15-Minute Makeover 3 - The Assistant Manager

by Disman & Sandrah Leary

[A stunning collaboration of two major creative talents ... Ed.]
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Jennifer was embarking on the first day of a new adventure.  She’d been given the assistant manager’s job at a tiny high-end boutique, on a quiet side street, called “Forever Lovely”.  The store sells name brand clothing and beauty supplies, and features an “in-store” salon, which offers free makeovers to its customers.  Though the store was quite small, as compared with larger department stores, and other specialty chains, it was wildly popular.  Jennifer’s specific job was to get the new lingerie department started.

The store was considered to be a phenomenal place to work.  In fact, it was rumored that no employee had ever left the store for another job.

Jennifer was confident that she would be up to the challenge until . . . during her two weeks of one-on-one training with the store’s owner and manager, Cehrina Yonge, Jennifer was informed of the store’s astonishing and horrible secret — all of the store’s mannequins and forms are made from real women!  Jennifer couldn’t believe her ears when she was let in on the secret.  Cehrina was serious enough in her statement to make Jennifer believe that it must be true.  She always wondered why the mannequins always looked so real.  In fact, even the bra and torso forms were astonishingly realistic in their shape and curves.

Cehrina let Jennifer know that she strongly believed that the store’s realistic mannequins were critical to its success.  She also informed Jennifer that her job as assistant manager was to personally assist her in the making of all of the mannequins and forms that the store would require.  “Oh and one final thing,” Cehrina chipped in, “We always rotate our display pieces, meaning, after about six months of service, the pieces are sold to other stores, and we start all over again!”  The woman paused to let it all sink in. “I can’t do this!” Jennifer finally responded.

“Then you’ll be this store’s next mannequin,” was the firm and very believable response.  “Would you like your pose to be standing or sitting, or maybe you’d like to be a headless form?”

Jennifer’s decision instantly became easier and she reluctantly agreed to Cehrina’s terms of employment.  Cehrina had hired her to watch over the store while she was vacationing in the Caribbean.  But while she was gone, Jennifer was left with very explicit instructions.  The store needed to replace two mannequins in the front window, a bra form, a ¾ torso form and two panty hose forms.  She felt the bottom of her stomach sink as she suddenly realized why no employee had ever left Forever Lovely.  She knew she must do this awful thing in order to survive.

As Cehrina explained the process, it became fairly simple.  Once she identified the right candidate, she would offer them a small red pill that looked like a gel-filled breath mint.  Once the mint was ingested, the girl immediately becomes stiff and Jennifer would have one hour to process the girl into a mannequin.  The process included removing the girl’s clothes and body hair, posing her into her permanent position and making any cuts.  The process made the skin soft like dough and limbs could be removed by using a device that looked like a wire cheese cutter.  In the case of forms, the removed limbs would be stored in the back room, and the remaining piece would be painted as per the instructions.  In the case of mannequins, Jennifer would have to install the hardware that would allow the new mannequin’s waist to be separated and her arms and legs removed for changing clothes.  She would also have to install a butt plug in the mannequin’s rear end.  This would enable them to be attached to a display stand, since they could not stand on their own.  Once the process was complete, Jennifer would need to apply a plastic type makeup to the girl’s face, crotch and nipples, effectively erasing all traces of humanity, and helping to hide the victims.  The last thing that Cehrina wanted was to draw suspicion. 

Jennifer was somewhat confused when Cehrina stated that the girls were not dead and that they were very much alive and she could return them to their original form whenever she wanted to.  She gave no more specifics on this matter.

“This process is entirely experimental, and I’m so sorry that I won’t be here to witness the results, but I absolutely must take a break.  The old way that I use, takes so much out of a person”, she smiled at Jennifer, “Literally”.

At five o’clock that rainy evening, Cehrina left the store to Jennifer.  “You’d better get your first mannequin in the next day or so.  I’ll be back in two weeks and you’ll need to have acquired all the necessary mannequins and forms.  If not, the next assistant manager will have some of her work done for her already.”  She waved to her new employee as she exited the store.  “Bye, Bye Jennifer — don’t get stiffed!”



Holy shit thought Jennifer.  What am I going to do?  I can’t do this.  I’ve got to do this!  I can’t end up being a mannequin like all the others.  Two weeks. Crap!

Jennifer walked over to the elegant mannequin that was in the centre of the store.  She wondered who she had been before she came here.  She wondered what the “old” process entailed.  The stiffened face of the mannequin gave no answers, stared aloofly into the distance, and just smiled through its rich, plum coloured lips.

