15 Minute Makeover, Part 4 — Meeting the Quota

by Disman

Note-- This story is based on an original idea by Sandrah Leary (Sandrah_L@hotmail.com).  Thanks for your help, Sandrah.

[for the beginning of Jennifer's story, click here. Ed.]

Jennifer arrived at the store bright and early the next morning.  It was just before ten, and the sunlight was streaming through the front window, warming the store.  It was a delightful contrast to the previous day’s rain.

She looked up at Leighanne’s form on the shelf.  “Good morning Leighanne, how was you first night as a torso form?”  Jennifer reached up and touched the former law clerk’s thigh.

Cold!!  I spent the entire night crying about my predicament.  I hate that you left me here all alone.  I mean, I guess that’s what I would expect you to do to a mannequin, but I crave the feeling when you or anyone touches me.  Here I’m talking and you can’t even hear me.  You’re just plotting your next victim.  I kind of hope you end up here with me.  That would be a nice irony.

Leighanne was right; Jennifer was plotting to get her next victim. 

Jennifer was drained from the previous night.  She really wanted Leighanne to be the full mannequin in the front window.  She wondered if she would have someone else that had the right face, figure and height to be a full mannequin. 

It was Saturday and the store was open only until 7:00 p.m.  Jennifer had hired a new clerk that was scheduled to work from noon until 6:00 p.m.  The new clerk’s name was Amy.  She came with good recommendations.  Jennifer had made a mental note to evaluate Amy’s body to be one of the forms.  Amy was a beautiful 25 year-old with long curly red hair.  From Jennifer’s memory Amy seemed tall enough to be a full mannequin, but might be too flat chested.  Jennifer guessed she was an ‘A’ cup.  Amy also had extremely light freckled skin.  While the pill would take care of the freckles and eliminate tan marks, it didn’t change the overall coloration of the skin.  Jennifer wondered whether Amy might turn out too pale.

Once Amy came to work, Jennifer made sure to check out Amy’s figure and skin complexion.  When questioned, Amy revealed that she was 5’10” tall—a nice height for a full body mannequin.  Jennifer was curious as to Amy’s bra size.  She didn’t want to arouse suspicion, but she had to have those measurements.  Finally she had an idea.  A new shipment of bras had come in the day before, so Jennifer offered a free sample to Amy— “It’s nice for us to wear certain styles so that we can tell the customers how comfortable they are.  What size do you need?”

“I guess a 34-B,” Amy commented with a furrowed brow.  It was like she had to think a bit to remember. 

Jennifer handed her new clerk a still-packaged bra.

“Thank you.  Can I go try it on to make sure it fits?”

“Sure.”  By all means.  Let’s make sure you can actually be a mannequin before I turn you into one.

Amy came back out and announced that it fit perfectly.  In fact it felt so good that she clipped the tags and left it on.  Jennifer made a mental note to give Cehrina a call and ask how women with pale skin would work as mannequins.

It was then that Amy noticed Leighanne’s torso on the shelf.  “Hey, when did you get the new mannequin?”

“Last night after you left.”

“What’s her name?”

The question took Jennifer by surprise. “Leigha . . .” Oh shit,I can’t say that,  what do I say?  The newspaper will run an article on Leighanne being missing . . . it’s an unusual name . . . they could tie it to me . . .she stammered.

“An... Angela; I think this model is called Angela”

“She’s beautiful.”  Jennifer rushed to the back of the store while Amy looked up at Leighanne.  Then in a young and innocent manner Amy spoke to the torso form.  “Welcome to our shop.  I promise to change you often and keep you dusted.”

In a strange way, Amy’s compliment really meant something to Leighanne.  How sweet, thank you.  I’ll be looking forward to that.



Six o’clock came around and Amy left for the day.  The store had been very quiet.  It had been a sunny, warm spring day, and it seemed like people were doing other things than shopping for clothes and getting makeovers. 

Then about fifteen minutes before closing a woman came in.  Jennifer looked up from the cash register.  YES!  Perfect timing.  I’m the only one here.  If she works out I can have her on display by tomorrow morning.

The woman looked to be a little short—about 5’4” with short dark brown hair. 

“Hello,” was her quick greeting to Jennifer.

Jennifer immediately recognized her from the Starbucks that was a few stores down and where she picked up her morning cappuccino.

“Don’t you work over at Starbucks?”

“Yeah, I’m the manager.”  With that the two women introduced themselves to each other.  The woman’s name was Monica.  She was wearing a white sleeveless blouse and black shorts that no doubt was the uniform for her store (all she needed was a green apron!).  The blouse was cotton with a mock turtle neck collar and had large enough sleeve openings to expose all of her shoulders and the straps of her bra.  For that shirt, I’d try to sell her a bra with racerback straps so they wouldn’t show. 

