Cyber Realities — Part 2

by Disman (

Recap— As  you will remember from part 1, Dana had bought his wife Francine a bra and panty set from Valerie’s Closet, a lingerie boutique in their neighborhood.  The tag on the lingerie listed a website that gave Francine the opportunity to create a virtual model of herself to see how different lingerie items would look on her body.  In secret, Dana also created a virtual model of himself— but as a woman.  A local mannequin company, LeCurves, hacked into the lingerie company’s website and found Francine’s measurements to be exactly compatible with their mannequin specifications.  They asked Francine to come a model for a mannequin and to bring Dana along too.  Once at LeCurves they met Patrick and Vicki, the owners.  Dana and Francine were offered a glass of wine, which rendered them drugged.  They were then stripped of their clothes and put in chains.  Vickie announced that Francine was needed for more than just a model— she was actually going to be turned into a mannequin for a client.  Francine was scared for herself and even more for Dana.  She would become a mannequin, but what would happen to Dana?

Vicki continued the conversation with the couple hanging from their ceiling cuffs.  “At first you were the only virtual model in town with the perfect measurements.  But then there was another at the same address! You can only imagine our surprise."

Oh Shit! thought Dana, as he remembered putting his colors on Francine's measurements.  I'm half responsible for this.

"Hmmmm," Vicki continued, "We thought Dana must be a roommate or even a partner.  All the Dana’s we know are women.  And then what do we get?  Some things we don't want and some things we need just aren't there.  You see our client, Valerie’s Closet, has purchased two standing FEMALE mannequins — not one of each."

With that said, Vicki produced a large syringe filled with a pink fluid.  "Here's to a new you, honey."  She quickly emptied the syringes content directly into Dana's thigh.

Patrick went on to explain that the syringe’s contents would start showing their effects in about a half-hour.  While he was talking, Vicki went over to Francine and gave her a shot from a smaller syringe filled with green liquid.

"It's important for your body to be void of all excess fluids," she explained while she walked over to Dana for the same shot.  "That's why I had to work you each into an orgasm.  Your body needed to be cleansed.  Among other things, this shot will do the same for your bowels.  That's why we put a restroom in this room."

Patrick continued the explanation, "Once Dana's change is complete, we'll give you another shot and adjust the atmosphere in this room to revive you.  That will be the last time you move on your own.  If I were you I'd try to enjoy your last minutes of movement and not waste my time trying to escape.  This room is totally soundproof and there's no one in this whole area of town after hours."

"I'll see you in a bit to monitor the new Dana," stated Vicki as they both left the room.  Click-clank-clunk went the locking mechanism on the door.


The room was quiet.  The promised adjustment in the atmosphere must have occurred because both Francine and Dana could begin to move in a very slow and groggy sort of way.

They still couldn't talk.  But they could think.  Francine tried to imagine what it would be like to be a mannequin.  She was a very positive person and tried to think of the positive aspects of the situation.  She was having a tough time.  She would miss her work, her friends . . . movement . . . being real!  She also couldn’t quite figure out why there was a female Dana on the cyber model program.  Was this something Dana himself had done?  Why?  Or was it just some kind of mistake?

Occasionally Dana tried to think of what it would be like to be female.  This wasn't a new thought.  But it was real this time.  He also was scared to think of what Francine thought of him.  He felt his body changing.  It was like knots going through his torso.  He knew changes were happening, even if Francine couldn’t see it yet.  He was sweating like a pig.

Francine was amazed as she began to visually see those changes.  Washed in sweat, Dana's waist was slowly becoming more defined.  Breasts were starting to grow on his hairy chest!  His face became narrower and more feminine.  His male organ began to shrink in size. 

Click-clank-clunk.  The door opened and Vicki entered.  "How's it going Dana?"  Her voice had a little tease to it.  Vicki pulled out a brush and painted some greasy crème all over Dana's torso.  After a few minutes the crème dried.  Then came pain as Vicki ripped off Dana’s body hair.  He was now as smooth as Francine.  She did the same to Dana's arms, back, armpits and legs. 

"One more thing honey," Vicki stated as she fondled Dana's shrinking genitals with her left hand.  "We've got to make room for the female you.  This won't hurt like you think it would— thanks to your gender altering injection."  Vicki moved closer to Dana.  All Francine could see was Vicki's back. 

Vicki began pushing hard on Dana’s genitals.  "Arrrrgh," was an audible cry that was Dana's first utterance.  His slowed movements showed a face in total shock as Vicki shoved and pushed his maleness into a smooth patch of skin between his legs. 

