by Dmuk


Being an entrepreneur means taking risks and breaking new ground all the time, but I certainly wasn't prepared for what happened after what started out as a pretty simple sales promotion. I discovered a whole different world.

One of my businesses is a women's clothing shop that at the time was not doing so well. To be honest, it barely covered the rent. The idea was straightforward: There are plenty of wanna-be fashion designers out there without a showcase for their creations. My store, First Blush, offered display space and advertising for a (maybe too) nominal fee and mostly sold the clothing on consignment. But there never was a really steady business from it and things always looked shaky.

The quality of the designs varied a lot, from almost professional down to high school home-econ boilerplate or even some blatant rip-offs from magazines! There was no telling from one week to the next what would appear. In a way it was kind of intriguing guessing the newest trend. Lately it has been pseudo-S&M with a lot of leather and spandex.

One nice benefit of running the place was that it brought a lot of young women around, not only as customers. Some of the designers were rather sharp designs themselves. KT (Katherine Teresa, but she liked the initials) Shaw, in particular, was something else. Tallish, blonde, and long-legged, she would turn male heads (and not a few female ones too) anywhere she went. KT was the talent behind some of the boutique's most risque fashions, the ones with all those buckles and zippers, the ones that really left very little to anyone's imagination. What's more, she liked to model her own work around the town.

A few weeks ago to spice up the clientele a bit, I had a big sale. It was in all the papers and even had a thirty-second spot on the local redeye movie channel. To draw in some browsers, I hired a balloon bender and a couple of mannequin models. I had not heard about this gimmick before, but these models were ladies that made themselves up and acted like window dummies. Really, they just stood around motionless as cigar-store indians all day! It sounds so senseless, but you would not believe how that trick pulled in the passersby. They would glance into the window once, notice something was odd, and then kept right on watching. Waiting for a blink or something. I guess. One of the models posed just inside the door, which kind of drew the customers onward into the store.

It was the craziest thing, but it worked. After that, about every two weeks or so there would be a 'mannequin day' when some of the display models were living. I hired a lot of different ladies and so no-one could tell from one time to the next which ones would be real and which ones not. With some of the profits (!profits!) from the previous months, I even had a couple of plastic mannequins changed to mimic the faces and hairstyles of the most popular live models.

The local cable channel did a quickie 'finally' spot; one of the network news shows picked it up as an interesting story. Then the business really took off. It almost ran itself, which gave me more time to poke around in other interesting areas. One of those areas was hypnosis. I'd always had a passing interest, but never really pursued it because of a lack of time. Now there was plenty of time, so I could study. The basic technique was simple, but refinement was tough. I got rather good at it over time and thought for a moment about doing some sort of stage show at the downtown comedy club. That never came together, but altogether something else did.

At least once a month, I would stop by the boutique to see how it was running and check out the newest fashions. One time it was on mannequin day and by chance KT was also there, wearing her latest clingy spandex catsuit design. Unquestionably an eye-grabber, with swirls of silver and gold chasing each other up her shapely legs and across her bounteous breasts. We chatted a bit, small talk mostly about the promotions and the ever increasing volume of customers and how her line was selling. Thinking back, I remember it was difficult to keep eye contact because I kept stealing glances at her alluring figure and the form-fitting costume. I don't remember if we ever talked about the new promotional scheme. She too seemed distracted, after a while said "Bye for now." and sort of wandered off. I strolled around the store and talked briefly with my manager. Then, as I was leaving the store I noticed a very unique design on one of the live mannequins. It was KT's latest, the catsuit with the metallic swirls. Hooked in like all the others I worked my way stealthily to the front window and looked in at the motionless model: It was KT! She was doing a pretty good job of it too, but couldn't keep a poker face when she saw me gaping at her. With a wink and a slow smile, she backed out of the window and joined me outside. She got in the first word:

"Got you, there! Didn't know what to think, didja?"

Actually I did, but it sounded flat. "Yeah, you really were super in that display." Keen sense of the obvious, I scolded myself, but she didn't notice.

"I'd always wanted to try that, and this seemed like the right time."

"What, being a model? You really are, anyway. A model, that is..."

"No, being a mannequin." She looked back into the window at the other live models in their poses. "There is something about the stillness that's -- peaceful." Some time passed and she continued: "I wish there was only some way to make it last longer. The immobility, I mean."

"I could maybe hypnotize you," I blurted out. This, looking back later, was the exact instant of my departure from objective reality; from common sense.

