Sentimental Perfection II

by gorgo

Based on Perfection, written by Dr. Goldfoot, and the video game Sentimental Graffiti, owned by NEC Interchannel.

WRITER'S NOTES: I never thought that I'd end up writing a sequel to Sentimental Perfection, but the idea that is portrayed in the story below has been germinating for some time in my head. Anyhow, here it is; I hope you all will enjoy it. Please refer back to the references in the writer's notes of Sentimental Perfection if you have questions concerning the characters here.

Eyes flutter. Deep grey eyes, the shade of clouds saturated by moisture, soon to unload their life-giving fluids on the land below them. Within those eyes, tiny screens flash as the android's central diagnostics commence a wake-up analysis...








Her mouth parts as a deep breath flows into her artificial lungs, her fuel pump beating to distribute oxygen throughout her body. Were anyone to cut her open and look inside, they would find a very complex being similar to a human in many ways. Unit JF-439 was constructed with a functional cardiopulmonary system, digestive tract and waste-disposal tracts augmented with solar batteries, soft silicon muscles, controlled by fiber-optic nervous connections to her central processor. This was designed to ease maintenance costs and give her a more "realistic" feel in case her owner took her out into the public and she may encounter simophobes who might disapprove of a person possessing a RealBabe android as a lover.

Images then pass through JF-439's mind. A tall, slender man with shaggy black hair and brown eyes. Gioo Shigozei, her owner, the man she was built to be a companion to. To JF-439's surprise, Gioo was already in possession of six RealBabe androids. Even more of a surprise to the newborn android, she herself was part of a group of another six androids to be given to Gioo as gifts.

A new image then appears. Manami Sugihara, JF-439's physical and mental template. The newborn android was to be the prototype of the Manami series RealBabes, soon to be offered on the open mart by her creator, Tomohisa Kai. Interesting. Manami was the one who had requested the creation of JF-439...and thus, the introduction of the Manami she could give a present to Gioo. Well, then, that would be an added impetus to JF-439 to perform to the best of her abilities.

"Manami-chan? How do you feel?"

Manami blinks, then looks left to see a woman staring at her. A datascreen flashes in her eye. Unit AF-27, also known as Mariko Kai, the android "wife" of Manami's creator. "I feel fine, Mariko-chan," the newborn android smiles.

"Well, you might as well get up," Mariko reaches up to unplug the other android from the programming unit, then beckons Manami from the diagnostic bed. "It's your big day today."

"Hai," Manami rises, stretching herself to allow better circulation of her life-fluids to her arms and legs, then she swings her legs off the bed to stand. Her hand reaches up to close and seal the programming port located in her forehead. With that, she walks over to see a beautiful kimono and some stylish lingerie awaiting her. A see-through lace bra and panties, G-string and a pair of nylon thigh-length stockings. Slipping the panties on, Manami gently swoons as warm jolts of erotic energy surge through her neural net from her virginal womanhood.

Staring at her, Mariko smiles knowingly. "I was the same way when I was first activated," she notes. "It's alright, Manami-chan. You get used to it sooner or later."

"I hope so," Manami shudders, then proceeds to dress.

As soon as the lingerie is in place, Manami slips the kimono over her shoulders. A soft blue-grey colour, matching her eyes, with a forest scene augmented with birds and a cloudy sky. Mariko walks up to fasten the obi into place properly, then draws a comb to pass through Manami's silky black hair. "My, you are so beautiful."

"Thank you," Manami blushes, then blinks as Mariko takes some of the younger android's bangs and begins to braid them. "Nani...?"

"Manami-kun wants you to look exactly like her when you go meet Gioo-kun," Mariko smiles as she places red bows into Manami's braids. When people were just guests or customers for RealBabes and RealDudes, the android scientist always was very formal with them. When those customers became templates for new androids, the formality was lessened to the level one might express with one's co-workers...which, in a sense, Manami Sugihara was. "After all, you're the physical expression of Manami-kun's love for him."

