being immobile and conscious so long.  The only other time in recent memory she could remember was…when exactly?  Her panty was soaked by now, from a day of intoxicating, stiffened stimulation.

10 p.m.

Time to close up, Stacy thought to herself.  She shut down the lights in the store, leaving only the window display lights on.  The air conditioning was turned off, to the delight and dismay of her living mannequins. She closed the cash register and put on her jacket.  As she left the store she locked up and stopped outside the window.  She looked at the five beautiful mannequins on display and thought they might look better in some of the new fashions that were due to come in the next morning.  She left the five women frozen as she did the night before, unbeknownst to her.

What’s that noise? She’s closing the store! Don’t leave us! Wanda pleaded. Stacy left without another look and the heroines were left in the silence of the window display again.

She’s going!  She’s going! She’s gone! Darlene realized that they were alone again for another 12 hours! 

I don’t believe it, she left us here!  Where’s Tiffany and Stacey?  Why haven’t they found us yet? Dee worried.

“I see, thank you…” Tiffany deactivated the viewscreen.  “There’s been no sign of them at all, I’ve checked all the major troublespots and no agency has been able to confirm their whereabouts,” she said with a defeated sigh.

“Have you checked for any breakouts?” Stacey asked helpfully.

“I did, all the major known baddies are under wraps or haven’t surfaced in weeks.  If this is someone new we may be out of luck on that count,” Tiffany slumped in her chair.  Her ass hurt so much from being so firmly planted in the monitor chair so long.  She had spent the whole day searching for leads, clues, anything that would lead to FF INC’s missing members!

“Then what do we do now?” Stacey could see Tiffany was at the end of the line.  There didn’t seem to be anything else she could do.

“We wait and we hope…” Tiffany said softly.

1:30 a.m. Friday morning

Wanda snapped out of her trance, she had been quasi-hypnotized again by the eternal passing of traffic, but it had lessened and the gaps in passing lights had brought her dormant mind back out of its slumber.  I’m still here!  And still…STILL!  Unable to move a precious inch in the slightest!  How long will this last…how long have we been here?  24 hours?  That strange Michelle woman said…36 hours, right?  Are we going to be free tomorrow?  OR be stuck here forever if she was lying???

Darlene stared at the wonderful bodies of her frozen team.  She couldn’t believe she had this opportunity to stare at their magnificent motionless bodies for this long.  Every nuance of their bodies was fixed in place and in front of her unwavering stare. She no longer had to make secretive glances, submerged longings, private fantasies.  It was all coming true now!  She wished it could last forever, she wished she could remain a mannequin forever!

Dee was in a state of shock, she had expected to be extracted from this perilous paralysis hours ago, and now it looked as if she was stuck as a statue for at least another 10 hours…if Michelle was telling the truth!  IFWhat will we do if no one came to rescue us?  Are we doomed to become permanent display fixture figures forever???

Flamestar was angry, angry at being trapped in an immobile body for the past day, and angry at her sister for not finding them and angry at Michelle for forcing them to endure this living torture as live mannequins against their will.  She was also worried for her well being…Tiffany wasn’t ready to go solo on her heroic career, this failed attempt to locate them only strengthened that.  What will happen to her if I’m not able to train her? Her thoughts turned back to Michelle, if I could only get my hands on her…if only I could ignite my powers I would show her…

Sue had stopped wishing for miracles.  Tiffany and Stacey weren’t coming, at least anytime soon.  It was obvious they had not been able to track down the heroines, despite the fact they were only across the street from HQ!  There was only one thing she could do now, wait…wait for the next day and find out for sure if Michelle was telling the truth about their statue-like status…

6:45 a.m.

The air circulating system turned on automatically and sent the living statues into ecstasy as their skin tingled at the wisps of cold morning air that circulated inside the shop.  Stacy Templeton had adjusted the thermostat the night before just before leaving and the timer began stirring the stiffened statues’ skin. 