She looks so relaxed . . . and sexy . . . even elegant and beautiful.  Maybe this is okay.  Maybe I shouldn’t feel so guilty.

I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to get these mannequins or I’m going to be standing next to this woman.

I’ve got to think, how am I going to do this?  I know, I’ll look for a girl that comes into the store alone when no one else is in the store.  She’ll need to have a good figure.  Cehrina said a 34 or 36 B or C cup was best.  The mannequins needed to be 5’9” to 5’11”, but the forms could be any height.  The mannequins needed to have a pretty face.  Hair color doesn’t matter since they’ll be wearing a wig or if they’re a form they won’t have a head.

“Ding.”  The bell rang as someone entered the store.  Jennifer was startled.  A girl in her twenties entered the store.  The girl was average height and was wearing a short black skirt with a pink sleeveless blouse and black pantyhose.  She was pretty with shoulder length blonde hair.  She was underdressed for the outside rain and rubbed her arms to warm herself.

Wow, thought Jennifer.  Maybe this is my first girl.  She looks the right height for the mannequin role.  Her boobs look like a good C-cup.  She could be the mannequin!  But how am I going to get her to take the pill?  Maybe she’ll buy something and I’ll offer a mint at check out.  I’d better go ask her if she needs any help. I still don’t know if I can do this.

“Hello, may I help you find anything?”  Jennifer asked.

Jennifer noticed that she was wearing a name badge around her neck.  She must work at one of the law firms here in the downtown, Jennifer thought.  Wait, I can see her name, it’s Leighanne and she’s a legal assistant.

“I’m just looking . . .” commented the girl.  I hope she’s not a pushy sales girl, thought Leighanne.  I hate being rushed or pushed when I’m buying underwear.  This store isn’t that big, so I can probably find what I need by myself.  I probably need to at least tell her I need to buy some new bras.  She looks okay —kind of cute— just the kind that end up working in lingerie stores.

“That’s fine, let me know if you need anything,” responded Jennifer.

Jennifer sized up the girl.  She looks perfect to stand in the front window.  She had better not turn around and walk out of the store.  I’ve got to get her to take one of the pills — mints, MINTS, I’ve got to say mints, pills would make her suspicious.  The first chance I get, I’ve got to go over to the register and grab the mints.

Leighanne spoke “Well, I need to look at bras.”  Now she’ll ask me what kind and it’s been so long since I’ve been bra shopping that I honestly don’t know what kind I need.  This is a little embarrassing.

“Any particular style?”

Here we go, thought Leighanne.  “Well, I definitely need an underwire version.  Nothing too fancy.  But I don’t want armor either.”

“What size do you need?”

“A ‘C’ cup. . . 36 or 34, I think.”

Perfect! was Jennifer’s first thought.  She could either be a mannequin or a bra form.  Her face would probably work as a full body mannequin.  Hmmm . . .

Leighanne spoke after a moment of silence, “Well . . .”

“Oh, um.”  Crap, Jennifer.  No daydreaming.  You’ve got to recommend her a bra.  “Do you like this style?”  Jennifer pointed to a white underwire bra with sheer cups and a floral lace.  “I’ve worn this one before.  It’s very comfortable.  It comes in white, black or nude.  There’s also a front hook version if you don’t want a back hook”

Please try it on, was the mantra being repeated in Jennifer’s mind.  Please.  I’m sweating like a pig.  I was so excited about this job and now I’m about to be made into a mannequin if I can’t get this girl to swallow a damn pill.

“Okay I’ll try one of those” responded Leighanne while pointing to the back hook version of the bra.

“Really . . . I mean okay.  Let me give you a 34C and a 36C, you can try them both on and see which one fits best.  Which color would you like?”

Either the white or nude is okay.”

With the verbal exchange completed, Jennifer gave her first customer two white bras to try on and showed her to the changing room. 

After a few minutes in the changing room, Leighanne emerged.  She smiled as she approached the sales desk.  As she set the two bras down next to the cash register, she broke the awkward silence.  “I’ll take both of these.  You were right, they were very comfortable.”

“I knew you’d love them”, Jennifer smiled.  In fact I think you’d like to keep wearing them all the time.

“What’s that smell?”  Leighanne inquired.  “It smells like mint, only really, really good.  I just love mints, do you smell it?”