"Hai, wakarimasu (I understand)," Manami nods. "I will do my best to express Onee-san's love for Gioo-kun properly."

"Subarashii (Wonderful)!" Mariko beams. "Alright, we're ready. Final diagnostic?"

Manami pauses, screens flashing in her eyes, then she smiles. "I am functioning within proper design parameters, Mariko-chan."

"Alright, let's get you ready to go..."

Minutes later, Manami steps into the main reception lounge of Kai Sculptures, the "normal" cover for Tomohisa Kai's RealBabe/RealDude production. Awaiting her are five other women, all very attractive and dressed in formal kimonos. At their feet were small briefcases containing the "essentials" a RealBabe or RealDude would require while living with her/his owner. Gazing at her sisters, Manami then slows, feeling a twinge of familiarity on seeing the dark red-haired woman with the deep auburn eyes, now in a cherry red kimono with stars and geometric shapes scattered all over her.

"Konnichi wa (Good afternoon), Jay-Ef-Four-Three-Nine," the redhead then smiles. "Watashi wa Jay-Ef-Four-Four-One desu. Yuu to iidesu kudasai. (I am JF-441. Please call me Yuu). Mariko-chan said you were the last of our group to be given to Gioo-kun."

Manami blinks, then feels her cheeks heat. Yuu was so kawaii...


Why was she feeling THIS way for another android?!

She was meant to be Gioo Shigozei's lover, not the companion to another RealBabe!

Yet...why...why did she now feel an attraction to Yuu...?

She quickly catches herself, then relaxes. "Hai, Yuu-chan, I am. Manami to iidesu kudasai. How will we be transported to Gioo-kun's residence?"

"One of his other companions will soon come pick us up, then take us to Tokyo," Yuu explains as Manami stands beside her.

"Soo desu ka (I see)," Manami nods, noticing the light in Yuu's eyes dim. No doubt, the red-haired android was placing herself on secondary power to await transport to their new home. With that, Manami relaxes herself, her body locking up as she closes down her primary power cell, her conscious mind fading...

"Konnichi wa, sisters. Please awaken."

Manami's mind comes back on line, then her eyes widen on seeing the raven-haired, grey-eyed woman standing before her. She is dressed in a button shirt and stylish slacks, a set of car keys in hand. There seemed a regal air around the other woman. "Watakushi wa Jay-Ef-Four-Two-Six desu. Wakana to iimasu kudasai (I am JF-426. Please call me Wakana), sisters," she breathes, her words tinged with a level of formality one might expect to use when addressing the Emperor himself. "I am here to take you to Gioo-kun's residence in Tokyo. Follow me, please."

The six RealBabes pick up their suitcases, then follow Wakana out of the factory. Awaiting them is a large rental van with room for ten people. Wakana opens the door, then beckons the other androids into the back seats. The six new androids divide the three bench seats between them, two to a seat. Manami ensures she sits beside Yuu in the far back. "Wakana-chan, were we not supposed to be transported by Mariko-chan to Gioo-kun's residence?" a pretty girl with dirty blonde hair held down by a hairband then wonders.

"That was the original plan, Akira-chan," Wakana explains as she moves to the driver's seat, then buckles herself in. "However, Gioo-kun felt it was only right that one of us brings you to Tokyo, so he contacted Kai-sensei and asked that you be held here until I could come get you. Besides, I desired the chance to visit my Onee-san in Kyoto, so why not kill two birds with one stone?"

"Gioo-kun will allow us to visit our Onee-sans?" Yuu asks.

"Affirmative," Wakana turns the engine over, then guides the van away from the building, heading for the Nishi-Meihan Expressway which would take them to Osaka, the first leg of their trip to Tokyo. "Since all our Onee-sans still care very much for Gioo-kun...that leading to our creation, of course...and since all of them now have android replicas of is only proper that we do our best to help maintain the friendships which exist between our Onee-sans and Gioo-kun. Besides, Onee-san's grandparents look on me as a surrogate granddaughter, so I have two families now. My Onee-san's family and all of you," she then grins.