Oohhh…The air flowed around Susan’s bare thighs, right above her garters.  It felt like the soft strokes of feathers, gently caressing her sensitive skin…gently, oh so gently…

Wha? Angelica awoke again.  Did I doze off?  What’s that…feeling between my legs?  It..it...feels soo…good!  The soft breeze is…tickling me down there!  Her hairless pussy, even beneath the skimpy protection of the wispy scraps of cloth appreciated the attention.

Another day?  Will it be like this forever?  One day after another…forced to stare at the world from behind a pane of glass?  Unable to move, to participate, to…live? Dee could feel the weight of despair starting to sink in.

7:00 am Friday morning

Stacy the visual merchandiser woke up early.  For some reason she had the urge to get to the store early, she couldn’t figure it out.   Something inside her seemed to force her to get out of bed at 7 in the morning and get ready to go to work, despite the fact that the store didn’t need to open till 10.  Oh now I remember, Stacy reasoned, I have to change out the display clothes on the mannequins today…

Darlene had watched the sun come up that morning.  After a peaceful night of perfect stillness in the window display, the warm sun was beginning to light the front of the boutique.  She had taken to her mannequin mode quite well, not surprisingly.  She began to wonder how the others were coping…do they feel the same exhilaration that I do, on display like this for all to see?  Could some of them be able to share those feelings?  She had no idea.  Their faces were frozen blank, just like hers.  It would be interesting to talk later, if there was a later!

Sue couldn’t stand having the sun come up in her eyes and not be able to blink or close her eyes. The morning sun was blinding, bathing the window display in brilliant warm colors.  Sue realized she had been stuck frozen and half naked in this pose for over 24 hours now…it was probably closer to 36…she was trying to remember what time Michelle had battled with them last…that night?  It seemed like it was six months ago, what with time having slowed to a crawl by being rendered motionless.

Wanda woke up, or at least regained her senses.  Had I fallen asleep? With my eyes closed?  Was I just in some trance forced upon me by my mannequin state?  Is it a new day already?  Are we going to be freed from this silent, motionless torture? Finally?

Flamestar drank in the warmth.  Her body naturally absorbed heat and while stuck in this window she had felt very cold and frozen. Not to mention that she actually was frozen, but it was a different type of immobilization than she normally felt. The air blowing between her uncovered crotch didn’t help either.  It was proving to be quite a distraction. Villains always had gone after her with all sorts of freeze weapons to cool her down, neutralize her powers.  This immobility was different, strange…almost erotic in a sense because she was indistinguishable form a real mannequin and having been objectified. She was now an object of attraction, desire…a voyeur turned inside out…she wondered if her time in the window display was about to end, or was just beginning…

Dee had waited and waited and waited for any sign of help.  Nothing came of her hopes, not even the appearance of Tiffany and Stacey the other day…was it only yesterday?  It seemed like months ago?!  Time had stopped for her, every day had seemed like forever.  And she had only been in the window for…how long again?  What if I’m stuck here forever???  In my undies!!

The morning commute began, cars and people paying attention only to getting to work on time…or so it seemed…Darlene could see the way some men looked out of the corner of their eyes at her, or one of the other live mannequins in the window, while ostensibly reading a newspaper.  She smiled, at least inwardly.  For she could not move her lips at all…People are always in such a big hurry…why don’t they slow down?  Why don’t they appreciate us?  In our glorious underwear!

8:30 a.m.

Miss Templeton arrived at the boutique.  She spent a little time outside the window looking, staring? At the mannequins.  They were so pretty, so feminine, so outrageously smoldering in their sexy lingerie…but she could do better, she knew she just could…as if she was being forced by some planted suggestion.  She smiled at the five mannequins, looking over each one of them, head to toe, drinking in all of their ravishing, if censored, beauty.

The heroines saw Stacy looking at them, how could they not, unable to turn away or move in the slightest?  She’s here…is she really still under the control of Michelle?  Or does she just not know we’re really alive?  What is she going to do now? Were some of the thoughts floating between the frozen five.