Jennifer stopped her typing at the cash register.  This is too perfect.  She loves mints?  This has to be beginner’s luck.

She reached under the counter and produced shiny red, gel-filled capsule.

“Here, have one, they’re awesome”  Oh my god, this is way too easy.  Maybe I can do this job after all.

Leighanne examined the strange mint, then cocked her head to one side, opened her mouth and threw it in.  Immediately the strong mint flavour filled her mouth, sending a wonderful tingly sensation throughout her jaw and into her head.

“Mmmmmm, these are good”  Oh my god this is good, this is so good.  It’s almost orgasmic, I can feel it all over my body.

Leighanne moaned as the pill dissolved in her mouth, and waves of numbing pleasure began to fill her body.  She dropped her purse, but didn’t care.  The mint was so good.

Jennifer watched as the pill worked its magic.  She could see Leighanne becoming lost in a wash of sexual energy.

Then Jennifer noticed a change in the girl.  She stopped moving and stared straight ahead.  She slowly stood up straight and pulled her shoulders back.  The look on her face was one of astonishment and confusion.

What the hell is happening to me?  A moment ago my body felt all tingly and now I feel kind of . . . stiff.  The legal assistant looked intently at Jennifer and tried to talk.  “W . . . W . . . What d . . . d . . . did you do to mmmmmmmme?  She barely got the words out, then it hit her.  It was the mints.  The mints did this to me.  But what’s happening?  Why?  Why am I getting stiff.  She managed one more sentence, “Did th . . . th . . . th . . . mmmmints d . . . do this t . . . to mmmmme?

Jennifer didn’t know whether to feel sad or elated.  What am I going to do?  I’ve got to tell her something.  Here it goes. 

Then Leighanne, spoke once more, “Y . . . Y . . . Youuuuu.  B . . . B . . . Bitch!!!”  There was anger in her eyes.

At that point Jennifer decided to approach the situation a little differently.  She never liked the ‘B’ word and this young woman would soon know it.  “Well Leighanne.  I’m glad you liked those bras because you’ll be wearing then a lot.  You see our mannequins are very realistic and in order for them to be that realistic we make them from real women.    Such as yourself.   Starting tonight you’ll be standing in the front window, displaying our wonderful clothes to the world.  You see from now on you are going to be a mannequin here at our little boutique.  You won’t be dead though, you’ll be alive to enjoy every minute.  Eternal beauty with a boring twist!”

Leighanne could no longer move.  Ohmygod.  This can’t be true.  How can she do this?  I must be dreaming.  Eternal beauty with a boring twist!!??

It obviously wasn’t a dream.  Jennifer went on to explain the process as she went to the front door, locked the door and flipped the sign to say “closed.”  Jennifer then lifted Leighanne's behind and carried her into the back room.  Jennifer was amazed that she was already feeling light, like a mannequin.  Leighanne could feel the difference too.  Once in the back room Jennifer pulled out a bottle of wine.  She needed to relax for what she needed to do next.

“Well I guess we have to get you undressed, I’ve only got an hour.”  Jennifer set an alarm clock and started unbuttoning her former customer’s pink sleeveless blouse. 

This can’t be happening.  I’ve got to stop her.  Leighanne with all her might tried to move but couldn’t.

In a matter of moments the blouse was unbuttoned and Jennifer pushed it off the girl’s shoulders.  Leighanne could feel it slipping down her arms and onto the floor.  Shit.  I’m standing here in my bra.  This really can’t be happening.

“How’s it going so far?  Do you like being undressed?”

Not really!

Jennifer then moved behind her to unzip the short black skirt.  With a slight tug, the skirt moved over Leighanne’s hips and onto the floor around her feet.  She was wearing black sheer-to-waist pantyhose.  Jennifer could see black thong panties through the hose.  “You go girl!  I would’ve never figured you to wear thong panties.  I would’ve tried to sell you a different bra if I had known this.”

Shit again.  I haven’t worn those for months and I had to wear them today.  I didn’t get the laundry done, that was all that was left!  The last time I wore those was when Jerry came to town for the weekend.  Oh, wow, that was grea..t.  For a moment Leighanne’s mind was away from the scene and the current circumstances. 

She was brought back to reality when Jennifer put her hands inside the waist of her pantyhose and pulled them over her hips and down to the floor.  She felt the coolness of the room on her nearly naked body.

“Well girl, how do you like standing in your underwear for everyone to see?  Today the storeroom, tomorrow the front window.”