The blouse was also tight fitting and sheer.  From every angle, Jennifer could see the outline of Monica’s bra.  It had smooth cups with a seam across each breast.  My guess is that she’s wearing a Playtex or Bali—34 B or C.  Jennifer had been selling lingerie ever since she was 17.  Her knowledge of the shape and style of every bra turned out to be an occupational hazard.  She could look at any women and with some degree of accuracy tell you what size and style she was wearing. 

Monica browsed through various racks while Jennifer eyed her over.  She must be in her late thirties.  Cehrina said that I should look for women in their twenties or early thirties, however someone in their late thirties or even their forties would be okay if they looked to be in good shape.  She does look like she’s in good shape.  She’s got nice tan skin too.

“Is there anything I can help you find?”

Monica seemed a little embarrassed.  “Well . . . I need a strapless bra . . . “ She said with a shy look on her face.  It was a look that revealed a loneliness inside that needed to explain to someone why she needed a strapless bra.  “. . . it’s my 20th high school reunion.”


“No not so nice, I got divorced last year from my high school sweetheart after 19 years of marriage.  He’s got a new twentysomething wife and he’ll be there.  So I need to look good.”

For the moment Jennifer forgot about her mannequin quota and identified with the woman.  “That’s too bad.  These men!” 

Monica smiled.  She immediately connected with Jennifer.  “Well, I went out and got this strapless black dress.  I thought about just not going.  But I think it looks pretty sexy.  It’s all pretty silly really.  But I do need a strapless bra — probably black.”

“Straight ahead against the back wall.  What size do you need?”


With that one comment, Jennifer’s mind went from Monica’s troubles to her own.  34C huh?  You’ll be a perfect bra form.  You won’t have to attend that reunion after all. 

Then a surprise.  “Are those mints I smell?  Could I have one?”

She smells the mints.  I wasn’t ready to give her one yet.  Crap!  But why not just give her one now?  “Sure, I’ll get you one.”  Jennifer walked back to the counter to get the tin of mints.  When she turned around Monica was standing in front of her with two black strapless bras in hand.

“I’ll try these on.  Thanks for the mint.” 

Don’t thank me too much, honey.  As Monica walked off to the dressing room, Jennifer eyed her waist and hips.  I think I’m going to get two birds with one stone.  I think you’ll also make a good pantyhose form.  “I’ll check on you in a few minutes.”  First I need to go lock the front door and put up the “closed” sign.

Monica popped in the mint as she was walking.  Once in the dressing room she put the bras on a stool and looked at herself in the mirror.  Dammit I hate this!  I was so looking forward to this reunion and now Ted and his floozy have spoiled it. She slipped the white top over her head and reexamined herself in the mirror with just her bra.  She caressed her breasts with her index fingers.  Monica you’ve always had good tits.  Ted always loved them.  In a strange way I really miss him.

About then the mint started working. Wow that really feels good.  Mmmmm..  What is going on?  This can’t be feeling this good.  My hands are feeling stiff.  She held her hands to her face and looked at them.  I’m feeling stiff all over.  Maybe I should call for that sales girl Jennifer.  I can hardly move at all.  But I feel soooo good.  What’s happening to me?  Wait here comes Jennifer.

“Are you okay in there?”  You’re probably stiff by now.  If you don’t answer I know for sure.

No answer.  I can’t talk!!  I can’t move at all!

Jennifer opened the dressing room door.  Sure enough, Monica was standing perfectly stiff with her back to the door.  In the mirror Jennifer could see Monica’s facial expression — one of pleasure and surprise at the same time.  Her hands were dropped down to her sides, but her fingers were spread wide apart like she was panicked. 

Jennifer walked in and touched Monica’s shoulder.  Rub my shoulder.  Please.  Instead Jennifer pulled on the back of Monica’s bra and looked at the tag.  “I was right.  34C Bali, the Flower Bali to be exact.”  What in the hell are you talking about?

Then Jennifer walked in front of the stiff Monica.  “Well girl.  You won’t have to worry about that reunion.  When they’re out having fun you’ll be right here modeling bras . . . modeling bras? . . .modeling bras as a bra form.  The good news, according to Cehrina at least, is that you won’t die.  You’ll be fully aware of everything going on about you.  Forever!”

Monica screamed inside with confusion and sheer horror.  She had worked in retail for nearly all her career, she even had a short stint at Frederick’s of Hollywood.  She knew exactly what a bra form was.  How could this be?

