15 Minute Makeover 5 - New Manager

by Paul Jutras

Note ---          This story is based on the original idea by Sandrah Leary (Sandrah_L@hotmail.com).  Thanks for the help. 
It picks up where Disman left off in story 4.
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    Cehrina; the owner of the store, Forever Lovely, smiled at the bra form that used to be her old manager, Jennifer.  Cehrina had given Jennifer a extra week to meet her quota of turning lovely women into mannequins and avoid being changed into one herself. Unfortunately she didn't  make it.  Now she and her new manager, Amy dusted the armless, headless figure that was once a human being. Jennifer learned what all her victims had learned. Even without a head, she could see everything around her. Despite being cut up she could feel every part of her with intense pleasure. She thought the dark patterned hose over her legs and new pumps well defined her lower half; which was now nothing more than a pantyhose form.

     "I'll be touring my other store branches," Cehrina told Amy with a look that got the manager's attention right away. Especially the tone in her voice. "Like Jennifer, I warn you that you had better meet the same quota as she was to make, if you don't want to be demoted from manager to part of our visual merchandising staff."

     Cehrina left the store bright and early in the morning. Amy was left to get the store ready to open at ten. Without a helper of her own; like she was for Jennifer, Amy found she had lots of work to do on her own. The thought of becoming a mannequin herself kept her working hard to get ready for her first customer.

     Jennifer had spent the entire night in a mist of  sexual pleasure and was just settling down from cloud 9 to the reality of feeling the arousal of not being touch. She was sure she knew what those she had transformed like Monica and Leighanne  were thinking. That she was getting what she deserved for taking away their lives of her victims. To crave the feelings she got would she was touched by human hands or anything at all.

     It was Sunday and it only took until 11am for someone to notice the sign in the window stating that a clerk was wanted and to apply within.  Paula had just graduated business collage and was looking for a full time job. With her parents dead, she had no family to turn to for help. That is the biggest reason Amy choose to hire her. If  Amy had trouble making her quota, she could change Paula and nobody would miss her.  The 28 year old with long, straight raven hair was tall enough for a full mannequin and 34C - the perfect chest for a bra form. Her thighs didn't seem to thick if she was cut and would make a good pantyhose form. Amy especially like how her figure was shown off by he pale pink silk blouse and matching skirt.  Cocoa was the perfect color hose to show off her legs and feet in her modest open toed two inch heels.

    Paula started to work right away, unpacking a new shipment of pantyhose a variety of different colors from suntan to jet- black. Amy wasn't as good at guessing cup sizes as Jennifer was, but was sure she could do the job. She had to if she didn't want to end up like the previous manager.

      "I don't think I heard of the Forever Lovely brand of hose?" Paula asked as she looked at the name on the packaging. "Does our boss put it out herself?"

      "Yes." Amy smiled. "We don't sell many though. Seems their so soft and comfortable that even those at work find it hard not to want to pleasure themselves through the material. Not many women want to make love through their nylons. That's about the only place one can wear them without going mad with desire to be touch."

      "Maybe I should hold off on  buying one until I get myself a boyfriend." Paula smiled as she began to dust  Leighanne who Amy remember Jennifer once called Angela to keep her from guessing the store's secret to making mannequins.

     Six o' clock came around and Amy was ready to close for the day. The store had remain quiet. Paula gathered her purse from her locker and said goodnight.  Paula considered asking Amy if she could fit  her in for a beauty make over, but she had already had an appointment the following morning at her usual salon and figured another time.

     Then as Amy finished checking the money in the register cash draw, a man in a tuxedo came in. Amy looked over with a look of anger. She hadn't changed a single woman all day with Paula hanging around her and now a man showed up.

      "Can I help you?" Amy asked, wanting to get him out fast incase a lovely woman would show with hopes of a last minute make over.  She then recognized him from a photo she had seen in the trash when she and her boss was cleaning up Jennifer's transformation. The groom  was looking for his bride, who had stood him up because she and her bride's maid, Amanda had never left the shop after their make over.