The other androids smile. Fifteen minutes later, the van turns onto the Chuugoku Expressway, which loops around Osaka before heading west towards Hiroshima. They would follow this road for twenty minutes before hooking onto the Meishin Expressway to head east for Kyoto and Nagoya. As the countryside passes, the younger androids gaze at the passing scenery, lost in their own thoughts.

Gazing at them in the rearview mirror, Wakana smiles. She had behaved the very same way the day she had been transported from Nara to Gioo's awaiting arms. She had been the first RealBabe constructed at the order of Gioo's wound-be lovers as a way to "pay him back" for the wonderful times their templates had with the travelling salesman's son in elementary and junior high school. That made the android Wakana the "elder sister" to the androids who followed her, both those in the van now and those awaiting them in Tokyo. Whenever Gioo's work took him away from home, it was left on Wakana's strong shoulders to see to the other androids' welfare.

It is a good thing that we all work to make our home safe and warm... Wakana hums, then blinks as a datascreen flashes in her eyes. "Oh, dear..."

"Wakana-chan, ogenki desu ka (Are you alright)?" Akira asks.

Wakana sighs as her mind carries out internal diagnostics. "It appears that some of my internal systems require an extended self-maintenance period," she reports. "It is causing a pronounced drain on my primary energy core. There is a service centre on the Meishin Expressway past Kyoto. We will stop there and have something to eat, then I have to recharge myself while my body's maintenance nanites effect the necessary repairs to my systems."

"Hai," the other androids nod...

An hour later, seven women step out of a roadside hamburger shop, all carrying bags of take-out, then board the van. Wakana guides the vehicle to park under a shaded tree in a remote corner of the rest area. With that, she draws out a portable solar collector from the trunk, then places it on the roof (the tree they were parked under shaded the front end of the vehicle). Connecting it into the van's battery through a jack installed in the roof for that purpose, she smiles. "Perfect," she walks back to the driver's seat, closing and locking the door. The van's windows were all shaded so that the androids would have total privacy.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright, Wakana-chan?" Unit JF-437, a freckled brown-eyed girl with brown hair drawn into stubby pigtails behind the ears, wonders.

"I'll be fine, Taeko-chan," Wakana opens her bag of food, then begins to eat. "Eat up, then place yourselves on secondary power for three hours; that should allow my systems the chance to fully repair themselves. We'll depart for Tokyo then."

"Hai," the other androids nod as they dig in.

"Could you turn the radio on, please?" a tall brunette with her hair in a ponytail asks. "I'd like to hear some music."

"Hai," Wakana flips the controls, then alters the tuner to a soft rock station. Her eyes then widen as a familiar voice echoes through the speakers. "Chie-chan, this is your Onee-san, right?"

Chie (also known as Unit JF-440) blinks, then nods. "Hai, that's her, alright. That's the song Onee-san wrote for Gioo-kun back when they were both in junior high school."

"Soo desu ka," Akira smiles. "Your Onee-san is a good songwriter, Chie-chan. Were you programmed the same way?"

"Hai, I was," Chie nods. "I might try writing my own songs (if Gioo-kun lets me, of course), but I certainly don't want to crowd on Onee-san's parade. After all, she's paying for my construction and me being given to Gioo-kun."

"That's good," Yuu hums, then blinks before gazing at their host. "Wakana-chan, I was wondering about something. How is it Gioo-kun can live with six RealBabes under one roof?"

"With a lot of caution," Wakana supplies, then chuckles. "Gomen nasai. It would be rough, but Gioo-kun's apartment is located above a restaurant owned by the Hoshiharas, an elderly couple who often require extra hands as waitresses and cooks. All of us go down and help out. We're paid for our services, of course. Taeko-chan, you and Kaho-chan are programmed to cook, aren't you?"

"Hai," Taeko sips her cola, echoed by Kaho (given the code number JF-438), a brown-haired track-runner type who had her hair tied in a stubby ponytail from the back of her head.

