Mitch Meets The Boss

by M.P.

Mitch arrived in New York around 10:00 A.M. It was a rainy day and the sky was a dark and ominous black. As he stepped from the terminal, a long white limo pulled up to where he was standing. The rear door swung open and a recorded voice announced that the car was from the conglomerate, and that he would be taken to the meeting with Boss.

After several minutes the car came to a stop in front of a row of new warehouses. Over one door was a sign that said "B.O.S.S. Visual Merchandising". Mitch stepped into the foyer of the offices and was met by a very pretty red-haired girl who wore a name plate that simply said "Hi, I'm Jennifer."

"Please follow me," said Jennifer and proceeded to lead Mitch into the offices.

There were only three offices that Mitch could see in this particular part of the building. Two were sparsely furnished, and the third was the biggest. Sitting behind a massive desk of rich mahogany sat a young man probably in his early thirties. He had dark curly hair and looked like one of those nerdy computer stereotypes you'd see on T.V. The man rose from his chair and said."Hello Mitch.  I'm sorry I didn't meet you at the airport, but I hope you had an enjoyable trip here and that Jennifer has taken good care of you."

"Yes, I did." Mitch responded. "It was a fast and quiet flight from L.A."

Boss now spoke, "Well, I guess our friend Mr. Sears has told you something about our little project."

"Yes," Mitch answered. "I've had the pleasure of meeting Tina, and witnessed her abilities."

"We've improved much since we made Tina, Mitch." Boss answered. "We can now make them more human but without the unnecessary emotions.  Come along, I'll show you the latest models." Mitch rose from his chair and followed the man.

At the end of the hallway they came to a large door marked PRIVATE! Boss slowly slid the door open, and before them was a very large room. There were several tables with various machines set up on them. Next to each table was a small computer terminal. Seated in a chair at each table was a girl, wires running from the terminal were attached to the girls at their head, neck, and spine. On the screen were words that Mitch could barely read. He walked closer to one terminal. At this station sat a young lithe blond, her hair was short but nicely styled. She wore no clothing so Mitch had an uninterrupted view of her body.

Her frame was small but shapely, with small but well rounded tits. Each nipple was pointed and bright pink as if she was cold, but aroused. Her back was a fine arch and though she was seated Mitch could see that she had a nicely rounded ass. On the monitor screen, it said Proteus Project, access 125909 Assimilation Program. "What does it do?" asked Mitch.

"This is the basic program that changes the girls from ordinary women to our pre-hubot stage," answered Boss. "With these computers and the right subject we can make a basic Hubot, she will then in turn assimilate other women and make them into what we call S.A.M.s or in technical terms a Service Activities Model.  This girl here," Boss continued as he approached another blonde haired girl, "Used to work in our public relations department.  But since we started making bots from living girls we felt that her beauty was worth adding to the program." Boss reached behind the girl and detached the cable leading to her brain.

After he removed the wire the girl blinked several times and then turned to Boss and said. "Hubot unit Alexsis now active and functioning at optimum efficiency."

"Hello Alexsis," said Boss, "I want you meet a member of the conglomerate, Mitch."

She raised a single hand and offered it to Mitch. "Hello, I am Alexsis, I am programmed for the assimilation and training of SAM units for my creator and the members of the conglomerate."

Mitch was amazed at how much of an improvement had been done with the Hubots since Tina. There was a more normal-sounding voice in the newer model, not the mechanical voice that Tina had. Mitch was intrigued, and had to see more. "Please get up and show me yourself," Mitch said. Alexsis took off the remaining two wires herself and then stood up. She was somewhere between 5'10 and 6'00. As Mitch had guessed she was a stunner. He looked at her sex and could see that she was a real blonde. Her body was a true work of art. Tits that were perfectly round; she had a round, yet heart shaped, ass that Mitch found very nice. Boss came over and handed her a robe that she took and loosely wrapped herself in.

Boss turned to Mitch and said. "Mitch, the next step in our process is more complex." He walked over to the table next to Alexsis and began picking up various small machines that were on the table top. "We add these parts to each subject; one is the transmutation ray, like the one Tina has.  Some are given parts that have the ability to heal.  Or, in a rare occurrence, to kill.  But, most have the basic programming and what we lovingly refer to here as the finger. Alexsis here is a basic model. Her only mission in life is to be a maker of service models.  Here," Boss said, "Let me show you how we make a service unit."