“The drug has shrunk you unit by about half in the short time you’ve been hanging here.  It also makes it pliable like clay.  There’s really nothing left of your old self now.”  She spent five to ten minutes smoothing out Dana’s crotch.  Any trace that he was ever male was now gone.

Francine didn't know what kind of pain to feel, but she felt incredible pain for Dana.  But Vicki was in fact right; Dana didn't feel a thing.  The chemical change that had occurred in his body had already replaced the need for his exterior plumbing.

"Well Dana girl, your boy day's are over.  Lucky for you we still have some of this formula left.  We've only got enough for one more and Patrick hasn't been able to duplicate the formula."

About then Patrick came in and pulled the beds down while Vicki pulled Francine and Dana forward.  They then used the remote to lower the magnetic pull and let each person down on their respective bed.  Patrick had brought in two additional syringes filled with a pearly white liquid.  Vicki administered the injections.

As he and Vicki started out the door, Patrick admonished.  "You've only got a few hours of movement ahead of you.  Don't waste them.  We've left you some clothes in the box by the door.  Have fun."


It took a good fifteen minutes for either Francine or Dana to be able to sit up.  The events of the past few hours were unbelievable and they each wondered if they were in a dream.  Francine was the first to sit up.  She was surprised to feel refreshed and uplifted.  The only thing she noticed different (other than Dana's very different form) was that her joints seemed a little stiff — and a little painful too.  Her breasts also seemed more full and pert.

The shock was Dana.  Her once handsome husband was now the perfect female version of himself.  Dana’s figure was . . . well, perfect.  And the face was . . . just beautiful.  Francine walked closer and looked down on the now awakening Dana.  Even though she was in every way female, Francine could see the Dana she knew.  She saw it in the eyes, in the color of the skin, a lone freckle on the collarbone and even in the shape of the lips.  Francine had never once even thought of making love to another woman, but this creature before her was someone that she undoubtedly was head over heals in love with.  She was surprised to find herself totally turned on.

Dana slowly set up on the bed.  He first looked down at his new breasts and gently touched each one.  A smirk came across his face at about that time.  He continued to move the index finger of her right hand up and around his right breast until it reached the summit.  He looked up at Francine with a look that embodied amazement, surprise, fulfillment and even contentment.  He then looked down between his breasts to the space between his legs.  It was a defined space, about an inch and a half wide.  Nothing was there that used to be there.  His right hand then moved from his breast down his waist and into the space.

"I don't know what to say.  This is so strange.  Why me?"

"I don't know why you," responded Francine, "but we've been through a lot and I need a hug."

"Me too" and the women hugged with tears running down their faces.  Francine noticed the difference.

"We're going to be mannequins Dana.  They can obviously do this to us.  What should we do?"

"I don't know.  I don't think we can do much."

"Maybe we should get dressed.  Let's see what they have in the box."  Francine got up and walked over to the box that Patrick had left in the room.  "You'll love this Dana, nothing but lingerie and a couple of night shirts.  If you want to be dressed you'll have to dress in women’s clothes, but the other hand, I guess you’ve got the body for it.  I’d like to get something on, so I’ll go first.  You’ll have to decide what you want to do.”

All of the items in the box were the exact right size.  Francine expected nothing less.  She also had no doubt that the items were also the exact size for Dana's female body too.  Francine reached in the box and pulled out one of the pair of panties and put them on.  This pair was a beige color with lacy material in a French cut style. 

Dana couldn't help but notice how perfect they fit and how beautiful Francine was standing there with no top.  Dana felt a chill through his body.  Was he turned on?  He thought so, but it was a different kind of turn-on.  The room was a little chilly and Dana crossed his arms across his breasts as he watched Francine.  The chill made Dana's nipples erect and full.  This was a more intense feeling than he had ever felt as a male.

Next out of the box was a sheer beige bra that appeared to match the panties.  Francine gave Dana a sexy smile as she pulled the bra over her arms and fastened it behind her.  "It's a little cold in here honey, there’s a camisole set in the box, I think I’ll slip it on too.”

Francine then turned to Dana, "Honey, do what me to help you get dressed?"

"I don't know," was the frustrated reply.  Dana went over to the box and looked in.  He loved lingerie, but usually it was on Francine.  He almost wished that Francine wasn't in the room.  It would make it easier to experiment without her there.  While he picked up the other pair of panties Francine stepped up behind him and rubbed his back.  Her touch was extremely arousing.  When she reached to the top of his shoulders he could feel the tip of her breasts touch his back.  The silky fabric of the camisole accentuated his arousal.

