Ze Kurabu Tuu (The Club II)

by gorgo

**** **** ****

WRITER'S NOTE: Ask and ye shall receive. Let's hope this'll be received just as well as the first one.

BTW, "ze kurabu tuu" is the Japanese way of pronouncing "the club two" (in this case, the "u" [same as "oo" in "food"] sound is very muted unless it's extended in "uu").
I based this on an episode of the manga series Boys Be... - 2nd Season by Masahiro Itabashi and Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, published by Shoonen Magazine Comics.

**** **** ****

"Ne, Hiroshi-kun?"

Hiroshi Yuuki jolts, looking up from his history text, then he lightly smiles. "Oh, Momoko-chan, konnichi wa (hi)!" he nods pleasantly. "So what's the matter?"

Before he realizes what he's doing, Hiroshi's eyes lower to gaze on the rounded mounds barely concealed under Momoko Senda's sweater and button shirt; that, along with a mid-thigh skirt, constituted the girl's uniform at Sendai Central High School. Just as it dawns on him that he isn't returning Momoko's look, a hand slaps the back of his head. "Oi, stupid, eyes up!"

Hiroshi jolts, then turns to see a taller woman with her brown hair styled in a pageboy cut gazing knowingly at him. Flustering, he mutters, "What do you want, Aoi?"

Aoi Yamazaki snorts, shifting around to stand beside Momoko, whom Hiroshi knew had been her best friend since childhood. "We were planning to go to see a movie tonight after supper," Aoi explains. "You want to come along?"

"I...ah, sure!" Hiroshi nods.

"Great," Aoi smirks, then glances around the classroom. Some of the students had already cleared out for the day, while others were busy cleaning things up. Aoi, Momoko and Hiroshi weren't on the day's clean-up detail. "Well, that's enough for today, so let's get out of this place and head home."

"Yeah, good idea," Hiroshi nods, rising.

They head down to the foot locker room where their outdoor shoes were stored. Keeping a respectful distance away from the two girls, Hiroshi sighs, stealing glances at Aoi and Momoko as the two girls chat up a storm. He had always been a loner by nature. Interacting with his peers always scared him deep down. That quickly marked Hiroshi Yuuki as an outsider in a country which had for so long demanded social uniformity in its citizens.

High school hadn't been much different than junior high or elementary, Hiroshi reflects...until Momoko Senda and Aoi Yamazaki had moved into the neighbourhood last year after their families had shifted from Kyoto. Like he, they were pretty much isolated from the "in" crowd, but when being a loner sometimes bit deep into Hiroshi's heart, Aoi and Momoko seem to revel in it. "That sorta conformist crap got us into the Greater East Asia War! Look what happened there!!" Aoi had reflected once when they talked about it.

Glancing anew at Aoi and Momoko, Hiroshi shudders. Both were, despite the former's tomboyishness and the latter's kawaii (cute) demeanour, beautiful young women to look at. Having seen them in swimsuits and gym uniforms, Hiroshi knew that neither had a single flaw on their bodies. They certainly went out of their way to take care of themselves, he once mused after observing Aoi and Momoko strut their stuff in diving class. But unlike some of the girls in school, who (inspired by counterparts in America) flaunted their looks to have boys eat out of their hands, Hiroshi's friends never did anything to garnish potential boyfriends. The boys at Sendai Central High knew it, too. The veiled insults Hiroshi heard in the locker room and classrooms about Aoi and Momoko spoke volumes.

Soon enough, the three arrive at Aoi's and Momoko's apartment block. "You want to come in for something to drink before heading home?" Aoi offers, gazing at her friends.

"Onegaishimasu (Please), Aoi-chan!" Momoko beams.

"Arigatou (Thanks), Aoi," Hiroshi nods.

"Iko (Let's go)," Aoi waves them inside.

