15-Minute Makeover II: Another Acquisition

by Sandrah Leary

(Second in the Makeover series)
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Lindsay entered the quaint little boutique, and headed straight to the window.  Only a week and a half ago, her boss Sandi had visited this store, disappeared, and now this mannequin, that look just like……..Lindsay stopped.  She must be going nuts.  Upon closer inspection, she found that the mannequin she thought looked like her former boss did not.

“How stupid am I?” she thought, “How could a mannequin look like Sandi?  Further more, what difference would it make?”

Lindsay sighed and thought back to that fateful Friday afternoon.

Sandi had left early for lunch, and when she returned, something had changed.  Aside from the fact that she left in conservatively dressed business suit and  came back in a short skirt and funky platform heels, with a tight, transparent sweater, and aside from the the fact that she was wearing enough makeup to make a Las Vegas show-girl blush, aside from all that, she was still different. 

She was forgetful, unusually happy, and giddy, almost like she had been smoking something “funny” during lunch.

Lindsay had remembered the look on her face when she left the office that afternoon.  She looked so joyful and carefree, and sexy.

The former executive assistant blushed at that thought.  She pretended to browse through the shop, while her mind wandered back in time.

Lindsay had never had bisexual feelings until she got the job at Coopers & Woodhouse, her former employer.

She remembered her first day on the job as Sandi’s assistant.   How she began to day-dream about her new boss, only to wake up and shake her head.  “I’m not like that” she would think to herself, “and I’m sure Ms. Leary is not like that either”.

Little did she know, that as her crush on her boss grew, her boss’s similar crush on her grew as well.

She sighed as she poked through a rack of shiny leather pants. 

Why did Sandi just up and leave?  Where did she go?  Why did Janice Edwards, that bitch at Coopers & Woodhouse who replaced Sandi, not want her to be her assistant?

The store clerk approached Lindsay with a warm smile, “Are you being looked after?” she asked.

“I’m okay thanks” the girl lied “just browsing for now”.

The sales lady smiled, “No problem, if I can help you in any way…….”

“Thanks” Lindsay tried to politely end the conversation, as she headed for the other side of the store.

When she reached the centre of the boutique, the young, unemployed assistant froze in mid stride, her jaw hanging open.

There, standing in a display with several other props and mannequins, was a familiar face.

Lindsay shook her head.  “Can’t be”, she thought, as she eyed the mannequin before her.

She, or it, looked just like her former boss.  A dead ringer, except for the hair.  Sandi had had longer blonde hair, and this mannequin’s locks were very short and  fire-ball red .  But everything else about her, it, was exactly like Sandi.

“I must be having a mental breakdown” she thought to herself, gazing into the plastic figure’s deep glassy eyes.

“You okay dear?” the shopkeeper asked.

“Yeah, I…just..”Lindsay fumbled for the right words.  As she looked up into those eyes, she could almost feel the mannequin staring back at her.

Probably, because she was.


It had only been a week since Sandi’s transformation into a plastic display tool, but she had already accepted her new existence.  In fact she was loving it.  She was the centre of attention, she got to wear hot new clothes all the time, and she was sure that people, men and women, were still thinking about her when they left the boutique.

Sure, it seemed like a waste.  All the money spent on her education.  The friends and family she sacrificed to claw her way towards the top of a major brokerage firm, only to become a piece of inert plastic in a boutique.

But she was in heaven.  Her vibrator echoed quietly through her now-hollow body, filling her with waves of sexual ecstasy. 

She had almost forgotten her previous life, that was, until Lindsay walked in.  She had watched her former assistant, from her perch in the middle of the store, hoping that she would see her, and know who she was.

Judging by the expression on the girl’s face, Sandi’s wish had come true.


Sandi saw the storekeeper, the evil-bitch that had done this to her, talk to Lindsay.  Actually, Sandi didn’t really hate the woman that much, she was even beginning to like her.

“She’s remarkable isn’t she?” the store-owner spoke. 

“She’s, yes, I mean she, she looks like someone that I know” Lindsay turned to the lady.