This pair of panties was white with a bikini cut low on the hips.  As he pulled them on he noticed the increased width of his female hips. 

Francine was totally perplexed. Here she was hours or even minutes from becoming a mannequin forever and she was becoming more aroused with every rub on Dana's back.  The smoothness of Dana's female skin is this vulnerable state turned Francine on more than she ever dreamed.  She had an incredible desire to reach in front of Dana and begin to gently caress his breasts, but she just couldn't do it.

Dana then picked up the bra.  It was a white version of the bra Francine was wearing.  He tried to put on the bra by himself but it was immediately apparent that he was a rookie at this. 

"Fasten it backwards around your waist and then pull it around you so the cups are in front."

"Okay."  This seemed to work.  Dana noticed the stiffness of the new bra.  He wondered how comfortable it would be as he shifted it to the right direction. 

“It helps if you lean forward and let your boobs fall into the bra,” was Francine’s advice.  Dana followed the advice and soon pulled the straps up over his arms.  The cups hung loose.  Francine came over to Dana's aid.  Francine moved in front of Dana and adjusted the straps on the bra so that the cups fit firmly against Dana's newly acquired breasts.  

Francine moved her hands across Dana's breasts in order to smooth out the wrinkles in the cups.  The excitement of the moment combined with the coolness of the room to stiffen up Dana's nipples and make them visible through the fabric of the bra.  Francine was again in a quandary.  In a way that she couldn't explain she was again excited beyond imagination.

Dana went up to the mirror and admired his new form.  He moved his arms in different directions and watched the effect on the position of his breasts.  He caressed his breasts.  He ran his now petite hands down the curves of his female self, over his hips and onto his smooth thighs. 

All the while Francine rubbed his back.  Dana's back was sectioned into the quadrants marked by the shape of the bra.  First Francine rubbed his neck and the section between the straps.  She then moved to the shoulders and finally to the lower back below the base of the bra.

Like Franicne, Dana was also incredibly turned on.  But also like Francine, Dana didn't quite know what to do.  On one of the movements down his figure, Dana moved his hand over his crotch and slid his middle finger along his lips, the lips that Vicki had molded for him.  Wow!  This was something new!  He suddenly felt moist.

At about that time something inside Francine snapped.  She could hold back no more.  The pent up desires were released with the force of a raging flood and she threw herself around Dana.  Kissing, groping, moving.  Uncontrollably.  At first Dana was taken off guard, but then he responded in equal measure.

Within minutes Dana had taken off Francine's bra and was licking her breasts.  Francine reached behind Dana to remove his bra.  "Not yet, I like it this way for now."  Dana wasn't sure why he said what he said, but it was how he felt.

Francine pulled off her panties.  Then she started laughing.  "What are we going to do now.  You don't have a dick anymore."  They both laughed.

"I may not have a penis but I'll tell you I'm ready to make love to you.  How do lesbians do it?"  They both laughed again.

"I don't know, I've never really studied that kind of stuff."  Although the experience thus far made her wonder if she might have enjoyed it if she had.

Then Dana had an idea.  The chrome bar that Vicki had used on Francine!  He picked up the bar and rubbed it through his own crotch leaving it wet with juices.  He then moved it to Francine and the fresh lubrication did its work.  Francine fell back in pleasure with her upper body on the bed.  "My breasts, honey, my breasts!"  Dana responded on command as he had always done, giving her nipples a gentle rub with his thumbs.

“Dana, take off your bra and rub your nipples against mine.”  These words surprised Francine, but there was some instinct within her that told her this would be great.  It was.  “Mmmmmmmm!”  The first moans of an incredibly intense and sustained orgasm.  “Ohhhhhhh Aaaaaaaargh!”

“That was one of the most incredible orgasms of my life.”  Francine paused with a sad look on her face.  “Too bad it will be my last.”  Dana nodded agreement.  He was a little disappointed—although the experience was good for him, he didn’t have an orgasm.

Francine was exhausted.  Dana spent a few minutes of looking for ways out of the room (there were none).  The two sat down on the edge of one of the beds and talked for the next hour about a number of things.  What it was like to become the opposite sex and what it would be like to be a mannequin.  They had questions — would they be in the same store?  It sounded like they would both be in Valerie’s Closet.  Francine hadn’t noticed the store.  Would their body parts be removable like real mannequins?  Would they be aware of what was happening to them or would they be dead?  Dana also mentioned regret that he hadn’t achieved an orgasm as a woman.  Was it different?  Or maybe even better??