KT could have laughed and sauntered away, but instead she spun around to face me and lit up just like the big Christmas tree in the square downtown. "You can?? Awesome, let's do it!" She was grinning like some Cheshire cat. "When? It has to be soon." That last was not a question, rather said more like a demand. She was serious.

"Ah, er. Well, tonight is free for me?" I wasn't sure at all about this, she could back out at any point still. That's not how the fates ordained it though.

"No problem. How about here? Eight-ish? Fine..." KT was way past backing out.

"Eight, yeah, I can do that." But, I told myself, I was getting in over my head.

"See you then." She waved a quick goodbye and swayed off down the sidewalk, turning the corner at the cross-street. I was committed now.

No, I wasn't. I could have not showed up, but a different force took over. I had never thought about it before, but there was something intensely pleasurable about thinking of KT as a mannequin. It wasn't even a conscious thought, even so it had been there from the moment I glimpsed her svelte form motionless in my store display. That was a situation she seemed to fit 'right' into. Maybe I spent too much time gazing at her designs on the plastic models, maybe it was that hint of adventureousness that she carried. Now I had to finish the fantasy. Tonite.

The middle hours passed quickly, because they were busy and I was anxious. Pulling together my equipment and re-reading the texts once more delayed me a bit so I raced up to the store at a few minutes past the appointed time. KT was there, of course, patiently pacing in the pools of light spilling from the display windows. She had changed outfits and was now clad in a slinky leather micro-mini tunic with a wide leather belt. Sheer black seamed hose and shiny black high-heeled pumps completed the ensemble. Her purse was large, more like a gym bag; it swung from her shoulder on a narrow strap.

KT glanced up as I approached. "Almost thought you wouldn't show," she said with a bit of an edge in her voice. Was she a bit upset? Punctuality must mean a lot to her. Or was she anxious too?

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." I had unlocked the door and turned on a few interior lights. The remaining normal mannequins stood there on silent display. Would they gain a new colleague tonite? Showing her inside, we moved to the back storeroom. This area was walled off from the rest of the store and had no windows besides the one-way glass that lets a manager look into the display area unobserved. Rows of stock shelves and hanger racks led off into the dark shadows. I set up a chair and my laptop computer on a table at eye-level.

KT continued to pace around the storeroom, the 'click's of her spike heels sharp in the uncarpeted concrete floor. She paused to look at one of the mannequins, almost studying it. I watched how she moved, the natural grace of her stride. Her physique was a bit more curvaceous than the typical display figure's was; they tended to be rather gaunt where KT's shape was more muscular and well defined. To my eyes her luscious contours were dazzling. Finally, I was ready.

"Sit here." I instructed, "and make yourself comfortable. Don't cross your legs..." (she had started to) "Put you hands on top of your thighs. Relax" She closed her eyes for a second, calming herself with a few deep breaths. I started the 'vortex' program on the computer. KT glanced at it and was immediately pulled in by the swirling colors. Softly, I continued my instructions.

"You'll start to feel drowsy now, that's fine. That's normal. Let yourself drift, listen only to the sound of my voice" KT seemed to be an excellent subject, and she already was getting sleepy. Her eyelids fluttered, then closed on their own. She passed quickly into a light trance. There was no resistance to my voice as I gained control. "Deep sleep, KT; sleep, KT... Sleep..."

I took her deeper with the stairstep method and several repetitions. She gave all the signs of being in a deep trance. Her breathing was slowed and her whole posture was completely relaxed.

Although the chance was remote, she might have been faking. I decided to try a simple test: "KT, listen only to the sound of my voice. Open your eyes." She did, they were a lovely cobalt blue. One could get lost in those eyes, they were so deep. She blinked several times before I noticed that she was wearing long false eyelashes. They almost looked like butterfly wings as they fluttered. She had applied extra eye- shadow and mascara too, along with a more obvious blusher. It was clear she was trying for a mannequin-like appearance. Successfully.

Several seconds had passed and I realized that KT was waiting patiently for my next instructions. "KT, listen only to me, to the sound of my voice. I want you to raise your left arm now, to about eye level. Good. Now your arm is becoming very light, as if it was tied to a balloon. Feel it getting lighter. You cannot hold it back, let it rise. Your arm is lighter than a feather now..." Slowly her arm rose up until it pointed nearly straight up and stayed there. I pushed it back down gently, again it moved upward. "Now, KT, slowly you feel you arm returning to its normal weight. Rest it back on your leg now. As soon as your arm touches your leg, you will fall in to a deep, deep sleep and hear only the sound of my voice." She responded exactly as hoped; her eyes closed and her head lolled down onto her shoulder. After passing a few other checkpoints, she was definitely in a very deep hypnotic trance, resting quietly with deep breathing and eyes closed. Now it was time to go on.