Stacy entered the boutique and began looking through the new shipment of lingerie.  She pulled out some satiny bras and panties that had come in the day before.  Soft as silk against her skin, she walked past the racks and past the screen that divided the window display from the store. She held up the faint purple bra against Darlene’s chest and smiled.  It would be a nice contrast, the pastel purple, against the brunette hair. This mannequin certainly had the figure, large firm breasts…long legs…she would need some matching shoes, and Stacy knew just where to find them…perhaps some sheer hose stockings to emphasize her lean limber leggy look…

Standing right next to Darlene, Wanda felt Stacy’s touch as she slipped her hands down Wanda’s bare shoulder.  I think you would look good in…pink for some reason. I have just the outfit, for you, she took a panty that had a wide open crotch and a bra with open nipple holes. Stacy’s fingers slid down Wanda’s shoulder and onto her breast.

Oh no!  Wanda would have blushed if she could but she had no ability to react at all to Stacy’s meandering fingers. Stacy left the pink undies on the floor in front of Wanda.

As for you…Stacy had stepped fully into the window display to get a look at Sue. Stacy squatted down to look at Sue’s gorgeous face.  Stacy cocked her head to one side and looked over the mannequin-like heroine…Why is she staring at me?  What is she thinking…

I think you would look good in…” Stacy looked over the lingerie draped across her arm “…this looks like you…” a leather bra and panty were produced from Stacy’s stash.

Sue stared at the shiny black garments…is she really going to put that on me? 

“This will make you a true centerpiece of attention…perhaps I’ll get that leather choker to accessorize you…maybe some stiletto heels?” Stacy pondered.

Stacy then turned her professional attention to Angie next, her flaming red tresses would look excellent in black, but she didn’t want Sue’s leather outfit to be so close to Angie’s…perhaps something different altogether…she had a shiny white vinyl teddy that should fit her…some shiny latex leggings, thigh high and fitting tighter than a glove…that would make a good contrast to the leather clad mannequin!

Finally Dee, with her wild mane of ebony hair…you look like a bad girl, don’t you…she touched Dee’s impressively large bosom, tracing the lines of her breasts and the cleavage the brassiere forced them into…she didn’t realize a passerby had seen her fondling the mannequins breasts, nor did she care…

The passerby stared for a second, as if trying to determine if the mannequins in the display were real women or not…after not seeing even a blink or breath out of any of them he continued on his way…nothing unusual, just a visual merchandiser working on her mannequins.

“You would look fantastic in this,” Stacy held up a sheer lavender nightie, and frilly panties to match…no bra for you, the top should look quite nice…she left the garments in front of mannequin Dee and brought the excess lingerie behind the screen.

The five femmes waited for Stacy to return…what time was it?  Aren’t we supposed to be freed from Michelle’s’ mannequin influence soon?  Is she really going to undress us in full public view????  Are we going to have our exposed naked bodies revealed for any and all to see???!!

9:35 a.m.

It seemed like agonizing hours but it was only mere minutes…Stacy returned to the window display and stepped up to Darlene…

Oh please, oh please, oh please…undress me!  Expose me to the world like this while I’m helplessly frozen! Darlene was ready to burst. It had all boiled down to this.  Two nights of immobile posing and now she was going to be a naked mannequin in the window! Unable to move or shield her nudity in the slightest!

“No, I don’t know why but I don’t think so…” Stacy reacted strangely. Michelle had planted a suggestion to undress Darlene last, to force her to watch her teammates stripped bare and naked for the world to see…not that Stacy realized that.  She walked across the display and stopped in front of Dee, in her black bra and panty ensemble.  “You first I think,” she undid the back of Dee’s bra and slipped it off her shoulders.  Dee’s incredibly tanned bust was revealed, dark nipples and all. 

Dee almost died of embarrassment.  Is anyone looking?  Does anyone see me?  Please put some clothing on me!  Stacy began lowering Dee’s panties. Oh no!  No no no!  Her shaved pussy was revealed as the panties slid down her smooth legs and gathered in a heap at her slim ankles.  Stacy slipped the panties around Dee’s high heels by gently tipping her stiffened body to the side.  Dee remained rigid throughout the undressing as she was soon rendered naked but for her shoes. 

9:40 a.m.