During the conversation each of them felt the need to go use the bathroom.  Obviously the drug was working.  All extra body fluids were being expunged from their bodies.

Francine became a little bored and went over to rummage through the box.  She thought she had seen it all before but decided to take one more look.  A surprise.  In the very bottom of the box was a flesh colored dildo with straps.  How could she have missed this before?!  Dana’s comments about an orgasm hadn’t been totally lost on Francine.  Let’s give him another chance!

With her back toward Dana, Francine strapped on the dildo.  She looked over her shoulder, Dana wasn’t paying any attention.  She looked down at the new appendage between her legs.  For a moment she wondered what it would be like to have sex as a man.  She moved her hips and watched the dildo pulsate.  Wow, this is kind of cool!

“Dana,” she called in a flirtatious voice.


“I have something for you.”  With that said she turned around.  Dana had put the panties back on but was laying topless on the bed.  His face had a surprised look.

Francine quickly pounced on Dana’s body.  There was a flurry of licking breasts and rubbing the curve of Dana’s back.  Dana was sweating when Francine began kissing her on the lips.  Dana’s sex was totally lubricated when Francine’s rubber stick passed between his legs the first time.

“Eeeeck . . . Aaaaaaagh,” was the high pitched squeal followed by a satisfied moan.  Francine moved the dildo between Dana’s legs in the same way as the chrome bar had done before.  Dana lay on the bed and moaned, he could do nothing else. 

Dana’s eyes glossed over in the ecstasy of near orgasm.  The dildo had a small bump on the inside that rubbed against Francine’s sex, making the experience very satisfactory for her too.  Both women moaned in pleasure.

Then Francine moved things onto the next level.  She repositioned her body and used her hand to move the dildo so that it penetrated Dana’s body. 

“OMYGOD!!  This is GREAT!” was Dana’s immediate response.  It only took about a dozen strokes and Dana’s body broke into sweat.  “Arrrrrgh.  Ohhhhhh.  This is Soooooo good!”  Dana grabbed Francine’s buns and used every ounce of her strength to target the dildo to the absolute best spot.  “Ohhhhh.  Ohhhhh.”  The chorus continued on.  “This is soooo intense.  Soooo good.”

After a few intense minutes of orgasm, the two laid limp and clung to each other lying on the bed.  “Francine, I think it is a little better for women . . . but . . .” Dana seemed to be in philosophical thought.  “It probably evens out, since it seems like men have orgasms more frequently.  I guess its quantity versus quality.  What do you think?  Francine?  Francine?!!”

Tears ran down Dana’s face as he looked at Francine.  She had stiffened to the point that she could no longer mover or talk.  Dana moved her arms and they stayed wherever he positioned them.  She couldn’t even blink.  He could feel the same stiffness in his own body.

After a few minutes, there was a knock at the door.  Vicki walked in.  “How’s it going guys?”  Vicki looked at Francine laying stiff on the bed with the dildo still strapped to her body.  “Oh.  I see you guys have been having a little fun in here!”

Dana was suddenly stricken with anger and lunged at Vicki.  “You bitch!  I’m going to kill you!”

Due to his rapidly stiffening state and his smaller female form, Dana’s lunge at Vicki was slow and weak.  She was able to quickly subdue him.  Patrick came into the room and, almost before Dana knew what was happening, the magnet was turned on and Dana found himself once again hanging from the ceiling plates.

Vicki and Patrick lifted Francine off the bed and moved her into a standing position.  Patrick left the room.  Vicki looked at Dana, “She is in no pain and she fully understands everything that’s going on around her.  The liquid we injected into her has nearly completed its total change of her body chemistry.  The same thing is happening to your body.  It’s a little slower because we added an agent to delay the process.  We can only do one at a time, if we wait to long the body gets too stiff.”

Patrick came back into the room with a mannequin stand and a glass base.  Vicki took off Francine’s magnetic wristbands. “You won’t be needing these any more.:

Patrick sat the stand on the floor and together they positioned Francine onto the stand.  Then Vicki took a seat while Patrick spent the most part of the next hour posing Francine.

The final pose had Francine standing in a very confident and provocative manner with both arms straight out at her sides culminating with her hands about two foot from her hips.  Dana watched and was in awe of how beautiful she looked.  Dana had always thought Francine could’ve been a model.  This confirmed that feeling.  Wherever she ended up, she would do well in modeling clothes. 

Patrick posed Francine’s right hand extended away from her body with her palm pointed downward.  The left hand was posed like it was grabbing something.  This puzzled Dana.