This is really happening.  I can’t believe it.  What will it be like being a mannequin?  I hate it when she calls me girl!  Somehow I’m going to have to get used to this.

“Now we’ve got to put you into your pose.  The pose you’ll have forever.”  Jennifer was starting to sound a little hard.  Please, please give me a comfortable pose.

Jennifer spent a fair amount of time positioning her first mannequin and to her surprise, she was beginning to enjoy the experience.  She started talking more out loud.  “You’ve got a great bod Leighanne, you really needed to be a mannequin to show it off a little more."

Leighanne’s body would stay wherever Jennifer moved it and now it was Leighanne who was enjoying the experience.  Wow, this feels good!  I tingle all over every time she touches me.  It’s kind of erotic.  This is really bizarre! 

Jennifer finally decided on a pose that had the young girl standing with her weight on her right leg, and with her left leg stepping slightly forward — kind of like a model at the end of the runway.  I guess this is okay.  It seems elegant.

She pulled Leighanne’s shoulders up and back so that they were square and accentuated her breasts.  “We got to show off your boobs honey, we’re in the bra business.”  I can’t believe how good this feels.  I don’t care if I show off my boobs, I just want you to touch them. 

With that Jennifer looked up at her victim’s face.  Her countenance had changed from surprise to fear.  “I’ll work on your face in a minute here, you need to look proud to be standing in your underwear!”  I am proud. My face is frozen in fear.  That was a few minutes ago.  Just touch me dammit!

Jennifer then moved to Leighanne’s arms.  She positioned them back and bent at the elbow with her hands resting about a quarter inch away from her hips on her backside.  She stood back to admire her work.  “Wow, you look good girl.”  Thank you.  I feel good too.  Isn’t it time to completely undress the mannequin — er I mean me.  Touch me some more.  Pleeeeeese?

Jennifer had been sipping on the wine throughout the entire process thus far and it was beginning to have an effect.  She had no idea how Leighanne was feeling, but she knew that for some reason the experience was starting to turn her on.  All she needed to do to finish, was to undress her, install the pivot points cosmetically disguise her nipples and crotch. 

“Yippee.  I’m almost there, girl.  I’ve almost finished with my first mannequin.  I didn’t think I could do it but I can.  I’m sorry, but if I didn’t do it to you, my boss Cehrina would’ve done it to me.  She would make me into the mannequin, or worse yet a form.”  I think the wine is starting to get to you.  You had better finish me off.  Give me a good face.  I wish I had know how good this was going to feel. I don’t want to look afraid in the front window. 

Jennifer started went behind Leighanne to take off her bra.  Finally the bra, please touch me.  When she undid the bra she felt her now hard skin and didn’t resist the incredible urge to touch her more.  She moved her hands over her shoulders with the bra straps between her index fingers.  Keep on going girl, this is fantastic — better than any sex I ever had. 

Jennifer did keep going.  Her hands moved down over Leighanne’s breasts before she released the bra to the floor.  She had never touched a woman this way before and at this point she wondered why she hadn’t.  She was wet with excitement.  Still standing behind her, Jennifer cupped her hands underneath Leighanne’s now firm breasts.  She then began to run her tongue around the girl’s ear while her thumbs drew circles around her nipples.  OH MY GOD.  I’m in ecstasy.  This is SO great.  Will it be this way every time someone touches me?  If so, I think I can adjust to being a mannequin.  This might be the best day of my life!

Jennifer was getting looser by the minute.  She moved around to the front of her victim’s now statuesque form.  Keep on going.  This is really good.  She put her arms around Leighanne’s back underneath her stiff bent arms and slowly dropped down to her knees.  Kissing her body every inch of the way.  “Girl, I can’t believe I’m doing this.  I hope you don’t think I’m a pervert; this is GREAT!  And I don’t know why.”  It is great and I don’t know why either, but keep on doing it.

The next thing Leighanne knew Jennifer had moved her hands down her back and into the thong strap around her waist.  Jennifer was so turned on that she ripped the thong off and began to rub her pubic area with a special cream that removed body hair.  Tufts of light colored hair floated to the floor.  OH MY GOD.  I can’t believe it.  This just gets better! 

RING!!!!  It was the alarm clock.  An hour had passed.  Jennifer shot up like lightening.  “Ohmygod.  I got carried away.  It’s been an hour.  I can’t move you anymore.  Your face.  I’ve got to pose your face...”