"We were programmed with all our Onee-sans' knowledge, including all the special okonomiyaki my Onee-san can make," Kaho adds.

"Wonderful," Wakana sighs. "Rurika-chan and Asuka-chan work full-time in the restaurant and Hoshihara-san knows about your Onee-sans prowess in the kitchen from Gioo-kun. They're looking forward to having you there as well."

"We'll do our best," Kaho asserts, Taeko nodding with her.

"Of course you will," Wakana sighs, finishing her meal, then cleaning up after herself, sets the bag aside. Reaching up, she opens her programming port, then drawing a charge unit which could be plugged into the van's lighter, hooks herself in. "I'll shut down now, sisters. I should be ready to go in three hours."

"Hai," the others chime.

Wakana lays down, her knees bent to allow her head to rest on the seat. Her eyes flutter closed as her primary systems shut down, her breathing becoming dangerously shallow (to an organic). Inside her, the nanites which had helped transform her from shapeless matter into a living android woman go to work, charged with new energy and with a ready supply of matter from her digestive tract to commence repairs to her damaged systems.

Chie and Akira lean on the back of the driver's seat to gaze on their host. "She is very beautiful," the latter muses.

"Hai, she is...hey, check it out!" the former smirks, tracing a dark outline in Wakana's white shirt. "No bra."

Akira hums, then reaches to unbutton Wakana's slacks, unzipping them to reveal a trimmed bush of crinkly black pubic hair. "And no panties as well," the blonde android smirks, moving to make Wakana decent again. "Things must be pleasant with Gioo-kun."

"All to make things better," Chie nods, then sits back in her chair, taking a deep breath. "Oooh, I'm gonna pass out for a bit."

With that, she shuts down her primary systems. Soon, Akira, Taeko and Kaho follow, shifting themselves to be more comfortable. Manami and Yuu continue to finish their meal, then clean up after themselves. "Yuu-chan?" the former gazes at the latter.

"Hai?" Yuu gazes back.

"I don't want to shut down for a bit. Do you want to go for a walk while everyone else sleeps?"

Yuu blinks, then hums. "Well, my internal systems are in pretty good shape. That sounds like a good idea."

With that, the two androids step out of the van, closing the door behind them as they move to dump the garbage in a nearby bin before stepping onto the manicured lawn spread around the service centre. Both spare glances at the people closer to the centre building. There is the odd tour bus and express coach parked among the cars. "Isn't it just wonderful to be alive, Yuu-chan?" Manami wonders, reaching over to hold Yuu's hand. "To experience all the things organics experience, do the things organics do?"

"Hai, it is," Yuu nods, then hums. "We've been programmed so well, yet we're still babes in the woods, so to speak, in comparison to our Onee-sans and Gioo-kun. I can't wait to meet him."

"Hai, neither can I. Yet...ever since I became aware of why I was made to exist, I feel like I'm stealing something from Onee-san."

Yuu stares at Manami. "What do you mean?"

"Well, we were created to act in our Onee-sans' places when it comes to Gioo-kun," Manami laments. "But...shouldn't it be right that our Onee-sans have a chance to be with Gioo-kun?"

Yuu hums, then she shrugs. "I don't know, to be honest with you. I do know that my Onee-san has an android replica of Gioo-kun now living with her in Hiroshima. Perhaps your Onee-san has the same arrangement, Manami-chan. If that's so, then everyone's happy."

Manami hums, then gazes anew at Yuu. So kawaii. With that, the brunette android takes a quick glance around to ensure no one was looking their way. Once she confirms all is clear, she then turns to place herself before Yuu. The redhead stops, gazing quizzically at Manami, then jolts as the latter draws her arms around her, placing a warm, wet kiss on her lips. They remain frozen for a moment, then Manami's tongue forces itself into Yuu's mouth, gently swirling around the other android's tongue. Yuu shudders as a beautiful cherry scent floods her nose, then she reaches up to draw the shorter woman closer in. Manami swoons on feeling Yuu's arms wrap around her, then tilts her head into a classic French kiss.