With Francine in her final position, Vicki reentered the scene with a small box with a long thin rod sticking out of it.  Patrick plugged the box into an extension cord lighting up a red light indicating the box was on.  Dana watched intently as Vicki carefully moved the rod up under Francine’s armpit.  Then with a quick and deliberate motion she lifted the rod up Francine’s armpit and removed Francine’s arm! 

“Ohmygod!” shouted Dana.  “What are you doing?!!”

“It’s okay Dana.” Vicki said as she handed Francine’s detached arm to Patrick.  “I can assure you that Francine felt no pain.  You have to be able to removed a mannequin’s arms in order to dress them.  Patrick will install some metal hardware that will allow us or the store person to remove her arms at will.”

Vicki then went to Francine’s detached arm and made another cut removing her hand just above the wrist.  While Patrick installed the hardware on the removed arm, Vicki did the same procedure on Francine’s other arm.

Dana stared at Francine’s form, thinking that without her arms she was starting to look more like a mannequin than a real person.  Francine’s arms were removed in such a way that the top of her shoulders were still with her arms.  Her remaining shoulders looked very narrow.

Dana could overhear Vicki and Patrick talking.  The next step was to use the rod to separate Francine’s upper body from her hips and legs.  Patrick brought out an adjustable table that the couple would use to guide the cutting rod so that the cut would be straight.  There was a bit of discussion about exactly where the cut should go.  Evidently it was important to keep the cut low enough as to not show on the latest hip-hugger fashions, but to keep it high enough as to not show on French cut panties and bathing suits.  They decided on the line and the two worked together to make sure the cut was perfect.  Patrick lifted Francine’s upper half off her hips and set it on the adjustable table.  Although Dana had resigned himself to the process and his helplessness in the situation, the scene before him was still shocking.  Patrick went on to the final cut—removing Francine’s right leg just below her torso. 

Dana marveled at the process.  At this point Patrick was working on the hardware to reattach Francine’s body.  All the while Francine’s confident and dignified look remained steady.  Dana wondered what she was thinking.  Was this scary?  Was it confusing?  It didn’t look painful, but that was hard to believe. 

“Well Dana, what do you think?” It was Vicki.  “I’ll let you down if you promise not to try anything.”

“O-Okay.” Dana noticed that his speech was a little stiff.

With that promise, Vicki used the remote to lower Dana’s nude body to the floor.  Dana used this moment of freedom to rub his hands over his female body.  Despite his predicament, this touch still turned him on.

“You need some clothes, a bra will help your breasts look their best when you’re a mannequin.”

With that, Dana put back on the bra and panties.  There was a shallow satisfaction in knowing that he didn’t need help with the bra this time.

“Here’s a robe if you want it.”  Vicki handed Dana a silky white robe.  He smiled a smile of resignation.

“Sure.”  He slipped on the robe, tied it in front and was thankful for its covering.

Patrick was nearly finished with Francine, although she was still in pieces.  “She looks good doesn’t she?”

“Yes, I guess she does.” Dana couldn’t help but agree.  He momentarily thought of the torso in the front window of Valerie’s Closet.

“Do you want to help with the final touches?”

“What final touches, what do you mean?”

“Well, as you can see, her skin is taking on a mannequin-like luster and some of her goosebumps make for a rough finish.  I usually take this cloth and smooth everything out.  You’ll start to stiffen up yourself in a few minutes, but you can work on her until then.”

Hmmmm, Dana wondered.  Would this be the right thing to do?  I would really love to hug and kiss her and let her know that I still lover her.  “Yes, I w-w-w-would like to do th-that.”  The words just popped from his mouth.

Dana took the cloth and slowly walked up to Francine’s upper torso sitting on the workbench.  Patrick had finished installing the hardware to reattach Francine’s arms and Vicki had just removed her hair.  Even though she was bald, she was still absolutely beautiful.  Dana began rubbing on her back and then moved to her head.

“You’ve got to do all of her, every inch.  Her boobs too, if you don’t, I will.”

With that, Dana moved onto Francine’s perfect 34C breasts.  Was this turning on Francine as much as him?  He would never know for sure, but he somehow knew it was.  Her torso became warmer with every rub.  Was this the natural result of rubbing, or was something else happening.  His final touch was to embrace her with a long kiss.

The kiss was so long that Vicki had to help Dana away from it.  He had started to stiffen.  He tried to finish off, this final touch of Francine’s body, but couldn’t do it.

“I think you’re next,” commented Vicki.  “Let me help you take off that robe so we can start on you.”