While Monica silently screamed in horror, Jennifer walked back behind her and propped open the door.  The next thing Monica felt was Jennifer’s arms wrapping around her waist just under her bosom.  Monica then felt herself being lifted and carried backwards out of the changing room and down the hall to the back of the store.  Moreover, she felt that her breasts had become stiff and didn’t move when touched.

Crap!  Crap!  Crap!  I can’t believe this is happening to me.  It feels like my body is lighter.  She can lift me so easily.  I HAVE GOT TO MOVE.  Ugh!  Aaaaargh!  Crap!  I can’t move.  My tits feel stiff.  She’s got me.

Jennifer stood the stiff Monica in the middle of the store’s storage room.  She set the timer for one hour, poured a glass of wine and then left momentarily.  She came back with Monica’s blouse and purse— the only personal belongings left in the changing room.  Monica helplessly watched as Jennifer went through her purse.  You won’t get much there, I’ve been broke since Ted left.

“Well I guess I need to explain,” Jennifer had a weird smirk on her face as she talked, “I got this great new job as the manager of this store.  Supposedly it’s a great place to work.  There’s great longevity— no one ever leaves!  Then on my first day my boss, Cehrina Yonge, tells me that all the mannequins at every Forever Lovely store are real.  And I mean by real, they are made from real women— and this goes for the forms too.  Cehrina gives me a quota— two mannequins, two torso forms, two bra forms and two pantyhose forms.  I’ve got two weeks to make the quota or Cehrina’s going to make me into whatever’s left and hire someone else to finish the job.”

Jennifer took a sip of wine, audibly laughed and held up Monica’s wallet from her purse.   “So you see Monica McIntyre.  You get to help me out.  I don’t want to be a mannequin.  If you and some other nice ladies become mannequins for me, I don’t have to be one in your place.”

This girl is crazy!  How can she do this?  She’s drinking so much wine she’s going to get drunk.

“Monica, I’m sorry to say that you’re too short to be a full mannequin and I made a torso form last night.  Her name was Leighanne.  She was very pretty.  I wanted to make her a full mannequin but I’ve only got an hour to do the job or you’ll become too stiff.  I drank too much wine then and it took too long.  She didn’t have the right look on her face.  So her head had to come off.”

What is this, confession? 

“So you Monica . . . get to be a bra form . . . and if you’re lucky, a pantyhose form too.  You are a 34C, you told me yourself— the perfect size for a bra form.  I’m gonna’ put your pretty boobs on display!  Ha. Ha. Ha!”  Jennifer’s voice had more than a tinge of fiendish laughter to it.

Why are you doing this to me?  What did I ever do to you?  A bra form.  I remember bra forms back at Frederick’s.  They didn’t have arms or a head.  Crap!  She’s going to cut off my head!  This crazy woman’s going to cut off my head.”

Jennifer left the room for a few minutes and in the meantime Monica calmed down.  Jennifer was back in her office looking through catalogs from mannequin companies.  She came back into the storeroom holding a catalog and sat on a chair facing Monica. 

Behind Jennifer was a wall mirror.  Monica could look straight into the mirror and see her stiffened form.  My God, what’s happening to me?  It looks like my body has a shiny, plastic shine to it.  I look a little paler too.

“Here we go Monica,” Jennifer held up the catalog for Monica to see.  “This is the new you!” 

Monica had another panic attack.  Although she knew what a bra form was, seeing the picture of one in the catalog made it all too real.  I’m going to look like that?!  Crap.  No one will ever know that I was once a real woman.  My mom, sister . . . even Ted . . . will never know what happened to me.  I'm’a gonner.

Jennifer sat the catalog on the chair and stood in front of Monica.  She began to position her body.

This is too weird.  Wherever she moves me I stay.  If only I could stop her. 

After a few minutes Monica found herself standing with both arms sticking straight out from her body, like the letter T.  Jennifer went behind Monica and put one hand in the middle of Monica’s back while she pulled a shoulder back with the other hand.  She did this with both shoulders until Monica’s shoulders were back.

It feels like she’s trying to make me show off my tits.  Oh, I guess that’s the idea.  I can’t believe how good it feels when she touches me.  Very exciting! 

Jennifer then moved Monica’s head slightly to her right.  “You are looking good Monica.  I’ll take your arms first.”

Hey just keep touching me.  Couldn’t you just leave my arms alone?  I remember we had a torso form at Fredericks with arms.  No head though, ugh!