“That’s because it is someone you know!” Sandi shouted inside her head.

“Really?” the shopkeeper seemed surprised by Lindsay’s response, “Who?”

“My old boss” the girl felt a wave of emotion swelling to the surface.  She hadn’t really talked about the disappearance with anyone, and the clerk, Cehrina her tag read, seemed interested.

“Really?” Cehrina added, “Go, on…”

“Well”, Lindsay began to unload, “she disappeared a couple of weeks ago, and no-one knows where she went, and  the new person fired me, and now I’m going to lose my apartment cause I can’t find a good job, and I really miss her, and why did they give up looking for her so soon?!  Why?” as her last words left her mouth, the former secretary burst into tears.

If there had been a heart inside Sandi’s empty plastic body, it would have broken in half.  “Lindsay really cares about me” she thought.  The executive-turned-mannequin longed to comfort her young friend.  She instead watched, as Cehrina put her  arm around Lindsay and consoled her.

“There-there my dear” she tried, “Let’s get you cleaned up, you’ve had a rough week.  I know just what you need.”

Cehrina winked up at Sandi.

“No!” she screamed, or tried to at least, “Not Her!  Not Lindsay!”  But alas, nothing escaped her painted lips.  She watched the shopkeeper escort the girl towards the rear of the store.

“What do I need?” she heard Lindsay ask.

“A make-over” Cehrina replied.

With that the too women disappeared behind a curtain, and Sandi was left to her plastic prison, shouting, crying and pleading, yet completely silent.

“You lay back in this chair and I’ll give you a quick facial, dear” the store-owner spoke with a soothing warmth that captivated the young assistant. 

Lindsay lay back in the chair (which was very comfortable) and let Cehrina apply the cool masque cream to her face.  Within a few minutes the girl’s entire face, neck and ears were covered.

Lindsay felt the cream tingle as it worked.

Cehrina went to her cupboard and removed a syringe filled with bright orange liquid.  She was short staffed today, having sold off her last two assistants-turned mannequins the day previous.  She needed the money to make a down-payment on a new, bigger store across town.  She had sold many of her older mannequins.

Being the only one working meant that she needed to speed up the conversion process. 

“How wonderful”, she thought to herself, “I’m tying up loose ends, and adding to my inventory at the same time.  This one has a special attraction to her boss, so I’ll grant her, her wish to be together.”

She let out a little chuckle as she injected the needle into Lindsay’s thigh.  The girl didn’t even notice.

Suddenly, a bell rang, alerting Cehrina to the front door.

“Back in a sec dear” she said to her latest client.

Lindsay moaned her acknowledgment.  She was so relaxed that she didn’t even care what was happening.

Back in the store, Cehrina greeted her new customer.

The woman was very tall, with long slender legs.  She wore a skirt suit, with towering stiletto heels.  The skirt had obviously been shortened, to a length that even Ally McBeal wouldn’t wear.  This was a woman who enjoyed power.  While her face was not terrible pretty, she had done her best to create the illusion of beauty with a liberal amount of makeup. 

“I need to pantyhose, quickly, and not those cheep ones either, I don’t wear them.”  Even Cehrina was slightly taken aback by this lady’s quite unpleasant demeanor.

“Ah, well, we have many kinds, and I assure you that they are all of the highest…..”

“Save it” the woman interrupted, “I’m in a hurry.  I have a meeting in 20 minutes and I can’t be seen with this…” She pointed to the huge run in her stockings.

“This way” Cehrina led the woman towards the pantyhose display.  “Do you work in the area?” She asked.

“Coopers & Woodhouse, over in the Mason Tower on King St..  I’m the new regional director”

“Really” Cehrina’s eyes grew wide with interest, “I know some people who work there, did your predecessor get promoted or fired”, she pointed the “new regional director” towards the higher-end panty hose.

“She went AWOL, just disappeared, vanished.  No big loss though, she wasn’t very good.  Too soft for the job if you ask me.  And that little bubble-head secretary she had…”, she paused to inspect a package of hose,  “well lets just say I canned her worthless ass on my first day”.