Vicki undressed Dana while Patrick finished off Francine.  The silky robe slid off Dana’s shoulders and Dana about had an internal orgasm just thinking of his beautiful female body being made to stand in just a bra and panties.  The orgasm did come when Vicki undid Dana’s bra and spent a few quality moments caressing Dana’s breasts and nipples with her two index fingers.  WOW!

The orgasm was so strong that Dana didn’t realize that Vicki had taken off his panties until the were gone.  Then it was time to be posed and Dana realized why Francine’s left hand had been positioned as if she was grabbing something.  She was!  It was Dana’s hand!

Using the now completed Francine as a prop, Patrick carefully posed Dana right next to Francine and in the very same position as he did Francine — standing straight up, arms angled out at the sides.  Dana’s right hand was holding Francine’s left hand.  They were to be displayed as a pair.  They wouldn’t be separated!  This was truly exciting.

Even though the position was the same as Francine’s, Patrick still spend a good half hour or more posing Dana.  He could feel Patrick’s breath on his shoulders as Patrick posed his head and then stepped back to see if it was perfect.  Patrick was quite meticulous.

“What do you think hon’?” Patrick asked Vicki.

“Looks good, although I think her hips need to come forward just a tad.”

Patrick made the adjustment and this part of the process was declared finished.

Dana had begun to daydream about what it would be like to be a mannequin.  At this point he couldn’t move at all and the process was fairly easy.  Dana had forgotten what was to come next when he felt something warm under his right arm.  Oh shit.  He’s going to take my arms off.  I bet this is going to hurt.  The face was emotionless, but the mind was grimacing something awful.

He felt something lightly go up his armpit and thought it was just Patrick drawing a line in order to make a straight cut, when he noticed Patrick hand his arm to Vicki.  Shit!  He’s done it.  My arm’s off!

Patrick and Vicki didn’t say much over the next hour.  They quickly and deliberately dismembered Dana’s body.  Patrick installed the hardware while Vicki smoothed the surface with her cloth.  The experience was totally erotic and never painful.

When everything was done, both Dana and Francine were carried out into the main studio and assembled in their final pose.  Both Dana and Francine were fully aware of their surroundings and their ultimate fate.  They were both curious as to how they would be displayed in the store.  They both felt proud of their bodies and the fact that they were unclothed made the scene somewhat sensual and surreal in their minds.

Although he couldn’t see himself, Dana could feel his feminine shape, especially the weight and shape of his breasts.  From his flat-chested male perspective it felt like his breasts stuck out a mile and must be oversized or something.  In fact they were identical to Francine’s, and very nice. 

Patrick and Vicki made their way to the door.  Just before turning out the lights for the night, Vicki looked back at the two new mannequins, “We’ve got to head home.  Your new owner has an appointment at nine tomorrow morning to view her new mannequins.  If all goes well you should be on display tomorrow afternoon.”

The room was dark.  Both mannequins wondered what the other was thinking.  Francine worried about the other mannequins in the studio.  Had they been real just like them?  Probably so.  That would mean that the mannequin at the front that Vicki had said was her twin sister, might really be her twin sister.

Once the morning light shined through the window, both mannequins had resigned themselves to the change in their lives that was now their new existence.

But a greater change was taking place in Dana’s persona.  In the brief time he had a female body it was difficult for him to remember his male body.  He could only vaguely remember the feeling of an erection and it was hard to imagine a body without breasts.  He fondly remembered the feeling of the dildo penetrating his female sex.  This new sexuality seemed to permeate his entire body instead of just his groin.

Suddenly the door opened and in came Patrick and Vicki.  “How’d you guys make it through the night?  Are you ready to go into a store window?” Vicki asked, “Hope so ‘cause that’s where you’re goin’.”

Patrick spent a few moments dusting the two mannequins before the door opened and in came a customer.  It was Valerie.  If she bought them, they were going to Valerie’s Closet on Newbury Street.  They would be in the front window.

Valerie had some small talk with Patrick and Vicki before coming over to inspect her new mannequins.  From their conversation Dana gathered that Valerie had originally wanted to trade-in the torso form that had infatuated Dana.  But Valerie’s Closet had done exceptionally well and Valerie wanted to keep the torso. 

If Dana knew the whole story, he would’ve known that the torso had also come from this studio. The torso had been a young college student that had been intrigued with her cyber form on the Internet . . . an intrigue that led to her being recruited by Vicki.  However, Vicki and Patrick agreed that the coed’s face was just too unusual to make a good mannequin.  Patrick strongly believed that the focus should always be on the body and not the face.  Therefore the decision was made to turn her into a torso instead of a full body.