     "Are you Jennifer?" The groom asked. "My bride- to- be had an appointment here with a woman name Jennifer.

     "I'm afraid that Jennifer got demoted for failure of her duty." Amy said carefully. "I'm the new manager of Forever Lovely.  Amy took note how the tux looked like it had been slept in for several nights. Probably lack of sleep since he ended up tracking the bride down.

     "I haven't gone to the police yet, but if I don't get some answers, I will." The groom threatened in a way that made Amy realize that she had to do something quickly. She wondered if the mints she had would effect males as well as it did females. She knew that if she didn't want to go to jail or worst become part of the collect, she would have to risk it.

     "Have a mint and we'll talk about it." Amy said as The Groom reached into the bowl and took a piece. Amy watched carefully as he popped it into his mouth. "If you have a picture of your wife, maybe I can remember seeing her and help out."

     "This picture was taken last summer." The Groom said as he pulled out a photo his friends had taken of the two of them. He was standing beside a two seated car in a pair of blue shorts with white racing stripes down the side. She was dressed in a blue bikini as she laid stretched across the hood in a sexy pose. "Do you know her?"

      "She didn't come in while I was on duty." Amy honestly said. She knew like The Groom that The Bride must of come in after hours when Jennifer was still the manager of the place. A smile spread across her face as she stared at his nipples. They had swollen to the point that they were stretching the very fabric of his tuxedo. She had to hold back her giggle as his nipples went erect while he scratched at itch on his chest. As he scratched, the movement of his fingers slowed down.

     It's working better than I could have hoped." Amy thought as his blonde hair flowed down about his shoulders with a sheen look of silky softness. His eye lashes grew longer with seemingly every blink and he didn't even notice that his body was taking of a more hourglass form inside of the tux. Maybe he figured he slept in it so long that he figure it suit and not him that seem odd.    

      When The Groom's final moves stopped, Amy walked over to the stiff creation. "Well, honey. Welcome to the other side of the coin. Don't worry about missing your bride, you'll be modeling for us together. Forever. Don't worry... the process won't kill you. Though I'm sure you'll wish it would.

      While The Groom yelled in silent anger, Amy began circling her work while removing his bow tie and sliding his jacket off his shoulders. The Groom felt Amy cup her hand underneath his harden tits and size her up for a bra size. The Groom then felt himself being lift and carried backwards into the back room. Away from anyone who might pass the front door to see.

     "This can't be happening!" The Groom screamed inside his now beautiful head. "Stuff like this only happen in movies and fictional books. Now I'm almost as light as a finger and so very stiff. He felt Amy reach into her pocket, pull out his wallet and riffled through his ID's.

     "Good thing for me, tomorrow is trash day." Amy said as she shredded his driving licence and other identification. She then tossed the empty wallet into the dumpster in the back alley. She then walked over with a smile at The Groom, who had his pants removed and soon stood naked and showing off all his sexless beauty.

    "Guess now I can finally explain." Amy said as she blew into The Groom's ear. This sent an electrical charge of pleasure through his new form. "I got to be the new manager when the former manager, Jennifer failed the boss and became a mannequin like you are now. From the outside this is a great place to work. If I don't meet my quota of transformations I'll end up just like Jennifer. I don't plan on letting that happen. That is why I'm so glad the mint I gave you allowed you to help me out so well.  My quota is two whole mannequins- two torso forms and one pantyhose form. You're my first whole mannequin. Consider yourself lucky."

     "You're crazy." The Groom shouted angry. Amy couldn't hear him. He only watched as she took a razor to him and removed his new beautiful hair until he was completely bald. She then selected a wig that looked identical to his own new head of hair.  "You won't get away with this any more than Jennifer had. Everyone pays for their crimes."