Heading to an elevator, they ascend to the top floor, then head down the corridor to the first unit. "Tadaima (I'm home)!" Aoi calls out as they step inside, slipping off their shoes and putting on slippers in the genkan (entranceway) before sitting down in the living room. "Okaa-chan (Mother)?" Aoi calls out, looking around. "Are you here?! Okaa-chan!" she peeks into the bedroom.

"Nice place she has," Hiroshi looks around. The living room was tastefully decorated, but not garish in any way.

"Hai (Yeah), it is," Momoko smiles, then standing up, walks into the kitchenette to prepare some cola. "Aoi-chan, I'm going to get the cola, okay?!" she calls out towards the bedroom.

Aoi steps out of the bedroom, finger raised to her mouth in a shushing motion. "Okaa-chan's asleep," she whispers.

"Oh, gomen (I'm sorry)," Momoko flusters.

The drinks are poured, then the girls return to the coffee table to sit close to Hiroshi, Aoi flipping on the sound system to allow the soft notes of Yanni to fill the living room (the volume is turned down, of course). "Is your mom sick, Aoi?" he stares concernedly at Aoi. "Something happen at work?"

"Nah, just tired," Aoi shakes her head. "She works the early day shift at the station and rush hour just gets to her at times."

Hiroshi nods understandingly. Aoi's mother Mizuho worked for Japan Rail as a ticket agent at the Shin-Sendai bullet train station. Given the popularity and efficiency of the Shinkansen system, it was understandable that being a ticket agent during rush hours would be nerve-wracking. "Maybe we should go and let her get some sleep," he whispers, gazing concernedly at Aoi.

Aoi smiles in thanks. "Yeah, I want to get a quick nap before going to the movie. Good thing this is Friday and we don't have school tomorrow, ne?" she stands, stretching herself.

"Yeah," Hiroshi chuckles.

* * *

A half-hour later, a smiling Hiroshi steps into his own family apartment, slipping off his shoes. "Tadaima!"

"Okaeri ne (Welcome home), Hiroshi!" his mother calls from the kitchenette. "Dinner'll be ready soon. Where've you been?"

"Just went over to Aoi's place for something to drink before coming back," Hiroshi clicks his tongue. "We and Momoko-chan're going out to see a movie later tonight. Is that alright?"

Hiroshi's mother hums, then glances out the veranda windows to see a darkening sky, ominous clouds hovering over the western mountains. "You might want to wait on that, Hiroshi. It doesn't look really nice out there. The weatherman did warn about rain."

"Eh?" Hiroshi looks, then sighs. "Oh, jeez."

"Call Aoi and tell her you might not make it," his mother warns, gazing at him. "Besides, today's Friday and you can always go to the movies tomorrow if you want."

"Yeah, true..."

* * *

A quick call to Aoi sets things straight. If the weather let up early enough, they'd catch the late show, which started at 9:30. If it didn't, they'd take a rain check and go tomorrow. Feeling a lot better, Hiroshi heads into his bedroom to do his homework. It isn't much. Being isolated from his peers and not participating in after-school clubs meant that Hiroshi could devote more time to his studies. He was in fact good enough to avoid having to attend a yobikou (cram school) to get in extra study time for the pending juken (college entrance exams), something he would face next year. Practice exams done earlier this month gave him good hopes.

The homework is dealt with, then Hiroshi sighs as he turns on his computer, loading in his Windows 98 copy of Dookyuusei II, a popular adult dating game. Hiroshi had managed to get a copy thanks to his father, who (when he was briefly at home from long hours at work) loudly pondered his son's not having a girlfriend. Hiroshi tried to ignore his father's words. Yes, he was interested in girls just like the next guy, but it seemed a waste of time to try to start something permanent when in over a year's time, his classmates would graduate and scatter across Japan as they got on with university. At least his mother understood Hiroshi's motives, doing her best to prevent his father from doing something stupid.