The experience of the last few minutes had put Leighanne in another world.  She didn’t appreciate the seriousness of the situation.  Big deal the alarm rang.  Don’t stop now, I’m building toward the greatest orgasm of my life.

Jennifher fervently tried to massage Leighanne’s face out of its fearful look.  Her hardened expression wouldn’t budge.  She brought over a hair dryer in hopes that the heat might work.  It didn’t.  She tried ice.  It didn’t work either.

Jennifer stepped back with folded arms looking at Leighanne’s perfect nude form.  Jennifer’s face told a story that Leighanne didn’t fully understand.  Worry.  Trepidation.  Sadness.  A tear came down Jennifer’s face as she began to speak to the mannequin.

“Girl, I can’t change your face.  The bad news is it won’t work like it is.  Your body is great — perfect boobs, slim waist, sexy buns.  I’m glad the pose works, but honey, I’m afraid I’m going to have to turn you into a torso form . . . she paused for a second and glanced at Leighanne’s shapely legs . . . and maybe a hose form too.”

What did she just say?!  A what form? What exactly is a torso form . . . and a hose form.  I don’t care what she does to me, I just want her to keep playing with me!

Jennifer’s mind was already made up, and she had to move quickly before Leighanne’s skin became too hard to cut.  She produced the cutting tool, and began by slicing through the former law clerk’s left arm just below her shoulder bone. 

Leighanne caught on quickly.  Shit!  So this is what a torso form is.  She’s going to dismember me??!!

Jennifer moved quickly to the other arm.  The cuts were clean and Jennifer rubbed over them with a rough cloth to smooth out any imperfections.  When she was done you’d never know that there had once been arms attached to them from looking, or even touching them.  OHMYGOD.  I have no arms.  What’s she going to do next?

She found out quick enough as Jennifer moved the wire cutter to the top of Leighanne’s neck at the base of her chin.  “We’ve got to show off your long neck.”  She then moved the wire through Leighanne’s neck. 

Leighanne felt her head tip back as the wire came to the back of her neck.  That was quick.  Once removed from her body, Jennifer placed Leighanne’s head on the counter so that the form-to-be could watch the final phases of the transformation.  Oh my God again!  There’s my body. . . but with no head or arms.  She’s smoothing out the top of my neck where my head used to be.

Leighanne continued to watch as Jennifer swiftly cut her legs about half way between her knees and her crotch.  As Jennifer set Leighanne’s torso form on a table, she looked over to Leighanne’s head and talked out loud, “Leighanne, you’ve got to agree you make a great torso form.  Sorry it had to end this way.  My boss wants two mannequins, a ¾ torso form, a bra form and two pantyhose forms.  I wanted you to be a mannequin, but you ended up to be my ¾ torso.  Your legs are so great I might put them on a stand so they can display nylons, even though my boss didn’t want leg forms.”  

Then Jennifer went to a drawer and pulled out some flesh-coloured tape.  She carefully cut it to cover the girl’s nipples and crotch.  That feels great.  Even as her body solidified into a torso form, Leighanne was excited by every touch, especially in those places.  Jennifer then gave Leighanne’s torso a rub down with the cloth.  Wow!  I think I orgasmed in a mannequin sort of way.

With an airbrush, the assistant manager applied a light grey colour to the legs and a light beige to the torso.  Then with a final touch Jennifer used a stencil to decal the FL (Forever Lovely) logo onto the top of the torso’s neck.  She was now done.

“Well girl, what do you think?”

I can’t believe it.  I don’t know what to say.  Of course I can’t say anything out loud, so it doesn’t really matter.

“I can’t believe how easy this was, I’m good at it too!  I can’t wait to try it again, and maybe get it right this time.”

Leighanne’s legs were mounted on a plastic base and covered in sexy sheer hose.  Her torso was also mounted, and fitted with the same bra that she had tried to purchase only an hour ago.  Only this time she also wore the matching panties.

This is too weird.  I can still feel my legs and body, even though they’re not attached.  Maybe I’ll survive after all.  Wait, what’s the crazy clerk doing now?

Jennifer approached the mannequin’s head — still frozen with the enduring look of fear.

“I mustn’t let this lovely hair go to waste.”

With a gentle tug, Leighanne’s entire head of shiny blonde hair came off in one piece, just like a wig.

Jennifer sized it up. 'Maybe I’ll wear this one day,' she said to herself.

She didn’t know how right she’d be.


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