Monica felt a slight pain on her right arm about four inches from her shoulder.  She couldn’t see what was happening in the mirror since Jennifer’s back was in the way.  She about fainted when she saw Jennifer walk away and set an arm on the table against the back wall.  Then she saw the side of her body that once had an arm.  Now you could fully see the side fabric of the bra.  Where the arm once was, was now flat and fleshtone.  No blood.  The pill must’ve transformed her insides.  I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Another pinch and the left arm was gone too.  It didn’t hurt.  That’s good.  I’m starting to look like a bra form, that’s bad.  What’s next?

Jennifer then went behind Monica.  After a moment Monica could feel here bra being undone.  Monica watched in the mirror as her bra fell of her shoulders and breasts.  The feeling was different.  The usual feeling of unsupported breasts wasn’t there.  They were firm and stuck straight out.  They looked different too.  Her nipples were less pronounced and her areolas were lighter.

Standing in front of Monica, Jennifer took the bra and held it with one hand at each end.  She then let it glide over Monica’s hardened body.  Ohmygod!!! This feeling absolutely fantastic.  You can keep doing this forever and I’ll be happy.  Jennifer then bent forward and used her tongue to make a circular motion around each nipple.  Wow!!  That’s even better.  Please don’t stop.. .

Next came Monica’s shorts.  Jennifer undid the button and unzipped the black shorts.  She then moved her hands inside the shorts and pushed them down over her hips and down to her feet.  Ohhh.  That feels great too.  Monica was left standing topless with only a pair of pink cotton Jockey underpants covering her bottom half.

“I’m going to have to lay you on your back for this next part Monica.” Jennifer then picked up Monica’s now-lighter form and laid her face up on the work table.  Look at me.  I am sooo stiff.  My legs stick straight out with no effort whatsoever.  She really is making me into a mannequin.

Once on the table all Monica could do was to stare up fixedly into the air as she listened to Jennifer rummage around the storeroom.  She felt Jennifer touch her waist.  She couldn’t tell for sure, but it felt like Jennifer was drawing a line around her waist.  On the outside Monica was looking more and more like a mannequin, but on the inside there was a sense of dread.  Monica knew that Jennifer was drawing a line around her than would serve as a cutting guide for some sort of saw that would cut her body in two.

More rummaging . . . then Monica felt a light but sharp pain on her left hip.  She still couldn’t see but she knew that Jennifer was using some device to cut her in half.  Slowly but surely Monica felt the pain cross her waist.  As near as she could tell the line was just below her navel.  She’s almost done.  What will it feel like to be cut in two?

Both ends of Monica’s body rocked when the saw had done its work.  Jennifer then lifted Monica’s upper body and sat it on the table.  The first thing Monica saw was her bottom half still lying on the table.  Crap.  That’s me.  How could she do this? 

Jennifer then flipped Monica’s bottom half upside down and sat it next to her top half on the table.  Her legs were sticking straight up in the air.  Jennifer then went to the mannequin catalog and opened it to the page with pantyhose forms.  On the page were specific measurements for pantyhose forms.  “Well Monica, let’s see if you’ve got the right measurements to be a pantyhose form.”  Measurements?!  My thighs!  What if I don’t qualify, what will she do?

Monica wasn’t sure how the measurements would turn out, but she was sure that every touch to any part of her body was near orgasmic.  The measuring tape was no different.  “Congratulations Monica, your bottom half gets to be a pantyhose form.  You’re lucky, your thighs were almost too big.  If that had been the case I would’ve used your lower legs for stocking forms and would’ve stored your butt and thighs.”  Congratulations? Why would I care if I was a pantyhose form or a stocking form?

With that Jennifer spent a few minutes positioning Monica’s legs just like the photo in the catalog.  The process was very perplexing to Monica.  I don’t understand.  My legs are separate from my body and yet I can feel every touch.  And every touch is more sensuous than ever.  My legs look so sexy too.  I can’t believe how turned on I am at a time like this.

The good feelings turned toward ecstasy when Jennifer lifted off the pink cotton panties.  Monica thought she was going to pass out when Jennifer ran her fingers over her crotch.  Jennifer then used Monica’s panties to rub all over the newly created pantyhose form.  With each caressing rub, Monica’s pubic hair fell softly to the ground, her body became more smooth and she went out of her mind with pleasure.  Jennifer then used a plastic-kind-of paste to cover Monica’s sex.  Wow!  That’s cold, but it still feels terrific.  The final touch occurred when Jennifer went out into the store and came back with a package of new pantyhose and slipped them over Monica’s hard and smooth legs.  I would totally scream if I could.  This is soooo good!