They remain that way for a moment before drawing apart, staring into the other's eyes. "Manami...doshite (why)?"

"It felt right to me," Manami smiles. "I know we are programmed to be Gioo-kun's companions, yet ever since I first saw you, I've felt this strong...attraction to you, Yuu-chan."

Yuu blinks, then her cheeks flush. "I'm flattered. Do you know why this feeling emerged in you, Manami-chan?"

Manami gazes at Yuu, then her eyes widen as data flows through her central processors. An image of a smiling Yuu, dressed in normal clothes, gently wiping Manami's face and body down. There was no precise readings to go with that bit of visual data, so it had to have occurred after the physical process of Manami's construction was complete. "You were there when I was born..."

Yuu's eyes widen, then she empathically shakes her head. "No. I was constructed after you, Manami-chan. I could not have been there when you first awoke...unless..." a sharp intake of breath steals her voice for a moment, then she nods. "I see, now. It was Onee-san that was there, not me."

"I..." Manami blinks. "Do you think so?"

"It would be the logical conclusion to make. I remember Mariko-chan saying after coming out of programming that she was happy that I didn't wake up you did," Yuu stares at Manami. "Eager to get into the world, Manami-chan?"

Manami's cheeks flame with embarrassment, then she draws back, covering her mouth in a polite giggle. Soon, both androids are laughing. "Soo ka (I see now)," Yuu takes a deep breath, then looks around. ", Manami-chan, do you want to go somewhere a little more private?" her eyebrow arches invitingly.

Manami gazes at her, then her cheeks flame again. "You...desire to make love to me?" she hoarsely whispers.

"Well, it would only be prudent for us to properly analyze all elements of our programming before presenting ourselves to Gioo-kun," Yuu's eyebrows wiggle. "Ne (Agreed)?"

Manami blinks, then nods. "Hai. We must be properly tested."

With that, both grasp the other's hand as they head towards a convenient bush which would provide the necessary privacy...

"Oooh...Wakana no baka (Wakana is an idiot)!" the brown-haired girl with the cute fangs and the flashing dark brown eyes mutters as she guides her motorcycle down the Meishin Expressway towards Kyoto. The motorcycle was Gioo's but since he rarely if ever needed it when he went to work, his RealBabes had full access to it whenever they needed the chance to get out and around. Gritting her teeth, Rurika scans the eastbound lanes through her peripheral vision to see where the van Wakana was using for the new girls was coming the other way. "Heading out on her lonesome when she knows she needs to take time off to let her systems fix themselves," the replica of Gioo's friend from Nagoya mutters. "Baka Wakana (Stupid Wakana)!"

Her eyes then widen on seeing a familiar van parked under a tree at a service centre across the way. Breathing out in relief though she promises to give Wakana a piece of her mind when she got the chance, Rurika turns her full concentration on the road, searching for the next exit so she could hop onto the eastbound lanes.

A minute later, she makes the convoluted U-turn, then heads into the service centre. Stopping the cycle beside the van, Rurika steps off, then looks into the driver's compartment to see Wakana in sleep mode, a recharge cable plugged into her programming port, a light smile on the brunette android's face. Rurika's face softens on seeing that lovely scene, then she grins. "Well, at least she takes care of herself," she mutters, then glances into the back seats to see four of the new crowd of androids in sleep mode. Rurika's eyes then wide. Where were Yuu and Manami?

Stepping away from the van, Rurika scans around, her eyes flipping to the infra-red spectrum to try to detect the unique body-heat signature of a RealBabe android. Her eyes then lock on a nearby bush, where two girls were now seated behind the cover of trees. Rurika blinks, then smirks. "Shit, it's starting already?" she cackles lasciviously, then walking to her bike, she draws out a folded blanket, then heads over...

Yuu remains still as Manami gently undoes her obi, allowing the kimono to loosen around the red-haired android. Folding the obi neatly on the ground, Manami turns back, then gently parts the kimono flaps to reveal the light pink lingerie Yuu wore underneath. "Oh, kawaii so..." the brunette android breathes, her cheeks flaming at the sight, then she leans up to gently exhale on the flimsy covering protesting Yuu's womanhood from outside view.