At present, Hiroshi, as the player in Dookyuusei, was moving to finally seduce Izumi Shinohara, a tomboyish practitioner of kyuudou (Zen archery) who reminded Hiroshi a lot of Aoi. Just as the critical "make-or-break" scene comes up, a flash of bright light rips through his bedroom window. The roar of thunder follows quickly afterward, then the computer goes blank as the power goes out. "Ah, hell, I was THAT close...!" Hiroshi rails in frustration at the dark screen, then sighs, shoving aside the keyboard as he sits back, hoping the power outage was only temporary.

Minutes pass, then Hiroshi moves to his bed, staring out the window at the darkened cityscape beyond. "Looks like most of the city got hit," he mutters, then lays back on his bed. A glance at his wind-up clock reveals the time. "Damn..."

* * *

The power is restored within an hour, thus allowing Hiroshi to ensure he could save his game. Dinner wasn't spoiled either. Even better, the evening sky over Sendai was clearing up quickly. After finishing dinner, Hiroshi goes to the telephone and dials Aoi's number to confirm if the movie was still on. To his surprise, all he gets is the answering machine. Hiroshi then dials Momoko's number to see if Aoi was there. The same result. "Guess they must've gone on ahead," Hiroshi concludes, then looks over his shoulder. "Okaa-chan, I'm going over to see Aoi and Momoko-chan."

"Alright, dear. Have a good time," his mother smiles.

Getting his wallet and ensuring that he had money, Hiroshi heads out. It was still about two hours before the movie started, so he makes his way to Aoi's apartment block. Fortunately for him, Momoko and her mother Kyooko lived in the same block, just down two floors from Aoi and her mother. Hiroshi had no idea what had happened to either Aoi's or Momoko's father; neither girl had ever talked about a father. Deciding to visit Momoko first, he gets off at the right floor, then heads down to the Sendas' apartment.

Ringing the doorbell, he sighs, noting the lights were on. A glance through the curtained window of one bedroom reveals someone standing there. Given the head of straight, shoulder-length black hair he could perceive through the lace curtains, that had to be Momoko. No doubt, she was dressing; she seemed to be standing by her vanity. Sighing, Hiroshi moves away from the window to wait.

A minute passes. Hiroshi blinks, then rings the doorbell again. No need to be rude, though he was curious as to why Momoko wasn't answering; the bell's muffled ring had echoed through the door for him to hear. A glance through the curtained window reveals Momoko still standing beside her vanity. Hiroshi blinks as he remembers how he had first seen Momoko.

Why...she hadn't moved at all!

What the heck was going on here...?

Blinking as a surge of uncertainty grips his heart, he presses the doorbell one more time. It rings. Hiroshi stands back and waits. Nothing. A glance through the window. No movement at all from Momoko. What was the meaning of this? Gulping, he turns to the emergency stairs. Get Aoi. Aoi can figure this out.

Running up the two flights of stairs, he stops before the Yamazakis' apartment. A glance through a bedroom window, it too masked mostly with a curtain, reveals someone seated at a work desk. Aoi. Hiroshi sighs, then presses the doorbell. It rings. Sighing, he glances through the window. No movement. Hiroshi gulps, then noting he could peek past the curtains (they weren't totally closed), shifts himself to get a better look.


Aoi was seated at her table, hands clasped on the wood surface as if she was in class awaiting the start of a lecture. Hiroshi then gags on noting that Aoi was dressed only in a sports bra and cotton panties. Sensing a familiar rush fill his nose, he pinches off a potential nosebleed, then glances anew at Aoi. His eyes then fix on a grey power cable that seems to snake up from the desk to disappear in front of the back of the chair, held in place by being pressed between the chair and Aoi's back. What the...?

"Oh, no, she must've been electrocuted!" Hiroshi gasps, then grabs the door handle and twists. Unlocked. Flinging the door open, he runs inside, slips off his shoes, then peeks into the bedroom. "Aoi!!" he calls out, then pauses.

Wait a minute...!