With that task finished, Jennifer paused and then focused on Monica’s upper half.  “Well girl, back to business.  There’s only one thing left to do.  You know bra forms don’t have heads.”

The intense enjoyment of Jennifer’s touch fell to nothing with these words.  The balloon had been popped.  Oh my God!  She’s really going to do this to me.  I’m going to be a bra form, a headless bra form.  How can this be?

Monica looked into the mirror straight ahead of her.   She could see her stiff armless upper half.  She was proud of how she looked.  That bastard Ted.  Look what he’s missing.  Now he’s out with that floozy and I’ll be a headless bra form.  It just isn’t fair. She would’ve cried if she could’ve.

Jennifer came behind Monica and for the first time Monica actually saw the device used to remove her body parts.  It was a metal wire that looked to be hooked up to electricity.  Jennifer took a few moments to study the lines of Monica’s neck.  I can feel her breath.  Will I loose consciousness without my head?  I wish she would just do it and get it over with.

And she did.  Jennifer came over the top of Monica’s head with the wire.  Monica could feel its heat as it went into her skin at the top of her neck below her chin.  I can feel it going right through me.  It’s faster than I thought it would be.  It only hurts slightly— just the heat. 

Monica felt the wire exit at the back of her neck.  It felt like it was above the hair at the bottom of her neck and she was right.  Jennifer came around in front of her.  “Let this be a good cut,” she whispered to herself.  Monica could see that Jennifer had a very serious intense look on her face.  Standing face to face, Jennifer reached forward with both hands and gently lifted Monica’s head from the base.  Crap!  She’s lifting up my head. 

Jennifer sat Monica’s head down on the table.  It wasn’t intentional, but Monica did have a perfect view of the newly created bra form.  Oh boy, there I am . . . a bra form.  This is so weird.  I can see myself apart from me and yet I can feel everything with every part of my body.  What’s she going to do now?

Monica could see that the cut on her neck had moved upward at a 45 degree leaving the back of her neck higher than the front.  It was so high in the back that there was still hair there.  Jennifer fixed this by rubbing the hair off, just like she had done to the hair on her lower body.  To bad you couldn’t do that in real life.  No waxing.  No pain.

Next Jennifer brought out some of the fleshy pink colored paste that she had used on Monica’s crotch and applied it to Monica’s nipples.  Ooooh!  That still feels soooo good.  In a matter of minutes Monica’s breasts looked very much like a mannequin’s breasts—full, round and with little light pink nipples.  Jennifer gave the new bra form a rub down with a silky rag to remove any dust or skin particles.  Keep on doing that!

The final step in the process was for Jennifer to use the stencil to carefully apply the “Forever Lovely” logo on the top of Monica’s neck.  Even this felt good to Monica. 

Jennifer carried the new bra form out into the showroom floor.  Even without the benefit of her head and eyes, Monica was able to see everything in the store.  Jennifer placed Monica on a white display cube next to Leighanne’s torso form.  “You two will make a nice pair.”

“Well Monica, we’ve got to get you dressed for our customers tomorrow.  Hummm.  I know!  I’ll let you wear the black strapless bra that you were going to buy for the reunion.  It’s still in the dressing room.”  I might as well wear it now.  It really doesn’t matter.”

Jennifer was back in seconds with the bra from the dressing room.  She stood on a chair and turned Monica’s form around so that her boobs were facing away from her and toward Leighanne’s torso while she fastened the bra. “Monica this torso form is Leighanne.  I did her yesterday.”  Well Leighanne, how are you doing?  I don’t think it gets worse than this.”  Little did Monica know, that it could and would get worse.


A week later . . .

Monica and Leighanne both grew accustomed to their new static life as display forms.  Each human touch continued to arouse them, but the touches grew fewer by the day.  Amy, the tall redheaded store clerk, did keep her promise to Lieghanne and later Monica by keeping them dusted each day.  This was the highlight of their days. 

The two women couldn’t communicate with each other, but their thoughts were the same— anger at Jennifer for what she had done to their lives and extreme interest in Jennifer’s new acquisitions.  And Jennifer had continued to have success in her new acquisitions.  Both Monica and Lieghanne quickly noticed that it was a distinct piece of bad luck to be the last customer of the day.  In the seven days since Monica was turned into a bra form, Jennifer had made new acquisitions on three of the seven days. 

Two days after Monica, a statuesque yuppie woman became Jennifer’s first full-bodied mannequin.  At first Leighanne and Monica were envious of this new woman because she got to have her whole body, but then they realized that her arms and legs still needed to be removed in order to dress her. 