While Vicki and Patrick anxiously waited, Valerie slowly inspected the two forms, walking around them and testing each curve of each mannequin with her index finger. 

Dana and Francine both felt the tenseness of the moment.  They also felt very naked.  Finally Valerie spoke.  “Outstanding Patrick.  You’ve outdone yourself.  I’ll take them.  Can you deliver today?”

“Of course. Just before noon, if that’s okay.”

“Sure.” And Valerie went on to write a check for the full amount.

Dana was elated.  If he was going to be a female mannequin, there would be no better store than Valerie’s closet.  He wondered if Francine would remember the store on Newbury Street once she saw it.

After Valerie left.  Both mannequins were disassembled and wrapped in padded blankets.  Although the blankets inhibited their vision, they could both feel and hear the van as it took them to their new home.

What would people think happened to them?  What would happen to their stuff?  Neither of them had close relatives.  Both concluded that it really didn’t matter to them any more.


At the store Valerie had cleared the front window in anticipation of their arrival.  She moved the torso to a display she had arranged just inside the front door and dressed it in a fluffy terrycloth robe that had arrived just the day before.

The front window was empty with the exception of a large clay vase filled with silk flowers and the two glass bases that would hold the new mannequins upright.  At about 10:45 a white delivery van pulled up to the delivery zone in front of the store.  Out jumped Patrick and Vicki.

Within a few minutes each mannequin and all their parts were brought in from outside and unwrapped in the front window.  The mannequins were assembled.  Both mannequins felt a sense of ecstasy when Patrick used a soft cloth to dust them and polish any spots that came from the van ride.  On the way out to the van, Vicki stepped up into the display window and whispered something into the mannequin’s ears . . . “Hope you like your new home . . . and . . . nice tits Dana.”  She quickly circled her left hand around Dana’s right breast and then walked out the door to Patrick and the van.

There they were naked for the world to see.  Dana became a bit self-conscious when women and MEN paused to admire their bodies.  Francine was ashamed and embarrassed.  She couldn’t understand how they got into this predicament.

“Well, they tell me that your names are Dana and Francine.”  A voice broke their thoughts.  It was Valerie.  She stood in front of them holding some intimates.  “I’ve got a couple of great new bra and panty sets for you to wear.”  Dana and Francine could tell that dressing mannequins was new for Valerie.  Talking to the mannequins somehow helped relax her.

Valerie started with Dana. Instead of disassembling his bottom half, Valerie lifted up one leg at a time and ended up with the panties around Dana’s ankles.  Once she started to raise the panties up Dana’s legs, Valerie realized that she had gotten them upside down and needed to start over.  Once the panties were on, Dana realized that they were a thong with a single string that ran up his ass.  The bra was easier, although Valerie did struggle with Dana and Francine’s tangled hands.  In the window reflection, Dana could see that the color was a light yellow.  He couldn’t believe how sexy he looked.

Francine was next.  Instead of a thong she got a pair of very thin hip huggers.  Both mannequins felt the tightness of the bras.  Francine, being the one experienced in wearing a bra, knew that Valerie must’ve put the bra on the tightest clasp.  But why?

Valerie answered the question for them, “Your probably wondering why your bra is so damn tight!  Well, it’s to make sure that the cups don’t show any wrinkles.  They look smoother and besides your nipples show.”

My nipples?!  That just finishes it all off!  The final frustration!  Unlike some women, Francine hated it when her nipples showed through her clothes.  To her it felt immodest.

The final touch was their wig.  Valerie gave Dana a dark red wig with long straight hair and Francine got a dark brown wig with very short hair.  The mannequins could see their reflection in the window.  Dana was astonished at Francine’s appearance with dark short hair.  He was surprised at how it made her look sexy in a different sort of way.  His female body tingled with excitement.

“Well there you go girls.  Enjoy.”

While Valerie went off to her business, the new mannequins adjusted to their new home.  People watching became a fun solitaire activity.  Eavesdropping also became interesting.  Dana had always teased Francine about her eavesdropping in restaurants and movies.  But in this case they were both surprised with the rich conversations from people who had no idea they were being listed too.  The conversation was better than some soap operas.

Both mannequins found that their consciousness drifted in and out.  They definitely had times where they would sleep with their eyes open — there was no other choice.

Their bodies were such that they were both targets for any gazing male and even a few females.  During their first summer, there were a couple of nights when a passerby would stop and take a few photos.

Valerie did a good job of taking care of her two mannequins.  She regularly dusted them and changed their outfits. Both Dana and Francine, cherished the times when Valerie would change them.  Valerie’s touch seemed so sensual and invigorating that they looked forward to being changed despite the fact that it was done in front of the whole street. 