If she had been electrocuted, Aoi would've been slumped on the desk or passed out on the floor, not sitting rigidly at attention at her desk. A cloak of unreality settles over Hiroshi as he takes in the unnatural stillness of his friend. There was no sign of life anywhere on her body, not even the subtle rise and fall of her chest in breathing. What the heck was going...?


Gulping, Hiroshi steps into the bedroom, moving to stand behind Aoi. Taking a deep breath, he reaches out to touch her shoulders, then yelps as a jolt of static electricity arcs through his hand. "Ittai (Ouch)!!" he rubs his hands to shake off the shock, then looks down Aoi's back, his jaw dropping. Right at the innermost point of the lower curve, just before the spine flared into her shapely buttocks, a patch of skin had been peeled away to reveal a recessed power jack. The grey cable he had seen from outside was inserted into that jack.

Hiroshi blinks as the physical evidence slams through a wall of denial deep in his heart. No. This just couldn't be! Aoi...?


Taking a deep breath, he reaches anew for Aoi's shoulders. This time, there is no static charge. With that, he slightly pushes her forward. A barely-audible series of clicks! echo from deep inside Aoi. Hiroshi stops, then thinking about it, pushes again. More clicks! Stopping again, having tilted Aoi about five degrees forward, Hiroshi pauses anew, then nods. No doubt, Aoi's internal joints locked down when she had shorted out...was THAT what happened to her? What DID happen to her anyway?!...so moving her would always entail a little effort.

Looking down at the plug, he sighs, then yanks the cable out. A faint whiff of burned wires escapes from the plug, causing Hiroshi to grimace as he sets the cable aside. No reaction from Aoi whatsoever. Glancing at his silent, artificial friend, Hiroshi tries not to glance too much at the sports bra barely hiding her considerable charms. Damn, she was well-developed, which seemed odd to Hiroshi given Aoi's personality; from what he had heard other boys say, most tomboys were always on the skinny side.

Sighing, he reaches for her shoulders, then straightens her out. No clicks! echo the movement as the lower arms rise from the table. Sighing, Hiroshi leans down to press on Aoi's legs. Clicks! echo from her hips as she is made erect, then he presses down on her arms to put them back on the table. Standing back to gaze on the tableau before him, Hiroshi whistles. Right now, Aoi was just like one of those life-sized dolls Hiroshi had seen on the Internet, the ones you could order from Paper Moon or Oriental Industries or Realdoll from the United States. The big exception was that the android "doll" before him now, the one who answered to the name "Aoi Yamazaki," was MUCH more lifelike, had personality, emotions, dreams and all the other things a real girl possessed.

Who had built such a being?


What was Aoi's purpose in life?

Was it something nefarious, like the situation in that old American B-movie that starred Vincent Price and had robots who blew up when one touched their belly buttons? Or the episodes of that television show about the cybernetic woman who once fought androids who lost their faces if they were hit the right way?

Or was there no purpose at all? Had Aoi been built just to add an extra spice of life in her surroundings? To be a normal teenage woman, albeit an android teenager? If so, who would do such a thing? How could they AFFORD it?! Robotics had taken great strides in Japan over the last few years, but Hiroshi had believed until now that nothing like Aoi could exist outside manga or anime.

Sighing, Hiroshi shakes his head, then steps out of Aoi's room, moving to rub the bridge of his nose and erase a sudden headache. "Damn, this is unreal..." he mutters.

"Kon-...nichiiiiiiiiiii-...wa? Hiro-...shiiiii-...kun?"

Hiroshi gasps, spinning left to see an older, black-haired version of Aoi standing at the doorway to the main bedroom, gazing at him. "Y-y-yamazaki-san!!" he stammers, then gags on seeing the see-through negligee which BARELY covered Mizuho Yamazaki's shapely body, especially those two beautiful, plump mounds on her chest with their dark pink nibs. A pair of lace panties completed the woman's ensemble, but didn't do much to hide what was underneath.