Yuu gasps as her circuits overload from Manami's stimulus, her sex moistening automatically. Manami grins, then reaches up to unsnap the G-string from Yuu's nylons, thus allowing her to draw Yuu's panties down from her hips. Seeing that trimmed bush of reddish brown hair over her clit, Manami growls as she leans close. Yuu's scent registered in Manami's processors as blueberry. What a beautiful scent she has, Manami sighs as she draws her lips up against Yuu's folks, her tongue sliding out to take a dainty taste.

Yuu gasps again as she feels her legs loose their strength, then before she could stumble back, two strong arms reach around her to hold her fast. She jolts, her mind recovering from Manami's assault on her womanhood, then turns to see a smiling face framed in brown hair gazing at her. "Konnichi wa, sisters."

Manami gasps, leaning back in shock to see the stranger there. "Who are you?!" she panics.

The newcomer laughs. "Daijobu, Manami-chan, daijobu (It's alright, Manami, it's alright)!" she waves Manami down, holding Yuu up with her other hand. "Atashi wa Rurika desu (I'm Rurika). Jay-Ef-Four-Three-One. I came down looking for you guys."

Yuu and Manami blink, then relax, the former moving to pull her panties back up. "Did Gioo-kun sent you?" Manami asks.

"Iie, I came myself," Rurika asserts. "I knew Wakana's systems were going to need the chance to fully fix themselves up sometime today, but she took off before I could arrange to come with her. So...what were you two lushy machines up to before I came by?"

Instant tomato effect on Yuu and Manami as the former draws the kimono around her. "Well,, gee, you was just an understand, don't you?" both stammer at the same time.

More laughter from Rurika, then she moves to lay the blanket out on the grass beside Manami. "Oh, relax. It's natural that with so many of us living with one guy, we'd sooner or later be tempted to do each other...except Wakana, that is," an annoyed stare crosses her face. "Gods, she's as straight-laced as her Onee-san is! How Gioo-kun ever won her attention, I'll NEVER know!"

"Does Gioo-kun allow it?" Yuu asks as they shift themselves onto the blanket, she and Manami relaxing.

"Well, he's never said anything about it," Rurika slips off her rider's boots before sitting down before Yuu and Manami. "I guess if he knows already, he doesn't let it bother him. After all, he never really expected our Onee-sans to turn around and make android replicas of themselves all for him. I guess he's still trying to figure out what to do with all of us."

"Soo ka," Manami hums. "Is he nice, Rurika-chan?"

"Oh, relax, he's the nicest guy around," Rurika assures her. "I can see why our Onee-sans love him so much, even after he took the thirteenth option, so to speak."

"'Thirteenth option?'" Yuu and Manami ask together.

"Oh, this started back in high school..."

Rurika explains about those few hectic weeks in the last year of high school, when twelve young women from across Japan travelled to Tokyo, depositing letters off at Gioo Shigozei's home anonymously. None of the letters were signed or had return addresses, but Gioo knew where they had come from. On their letters, each girl wrote the phrase, Do you remember that day? Those memories?, then ended their letters with I want to see you again.

For Gioo, it was like being hit by an avalanche. What was he to do with twelve women reaching out to establish a relationship with him, to continue what had been left off years in the past?

Who would he choose in the end?

Taeko Adachi, from Aomori? Gioo had known her the longest (at three and a half years, leaving in the middle of the fourth grade of elementary school) and the two were the closest of friends when they went to school together...

Emiru Nagakura from Sendai, perhaps? "Emiryun" (as she called herself) had been trapped one night in an abandoned house on the beach she and Gioo had explored together, she being rescued by Gioo after nearly being frightened to death...

Or perhaps Honoka Sawatari from Sapporo? Gioo had saved Honoka from a bucking horse, winding up in the hospital along the way. The two had begun exchanging diaries afterward...