From the centre of the store, a small clatter was heard, as if one of the mannequins had suddenly moved.

The replacement executive looked around.

“Its an old building” Cehrina jumped in, ”Lots of noises”.

“I’ll bet” she scowled, “I’ll take these, and I want put them on now”.  She took a pair of the pantyhose and walked towards one of the change rooms.

“Could I interest you in a ….” Cehrina tried to stall the woman.

“No.  Nothing else.  This is all”  she closed the change room door behind her.

Janice didn’t have time for chit-chat.  She was busy woman.  It had worked in her favour that Sandi Leary had left the company.  It had sped up her schedule be several months.  She planned to be a corporate Vice President be the year’s end.

She removed her ruined nylons, and began to slide the new hose over her lean, long legs.

“Mmmmmmm” she smiled to herself, “these are delightful”.

Janice pulled her skirt back down and slipped into her shoes.  She opened the door to the change room and headed towards the check-out.

Suddenly, she felt a slight prick in her back side, like a mosquito bite.  She turned to see the shop keeper holding an empty syringe.

“What the hell are you doing?” Janice asked.

“You’re going to be late to your meeting dear”, the older woman smiled.

The up-and-coming V.P. went to lunge at the shopkeeper, but found that her muscles would not respond.  She was frozen on the spot.

“I’ll be right back” Cehrina grinned, “you just hold that thought”.

Cehrina had noticed that far too much time had past since she first applied the facial masque to Lindsay.  She hoped that there were no ill-effects.

She was wrong.

As she began to removed the cream covering from the girl’s face, she gasped at what was underneath.


No lips, no eyes, no nose, no ears, no features at all.  The cream had continued to work after removing blemishes and hair, it removed her features.

Cehrina was shocked.  In all of her transformations, nothing like this had ever happened. 

She touched the girl’s face, or at least where it had once been, the skin had already gone hard.  The rest of her body would follow if she not hurry.

The Mannequin-maker, worked quickly, picking the face-less girl out of the chair and standing her in the centre of the floor.    She posed her with arms at her sides, legs straight, blank face looking straight ahead.

The woman then began to remove the former assistant’s clothing, dropping it in a pile at the girl’s side.

“I’d best see how my other project is doing” she said as she left the rear area and returned to the store.

Janice watched as her captor re-entered the shop floor, making her way to the sales counter, where she retrieved a box, and two strange looking devices.  The executive wondered what the woman had been doing behind the counter, moreover, she wondered what the hell was going on.

She tried to move again.  Nothing.

She tried to shout at the top of her lungs.  Nothing again.

Janice felt her panic become more of a deep depression.  What was happening to her?  Why?  Would it end in time for her to make her meeting?

Cehrina began to remove the frozen woman’s shoes and skirt.  Her feet remained on their toes, as they had been whilst  in her spike heels.  Fearing that her newest acquisition would topple over, the older lady laid Janice on the ground, and continued to remove her clothing.

She then produced a strange device.  It looked like a dildo and syringe, melded together.  Cehrina plunged the dildo into her victim’s moistened sex. 

In her head, Janice cried out in pleasure.  She watched as the woman continued, pushing the plunger into the base of the dildo.  A think cool liquid oozed into Janice’s hole.

Cehrina then pushed the device into the woman’s crotch, until it disappeared from sight.  She then watched as the Janice’s “lips” lost there definition, slowly melding into a smooth expanse of flesh.

Cehrina tapped the woman’s former sex, it made a strange clicking sound.

“Almost done” she said to the woman, “Of course, you have no idea what I am talking about, do you?”

Janice just stared back.

“I’ve decided that I must have your legs”, she smiled, “I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest of you, but your legs are absolutely perfect for my pantyhose display.”

With that, she produced her surgical laser, and neatly bisected the executive just above the hips.  She then posed the ever-stiffening legs in a typical “pantyhose form” pose, one leg slightly bent, the other pointed straight ahead.