Hiroshi then blinks, confused and curious on noting that Mizuho had become unnaturally still, gazing off past his right. That strange tableau remains in place for a minute, then Hiroshi gently approaches Mizuho. The faint whiff of burnt circuits hits his nose as he glances around her, gazing at the small of her back. Sure enough, a small hatchway was open there, revealing a recessed pit just like on Aoi's back, the three prongs of the male end of a standard 110 volt power plug pointing out. No doubt, Mizuho herself had been recharging when everything had gone crazy.

Hiroshi's eyes then widen as it hits him. "The lightning bolt...!" he whispers, remembering the power outage from earlier.

No doubt, a sudden electrical surge had overcome Mizuho and Aoi when they were recharging, overcoming whatever defenses both android women had against such things. They had to have them, Hiroshi nods, moving to gaze into Mizuho's well-sculptured face. After all, Aoi was waterproofed if her performance in the school's swimming pool indicated anything. It stood to reason that she and her mother would be also shielded against normal electric shocks.

Hiroshi sighs, then finds his eyes fixed on Mizuho's bust. A gulp surges through him as a pressure builds in his nose. A quick pinch blocks off a potential geyser of blood from his nostrils as he leans closer to give Mizuho a more detailed look. Damn, damn, she was so REAL. This was WAY more than what Hiroshi would've expected. How was this possible? Why was this happening?

Reaching over, he pulls the negligee flap away from one breast to gaze unobstructedly at that lovely mound. Damn, it was if Mizuho was some anime or video game heroine come to life. There was NOTHING to indicate any flaw in that breast. A pull of the other negligee flap reveals the same thing. Whoo...!

Hiroshi shudders as he feels a familiar rush surge to his groin, then quickly adjusts himself before moving to stand before Mizuho, gazing into her vacant eyes. Reaching up, he gently rubs the skin to one side of her mouth, then leans in. His lips gently brush past hers, then he presses in, his hands moving to shift her closer to him. A series of clicks! echo from her back and hips, then silence as movement seems to warp around him. Hiroshi's eyes widen as the vacant stare on Mizuho's face vanishes, the glitter of passionate life flashing in those dark brown orbs.

Before he could try to pull away, Mizuho's arms press in from behind to draw him closer as their mouths shift into a French kiss. Hiroshi moans as one of Mizuho's hands slides down, around the hip, then shifts in front of him. The gently rrrr of a zipper being undone nearly causes him to faint, then Hiroshi gasps as slender fingers reach through his boxers to touch his inflated member. Pulling slightly away, he takes in several deep breaths of air, then shudders as Mizuho's lips gently nibble and suckle on his neck, each bite and suck broken by a dainty lick of her tongue.

Simultaneously, her fingers begin to stroke on his member, causing Hiroshi's knees to buckle. Before he could faint, strong arms grasp his body and he is physically drawn into Mizuho's bedroom, flung down on her bed. He tries to shift clear, but she lands atop him, shifting herself to straddle his legs. One hand goes to his manhood as the other moves to undo Hiroshi's jeans and boxers.

Hiroshi gasps as his groin is freed of clothes, then Mizuho begins to pump vigorously on his love machine with both hands. No words can be said as that rapid assault on his manhood overwhelms all his senses. A second later, a wet feeling covers his stick, causing him to look down and see Mizuho's mouth wrapped around him, her arms moving to shift his clothes further away. Hiroshi groans as what little sense he has of reality vanishes, then his member explodes deep inside Mizuho's mouth.

She seems to pause for a second as trickles of white dribble down Hiroshi's shaft, then Mizuho picks up her sucking, swallowing as much of his seed as possible. Hiroshi feels his mind come back to him as Mizuho's tongue dances all over his groin, licking up all the spent semen as possible, then she sits up, daintily wiping her mouth with her fingers. Staring dizzily at her, Hiroshi is shocked at the calm demeanour Mizuho projects.