Francine remembered a time when she was in high school when she and a bunch of girlfriends went to Europe for a summer trip. The culture of the beach was to go topless.  At first Francine was reluctant, but with a little encouragement she did it.  The freedom and the rush from being a little on the edge made the experience surprisingly enjoyable.  This experience came to mind each time that she stood nude in the front window.  It was enjoyable. 

Over the next few years Valerie bought some additional mannequin fixtures from Patrick and Vicki.  The first was another torso form and then came a bra form and a pantyhose form.  Dana and Francine both were curious as to whether those forms were “drafted” into service just like they were.

One day when Valerie was changing Dana and Francine’s clothes, the hardware connecting Dana’s arm to his body broke and Valerie was unable to reattach the arm.  “Darn, what do I do now?” was Valerie’s comment.  “I guess I better call Vicki.”

She did, and within a few hours, Patrick came by to inspect the damage.  “I’d like to take her in and fix it in the shop.  I’ll polish her body while I’m at it.”

It was the first time Dana had been away from Francine since their transformation into mannequins.  He missed the feeling of her stiff hand in his.  Even though they couldn’t talk to each other, there was a comfort to know they were together.  Francine shared his feelings.

Back at the studio Patrick quickly repaired Dana’s shoulder socket while Vicki used a small electric polisher over every inch of Dana’s body.  Orgasms piled one on another during the hour long process.  Dana’s body felt so warm that he thought he would black out.  How he wished he could move.  If he could he would jump of the workbench and make ravenous love to Vicki, right there on the spot.  But alas, he couldn’t.  In fact the look on Vicki’s face made Dana know that she had no idea about the feelings that she and her little polisher were creating.

Once Patrick and Vicki were finished, they reassembled Dana and moved him to the edge of the studio.  Later that evening, two young women came to the studio.  It didn’t take Dana long to figure out that these two women had been recruited to be mannequins in the same way that Dana and Francine had been recruited.

However, Dana recognized one of the women.  She was a news anchor from one of the local television stations.  Dana’s first response was to try to warn them away.  Of course this was something he could only think about.  But then, Dana had to admit that he was actually enjoying being a mannequin, although the thought seemed totally illogical.  He even relished his female body.  The whole experience was quite erotic and very peaceful.  He truly had no worries and this was a delightful realization.  So, Dana decided that instead he would wish the two women well in their new lives.

Dana watched as the two women were drugged with the wine, just as he and Francine had been.  They were both nice looking with good figures, so Dana tried to imagine them as mannequins.  Another realization hit Dana.  He was really enjoying watching this whole transformation from the eyes of a mannequin.  As far as the two women knew, Dana was just another beautiful mannequin in Patrick’s studio.  Dana began to feel warm with the erotic feelings produced by this experience.

Patrick and Vicki worked until the morning hours.  Dana dozed in and out of conscious awareness.  When he fully came to, both women were standing in front of Patrick in the full nude mannequin forms.  Their joints had been installed and no one off the street would recognize them as anything but mannequins.

But Patrick and Vicki were having a serious conversation and they weren’t in agreement.  The cause of the disagreement was regarding the near celebrity status of the news anchor and how people would recognize here unless they sent her far away from Boston.  The only problem was that they didn’t have any orders outside Boston at this time and Patrick was worried about having her displayed in the studio in case her trail might lead there. 

Vicki didn’t feel that there was a big risk but had the ultimate answer.  They had just received an order that afternoon from another shop on Newbury for a headless female mannequin.  “All we have to do is remove her head.” 

“You know I’ve always hated to do that.”

“How different is that from her current condition?”

Patrick reluctantly agreed to Vicki’s argument.  He even made Vicki do the job.

Dana was surprised at how the woman still looked statuesque and beautiful, even without her head.

At some point during the day, Dana was delivered back to Valerie’s front window.  Valerie must’ve spent an hour dressing them in a wonderful corset and garter belt.  Dana had never felt sexier.  Francine felt the same.

Over the years Valerie’s business flourished with Dana and Francine at the centerpiece of the store’s front window.  Valerie kept them so clean and was so careful with them that you could almost believe that she knew they had once been real.  Over time Dana and Francine developed an amazing sexual energy through their clasped hands.  It was almost as if they could communicate with each other without words.

Patrick and Vicki’s business also flourished right along with the Internet.  Their ability to hack into the cyber model database was almost like a catalog for recruitment, ensuring their continued success.


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