M.L. Gallery

by DX

Warning, this story does contain descriptions of an adult theme.

Stan smiled to himself, feeling as if he was on top of the world. He always got that way when he headed out to critique a new art exhibit for his magazine. He stood at the aged doors of the address, amazed at how it was tucked away between two warehouses, hidden and oh, so chic. He looked at the note again checking the address. It was Gwen's delicate handwriting inviting him to the pre-opening of an undiscovered wonder printed on her stationary and scented with her perfume. Gwen had never been into art and Stan never pressed it. She was his lover and her interest in art wasn't what he was after so he was a little surprised when she sent him a note asking to meet him at an art gallery.

He opened up his cell-phone and dialed his office. "Hi Deb? Let Amanda know I'll be home late. I found a new art gallery downtown."

"Oh, well she left a note saying she'll be home late checking out something uptown."

Stan's smile spread across his face. "Alright then, see you in the morning." He turned off the phone thinking about how perfect things were turning out to be. A beautiful wife, a beautiful girlfriend, who could ask for anything more?"

He took the tiny, rumbling elevator up to the floor and stepped out into the dim hallway. He could barely make out the dust covered name on the door. "M.L. Gallery."

He entered noticing the rich hardwood floor with a deep glowing shine. The not too dim, not too bright track lighting gave a very comfortable atmosphere. There were chairs of red velvet before each exhibit which Stan thought would be a bit presumptuous that someone would contemplate each exhibit for so long that they would need to sit down.

Stan looked up, thinking someone was there. There was a woman, still and perfect. Her wide eyes of brown sugar looked back at him with an air of curiosity. Stan bowed a greeting and went to speak when he realized that it was a mannequin. At her feet was a plaque which simply read, "Dominque".

Stan wasn't impressed with what she was wearing, a plain sun dress, nor impressed with the background she was set in of a field of wild flowers and butterflies. But he was impressed with her face, her simple beauty, her gentle smile, her eyes of wonder.

Minutes passed before he realized that the mannequin, a perfect recreation of a human, was the art in fact the art he had come to see and Stan's heart applauded. He made his way down the line slowly, looking at each one. There was Kathy and Jane, two school girls in bobby socks sharing a secret. There was Denunan, sleek and svelte, dripping from her dip in the pool. Margaret half dressed in corset and knickers sitting before a mirror holding her hair up imagining how she would look with it off her shoulders.

The deeper in Stan got, the more alluring the poses became. Around the corner, Crissy was being canned by the school's head mistress. Angela fanned herself, sweating from the heat. Susan and Winnona struggled in their cat fight. The next corner showed Xia, gagged and bound to a chair and behind her was Antoinette finishing up the knots. Cynthia was stretched out across a rack, her ribs almost twisted with strain. Stan blinked, shaking his head at how real she looked, he could almost see her breathing!

Several times Stan had to sit and look at the still before him, lost in their beauty, lost in their perfection. At one point he was so caught up in the illusion, that he had to reach forward and touch the exposed breast of Marsha who was bound in latex, he body arched in a climax. He was amazed at the smooth feel of the plastic, yet the warth. that radiated from it. He blinked in wonder, thinking himself hypnotised by the amazing work because he could almost swear that the nipple perked from his light touch. He scoffed at the idea and forced himself to keep moving down the hall, knowing he would have to return at some other date to really appreciate what was here.

He finally reached the end and there was a small curtain and stage. On the side was a small, hand written card that read: "Stand on the foot prints for the show to start."

A Show! Stan looked down and sure enough, in front of the stage were two foot prints. Stan immediately stepped on them and waited.

There was a suddenly tingling in his limbs and he couldn't move. Panic began to sprout within him as he tried to shout for help but only felt his breath hiss against his still tongue.

The curtain parted and out slipped a woman dressed in a silver jumpsuit. Her slinky cat like body seemed familiar to Stan as she pranced up beside him. His eye's became as wide as plates as he suddenly recognized his wife. "Amanda!" He whispered. "Help me!"

She through her head back and laughed. "But you haven't seen the star attraction yet!" She lunged for the curtain and drew it aside. Stan immediately recognized the brilliant golden curls of Gwen. She was a mannequin! Her mouth filled with a bright orange gag. Her hands were tied behind her back. Her huge breasts were bound, causing them to appear even bigger. There were heavy steel rings pierced through each of her tender nipples.

"You like?" Amanda said. "I hope so because your about to

join her. Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Emell." She motioned and Stan was able to move his eyes just enough to see the doctor, an elderly gentleman wearing a silver lab coat rolling a small cart over. "Your standing in a magnetic field." Amanda explained. "The suits we are wearing allow us to pass though it without affect. You on the other hand... Well anyway. I happened upon the Doctor by chance and his marvelous little private gallery. It made for a perfect revenge for your cheating on me with this, " She looked at Gwen's frozen body. "Tramp."

The doctor said nothing as he took anti-magnetic scissors and cut away Stan's clothes. He dabbed Stan's arm with a cotton ball and injected him.

"That injection," Amanda explained. "Starts the process. It slowly changes the cellular structure of your body. It becomes like putty, malleable and accepting to any improvements that we decide to make. Then, we shut off the magnetic field. Your muscles would have atrophied by then and we will be able to pose you." She smiled. "This will be fun."

She took a cream from the cart and started smearing it all over Stan's nude form. Allowing it to sit for a bit, she then took a scrub brush and cleaned Stan's body. Hair fell like rain until he was completely bald. The doctor then set up an I.V. tube to Stan and let a new chemical drip into him. "This is a nutrients drip to keep you alive. Oh yes, every one of these women in this gallery are alive and very conscious of their surroundings. Anyway, that's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow to see how you're doing."