With the way she acted, it seems as if Aoi's mother presently considered giving Aoi's friend a blow-job...his first EVER...to be the most normal thing to do.

Finally, Mizuho draws her fingers away from her face as she flashes a demure smile. "Did you enjoy yourself, Hiroshi-kun?"

"I..." Hiroshi stammers, then shakes his head before sitting up to gaze into her eyes. "You're an android!"

Mizuho blinks for a moment, then her smile slightly widens. "Oh, Aoi told you, didn't she? That's wonderful!!"

Blink, blink. "Eh?!"

Mizuho blinks in return. "She...didn't tell you?" she asks. As Hiroshi vigorously shakes his head, she cants her head aside. "Then how did you learn I was an android, Hiroshi-kun?"

"I..." Hiroshi blinks, then sighs, sitting up to reach around her and touch the open flap over her power plug. "That."

Mizuho jolts, then her cheeks flame as she giggles like an embarrassed schoolgirl. "Oh, baka-baka Mizuho-tan (silly-silly Mizuho-chan)!" she then utters in a childish squeak, complete with a slurred "t" sound that should normally be "ch." "Baka Mizuho-tan! Mizuho-tan wasn't supposed to show she was an android until Aoi-tan told Hiroshi-oniitama (Big Brother Hiroshi)! Baka!"

Hiroshi gags, but cannot jolt away because Mizuho was presently sitting on his legs. "WHAT?!?!?!"

Mizuho blinks, jolts, then seems to slightly deflate. "Oh, my..." her voice slips to a normal, adult mode. "I...think I'm malfunctioning...yes, I am...oh, dear..." she frets, then seeing Hiroshi's deflated member, reaches down to stroke it again.

"OI (HEY)!!!!" Hiroshi gasps, then moans as he feels his mind fade out again, he collapsing on the bed.

The second time is a little longer given that Hiroshi was somewhat spent from Mizuho's first blow-job. Hiroshi cries out as once again, he unloads his seed deep into Mizuho's throat, then feels his mind slip towards unconsciousness. "Oh, Buddha, this can't be happening..." he mutters, then yelps as fingers pinch his shoulder, he staring wide-eyed at Mizuho. "Ittai...EH?!?!"

A square flap of skin above Mizuho's cleavage appears, then she reaches up to pull it clear, revealing a small control board with several buttons and circular lights. Several of the lights were ominously flashing rapidly. "Hiroshi-kun...gomen ne (I'm sorry)..." a touch of panic fills her voice as she shifts off his legs, laying on her side. "You have to..."

A spark bursts from the open panel, nearly causing Hiroshi to run out of the room in fright. Mizuho grabs his hand, squeezing tight to keep him in place. Hiroshi shudders, then feels himself calm down as he looks into her eyes. "What? Tell me what?!"

"P-press..." Mizuho moans. "Second button...t-top..."

Her body begins to deflate as power cuts out to her legs and arms. She collapses on her back, gazing at the ceiling as Hiroshi leans over her. Staring into the open panel, he bites his lip, then reaches in, his index finger pressing on a red stud. She jolts to a stop, then becomes unnaturally still for a moment before her mouth flutters, her voice now a monotone drone: "Android unit Mizuho Yamazaki has endured a power overload of internal systems." Pause. "Systems now in reboot mode, internal repair diagnostics initiated." Pause. "Unit Mizuho Yamazaki's existence as android now know to unit's programmed organic companion, Hiroshi Yuuki."

"WHAT?!?!?!" Hiroshi exclaims.

A twitch of the head to the right. "Unit entering normal speech mode to convey vital information to organic companion. Engaging link to unit's central conscience." Her voice goes to normal as the full light of life returns to her eyes. "Oh, dear...I haven't been through that in a while..." she moans, then her eyes turn towards Hiroshi. "Daijoubu (Are you alright)?"

Hiroshi is speechless for a moment, then shakes his head as he stares into her eyes. "Yamazaki-san..."