"KT, listen only to the sound of my voice, only my voice. Nod if you can hear me clearly." Nod. "Do you want to be a mannequin?" Nod, no hesitation there. "Good, I'm going to help you now, guide you in discovering your own self image. There is a perfect mannequin inside yourself, I will let you release her. Are you ready?" Slow nod. "Open your eyes. Stand up slowly, get comfortable with the way you are standing." She did, with arms loosely to her side.

"Imagine yourself standing in a display window again, like you did today. Allow the model within you to pose your body the way it was then." KT had excellent physical memory and moved to almost the same position once more. "Now, you feel very steady and secure and would rather not move now from your position. You could of course, but you don't want to budge right now. You just want to stand there like a life-size doll. It is so tranquil to stay in that pose, not wanting to lift a finger." KT stood still as instructed, much as she had in the window. "As time passes, you want to remain immobile exactly in whatever attitude you are placed into. Of course, I can move your body and limbs for you, but once my hand is removed you will stay in that new position. I'm going to move you now, but as soon as I take my hand away you will stand in place again like a doll."

This was by far the most complex suggestion I had given her, but KT was truly an excellent subject. I adjusted her stance slightly by increasing the twist of her slender waist and shifting her arms to be further away from her torso with each hand having a graceful curve of the fingers. Position of the model's arms and hands was a key to looking like a mannequin, along with a flowing pose and just the right expression -- a sort of aloofness -- that was what one to the other live models had told me once. Like living clay in my hands, she allowed herself to be posed and then turned instantly motionless again. As a final emphasis, I hung her purse back on her shoulder and molded her hand loosely around one strap. She stayed in that position nicely. It was really true, as I enhanced her pose it was clear how important that 'look' was. KT certainly had it now.

Holding within this highly pliable stage was an significant behavior for her to recall, so I planted the first of my posthypnotic cues. "Remember the peaceful way you feel right now, standing idly like a doll, not needing to move at all but allowing my hand to move you. Remember how serene it is now to not lift a finger, to entrust every action to me. Whenever you hear me say the word "Nutcracker", you will fall back deeply into your trance -- deeper than you possess now -- and become a serene life-size doll for me. Listen only for my voice, for the word "Nutcracker." When you hear that word now, you will immediately fall into a restful, motionless, moldable stillness. Only on the sound of my voice...... Nutcracker......... Nutcracker..........."

It was time to plant the safety valve. "So you can communicate with me through the next stage, you will always be able blink your eyes once to answer me 'yes'. Can you hear me, KT?" Blink. "Do you want to stop now?" ...no blink. "Do you still want to become a mannequin figure?"

Twice she blinked, quickly. If a motionless, impassive, life-sized doll could be impatient, KT seemed to be just that. I had rehearsed the following instructions earlier, but no stage act of mine had ever gone this far. This was new ground

"Starting at the very tip of your toes, rising to the top of your head, you will begin to feel a sense of stiffness passing through your body. It's a wave, washing quickly over you, cleansing you. As the wave passes, all your desire and need to move will wash away, leaving you utterly rigid like a block of solid gray stone. The wave is at your knees now, moving upward..." KT showed no sign of any difference yet, maybe a slight stiffening. "The wave is now at your waist, moving upward, washing away all activity. You are like stone, turning stiff as a statue. My hands can no longer move you as you become the most perfect mannequin."

"Now the wave is covering your arms and torso, washing upward, cleansing you. The wave is washing up your neck and head, over your head, cleansing away movement. Now the wave has passed completely over your entire body and all desire to move has been washed away. A display mannequin never needs to move, never wants to move. Let your inner self guide you to that tranquil state." I noticed that she no longer blinked involuntarily, but that about the only sign. Her breathing became shallow as her chest stiffened up. I repeated the wave of motionlessness instructions several times and this brought her deeper into this stage of the hypnotic trance.

Finally I was ready to go on.