And days slowly passed for Stan. He felt it becoming more and more difficult to blink. He watched one morning as the doctor put plastic eye shields over his eyes to keep them from dying out. The doctor coated him with a salve that smoothed his skin and hid any imperfections.

It was a week after when the doctor started the shaping process. Stan was amazed at how pliable he had become. The doctor starting kneading Stan's flesh, sliding around muscle and fat. He felt his thighs become curvier, his waist slimmer. His love handles pushed up to his pects and molded to firm and lovely breasts!

The doctor and Amanda went to work and Stan's face, smoothing out the forehead and narrowing the chin. Shrinking his nose and fulling out his lips.

The doctor left the room and shut off the magnetic field and almost instantly, Stan could feel himself begin to harden. He tried to struggle, but his limbs where too weak. The injections had accelerated the atrophy process and now he was a prisoner of his own body. Amanda looked down at his penis and a devilish grin crept over her. She slowly and teasingly stripped out of her silver jumpsuit, wriggling her ass before him. Stan could feel arousal, he could feel his penis begin to stir, then rise. Amanda seemed surprised at this, but then slinked over. She ran a velvety tongue along the shaft, then suckled his cock deeply and Stan felt it rumble through him. She stopped and stood up, slipping a leg about his body and her hot pussy over him. She impaled herself slowly, letting herself feel maximum pleasure until she exploded with orgasm. She pushed herself off quickly and left Stan's raging cock unfinished.

The doctor made a polite noise as he entered the room and Amanda scrambled for her street clothes. "I, uh, I didn't think..."

"That's okay," the doctor explained. "The genitals are already spongy material and remains virtually unchanged for the process. Here, I'll show you." The doctor went over to Gwen and with a gentle, casual hand brushed her nipple. It stiffened and Amanda could see the nipple swell with pleasure. "You see, all the dolls still feel. I play with them on occasion." He dropped his hand between Gwen's legs and kept it there for a moment. When he drew his hand away, it was glistening. "I think they enjoy it." He licked his fingers.

"Well I don't think I'd like him to enjoy it." She said casting a side look at her husband.

"Don't worry." The Doctor went over to Stan. "After the final posing, he won't feel very comfortable with arousal anymore. His outer layer of skin will become a stiff plastic like texture. This will mask his breathing and give him a perfect mannequin appearance."

Inside, Stan moaned with terror. His erection was already softening. The doctor, with a skilled hand, pushed Stan's cock and balls down between his thighs giving him the complete appearance of a shapely woman. Stan knew that any erection would be trapped between his stiffening legs in a painful manner. He could be aroused but never fulfilled.

The doctor then lifted him and with a few grunts, carried him over to the exhibit with Gwen. He felt the vicious bite of a needle push through his nipple and a steel ring, thick and heavy following through. Seconds later, there was the flashing pain of his other nipple being pierced.

He felt rope bind his feet and hands and a gag pulled through his mouth. Then a rope was passed through his ringed nipples, up through a pulley over his head and down connecting with Gwen's. The doctor took hold of his shoulders and gave him a slight twist, to give the appearance of struggle. The concept was a tug of war of sorts. He lifted each one up slightly, streatching them out so to give the illusion that they were pulled on to their tip toes by their breasts. Then he tightened up the rope and Stan felt the pain as he really was in a tug of war by his sensitive nipples.

The doctor glued a wig on to Stan's head and then started lacing hair for his eye brows and pubic hair for his snatch. In no time at all he was done and stepped from the stage. He looked at Amanda. "What do you think?"

Amanda nodded. "Perfect. He makes a beautiful woman. You do have an amazing talent doctor."

"Come closer and get the full affect."

She stepped up in front and smiled her evil smile, watching her husband and his lover in eternal living torment. Suddenly her smile faded. "Doctor!" She whispered in a tiny breath. "I can't move! The magnetic field is on!"

The doctor nodded. "Yes, I know. Did you really think that you stumbled upon my secret gallery by chance, or that I could let you go after this? Knowing that I take live people and turn them into living statues for my own pleasure? Lets be honest Amanda, don't you think you would make a wonderful addition? Your perfect body, your perfect face?" He said as he donned his silver lab coat. "Well, the real reason is, I'm a wonderfully perverted bastard and besides, after awhile, you'll love it here. All of my dolls do. You'll be over there. A black leather victorian gown. A wasp corset. A stiff neck with light ruffles beneath your chin." He cut the clothes from her body. "Black leather gloves disappearing into the sleeve of your tight dress, ballet shoes with stiletto heels. The only flesh showing will be your wonderful perfect face. Filled with sexual repressions, but an image of sexuality."

And on the stage, Stan could hear Amanda's groans of protest, but all he could see was Gwen before him, her massive bound tits pulled up by their ringed nipples. Her giant mammaries against his shapely perky ones. Even though he could feel his skin hardening, thickening, soon, to be more plastic than flesh, he also felt pain from his tug of war with Gwen and there was nothing he could do about it. All he could do was stare at his lover. Were her nipples erect? It was hard to tell. But it did seem as if she was enjoying her torment as her juices began to drip down her leg. Could it be that Gwen was getting off on the pain? Could the doctor have foreseen that? Gwen was always the kinky one.

The doctor left the chemicals to start the process in Amanda and turned his attention to Gwen. "My, you are happy to have a playmate, aren't you?" He asked, wiping the fluid from her inner thigh. He brushed her nipple again and Stan could see an almost imperceivable shudder vibrate through Gwen's stiff body.

The doctor turned to Stan. "No playing with you until you're properly hardened up. In the meanwhile, you could learn that a little pain is fun and although you can't move, you'll enjoy your stay here. Never growing old, never wearing out, you'll live longer and far happier. All of my mannequins enjoy posing for me in time. Another fine addition to the M.L. Gallery.


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