Mizuho smiles. "Hiroshi-kun, there's no need to call me that when we're alone. Please, my name is Mizuho."

"I..." he jolts, then sighs. "Mizuho...I...what did you just mean when you said I was your 'programmed organic companion?'"

Mizuho blinks, then lightly smiles. "Well...that's a bit of a story in and of itself, Hiroshi-kun. Here, let me explain it for a bit, then I need you to look in on Aoi, alright...?"

"I..." Hiroshi jolts, then curses himself for not thinking of what Aoi was going through, then nods. "Un!"

* * *

A half-hour later, Hiroshi stumbles out of the bedroom, his mind whirling in disbelief at what Mizuho just revealed to him. A secret organization now operating in Japan, Germany, Canada and several other countries...and it was striving to bring positive change to those cultures by seeking out loners like him to serve as a cultural and social inspirational base?! Even more so, to ensure those chosen to be part of "the Club" were to be paired with two androids configured as a mother-daughter (or father-son for girls targeted to enter the Club) family...as their intimate companions and life-mates?! It...this was insane! Totally insane!!

But the proof was not just in the bedroom he just stepped out of, but in the bedroom now before him. Aoi and Mizuho Yamazaki. Daughter and mother to the unsuspecting. Both androids, though based on real people with real histories backing them up to allay suspicions. Now that he thought of it, Hiroshi wonders if the real Aoi and Mizuho were one of the many who had died in the great Kobe earthquake years ago. It would be simplicity itself for the Club's local organizers, who had to have strategic places in the Japanese government, to change death records and make bodies disappear.

And those two androids...those two beautiful women...had been specifically programmed for him? For Hiroshi Yuuki?!

Stepping into Aoi's bedroom, he pauses, gazing at her frozen form, still seated at her work desk. Even though Mizuho herself had been programmed to be as intimate as desired for Hiroshi, it was Aoi who would be his "public" girlfriend. To her credit, Aoi intended to reveal the truth of her existence sometime this year, when Hiroshi wasn't sidetracked with preparing for exams and could contemplate what the Club ultimately intended for him. Once they were free of high school, Hiroshi would be taken to a university where his many natural skills would be refined to their utmost limits, then with Aoi (and Mizuho) at his side, he would begin to help Japan finally evolve from the closed, conservative society which had suppressed so much since even before World War Two.

Squaring his shoulders, he walks inside, then moves to shift Aoi away from the desk. Lifting her up, he sits her on the bed, then moves to lay her straight on the covers. Blinking, he steps into the bathroom to retrieve a towel, then carrying that back into the bedroom, he slips it under her hips. Once that is done, he gently shifts her legs an inch apart.

His hand then tugs at her panties, drawing them down to reveal a trimmed patch of black pubic hair over her womanhood, everything as natural as might be found on an organic teenager. Shuddering, Hiroshi feels his manhood surge to life as his other "brain" senses WOMAN nearby, ready for the taking. Gritting his teeth, he fights the urge to spread Aoi's legs wide and hump her silly as far down as he could. Mizuho had told him that Aoi wanted her first time with Hiroshi to be as perfect as possible.

Hiroshi felt himself man enough to be party to Aoi's desire.

Still, he had to sexually arouse Aoi to give her mind a chance to regain some control over her malfunctioning body so she could properly reboot itself. To do that didn't require Hiroshi to physically force himself on Aoi. Thinking of that made it sound too much like rape to him. Still, there was a way...

Opening her work desk lap drawer, he grins on seeing what seems to be a TV remote. Pulling that out, he scans the controls, then notices one red button with the kanji (Mandarin character) for mata (groin). Another button had two kanji: chichi (breast) beside mune (chest). Red buttons on these control units, Mizuho explained, would manually open the various access hatches on a Club android. However, Hiroshi couldn't hit the futata (reset) button in Aoi's chest hatch until she told him it was alright to do so. Hitting "reset" too soon might erase some of Aoi's memories.