The very next night, Jennifer got two in one night when two women in their twenties came shopping together.  One was getting married in a few weeks and the other was her maid of honor.  They were giddy.  The maid of honor was the prettier of the two— a perky blonde with a face that reminded you of Meg Ryan.  The bride was Latino with a dark complexion, long dark hair, an average face and above average very curvaceous body.  The maid of honor picked out a lacey white bustier with matching garter belt and urged the bride to try it on. 

Then things got interesting.  While the bride was trying on the outfit, Jennifer talked the maid of honor into trying one of the mints.  She appeared to be the target all along.  But what about the bride?

Well, it was closing time again.  Jennifer locked the front door and pulled down the sunshades.  She quickly undressed the now stiffened maid of honor, revealing a slim athletic body.  Jennifer confirmed Leighanne and Monica’s suspicions when she said aloud, “You will be my last full mannequin.”  Jennifer went to the back room and came out with a glass base and a mannequin stand.  She then quickly posed the woman and put her on the empty stand.  Soon she would be on display next to the woman from the previous night.  Leighanne and Monica both winced when they saw Jennifer put the support rod from the stand up the girl’s butt.

But what about the bride?  She was still in the dressing room.  Jennifer was starting to rub off the woman’s pubic hair when the bride called out.  “Amanda?  Amanda?”

Jennifer spoke back, “It’s okay honey.  Amanda will be just a minute.  Let me come and see how you look.”

Jennifer disappeared from Leighanne and Monica’s sight.  Soon both had a sense of dread when they heard Jennifer say, “Would you like one of these great mints?”  With Amanda, the maid of honor, going into the front window there wasn’t a need for any more full body mannequins.  Instead of the joy of a wedding, this poor bride would be experiencing the horror of being turned into some sort of display fixture. 

What would she be?  There was still need for a bra form, a ¾ torso form and a pantyhose form.  Her body had great curves.  Their bets were that she would become the next torso form.

“Where’s Amanda?,” the bride spoke. 

“She’s right out here; come on out and see.  You’re safe, the curtains are drawn.  She wants to see you in your wedding night’s outfit.”

The bride cautiously inched into the main store from the dressing rooms.  She was indeed wearing the skimpy outfit that her maid of honor had urged her to try on.  She looked uptight and uncomfortable in the revealing lace bustier, garter belt, and sheer nylon hose all in white, but for no reason as her great body only made the sensual outfit look even better.

Jennifer resumed working on the maid of honor’s pubic hair and didn’t even look up.  “How’s that working for you honey?”

“Okay I guess.  But where did Amanda go?  She was going to wait for me.”  The bride still didn’t notice that the mannequin Jennifer was carefully working on was her maid of honor, Amanda.

“She did wait for you, dearie.  Here she is.”  Jennifer gestured toward the store’s newest mannequin perched rigidly on a glass base. 

The bride’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.  She gasped “Jesus!  What have you done to Amanda?!!”

“Well honey, Amanda’s had a little detour in life.  She’s decided to stay here in the store and be one of our mannequins.”

At this point Leighanne and Monica were screaming inside for the bride.  You poor girl, you don’t realize what’s going to happen to you. 

The bride was frozen with curiosity and fear as she reached out to touch Amanda’s hard thigh.  “You somehow made her into a mannequin?  How?”  Then a look of panic came across her face.  “Can you turn her back?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that.”

Then anger took over the bride’s face.  “You’ve got to.  What will I do without her?”

“Oh, don't worry, you won’t be without her; you’ll be right here with her.”

The bride still didn’t fully appreciate her predicament.  A look of confusion came across her face, followed by fearful comprehension.  “You mean— I’ll be a mannequin too.”

“Pretty much.  In fact I would guess that the mint is already starting to do its job and you’re feeling a little —stiff about now.”

The bride’s surprise changed to horror when she realized that she couldn’t move her arms anymore.  Her speech was becoming slurred.  “Howwww cannn you doooo thissss?  I can’t be a mannnnnnequin, I’mmmm getting marr...ried.”

“I’m sorry you’ll miss the wedding.  All he’ll do is break your heart anyway.  Really though, I don’t need a full mannequin.  Sweet Amanda here was my last addition for the window.  I need a torso form to model that great outfit you’re wearing inside the display next to the dressing room.”

Leighanne and Monica had both been right.  This girl had the perfect body for a torso form.

“WWWWWhat’s a tttttorso fffformmmmmm?

“It’s a display figure with that shows off the torso alone.  Otherwise no head, arms or legs.”

