Window Dressee

last update: 20-APR-98

This is my small homepage as author of some of the stories on this site.

Why do I call myself "window dressee"?

It's not a spelling error; I'm neithera window dresser in real life nor in my favourite fantasies!
Sorry for formerly calling myself a window dresser; I'm not a native english speaker and had problems to translate my favourite nickname, "Schaufenster-Dekorateuse".
But now I think "window dressee" is that what I mean.
So: what do I mean with window dressee?
I mean the girl, who is dressed by the window dresser, and decorates thedisplay by her sole presence (of course without moving on her own).
The dresser is the employer, the dressee is the employee.

What stories did I write?

I have written some stories:

What stories do I like?

This stories I like very much:

What else do I like?

Some features, I'd like to see in a story (but I don't belive they can be assembled in one story):

How can you contact me?

You can contact me by sending email to