"You have cleansed away your movement, now the inner mannequin has arisen to assert herself. This exquisite, perfect, mannequin that you have become does not ever desire to move in the slightest way -- it now takes an exceptional effort to even nod your head -- so whenever you are at rest you are always absolutely motionless. It is so easy to remain still and not want to ever disturb that feeling. What goes on in the world outside yourself is of no concern to you now; you want to simply remain as a statue and nothing will bother your motionless serenity. That stiffness is very peaceful, you can enjoy it frequently, just as you are now." I moved in front of her face and looked deep into her unblinking eyes. She did not respond to my waving my hand in front of her and continued to gaze blankly out into the room. Neither did she react to a snap of the fingers. This response was far better than I had ever hoped for. KT really was totally entranced.

Now it was time for the final test. Standing very close to her, so close that her bountiful breasts pushed into my chest, I touched her forehead with my index finger. She did not seem to notice. Pushing lightly, I could feel how rigid and solid her whole body was by the way it resisted flexing. Her neck was stiff, her arms were stiff, her torso and waist were stiff, her legs and heeled feet were also completely stiff. A bit more pressure and she would topple backward like a, well, like a window dummy. I applied a bit more pressure. KT passed the point of balance and started to fall. Her hypnotized figure remained motionless and rigid; she would have struck the floor if I had not caught her around the waist and placed her back on her feet. She oscillated briefly before coming to a rest.

There was no doubt she was frozen "hard" in place and could not move at all. KT really did look exactly like a authentic display mannequin figure standing there, with the extra makeup and long lashes enhancing the effect of her absolute immobility. Her pose too was ideal, with her hips held at just the correct slant, one leg angled out in a rigid fashion, her hands placed in graceful curves. "Are you comfortable with your position?" Blink.

"Now, KT, you will let the inner mannequin embrace your body fully and you will relax into immobility again whenever I say the words 'Observe Medusa'." When you hear those words you will fall back into a hypnotic trance -- deeper still than ever before -- then immediately and safely cease every movement, you will become as stiff and motionless as you are right now. Remember the feeling, how peaceful it is to be completely at rest, and return to that tranquility quickly. If you are walking or not balanced safely in any way when you hear the words, assume a stable position at once before you let your inner mannequin appear. Only do this when you hear me say 'Observe Medusa'. Do you understand?" Blink.

"All right, KT, let the mannequin within you take over entirely now. Let her rest and stay completely motionless. There is a wave of relief passing over you now, you do not care to move at all. you find it very easy to remain totally immobile and it feels so pleasant and peaceful you that want it to last forever. It will seem to last forever to you, because time seems to be slowing down as you slip into a feeling of absolute tranquility. You are the finest mannequin that this world has ever seen! Rest now KT, I will wake you eventually. Rest now. Peace, stillness. Peace, tranquilty. Rest."

She was ready. I grasped KT around her around her slim waist and picked her up like the display mannequin she now was. I could feel how the muscles of her torso were locked solid. There was no movement at all as I lifted her higher, nothing at all down to the tiniest eyelash.

She was completely paralyzed and stiff as a board.

I carried her carefully into the front display area, moved one of the old-style mannequins, and placed her in the focus of the spotlights instead. It was so uncanny how bona fide her appearance and pose looked. There really didn't seem to be any difference between her and the plastic dummies, except that they looked rather ordinary by contrast. KT really was incredibly gorgeous as she stood there in the luminous circle. From what I remembered of the other live mannequins, they seemed like cheap imitations too; for here was the real thing. An absolutely exquisite figure, excellently posed to her best advantage. I wonder if she thought that too?

I took several pictures of my newest mannequin from every angle, since KT was, of course, very patient and still. I could have gone on all night, but there were however a couple of concerns. Firstly I jostled her once while moving around to the back and she almost fell over again, this time face forward. Also, after about two hours into her frozen repose, KT started to sway a little, even though the hypnotic control was as strong as ever. She simply could not remain standing with her muscles locked rigid for so long. I would have to find some way to brace her if I wanted to pose her for all day in the window, which was something I really was looking forward to. As soon as I could arrange it.

I carried her back into the storeroom and planted my last suggestion to release her from the mannequinized state she remained in.

"KT, listen to me carefully. I'm going to have you wake up now. Your inner mannequin will go back out of sight, but it is very easy to bring her back again. Then you can enjoy the peaceful rest that being motionless always brings to you When you hear the words 'Observe Medusa', you will return quickly and safely to being a perfect mannequin. Remember the words, 'Observe Medusa'...