Or maybe Rurika Yamamoto? Rurika had broken a fossil display one day in class, but Gioo had taken the blame for it...

How about Wakana Ayasaki? A nobleman's daughter from Kyoto, being groomed to be aloof and distant from the masses, Wakana had no friends whatsoever until a travelling salesman's son went out of his way to befriend her...

Or what of Miyuki Hosaka, a native of Kanagawa? A woman who lived with the books to a level legendary brainiacs like Ami Mizuno could appreciate, she hadn't known how to have fun until Gioo came...

What of Asuka Hoshino of Yokohama? A fun-loving girl who made loads of friends easily, she had quickly gravitated to Gioo while he was there, both spending many days at the local mall...

Akira Endou from Nagasaki, maybe? It was Gioo who encouraged Akira to explore her passion with the violin, starting her on the path to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as a star soloist...

Or maybe Kaho Morii from Osaka? A medal-winning sprinter and expert in the four-by-100 metre relay, Kaho had begun her career in grade school practicing for a two-person relay with Gioo that didn't occur because he had moved away the day before the race...

Chie Matsuoka, maybe? The Fukuoka native's career with Thousand Black had begun back in junior high when Gioo encouraged her to turn her passion for music into a professional career...

Or Yuu Nanase from down in Hiroshima? A true stargazer in every sense of the word, she had discovered love gazing one night at a meteor shower with Gioo at her side...

Or perhaps Manami Sugihara? After all, it was Gioo who encouraged the poet to begin sharing her gift with words to the world...

"Twelve would-be lovers..." Yuu sighs. "Poor Gioo-kun. That would be a lot for anyone to take, man or woman."

"Do all our Onee-sans have doubles of Gioo-kun, Rurika-chan?" Manami then stares at the brown-haired android.

"Hai, they do; it was because of their getting Gioo-kun's doubles that we wound up being constructed," Rurika smirks, then hums. "So, how long is Wakana-chan going to stay down for?"

"Two hours, forty-three minutes," Yuu reports.

"Great," Rurika smiles, giving the other androids a leering stare. "That should give us lots of time."

Yuu and Manami blink confusedly, then the latter gasps when Rurika leans up to deliver a wet kiss. Rurika gently pushes Manami onto her back, then begins to suckle and nibble at the latter's tongue as the former's hands go to work on Manami's kimono. The obi is quickly tossed aside as the kimono is parted, then Rurika dives on Manami's breasts, flicking off the bra with a flick of her finger, then drawing one of the latter android's nipples into her mouth.

Manami moans as she draws her arms free of the kimono, then holds Rurika fast to her as the latter tugs and pulls on her breasts. Behind Rurika, Yuu slips off her kimono, then moves to unbuckle Rurika's leather bike pants, reaching down to discover something quite arousing. "No underwear, 'Rika?" she whispers coyly.

Rurika stares hotly at her. "If you want some, feel free to help yourself."

"Don't mind if I do," Yuu meows playfully as her hands slide Rurika's pants down past her hips, then she draws out one leg, bending it around so she could swing her head to lay on the other's thigh while she leans up against Rurika's womanhood, her mouth parting to draw in the fresh taste of raspberries.

Rurika cries out as Yuu swallows her wholesale, then arches her back away from Manami as she allows the sensations from her sex to overwhelm her processors. Seeing the look of sheer bliss on the brown-haired android's face, Manami grins as she yanks up Rurika's black T-shirt, exposing a pair of pert breasts and very hard nipples. "Manami-chan wants to suckle," she coos, leaning down to draw one of those tiny buds into her mouth.

"Oh, Manami-chan, Yuu-chan..." Rurika groans, eyes misting as the dual assault on her sends her closer and closer to release.

Yuu pulls back, soaking two of her fingers in her mouth, then slipping them into Rurika's womanhood. The latter screams out as her internal circuit relays trip over, her processors shutting down briefly as her whole soul is flooded with pure ecstacy. Yuu knew that Rurika could easily control herself if she wanted to, but had clearly chosen for a quick release. Drawing her fingers free of Rurika's quivering love box, Yuu gently draws them into her own mouth. "Oooh...'Rika tastes SO good..."