Aiming the remote at Aoi, he taps mata, then chichi-mune. Aoi doesn't move as square patches of skin peel away from her. Hiroshi leans over her groin, then gazes into the small hatch just above her pubic hair. There was only one ovoid button, marked beside it with four kanji in two pairs: hijou (emergency) and shigeki (stimulate). With that, Hiroshi leans over and taps it.

Aoi jolts, then the light returns to her eyes as a moan escapes her lips. Her body jerkily moves as one hand drifts to her clitoris, the other reaching up to shift her sports bra away from her breasts. The moan seems to stutter as if a needle was skipping over an old vinyl record, then becomes more fluid as Aoi's hands move in a proper, organic manner. The moan then becomes clear words as Aoi's eyes close, she shifting to her side, showing everything she is doing to her would-be boyfriend. "Hiroshi..."

Hiroshi jolts as the android's fingers pick up their tempo as more words stream out of her. "Hiroshi-kun...atashi no Hiroshi (my Hiroshi)...Hiroshi...suki da yo (I love you)...itsu mo daisuki da yo (I will always love you)...Hiroshi-kun...k-k-k-k-...!"

A spark bursts from Aoi's chest, causing her eyes to go wide, then they focus on the person presently staring concernedly at her. "Hiroshi-kun, wha...?!!" Aoi gapes, her cheeks flaming as her hand moves away from her womanhood, then another spark bursts from her chest, her eyes fluttering as the strength flows from her body.

Hiroshi moves over to gently cradle Aoi, his hand forcing hers back into her groin as a finger probes into the access hatch to hit the emergency stimulate button again. Aoi jolts, then softly cries out as her fingers continue to dance over and around her clit, a giddy smile crossing her face. "You...k-k-know now, d-d-don't you...?" Aoi stutters as a weaker spark escapes her.

"Yeah," Hiroshi gazes into Aoi's dark brown eyes, then he leans up to kiss her forehead. "Daijoubu desu yo (It's okay), Aoi," he whispers. "Your mom told me everything..."

"Shit..." she grunts, her voice fading into a passionate groan as she moves towards climax. "Wanted to...surprise you..."

"You did," he chuckles, then leans close.

Aoi's cheeks flame anew as his lips gently brush hers, then he deepens the kiss. Aoi shudders as she feels an orgasm hit, then screams as her body arches, sparks flying from her chest hatch.


A glance to her chest hatch reveals all the lights flashing madly. Grimacing, Hiroshi pulls his hand up, then jabs the button marked futata. Aoi freezes for a second, then her body locks up as she lays back on the bed. Hiroshi helps her down, then moves to gently grasp her hand as Aoi's voice flattens out: "Android unit Aoi Yamazaki has endured a power overload of internal systems." Pause. "Systems now in reboot mode, internal repair diagnostics initiated." Pause. "Unit Aoi Yamazaki's existence as android now know to unit's programmed organic life-mate, Hiroshi Yuuki." A twitch of the head to the left. "Unit entering normal speech mode to convey vital information to organic companion. Engaging link to unit's central conscience." Aoi's face then softens as her eyes turn to Hiroshi. "Yo, Hiroshi," she smiles, then it slightly slips. "So Mom told you everything, right...?"

"Yeah," Hiroshi nods.

Silence. Aoi blinks as she feels a jolt of fear surge through her central processors, then she hesitantly asks, "And...?"

"I've got one thing to say to you about that," he sighs.

A question forms on her lips, but dies in her throat as he leans over to gently kiss her. "Ore wa Aoi o itsu mo daisuki."

I will always love you, Aoi.

"Hiroshi..." Aoi sighs, then closes her eyes. "Soo ka (I see)..." she sighs, then blinks. "So what happened, anyway?"

Hiroshi jolts, then smirks. "Fate, I guess."

Both blink, then laugh...


To Be Continued...?

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