"Now, when I say the phrase 'Return Galatea' you will quickly regain movement thoughout your whole body. It will be the reverse of becoming the mannequin; you will feel a wave of energy coursing through you from your head to your toes, movement will be easy, and to stay motionless will be difficult. You will feel as rested as if you had slept all night soundly, even if you have stayed a mannequin for only a few minutes. You treasure the stillness and will welcome the chance to become a perfect mannequin whenever it is given. Do you understand?" A blink, the first in almost two hours. "Ready, KT: 'Return Galatea'! Wake up now, let the inner mannequin go back inside now. Awake!"

KT did not show any response for a second then blinked several times in quick succession. Then she seemed to thaw from her position as she gained control of her body and shifted in her stance. She flexed her neck about and took several steps around the room to work her stiffened muscles out, then sat down rather heavily back in the chair where her adventure had begun.

Licking her dry lips, she said, "Wow! That was really something! What an incredible feeling. I knew that I was an actual mannequin, standing there in the alcove, unable to move in the slightest way. I could feel my body held solidly in place. I mean, I was awake, but I couldn't move an inch. Or I didn't want to. It was so... sexy." (an odd choice of phrase for her, I thought) "Of course, I wanted to slug you when you pushed me backwards! But there was no way I could do anything to keep from falling -- I was so helpless, but you were there. You caught me. Thanks!" KT stood up, walked over to me and planted a passionate kiss on my surprised lips. There was more passion behind it.

"Uh, thanks," I managed after coming up for air. She was still holding me close, so I returned the favor. This kiss continued to grow in intensity too, as our hands started caressing each other. There was a pause. "So, what are we going to do now?" I asked, lame as usual.

There was no hesitation, "Make love, silly. My place is closer." She gathered up her things and we closed up the storeroom. KT then saw the display where I had taken the pictures, she moved back into it. "But first, kiss me again while I'm a mannequin. I want to see if it feels as good when I'm immobilized."

"Well, Okay" It was time to try out my posthypnotic suggestions; go for broke: "Observe Medusa" The change was quick; KT flowed back into a display pose and froze in her tracks. She stared unblinking again into my eyes. It worked!

She had instantly turned back into a flawless mannequin. No time for tests, I pulled her rigid figure to me and kissed her full lips eagerly. There was no response as I caressed her stiffened form, exploring the curves of her physique. Her trim body was very firm to my touch, and it was not just the hypnotic trance. KT must have spent more than a few hours in the gym exercising. And naked in the sunroom too?. I had to find out -- maybe this had gone too far??!

My hands kept massaging her body as if they were possessed. I traced the fine contours of her back and the sensual curves of her breasts as they were strained against the tight leather tunic. The feel of her smooth nylons over muscular thighs was incredibly sensual. The thin leather of her minidress creaked faintly as I stroked my hands over it. I wanted more! Quickly I unclasped the wide belt and it fell to the floor, followed instantly by the rest of her tunic. KT's fascination with zippers made undressing her easy. Underneath, she wore lacy black lingerie and a garter belt to anchor the sheer hose. Since the mannequinized condition made her body so rigid, I had almost imagined that her skin was hard too, but it of course remained soft and silky- smooth.

The sound of a passing car intruded for a moment and I realized that this was the front of the store and that I had been fondling this mannequin (KT!) in front of anyone who might have walked by. It was late, though, and I don't think that anyone saw our little scene. I lifted her up, still perfectly rigid, and carried her back to the storeroom again. She was wearing some faint flowery fragrance.

Behind closed door, I continued to disrobe the motionless figure. Her bra almost popped away, releasing her magnificent breasts to view. They were full, round, and firm with smallish nipples. Incredibly she was not visibly aroused! Maybe the trance was deeper than I had believed possible. Did KT sense my caresses? Or was she truly impassive? I massaged my hands over her firm breasts, then down her now bare back and neck. Still no reaction. I unclipped her black sheer stockings and let them fall to her ankles -- that must have ticked, at least. Not a hint of anything. Finally, I slipped her bikini panties down, exposing her downy mound and sex. The undergarment was almost dripping wet! At last, a sign.

I mumbled out "Return Galatea" while continuing my caresses and was rewarded by her literally melting into my arms. KT was surprisingly strong. We didn't talk much after that as she pulled me down onto the floor and started tugging my clothes off. Not a word was said as she hungrily returned my caresses and kisses. Entering her quickly, I could barely hold off my orgasm long enough to bring her to the moment of ecstasy. Time seemed to stand still before we both gasped out, then I released into her. The lights were on and anyone walking by could have seen us, but we didn't care. KT and I became one right there on the display floor.


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