Angie was in disbelief, she’s really stripping us!  As Stacy came into her view she could see Dee out of the corner of her eye, stark naked, brown nipples pointing proudly forward.  Stacy began undoing Angie’s top, letting it spring forward and away from the natural redheads firm figure.  Two lovely breasts were exposed as the red satin bra fell softly to the floor.  Stacy went to work on Angie’s crotchless panty next, pulling it away from Angie’s pubic region and exposing her cunt to the world.  Oh no! Oh!  Now I’m naked too!

9:50 a.m.

Sue could only imagine what was happening to her friends.  She was posed leaning forward and looking out the window.  She could see the dimmest reflections in the glass but she knew that she was next as Stacy began releasing Sue’s breasts from their pink bra subjugation.  Taut nipples poked out as the flimsy bra was removed.  A couple of unsnaps and the pink undies were swiftly removed, leaving the blonde heroine standing only in pink heels and her shaved crotch beckoning. NO!  Don’t do it! Nooooo!

9:55 a.m.

Oh no, no, no! Wanda had seen her three teammates get stripped down to bare nakedness, and now it was her turn!  She felt Stacy reach behind her, pressing her chest against Wanda’s…how Stacy’s breasts pressed softly, and how Wanda’s breasts were unyielding and firm.  The white bra and panty were quickly removed, and Wanda was humiliated to be left standing with her shaven privates exposed…at least no people are outside right now…but that won’t last forever!!! What if they walk by right now???

9:59 a.m.

“And now for you,” Stacy hesitated in front of Darlene as if she was trying to forestall the ecstatic mannequin’s ordeal just a little longer.  Tempt her with desire.  It was so close now.

Pleasepleaseplease undress me now!  Darlene had seen all four of her fellow living mannequins exposed and wanted this more than anything in the world.  Please, please, please !  Darlene silently begged as Stacy reached for the bra strap.  There’s a group of people coming across the street right now!  Tourists taking pictures of FF INC HQ!  Now they’re coming…they’re going to see us!  Please hurry!

Oh! Sue sprung to life as she suddenly found herself able to move.  “I-I can move!” She covered her breasts and pussy with her hands and cringed like a frightened schoolgirl. Suddenly realizing her transparency powers were now active she rendered her naked body transparent and unseeable.  Her alarmed state made her forget all about her equally nude teammates for the moment.

Huh? “Wh-! AH!” Wanda suddenly found her body responsive to her thoughts as she lost her balance and fell against the screen behind. Her naked body toppled the display screen and the racks of lingerie behind. She scrambled to cover her nakedness, sending piles of clothing in all directions.

“Wha?” Dee was able to move in an instant and she covered her incredible breasts as well as she could with both arms.  Her bare smooth crotch still visible to anyone who might see as she ducked into the store away from the people approaching the window.

“Uhh!” Angie became alive and grasped her breasts and pussy as she turned and mooned the oncoming people.  She tripped over the fallen Wanda and tumbled into a heap.

Darlene found herself able to move as she blinked and looked at her hands and arms, now in motion.  “I…can move?” The people had stopped in front of the window to see the commotion.  They had seen a glimpse of flesh while in the crosswalk as Wanda and Angie had struggled to get up and as Dee had fled the window.  Sue realized they were going to make the front page as she extended her field of transparency and made the other naked heroines invisible to the naked eye.  Darlene was standing in the window as the tourists got to the glass.  Flashbulbs went off and she smiled awkwardly and posed for them.  All in a day’s work.

Stacy Templeton looked like a light had gone on in her head as her eyes suddenly cleared and looked like they were free from Michelle’s influence.  “Wha, what’s going on?  Where are all my mannequins?”  She asked Darlene.  “Oh my gosh, now I remember!”  She blushed as she realized she had stripped and shaved all five heroines.  “Oh my I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me…can you ever forgive me?”

“Don’t worry about it, no harm done,” Darlene smiled as she comforted Stacy and turned her back (and almost bare butt) to the window to the applause of more photographing and flashbulbs.  “Let’s get you inside…”

Inside the store, the FF INC heroines were putting on clothes, any clothes that would cover their nakedness!  I’m not going out there dressed like this!” Wanda’s voice came from the floating bra and panties to Darlene’s left.  She had little more on than now than she did in the window display from the looks of it. 