     The Groom was about to reach a panic attack as he watched her take an eyebrow pencil and marked lines on his wrists, waists, ankle and neck. "Even though you will be a whole mannequin, I need to take you apart for dressing and undressing."  Amy explained to him.

     The Groom felt no more pain than a needle prick as his right arm was removed from its shoulder. He couldn't see what was happening, but when Amy held his new arm out before his eyes, he knew. She set the arm down on the back table and then came back to do the same to the other arm. With no blood coming out, The Groom could only figure the mint had effected his insides as well somehow.

     Standing in front of The Groom, Amy figured if what her boss had said was true, he must of been feeling absolutely fantastic by now.  He began to forget what it was like to ever be a man as Amy's hand moved over his feminine body.  Especially as he was laid on his back felling more stiff all over than his penis had ever got.

     "Now you know how a magician's female partner feels when she's sawed in half." Amy joked as The Groom found himself bisected. Like everywhere else, the pain was small compared to the pleasure that was surging through his being.  She was soon done with him.

     "Oh, my...." The Groom mentally screamed as being put back together was a good as being taken apart. His flawless bare, plastic legs had a blue skirt moved up and put on. He got a semi- transparent white blouse that showed off his bare tits and a blazer that matched the skirt. Trapped forever on fused tip toes, he could wear nothing less than a pair of 5 inch heels. The pair chose for his debut was open toed.


     A week later...

      The Groom had been introduced to his former bride and bride's maid. Each human touch continued to arouse him and he loved changing day more than any one. It was the highlight of the month. Wish it could be daily or even hourly.  When he wasn't touch he wanted to communicate with the outside world to be so.

     Again after Paula left for the day, Amy got herself a late, last minute appointment. As the woman started looking through the racks, Amy went and locked the front door. She switched the sign from OPEN to CLOSED.

     "You'll make a wonderful full mannequin." Amy thought as he offered the woman to take a seat. "Since it is after closing and I'm feeling generous, how about we give you the store's special 15 minute make over for free."

     "That is generous." The woman said, unable to believe her luck.

      "Mint?" Amy asked as she waited for Meg to swallow before proceeding. "What is your name, hon?" Amy asked as she introduced herself by name.

    "Meg." Meg said as she was leaned back so that her long hair was in the sink. Amy started to use the shampoo on Meg's hair while she used the store's special hair removing cream on her arms, legs and any specks of facial hair she might of had.

      "Nice to meet you, Meg." Amy said as Meg found that the process was less painless than waxing. Meg began to wonder why not all salon's used such wonderfully painless cream. "You do have some lovely body. I bet you got a lot of boyfriends."

       "Not really." Meg sighed. "I just moved to town. "All my family is on the other side of the family and hard to keep in touch with since I started looking for a job."

     "You're un employed?" Amy asked.

     "I graduated from collage a couple months ago and haven't found real work yet." Meg said as Amy put a special polish on her fingers and nails that made it seem to take on the same tone as the rest of her skin.

     "Lets pick you out something special." Amy said as she went over to the clothes racks and picked out a

maroon turtle neck, yellow sweater and black leather belt and matching high heel boots. The nylons she was given from the store's brand line tingled her crotch and made her feel sexually aroused that made walking as hard as the height of heels on her boots.

     "I'm feeling a bit stiff." Meg said as she walked around stiffly and wondered why her ankle didn't bend and collapse on her.  Since the make over was free, she tried to make it to the door. Each step was slower and slower. She didn't even get to find out the door was locked when her legs stopped moving. "What's going on?"

     "You'll see." Amy said as she pulled a full length mirror on wheels in front of Meg. She pulled her sweater  of and Meg saw that her bra was dissolving into her skin. Her nipples looked like smooth orbs of a mannequin's. When her skirt was pulled off, she notice the hose had also penetrated her skin. It fused her toes together and left her crotch smooth and sexless.

     "What... is...this...?" Meg asked with her last power of speech.