Alexsis and the Boss led Mitch to another part of the building. Here there was a small waiting room, and in the room sat several women. Boss reached into his pocket and pulled out a pile of index cards, glancing at one. "Will Sally Bertin please come into room number six," Boss said into a microphone. A short girl with white hair and eyes the color of dark coal got up and left the room. Mitch and the party led by Alexsis went around the corner and entered behind room number six. They were hidden by a one way mirror and looked in to see the girl enter. She appeared to be very nervous, she dropped her hat and bag twice. "Please sit and remain calm," Boss said to her over the mike. "Someone will be with you shortly."

At that word, Alexsis left the room and entered room six. "Hello?" said the girl shyly. "I'm Sally and..." Alexsis did not waste words; she walked up to the puzzled girl and raised her hand to the girl's face. A flash of bright light came from Alexsis and Mitch and Boss could see the other woman suddenly stop and come to attention. "Hand me all your credentials female unit," Alexsis said.

Sally obediently opened her purse and handed her licence and other documents that were of importance to Alexsis.

"Bring them to the slot in the window, Alexsis," Boss said. She did as Boss instructed. "This one appears to be a good candidate for a S.A.M, Mitch," Boss continued, "She has no living relatives and is new to the city. She is in perfect health, and quite attractive."

"Alexsis?" Boss commanded. "Commence assimilation program."

Alexsis then turned back to the girl who while several minutes passed had not moved an inch. Alexsis then raised her left hand and opened the end of her finger. In the tip was what appeared to be a coaxial cable. She took the lead of the cable and inserted it into the inert girl's right ear. The cable fed itself into the girl's head and after a few seconds it stopped. Mitch was fascinated by the way it was done. He could hear the whirr and click of the cable and the whimpering sounds that the girl named Sally started to make. Obviously in pain, but she had no control on what was being done to her. In the light of Alexsis' eyes Mitch could see what appeared to be graphs and numbers. Apparently The girl was being fed information directly into her brain.

After about ten minutes The cable rewound itself and the girl named Sally crumpled to the floor.Her body twitched several times, and then suddenly she stiffened her arms at her sides and her legs became stiff. Her eyes opened very wide, and she got up. Sally walked over to Alexsis and said. "Mistress, S.A.M unit 11 awaiting instructions."

Mitch and Boss now left the hidden room and went into room six. The girl had now the same mindless smile that was on Alexsis' face, The coal black pupils of her eyes now had a slight haze in them. Mitch touched the girl's arm and found it had now grown cold and was stiff to the touch. "SAM unit 11, still awaiting first instruction," she said once more.

"Come here SAM 11," Boss said. SAM 11/Sally walked over to the two men. "Now we will test her programming," Boss said. "SAM 11, please disrobe."

Without a thought the girl took off her short skirt dress and stood before them in only her bra and a pair of flowered panties. These followed shortly; after that, all she had on was that smile. The girl was perfect. Round little tits and a smooth sweep of stomach, not a trace of fat anywhere on her body. The only thing different was the fact that she was definitely no natural blonde.

"What are you going to do with her?" asked Mitch.

"She will be trained and then sent to one of our members as a slave, or sex toy. Whatever he wishes her to be."

"She will do anything asked of her, with no question?"

"I'll show you." Boss turned to the girl. "SAM 11, walk over to Alexsis and kiss her pussy." Sally/SAM 11 walked over and kneeled in front of Alexsis and started to slowly tongue the bigger girl. "Stop," said Boss. "Come back to me and suck this." He opened the fly to his trousers and released his member for the girl to see. SAM 11 stopped and then, with the juices of Alexsis still wet on her face, she knelt and gave Boss a magnificent blowjob. Boss turned to Mitch, "Would you care to have her service you too?" he asked.

"No not this time, maybe some other time," Mitch said, obviously very moved by the easy sexuality of the girl.

"Come with me." Said Alexsis, as she walked over to SAM 11. "You are to begin your training." SAM 11 picked up her clothes and left the room with Alexsis.

"Amazing!" said Mitch.

The Boss boasted,"We can have every facet of our business covered from the harem trade in the world to the millions of stores that use our mannequins." The two men went back to the prep room and went to another table. At this table sat a different girl. This one was a pretty redhead who had very large breasts and long flowing hair. She was attached to her terminal and had a vacant look in her eyes which Mitch could see were a soft hazel.

"This is Veronica, Mitch.  Isn't she the most perfect creature you have ever seen?" Boss said. "Mr. Sears said that you had a thing for redheads."

He then pulled the wire from Veronica's head and she blinked and in a sexy voice she said. "Hi tiger, I'm Ronnie and I have something special for you." Veronica went to Mitch like a wild cat and kissed him on the mouth very passionately. Mitch was totally taken by surprise but quickly went along with her. Definitely turned on by her kiss, he started to fondle her large breasts and the kisses started to get very heated when he heard, "Unit stop sequence." Boss came up behind Mitch and the girl. At his command word, Ronnie was instantly frozen.