“Nnnnoo hhhhead?!!”  These were the bride’s last words.  Her face froze in position with her mouth open and her eyes wide with fright. Good thing it wouldn't be needed. Within five minutes, Jennifer had used the laser tool to remove the bride’s head and long dark hair.  Next came her arms and legs.  Jennifer momently pulled down the bustier and panties to rub off the girl’s dark pubic hair.  The final touch, as always, was the “Forever Lovely” logo stenciled on the young bride’s stump of a neck.  She was then moved into position.

With the bride in place, Jennifer finished the job of installing the pivot points in Amanda’s shoulders, wrists, waist and legs.  Before Jennifer left for home she dressed Amanda in a silky nightee.


Another week later . . .

It was a Saturday, Amy opened the shop.  Jennifer had only come in at the end of the day for the past week.  She only worked a few hours and when she was there she was clearly very anxious and agitated.  Leighanne and Monica knew why— Jennifer had not been able to secure the last bra form and pantyhose form and Cehrina was due back any day.

It wasn’t that Jennifer hadn’t tried.  Every night she let Amy go early and sat back hoping the right woman would come through the door.  But none came.  The customers either came in groups where Jennifer couldn’t take just one; or they were too old or were overweight or flat-chested.  It was always something and Jennifer was becoming visibly frustrated.

By the time it was 3:00 p.m. Amy was in the back room while Jennifer stood in front of Monica and Leighanne’s forms, fretting.  “I’ve got to get one more of you or I’ll be up there on the shelf with you.  Shit!  Maybe tonight, I’ll get lucky.”

Amy came out of the back room and Jennifer spoke, “Amy, you can go.  Traffic is light.  I’ll close.”

“Okay.” Amy then grabbed her purse in the drawer under the cash register and walked toward the front door.

Ding.  It was the bell on the front door, which opened to reveal an elegant woman.  It was Cehrina.

Jennifer stifled a gasp and quickly introduced Amy to Cehrina. 

The older woman said pleasantly “Good to meet you, Amy.  I’d like a word with Jennifer alone for a little while; then I would like to tell you about a great opportunity for your life.  Can you come back in about 20 minutes?”

“I guess,” Amy commented with a quizzical look.

Run, Amy run.  Was the single thought of Monica, Leighanne and the others.  They all figured that Amy was destined to be either the bra form, pantyhose form, or both.

With Amy gone, Cehrina walked over to the door and flipped the sign to “closed.”  She then paced around the store carefully looking at each of Jennifer’s acquisitions, stroking their solid shapes with her slim fingers and shifting the garments they displayed slightly. 

“You have done well, Jennifer.  The mannequins and forms are good.  You did an excellent job on these ladies.  You have good skills.” 

Jennifer sighed a sigh of relief.  Maybe she wouldn’t have to get the last two forms.  Maybe things were okay.  Maybe Amy will get the “opportunity” to be a pantyhose form when she returns.  Maybe . . .

“Did you acquire all the forms and mannequins I asked you to make?”

A chill passed down her spine as Jennifer became tense.  “Well, uh . . . No, not quite.”

“What are you missing?”

“Uh . . . a bra form and uh . . . a pantyhose form.”


I’ve got to do something.  I’ve got to explain. “I’ve been so close so many times.  I think Amy would make a good pantyhose form, with those great legs of hers.  I’ve just got to get a bra form.  I’m sure I can get one tonight if you give me a little extra time...”

Jennifer was starting to sweat and tremble while Cehrina continued the interrogation.  “Hmmm.  What did I say would happen if you failed to meet the quota when I returned?”

Oh, Noooo! “You . . . you said I would be made into whatever mannequin or form that was left and you would hire someone to take my place to finish the job.”

“Did I come back when I said I would?”

“No . . . you came back a week later.” Jennifer was frantically trying to figure out was Cehrina was going to do.  Surely she must give her the benefit of the doubt.  She had done nearly everything.  “But things have been a little slow.  I was worried someone would suspect something.”

“What size bra do you wear?”

“A … um … a 38D.” Jennifer was so scared that she barely got the words out.  Of course she had lied.  She was really only a 34C— the perfect size for a bra form.  She hoped she could deceive Cehrina into not using her body.  To press her claim, she took a deep breath to fill her chest with air and then added, “a little bigger than a standard bra form.” 

“Take off your shirt.” 

“Wh . . . what?”

“You heard me, take off your shirt.  We’ve got to see if I can use you.”

Maybe Cehrina would judge her as too big.  Then she’d be off the hook.  So she reluctantly did what Cehrina commanded.  Today she was wearing black Capri pants and a steel blue sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front.  Under Jennifer’s blouse was a black décolleté bra showing plenty of cleavage.  Her skin was amazingly white and without any freckles.  A silver necklace hung around her neck with a small heart shaped pendant falling directly between the cleavage of her ample firm breasts.