     "You're my new full mannequin." Amy said as she ran her hand down Meg's leg, which now felt like hard plastic instead of nylon.  Meg could only look at her own image in the mirror as Amy went and got herself a mannequin stand. She posed and slid the pole up her butt. She never felt more degraded or wonderful at the same time.

     Before she cut get the tools to properly cut her up, Amy heard a knock on the door. She looked to see Paula stand outside trying to get in. A smile formed on his face as Amy walked over and unlocked it. "What are you doing back here?"

     "My house keys must of fallen out of my purse." Paula said as she walked in and saw Meg on the pole. She recognized her at once from math class. "What's going on here?" Paula asked. "Meg said she was looking for a job. She couldn't of modeled for a mannequin."

     "That's right." Amy said as she took a needle and stuck it into Paula's arm. "I'm sorry sugar, but its better you than me."

     "Same formula as the mints, clothes and skin therapy." Amy smiled as Paula was already feeling ultimate pleasure with Amy's every touch. "You should already be enjoying your new form. Since you like the look of the hose so much I'll allow you to be a pantyhose form. Don't worry about your upper half. We can also use another bra form. Your arms would be good for modeling gloves and maybe after I shave your head and put a wig on it you'll be good for our make up ads."

     With that Amy removed Paula's clothes and proceeded to cut her up into parts. After bisected she was positioned where she could see Amy slid the hose up her legs and rubbed it over her nylon covered crotch. She realized that Amy was right. The Forever Lovely hose tickled her sexless crotch, legs and feet in ways no pantyhose or even a man's touch had ever done to her.

     She then felt the tight feel of a bra being put on her upper half before Amy took a razor to her head and put a wig over the bald dome. "You will sell make up well. Unlike Jennifer I don't plan to wait for my mannequins come to me. Not when I keep records of those who buy my make up and pantyhose."


  Another week later

      It was Sunday after work.  Amy closed was getting ready to close the shop after she finished dusting the mannequins and giving them the pleasure that they desired.  It was especially special for Paula with her parts in so many locations. She knew that even when the pleasure stopped that Amy would soon be dusting another part of her and bring more waves of pleasure.

    From the rain outside a woman came in wearing a white blouse. Her work name tag over her heart read Linda. The black slacks allowed  Amy to size up her hips quick well. Her petite feet clopped in small steps in her pumps.

      "Thanks for letting me in." Linda said as Amy offered her the use of the salon since they couldn't leave at this time. With a grateful smile, she kicked off her pumps and wiggled her bare toes each painted a grape like color.

     "Mint?" Amy offered.

     "Thanks." Linda said as she took one and sat down to get her wet hair dried and done. After her hard day as a low paid cashier, she was glad to feel the pampering she was now getting. Amy made her face and hair extra pretty since it would be the last time she'd be seeing them in the mirror.

           "You sure have a lot of mannequins for a salon." Linda said as she made conversation.

           "Making and selling mannequins is a side line we have here." Amy explained as she swung Linda around in the chair so she could see herself in the mirror. Linda notice at once how pale her skin seemed and wondered if Amy had over did the make up powder.  "You'll be a wonderful one."

     "What?" Linda  tried to look shock but her facial muscles were already starting to harden. She would soon learn the ability to talk as well as move on her own. She was helped out of the chair and couldn't stop Amy from posing her.

     Linda watched in horror as she was stripped of her clothes and her name tagged destroyed along with all evidence that she was ever in the salon. She wanted to cry as she sliced into a 3/4 form wearing a one piece bathing suit on display. The parts that weren't used were then put into storage.

        "Now just one more 3/4 torso and I'm done with Jennifer's quota." Amy thought as she wondered if she would then be given a new one of her own.



Author's note--  if you got this far, I'm assuming you like the story. I would love to hear which parts you like best. If you have any ideas for future stories maybe you'll be the one to write the next part.

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