"Oh, man..." Rurika moans, rolling onto her back, then she reaches down to draw Yuu up. "Give me a sec' to catch my breath and do a diagnostic before we start again...whoo...!!"

"You're too quick to please, Rurika-chan," Manami warns.

"Oi, I got that from my Onee-san. If you want to do it, do it NOW, not ten years from now," Rurika laughs, then coyly stares at the brunette. "Ne, Yuu-chan..."

"Hai, Rurika-chan," Yuu smiles, glancing at Manami.

"Manami-chan looks very horny now, doesn't she?"

Manami jolts, then her cheeks heat on sensing the wetness soaking her panties. Her eyes glance down at herself, then up to see Rurika and Yuu gazing on her womanhood before a gulp convulses her throat. "Hai, she does indeed," Yuu purrs, leaning up on her knees as she shifts herself to move in on Manami. "We must fulfil our primary function and give Manami-chan all the pleasure she wants, ne, Rurika-chan?" she licks her lips in anticipation.

"Hai, we must," Rurika pulls her other leg free of her rider's pants as she positions herself beside Yuu. "Manami-ojousama (Mistress Manami), may we sex-droids give you pleasure?"

Manami shudders, then calms herself as a coy smile crosses her face, her hands reaching down to draw her panties off. "Hai, my beautiful lovers. Your android mistress would desire all the pleasure you can give her."

"Your wish is our command," Yuu purrs...


"Feeling a little better now, Wakana-chan?"

Wakana blinks, then smiles as she draws the charge cable from her programming port, her hand reaching up to seal her skin back in place. "Hai, much better, Chie-chan. Is everyone rested now?"

"Wait!!" Taeko cries out. "Where are Manami-chan and Yuu-chan?!"

Wakana jolts up, noting there were only four androids with her, then she looks outside, her eyes widening on seeing a familiar bike parked beside the van. "Who's here...?" she wonders, sliding out the door, then she blinks on seeing three people walk out from behind a bush, one carrying a blanket. "Rurika-chan!"

"Konban wa (Good evening), Wakana-chan," Rurika waves as she walks up, Yuu and Manami to either side of her. "Get some sleep?"

Wakana blinks, then sighs. "What are you doing here?" she crosses her arms. "Does Gioo-kun know you're here?"

"Oh, chill out!" Rurika waves Wakana down, then slips the blanket into the bike's cargo case. "I came out 'cause I knew you needed time to let your body mend itself. I was worried about you."

Wakana blinks, then her cheeks flame. "Rurika-chan..."

"Manami-chan and I decided to spend some time to ourselves," Yuu explains as she and Manami slip into the van, taking their places in the back. "Rurika-chan came by about ten minutes after you went to sleep, Wakana-chan. She was very concerned."

"I...w-well, we must look out for each other since Gioo-kun can't keep track of us all," Wakana flusters, then glances knowingly at Rurika. "Though I wonder if all you did was JUST talk."

Yuu and Manami jolt, their cheeks flaming. Chie, Akira, Taeko and Kaho blink confusedly. Rurika is as calm as a cucumber. "Baka Wakana, what do you think?" she sticks her tongue out at the raven-haired android, then slips onto her bike. "Let's get to Tokyo. The traffic going in should be manageable now."

"Hai, of course," Wakana nods, moving to get into the van.

A hand shoots out. Wakana gasps as Rurika grabs her wrist, then yanks the former back into the latter's embrace. Before six pairs of wide eyes, Rurika snakes her arms around Wakana, then delivers a very wet kiss. They remain frozen in that tableau for a minute, then Rurika pulls back, leaving a flustered Wakana standing there as she guns the bike's motor. "Wakana o itsu mo aishiteiru."

I'll always love you, Wakana.

Rurika drives off. Wakana watches her go, pale-faced...

The End...?!

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