Cehrina, leaving the top half of the woman lying on the floor, took the pair of legs into the rear.  She proceeded to remove the lid from a large vat, in the corner of the room.  The vat contained thick, bubbling black goo, and smelled like old rubber boots.

She placed the form in a metal cage, and pressed a button on the wall, lowering the cage into the bubbling vat.

“And now for you my dear”, the storekeeper turned to Lindsay, “ I am afraid that I have ruined your lovely face, which means that you are of little use as a mannequin.  However, you will make an excellent ¾ torso display”

Inside Lindsay’s expressionless head, her thoughts were racing.  Why can’t I see anything?  What is she talking about. 

Her answers became more clear as she felt dildo being inserted into her, and the warmth of the laser torch cutting through her midriff. 

Cehrina then removed the girl’s arms, below the shoulder, making sure that the torch sealed the cut as it passed.  Lindsay’s hair was removed next, falling into a box, which would be kept for future wig making, when Cehrina had some free time.

She never had free time.

A bell rang for a split second, and the cage automatically raised from the black guck.  Within the cage, a pair of shiny black legs sat, upside down.

Cehrina rolled the cage through the room on an overhead track, bringing it to rest by a bank of heat lamps.  She pressed another button and the cage began to rotate, while the warm light, baked the glossy black coating to executive’s dis-attached legs.

The shop keeper put the armless top of Lindsay’s body into another cage, and lowered it into the vat.

Satisfied that all was going well, she returned to shop floor to retrieve Janice’s upper half.

“Hmmmmm”, she thought to herself, “I really don’t need any more torsos”, she glanced at Lindsay’s legs as she returned to the back room, “or any more legs for that matter”.

“I know what I’ll do” she exclaimed.

Working with lightening speed, the shop-keeper began to shave the bisected executive’s head.

Janice cried out as her lovely auburn locks fell before her frozen eyes.

Cehrina then applied a healthy dose of her special cream to Janice’s head and face, before dissecting  her arms, hands and head.

She placed the different components on the counter top, and began installing pivot points and mounting hardware into the ends of Janice’s arms, wrists, head, neck, waist, and in Lindsay’s hips.

“Genius”, she thought to herself, “pure Genius”.

She wiped down Janice’s now-hairless head, and began the task of re-assembling the woman.  When Janice’s top half has complete, she mounted it on Lindsay’s legs.

Just then, the bell rang, and the former secretary’s torso, made its ascent from the vat, and quickly replaced Janice’s legs in the heat lamp bank.

Cehrina continued with her newest creation.  She had taken the assistant, and the bitch that fired her, and joined them together.  How perfectly evil.  The fit, however, was not perfect, and needed some fine tuning..  The mannequin maker had to modify the girl’s legs and the woman’s torso slightly, to create a seamless fit.  

Thank goodness that the skin hadn’t gone completely hard.

She continued by inserting a display rod into Lindsay’s ass, and mounted the rod on it’s plexi-glass base.  She then re-applied Janice’s make-up, bold and brash, and began to dress the new display piece in the tight leather pants that Cehrina had seen Lindsay admire earlier, followed by a leather silver mesh top.  She finished the look with silver platforms,  and a black wig, with a short, page-boy cut.

“What am I going to call you?” she thought as she wheeled her new acquisition onto the sales floor, “Jansay, or Lindice?”

The woman smiled.  She set up the new mannequin, so as to face the one she acquired a week and a half ago.  Sandi.

As soon as the to former executives caught a glimpse of each other, you could almost feel the tension form in the air.  They new who the other was, and they hated each other.

But if this was Janice, the mannequin Sandi thought, where is Lindsay. 

Cehrina returned to the floor with a striking panty-hose form, dressed in the same black stockings that Janice had meant to purchase only moments ago.

Sandi gasped.

The shop-keeper returned again with her new ¾ torso, displaying a lovely short sleeve shirt.

“Noooooo!” Sandi cried at the sight of what was left of her former assistant. 

A cry, of course, that only she could hear.

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