It looked strange to see four sets of floating, wildly mismatched lingerie bits and pieces that conformed to the heroines’ bodies. Apparently the flustered Sue had only turned their bodies transparent for the moment.  Darlene giggled at the weird sight.

“The lingerie is not going to cover much up.  You’ll have to make us transparent so that we can walk across the street Sue,” said a disembodied Angie voice.

“Okay, give me a sec,” Sue’s voice calmed and the four sets of lingerie vanished from sight.  Darlene saw her own body begin to disappear, becoming fully transparent in seconds.

And so the five heroines, under Sue’s field of transparency, strode unseen across the street upon leaving Stacy’s Boutique.  Stacy apologized many, many times to them and offered discounts and free lingerie for their trouble.  The heroines arrived at FF INC HQ but were unable to access their personal elevator because none of them were wearing their costumes!  A quick phone call (which spooked many passersby as the telephone receiver at the lobby security desk floated in the air, seemingly by itself!) later and the team was reunited with a very relieved Galatea, Tiffany and Artie.

Epilogue: 10 p.m. Friday night

“Hmmm, you’re on the news again…” Tiffany was curled up in Darlene’s lap.  The TV in the shared living room had a shaky video of the Stacy’s Boutique window, with some grainy footage of the screen being knocked over and what looked like naked people running for cover.  It was difficult to tell for sure even via the news program’s picture enhancement. The blurry video zoomed in and focused on Darlene’s lingerie clad figure, panning up and down the fabulous body. When she turned around the video froze, giving a nice view of Darlene’s backside. 

“…would only say it was some sort of bizarre sales promotion.  FF INC had no further comment on the situation, despite our numerous attempts to interview any of the members…” the TV newswoman reported.

“I bet you’re going to get a lot more fan mail now that everyone knows what your fine ass looks like…” Tiffany teased as she stroked Darlene’s bare thigh “…not that it was any secret,” she patted Darlene’s side, letting her fingers stroke the soft curvy hip.  The satin slip that Darlene was wearing rode up at Tiffany’s touch.

“…but in this reporter’s opinion: this butt’s for you!…” the newswoman concluded.

“Ouch,” Darlene blushed at the bad pun. “Well, at least since I wear a miniskirt as part of my regular costume, it hasn’t been that big of a deal. There’s plenty of blurry upskirt shots on the web as it is. This is just a lot clearer than any of the other previous shots people have managed to take. If they had caught Sue or any of the other girls on tape nude…I can’t imagine what the press reaction would be like…” she reciprocated Tiffany’s touch by gently rubbing the t-shirt and panty-clad heroine’s back.

“It must have been so exciting…” Tiffany stroked Darlene’s inner thigh, very close to Darlene’s panties.  “I was so worried for you, but I should have known you were in no real danger…” she pursed her lips and pouted playfully.  “You must have been having the time of your life in that window…as a mannequin…helplessly frozen…” Tiffany blew seductively on Darlene’s crotch…

“…photos of the lingerie clad Cosmic Girl made it to the front page of all the daily papers, and even the nightly news all over the world…” the second news anchor started reporting.

“It was fantastic,” Darlene stroked Tiffany’s red-auburn hair gently and absent-mindedly. “You wouldn’t believe how it feels to have so many people looking at you as if you’re the most beautiful thing in the world…I hope Sue didn’t scold you too badly…”

“She wasn’t too bad,” Tiffany replied.  “Sis was worse. I think she mentioned something about sending me back to superheroine school,” Tiffany giggled.  “To find out that your were just across the street all this time…I can’t help but wonder what it was like…”

“Let me show you,” Darlene smiled as she reached for a paralyzer disc hidden in the sofa cushions…

“Oooh,” Tiffany cooed as she dimmed the lights and felt the cold metal disc strike the back of her thigh.




authors note: thanks go to alexandria for writing the first story that inspired me to continue it in this episode…originally I intended to show each heroine’s point of view throughout the entire 36 hour period in alternating thoughts, but that proved too cumbersome and monotonous so I kinda skippped through in the end…whether this detracted or improved the story as a whole is up to the reader I guess!
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