Mitch was pissed for a second and yelled, "What the hell?"

"Excuse me Mitch," Boss said. Mitch looked at the now frozen form of Veronica. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was slightly open, tinted soft and bright red; she still was sexy and the thought of making love to her was still on his mind. "You can satisfy yourself with her anytime Mitch, I wanted to explain why we asked you to come here," Boss said. "We know that with your control device you have a group of women that can assume the same poses for days even months at a time. They become as you call them, living statues."

"But you don't have to resort to making them into machines."

Boss continued,"We would like to use your device as an operating component in our new Hubot models.  The hubots, like Alexsis and Ronnie here, could assimilate the girls and after a period of time release them back to the world, their minds conveniently erased.  Currently they are only capable of making the SAMs or mannequins in permanent form. "Will you please supply me with the plans for your device?"

While they were talking several lab technicians had entered the room and were disconnecting the other girls. Each girl was given a necklace with a large pendant that had the girl's name on it. One tech came over and picked up the still form of Veronica and took her back to her terminal.

"Ronnie will be reprogrammed for you, Mitch, and then you can take her back with you to L.A." Boss said, "Then, you can send Tina back to us."

In the other room Mitch could hear the whirring sound again and knew that some other poor girl was to join SAM 11 as a pleasure model. "I'll send you the experimental model of the device on Saturday," Mitch said. "It shouldn't be hard to implant the device through the coaxial link in the Hubot's hands."

Business concluded, Mitch and Boss shook hands and Mitch started to leave. As he was leaving a noise erupted from the back of the room as a tech suddenly started shouting. "There's something wrong with the programming sir. It appears there was a virus of some sort."

All of a sudden all the hubots started shaking. One a tall black-haired girl with a very muscular body got up and approached the group and said, "Assimilate, assimilate; all organic units are to be assimilated."

Boss heard what what was going on and entered the workroom in time to see the large girl pick up a tech. She was about to hurl the man across the room when Boss pulled out what looked like a remote control. He pointed the box at the girl and suddenly she stopped, still as a sculpture. The other techs got their colleague down from her frozen arms, and they started to check the Hubot.

"What happened?" asked Mitch still in shock at what had just happened.

"It must have been a virus in the computers." said Boss. "Don't worry Mitch, Boss said, all we have to do is reprogram them and there will be no problem.  Just send me that prototype device and then we'll have the perfect hubot."

The techs reattached the cables to the tall girl and started the computer again. As he was leaving he saw Boss stop to talk with some of the techs and he thought he heard him say. "That was close. My superiors would not like to see their plans ruined because of a bug in these crude machines." He then left the room and Mitch was left alone. As he was leaving, Mitch took one last look around the workshop when he saw at a corner table a pretty new hubot that he had not noticed before.She was a redhead with small breasts and a slight body, not a perfect woman like most of the hubots. This girl seemed very familiar to Mitch but he could not place where they had met before. He looked down at the hubot's name plate which simply said JEN. Mitch was tired and still a little frightened by what he had just seen, but the girl seemed very familiar.

As he reentered the outer offices he passed by Boss's office and overheard him on the phone. "Yes Doctor, in a few days we will have the stasis device in our possession and when it is implanted in the hubots, WE can begin the overthrow of planet Earth." Mitch was flabbergasted at the strange conversation he was overhearing. "WE will first take over all the beautiful women of the planet and use their beauty to influence the weak-minded fools that run their governments," Boss continued. "Then when we have assumed control we will eliminate the entire male race from this planet and rule over the females forever!" He laughed an evil-sounding laugh and then hung up the phone.

Mitch quickly made his way to the front and was met a different receptionist. This girl was a brunette with blue eyes. She wore the same cute smile that he saw on the faces of all the women in the building. Her tag said "Hi, I'm Lisa."

"Please call for my car, Lisa," Mitch said. "What happened to the other girl that was here?" asked Mitch, his memory finally making the connection. Mitch knew in his darkest fears what had happened to the previous receptionist.  He remembered how he had admired her pretty face and that she had bright red hair and her name had been Jennifer or in short, Jen.

The brunette SAM unit Lisa answered it for him. "The subject Jennifer, had to be assimilated Sir," she smiled brightly. "Please have a nice day." Then, without another word the SAM/Lisa unit went back to work, completely ignoring him.

Mitch's jaw dropped and he ran from the office as fast as he could. He would have to call Mr. Sears and tell him. The Boss was going to be a problem and even the conglomerate may not be powerful enough to stop him.



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