Cehrina stepped over to Jennifer and walked around her carefully analyzing every curve of her chest.  Jennifer had never been so nervous in her life.  A part of her wanted to kick Cehrina hard in her shin and then make a run for it.  The other part of her somehow knew that Cehrina had the means to get her anyway.  Then she would for sure end up on the shelf right next to Monica.  And like Monica she would have no head, arms or lower body.

When Cehrina was behind Jennifer she pulled back Jennifer’s bra to reveal the tag.  “Hmmm. 34C— a bit different than the 38D you claimed.  You must have really squeezed into this bra.” Hmmm...

There’s no way out.  It’s up to Cehrina, if she wants me to be a bra form, I’ll be a bra form.  Maybe if I plead with her.

“Please Cehrina, don’t do this to me.  I’ll find someone for the two forms.  Amy should be back any minute.  She would be a great pantyhose form and maybe the bra form too.  Please?”

“Shut up,” commanded Cehrina.  “Your whining means nothing to me.”

Cehrina stepped back from the now sobbing Jennifer and stood silently with her hand on her chin.

What the hell is she doing?  I probably deserve to be a bra form.  That Monica and the others were very nice people.  I did it to them.  They didn’t deserve it.  Wait, she’s got a smile on her face.  I think she’s going to let me go . . .”

“So, you would like to stay on and be my store manager Jennifer?”  Cehrina spoke with little emotion.  As she spoke she pulled a large black fountain pen out of her purse. 

Jennifer started to relax.  Thank God.  She’s going to let me go.  I get to keep my body parts!  She openly sighed and threw her head back, looking up at the ceiling.

But as Jennifer relaxed she didn’t notice that Cehrina flipped the pen around and pointed it at Jennifer.  With the click of a button on the pen a CO2 cartridge sent a small dart out of the pen and directly into Jennifer’s exposed belly.

Immense surprise was the look on Jennifer’s face.  “Wha . . . what was that?” Noooo!

“That was a dart containing the same formula as the mints.  You will become a bra form, per our agreement.”

Jennifer started to beg, but the formula from the dart worked even quicker and she rapidly found herself unable to move, freezing stiff as she had begun to make her final appeal.

Cehrina was more deliberate than Jennifer was.  Cehrina didn’t need wine to enable her to complete the task.  She didn’t even need a timer.  Her technique was rapid and practiced. Jennifer’s head was the first to go.  Her arms were next and within ten minutes her upper body had been turned into a bra form and was up on the shelf with Monica.  The décolleté bra looked lovely on her body.

“I hope you enjoy this, Jennifer.  According to your resume, every job you’ve ever had has involved working in the lingerie department.  I think in some way this was your destiny!”

Jennifer didn’t know about her destiny.  She did know that once the dart hit, every touch was an absolute pleasure.

Cehrina had just come out of the back room after putting Jennifer’s head and arms away when Amy knocked on the front door.  Cehrina let her in.

As the two women walked through the store, Amy first noticed the Jennifer’s lower body, still standing where the tiny dart had hit her.  The hips and legs were still wearing the black Capris and the sling back pumps Jennifer had been so proud of earlier.  Amy then looked up at the new bra form displaying the black décolleté bra.  It was still wearing a silver heart pendant. 

Quickly and amazingly, Amy put two and two together.  “Jennifer??”  She said as her eyes darted back and forth between the bra form and the lower body.

“Yes Jennifer.  She decided on a new career, just recently.  She didn’t want to be a store manager after all and chose to work in display, instead.  Are you interested in taking her place?”

“If I say no?” Amy had a sinking feeling what the answer might be, and was right.

“Then, I’ll turn you into a pantyhose form too and you’ll be placed over there on that table with your pretty legs sticking up in the air with what I’m assuming is the other half of this other bra form.”

“Well I guess I have no other alternative.” Amy had a smile on her face.  She had an amazing comprehension of everything that was going on and had gone on. In for a penny, in for a pound, she thought. “Let's get to work.”

With that the two women pulled off Jennifer’s pants, eliminated her pubic hair and positioned her legs in the position of a classic pantyhose form.  They smoothed a pair of dark patterned hose over her legs and replaced the pumps on her petite feet before moving the form into place. All the while, Cehrina went over with Amy the advantages and major disadvantages of being a store manager for Forever Lovely.

Either way, it was a job one devoted the rest of their life to.


Follow Amy's continuing adventures at the store...

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